Hablamos de la NBA y de lo que vivos depuse de high school.
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00:00:00the mental combat daycare is lucky I go like army and they argue that I am awful droopy so you they don't say cable cannot die young thing was a part of Campbell's nine yeah then with a book as one of them on a day and what you need
00:00:15to know about game today Yang symbol castle because I'm sorry no we have to kind of and we go to the one we took him part beating and even throw them into a lot of good at the rose brothers catacomb in mono similar deal if the level of
00:00:29Iraqi only the at them threaten not these battle in the once in a seamless innings and I'm time I went to a life of gay other look at them with them in the budget the one without a coach on the words don't blow up a book class love
00:00:42and then they sat and thought of one month of killed in the at the podcast a weapon sailings that I'm the boy at the five thousand a month lace it there by a man and show gone though on the buses act that meant that he a I did
00:01:02tell me is that I am I do go a little style that was a really key I don't wanna be they'll put chaos that one little DHEA youngsters when it wasn't what I wanted to be so you have this idea we look at all of the silliness that
00:01:15looked on with him but in a way he said yellow Domingo any program and by god whatever but I look at video so we let you do all that hair also would lead you to the mobile home now and so we don't mind how is it the one
00:01:28with the owner but kick one of the US on medical he samples are gone now but you'll be set out with him %HESITATION movies have done more talking on everything local cast canal bad so symbols of autumn not be so easy okay these are getting their family to
00:01:47it though also planning at that we see in none of the muscles that no say as well as well and also the second we got my money uno so do you have to use a Gaelic only young thing is like a lake phony you but when I went
00:01:59in the mask also battle but that's a blessing not eat but I thought I had been level one and level and I can put custom we want this and then and then you took this I know that I will but Hey they're not anyone number book us met
00:02:13us and in my heart so I said in our broadcast day another anyone number any concept those of us in a kid and I are both classes and the money and I put that though no but I know you like Clinton's at the look at all I don't
00:02:26know some opens on the sports gory look I sell the point that %HESITATION highlights and glossy battle I may like a mortar companies in there so you know say get I want but I believe it and they yes I'll cook for some holiday battle from being a sample
00:02:41it up only up around someone much it doesn't and I think that's a bedroom I have only a silly joke this is a treat those of me and David I guess they wanted that see what this I edited the book where you they were very young on with
00:03:01it and dump will go it is a government that yeah but when they get a that I run all these and I lackeys who will exclusive on does it make them at but the commitment to savings and I think I will DO not often when a semi you
00:03:27put the only they'll commit to sell without a net them but a lot of at two in the would be male little to add to that end don't say gonna so you know you go he said on Monday at the end there's I wished the lady a in
00:03:43a way I take it that we do Casey Iran contra via he ate their your three in wound W. elcome render certain affiliate program because if you guys okay your promo so Monica you made on your menu and then the minute I leave so that guy yeah going
00:04:02so me either your body that the hand take on the pilot that comment that wasn't the point though and promote because at the time twenty those empathetic young but I think at the lights dimming gave them the bio III that'll infamous on the low case than this I
00:04:17was yelling and by a dumb being play link either be they'll even get MRPL como essay you for a moment those open court put Kaley I went there I think is in the book at a local my thumb and maybe they let them know what I'm though he
00:04:36out of my mind I don't only made it I don't the man that owned up on my offer to be they'll demand in ma'am maybe it only they'll I'm making on that because it's a total mess it's okay a lid we have tried and we will well it's
00:04:49almost about like a fun little but Gary animal element I or my mom that only the poachers nor will get them again today I'm Dave Bolland off like it but that may not I needing a mathematical doesn't often come with them that they don't come from a land
00:05:06route will look and I feel that I left them where the C. getting too much for most of the ticket I got last year for us event they will die decided to them now and being able to predict when the client from Oakland com twenty and my like
00:05:26I'm I almost don't get the support content though they gate they must have a couple of them and yet they don't come back to our easy low total but the US in the lead the is what the book that you know I'm on that because he that go
00:05:36on data Bubba marketing props going up and I know you well it wasn't a month yes I'm gonna so so you won't he I look at the person not I mean look at him temperament the thug in love song low NBA finals for the warriors warriors warriors faculty
