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00:00:00this is girl on guy
00:00:17hey everybody Welcome to girl on guy 222 welcome to the show this is a special bonus episode for this month 2 episodes of December and it is the all listener question show if you are a long time gone earlier with the show does it show where I read your letters answer your questions pontificate on your statements and perhaps welcome your entreaties your compliments and your pillories and her a couple of those in here but I'm just going to read as much as I can I'm going to try to get as much stuff as I can people inviting all year and I've saved them all up for today this is an advertising free episode of girl on guy and it is all about you happy New Year nearest fast approaching
00:01:02and this is a show that hopefully look back a little bit of 2016 looks forward with wild boozy azum optimism hope
00:01:12panicked prayer at 2017 with the hopes that that year that does not suck so deeply and bracelet as 2016 did some good things happen to bad should have in 2016 I'm not going to numerate that now because they're arlissa plenty everywhere in the world all over the internet if you want to read about how much 2016 sucked BuzzFeed New York Times or more people will tell you anyway I'm just going to try to make it through as many of your letters as I possibly can so let's Dive Right In I kind of like this yeah I think I've done this as well but I grew all of your letters into kind of like areas of interest cuz it seem like a lot of people are asking the same questions so I'll see if I can kind of organized this in a way that feels cohesive I really do but that's my goal and I'm just going to people's first names not their last names I don't know you maybe don't want your last name out there may be no more people Googling you and seeing you and your under pants hanging off the back of a fire truck or
00:02:12doing shots out of the navel of your Junior cousin I have no idea Junior but still above 18 let's let's keep it classy but this first group of questions about work-life balance and a lot of people had questions about that salts how to read an address as many as possible work-life balance that's a fancy thing I didn't make that phrase up I think that came from Oprah or magical leprechaun sitting there such a thing as work-life balance there is not but anyway Joshua rides hey are you sure first let me say I love your podcast I wish it was still weekly but like your Twitter says you have all the jobs I'm happy you still have the podcast going in this is my question. I recently got accepted to college I'm currently a month into it on my program is information technology I am enjoying it love you my classes on computer is not working in programming but not so much for physics and math will see both of what I have to do for my printer only leaving school and going home it's crossed my mind a few times something tells me I would regret that greatly I think that might be a bit of an extreme plus how many people would like the opportunity to get a higher education so I'm
00:03:12taking it out any tips from your Dartmouth days not about physics and math not just about University in general so yeah Joshua do I have some test I'll tell you that I think I had the same
00:03:27approach to going pushing to my work so and tell her that I have now which is just kind of a head down approach to like I just put your head down and do it but there was some classes I did not do well including a few that I dropped because it was very clear to me I was not going to get a good grade in that class either because I just couldn't muster the the passion to do the work or because I was staying out late partying I wasn't College it was college and it was Dartmouth I would tell you this I don't know you or your circumstance but I do not regret for one moment going to college every bit of it was a delight and it gets harder and harder as you get older to go back to the time in your knife life not just the academic part of it but the cultural part of it the experiential part of it the part of your life where you get to transform from you know kind of a big flappy footed child into something that is starting to resemble an adult and life is going to be a series
00:04:27challenges for which you are ill prepared at and even less well temperamental so I would say this if you are doing a program within which some of the the classes you don't enjoy just evaluate whether that's the the major for you lots of people switch majors in the middle of college lots of people create their own Majors what they say I'm not interested in that stuff I'm interested in this stuff in this is what I'd like to focus on but I got it out through classes that I was really that we're really not my wheelhouse like chemistry and biology in the lot of science stuff that I felt I needed to learn but I wasn't particularly excited about and then later on I focused on language and and comparative literature and Environmental Studies and and beer pong so my tip for you is to believe in yourself and and and don't give up I don't know I sound like a greeting card but college is awesome sometimes it's going to suck it's probably always going to be too hard I think I got maybe 60% of my reading done when I was in college and I remember there was only
00:05:27one class in which I did every page of reading and that was a science fiction class cuz I haven't but I love that class I did I read every page but I don't know I don't think I ever got all the reading done for any of my other classes I just did my best man think about it this way though I think when you're a kid you think schools for your parents so you can maybe do this but when you're in college schools just for you you're doing this just for you and if something tells you that you would regret leaving school greatly then you would so just be tough I was miserable my first year of college I was dying to quit I remember actually saying this isn't for me I'm going home I'm going to go to a state college or Community College and I'm so happy that I stuck it out and I encourage you to do so as well tell Mia says I want to thank you for your appearance on Alison Rosen is your new best friend you talked a lot about time management and handling your shit and it's refreshing to hear it from someone who literally has so much to do for fucksake yes I will crash my car into a light pole I'm so tired all the time and it won't be easy I shouldn't have to explain myself a wearing the same jeans all the time you're amazing Tommy
00:06:27you're amazing I hope I spelled your name right cuz it's amazing and you should not have to explain yourself for wearing the same jeans all the time I was just away for a few days with my family during which I wear the same outfit for 3 days including to sleep and on the third day I said no on the second day I said don't let me get up tomorrow and wear the same outfit again to my sister and then the next day she said if you don't get in the shower I'm going to punch you in the nuts and I don't even have nots although it might have seemed that way from the way I smelled so never apologize time you do your thing as Zachary says hey ayeesha I've been curious to know more about when you decided to leave your regular job and go to stand up sure we know the basics but after listening to you and Sarah Byrnes Eric Byrnes is so great so by the way that's a great episode if you want to check that out we she was on my show I don't even know what the episode number is but it was so amazing I'm actually looking it up right now that's that's how ill-prepared I am for this listener question show but while we're talking I will look up Alison rosen's episode on my show because it was one of my
00:07:26favorite episodes of girl on guy we talked about relationships and kind of self-actualization it's growing. 188 you can fight if you go to girl and guy. Net go to the archive it she's so smart and she's so much more than you think she is and that is that was literally one of the most delicious and satisfying conversations I found the shells to check that out but we're talking about Sarah Byrnes I was also an incredible episode that was a
00:07:52what episode was that guy's let's look it up you're you're you're hearing right now how the sausage is being made because it's the holidays and I don't have my shit together and I'm trying to get this done so that I can ease into the last morsels of this year like having so many guys are going to do with you and also getting some time to myself so that's growing guy 208 with Sarah Burns at the great episode sure we know the basics says Zachary back to listening to you and Sarah Burns talk about the benefits of haven't gotten the education I want to know more about the train code at Turning Point excuse me I'm in a similar boat as I just left school to continue in a job I working at at that I absolutely love witch feels right cuz that is going through something very different than Joshua left school to work at a job that he loves and I think that either choice is about as long as you know you're doing it because you're passionate about what you're doing and not just ambivalent about school
00:08:48so I was working after Dartmouth and I actually right about this in in in self-inflicted wounds I think the whole kind of path from college to stand up and I had what I thought was a perfect job I wasn't Environmental Studies major at Dartmouth and I had job in a land conservation group of a green not-for-profit it was a dream gig downtown San Francisco I should have been super happy should have been perfect and I was miserable and I'd always going to perform at always been sketching improv and and put in an acapella group and I realized the only thing missing from my life was that I wasn't performing anymore so it was just, I don't know math subtraction like what was missing from my life that had been there previously and it was performing and that was right when the Inception of comedy Central's precursor network is called ha
00:09:39unacceptable name for Network I agree had come on TV and there were all these stand-ups on there and I just thought I could do that she rest my friends ego and hubris and I started writing down joke ideas and I tried stand-up really not was not one of those people who like a sweaty fisted Redd Foxx album as a kid I I like staying up enough I didn't really understand it that well I just was drawn to it and I did one very very shitty set one poor unacceptably for set and I was totally hooked
00:10:10so it wasn't that calculated Zachary wasn't like I was like I want to be. It's just like I was miserable and I needed an outlet for my creative energies and I tried stand up and it it's satisfied that need and the but I did know after just one let almost virtually laugh reset at a shity little club called the holy city zoo and the inner sunset of San Francisco that that was what I wanted to do with my life and I immediately said about dismantling everything that was good and lucrative about my young career and throw it in the shitter for a life of a dirty beer glasses and chicken wings so I hope that that helps you I can't imagine that it does Kelly says what are your thoughts on the concept of work-life balance at the mystery to me when you sleep based on everything you are doing and the answer Kelly is there was no such thing as work-life balance either you are work is working or your personal life is working but it is rare that both are working perfectly it's a myth and Oprah and Martha Stewart and whatever other
00:11:10perfectly quaffed ladies out there pushing a wheelbarrow full of shit about how you can have it all they're full of it I love Oprah Oprah don't come and take me away and put me in your dungeon I'm not implying you have attention I'm sure it's nice out there it's white with cashmere I'm sure it's fantastic what I'm saying to all of you as I draw my shade so that a sniper cannot see through my windows is that you have to decide what your priorities are and I honestly just want to be like a dino a doomsayer here I just think if if you are really passionate about work sometime that's going to take more time and if you're really passionate about life sometimes that's going to take more time I'm working on being more balanced but I think the fact of the matter is if you're ambitious and you're driven it's very hard to give every aspect of your life the time and attention that it needs so there is an embedded question here which is when I sleep and the answer Kelly is never I never sleep I break down in the middle
00:12:10the cold hard floor my living room in a pool of my own tears and I lie there until I am able to gather the strength back together to get up and then do more stuff Elise says let me say thank you for continuing to make the time in your crazy schedule to keep up with the podcast you will never know how much it is changed not only my life but the lives of many others as well at least you're so lovely thank you for saying that she continues your ability to be both genuine approachable is truly a gift and it is a joy to get to be a fly on the wall during such great conversations my question is how do you cook best with stress while maintaining a positive attitude currently I'm dealing with the part of life that are supposed to make you stronger yet I feel myself more often than not going to the dark side wanted to give up now looking for the light at the end of the tunnel and it makes me curious as to what approach you might take how do you find the strength and courage to go on during the days when all you want to do is give up well at least I do feel that way sometime I think everybody feels that way sometimes and I think
00:13:05maybe one of my coping mechanism just to realize that I'm not alone in feeling that Cajun lie sometimes frequently sometimes a staccato drum beat what every 6 minutes of the day that I want to give up this again I'm just going to be like a Fanta platitudes and you know Hallmark watch your back but I do I don't know I don't really not really an affirmation person I just I don't have time but what I I do remind myself I was I don't get to go back and do this life again like I don't get at the end be like I'd like a do-over I'd like an extra life you know like that you know I died at the end of the you know the some fucking cutscene in a video game and I get to go back into it no you don't get to do this again you just don't
