This week Andrew and Molly trade stories about the time Andrew got stuck at a Canadian airport, the Austin Food and Wine demo no one will forget, Andrew's lawyer's hippie dance and more. Plus, Andrew speaks a bit about alcoholism and chemical dependency.

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00:00:01coming to you live from high atop foodworks headquarters conveniently located directly above a Subway sandwich shop it's time for go Fork yourself with me Andrew Zimmern and my travel and food obsessed doppelganger the lovely the Beautiful the smart the funny Molly mogren slap on your helmet buckle up kids it's time to go for it yourself
00:00:35you make me want to barf I'm doing a cupping okay when I ask you how is that coffee
00:00:47it's it's really nice there's some raisin and toast elements there's a little after washer of very nice fermented cacao and it slow I admire this coffee it's decision I made it for you happiness from I've got a great I've got a great recovering heroin addict story for you you may have heard it before okay so I'm like I don't know like 5 or 6 years sober
00:01:25and I am having a an issue with one of my teeth in the back of my mouth and it's it's going to be like a million little pieces story augusten Burroughs it's the other James Frey the phibian so then switch back and forth there's there's no doing they're going to have to do an extraction with the tooth is in a weird spot and they have to do some stuff with some ja mobilization it was like a level up from an ordinary extraction that so they said look we have to put you to sleep for this like I freak out and you know I called my 12-step mentor of language and I was like I was anxious about this and they put me under and drugs and he said your life goes on I mean knew you could get into a car accident you need
00:02:25had to have surgery and you're going to have a place they're going to have to give you pain pills for your things and yes you can tough it out with Aspirin great but sometimes you can't and under doctor's care and supervision and we discussed at the one issue for recovering people's like when a doctor give someone okay here's 30
00:02:45you know blankety-blank pain pills I usually say just give me 4 for the first two days or whatever and then you give them to someone else to give to you so don't start abusing I get to the dentist office and Lori puts me in the chair and she said it's okay so you're going to count you know I'm going to give you one chemical and then when you start to feel how God I know where this
00:03:23yeah let me know when we hit the plunger in the other one you count backwards from a hundred by the time you're at 97 you're asleep so she gives me a dose of whatever drug number one is and you know I don't know that like a minute goes by and it should have taken like 10 seconds there she gives me a little because I'm not small man right so she gives me whatever another ten fifteen percent of it and I'm just sitting there and she says are you just comes back into the from around little thing she was like are you are you feeling alright and I'm like I have not felt that many was like an old friend it made visit me and she's like so you feel something I said well yeah it feels great and she says well I told you to tell me when and I said no you said when I feel uncomfortable so yeah this is my favorite comforting feeling should I call you little on the second most people feel very uncomfortable
00:04:23being that high just like dizzy and nauseous nauseous and tingly and place and I'm just like oh my God hello how I have missed you oh God yeah I'm definitely not like that at all she had major surgery and had some kind of like thing it was like a one level of aspirin and she just like stuff she threw them away because she just hated anything associated with an out of it feeling can't stand it I don't mind feeling a little bit like tingly but couchlock and I have my hands on my chest but I can't see or can't feel where my hands end and my chest begins I know I'm just starting to get into it absolutely awesome
00:05:233 year old newspapers on the floor of my gray one-room tenement house and I yanked the phone wires out of the wall I mean you know it's a different kind of that just let me die in peace kind of feeling what a nice way to ring in this
00:05:44can you cheer me talking to know about it cuz he's watching TV with us now more and more you'll love this when you have kids and he's like asking questions that before we just go over his head and now he's like why is that man so messed up looking is that what part does did he have too much beer you know for sure that we will see things like if you watch Gotham with us and there's like drugs it's like Daddy didn't you do a lot of drugs in my wife is just like snickering in the background so it all comes back to how was your how's your week been great Steven doing what fun things did you do this weekend in Vermont so on our way back we went there talk about this how we're going to Niagara Falls you we heard you're going to go to Niagara Falls I gave it a big thumbs-up list
00:06:44Saturday evening so we got to Niagara Falls to lean on midnight or something we could go there right away in the morning perfect time we had a dog and a cooler full of meat so we couldn't go to Canada and see it which isn't really that big of a deal but that's kind of where you get that awesome vehicle for Canada use your driver's license we also have the dog and like a bunch of meat from the font you know bison and I hate schedules we're going to really try to mess with the border patrol so we just stayed on the near side I've had my worst Porter airports let alone at the land border right so I want to mess with the Canadian they're scared because they have seven tenths of the world's fresh