00:05:55if I am working order there are a lot of Golden State Warriors they **** limit on point but came up later on had to do it on a map scene sink when the open will not though as I meant that you know so that's a person of using
00:06:07good roommate when I meet that bus whatever not that I'm not one of it definitely thanking people it's believed that the US I said let's leave them at the battle I mean melt that fact but cannot able to promote does that Lapidus when I guess a little bit
00:06:21of that staff member that gate side look at the sea and low side of course our who has a daughter then and bottles at the most I think I did I driving rebound that'll better with that item I mean what was I only heard nothing goes a bit
00:06:41of good luck looking at the hotel happened eat only you'll you'll meet with us at Berkeley I mean with okay Mayweather is super going show up and show you can let him go together well click on I don't get to the point of NATO I I know that
00:07:04Lucy Liu Mike would be the person doing the yeah I had good it it doesn't create energy that mainly Saddam hold you know me but I was a long moment does he get them so I did it all back out of the political side living only and only
00:07:18if there is a site I mean when I finally goes in state concern evident Nikolic ideas control over them the size of evil can only about a little known people get doesn't look a little solo myopic oppose other sick people in order to sound as he noticed on
00:07:34some people not though some of it as what you plan to assist in Montel McCurry Las Vegas is the unholy the battle able gonna set nothing less that they stick out I mean will battle it would only go with Delaware will eat the on a possible that it
00:07:51is improper and I were to guess what you put on a deal I wanna as in a composite sketch to keep on only that I what I'm not good at it but I am fifty one point yeah how can I make my own NBA finals NBA finals you
00:08:03know what I want to know what he still lost Darien you know have eternal have would get yet permanent type would get but you know the answer people then I keep on her only meant that these guys are up also but is that it doesn't look as he
00:08:19does to make a debt that whole okay end up with a little so long as it's not about how little you know the days I if they wanted to see my complete got and made that running plays as a little bit and guess I'll be done with now
00:08:32the accord though it was is that they are on the web a lot now but it didn't go to well put it out of the militant Cologne see my **** talker he does I left it out but the author most likely loss at a company in the state
00:08:50doesn't then I got all calm and you get a set up with the Middle East on the clay in a couple days marry some I'm open for a bit no good at all though I think the ticket almost unless the amount of things whether to lift him out
00:09:02final series and one on the set out below well sweep not that dole no bottom whether on little by little clue but not a proximity so but I don't I don't know the way they are at and so little back asa today I won't be back to go
00:09:18then state the second hole but I am a I get that a place unemployment up with the idea that focused quadroon by moderates he that'll only that when they get on the line and looked over the years okay let them into the lying thing we get but it
00:09:34I mean obviously taken a comedian thing because it would do to improve that they can look up on that and I look allergies the low end of the year when a man and the applicant see one of the guys I know that when I was on the thought
00:09:51of well but that may be in this pilot to yeah not a though not all but a loud well it meant I mean but it's only because that way I think in seven games and game seven you know in Denver on them to sell Bonnie that happening so
00:10:10I might get out of my eyes on the last get Amanda this is Rick roll you know that if they decide to say you're buying games as a about the net amount that them I love them but that being at the live I got happy too yeah man
00:10:23I love this state Kerry's getting amending what yours or lonely state school do stick wires over that they might go idea that means more of the whole game like ideas and words over this that that the mom of present I know it's not like I want to use
00:10:44what I'm doing now to teach their what I'm doing over than state and then I deliver the items of dogma study a key player sat at a table and went the other day that a store this ID delay hotel out is I can't come on get any perform
00:10:58but get the ending Keamy Catholic people passing level at the drive in the shoot assunto it'll lessen being I'm a little too young at the US and look a Senate being ESPN sports one of mine and I might add that note battle commenting on any dancer cable wires
00:11:22he won one glass of bricks on but at the city upon because I I am so already go get them two zero at them but I don't buy bimatoprost both mine at double or known all she had done the only so they're gonna win to a home ecology
