Jason Fitz and Sarah Spain in for the guys. They talk about Colin Kaepernick remaining in the legal battle with the NFL and talk about Walt Frazier on KD and more.
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00:00:30on ESPN radio and ESPN news presented by progressive insurance all our guests on the shell Pennzoil performance line Jason fits in sarahspain hanging out for tray and Mike you can usually hear Sarah and I hanging out from six to nine PM eastern Monday through Friday on's benefits this
00:00:52that's right we get that first main events also dimensions benefits is on six to nine PM eastern Monday through Friday on ESPN radio I just pull the go Jo and I went to South you didn't turn your Mike on I owe you got away with well when I'm
00:01:07working from my home studio there is no on off button for my Mike it's just don that's just I don't have a choice so forget that I have to turn it on here but I am a radio professional well that it that is that you're not just a
00:01:19radio professional you are an all around ESPN professional I was gonna you know bad actual player you are you are a threat well and that that rears its fantastic head on Sunday morning because you have something whole coming up on Sunday two what is I can't tell you
00:01:39anything about the story first because it's so amazing and this is the real truth thing it's been a really hard one to promote because we can't promote it because we're afraid people will start digging and spoil it so all I can tell you is on Sunday nine AM
00:01:54is the debut of the E. sixty I've been working on for months it's an amazing incredible unbelievable story that if it was in a movie you be like I'll come on there's no way that's what you're gonna think as you're watching it is this your first the sixty
00:02:09yes that is so congratulations I feel like that's really really awesome story I do not feel in any way like I have to worry that I'm over hyping it that's how good it is so nine AM eastern Sunday morning what is we're just going to keep doing that
00:02:26all morning that that's awesome I cannot wait to watch it it would be spectacular as %HESITATION all the work that you do is so we'll get into some of the stories now from the morning of what's trending the Yankees lost eight to seven to the Tigers last night
00:02:42you combine that with the red Sox win there now eight and a half pagans back in the AL east plots they still had an interesting night because of this amazing moment the three one the right a hundred in the end John knows the polls two run home run
00:03:14to right and the Yankees take a two one lead John sterling from WFAN on the on the call congrats to stand up less a spaniel for is what it does say something pulled well my last name I don't know I just John Carlo been waiting ten games to
00:03:34get this moment he gets his mommy gets a three hundred really incredible %HESITATION it and this one of those career milestones that if somebody gets to take it have it taken in and appreciate what it's for two yeah and I loved what he said after the game because
00:03:47it is so true you play as many games as these guys do when you have as many milestones that in baseball the numbers matter so much right so it does matter when you get that three hundred and so when he's hit net and he's rounded the bases in
00:04:02the sink into himself this one matters this is the one that when they do my fair well they're going to be showing this so that's that's a cool thing in the moment in baseball that you don't usually get I mean on the basketball court sure you might get
00:04:14a time out right after some sort of break in action where you can throw away but the fans in a knowledge of just passed a milestone but you get that home run trot you really get to milk those milestones yeah and and I do want to give a
00:04:24stand a little credit here because we forget sometimes I mean in the national nervous specially Erin judges missed a lot of time at this point and they have relied on the legs of Stanton night in and night out like they just they relied on him every single day
00:04:38during this break which has been allowed to get yeah that is dumb is really goes below the wind let's just talk about statements but scientists doing everything he can in his power to individually will the Yankees to continue to help them so I it's really been tacular to
00:04:53see him rise up and get this moment especially given the fact that they haven't had judge for the last month and on that note the Yankees also had a big night last night because they agreed to a trade with the giants for former MVP Andrew McCutchen according to
00:05:07%HESITATION buster only a last night so the country is going to come in and hopefully in theory help some of that with the fact that sent has played so much in so many consecutive games maybe he can get in on the rest of this process I'm torn on
00:05:19this one because the Yankees of course the evil empire they just have too much money too much ability to get what whoever they want and I love the introduction is one of my favorite players so I want to be somewhere where you can succeed but I had told
00:05:32him to begin the Yankees pinstripes well it and it's interesting from cutting as he gets moved again so this is a couple of moves in a short amount of time but this is definitely one of those opportunities where they they're gonna bring him in somewhere where right now
00:05:44he can bridge the gap at some point when they're in judge comes back it will give them another minute in the bevy of riches and if they are in a situation when they're in a one game wild card playoff that will I mean this is whatever they run