00:07:44water supply
00:07:47do they really yes and Minnesota
00:07:56and I think we're going to invade Canada and take their water
00:08:01Jamaica movie about that state and Friends any day now with the situation in California now in Minnesota and 18 states are now and severe drought California is in the Thousand-Year drauden I mean we should just March in there there's 17 million Canadians and I love Canada but they have so much good stuff that we could use they have Tim Hortons you know they've got great comedians that all the freshwater Celine Dion Celine Dion beads back if you're going to be able to
00:08:48I just think you have Bieber fever at anytime have Bieber fever cuz your haircut is Julie Andrews in Sound of Music
00:09:04it's a little less Bobby it's too hip and contemporary looking as it's Audrey Hepburn ish just keep going until you lovely haircut thank you beautiful now but the I don't think Hannah wants Bieber back we want their water
00:09:25you know that I'd like to you know be here doing things we could americanize them and have them do chain restaurants great we're good at that by the way I just want to say Niagara Falls New York I really hate to say this but what a shithole I'm a crappy American cities like hotels and casinos cuz they can write write Canada
00:10:05yeah yeah yeah it was good yeah I've been to all 7 Continents I have never been to Canada you're going to have a tough time plan a day to get out of the airport in the last two times I've been to Canada I was detained why was John Deere like whoops sorry and just let me go but two times ago I was down in the in the holding area and they did not take my phone they just told me not to use it I don't listen to what anybody tells so I immediately got on to Twitter and said there has to be someone who works in the Montreal Toronto works in the Toronto Airport that can come down here I'm being held in a room and no one's telling me everything and literally like an hour later
00:11:02I there's a knock on the door and income someone and the whole thing straightened out and I said oh my God thank you so much because when I got your message so it was okay I was looking for a fan who worked for the Canadian government customs and immigration that's crazy you don't know why well it has to do I believe with the last time I exited Canada it was like the wrong Visa was used it was some kind of typos or snafu so then when I tried to enter the country I was on some like list all secret probation and I got I went to a room where there is that's where the illegal immigrants plead their case and there's like 20 people in line is only three officers and you wait forever so I did that so that we like 4 hours and then when I went to plead my case they said hold on one second and then someone comes out of another room and it squirts me down into a windowless room with the desk
00:12:02once I was there I'm like alright I'm I'm going to I need to throw out the card but you know my stepdad and I'm like I've Canadian family I feel like I'm 25% Canadian 35% cuz we're on the border south or almost Canada I mean it it's it's a mind boggler how hardcore they are about coming into their country where is he walking into Mexico you literally can go from American to Mexican no one will check any paperwork on you at all right well Jordan chicken Caesar salad Jordan told me I should go to Montreal should be my first spot in Canada
00:12:50depends when you go but yes where my favorite cities in the world Prince Edward Island National and you don't Halifax Nova Scotia that whole side is like ancient east coast seafaring communities on steroids I mean you would just I got a buddy there girl it's so awesome alright maybe he's like 60 some Taylor and farmer Josh let you talk to ex boyfriends honestly not really sure there's not really many I want to talk to you not say that you were would it just like once you get married it's like okay you don't talk to
00:13:50yeah he's pretty low-key and stuff but he's pretty jealous you have no one I totally get that from him and I and I agree with him I respect that
00:14:00you really think so but I just you know
00:14:06whatevs okay but I'm pretty loosey-goosey about that kind of stuff
00:14:12yeah the cat man not so much not so much but you made it home safe and sound what meat did you bring we got bison sausage from the farmers market there which was actually very good I was a little skeptical and then Josh's Aunt has she had a grass-fed beef arm so she would she's moving from right now but it's not her stuff to what did you bring in
00:14:38what taste you bring us drinks I already ate everything did you get some great cheese at the market that was replaced at T okay we got some of that too at the farmers market and it was awesome orange and ginger and I don't know who not at all this week so far as been good to you vaccinate 74 degrees no humidity everything is green. Up it's it's absolutely stunning I had about a million people said to say hi to you have a great day with all of your friends
00:15:38so are you I was in New York then Austin Austin Chicago
00:15:45Chicago this week I was in New York Austin Minneapolis Friday was in you work Saturday was in Austin Sunday I was home it was crazy that sounds fun which you which would you rather hear about would you would you like to hear about the crushing disappointment and loss at the James Beard awards online rather hear would you rather hear about my half naked kitchen demo with Graham Elliot Bowles were both in wrestling outfits and I hired a stripper slash cam girl to be my ring accomplice is it the one I get when I go to Austin Texas and I say stripper class / am girl your question to me is which one is it the one you introduce me to
