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Hey Friends! Welcome to Girls Night! Our guest for today’s episode is my sweet friend, TahJah Harmony. Now, if you’ve been around The Girls Night Podcast for awhile, you’ve met TahJah. She’s been on the show before, and I’m so happy to have her back! Aside from being one of my very favorite friends, she’s an amazing lifestyle photographer and recently became a podcaster herself! I’ve been looking forward to this episode for a long time now, because this is a topic I have been learning SO MUCH ABOUT recently. Today’s episode is a nice girl’s guide to speaking up for yourself, a conversation full of lessons I have been learning the HARD way, for how to take up the space that’s ours in the world, how to advocate for ourselves, and how to do so without feeling needy or like a jerk in the process. Now, I want to give you one warning before we dive in. This is a messy episode for me. It really is. These are things I really, really, really struggle with — and things I’ve been working on a lot in my life in the last few years. So this isn’t something that’s totally buttoned up and in the past for me. This is a present struggle I’m still working through. But I know I’m not alone in that, and so I’m so excited for you to join me and TahJah as we talk through this together. And truly, I would love to hear from you as you’re listening to this episode. Is this something you struggle with too? What’s been helpful for you along the way? Come find me on Instagram and let me know! (I’m @SMayWilson on Instagram!) I can’t wait to hear. So, with that said, you can listen to the episode in a few different ways. You can search “Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson” in your iTunes Podcast app (Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review while you’re there!), or you can listen in the media player below! You can also find it on the apps, Stitcher and Spotify! I can’t wait to dive in. You ready? Me too! Welcome to Girls Night! LINKS FROM THE SHOW: Steph’s book, The Lipstick Gospel (here’s a paperback copy and here’s a free digital download!) Past Girls Night Episode with TahJah: How to Find a Team of Girlfriends Who Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams TahJah’s Podcast: The Creative Health Podcast Quotes mentioned: “When we don’t stand up for ourselves in small ways, it’s so much harder to do it in big ways.” – Stephanie “When we invalidate our voices or our opinions enough times, we start to forget that they matter.” – Stephanie “By not saying what I need and not speaking up for myself,
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