00:06:00a tight ship and well you know the only to me they're scared they're scared to tell Sarah when she has to stop some guy tees off from the tenth hole at eight fifty one this morning in the dell technologies championship in Norton mass I guess his name's Tiger
00:06:16Woods I don't know some of you have heard of it yeah he seems alright yeah but it's good to be back to back weeks for the fifth time this season which I love this line okay so this is what they say no big deal for PGA tour golf
00:06:28balls are doing all the time but a bit tricky for someone who's undergone four back surgeries since March twenty fourteen we can have our cake and eat it here this is my my whole issue with the tiger thing we want to excuse anything about why this is remarkable
00:06:41and why this is great and if he doesn't get quite the result is like well look at where he's coming to okay that's fine then let's all chill out and agree that it's a process and he's not all the way there yet I mean we're just so desperate
00:06:52to anoint him is back and tiger right now that were speaking out of both sides of a mild in any way possible to apologize for whatever the result may be yeah you're lucky that trades in here because you bring out as tiger binder and he would start throwing
00:07:04stats that you left and right about here's proof that he's back exciter and so forth I I for a long time was pushing back on the Tigers back now I can think it's safe to say he's been in contention he's shown us enough that it is sort of
00:07:19inevitable to me that he's going to win very soon if I don't know but this one because like you mentioned as much as I don't think it's an excuse I think it's just reality you've got enough spinal fusions and you're playing this much golf back to back to
00:07:31back where as before he was taking long stretches in between because he wasn't able to finish rounds or he was struggling maybe this isn't the one maybe needs to be a term at that comes after a bit more of a break for the most part and I know
00:07:42there's been some amazing tiger moments and I agree we all want tiger back up what what I'm bomb for and this is constantly the hill I die on the call there a lot of young U. S. golfers that are worth watching and we're not talking about any of
00:07:53them because all we talk about his tiger because he's what drives ratings I understand all that I understand trays binders well and there's no there's no doubting that tiger is a brand that matters but it feels like every single tournament there's been a conversation about one piece of
00:08:06his play that needs improvement whether it's a short game whether it's putting it is that drives that it's there's there's been he's had struggles are different times so I'm not willing to come back and say he's gonna win because there are still intermittent parts of his game that
00:08:18for some reason follow parties on but if you can win despite that which we've seen him almost do it then is that even more impressive yes I I absolutely he wins something at this point and I'll be the first to stand up and say oh I look forward
00:08:33to that great googly move that you'll be dead on your health there got an arbitrator's sending Colin Kaepernick's grievance with the NFL to trial denying in denying the league's request to throw out the QB's claims that owners conspire to keep them out of the league because of his
00:08:54protests of social injustice so they they're going to go forward into a trial that's what we know now yeah this is a big loss for the NFL they were hoping that this would be nipped in the bud before it could even really start and obviously Capper Nick will
00:09:07be allowed to continue to press on with this I am I hope I'm not getting the stat wrong because I didn't prepare for it I just it just popped into my head but I think we were just talking on around the horn the other day between the breaks
00:09:17that Capper next top five in the history of the NFL in touch on interception ratio so you look at some of the stats of of what he did do when he was competing and I'm curious as to how anyone could still try to fall back on the he
00:09:31just wasn't good enough to get a job especially when we were pulling do dot of insurance offices who had played in for years to come in and be back ups %HESITATION you know it's it's an unfortunate story that we're still talking about %HESITATION but if this guy is
00:09:46willing to put aside everything you worked for his whole life in order to prove a point and social issues matter to him more than just taking a job in acquiescing in falling in line then I think we have to respect that the the most damaging part of this
00:10:00to me isn't even necessarily the clues in part I mean we forget sometimes until the %HESITATION what the east sixty or with thirty for thirty on Donald Trump that they were sued as a monopoly in lost in for a dollar in it wasn't a big deal like it
00:10:13feels like those things fade the most damaging part of this is that by going to trial we're going to find out legitimate answers I think that's got to be the end of his biggest concern we talk so much about how they like to keep as much as possible
00:10:24guard it involves essentially of secrecy so we don't know the dirty little secrets of how the owners do business there is a point here because the trial when it goes to trial at this point that we're going to find out exactly what correspondence there was owner to owner
00:10:37exactly what correspondence it was GM the GM and then there will be undeniable answers one way or the other about what all of this looks like and what was done and what what happened you know because so much regulation goes on now and I I'm I'm going to