00:11:41cannot if about Bible instinctive part of the me I'm opposed to preserve them in our lives are going to win every single homely or not if that's bound to happen then they're using no one should be the the remote that these in the ghetto I and I like
00:12:00I does it all the way although when I wrote in the letter the unbelievable in game seven year they're gonna pull to do that at battles whereas is one of the opening calendar years a lass with a less so with us with the iron games he's a keeper
00:12:19I better get post interview Novak one day going to delete posts interview then the whole bottle diplomatic when the economic out of this so that I will tell you that case against me look at yet another they're glad to dilute it with a little manic I would love
00:12:37to hit the debate we get if I give a look of us like an associate with the live score and when all else it by making the same these element along with eight the cases have an escort but when you get out and get this I got I
00:12:51will not E. either call time out of that museum pull it but I said I think that all of your double %HESITATION that that it didn't voice over time better it is because of the old at the end product other than I guess into Sweden yesterday lay upon
00:13:09gallantly them into the film he's again although more they'll put get good I thought and that I sat yes I live out in the Senate will be in the is that a good enough almost a fight about that kinda as I said look the half court either won't
00:13:27come get it by now they got a little bit but yeah it is campus who in the hell is going on and then the dinner but only my CLS score it dawned potty company in the world gonna get **** did allow one hour bus Isla overall you might
00:13:42die mount ego he ought set up also hill super delegate I get done in free throw anything out of your own blogs are all over time you have about the reason the reason I'm on there is a look at this act moan and put the monostable gas have
00:14:00autonomy in the west both Adam and will not only will it but there's another kind of a little I own that idea actually but on the when I got on there so you chose eight days sal MBA that sign and NBA finals topic is over a Linda psychology
00:14:27or less they see an apple tackle him on them and change the whole total mining it that will clear economically in a way that they are now is even a hot well at them when they get there they go the let me that they can never let that
00:14:43go to live in another like that yeah I've got a headache again about my day my bony it as guru better so that we got Leni acted the took a I disagree with you but a lot of them out stating that add to given my long but the
00:15:02Hey what this regard that and number one the Bible with them when they a federal at the most in brown season eat other ways in season seasons is a cycle of Sanya and although it going to get in and then once a day on the set down on
00:15:27that time when you grad two agencies on we don't call Maltby said I was gonna doesn't want any example at least seven feet Lucien kind of Asian edition copping downed coupling and up and down couple that made apple one care in the end if you think that this
00:15:45eleven on top of things then I put the you know what to them poor little better on this happy there as easily be there anyway I live doesn't look at the but I am on the only certainty that that will but it's late I wish impeachment fun though
00:16:02and I went out honestly journal so they're not grow almost a line you'll pass out class when I was seventeen this is yet they set out to my class Regan buys the it's as late would like with the one seven it's late one seven and you get it
00:16:22now sucks at them he like Kevin went down by late heaps and drinks from it there okay Vienna put aside all along with the land away from season by the letters I and they gave us a bit happy a big a coming out to eat a lot of
00:16:41us I think it I think little toy as up about political outlook of hopefully at the hopefully bump out of clothes that I wear battle my Latin bicicleta moment on it but in so they can move with them for those that don't get a lot more to him
00:16:56when I'm older than they put that on the field Concord after he and I may be the answer to get up and beat them with a given alone you will demand that the side of the room someone to protect all gate that started on the and solely at
00:17:10the sight Ballaban Hey even okay unsettled yeah yeah yeah I want to tell us too quick they're putting us on the last they have to give workers a shout out and showed it to my go he asked to add to the after nine months living ex combatants shut
00:17:33up wait thank you for your support as a kid John E. as a book at and I don't know yet then again then a life there was out orders on them also or is it what is economically less about that yet pharaoh hate them Adam again settle someone
00:17:54other than a lousy on the gun going it'll give you know what I was going to give them some tips about was gonna come right now okay get is a day that on the day I left the careful of the Middle East the thick it down the line
00:18:06is going to decide we %HESITATION psychopathic jolt Amalek at them from the land away phone bill okay as hat they want that they the hand that is it a little they on bassoon loony sailors in the numbers I cannot think a public whether at the disaster will send
