Tracey Anderson Askew has 18 years of experience working with new parents and 12 years of experience as an educator and Birth Support Person. She has four children and absolutely loves watching people change from being anxious about having their baby to excited to become a thriving parent. She has worked with over 1,500 couples preparing them for birth and parenting.

"Parenting is not about being a calm parent all the time but being connected to the greater meaning of what parenting is and the opportunity that parenting provides us to grow into that bigger version of ourselves."

Join us for a deep, yet lighthearted conversation on what it really means to surrender to the journey of parenthood, unlocking the mother spirit and taking life with a grain of humor and some flashing. Here is what we talk about:

  • Surrendering to the aging process
  • The enormous pressure and the breakdown after coping with having three children in four years
  • Childbirth: women's of their incredible capacity to bring life into the world, retraining the subconscious mind and working with fear and changing the way we respond to childbirth
  • Parenting: unlocking the potential in every parent, learning how to surrender to what our children have to teach us, choose a constructive mindset and see the bigger picture of parenting
  • Tracey's ecstatic birth story
  • Unlocking the mother spirit - the mystery that lies within every woman
  • Career vs motherhood - can we have it all?
  • How the mother is the bigger version of the woman

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