00:10:49have to look at social media know that where to get blown up by a guy that says Hey you know we don't know that he wanted to back up job right we don't we don't know that he didn't want to back up job we'll find out I mean
00:10:59that's what the trial is going to be about we're gonna find out exactly what Colin Kaepernick wanted or was asking for Ross going to find out exactly what teams were willing to give and what teams were talking to each other about it behind closed doors it'd to affect
00:11:13his future one way the other out and we're certainly also going to figure out whether there's hard and fast proof that they're willing to go with because we've seen some stuff that seems pretty obvious when you've got guys that are like well we some a couple years ago
00:11:25he had a shot that's football work if you wanted a guy and a couple years ago you offered him a deal and he didn't take it that doesn't mean that you you've used up your one opportunity to interact and possibly sign someone so we've seen a lot of
00:11:38very creative excuses the question is whether those will be seen as hard and fast proof of something or a anecdotal in ways that you can't use and in a court of law office well Ryan Smith our NFL legal analyst chimed in on what all this means and this
00:11:51is what he said to ruling keeps Colin Kaepernick in the legal game as far as his collusion cases concerned what the NFL wanted was essentially a summary judgment for this arbitrator to throw off this case believing on the NFL side but there was nothing to this case of
00:12:06collusion with young Turner declined to do that which sends the informal signal in some ways that there might be something to Colin Kaepernick's theory that collusion occurred so now comes the main event the arbitration calling Capranica gets to continue to get discovery documents he's gonna try to secure
00:12:25evidence proving his case that he believes the collision occurred and and the arbitration in a trial type setting you could see owners legal officials being called to testify about what Colin Kaepernick's believes happened here that two or more teams fourteen and we got together to try to keep
00:12:44him out of the NFL I think that's the part that I'm referencing that I think is going to be the most that that's a party and it was the most concern discover yeah I mean just the fact is in today's world where where trials happen in information comes
00:12:57out we are going to get actually answers and then you're gonna have to face reality is that for every fan base about how your ownership handled it how about what come in what communication happen from which team is really going to force everybody to look at it and
00:13:10and again we don't know yet so we don't know what that discovers gonna show but will at least the one thing I do love about going to trial is that we will at least get answers I mean we will at least get hard instead of of what I
00:13:21am I feel like we spent two years speculating about who's doing a lot of moving goal posts to when it started out wealth is not signed by acts then maybe I'll believe something that we get to that well I'm looking at his numbers and maybe well you probably
00:13:32didn't want this much money we've been moving things along I think you're right with the discovery we're probably gonna get more actual truth odds kind of in the same way that when someone chose to tape the owners meeting with some of the players about various issues and revealed
00:13:45some of the comments that were said during that there was a lot of a lot of stuff that people would not have owned up to if there weren't wasn't a tape of a hundred percent and that's that's what we're going to be through this this process that's why
00:13:55I actually I like it and and I know that sounds crazy because everybody I know everybody's dug in in a tired of hearing about cat I just want to be able to look back at this error in five years whatever's decided out of the process and say Hey
00:14:08we got legit answers on what really went down and now we we know who to hold accountable or not to hold accountable and how long will that happen it's goalie can we go on ESPN radio ESPN news or presented by progressive home insurance get your quotes have aggressive
00:14:21dot com today sarahspain Jason fits in for trade in my college football is back gambling is legal wanna know who or what's been on this weekend here Stanford Steve and the bear best best solved after Steve alongside the bear Chris fully go week one of the college football
00:14:39season is finally here bear what's your biggest bet this week I like you when all the is a twenty six and a half point underdog against the USC Trojans got a big conference game next week at Stanford these is all about getting cheek again awesome experience with a
00:14:54lot of injuries to worry about it get up win the game and move on the safest way possible you look on you and all the mountain west already there last year quarterback money Rogers the dual threat guy I think you'll be able to have some success offensively under
00:15:07Tony Sanchez the rebels have been greater than a twenty one point underdogs seven times covered six of them including at Michigan UCLA at Ohio state like the rebels to cover the big government I'm gonna go with the over the total in the Alabama and Louisville game at sixty
00:15:23and a half I think Bobby Petrino with the whole off season to get ready for next saving defense that has returned six defensive guys in the secondary to one passes returning quarterback he's been there three years he's gained the experience behind Lamar Jackson and also the best part