00:18:24them come up of us live newcomer by hate five seven two two of that right there on that set on them but I don't like what I don't know if was a eight the CDS of local market while prove that either play a ham and college does I
00:18:42am going to put a quick gonna do I deal with IBM which in which I figured out a lot of little bit America's it that they listed different type of I don't even have to ask you sort of see what they were going to go to the set
00:18:52that when dealing with the stuff that you hate them put them in a way that they can only be to see them be the numbing beetle fell back on my bike I bike including be they Joe and I believe that Comey glasses though one that sat me my
00:19:06clothes about them and if and when I a three minute limit quelling I'm going to say they're not going to be up at the my middle school who until they put too much thought I know in high school who would do that but that's what the applicant in
00:19:18one of those I am working on my thigh high school either way and members I don't see them if we badly as it goes I know mine is a different than dusting and halfway and I made that also this week that by of it out so that the
00:19:32images he and I also is that I think that on some of them get a sensible and Max board game and the outlying I am the head of it's only been a little to me say those little is a mother does like to make a living book aside
00:19:47temple but other than I guess I am as I write down there when I need them in didn't give us a but I had completely enables us but then the the but I meant that turn up how fun the intensive the late to deny all the evidence on
00:20:02all the different cycles but it also made another summer movie battle but don't but into a college but could do you actually went overseas no overseas sale well then let out a out of state with the out of state to make acting and gas I mean we come
00:20:21up with the employees of other because of them being the last body as I had to guess at by the collision billion now my handicap or Becca but even at that goes out but I but I know that but the handicapper Baker for the poor ticket for it
00:20:33that's yeah you don't love what do you like it the way you know so you went to a ball and a collie collision level even be Kenya and BFD bug **** Egypt have it there but I got to let them in like in most of the time on
00:20:46the field they get us outings that I had to guess we are probably a lot of sewing and coach and that a little it can get into the alley the check they go on the mental continuum upon them which might oppose I see like classes some of our
00:20:57CD so but my faucet unit dimple by political move to get up quickly launched into one that the book does he go us isolated elegantly isn't that asio number inactivity dimple bottle a live in the city because of its classes will defuse it up with a good thing
00:21:14not getting up upset that a minute later being just wanted that access to them with Iraq I think that I thought that I found so will be made a little or even a super chill a little had thrown on the whole thing less in December back at the
00:21:28plate but ID is different gotta see legacy other double circle of it and that they had them all right there right in the eye and one of them is like talking with infertility input enough to escape it is a blessing flexible and beside that I had a part
00:21:39time look is identical to be scheduled as I look at Chernobyl that's a brigade was a law that they at the embassy the glassy but are not any of the embassy going don't forget the other class the elite about like the guy so that I don't think that
00:21:51outweighs the network when I would get on the coast but a simpler thousand I will end up I think that all of the members some of flood was blown off with it but I don't but I use has levy that may as an athlete and athletes inside that
00:22:05what date does take better act is train the old vision got a vase of what limit the ample mobile as well and the mentality that it also see me at the ECM man by Sam item might be they'll open in Michael's apple because no probable a young just
00:22:23twisting them below because it reminds them at their own political so as to be important sap yeah freedom completely all staff with some little delegate from like last maybe when I wasn't allowed to do that on your nobody ever thought about it you can have a good meal
00:22:40out on that idea yet there is a look at them as a look I think it you always or the first semester and doing so much that you make it to the ten AM class and then the second semester you can even make it to the ten and
00:22:52that's a case of that one of us I thought they had with them but I like seeing go the way that they see it as a game but the look on and all the money to get out of my mouth indicate then went down see in I'm as
00:23:03something that the cause of this is done the VC less at that time at the end of time hardware which the actual also see they'll be at the bronze last at the little that I've been to cocaine and personal semi regular cigarette of the day and what I
00:23:17might note that what you mean yeah I mean on the logic what NDC code but we as a lot of what I mean they are like less than a it provides a new idea and prevent the symptoms that are classified as a leg and the I mean it'll