00:13:50and so you have to decide what you want your life to look like and then you have to Endeavor relentlessly to get there not for other people not for your spouse not for your girlfriend not for your family time for your kids for yourself because you are not going to get a do-over that is literally probably like my subconscious Mantra sometime who who who does that serve like that I'm going to look back and be like, like they've been awesome but I fucking pushed out no way so I am tireless and then occasionally I am at rest but it's because I just don't want to look back and think should I didn't do all the stuff
00:14:31and it's amazing to give up some things that curl up on the couch and I drink too much wine or whiskey and I watch a movie and I feel sorry for myself but I don't let that steak continue because it serves nothing and it serves nobody and you are literally taking a shit in your own bed there you're not speeding anybody else when you when you say fuck it I don't want to do this anymore you're only spotting yourself so it's as much as sometimes I think hey self you're an asshole I also think self you're the only self I have and so I'm going to get up off this couch and I'm going to change my urine stained Underpants and I'm going to keep pushing forward
00:15:08Monte hi are you sure I love you and everything you do you're the rats Monty are just one of the select non Feud on Syfy programs my partner and I can watch together and laugh until we cry idbi DVR that talk because every day because working shit absolutely watch when I get home I love your honesty and list of the podcast as soon as I can get my hands on the new 100 this is interesting
00:15:33I can't get something out of my head on the talk on October 28th Sheryl Underwood took a stand against the negative comments you receive for your thoughts again quot or quot your thoughts on the incident in South Carolina with the school police officer any student I think this is maybe a question about a school police officer hitting a student the pain and emotions that were in your face I don't know how to describe I was crying and angry at the same time as I'm sure many others were I like to think that I know you like a friend after listening to 220 girl on guy is and watching you on the talk you're so lovely Monte my question for you is do you ever feel that on all the platforms you give yourself to you are giving too much to ever think you are sharing too much or giving too much of yourself to the world and your fans I hope not because your ability to make me feel like I'm sitting in the girl and guy bumper 2.0 is one of the reasons I follow everything you do I feel like I'm sure many other fans of the podcast do that I know you went away that you want all of us to know and I think that is the real you
00:16:28keep keeping on I get excited for the next conversation with you about money you're at the light
00:16:37do I ever feel that I'm giving too much well yeah I do sometimes I do feel like I'm giving too much I don't think I make a conscious choice to give maybe I made a conscious Choice years ago just to to be myself I told you guys I was going to be one fucking greeting card after another on this shit mainly because it's just easier it's less work to be myself you know I don't have to think about how does it how does this represent my brain on how does it what does it say about me I just try to be myself Paisley I regret it occasionally I shared too much because usually I'm like I don't want to fucking hear myself talk anymore occasionally I think people are going to hate me for this or judge me for this or dismiss me for this but you know I can probably coming out of stand up which is just a pure expression of who you are at least I'm comfortable with saying what I believe and I think if you have strongly held beliefs
00:17:25then they you can express them confidently without being Friend by others a night I feel I do feel very strongly that if someone is outraged by you or like a very strange time and shame on you and I'm insulted they don't really there they don't really have like a Clarity of perspective of their own because I think if you don't listen just like terrible people and you said you know I love puppies and I like I eat puppies will you can't talk to that person but most people if they really believe what they believe then it's an unassailable belief and they can't have a rational conversation with you without losing their shit and the same goes for me I mean yeah there people out there wiping are terrible people awful people with bad idea than bad perspectives racist misogynist you don't homophobes they're there but that's a big juicy barrel of assholes but I hope that there is that there are people out there thoughtful enough and smart enough to have a adult conversation with me
00:18:25and conversely I think I hope I'm enough of an adult to express my feelings. Then tickly without being afraid I mean that's that the essence of of I don't know. Just of the American culture in the Constitution but everything I personally believe and I think the best parts of a western culture freedom of expression and thought so yeah a lot of times on my bitch showed up and wants to hear about your life so there you go that's the end of that question Sheila. But either way Shayla or Sheila says no happy New Year apollojets she thought she was attacking January no apology necessary but it's just to have a couple today because the New Year's coming up at once again from Shayla happy New Year no apologia necessary just thanks for not working yourself sick well Sheila it's too late I have the croup questions now about a different set of topics and this is about
00:19:25I don't know I don't know why I wrote these little heading that means because I was organizing I should have gotten out my label maker but this was about kind of art
00:19:33this group of questions art culture music and stuff like that so let's see what I've got here this is from Monica hi I've been sitting on this email at Whiting writing and revising it for the better part of a year on this baby then send it to you sometime after my birthday and hopes of getting at least one answer to at least one question on your next awesome was no question so she actually said this right after I finished last year's question so I saved it for you she says Monica says among many other things I'm a wife a mom full-time editor and writer freelancer entrepreneur and major Supernatural fan girl you're adorable watches the fan on Loop rights fanfic it's Google Earth go Monica hard to set aside time to listen attentively to your show but when I do I'm there for 3 hours and she spelled it out what you're so cute your shows one of my favorite things to do with my mental Escape when I am blissfully alone in my car
00:20:28I admire you for being not only incredibly witty and well-read but you have the ability to pull the interesting out of people when you talk with them proving what I learned years ago in a journalism program everyone has a story and Monica I agree and that's one of the driving forces behind what has been 5 years of passion for this show is that if you're curious person everybody is interesting I really do believe that so she goes on I don't know if you consider what you do to be journalistic in nature but it totally is someone in your first lesson of show are they said this but I concur that my favorite thing about your podcast at Discovery new people I've only heard about Nathan guess that's far but it seems despite my undying love for Supernatural and I have done two episodes of chair Padalecki and an episode with Misha Collins my favorite overall interview is Frank Bruni she says I didn't know about him before the episode and now he wants to me makes me want to broaden myself even more my favorite self-inflicted wounds however is Jared Padalecki second one about stopping the train in Europe that was a super funny story Monica and he is at
00:21:28light and it was a great story. Please give up the show fantastic Illuminating going on the podcast are inspiring you should do a seminar on the art of the interview wow will you make me feel special in my life or mentally places Monica okay she's asking for some different guess that she'd like to have on the show they're all amazing people Jensen Ackles Norman Reedus Liev Schreiber and her now okay let's get to the question Monica trying to figure out what not to ask you is almost as challenging as figuring out what's already been asked as supernatural convention someone doesn't sound too ignorant about this massive machine want to do it when I get it I when you're a Super Fan Monica year was like man I make a mistake if I refer to this character the demon when I'm half demon ride in Evendale kikes I like Supernatural but I got to tell you I'm I stay like that superfan shit you know that other people going to find you out so everyone it's just found out about my Supernatural fandom
00:22:27here are her questions do you know if Adam reads name ever made it on the wall of fame at the Alumni Center was high school she hope so I don't know actually I still don't know I should have asked him before the show let's let's see when I decided has if it has it'll be going up there as soon I imagine second question I know you don't do research on people for the interviews but do you have backup repaired or default questions in case you have to pull the info out or do you let it happen naturally what is your favorite question to ask so I don't research people and I never have backup questions but I do have a certain structure that follows the grand old origin story and I think if you just started the beginning with people I can have someone I don't really know that well I typically just start with where were you born
00:23:11it's just that is the question I asked in almost every episode it places people it gives my my interviewee an opportunity to understand that this is going to be a comprehensive conversation about their lives until people start thinking about their childhoods lots of interesting things come up with most of us were too busy trying to put food on the table or
00:23:35truth we are feeling so yeah I always start with where were you born and it it always has never failed me that question then I think if you're ever meeting somebody to ask them what they do ask him where they were born and see what you get out of them it's always really interesting she says she's not a gamer but she knows III cuz they're 15 year old son since he wants to go someday I try to reheat a slow boil thoughtful type and I try to encourage his interest in way that's not detrimental to his development can you tell me is E3 strictly industry folk or do they open it up to the players like my son E3 is typically the industry event is not open to the public however a lot of the gaming companies will invite super Gamers to come and so heat the lot of times they can win contest to get badges to the floor and be the guest of a game company or another I mean last few years Ubisoft is always brought a group of like a like a gaming team or some super fans to III so
00:24:35it's very difficult to get tickets for gaming industry only which is very frustrating but there are lots of gaming conventions including I think the penny arcade convention in the actual name of it I may be Googling like crazy all through this
00:24:54I think that I'm able to give you pack soap accident Seattle and I think there are a couple other ones Boston Melbourne San Antonio and it it's stamped Penny Arcade Expo and that is open to people that is a cave in Festus open to people so I think and I do like huge gaming the thon's including you know these massive kind of culminating round table games Tetris and Halo 3 and Steve also
00:25:28and here is her last question I would have two more I'm going to try to answer everything guys as might be a long one but you know put it on when you're on a run or when you're driving cross-country she says one thing I hear from a lot of Subs you speak with his house normal they are or want to be and correct me if I'm wrong I think you wouldn't said you prefer not to talk on plane yes why because it's not that I don't want to talk to like people who aren't I'm not want to see what I want I want to talk to you cuz we're not in the same business I don't talk to anybody I don't talk to my mom on a plane I want to watch movies I want to cry at shity things that I would never seen a theater like the Fault in Our Stars and then I want to drink too much crappy wine and fall asleep that's just that's my goal and I be like I'm a big fan but I'm I'm going to drink some charting and take a nap actually I would never drink Chardonnay
00:26:22Joe Manganiello she goes on specifically mention his dad stopping and wants me to storming the castle episode a restaurant when he was a kid I do believe in letting people be people but what is your advice about when or how to approach this 11 public will look think about it this way people working at our payment or just like everybody else they have shity days some of her family some of them are not friendly some of them are at times there open times they're not open I would not assume just because someone is famous but they're dying to take a picture with you like I was walking on the street with a friend of mine is on the TV show the other day love lasers sweet guy and I typically would take a photo with anybody no matter how should I looked I could have like literally like a shoe Mark and print it in the side of my face and I will still take a photo with somebody but we are walking down the street and some fans came up to and they were super sweet hey we love you we love your show go take a picture he said of course and then I took the picture for them but then another lady was behind me I can hear her say oh yeah we need to get a picture with this guy and it was pretty apparent she actually she just could see was famous and she wanted a photo I just feel like
