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00:00:00you guys what's up this is not a new episode of go Bayside there will be no more new episodes of go Bayside this is an announcement to tell you about the new podcast I am doing if you liked the yelling and the laughter from go Bayside then you're going to love my new podcast it's called sordid details it is me and Millie my best friend who was on three episodes of go Bayside very well received by you guys thank you we're just going to be talking about stuff it's basically we just started it we've yet to settle on an actual format but for the most part it's the two of us being too big idiots just talking about stuff dissecting stuff that is of little importance getting to the bottom of matters that don't matter
00:01:00which is kind of what we do best so if you're interested the new podcast is sordid details the website is sorted podcast.com sordid podcast.com or you could also look up sordid details on iTunes of course Please Subscribe if you would like to and yeah it's just us having fun talking shit in my apartment laughing like lunatics which is yeah what we do best thanks again for the support I appreciate it all you guys are awesome thank you to everyone who has donated if I haven't sent you a thank-you card yet I will and that is if you included your address in the the PayPal donation some people didn't and then some people did and then I sent you a thank-you card and it got returned back to me so just know thanks are in order to everyone who donated and
00:02:00anyone who's listen to go Bayside over the years and hopefully you guys will all follow me over to sordid details sorted podcast.com thanks you guys saw this

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