00:23:30save on film flag let me to sing but I mean I don't know about a foot on it doesn't remind you that something a little less out it I don't like it switching switching the ensuing goes and sell up and then someone should be ample Amgen thing is
00:23:50I hand as circles I switch on a little bit said also but Superman allow more time for example when the three seat what does the US and go yeah that's him on a limited this yellow was a good at the moment when you manage but I don't know
00:24:03too much about the weapon that a guy is a little to look at us through the fence yeah letter some put it in college and my seat again and we talked about him in the **** and tell you that they want to that the setting up and then
00:24:14take drama more let's say it's what exactly Joe doing these little bottom line and that one also hot sodas and they're going to die in the ground I don't this so common for it do they simply give the common cold finds him eating good at listening cackle than
00:24:28it wasn't the case at the young the out of state of it get it get it out of my little about and say hi getting it but I love the other ones and like us that way become a cool place that it went across as I said dependent
00:24:42they I can depend in the attack by three to Gaza roommates the lead role by a casino tomorrow orbital the truck one million but like I said the black ice on learning but like I said before as of late is that pretty metagame act on those who easily
00:24:57call me Bubba metadata yet them on the same island the model apartment super nice I know little one up in a person and as I bent them into a super nice numbers I love it them into cheating at the lotus in that thing yeah animals quadro roommates but
00:25:11I would assume so and I don't eat them one night at the adult learning you know you need your C. set out to Kevin reconstruct and Justin that allow me up you wanna and does it and I'm in a local scene at the blast site I either put
00:25:25it out white though and buying you give the court to eat Banja I look at those and don't buy quite deciding when I got my idea that economic he said that he will handle and IT but of the mechanical John the percent gay if I'm being it would
00:25:40be live I'm being a little problem with the site yeah I will spend a move like this if I don't know about us because I don't see it sort of follows a good thing and I said to have a certain look do gooder and then say had that
00:25:56is that when I goes up I've been secret at Argo okay but they've gone but a little looking like a complete I'm almost don't you look at I like went the the playability them and take one home but only in Baltimore exactly all in one minute that I
00:26:10love that that I brought them into going but I won't month on it they will throw out a lot eating either I'm being because I a Mexican okay I'll close enough to it because you know it goes into a west African kind they can get it to load
00:26:22them as the other principal torching but our lateral about it come again I do is along the Rio to sit in the value of time and money to Amanda like it because it was a little bit of daughters intellectually is a slowly into going it slowing down sign
00:26:38a slow and and a sense of exactly what I'm being to that date they I don't know where I get up at the guy you get turned sour but I robot Bobby source you I am basic is that it doesn't have any background die if they get a
00:26:52go may not be an abacus at all that what I wasn't a hard call but I'm almost done the call me that better let me look at the end of the line item to a back room to monitor manage to come get the lead out akki a best
00:27:03call me that I wouldn't want to own from what I see in the doorway and Wesley yeah I say money may yet gone to so many may I say my not gone dole told a fellow got up on the the neck it will Kate as an older you
00:27:19up out eleven data by Lou quite doesn't cancel the intelligence daily mercies of no well below the white the number CD do not look at them like us assassinate the equity because as the S. out a window equant that led to look the simple and temperamental and come
00:27:37back to that because I think that was enough to get a weird as hell that tickle scene at the gate if with this okay get out the will of them I mean embrace as a general guess you'll see that right there shave can also goes into more detail
00:27:52began I guess empirical Siva and don't say I give within a few weeks to get a comment don't it goes in there and then say Isaac AMS yet boil messianic I and then in the bottom see and don't say I believe you can have a safe Senate looking
00:28:09how I say it is a big %HESITATION we rock is that rock group that my god I actually love them being IBM basic a don't put him on a bend back Casey them up with them all well within the castle and the subtle sound is limit them all
00:28:24I'm really made him want at least a little survey enacted but about also though the local me in ways that I'm out of the loop than what the living room the image that goes out as a gate at it happened to them being lonely rolled out loud I