00:27:22don't see celebs Corner quarters like things you know they're not like they're not statuary or like a fancy car that you see on the side of the road and you can stand by it and take a snap like the people and you know he was headed out to dinner with his friends or maybe she her kid is sick or she just learned she got fired from her show or got cancelled like I just asked nicely we would ask anybody about anything anywhere that the only thing that makes me crazy is when people like I was at a dinner with another friend is an actor years ago and this woman came over and said hey are you still in so he's very sweet he said yes I knew it and she literally grabbed him and physically started dragging it across the restaurant I don't know what to win a bet she made with her friends over who was a bigger ass hole and I said I stop hey he's eating dinner if you want a photo come over and ask for it so I guess the rule of thumb when you're approaching celebrity says just to be polite
00:28:20and then if they say hey I'd really rather not don't be pissed about it because I bet you had a shity day once and you didn't feel like taking a picture with some random hook him up to an intern interrupted you when you were in the middle of a fight with your boyfriend so that they could buy you a teen selfies and then come back two minutes later and go that one didn't come out by the way of the photo doesn't come out feel free to come back I'll always take another picture with you I'm happy to take a picture with you you ever want to be like oh my God you guys James Harden when he shaves his beard he looks just like a girl Monica ask me what my favorite Supernatural episode is and I cannot think of one right now so I'm just going to tell you that I have failed at your Supernatural super fantastic failed failed failed Paul says how do you choose your advertisers are you really thrilled and podcaster advertising free or is it just in case it advertisers do not want to advertise that week my implied question is how much revenue people generate I've heard $8 for audible purchase I do not know what that makes advertising worth file okay well that is very
00:29:18I have a long-standing long-time Advertiser that I think that the brand of the show you know something like audible which is I'm a big book I love to read and audible book driven or Casper or Warby Parker you know cool companies II I don't pick on go out and pick and choose advertisers I look at advertises that are interested in the demographics of this show and I reject the ones that I think don't fit you know I I want them company names but I projected companies that sell sex toys not that I'm against sex toys I may or may not be the owner of a wide selection of devastatingly awesome sex toys I just want to advertise them on my show so I just typically try to advertise with companies that I think are cool I mean one reason I love Warby Parker is because they were big charity component you buy a pair of glasses they told to donate a pair of glasses to someone who is sight impaired in a developing country so that's that's the main way I choose I use the force. Question and I'll answer it generally
00:30:18not that much revenue it's enough to help defray the cost of Hosting this show on a servers that people can download it but this is the show is always been a labor of love for me it's never been a money-maker oh and I often pay my own out of my own pocket to keep going cuz I love it and I care about it deeply and I'm there are amazing fan to have donated over the years for the most part unprompted couldn't care about the show and all of them are so amazing and I can never thank them enough and
00:30:51I actually going to name a few of them now I'm going to have your first name cuz it cuz I didn't you know who knows if you want but I will give your last initial there are there a lot of people over the years if you're not on this list please don't be offended if people have donated consistently for a long time Nelly M Christopher our son and Carlos Bee and Leslie L have donated continually over a long period of time besieged by me and I thank you guys for your long-time support but that said I do the show because I love it it's it's definitely not going to buy Mom a new pair of shoes I think there's a couple guys out there making good money
00:31:32and Adam Carolla are probably making a lot of money on there shows and you know God bless them both Nathan every year asks me what music I've enjoyed and then tells me his so yes it sure he's Nathan says he likes to Tame Impala Veruca Salt Marilyn Manson who doesn't love Marilyn Manson thunderbitch I have not listened to thunderbitch but I would get a tattoo that said thunderbitch on my body large enough for you to see from a satellite in space that switch Prodigy dead weather little Cynthia idiom person and I'm sure a few I missing what have you been listening to anything jump out and also will there ever be more live art shows where we hope they'll be more live Archer shows you know I don't know when that's going to happen everybody so insanely busy but we would love to do that. I would really love to do that again it's one of the only times we get to be together we did a live art show this year, Khan and it was pretty amazing
00:32:29I just bought Anderson paak that was great and another person that I have been listening to a little bit more lately and I'm like I'm trying to grow as it looks like I love music and I try to go to look more in like I'm so busy that I listen to Les and Leslie music but my nieces just maybe listen to the entire dram album and it was great the big baby dram album that was really fun I love that song broccoli LOL no that's not on the album it was a single man one woman out and like every other mother fucker in the world I thought that Beyonce album was pretty great do not judge me you are judging me your choices are better than my Nathan you're cooler than me you are cooler than me I agree Silversun Pickups Lazy sounds pretty amazing you know I meant Perpetual fan of Silversun Pickups and that might be all of the new information that I have for you which makes me
00:33:29not just feeling that the supernatural superfan the Erykah Badu mixtape was pretty cool. Just feeling at the supernatural superfan
00:33:41cast but also at the music super fantastic James Blake. James Blake album The Colour in anything else of the single I need a forest fire that cuz I love Bon Iver and I thought for a minute there was not going to be any more Behavior songs and then there was that made me super happy so yeah so not any good ideas not any good stuff I'm a lame-o Zach Zachary says you easily become one of my favorite podcasters I'd like to thank you for an amazing seasons of quality interviews my question is if you could interview a guy or girl who passed in the last 20 years who would it be and what would you need to ask them thank you how well David Bowie and Prince right I think those are the two big ones Prince would be
00:34:27I can't even make words about how amazing that would be and I think both of them are so iconic I think that you could learn things from both of them
00:34:36that had nothing to do with music but just had to do with like on trying to tell the truth that he would like a universal truth just your own truth and trying to be like your own person without apology and end time believing your own instincts and that's not that's not the same as being like an arrogant prick
00:34:51but I think often we just don't trust ourselves we just you know we all do this in and look up I don't to make about gender but women do it this I think even live in more than me and let me know better than me and I think they're both people who ever throw Joan Rivers in there who just we're just never going to apologize for going their own way right or wrong and I think especially when you're trying to be creative but when you're trying to innovate in business or I don't know raise a family trying to be true to your instincts is can be critical you know cuz things may go wrong anyway but at least if they go wrong and you did it on your own terms
00:35:32you can look back and go well I should have done it the way I felt I should have done instead of listening to that jackass over there so yeah I don't know those are two big ones Prince and David Bowie for sure both of them thanks for sucking perpetually 2016 Bruce says I love your show with one of only two I listen to even when I don't recognize the guest question is money no object with an automatic relight what is the perfect Aisha Tyler project
00:36:03I want to just direct action films that's my goal in my life and through it like it's in that space you know I was I want to be like Clint Eastwood smash with Kathryn Bigelow smash with Ben Affleck smash with Denzel Washington and all of whom I think are amazing tractors so yeah I don't know the perfect Project X action movies and westerns man I love western movies at Heller what the hell or high water was just made my face just screw up in a happy shape you said and he goes on you said in the past that you have one or more Neil Stevenson books sitting around right that's true I have several meals Stevens a book sitting around and read and they're big and thick they make everybody think I'm smart and they make me feel intimidated and stupid
00:36:54if you were to pick up reamed I don't have that app have that book and I don't know how you pronounce that word framed of reamed reamed you find an excellently park for tall attractive smart black women well I'm going to read that just because you said so Bruce I'm not even fucking around I have a couple of weeks down and I'm going to read that book on the plane and I'm delighted by little lyrics that's awesome episode Wayne Federman stand-up comedian writer launching head writer of The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and his episode was hold on I like Google it this is guys it's almost like this is live it's almost like this if Alive episode of girl and guy it's unfolding in real time that was going by 207
00:37:53Ken says in your Wayne Federman episode you said you were past the point where you could be a love interest in Spider-Man film I've been following the casting of the new Spider-Man and not only is it the most diverse cast of Spider-Man films ever had but it also has the youngest May they've ever had in spiderman in spiderman time so do you think there is no hope for you to possibly be a romantic interest for someone at w kissing a 15 year old yeah can you don't want me kissing a 15 year old that neither does me my family or the law. And Spider-Man movie but I know you could get one of those Marvel TV shows Jada Pinkett was in Gotham and I know that's Stacy but but I thought she was pretty amazing and that would be the only time I like the dceu I know that everybody is pissy and said about Superman versus Batman v Superman but I loved it
00:38:51and I will not apologize I just watched it again a couple days ago so yeah I don't know I see it now I see it more than I've ever seen it before for sure Hope Springs Eternal and more than that I think that the the world of these movies is expanding and becoming less traditional and less defined and I want to tell you something I did not get Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman but I thought she was the best thing that happened in the Batman versus Superman movie so anything is possible to several questions about Archer you are and that you're amazing person Jeremy you're an amazing person I'm a firefighter EMT and we all the firehouse watch you on Archer and you're so funny
00:39:35well thank you that was a question but you're lovely and tell everybody in your Firehouse sploosh Gordon says gay guy in Montreal big fan watching you on season 3 of Archer and when I work from home to talk on CTV Montreal love their career so Diversified and you have a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor thanks for watching you're the best Brett says I wonder was wondering after Archer at season 10 what you and the rest of us are going to do what will Adam Reed do next and we be a part of the next project will but that's a long way off we're still making season 8 just in the middle of making season 8 it doesn't air until spring 2017 so 2017 2018 2019 we will have to figure out what to do until 2020 and then maybe at that point Adam we will change his mind you know he writes every episode of Archer he is a one-man band and I think being that brilliant and hilarious all the time that while be smart and
00:40:35deeply literate ended like incredibly tactile and complex genius is exhausting for a man so I do hope that we continue past season 10 but if it's a perfect season 10 and we tap out on top that would be okay to everybody will go on to do great things and Adam will retire to an island made of money Paul says you're in show question does your experience going through the approval and Regulatory process so this is fun this is all these questions about politics and culture Paul says does your experience going through the approval a regulatory process for courage and stone cause you to reconsider your political leanings or give you an understanding why some people lean towards small government conservative ISM well thank you thank you thank you for everything that you said in the way you said it no it does not I think everybody gets frustrated with government every once in awhile I'm not a big government anything and I'll
00:41:35this about my contacts I think it's probably from the show that I'm a progressive I understand people I really do understand I mentally understand people who want leader government who think that we should rely on individuals and the kind of the collective Goodwill to take care of some of society's problems it is just my fundamental belief that that doesn't happen that left to their own devices people swing towards the selfish and self-interested and it's not that I want to force you to be altruistic it's just that collectively as a group if we all contribute a little bit we can do much more good as a society then if we just hope that churches and a few impassioned good people will fix all of our problems that's just me that's why I believe in trying to do the greatest good for the most people and I think that sometimes the most powerful instrument for that is government and sometimes it isn't sometimes it's not but I think on the wealthiest most