00:16:45well I kind of feel like you did maybe just tell me about that but how'd it go it was amazing amazing I'm not sure that we did anything else but horrified people yeah never forget it may have been the most over-the-top food demo in the history of food and wine festivals in America we cleared out the wall between the two main auditoriums outdoor auditoriums put up audio visual stuff split screen and a split microphone so that we could talk each other's audience we both dressed up in real wrestlers outfits I had gold were you guys cooking together side by side stages doing a mystery basket challenge
00:17:30oh okay dressed as Hulk Hogan wrestler yes I was a Luchador on the Vodka that I like to be when I'm a pro wrestler and it was it was insane but I I have a cape that I wore it a Gold Lambo make a band in the 60s 70s 80s they have these like sort of bimbo types who would come in with the wrestlers and take their Cape off and folded and kind of be there sir second in the ring so I had a meeting here a couple months ago with the the staff and said we need to find a good I just cried the whole thing and kind of you know was Indian strippery in you know blah blah blah and they said great will talk to C3 the the people Bruce the event in the people at bolts and figure out will get someone to dress up like that I'm
00:18:30no no no no it has to be a real person cuz otherwise they're not going to know how to go go dance or oh my God whatever and so glad it was not there curled up in the fetal position in the corner shoulders are scrunched but the it was it was mine by the way to Great demo Ram was fantastic of course and we were slamming chairs were running into each other's kitchens we I mean go on my Instagram we have some crazy pictures I'll give Beth a couple extras to Post online for us is there any moves any figure for holds are in one of us got hurt which was good but yeah it was a lot of fun I gave him so he gave me rattlesnake I did a rattlesnake
00:19:23okay with a look at that flat like Mexican thing till I got the caramelized onions and boiled the rattlesnake then pulled the meat then caramelized it with onions and cilantro and Lulu's cinnamon and some stuff put it on I made a homemade slide right then and there. It's a tortilla is does he wanted to but it's kind of like a slightly thicker tortilla house thick is a co-pay but slightly thickened tortilla and oval shape and then I put I did a avocado salsa women and I made a pickled Nepali and strawberry sort of crispy vegetable things start to go on it to Cactus giving was good yeah sounds good was really good a gram did I gave him he'll he did a CDL over a potato thing with a chorizo vinaigrette and Doritos smash on top of it
00:20:23and we had so much fun it was sick sick from but by the end of it both of us were half naked yeah it was hysterical people were freaking out I mean it was like a riot was going to break up you were having so much fun we're cranking loud music and he were getting into the theatricality of the whole thing and I felt really bad for palki why is it so no one else was bizarre crowd we knew it was going to be Rowdy and it's like what time is it for two and they did not know all it was was billed as Andrew Zimmern Graham Elliot mystery basket so we came out through the walkway in the middle two three is Akin are wrestling personas and
00:21:13flipping out and Paul was trying to do was serious like demo like a hundred feet away and it was I just felt terrible he's I told him no later that night at the party and he was he's opening like 17 new things in Austin and amazingly well for him he's winning at life stoop to the theatricality that I felt bad because I dragged gram into that cuz Graham is actually a real shift to right you know me I'm lest we we we came up with the idea together took us a year to find someone who would give us permission to ask you and I don't think anyone will let us do it again but it was it was an awful lot of fun and
00:22:03in my category at the James Beard award I lost twice
00:22:12unless you're me it was it was a lovely word ceremony they you know fantastic people one fantastic Wars everyone was nominated was deserving it was a great night great food just a lovely lovely evening for the broadcast and journalism Awards this coming Monday is the restaurant in Chapel work so my category is Vivian Howard Tony Bourdain in me right so I figured it's about time someone new like when's this thing you know it's in here with someone nominated for the first time who's actually deserving in past your weight when your dreaming who is Southern food thing the word for host personality whatever they the categories there's some names in there they're like they're just nowhere near they they're not even approaching the top four five shows
00:23:12people do this and it it just like it's irritating to me but Vivian I thought you don't see that she's the perfect kind of person to win the you were to the young person I think so for new Talent doing great things and Tony one very deservedly new Chef is a great show but in the personality category Ina Garten okay now we all know my uncle Richard Zimmerman who founded the Stanford pediatric hospital who was very famous pediatrician he pulled Ina Garten from her mother's vajayjay oh yes yes yes we have a connection to I know plus I was living in East Hampton when she was catering and opened Barefoot Contessa and I mean I've known this woman for 30 years I respect the crap out of her she is an amazing amazing Legend in my business