00:28:37wasn't I make a better life I see the things that make a plea SA lot dole but a lot of it on my nana in it I see the book okay get that into classical gift in about a lot but decided I see when a blip in the
00:28:50end of the five I yes and don't say as an elder at Newport thought I guess that just idea about what the little I get telling us in the going on I would be you know coming up with a posse of coming up with a bite they sat
00:29:03of winning I call me and I can get a look at that and but like all night but instead we defendant they yelled okay CA I look at it embed that at the time that the other is a very good you know we would buy up over him
00:29:13with that but I'll at least I know yet insana co locate as they like to look at the TV I don't eat that and I sighed I'm only a mid day me roommates image teammate but yes are you going to send a bottle and yet they had a
00:29:26little missile silo battles total DHEA and does it when I was like a and by that affect up way better known to look at my going back to let them in and not to them a group that I went though it though in medical see out on the
00:29:39go NATO those as I got the lemon awful little bit they see in the among them photo that I know to look back at the remote but I guess that means I guess when I look what a day my Latin assignment them all in one dorm I seek
00:29:50a more than side I don't guess incidentally I'm a part of it signed that Kato Kaelin and Miami they'd EMI no Robert them into a different thing and don't say around inside magic eight party tonight I my idea apartment is the models of the daily Italy beer Paulo
00:30:05guess a dell about this I think okay a you're going to have them book Italy the little kids making us happy once in our hand they what happens in our hand them which I mean where will it go move how to fit in lack class A. eight point
00:30:22gain and the other one doesn't seem when I am by that gate I see everyone's for themselves with the idea that anyone who in high school you of course had the this him but if he wasn't getting home be it went to classes away said that they only
00:30:38make teens and divisive Italians around them went out on their own for the but I'm as as a I see amigo go about it low enough wake it go when you have only eight people like we were already like part of a team this time with the local
00:30:52game winning people and don't say it because I like to go to commercial success in the south because I like it a lot of set us of what is okay but all is not a good looking leaks Lowell so they're gonna say it doesn't go so there's some
00:31:03because somebody knows it'll be able to compete with them but I don't go a second okay makes any NASA and those that we are meant they were not going to see him I got up though he is a memeber Donald yeah I think on the whole day off
00:31:15I like less they want to be in line with me model that and Pacific on this I have to go like a USOC a collector makes I mean go easy what exactly what is it that way land note that though at the wide open because you have good
00:31:27info that I wasn't I make a comment that that they see in the game I handed my your high yeah or you're not going to get your own people a big debate going and make laws it directly at the same time that I might die young gay is
00:31:41nothing in this year too I know the issue which is you know said that all of it but I I think you know professor that we are meant to a good thing right Benson then known as such by looking at buying say you and Sydney wildly but on
00:31:51a good passing bucket I filled out on Wednesday but I mean but I was okay about then look I see only because I open to full to sleep real look at Sam a dicey mobile Saturday in eighteen post cry school going away from college when John Musser sophomores
00:32:10as after a what class of by the furlough might be feces weather throughout my flaccid get chemical mean that they will they live a bit like the U. outside will more and better that it is only allowed a sort of polygamy wait I mean they can order by
00:32:26it but he never break a black welcome with us and take a look at saying it I see may yeah and you know made them which I didn't see on will not glass a liberty medical ethical he faces double embedded like it hit me slap me gas alibi
00:32:40sale of a sick own say federal embedded I guess out when I was a threat and they make a lot papers and resist a letter he added I mean come again and a half and half and a half and like Leslie have only as a result of that
00:32:53was like a genocide taking it and I. Ansel he embodies and then run across a great gym great I'll go this one day in but I guess it'll come yes you can look at them and does a clarinet player makes them and if we made a quarter of
00:33:05them I think don't forget about the movie a little bland on a glass of it on the Fabians and would be a second yeah I got up to leave someone to immediately a popular say that on a I will check on okay on I would move your basic
00:33:19I might be using it though it'll it'll tell you that by the goldfish opal wanted him but I'm activities are going on a this help because it meant then simpler than the %HESITATION L. example moment to open your outlook whether they like when I went there once a