00:42:35most fundamentally powerful country on the planet it's a shame it's I feel ashamed that we still have people sleeping in the street and people who don't have health care and millions and millions of children who live in food poverty and don't have enough to eat everyday and I I just don't get it I'm not a socialist and a communist I believe in capitalism I believe in Innovation I believe in me the unfettered and unlimited opportunity for growth and Innovation that we have in this country I just also think with great power comes great responsibility and in a place as powerful as wealthy as this we should be able to do right by our our frailest and least capable citizens and I just don't believe in the bootstrap philosophy that's just me you know I just don't I think some people are destined to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and some people because of circumstance or condition or in
00:43:35jury or abuse may never get there and I just care that's just my That's My Philosophy so yes is it frustrating that is taking forever to get cards and stone fruit yeah it's frustrating but it's not like I'm going to make a sign
00:43:53Jerry says this is my third time run into for the year-end Q&A episode and it's by my sense of deja vu I want to say I'm a mess of fan of your show and you're one of the biggest titles of my life Jerry you're the best also out of 200 episodes of Gog I have to say that I'm still with Kelly Carlin Kelly Carlin is one of my favorites and that was one of my favorites too she was smart and amazing wasn't she and I was going by 200 George Carlin's won the most Jerry goes on your car was one of the most influential figures of my life he single-handedly shaped the way I view the world in human nature in itself it was extremely fascinating to get an anecdotal view of his flight Humane side beside behind his titanium indestructible Persona of course Kelly Carlin is an extraordinary figure herself trying to cope with her struggle to find her own voice behind her father's Limelight anyway I just want to thank you for bringing that episode to your fans and here's my question for the year-end Q&A episode
00:44:47kiss question many famous comedians Bill Maher Chris Rock Jerry Seinfeld etcetera have publicly criticized political correctness and refused to perform at colleges because of their over sensitive nature with you being in a comedian who is also quite a ball with a lot of humanitarian Endeavors what is your overall thoughts on the concept of political correctness within the context of comedy and have there ever been any moments in your professional career were political correctness has conflicted with your credit sensibilities as a comedian love and good wishes now go take a day off and play some Fallout 4 at such good advice Jerry you are you are my personal superhero
00:45:23you don't know it's interesting this is a really good question and I think that the phrase political correctness has kind of gotten a lot of abuse from both sides of the political Spectrum you know people on the right dismiss it and say that's people being thought Nazis and people on the left use it to judge and strike and exercise any ideas that they don't feel comfortable I've always seem for the Kapil correctness is just like the concept of trying to be thoughtful about what you say and to whom and that's how I understood it I've never had a problem with political correctness I've never had my show is very raunchy very adult know there's my phone going off that's exciting
00:46:15very mature I thought I personally think pretty edgy I'm sure there a lot of people who could get upset with it but it's not cruel and I think that's my line is is is cruelty you know I'm I make fun of people I make fun of everybody including myself but I I'm just never cruel and I and I guess that's my personal line so no I've never I've had people have been offended at stuff I said not just on and stand up and let you know when I'm talking on the top show and when I'm writing and I'll read some letters from some people like that later in the show but I have never had anybody kind of
00:47:00you know we so offended that I was being pilloried or
00:47:06that were ripped apart of protested or anything like that you know I just did I don't do a lot of college shows his phone a lot of time but I did want a little while ago and I just told everybody this is going to be a grown up show so if that makes you uncomfortable I suggest you leave now then that's by General approach to that but I get it you know it's funny that Jerry Seinfeld would complain cuz his pee work so clean but if I go into work situation and they say well these are language restrictions that I just don't do the show if they see what you can do the show but you can't talk about politics we can talk about sexuality or you can't talk about religion or you can't use about language I just don't even put the shop I mean I want to I want to fucking hang out with grown up so if I can't be a grown up that money just it so maybe that maybe maybe the answer to that is if that the way political correctness is affected me. I just take Michael and I go home
00:47:57Corrigan says I am a Young Man Who Loved to listen to your show your personality attracts very colorful people there been several podcast I can at least the mall where you discuss your views on religion as a Catholic Christian I was very surprised to have Pope Francis come up in the show's conversation I would love you to find a guess or you can have a long Civil discussion on faith
00:48:18my final, is have you ever considered inviting a previous guests on Four sequel interview that is all continue making good product I'm never disappointed thank you Korean you were asking me you asked also might my husband my ex-husband it was Catholic how I had good experiences with his church I have I have had good experiences with his church and I have a very close friend of mine is a pastor and I find people are between thoughtful and open-hearted and for the most part if they're moving to the world in a in a mindful way to come to be really kind and caring people so I don't go to church I'm not religious but I respect people's choices and the only thing I ever objectives when you poop people use religion to judge exclude abuse denigrate or physically attack people who don't agree with them
00:49:14you know I mean every religion in the world has been used as a weapon since the beginning of time and that doesn't mean they're really just as religion is bad that means that people have the capacity to be terribly bad but you know unfortunately religion has been used as a justification for slavery for genocide for rape for all kinds of for torture you know obviously everything about the Inquisition for mass murder and that does not make religion bad that makes people bad and I there are people good thoughtful people of Faith everywhere in the world who are doing wonderful things and it can be a tool for incredible Transcendence good for beauty and kindness and the best
00:50:04the best aspects of of of the of the human spirit and then it can be used for terrible terrible evil and I guess that's like everything in the human existence right we we tend to try to bend tools to our own will and
00:50:23but I have had very good experiences with the Catholic church and I used to love to go to mass on my favorite part of mass was when you would turn to the next person and say peace be with you and also with you I think that's a beautiful beautiful woman and I I know a lot of incredible Catholics who do really wonderful work in the world that I am a big fat fan of of Pope Francis I think he is I think he is the most
00:50:53compassionate poop that I have known in my life and I know I'm not a Catholic so I'm looking at it from the outside in I'm looking at what I think about Pope Francis based on what I've read and what he said and the fact that I think that he is trying to undo some of the justices of previous paper sees but I just watched a video recently where we have so much stress right now in the world there's a really amazing video of Pope Francis washing the feet of a Muslims it just happened
00:51:28this year and I think it's the first time he washed the feet of Muslim refugees and not just Muslims but Hindus and Coptic Christians I just think
00:51:42I've never personally I'm just tell you about myself and I am not a practicing Christian but I will tell you I don't think I've ever seen anyone behave more christ-like than this guy I think that he is a really special person and I hope that with everything that's going on in the world and all the cruelty that's being done in the religions name that he can be
00:52:06someone that helps show us the way together you know he's he's pretty amazing that's all I can say about that he's a cool dude
00:52:18okay let's see what we have here when we have next we have a bunch of questions about really uninteresting Hollywood stuff like clothes and things I'm going to buy told you I was going to answer every single question I could so Wendy says what is your I loved your rhinestone dog t-shirt that you were on the top where can I buy it anytime Monday anytime you see a sweater or a t-shirt that has like a dog or an animal on it on the talk at 99% of the time I got it at H&M I am not fancy I go to H&M
00:52:56they have amazing clothes with dogs on them for like $14 I am not a fancy way to my favorite pair of sweatpants are from the men's department of aging and they cost me $20 Cindy Cindy says hey are you sure I love you I'm coming to mind I hope you continue to be regular the only question is why they made your hair short your hit you are beautiful with short or long thank you Cindy but I like you you look more like you with long hair love you either way thank you Cindy I decided to make my hair short because it was important to me to look different from all the other shows I was doing and why I'm at the talk until lunchtime and then I'm at Carmine's until midnight and I didn't want people to watch Criminal Minds got what I was just a girl from the top and she looks exactly the same and I can't lose myself in this character because it just she keeps looking like someone I know from Whose Line Is It Anyway and that's why my hair is short on Criminal Minds because I really wanted to disappear into that character that was really important to me and I love that short hair I was so into it I know other people didn't like it I don't
00:53:56hair someday I'm going to cut my actually hair that short and then never use a flatiron again Debbie says I love the jackets you wear on Whose Line Is It Anyway where do you get them where would I be able to buy them again those are very affordable Jack they're not all from the same designer we mix it up but for the most part those jackets Come From Zara Zara woman go check that out very affordable eyewear inexpensive clothes because 9 times out of 10 I'm going to either spill a beer or cocktail on them or white my grubby sticky fingers on my lapels after eating barbecue or tacos so no need to spend a lot of money when $69 will do Nicole says Aisha I watch Whose Line every time I do I drool off your jacket so I just I especially like your powder blue one oh what wait you once were crushed velvet one does it matter which because I love them all do you design them please share again Zara H&M Topshop where else zadig & Voltaire occasionally but but those are available to you and they are real
00:54:56very expensive sometimes ladies Forever 21 what you're thinking about me Forever 21 times 2 plus an additional something Ellen says I just listened to your girl on Guy episode with Chelsea Handler as a male I was really struck by your conversation on body image it breaks my heart the society puts these ideas of Shame and women's heads it doesn't matter what size you are what I like about both of you that you were genuine and thoughtful people in that is more attractive than being a stick figure as a man I felt the sting of not measuring up but it was nothing like what you would two were speaking of I would love it if we lived in a world where people look inward instead of tearing each other down to make themselves feel better I know that this world isn't like that but I still wanted to be that way thanks again Aisha I love your show and it's been a great benefit to me on my journey Outlet Allen that is a lovely lovely letter
00:55:46I feel the same way I wish that we lived in a world where people did not tear each other down but instead looked Inward and that conversation was really plan that conversation with Chelsea about body image and kind of eating disordered Behavior
00:56:05it just happened which sometimes does happen at the episode 218 going by 218 but I liked us happy we had that conversation cuz she seems so fitting Kind of Perfect them you know what to hear someone who doesn't seem like they have any kind of discernible wait is she talking about you know all the stuff that the imaginations and contortion said we go through dealing with their own self-loathing I think it's important for you to hear you know who their women who are incredibly skinny who think they should be skinnier and there are women who some people with do you know curvaceous or overweight who are thrilled with her body and the men or women in their lives are thrilled with their body as well body dysmorphia has nothing to do with what you actually look like because typically with body dysmorphia you have no idea what you actually look like so I'm really glad that you did that you responded to that conversation Alan and I think
00:56:57the more that people men and women men have body dysmorphia to the more that men and women
00:57:05talk openly about those feelings of Shame and self-hate and abuse the more people are going through that won't feel alone I think it's really important I think we're ashamed to talk about you know our body issues and you don't want to be that girl or guy is like I'm going to hang out with that person but I think it is important to talk honestly about what you're going through because chances are almost everybody else can relate to it and you are not alone in any way my friend you are not alone Kimberly this is a little group of conversation about race and culture little little cute questions about that Kimberly says I've been following your current podcast for a couple of years now and one thing I've noticed is you never play the race card of the female cardinal thank you I don't recall you ever discussing hardship in your career because you're a woman or because you're African-American is that on a major part of your story are we living in a time when it doesn't matter or has you're driving it to work ethic superseded race and sex in your area of the