00:15:37of all of this you get the Alabama offense with to a jail in hearts whoever it is whole receiving Corp is back the running backs office of wine I expect Alabama score forty five plus we'll give you a couple touchdowns will get that over total over sixty and
00:15:53a half so that's my pick anything else for anybody is one look at the same situation is another game South Carolina hosting coastal Carolina the game got to the game against Georgia the next week I think this could be another similar situation where South Carolina just does enough
00:16:06to win three games in the underworld was trapped at the game talks about a twenty point favorite they fail to cover all three of them and those games came before the Clemson board SEC rival seem situation my one look at coastal Carolina plus twenty nine and a half
00:16:19very good the bear on the look at spot yes episodes every Wednesday Sir that's such a a peek into what so much of the season's going to be any gambling is already been at such a big conversation anyway in the culture of football in general sports in general
00:16:40but this year with the legalization I think it becomes something even more people are going to be sort of dipping their toe in you are a new Michigan fan and the girl looks are Notre Dame I had a bet on them for long case that had that I
00:16:53know that much already so it but if there is an interesting question happening in that game particularly look look Michigan Notre Dame I think is the game is getting all the hype I do wanna say Washington alright I think is is the most the most substantial game of
00:17:05the weekend but the Michigan Notre Dame game has a lot of eyeballs because of the programs because the hype and also because of the pressure so we talked earlier about Jim Harbaugh and and whether or not he's under pressure Jesse Palmer is being college football analyst answer the
00:17:19question of which of the coaches in that match up is under more pressure I guess Jim Harbaugh entering here for I think it's finally time for him now to live up some lofty expectations you think back to after he lets them to their first eleven win season in
00:17:33school history after you let this epistle foreigners to Superbowl appearance he was rewarded with a seven year fifty two million dollar contract to do three things beat Ohio state win big ten championships and go to the college football playoff after three years now Jim Harbaugh's twenty eight eleven
00:17:49in Michigan hasn't won a big ten title only three against Ohio state this year though he finally has a complete team they played great defense they've been able to run the ball he finally has his quarterback enormous transfer she Patterson even if they lose the Notre Dame is
00:18:02plenty season what they can still reach a plateau but he went five and four last year in conference play it's time for him to make a state and the horrible thing with the quarter back again three years at Michigan still looking for that quarter back what makes you
00:18:15think Patterson is the guy he's the best quarterback Jim Harbaugh as coach that Michigan he is such a natural passer and throw of the football which I agree with JJ batters in as a gift a quarterback it is interesting though when you think of I think Notre Dame
00:18:28fans are a little surprised to hear that because Notre Dame and Brian Kelly particularly have high expectations and the one thing that we have to remember is that Notre Dame is brand is in in a conference right so they can go into the playoffs just fight just by
00:18:41being great right Michigan is playing in the toughest conference in college of the toughest division in college football this year I I think that there's a lot more pressure on Brian Kelly this year I completely agree I'm surprised actually by that I guess you can look at some
00:18:55of the best moments from Kelly's career at Notre Dame and maybe those are the reason that Palmer's letting him skate a little bit more obviously that twelve and one twenty twelve a season where they lost in the in the BCS national championship game %HESITATION obviously last year and
00:19:09twenty fifteen both ten win years but he's been there for eight seasons and they were for an eight in twenty sixteen you've got a hard bodies only had three seasons under his belt if you just gone in reverse and started out with an eight when you're and then
00:19:22at back to back ten win seasons I think would make a difference I also think you're right his record against good teams Ohio state for sure Michigan state usually pretty good as well that's gonna always stand out to people that's what's going to be the deciding factor in
00:19:37whether he's a success or not there isn't really that same measuring stick for Notre Dame and Brian Kelly I think eight seasons where it's been pretty up and down to me feels a little bit more of a disappointment then hardball whose main job in arriving there was just
00:19:53to bring some perceived back to the name to bring some excitement back to the program like I said they had one ten plus win season in the eight years before he got there back to back ten wins when he got there they had won back to back ten
00:20:06win chunk and was way back in oh two or three with Lloyd Carr said you're looking at a program that he need to first get everybody back excited about and then start having his recruiting classes his stamp on the program start to pay off and and pull forward
00:20:19so I'm surprised by that but I do understand that this is a huge name coming out of the NFL back to his alma mater place for people expect a lot I I still think there has to be a little perspective same thing always say the Steelers fans Mike