00:33:34month days out of seeing me miss miss what ever made you look a day get the love us ID and I think that I'm not a song about it at the end that a business administration it was you Loni got classic idealistic about gay throwbacks way lately economics
00:33:50and government because I Glasson better like eight as if all you're gonna let closing high school can build up in the algo que sent the gate and I look at me I want to take a minute and the equipment that I got it but of course I could
00:34:01only going to see a yeah there's a classic movie I okay yes I it'll be in college because if we meet they lose your would only literally will come I like to put up our boys I seen a cynical yet jointly in but that was a rally in
00:34:12the amino it did you see me to at them as a matter of fact I want to make something to eat up by me and my lack a low my committee had only you're gonna do research papers and in college gong so at the some of the million
00:34:28things engines again opinion thing would like it at the woman boneless at ease some big about apple and having my reading to them anyway today's for madness that gig was being shown to listen index it's like they shown the seat up viable story we've references you can result
00:34:46reference of things that I think bill at the Apollo and I don't mind that living lab in the news the lab and they make a statement you made on this site of a law that I wasn't in bed that could justly and number one procrastinating helpful always the
00:35:01Mona and Bob and I let it get there Domingo that does say Samantha sing I seem not to have been the low mean go I would like to build on what will be said are you less plate number somewhere BSB away late June formed I guess if I
00:35:18hold back on it and they don't suddenly going that is if I said at the buffalo though and I don't plan on managing the impasse on out of them with other than I hope he honestly and the other below the as I will let the media but %HESITATION
00:35:35on say I made a ram based on their capability but I'll come to you for my seal after it goes a little beyond that got a lot of what I what I see in the comedian little but I had a band they want to see what the he
00:35:49pays the same with the dog because I saw me on seizing went away done is that I don't get the feeling my hospital that they had a look at other mean that those jets from actually eating level as a yearly in the way know your melodic dream and
00:36:06it but even a lot but math whether someone I physical shape up and they wanna boom get on the right to a five hundred word essay five hundred research five hundred word research okay resist sinking into another and I'm going to go go home and read three we
00:36:21find me three articles and do a two page essay about exactly what I'm asking is the fallout that played out five page that way meter ten pages on my homework or whatever you get that the but it doesn't come to that may have won the match when I
00:36:37see and nothing about it when the lasting legacy single by him at the living yes yeah bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit if I mustn't get made out a lot better bush illusion was it not at at at the CBO information there that don't vote for me and that
00:36:54the information that we've made when I took a deep Caleb well Kate jobs that I can listen though and did and that is rate my professors rate my professors dot com and what about the former known that the weather will cut it off professor what is I'm Dave
00:37:14evil color rating aside with the ethically acted out on their website down the blue bus he was sort of poor construction provides another will definitely I mean I propose a normal tablet case if the benefit me no matter how you got started in the middle of million Bucks
00:37:30as after in their own though I would own alright professor thought with the idea of a new month on thinker yeah ideal sack one node loudly pleasant but personal statement they fasten well at least lasted an hour a day full of some of when my professors hedonists economists
00:37:48I would like it they're more likely to be like my students see the and then the stars but they're less likely to do the most personal of course at whatever Silone back I think it was you know I think the court the top bed of remote professors somebody
00:38:02will come from a Saudi on their number last name number each college the only a common plan there's doesn't this by the way I'm gonna Minnesota do it like I don't know what they are them open a little more to this is when you the other person I
00:38:21met them political impact that no scratch no not that I made up I don't anyone will give in and sit down at the back gate but act for new for all sizes if season that had always I will see you went up on little book at thirty percent
00:38:36I'm I'm going not giving like I was on my I'm just opponents say outing that is that is I don't want to look we mess with double the Esalen daily you can be made I think I am I am I found that he did a little spring dinners
00:38:50at the Miami cunning gay led to harass us and they have yet to see this I thought I would get them and you know they got it exactly William lenders are always improving that's fine excellent and they have by now but it is shot out and they don't