00:58:05Taemin industry basically is racist or question basically is Ray sex not an issue because you work your ass off everyday she goes on to say wow that was easier to boil down then I thought well Kimberly no we are not in a race or post gender Society help I'll Longshot unfortunately we have come a long way in every way but I think this past year
00:58:28as demonstrated abundantly that we are in no way post-racial or oppose gender what I can say in my own life is that I grew up knowing that it was probably going to be harder for me to achieve my goals being a black woman and so there was no point in complaining about it I was just going to put my head down and move forward
00:58:56that said I think it is important to point out when there is gender or race inequalities because if you don't say anything then nothing changes it's just that I have you know I think I've said this on the show before like we just have to I'll stipulate to the fact that the world is just shot through with assholes they're everywhere they're everywhere there's no getting around the fact that the world is unfair and everybody run use a dick so what do you do after that to give up or do you push forward I mean that that's that's the basic question for all of us do you give up or do you push forward and for me I chose to push forward and I also remind myself that 50 years ago my mother who was just a couple of episodes ago I think she was growing guy what to 1902 21 she was my age or you little younger when she was in high school you know she had to drink out of the segregated water fountain and write on a segregated box my mom is 220 I'm so 220
00:59:56and she persisted of any of the people any of the people of color or women or gays or any group that's been excluded if if they had given up this would be here now so it I don't get to give up
01:00:11and personally I think whistleblowing and planning on an equality putting on Injustice pointing out racism is critical to the advancement of any culture but it isn't my inner monologue because they're just no time to think about all the ways in which things might not come my way
01:00:29Michael says first off I love her one guy you're a rockstar I love you get to the culture podcasting Michael your as Oscar awesome all of you are awesome I think that's the name of this episode he says Michael says I'm going to preface this that I'm a white male and I have a real question regarding your conversation with Taye Diggs first off my favorite girl he's ever played was as Benjamin coffin the third he was amazing and rent in your conversation with him and while I understand he wants to raise his hand to be a black man it made me wonder something this would be a separate issue of race versus being known but Black Culture talks about a quality hover for quality is the old Nicole just being black matter when the things that say defines
01:01:10that's his mannerisms to his son just do what makes Tay Tay not what makes a black and just ignore am I wrong that they're two separate issues were taste trying to enforce his submarine black would be more like a person. And forcing God more than black equality I realize you are not today because I don't have we asked him along from question I'll consult the person who was able to delve into his psyche thanks for being awesome I loved her tabletop Playing Cards Against Humanity with well well that is a question I can tell you I'm not going to answer Forte it's that's that's his that's his area to unpack but what I will say is that
01:01:47as I just said we're not in a post-racial society or not post-racial and I think encouraging your child to embrace their ethnicity and embrace who they are and see it as a point of Pride rather than a point to be ashamed of is because historically black people with made to feel ashamed of their color to see themselves ugly and less than to encourage your child to embrace their I think back on all of their ethnic background and and see their strengths as gifts rather than as
01:02:24detriments I think is something that's important and not a point of Pride that makes you better than other people I don't think that's the pride were talking about we're not talking about a pride that one group is better than another group we're talkin about a sense of your history and your your cultural background on your touchpoints making you what you are and all of those call touchpoint all of that history making this complex diverse societies strong and vibrant and diverse and Unstoppable
01:03:00I think that that I don't think there's any one way to be black the same way that there's not any one way to be quote-unquote white know most people who consider themselves white. There they have very different backgrounds maybe they're Italian maybe they're Asian maybe there for me their family from Eastern Europe that's not that's not a monolith in the same way that people are not a monolith
01:03:23and I think there's also strengthen understanding that you have qualities that make you unique and you have qualities that make you part of an ethnic group in your qualities that make you American and that all of those qualities make you who you are a net to Discount any one of those qualities weakens the whole but that's that's my perspective that is not taste perspective not answering for tell you would have to ask him
01:03:47Janet okay this is if you have your hair straightened or is it a weave and she is 12 and we as a white mom and grandma would like suggestions for a young girl since there's no grandma on the other side of her family to help well Jan when you see me on television on the top or on Whose line or whatever I am wearing extensions of varying lengths and configurations and the main reason I'm doing that is because getting your hairstyle every single day for television is incredibly damaging
01:04:26and for years I would go to work and they would curl and straighten and flat iron and tees and spray my hair and it would break and breaking breaking breaking Frank and so one day I said I've had enough and that is why I go on to the TV with lots of extensions in my hair and then they never have to put a flat iron or heat on my own hair and there's a very intimate conversation question that I've answered for you but you know why not why not answer that question for you so that is that is what's going on on TV nowadays lots of people are able to it's almost like an outfit you put it on you take it off and you can look at it for me everyday but I do that mainly to protect my own hair for your granddaughter who's biracial don't straighten her hair let her leave her hair alone let it be curly and wild if you do not have a grandmother on the other side I would find an African American woman that you trust and you know well to come over and help me style her hair because the last thing you want to do is is is change her perception of what's beautiful when she was that young
01:05:26curly hair is gorgeous there are beautiful ways to take care of it as she decides when she's older that she wants to straighten it let it be up to her but I think it's important when girls are young to not force them to some greater societal Beauty standard but this let their hair up you wild and go if I remember who I was in Paris very name job because apparently I needed something for my hair and I was looking at all the stores I had a guy drive like a butt like a taxi driver driving around I couldn't find what I was looking for an eagle's what do you need and I was telling well you know anything for my hair and he goes oh well we will just go see black and it took me to an African-American will that African American in Paris so it and a French African African French afro French hair styling store and I went and I asked the woman what I needed for my hair and a pixel out for me so take your adorable granddaughter
01:06:26to to a hair supply in a black neighborhood of as to when they're what to do when they will be very helpful to you but don't straighten your your your niece your granddaughter don't states don't straighten your granddaughter let her decide to do that when she's an adult I think it's like piercing the kids nose or getting a tattoo let her decide that for herself when she's older and trying to impress a boy okay
01:06:50this is a couple more chance here and then I substantial show Heather this is this is about family these this next group of questions Heather says I'm just now listen to your question show for the end of 2015 and I want to say thank you for putting the subject of choosing not to have kids out there I know you've had different experience with this but I really chose to have my tubes tied and have no kids and I don't want any I'm not told many people look up my close friends so I know they'll have the reaction my mother had which was why you might regret this etcetera etcetera people never say those things to people who choose to have kids and no they don't have it it's very much like being LGBT living in a world where it's straight As the default setting having kids seems to be the default and I'm just so glad to have at least one boys out there too many here telling people that it's a belly way to live to not have kids thank you well Heather thank you and I do think it's valid and the reason why I spoke up about it was because I feel like a lot of women and men. So many men came forward and said thank you when I talked about that
01:07:50so many people feel you know if you're at a couple while while you have kids what what's going on why don't you kids make beautiful kids you should have kids you love it you know what I'll decide when I want to care for another human being from the point they're born until the day I die I'll make that decision thank you very much it does seem to be the default setting and while I flirted with it briefly because I thought that maybe it was a good idea like a lot of people do when they're you know I didn't want kids for a long time then I thought well maybe I'm running on the road maybe I should and then once I started to flirt with it I realize no I don't want kids that much I don't want to go through all the physical we're going to roll it take to have a kid and it really kind of made it clear to me that I wasn't interested in having kids I think that people who choose not to have kids should not feel embarrassed about just saying much is not for me man I'm just not interested in caring for some for another human being who is going to take everything I have and it resent me
01:08:50that's just me Heather and apparently you so thanks for writing that I decided not to go to IVF I have not regretted it for one single day and I made a joke the other day or people I call you don't have kids and I was like I'm prying into my whiskey when I'm dancing in a bar on a Tuesday night my friend Jill says when my husband and I split up after 25 years of marriage we're committed to doing in the kindest way possible and we did we still love and care about each other and our great friends we just aren't married to each other anymore I'm telling you this because I want you to know it is in fact possible to get divorce with kindness and love and sometimes it is the kindest most loving thing you can do chill I agree with you and thank you for that kind and very open letter I think that went relationship and people tend to default and using
01:09:40Heather's word people that people tend to default to on kindness but how can you all of a sudden hate someone you love for so long I'm lucky that my parents model. Very kind way to divorce and I'm trying to emulate them everyday Julie says I saw the show I can see how hard the situation is how much in your husband loved and respected each other but another reason I was crying is because I thought how awesome it was that you love someone that intensely for 25 years and would love to pack that's so sweet Julie if she goes on to say I know you would never change those years so just cherish the memories and I do Julie I really do and I'm I'm grateful that you wrote such a sweet letter you know how many people can say they had a 25-year love of hair it was it was it was wonderful
01:10:27Christina says when I saw the light about your divorce I didn't I refuse to read the article I only care to hear what you want to share I'm a fan I want you to know you are supported you are the reason I listen to any podcast that bring me joy when I'm in pain yours was the first and still the best when you changed once a month I was so glad you were taking care of yourself please keep doing that like a real family and friends love you Christina again just the sweetest letter and you're so kind and it's been a crazy year but the love and support of people like he was made it a lot easier
01:11:01okay Antoinette says I'm sure that you have thousands of notes from various people of the course of the next few months but I wanted to say what a Class Act you are my met my husband at 16 years of age we've been together for nearly 33 years married for 28 and there was a time we went through a similar experience of deciding whether we would remain married or whether we were moving towards divorce it was painful but necessary process that we experience privately I'm only saying that your first name so I'm not putting you on Blast internet but she goes on to say I'm extremely private person cannot begin to understand what you're going through at this time please know I'm praying for you I am praying that you were surrounded by people who genuinely love and cherish you so much that there was no ending love will drown out the foolish cares of this new cycle thank you for exhibiting with class what true love is that just because the relationship marriage is ending
01:11:48doesn't mean you don't still want the best for each other
01:11:52that was also an incredibly sweet letter after that and I got a lot more like that and they were all really lovely and I am just grateful for everybody who took the time to write him not any fun going through a divorce but I was at Irma not to also