00:20:30Tomlin could be a great coach Ben Roethlisberger can be a great quarterback and you can be stuck in the same era as Brady and Belle a check and you just don't get the super bowls you want you can be a good football team and still be looking at
00:20:41and say you know what we're stuck in an era right now where the big ten is so stinking good and their division is supposed to get good it makes it much more difficult coming up during the steroid era there was a lot of Astrid talk when it came
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00:22:30what is it feels good to have that buttons US air's main data bits in for tray and Mike and look at the longer I can self promote the last time we have to spend talking about waltz Clyde Frazier mobile who yesterday was on Sirius XM's NBA radio talking
00:22:49about the the it will never die topic around the NBA and the warriors check this out the rant I mean as great a player he is I would still hold back because many do on a team that really didn't need them you know what I mean I mean
00:23:04he's the he's right there where lebron probably was the best the brown is the best player in the game soon but for him doing that I still don't give him the full credit the that he probably would have deserved to stay with okay we want to cuddle with
00:23:18Betty yes it any and I have a difficult time or can you place him like even as talented as yes like top ten top fifteen player when when the career is over if like you said you can't give him full credit for the title is it hard for
00:23:30you to do that yeah yeah you're going to be valid down a list of me because of that you know because they'll be %HESITATION Astrid's what is the and learn what let me start by saying he said asterisk worse than you said ask direct as I think you
00:23:48said asterisks like an ostrich yet shape better some shape asterisk first of all what else is in there you got him all well that that is the astra just right now now it's in my head I'm never gonna get it Walt Frazier won the NBA finals two times
00:24:05nineteen seventy nineteen seventy three so when he picks up his cell phone if the if the you know old guy in the lawn has a cellphone even pick up if he picks it up to yell at Kevin Durant Kevin Durant can pick it up with this very weighted
00:24:18hand as he's only going to continue to add championship brings to it and guess what the moorings he has the Concord is to try and actually press answer I'm phrases call because guess what Duran doesn't care okay well let's not disrespect Walt Frazier we can this respect is
00:24:32take your right yeah but you know what there's a lot of dudes that are not of the appropriate age or even legacy to be get off my lawn due to their making the same argument our boys do gods is one of a writing his own personal record book
00:24:47Kevin Durant doesn't have any titles if you want to discuss the changing power dynamic I guess is the web best way to put in the NBA the let's have a real interesting discussion about it let's not fall back on the same tired B. S. of he's not as
00:25:03good of a player because of this you are watching one of the greatest players of all time this is the same argument the people is a say about lebron stop complaining and start enjoying because when he's gone you're gonna say what it we waste our time arguing about
00:25:15whether or not he should have gone that we had the same exact argument about lebron when he went to Miami and now we're over it because we replaced it with a different one to me this is up there and tell me if I'm missing any with the most
00:25:27annoying sports debates of all time I am so sick of hearing about Kevin Durant is a cake cupcake and he should have gone there try to beat them then you have the exact same opportunity and this is a team that was built mostly off of the draft so
00:25:40you're going to criticize the team who drafted incredibly well who has a bunch of unselfish players that are willing to make concessions both on the court and in their wallets in order to continue the success that they've had anybody else could go do it draft well find a
00:25:56reason to get guys to want to look at the rockets for example I got away from my point but I'm to get back to them and the rockets probably have gotten worse since last year they took them to seven games without Chris Paul injury who knows I still
00:26:08think the wars were won but they were the closest they had pushed them the hardest and they lost a couple players that they really could be used and they're picking up a guard Carmelo that's a big question mark if you are so mad at the warriors the wanted
00:26:19to ask other teams like the rockets why aren't you able to keep guys around like a bomb would say that you need defensively weren't you able to have guys buy in and say this is a good program that I want to be a part of as it continues
00:26:30to try to beat on the best team in the NBA instead of just complaining because their team doesn't get the stars yeah it's not like every NBA team doesn't have the opportunity to draft blowing create a culture because that's what Golden State is done at this point so
00:26:41you know you want to go out there and and complain about that's the piece of it I don't understand especially because there is and I think we're gonna see a lot of it next year next years those free agents glasses particularly happy the NBA right so we're going
00:26:52to see a lot of this nature we're gonna find out what teams players think have created a culture because they're going to be able to band together all over the place so you know if your Sixers fan are you really going to sit there and say well we