00:24:12no one has ever said that she's a force of nature when it comes to personality and her show is designed as if the only part to show it's quieter and beautifully shot and you kind of just fall into this into her kitchen in the in the transfer for kitchen it's I just I was like when they read her name out I was like oh cuz I get Vivian Wood when she was not in that category 2 clapping for Ina and she wasn't there to collect the award so the voice of God then says that 24 words I've never wanted to hear which is Ina Garten is winning this award for the second time now making her the second person to yeah I did but it was before as the only person to have won the Personnel lose but it ain't it a real blow to my
00:25:12actually go I was told that I am now no longer the only person doing one that worked with here's the thing I get that I am pushing for Zimmerman 2016 the campaign Starts Now not really outgoing and boisterous whatever doesn't mean that she doesn't have one or isn't one I would be at one of her parties I would you at the right moment when she's just had one extra glass of champagne I would grab her by the shoulders turn her into a mirror like Stuart Smalley and I would say I know this is who the world wants to see because when she's casual and just talkin she's funny she speaks a little faster she's just like on TV she's a muted more ice
00:26:12I would like to see I was producing her I would say I want to see the real her yeah and I feel that way about a lot of Talent on television you know what's funny about them being so don't pretend to be funny or pretend to be smarter pretend to be clever this past week I recorded the hey Eleanor podcast all by myself that was me doing what we're doing now and suffer alone and what I went back and listen to it it's fine it's fine but it's so not as good as when I'm talking to somebody else and it's sort of it was kind of a lot but that was just the intro think so people would know what I wanting to talk about so but yeah it's I think it's kind of hard to order depending on the setting you know how you act and what you say and what you're like
00:27:12I'm way better having a conversation with someone then just talking by myself unless you're creating
00:27:23a fictional World writing something that you were then reading cuz there's a lot of people who do stuff on their own only takes a massive amount of work yeah I was the whole time I was talking like I should have written the reading either so that's why I was other people do what they do to it as writers creating fictional world or a piece of content that they're try you know it's it's like they never think that it's like alcoholics people are in Alcoholics never say wow I may be out of stop like that's a thought that never occurs to ignore me
00:28:08really o
00:28:11I'm different yeah then I'll remind me not to have Three Margaritas again about the I may need to not drink or something yeah that's what those other people do what they do you know it's okay to be interactive big plans this weekend I'm going camping
00:28:32where Interstate Park I don't even really know where it is that by Taylors Falls I'd life so yeah I don't know I don't know but we just got a new tent and sleeping bag and I'm really excited about Saturday night will Saturday night is the Pacer Gala oh right my wife is on the gala Committee of her time to Pacer which helps families with children in need special needs kids and so we do a lot of work for them and so
00:29:11I was just going to be a good spouse cuz it's my wife's deal sound out I found out if they always have some big Talent comes in like last year was Diana Ross and the year before was Jay Leno and blah blah blah blah blah this year cash or you wish you could just smoke pot for that one night
00:29:41it's all right up your alley last time I have not seen them in sobriety and I've probably seen them NCS and why I don't know 20 times so the last time I saw them I may have been hacked I was hallucinating on, but it is so exciting so exciting I cannot wait you're going to geek out I am going to totally geeked out in my wife is already given that I was playing CSN in the kitchen the other day I may have been in my underwear I may or may not have been playing air guitar and
00:30:19I was at my door play next and she was just looked at me and was just like are you going to do that when we're sitting with all my friends and she can refer to the underwear thing she knows I'm wearing a nice suit would like the whole like I know every word I'm going to get up and do my Andrew Zimmern version of the time we sippy changed I'm just going to let my freak flag fly oh gosh we did talk about the time we hope you dance but real quick let one of your events in York Andrew lawyer was backstage at so he's been to too many Dead shows something I was dancing and dance at a good concert or Festival he's the guy just spinning with his arms out sort of doing his own dance to a slightly different Rhythm than what the band is playing in but just let just still in
00:31:19operational is like made of rubber
00:31:29is it a yoga thing is a yogalates dance and you have your joints are made out of all those things that dance set the security people came up to us and we're like do we need to score that man out of here that was at the train concert was in our little Cordon area and they were like this man can't be with them we're having a good time that he was with us he was in charge of us I think we have a showing the beautiful words Monday along with the 10th anniversary of alinea
00:32:16no let's make a birthday cake out of one balloon in my kitchen yeah that sounds alright yes and that was the meal I took a friend of mine 2 and 3 days later I was trying to also do a good thing but I buy sort of