01:12:12undo the Legacy what was an incredibly wonderful life with someone who I will always love you letters about my mom my mom was episode 220 you know I did my dad he isn't he's in the archives in the exclusive our campsite to my mom was episode 220 and if you want to hear my dad he's bonus episode is explosive episode 3 so you can kind of book and those episodes if your subscriber they're both pretty great but Patty says I just listened to the girl and guy with Mom I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed listening and how much I connected to it thank you so much for bringing that to your listeners and sharing your mama's story I listen to most of an Embark coming in from the East Bay to San Francisco where I work will you know that's where I'm from Patty she says I am a Bay area native white with regressive Progressive parents not regressive Progressive parents my parents have similar Berkeley SF Fillmore stories my dad was a painter and an electrical engineer my mom was a secretary at anyway just wanted to say hi
01:13:12found the podcast fascinating I'm glad you found some must have been fun to listen to that while you were kind of moving around some other places that we talked about Joe says I've never been there before but wanted to see your podcast with your mom without standing in capital letters I have to admit before I listen to what I thought well this point probably isn't for me I couldn't have been more wrong what it interesting fascinating and highly intelligent woman she is and also gave me a lot of inside to some of the reasons why you are the person you are also I listen to a shit ton of your podcast thank you very much Joe because I'm very much into smart and funny but I think this one is now my favorite so far and then he goes on to say oh by the way I am a 55 year old married white male born and raised in Northern California I'm not sure where I fit into your demographic Joe right in the center Bullseye of my demographic friend he says just doing the shows we love them good luck topping that one though and that little to the Emoji thanks Joe that's so great you know I'm really proud of the fact that the demo for the show is really diverse and I've got everything from guys like you 55
01:14:12married white male 2 to my gaze to my young women to remember what they did a show and there was a woman pushing her mother in a wheelchair and I thought God this woman just dragged her mother out here me say fuck a thousand times it's probably late she has to pee she probably ate like chicken fingers for dinner if she's miserable and why does women do this to her poor old mom and her mom who is like 90 was the fan and she had dragged her daughter to see the show and she had seen every one of my shows and she had all my books and so it just goes to show you that you never know who's going to respond to what you do so just be yourself and stop trying to figure out what the people want cuz that is an impossibility
01:14:57D this is just initials D last initial b says I really so thoroughly enjoyed the podcast with your mom I fell in love with her can you enter help for holidays to get a raconteur sadly with him during Christmas dinners what a thoughtful forward-thinking Eternal present so much history and yet she knows there's so much left to learn I'm gushing and you guys appreciate either ugh
01:15:20I'm jealous but so glad you shared all the best for great holiday season thank you and I'm really lucky I really lucked out on the parent front you know it hasn't always been easy and my parents divorced when I was 10 and there was some rocky years in their butt
01:15:33I'll tell you something I I lucked out I am not going to lie to you I got to pretty spectacular people but not perfect and imperfect interesting thoughtful compelling people their Seekers they're cool they both have tattoos my mom's got a full Yakuza style sleeve she's working on the big snake on upper arms is a badass but one of the things that has been really helpful for my relationship with my parents as an adult
01:16:03is just to decide to love them for who they are now and not fix ate so much on who they were when I was a kid I think a lot of puppy gets stuck and you did this or you didn't do that or you always do this or you made me do that my parents were not perfect and I remember spending almost my entire freshman year college so mad at my dad for a bunch of teenage bullshiting out and some of which was real and some which was imagined and then I just thought you know Sunday is going to die and I'm going to be the assholes who didn't talk to their dad and then he died and I just decided not to be mad anymore
01:16:40and I always talk about this forgiveness is not letting the other person off the hook forgiveness is letting yourself off the hook now if you've had it some kind of truly cruel informatics parental experience where you were abused
01:16:58I'm not telling you how to live your life but even forgiven you're awful parent for that again not letting them off the hook but letting yourself off the hook of carrying around and groomers that met somebody you're it's that what side I think this is attributed to baby Buddha
01:17:14I might be gone teeth and might be Mandela but the saying is hating someone is like drinking poison and hoping it kills the other person
01:17:28it's just a waste so for me
01:17:35I have just try to embrace my parent and it's Nelson Mandela I think of Nelson Mandela I think that
01:17:45it'll hear this is great I had to spend a little quote for this so the quote has been attributed to a lot of people including Pema chodron Nelson Mandela Buddha at Lamar Dallas made Debbie Ford Malachi Malachi Malachi Malachi McCord excuse me and I don't. So maybe it's just a common quote that a lot of people have used but holding onto anger is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die at the actual quote and so right now I don't sit around and go will you know my dad didn't drive me around to parties when I was a kid and my mom was in a relationship and I wasn't getting attention for I mean they're just fucking people but that's the best one of the things you learn when you become an adult you like your parents just a fucking person they were barely holding it together they don't know what the fuck they were doing half the time they wish they could jump out of window and go to a bar on the corner I get fucked up and not come home and you were there whining and complaining because getting your keys were touching your fucking mashed potatoes and you
01:18:45you want to clean your room so forgiveness goes a long way towards freeing you and in doing that typically improve your relationship with your parents dramatically and I am far from perfect so I'm not holding my parents to any kind of standard of perfection I will tell you that and at this point now my family just does a lot of really affectionate and like a happy loving we just love each other and let everybody make their own choices Robert lasardo you mentioned that your mom had an entire tattoo sleeve but during your interview with your mom you never asked what is by refer to in car body can you share that now I don't know although I will tell you this my mom is an artist and super fucking cool and nephew what's the episode you could tell that and she's always love tattoos and she's had tattoos in the time I was a kid you know she was in her twenties like most people but I think she thought at some point well
01:19:45I'm older and what the hell am I saving it for and I've always fantasized about getting this thing and now I'm going to get it but I'll tell you that's what I was a little kid my mom got a tattoo on her hand it was of a rose is very beautiful I was at a time when if you worked in Corporate America tutus were like for boating them nowadays are CEOs with face tattoos but she would always come you know she'd go for an interview we should go to a business meeting at you can always cover it and now you know in this day and age of like 25 year old CEOs riding their scooters around you know their other high tech campuses you know my 71 year old mom can rock it a sleeve tattoo and she's the coolest person that her company so I think she just thought you know again I don't want to die without having done all the stuff I think that's what's inspired or she also really loves Asian art and culture I think that's why she's getting cool Yakuza style tattoo okay we're getting close to the end
01:20:38I have to really angry email they're a lot more but I think I might have thrown some of them away but I always read nice email so I thought I would read a couple that were wildly Shades and here are just too I wish I wish I had more because this is so hard just reading to implies that like there aren't more there are there been more both on the internet and other places but I just thought man let me just read you a couple cuz I think they're pretty fun
01:21:09a guy named Jake says Ayesha I used to be a fan of a talk until on today you made the comment about a man's body hair should be shaved and smooth from the neck down like women's bodies are really a man's body hair chest leg pubic under arm is beautiful beautiful as in all caps actually there's a lot of capitals in here if your husband is smooth like a nine-year-old boy's body is is that that is fine however I was offended by you making body hair like it is a disgusting thing on a man you sound like a lesbian to be honest
01:21:39okay I really hope Jake that you did not intend that to be an insult do not be so offencive about a man's body not one of the man man's in here but they're all capitalized but there are no apostrophe apostrophe so it sounds like the living In Living Color sketch for the guys and doing the movie review and they're like there's a lot of mail comes in that movie anyway so I don't know who sounds gave me your or this guy but I will no longer be watching the talk you sound like a stupid woman Taps when you open your mouth shut the fuck up loser 17! By the way I watch them you're saying if you are not funny I'm not was also capitalize I really enjoy that I'm assuming that Jake
01:22:23is it rather hirsute
01:22:26but I would I can tell you check is not is a master of the English language damn rights Dan rights will never watch a show you where on you are an awful human being and an even worse actress no one cares what you think what I was succinct and from what I can tell from Dan's email he is out some kind of family lawyer so he was able although truncated to employee proper syntax and punctuation
01:22:53but I have to point out that the implicit lion this email which is he has to have watched a show I was on to form such a severely an opinion about me so Dad I think you are a liar because I think you have at least one show I'm on and to get this angry probably several I would assume the talking friend of mine's at the very least because this is almost a 360 criticism of me as a person and as an actress couldn't afford those opinions about watching my shit okay I wish I had more of those I will I really wish I could have been more over overtime but those were the only two put away so anyway but those are just the tip of the iceberg good time especially when I just have a couple of this is going to sound incredibly self-aggrandizing but people don't think you don't I just want to read some thank you notes
01:23:49reading or they can notice a way of thanking you thank you for listening to my show everybody thank you for writing these lovely things ride the rides hello Aisha I was rejuvenated and recharge upon discovering your girl and guy show and then it's a lot of stuff that requires to me to make some life changes for the better boring job which I'm grateful for but can't wait to quit a guy I am so crazy for what is so much better than me I'm old enough to be someone's grandmother but don't feel like it and I won't be heartbroken if it doesn't happen so much to do and so much I want to do Brenda I feel the same way so much to do and so much I want to do I feel so much more grounded in lighter after having listened to one of your shows not to mention in light and then intrigued by your barter with interesting people so good to laugh at life and situations we all experience thank you for being amazing looking forward to listening in on Mario shows I have a lot of catching up to do with I did not know you had your own show just mentioning it but I recall watching on Ghost Whisperer I really felt you gave it something special as everyone does
01:24:49princess special mix of personal chemistry and talent combined thank you Brenda that you were there were a lot of Ida lot of favorite emails is here man that was right up at the top okay Daniel says this is the third year I've had the best intentions to write in for your awesome and the listener mail show but the first one I finally pulled it off I can't claim to be as busy as you but I do have a lot going on so it has been the best of intentions up to this point but several years ago when I started having to drive more for work I found it as much as I loved listening to music it was not keeping me alert at the wheel so I listen to some audio books then decided to try out these podcast things anyway I started to search for something to hold my interest rate with comic books but what are there wasn't a lot out there but one of the ones to come up with your interview with Robert Kirkman you guys know what will if you don't know Robert Kirkman is Robert Kirkman is the creator of The Walking Dead first the comic book and then the co-creator the executive producer of the television series and his episode of girl on guy is number 22 that was very early in the life of the
01:25:49so he says identisys the one that came up was going to be with Robert Kirkman and I found your interview install so compelling I started to listen to other interviews you had with artist I like and I have to say once I realized who you were it was one of those connected out scenes in a movie where they flash back at you all the times you should have seen it coming I realize all the great things I like doing that I've watched and enjoyed Talk Soup friends 24 Archer now I'm a fan in a member of the army you're great Daniel when I first listened episodes of people interested in me now I listen to every episode because you are so good at pulling out stories I like hearing different perspectives being able to see the world from someone else's shoes Daniel that is what I like to do to it helps me to show how much we all have in common there have been several times we were uncovered a nugget of wisdom but I really needed at the time and the most recent was your interview with Daniel Gillies Daniel Gillies is a really interesting actor