00:27:03drafted well but we're not gonna take any big free agents and want to come help us we're going to do it though we're going to trust the process the holy well you don't get criticized unless you win right we've seen so many iterations of the quote unquote super
00:27:15team of guys coming together usually a little bit too far past their prime and saying let's put our ourselves all one spot and win a title they don't win so no one complains it's because Golden State has had such success on let me get back to my point
00:27:28which was the this is one to me one of the most annoying sports debates ever I'm so sick of hearing about it it is up there with is golf a sport which is so that's a good one go debates across different regimes rules they're fantastic generation Xers it
00:27:46would just make their their their petty greatest of all time %HESITATION when the rules are different the competitions different everything's different college team acts could be pro team why will throw Alabama out there against the you know whatever it's so annoying wouldn't happen fixing baseball that's what this
00:28:06show and its many iterations as out of a big hand in and then maybe I'm thrown in what makes a dynasty because it's just a man take your missing one big one for me and that's my conference is better than your conference right was football right that's a
00:28:20that's also knowing that one yeah I'm I'm I'm way up there on the don't care that's the grown up equivalent of my dad can beat up your dad right really no way to prove it it no but nobody has any I'm also not a huge fan of the
00:28:29mount Rushmore's but I understand their purpose will get a history of a city or did you manage did you include MJ verses yeah that's the go debate all classifies as this just all go to camp yes all goats all gods in all sports I'm also like he's dibella
00:28:44check make Brady a Brady bank belajar yeah yeah when I'm tired out to a well I mean this is kind of like to go to bait but could the eighty five bears defense stop the twenty sixteen page or whatever for the love that stuff also you're never going
00:28:57to know when I realize we got four hours to kill sometimes there's not a lot of sports news but those are the ones that when they come up and this is the same for me with Clyde Frazier it's just another person saying the thing we've been hearing ever
00:29:07since he went there and to me suck it up and go win find your own version of that any interested in all fairness as much as I I critiquing his get off my lawn guy we have to understand that industry changes doesn't matter what industry you're you're talking
00:29:22about it changes so it doesn't matter if you talk to a sports talk guy from the early eighties and they talk about what sports talk is now they're gonna yelling about the digital world and I you know right now anybody just and in the music world is like
00:29:34well now you know all of a sudden it you're dreaming and whatever and and so like this this dresses and did it changes in a ball and the reason that that matters to is if you look at guys from previous generations they might say we like that when
00:29:48you stand on one team and you tried to beat other guys well that was what the standard was because of the power dynamic lebron James was the bad the biggest hand in giving some more agency invoice to players in terms of changing free agents in the NBA that's
00:30:03why we enjoy you can complain all you want about Kevin Durant but guess what the reason we have NBA stories all offseason long the reason why there's incitement every single year is because guys are moving in ways that never used to happen they did not have the ability
00:30:16to make their contracts that they could decide where they want to go you stuck around because you didn't really have a choice when Michael Jordan you know even the greatest player of all time eventually got forced out of Chicago we didn't have the power that's different now so
00:30:31these older guys might be frustrated by it but they don't know how they would react if they were playing now and I don't understand why the older guys are looking at the young generation say man I was part of building something that has grown to this where players
00:30:42have empowerment they can go where they want they make a ton of money they have what do you know what that's like you saying I'm so glad I was a part of the band Perry and then now they have whatever top ten top ten singles and I started
00:30:54making millions millions of dollars and you you wouldn't be like aw I'm so glad to help them get there you be like wait I wish I was doing it now when I had the money but it's tough but if I pioneered something I think twenty years later I
00:31:05look at and say man I was one of the people that help and and that is when you talk about Wall Clyde Frazier you're talking about one of the pioneers like I would look at that and say that's that's a brand I help be a build and I
00:31:15want guys to profit off you need more money for his suits them and that is values thing about that money life all coming up its made and fits in for goalie can we go and we're taking over so we'll do one of our favorite features next it's called
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00:32:00called I mean I'm just you up yes wow that's right now okay I just sent will soon I have to leave the show which he said he just check back in okay that means she's not here for that for the next for that she's not here for so
00:32:21if you weren't here for it want to make it a point of texting back to say all news bulletin on talking about so maybe my least proud moment in history of gold going a sports center brought to you by the house bar staying Hey just a reminder if