00:32:39trying to tell him life could be fun but I'm very lucky all kidding aside I take things like sobriety very seriously alcoholism chemical dependency and mental illness and they're all interrelated affect every single person in America like you know a good friend of mine and you know end of your grandma's really close to him and it'll Chicago Chef who hung himself 2 weeks ago I mean it's just really really sad and mental health issues alcoholism drug addiction have stigmas attach them just like hunger does that prevents people from talking about and saying hey this is a problem for me I
00:33:39not making light of other more serious conventional diseases but when someone has cancer everyone rallies around them and they're like oh my God I have cancer you know all my God I have a toothache oh my God you know I have whatever and people are so afraid to talk about these things and you and you can and you can you can you can go to the phone book you could you give a promise ring Sirocco you can call Na or AAA or you know any local hospital you know there's no National mental health help lines that are available 24/7 staff by amazing people you do not if you're suffering from something please tell someone just tell one person pick one person and tell them
00:34:25keep it simple pick one person and tell them you want to read aloud Brenna's listener question kind of fits in with your hole go away every weekend with your husband to try to get pregnant lifestyle that's going down the spring I see it for what it is I have a question relates to that at all on one of your booty call weekends and came back with a cow right choice okay my husband and I bought a quarter of a cow this year and being adventurous requested the organ Meats side note I also did that last summer just right following a good recipe for kidney with red wine mushroom sauce it's going to take a lot to get us to cook II kidney and thank goodness we had a backup meal keep on getting when they say it has an ammonia aftertaste is there any good way to truly get rid of the ammonia flavor
00:35:22yes I would like to know what the answer is no of course I would like to know a fresh it is a freshness issue and I would I mean obviously if you have if you know who this person
00:35:45is there the farmer abattoir meat service or Farmers Market vendor whatever it is you should go back to them because the whole beauty of buying directly from Farm is that the animal is processed right away that kidney should smell better than the than the conventional cuts to of the muscles of the steaks because it has a different kind of fat it should smell clean and and like it should smell like a mixed a different like the bastard son of a potato and celery should not taste ammoniated or smell ammonia dated or have any off qualities at all in fact the typical kind of portable work any flavor associated with liver and kidney
00:36:41is non-existent in the hyperfresh versions fresh or frozen liver absolutely any people always say to me oh my God how can you eat that liver raw or you just stared it rare in the show it's like yeah I also just shot like a date or pulled it out of the animal and that is there's nothing there's nothing cleaner better tasting Oregon meet me know how you can age meat when it's on but you know if they're there they don't do that with livers and kidneys for a reason or testicles you know those things are lungs the fresher the better and everyday increases the sort of like funky flavor and after a couple days you going to Funky Aroma and it just that's why freshness counts with oval but what about what about can you freeze it right away
00:37:41yes I am in these 99% of the take a quarter cow stuff comes Frozen because the farm Harvest processor a process all the meat in the meat is wrapped labeled Frozen so then they can transport it and bend it properly there's a couple of vendors at the farmers markets here who deal in fresh meat but they just bring a small amount of certain things are or bring what's pre-sold because they're kill time processing time
00:38:19doesn't necessarily true up with the Saturday morning right and yeah that makes sense yes it does I mean there is no way that should take off in anyway so her problem so she should go back to the farmer and say it's like well you know what happened with my quarter of a cow we bought it from a family friend and they just kind of have I don't have calluses sort of hobbies and not like beef Charmers sure and it just everything we got just kind of didn't taste right until I ended up talking to Milan the guy from the meat hook Mile and thank you I don't
00:39:19remember talking to him about it and he just said wrong breed probably the wrong breed of cow so you to be real careful that's a lot of meat to buy this is why I'm always talking to people about you know we sometimes get into deal love with the whole thing like I'm going to do a CSA and you don't think like what happens when 40 lb of Kohlrabi shows up and it's the same deal with Farmers Market I see people all the time cuz I'm waiting to get my whatever
00:39:50kidneys at the farmers market and the people in front of me though husband wife like honey should we should should we we I mean we got the room in the freezer now and they're just like look at the deal it's it comes out to like a 299 a pound and they're just willy-nilly buying $300 worth of meat cuz the savings are so amazing and then it's like what a what are we going to do with all that what are we going to do with all the cuts that we don't know how to cook and be have you tasted the me for most people have you had a sample of fuel by piece and take it home yes grab the person's card and then go call them and 7 experiment that is really good advice because I learned the hard way but the other thing is grass-fed if you have grass fed fresh beef Melrose beef it's receive no age at all