01:26:45and he is on the show The Originals he was a girl on guy 199 and he is delightfully tell her to the director and he was so fun to talk to Daniel this Danielle not Daniel Kelly says I was having a really shitty week and wallowing in self-doubt and if someone in a creative Force profession I thought the discussion on failure was particularly relevant to what I was feeling I immediately set up the Charlie Kaufman speech you referenced and it helped put me in a better place and stop a spiral of self-doubt I always enjoy yourself and put the real story they remind me of a cartoon strip that appeared in the early days of the onion newspaper called pathetic geek stories
01:27:29I had to publish back in my college days I like you I have an awkward child of notary that I can mine for humorous stories
01:27:37he says sorry for going on too long just waiting for us right man I have a lot saved up Daniel from Chicago that's a great letter thank you Alan says I'm fairly new to the girl and guy Army but I wanted to drop you a line let you know how much I love your show happened across your podcast 3 months ago haven't stopped since I find the people you interviewed be so fascinating and you leave them into inside set of the benefit to a saw I'm the 40 something year old man in the process of trying to see new truth about myself and I have found inspiration to your conversations I've also found many parallels in my own existence two events your guests have described I can hear how excited you get when your guests are reaching the truth there truth it's so awesome and not to something you hear everyday
01:28:19all I can say is I'm hooked Allen I like the sentence for you said I'm a 40-something year-old man in the process of trying to see new truths about myself I think before you are in your forties you think how can I possibly learn anything new about myself and what you discover is you are always learning new stuff about yourself and you don't know what the hell is going on and that can be really terrifying but embracing it is also pretty exciting so thanks for Monica want to know what I love subnautica discovering new things and new shows like The Originals with Daniel Gillies is on speaking of and then discovering that you have talked to Aisha have talked to someone in connection with that new thing show so I can bask in the joy of fangirling because of your delicious Daniel Gillies interview I finally decided to watch The Originals I used to catch the last few seconds of it when it would proceed Supernatural I always thought I might like it if I tried it but I have 40 something and way too grown to watch teeny bopper shows I say well Monica I think you proved your own theorem wrong so I waited TVD like the plague but almost immediately felt the original see more my speed
01:29:19OMG in love with the whole show and every actor on it well written and witty and then I scored your podcast tell Charles Michael Davis he's also on the originals and like you said more way more quietly I crapped my pants
01:29:31she says PS I would like to confess by asking too many TV DVD The Vampire Diaries TV episodes but that was because I wanted to drink every drop of the mikaelsons that I could out of that show so I have all the backstory to continue enjoying the originals yes Monica you know there's that phrase these are my guilty pleasure use that if you if you want to let other people know that you understand that it's probably not Center Bullseye for you to be watching TV in the originals but you don't care what they think enjoy yourself Leslie says I want to thank you so much for your wonderful podcast the conversations you have with your guests are warm and engaging lovely to hear the human voice behind the public Persona since I have a listing for podcast I've discovered wonderful books movies and TV shows or conversation with Andre Royo that was such a good one guys under area was on The Wire he played bubbles on the wire and he's been on a million other things including was recently on Empire he is such an interesting after he was growing I want to send 197 and that's
01:30:31listen to immediately if not done
01:30:36she says let's discuss your conversation with Andre Royo inspired me to take the wire off the back burner and move it to the top of my watchlist been watching The Wire what eating chocolate moon pie is in wonderful way to decompress after a long day and now I eat moon pies and binge watch Archer well that's a thrill Leslie I'm glad it was able to bring that into your life now I need to find myself some chocolate Mumbai that sounds like a really Kick-Ass ascenta says good Lord I just listened to the Viola Davis episode completely blown away what an inspiration thank you so much for sitting down with her let me tell you something isn't that I am amazed that I got her it was a big fat deal she was growing hi215 2015 2015 215 and it was a thrill to be sitting that close to the the truly great Viola Davis for an hour and listening to speak was like some pinch myself shift so I'm really glad you enjoyed it that was one of my favorites
01:31:35Ezekiel or Hezekiah I don't know your name is cool but I I'm sure I've got it wrong says Dear Aisha I want to say first I love the podcast and all the work you do my favorite episode you were in was The Boondocks attack of the killer kung fu wolf dead still a classic to this day question in this thank you how do you pick your gas and you take submissions for your list from your listeners also when will you be hosting a live show well as he keep you up or Hezekiah I simply would like to at Comic-Con every summer how do I fix my gas people that I'm interested in its I don't have anybody to satisfy I just pick people that I find interesting and sometimes I'm out like I think with Daniel Gillies I honestly was at a party
01:32:20and we met and I was like oh hey who was it was just saying they loved the originals hold on a second I'm going to find her name because I will say that okay was Monica's harmonica I was watching the new series for a while so just let's all work on our feelings about that but so I think that I met him and I know you're from Vampire Diaries and he's like oh I know you smarter and we just like I'd love for you to be in my show and that was how that happened so sometimes it's Viola I met her you know if I had met her I would have I would have chased her Viola Davis or Charlize Theron you know I mean I've got to go to them directly I'm not going to get the massive machine that swirls around somebody of that caliber to let me interview them in my little weird podcast but
01:33:18but I'm persistent and I'm very lucky that I've got some of these amazing people on my show Jennifer Lopez ayush I feel so privileged to live in a world where someone especially a woman to share so much of themselves in order to better those around them you are an inspiration to myself and so many other is I only hope there's some way in which I can reciprocate all the you have given while you are right now by writing this letter Jennifer all my beloved friends received a copy of your book for Christmas and the responses range for Mike so I'm so excited to read this does she is so badass thanks Jennifer Lawrence who are you I think I may have found my spirit animal your spirit is definitely helping me through a depression and unemployment thanks so much that makes me thrill. Lawrence if you haven't even dated an Asian sidekick with web development magic let me know Lawrence everybody needs an Asian sidekick with web developer magic a position is currently filled right now but you sound amazing and I'm sure that someone out there is about to get an amazing Asian sidekick with web development magic at his sparkling fingertips so
01:34:18thank you for writing that awesome email sorry I'm sniffly
01:34:22and then he writes also with a lot of breweries out there which ones are your favorites well my probably my number one favorite is that is an oldie but a goodie which is Anchor brewing in San Francisco that's probably the first microbrewery I I fell for when I was alone young 21 year old and probably my favorite kind of mass-produced craft beer is Anchor Liberty which is a tasty IPA yes I'm a I'm a beer spot I like IPA judge away I also love Stone obviously I've collaborated with them for the last three years on various and down there with Stout Imperial Stout and I do a big event with them every summer
01:35:03call hakan and is always a lot of fights a big deer party and it tastes like 50 beers and eat meatballs so if you ever get to San Diego during Comic-Con come check that out Michael says hi are you sure I am a long-haul truck driver I drive most of the 48 states I don't have a satellite radio in my truck and finding a radio station that last longer than a few miles is simply awful my iPod gets boring after a while even though I have like almost eighteen thousand songs on it so I turned the podcast to keep me awake at entertain on the Freaky Deaky roads of the US and I got to tell you something Michael the fact that you're a long-haul truck driver and you just use the phrase Freaky Deaky makes me so happy I started listening to your podcast a short while ago and now I just downloaded the app and purchase a subscription it's the very least I could do to support you and this beautiful hobby of yours I wish that I've been able to support your film project but I didn't get the kickstarter in time to pledge I'm looking forward to seeing the final product on the last thanks Michael
01:36:01so excited that's not English I'm so excited to hear you're back catalogue of shows you are fantastic interviewer and you never fail to move me with your own emotional connection to your guests and their story I can't wait to hear your shows is Charlie Manson I'm going to scream down the road when I hear that one oh that's such a good one she's amazing and that's a great episode I might this time I imagine you've already listen to it but for those who have not listened to Shirley Manson episode she's the lead singer of Garbage obviously and her episode is 61 growing guide 61 she's
01:36:37and he goes on to say I love her and RuPaul on a long time he was on more and Margaret Cho both amazing episodes thank you for you to show up for you and all you do you are the best peace love and hair grease from your newest recruit Michael he says PS the intro outro for your show is fucking rad every time I hear that based out of my truck I just want to rock thank you I love that open to on for people haven't see my Comedy Central special that is the music from the song that opens by Comedy Central special which came out at 2009 I don't even know isn't that awful why I don't do I have so little information in my actual brain why must I Google everything it was 2008 so wasn't too far off 2008-2009 I think I shot it 2008 or 2009 more information than you asked for Tariq says thanks for making me laugh think about it a person I've never met you has made me laugh my wife and I love you have a discussion about what it is about you that makes us laugh I think it is knowing how smart you are
01:37:37my wife thinks it's your wit and smile anyway thank you we appreciate the work you do thank you both Drake that was nicest email
01:37:47Anya Anya says my name is Anya I live in a small town in the south of Russia I'm pretty new to the podcast world and still try to figure things out find something that would interest me something I like while doing a little research of mine I stumbled upon your podcast and let me tell you I was hooked after the very first episode I've listened to it is such a perfect mixture of information genuinely interesting conversations with such diverse intelligent Fascinating People in a wide variety of things discussed that it just blew me away so I just want to say thank you thank you things are real not only with your guests but also with your listeners also yes that's the word also with your listeners thank you for not being afraid of asking hard questions thank you for helping me learn about things I might never have been able to do on my own keep it up and best of luck with everything you do on your thank you so much for writing that and I am thrilled I mean I don't even have words for how cool it is to know that somebody halfway around the planet is listening to girl on guy
01:38:42sometimes technology really is making the world better Bob says first and foremost I want to express our thanks to you for providing such a great podcast from the beginning I thoroughly enjoyed all of them in a resume put together but mostly I've enjoyed the pics of yourself you've shared it's always great to find Outlets that are entertaining and I think the podcasting median provides listeners a chance to connect to some aspect of the people they listen to you as well thank you for opening that window into who you are my question is based in blatant selfish motivation I will explain or after the question itself as I feel like a stand-alone first and then I will give my reasons for asking it hear the question
01:39:18would you ever consider interviewing a member of your legion for your podcast so I'm not going to read everything and I'll be a little bit here but the reason I propose it is because I'm struggling artist client scratching to get my work recognized it was very moving Tools near mother talk about the idea of pursuing life as an artist and here you have knowledge or experience growing up with that I currently Wilkes work full time is it at a middle school and part Friday and Saturdays at a hospital to pay the bills for my family I have written in self-published novel but did not have enough time or money to get it fully marketed I'll swing back to school for my master's degree in education shortly after publishing so that took away from that process as well however sometimes life places on a path for a reason and drink teaching I was able to meet a wonderful friend and fellow Middle School teacher
01:40:02and we were the same age have the same interest and share the hatred for the Monday and bullshit that filters in a small talk and the wrote normalcy of most also you probably share a hatred for small and stupid words cuz man you're smart Bob basically we were a perfect pairing and even both had passion for writing together while working whenever bits of free time we can manage me fidget finish a novel together and it laid out the structure for huge series would be awesome to tell her story on a larger platform here's the deal Bob like a cop-out but that's awesome and you're awesome and all I can tell you is to be persistent because I think the only thing separating great ideas from successful ideas just people who don't give up that's sad I can never read any unsolicited material I'm sure you probably heard that from other people