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00:33:10on Fridays we have a bit of a tradition not right we like to we like to sort of help everybody get set for the weekend well yeah because on Friday nights we are airing either around you know six o'clock on the west coast people are leaving their jobs
00:33:24are getting ready for big Friday night or were nearing nine on the east coast when people are probably get in there drank on getting ready to head out so we figure if you don't already have a significant other that you can hit the town with or someone to
00:33:35Netflix and chill with you might be swipe left swipe in right swipe it up and get instant interaction on so we sing corporate that into our show and it's Friday and it's are not quite eight AM so it's a little early but Hey it's a holiday weekend maybe
00:33:51be able to find a ride somewhere alright so let's do a little not necessarily sports tender alright so this is how this works tender right the big voice guy says that and we find some topics that are either sports or maybe not and we say whether we agree
00:34:05with white bright we disagree with white black if we really agree we swipe up and it's called a super like so the first one is according to the social media accounts of some Husker players the front of Nebraska's helmets will feature the players home area code at the
00:34:20outset of training camp new head coach Scott frost told reporters to consider continuing the tradition he starred at central Florida so fits would you want your area code on a helmet I'm going to swipe up super like I'm all about that like people have so much pride in
00:34:34home right and so I think about Nashville where I spent twenty years six one five has become a brand of the area code of Nashville of tee shirts and hats and people put it on everything it is sort of signifies where you're from so I love and it's
00:34:46never ask his opportunity to remind the country that they're recruiting nationally and you might see another area code for watching the game and say oh my gosh he's from here and then you want to go to the rest I think it's great I'm going to swipe up on
00:35:00your life the of wicked game from Chris Isaak that's playing and also the topic and swept up on both our yeah I completely agree also because there is this feeling of continuity from high school to college where you want to remind people that these kids came from somewhere
00:35:15when you get to the pros it's it's a job when you're in college in theory supposed to be amateur it's supposed to be continuing the same feeling of high school sports this feeling of camaraderie and and bringing in that home town flavor I love that just ideal like
00:35:29I would I would be like three one two already Chinatown with let's get out they don't know what to do going to spot a guy on the cheese with the last name Spain and I was like I'm all in I know nothing about this guy Bentley Spain or
00:35:40Brantley Spain but I'm all and we can be rivals this year is going to be a cheese thing with compares that's unfortunately all residents of a small south planned community say they will actively this is in New Zealand are actively petition against any bid to ban domestic cats
00:35:56from the area a new south and regional pest management plan proposed by environment south land outlined plans to make the Southland town town of Omagh we cannot free by banning new domestic cats in the area new during all existing ones so would you like to live in a
00:36:10Capri town %HESITATION I am running to the table to swipe up super life and I have two cats alright I have four thousand two cats and cats actually generalizing they the cats generally like me my two cats don't and in fact one of the cats Jodie you know
00:36:26a couple years ago she sharpener claws and and I had like a like a little like roll of paper something I tossed as a joke he stopped it so she looks at me she jumps up on the piano bench at the house and I'm the only person ever
00:36:37plays the piano she looks at me again and they got all over the bench Jack's everywhere sits next to it and stares at me I decided in that moment cats are smarter than I realized and the more vindictive than I realized and I can never defeat them so
00:36:50what scientists say of cats were bigger they would be you and kill you say only stick around my points there are I'm out I'm out I'm gonna have to swipe left to my sister has two cats we've never been a cat family I made fun of her but
00:37:03I feel bad because she can't get another dog right away and her dog passed away so I feel like if you can't have a dog for any reason and you want to pet a cat is a decent substitute assuming it's not crazy but you don't have to scoop
00:37:13litter for a dog either like that's like stride hate letter boxes I'm don't know you know what's interesting about New Zealand there's almost no native animals which is why they're trying to do this because introducing cats and other things of the few native populations where's Australia has more
00:37:26animals than like anything so few member Pangea isn't fastener think about their right next to each other and somehow one ended up with all the stuff and the other one has almost none well not fascinating all you lost minister because all I could think about was how Jack
00:37:40kangaroos look and I keep you it Pangea yes kangaroos okay resist yeah I mean you think cats are scary kangaroos I had no idea there like little Arnold sports they really are we got more tender to do later in the show we'll do a letter coming up next
00:37:52we'll get a hall of Famer in here as football season is upon us will tell you all about it next goal a window on ESPN radio and ESPN news

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