00:40:44that's probably a product that unless you've been eating it for a while you've never tasted before in your life yeah because all the meeting in the supermarket is usually wet aged in cryovac and there's all kinds of different processes with cuts and how long a tongue and bled and all this other kind of stuff I've had people at my house who have been like oh my God it's amazing I love steak and overheads grass-fed and it's fresh and it's all just a whole different flavor profile EPPI eater different times a year than you can taste radically different
00:41:20so it's you know that's why I just stick to eating the intestines and balls consistency consistency if you would like to ask a question we love listener questions don't work what are we doing that are we having people call
00:41:38if you want to ask a question we are going to put that you can leave it on our listener hotline to go Fork yourself online +61-224-645-8224 6:45 82 not let me explain what Molly yeah sorry I like ruined your flow don't know I was just I was going to say you brought it up we are taking a short break a Hiatus some scheduling issues and some different things were doing Molly trying to get pregnant and apparently being so close to the recording equipment and her Midwife is very concerned about it and the wiccan group that she's a part of his also we're just going to try to let that happen okay I will be traveling a lot that's what you said before is it true member Vice President Dick Cheney he said there were things going on in Iraq that weren't true but now they're part of American History he lied and it won't believe them cuz
00:42:38vice president on our podcast if I say something isn't it kind of true no I don't think so and we have Beth at producer Beth Gibbs extraordinaire ffk Gibbs is leaving us it is really good for her sad for us it's very sad for us but she's an incredibly talented wonderful human being who is made our lives where did she just pot us down it's just probably Amion Amion and it's so Beth to do like I don't want to hear this I'm just going to turn his mic off yes but we love her very much but she has to go she has to go spread her wings and fly directions so a little bit of travel
00:43:30be focusing on her stuff your performance stuff and trying to figure out what you want to do at that Kate Gibbs has the skill set or exceeding her years on this planet yes yes she's 14 and work release it juvie says it's time for her to go back into inmate population now so we will miss her very very much so what we're doing is we're because of all the Confluence of all three of those things we are taking a short notice it will be longer than 4 weeks and there's a liar so we don't know no longer than the opportunity to make chili so while we're doing that and someone has to come in and do the time and we got to do a Mach 1 and they have to produce it and that other you know so it's like it with the travel schedule and everything
00:44:30we figure we'll be back up and running and of May okay that's my that's my thinking right and I've had it it by week and a half so we may be on it but I want to promise that because I don't promise I'm a liar but I am it is going to be like parent dates there's just kind of time frames and what episode number is this
00:45:09156 episodes you could have held on her for more and going out at 160 or left 6 weeks ago at 1:50 you should have left 6 weeks ago 1:15 it could have been your sesqui Centennial episode which kind of sounds like Sasquatch
00:45:25just pointing it out alright with that if you like the podcast subscribe rate leave a review on iTunes and helps more people find the show we will have obviously a placeholder you don't need to reach out and call your friends about the Hiatus we're letting everybody know for more information on where I'll be this month appearances on Andrew Zimmern, I know I'm going to be in Aspen in June it'll be a lot of cool places I am like Billy and Sam Ash and I am so here's the deal there certain places that I never get to that I love to eat in Philly is buy one of those places I never get too and cannot wait to get together I mean John's Roast Pork. End of discussion pregnancy weekends you should go there with Josh because it is a fun town it's on the water but not really on the water but you can drive an hour outside of the interstate to wonderful town in summer really really cool
00:46:25where on Facebook and Twitter Molly tell them where they can find a survey you can find us on Twitter at gfy podcast and I'm Facebook at facebook.com go Fork yourself podcast always have to look to read what that is correct oh and you can stay up-to-date with Beth on her podcast totes recall Total Recall which we listen to honor drive we listen to the Tokyo Drift episode she's known Beth is Beth is now
00:47:01this is her last episode and I'm worried said the kind words so she's dead to me totes recall yep and you'll be hopefully I'm hoping by tomorrow is at the hey Eleanor podcast will be up and running so she will by night on iTunes with my intro you guys it's going to be awkward that's listening feedback is for I know that's what those pesky leader of you and I to go fry go Fork Yourself YouTube
00:47:41this is been a Food Works in production executive producer Beth Gibbs hosted by Andrew Zimmern and Molly mogren music by Andy mogren for more information visit Andrew Zimmern. Com

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