01:40:55because it's just legally too challenging if you read somebody's stuff and then later something you do realize that most something they do so I just don't do it it's just it's always been a policy that I've had I respect people's creative effort and I'm just 1% so nothing I say is going to validate what you're doing you validate that for yourself but it's exciting that you found someone who empowers you and Andrew to share your passion because I think that's a really good
01:41:24an engine for
01:41:27at the very least your own creative satisfaction I do encourage you to continue to write and Vicky to work to get your your riding scene because you sound amazing and I think that you are passionate and excited engaged and that's all you need to do great work Christina says you're amazing I should have taken your word on Penny Dreadful sooner but I'm still here beside it appropriate to respond to the most of my time the last couple years just wanted to say I'm a social scientist of sorts I guess
01:42:02when do you ever really become the thing you aim to be in parentheses and I find inspiration the origin stories of artist I promise we're not all that different the odd pass to find anyone calling the fits and starts a hustle of it all way more signs he that it seems you'll Tyson didn't scratch the surface there but he's got other important work to do so I won't hold it against him yes he does anyway thank you for continuing what you do on the show even though it's not as frequently as you or others might like
01:42:27you madam are living your truth and that is beautiful thanks for being yourself and then it gets all catch a glimpse much love from flyover country Christina Christina your excellent there is no flyover country lady you're kicking ass wherever you are K says long time listener first-time caller just want to say that whenever a podcast I love goes away or goes less frequent of course of course I feel bummed but mostly I feel happy that the people I love and admire having so much success and they realize that they are taking care of themselves all the best to you thank you Kay for your support then says hi are you sure I just want to say thank you for helping make my 21st birthday at sdcc San Diego Comic-Con
01:43:06amazing girl and guy was amazing it will forever be ingrained in my mind as during the taping my grandfather had passed away just by going through that loss being there listening to and Travis created a positive memory the help to make that day Bittersweet thank you for everything you do to bring joy and laughter into the world we need it thanks been thrilled that such a painful thing to go through I'm glad that you had something
01:43:34fun to do in that time and that was such a great day that episode was alive shows are or I would say are just me just me and my sister but it was the annual fan appreciation day that we always do a Comic Con and everybody got presents and got to taste my beer that I made with stone and thought t-shirts and posters and wonderful day and Travis was so great so 217 if you'd like to listen back and I'm glad that you were there then thanks for coming
01:44:09Justine says hi are you sure I just wanted to drop you a line yesterday as I came home from work I was greeted by my Award of you write Emily Bett signed photo that's one of the kickstarter rewards from iMovie access for those of you haven't heard of it I quickly looked at it and excitement and toss it on the table I had an election party to get to well... You can probably guess how my night went I'm a single white straight woman living in Wisconsin I have a pretty great job teaching college students television of all things actually took students of mine to a double taking of the talk in January 2015 and hope to again in January 2017 and freak the fuck out at seeing you live I had a sleepless night worrying about everything my friends who are black gay and every other kind of configuration that Trump is against I woke up not knowing how I could go into work and face co-workers I know voted for Trump and students were Shattered by The Bleak reality of our election process
01:45:07on the way out the door I took one last look at your postcards and I read your note on the back about being a fantastic person and I started laughing and crying it was the cathartic moment I needed to walk out the door with my head held high and face the day the day still sucked but whenever I needed a pick-me-up I thought of that card consider this a message reminding you that you were also a fantastic person this is one Art & storytelling can help us understand and Escape these tough times thanks for being you I shall raise a glass of Maker's Mark in your honor tonight from a fellow whiskey lover and fantastic person Justine in Wisconsin just damn it I think this help me as much as that card helped you so thanks for taking the time to write it
01:45:53I know that there are people listening to the show who are on the other side of the political Spectrum from me and I respect you and I respect your choices and while I'm not just unhappy but pretty alarmed by where we are politically in this country
01:46:10Water Mine everybody out there we have been in much more Dire Straits and we have always always transcended
01:46:23you believe deeply in your principles don't give up and no matter what side of the
01:46:30miasma joran
01:46:34treat your views and the views of others with respect
01:46:41I never give up never back down unless you're a dick and then go away
01:46:47one last letter Sia the singer even if she's not let's just decide that this is the other singer writing me oh my God for what is such a beautiful name she says hello Ayisha long time fan loved you since I saw you on talk super remember hearing you on K Rock with Kevin and Bean I was really cool I started listening to podcast last year went back to listen to all the episodes want you to know that at the time it started listening to go out and I was going to a super crappy point of my life I was feeling really low like a major loser like what the hell am I doing with my life Shirley this got to be something more to this cycle of crappy nothingness but listening to your podcast it was the segment of the origin story that made me feel my possibilities are real I'm not planning on being an actor or anything entertainment but hearing your guest talk about how they started and worked hard to manage where they are now with like a light to me at that point in my life I needed to hear that I needed a real life reminder that yes life can suck but I can't suck forever you really help me out of that emotional pet that I was in
01:47:47so I just want to say thank you for having your podcast at all and for the origin story part of your show and for always encouraging your army to keep creating shut hope you have a kick-ass 2016 Wells here you don't I just make one just making my little show
01:48:04you know if if if it helped you at all I'm so grateful and I always will be this is something that
01:48:14I love making and I've Loved for such a long time and
01:48:20that it touches people in that way it is it really a privilege a privilege that I do not take lightly
01:48:29thanks for writing that email and thanks for being so amazing
01:48:35everyone who has listen to this show over the Last 5 Years Okay so
01:48:45first of all I want to thank everybody again for taking the time to write I try to get to as many letters as I possibly could I obviously couldn't get to all of the letters that I got this year by I tried very hard to address as many as possible
01:49:00and one of the reasons is that I have an announcement to make and that is that this is going to be the the last episode of growing guy for a while
01:49:15I love making this show and it's such a part of me but
01:49:20what I'm finding now is that it is more more challenging to make it not just because I am working so many hours during the week that I
01:49:31don't have time to edit the shower post it but because I actually don't have the time to do the interviews as you can imagine a lot of the people that I'm trying to meet with her incredibly busy as well and it's very difficult to get someone to commit to come doing an interview on like a Sunday between 4 and 5 which is sometimes the only hole I have to do the show and it's just been a real challenge to put the show together this year
01:49:55had to think about what I wanted to do with the next little bit of my life and
01:50:01how I was going to spend my time and for the foreseeable future I will be on for television series The Talk Archer Criminal Minds and Whose Line Is It Anyway and in addition as most of you know I distracted my first feature and it went it was such a great experience it's really where I want to spend
01:50:20all of the rest of my available time is becoming a film director
01:50:26and writing tone scripts and producing films and that's what I want to do with the tiny sliver of available time I have left over after I make those for shows so something had to give and it was a really painful decision and arrived at it over many months change my mind and changing my back and saying I'm not mistaken with it and then say no I'm I'm going to put it so bad but what I realized what I didn't have a choice I just wasn't going to be able to make it anymore with this tiny bit of time I have available to me
01:51:00so this episode of girl and guy was even though I read a lot of your thank you notes this was really a thank you letter to you to everyone who's listen to my show for the Five Seasons that I've been making it for the 260 episodes that I've made
01:51:22I can't thank you enough for the years of enthusiasm and passion and love and support that you have brought as listeners to this show
01:51:32I just wanted to make a fun little show where I I talk to my friends and I ask them questions about their work and we laughed and we said bad words and occasionally we drank on air and I got so much more out of the show that I ever could have
01:51:48calculated or hoped for and the biggest reason for that is you guys is is the army
01:51:58you know I just wanted to make a fun little show and the number of times that people have written in and said you got me through a rough time you you got me through a death or a breakup or low point in my my career or my creative life work
01:52:13a few years ago a guy listening who wrote in and said you know my mother and I listen to your show together before she passed away
01:52:23I never expected or hope that I couldn't have affected anybody in any meaningful way and the fact that you took the time to tell me how the show affected you and it tell me the ways in which it might have helped you is so generous I'm sure some of you thought I'm just riding a little no but you you can't know how generous is to stop your life which Full and busy and challenging and difficult and take the time to reach out and say these words to me it's such an act of kindness that you have you can gauge didn't when you've written these letters to me every year when I get to sit down and read your letters it's the best part of the Year for me because I get to thank you
01:53:05so please know that this is not ideal but I'm just one woman and I can't do it all
01:53:15I cannot bring home the bacon and also fried up in the pan I can purchase bacon from a bodega and bring it home and then it immediately drop it, Dusty floor rinse it off in the sink and eat it by the fist full while watching Luke Cage that's the best that I can do
01:53:38I cannot do it all but
01:53:41I wanted to I wanted to reassess
01:53:47my dreams in the energy I was going to put into them and I thought well if I'm going to try to become a film director I better start putting a little bit more elbow grease into it and that's what I'm doing I just wrecked my first film access I literally just locked it the Final Cut of it today I'm submitting it to festivals I hope you'll get to see it next year either in a theater near you or on video on demand and I'm getting ready to put the next one together and I need a little bit more time to do that the little bit of time I have left in my days and weeks needs to be devoted to that
01:54:19I encourage any of you who are thinking I have a dream and someday I'm going to do it to just strike someday from your vocabulary
01:54:32it doesn't have to be that you you know run away from your family and join the circus but start carving out a little bit of time every day or week or month just for yourself just for your goals you know there are no do-overs and that is been very much my whole life but in the last couple of years my governing philosophy you know we're not going to get to come back and do this over again and so don't stop loving or caring for your family
01:55:05but start caring for yourself
01:55:09no one is going to do it as well as you will do it and no one is going to take it as seriously as you will take it
01:55:16I'd Henry Rollins on the show years ago I think in my first season when I was still recording at The Redbury hotel and I I idolize him I sell black flag at the farm in San Francisco on a little pup she's such a compelling and fascinating guy he's got his own podcast me the radio show here in LA and he speaks all over the country and he's been the million bucks
01:55:39but there's this quote of his that I love and I think I'll post it on the website
01:55:48and it goes there's no such thing as spare time no such thing as free time no such thing as down time all you got is Lifetime
01:56:00I encourage all of you to take whatever bit of inspiration or support or encouragement or reinforcement that you have found in my
01:56:15little show in one Fest
01:56:19I'm take your dreams in the other
01:56:27you are my Army
01:56:29you are brilliant
01:56:33you are kind
01:56:35you are inspirational
01:56:38and you are legion
01:56:42I'll see you out there
01:56:48girl on guy is a production of hot machine blowing shit up since 2009

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