Warriors Sound highlights the Game 1 win over the Pelicans in the Western Conference Semifinals.
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00:00:02with the Warriors taking down the Pelicans and game 1 of the Western Conference semi-finals this Warriors sound review looks back at the 123 to 101 Victory featuring a franchise playoffs record 76 points from the Warriors and the first half I'm Lawrence Scott and we start by listening into some of Kevin Durant's comments in the post-game X early on each one more really good great cutter got a couple of easy shots and transition being a baby has some type of shots early on as well so we just got to stay with you no discipline and don't get discouraged when they make those shots in and I'll get back on defense as quick as possible
00:00:45Kevin how much do some of the hustle plays Draymond flying out of bounds to try to save a bowl I mean how much do those lead to the the stops in the defense King that the transition game engine does intensity is key for us and it definitely helps us somewhere at home as well cuz the fans know who J Moniz and you know they're looking for that every time down from him and once you when she does it and you know you can just hear the crowd just roaring and it's like almost like when Steph Get It Wide Open 3 you know the crowd just you hit her cry about to explode the same way same thing happens when Draymond you know who else is out of bounds get a block does a great job and get a steel you know the crowd enjoy that and I think we should have our crowd and he was great tonight. Looking take coach Alvin Gentry Way then afterwards with his take on game one you got to give them credit because they they they are in a situation where they create mistakes you know defensively they do a lot of things and if you're not and then on the offensive and we we talk to other guys about
00:01:45got to be very disciplined against this team you know they're they're so good at executing and reading situations that if you're not good at it they're going to take advantage of what you did and excuse me but you know but obviously if you
00:02:01if you give up you got to avoid the runs and they had 22042 to Ryan and I guess this team all it does is fuel them and put you in a really tough situation, following up on that how much of Golden State's defensive flexibility is based on Draymond Green
00:02:20what are I mean he's a tremendous player he's a really smart player but they're at their whole team you know they've got great size you know everybody they stick out there at 6768 or bigger and they're very smart players you know obviously Draymond afford them a situation where you know they can do a lot of different things and they can plan on a. A lot of different players so you know the bottom line is that he almost had a triple-double before half-time so that's the end of that that's not a good situation for us we also hear from the inside the NBA crew is Ernie Charles Shaq and Kenny talk about game 1 and what's ahead for Tuesday's game to have a question for you to it so the other night we talked a lot so what would you rather do lose at the horn or get blown out and you said I'd rather lose it the horn cuz it means I was in the game so
00:03:16what's New Orleans feeling right now when they come in full of confidence in you run out of the gym you say when you can pretty much say we didn't have the effort because it has nothing the game plan can't be that so in terms of effort level you can tell I thought you could tell by the way the game was in the in the first quarter even before the explosion was the same effort that they have the energy the the exhilaration high fives that wasn't there that had it with the way it was I thought in in Portland and in that because of layoffs. Because of layoffs whatever it was the game preparation wasn't the same only only Alvin knows what that is but the game at or the players but the game preparation didn't feel the same pretty good we also I was tired of 1.39 39 bus go to Taylor's always been that team if you turn the ball over you know they can you know quickly if you don't get away
00:04:16but these guys haven't played since last week you know they probably know that they can't get to a golden state but so this is the feel I game they going to go make some adjustments out what everybody's going to play better and right now that's some big can we get one let you try to let you know play better and still win this problem the Pelicans different animal because you know we talked about matchups all the time playing against this team it won't let me they can't they can't do the stuff they did against Portland where you get about a Lily and the cob and they go one-on-one that you could you heard Draymond say the interview what we looked at their defense that one is good as we thought it was but it run a bunch of give me to stop those Portland Garden he said that you was telling me like we watch them they're good team but that stuff they did against Portland because they are going to work again because they never hold a ball and that's one of the negatives of the Trail Blazers
00:05:16and their guys who are always looking for their own shot and that will not work against the Warriors and now we wait and see if Steph Curry does indeed play in game 2 it was a possibility. One and Golden State Altamonte what are you talkin play now is the fact that when he's on the floor with Kevin Durant and it's not fair but when they're on the court together that you have to start defending at the hash mark So if you're defending that far out from the floor that means everyone's driving lanes are just wide open you can't helping me cover you know what is a simple phrase in basketball I'm going to help the guy and I'm going to recover and go back to the guy that I'm Gone by time you get over to help because they're shooting for so deep
00:06:04you can't recover to your guy it's too late and he's oh that's spacing is incredible because those guys shoot the ball for so much for such a fun place and in the high clip so they're impossible to call when all three of them playing and playing at the playing together so you think because they won by 22 I think it are you you rest Stephanie to give stuff a little more rest but now is like he probably could almost get a week off cuz game 2 is Tuesday and when is Game 3 Friday so I think in that situation you give him those extra few days I mean he said if you just now he's only had one scrimmage I actually don't play him until you get to New Orleans and that will actually give them a great lift going to New Orleans and finally two former Warriors Antoine Jamison and Derek Fisher wear on Sat for NBA TV Gametime along with Matt Winer and Vinny Del Negro for their breakdown on Rondo saying then miss some wide-open looks at they might normally hit Maybe
00:07:04what's the result of The Rustic comes with not being in a game Rhythm to have a week off then playing game 7 and then having a quick turnaround so that you know pick your poison. I guarantee you that they are happy that they get it did for his business report in there in the first round and it was able to rest today and really refocus give me and I refreshed the batteries you just came up against the defending Champions they was quick on all cylinders offensive Lee The Next Step from game won the game to make the proper adjustments get things going it's going to be interesting you know Cosell Gentry said he still wants to Pace to be really quick can you still make the same adjustment is still be successful we playing at a fast pace in terms of what has to change here is it the simple matter of execution is it strategic and cleaning up some of the mental mistakes that the bull
00:08:04Alvin Gentry and his players were talking about I think it's all of the above I mean little bit of everything I mean you have to be on your A-game and his Golden State because they are going to pick you apart they're going to score the basketball they're going to make you look bad because of their ball and Body Movin On offense and the way they can shoot the three so I can have the turnovers have to ask you better have to guard better have to do a lot of things that the New Orleans and then do tonight whether they were off a week 2 weeks a day so it doesn't matter they lost the game watch some film tomorrow you know talk about the defense in the second quarter let that get under their skin a little bit and see if they come out a little bit more aggressive little hungrier and see if they can manage their mistakes and put some pressure on Golden State game 2 are you were talking about the Pacer Lee Robin jet trees made it pretty clear he plans to continue playing fast moving forward to what else can each week I mean I think staying with the pace if they're comfortable doing that then stick with what got them there for sure but they never
00:09:04do that against this team is going to be more difficult anything they've ever seen the possessions defensively the breakdowns the mistakes the wide-open layup sand dunks definitely have to tighten those things up but I still think more offense even if the Pacers up places not just running down the court to shoot the quickest shot right pace is also in throwing sharp passes cutting hard you know driving the ball with intensity in and paste so they're still ways to to play with paste that doesn't mean giving your opponent more possessions and against the Warriors you just in trouble if they get 92 a hundred shots up + 30 trips to the free throw line is just no way to score enough points to beat them in that formula again Tuesday night game 2 at Oracle Arena Warriors and Pelicans in the Western Conference semi-finals on Lawrence Scott in This Is War your sound

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