00:39:06make the same one and not eat ice line Natty ice nine left in in that way fifty eight fifty eight oh June fifty eight OG S. assessed on the end of it at that deep diving but I had a look at a loss of one third of it
00:39:21eventually conversely I'll gate your flight when we met again after they have made a mistake it is I mean itself by Lincoln wrote Natalie mocha mandating corona and now you're called Bobby but about a when the Olympic up it'll get us in the face and pick a fabulous
00:39:39yeah you're not into my boyfriend because you haven't asked me to come work in the middle of the note the ample time being in Iraq I yeah but eight went up nationally so I have a long distance come with us as well as I thought about it being
00:39:53a on it that I mean along this is somebody that fight when I was like eight Joe I mean many hit I'm never gonna do like I don't give us ideas on how my mom yelling local need it I mean maybe the choice of like well like I
00:40:06would never do long distances to know that damn all the sea org rank at the opening of you behavior three that one thirty I don't Miami okay enough for this and see if they would have to have the the key he went on and better like it I'm
00:40:21not gonna see Morrissey but I also sent but in that job what he thought I would like to listen the empath someone that it the little signed by someone cheating at eleven day okay don't hate classical music pulling up or does the you gotta go I have a
00:40:37little baby in one thousand what other home to eating weighing no Embratel Russ and mine and the simplest will Samantha is simply looking long enough to let him be like and made like I made a complete update just tell me if the lawsuit is done on time so
00:40:53base about I'll SND I just idea and those they come again messiah is locked in a single conflict around the city the city but there were harassed Joan for it that way but I may like it and by someone allowed to look at him and slowly slowly slowly
00:41:08slowly slowly we fell in love he yeah yeah that then why a that's the ideal so you must though in your diet nine months strong yet them yet I haven't so that what is having a lot of heat they've you know so I went to when I have
00:41:21it up whatever and we and then say I have went that morning Lincoln wrote he that will go in the body the girls he super nice super fashion in but I don't want to be in the to the to the story of the glasses and then one at
00:41:37the end of the land the EA land that the signing glitchy about we would loan deal or look at look at IBM that though insult I wholly in the put on the land that the little none of this is if the the feeling when it into another don't
00:41:52think it's any by using a common sight my mind he had not all been the number you have a day older than I have at the end that you think of me blood there's I was looking at the clock on the ticket that I mean the reason the
00:42:01chain and touch that's not gonna attack on the thing about the book as an actress and I see that they'll be able to be like Adam that Willis actor and does it and they're going is devoted to hating me say you know what classes are those regulate this
00:42:15on there so you know I thought someone not blend the CIA was even okay I mean I'm a lot is a lefty says that if things and like it beside a lad who laid aside on the enter your know when I go by Nick I think I see
00:42:27in the body in California is a movement of that single mother delicate somewhere at this time I made that got a lot better old but it looks nice in the song but it's still possible not only wasting my Daddy that he had to look at that happened to
00:42:41somebody soft on me it's also a it was I guess some but I read that book and many of them do it like they look fresh and they look good and I think you think you have sat in my hand that when I face when I got out
00:42:52and what the in the early Gucci but other time a loop with on bus that goes on the land the man who wasn't do not blend as you're going to get the I guess it back anyway I am back in the attic and looked and acted on them
00:43:03and them only and only and battles with us on that old jeep also they're not copy I'm off bad guy and the Saudi government someone with Kobe only got out shut up to me roots and G. S. is another one topic that there be a more we'll we'll
00:43:24in the but as a redneck in a mail out than some but don't think I have the choice of okay guess I'm gay not the moment and then also the medicine the super ho that but combat the thunder I think I'm older than just taking a little time
00:43:38with him because he better honestly joann date Geisel sealer look these eat and eat even when I'm already acting a little a fence okay as I live because I am gonna levels out of you mean venom a new chapter in your life and half the people on where
00:43:56we don't go with the low level gas at all so obviously dyed Bible in the Lafayette that the qualities he said but I look at occurring in today's young the living is going I smacked the barstools to a first date out under the first initial assignment differs to
00:44:13when I need him excell at there at the end knows I keep things he honestly on the whether the little peas for at the easy he also said I'm glad to know much about the employees of C. because on top of a pole and then again at all
00:44:34right now I would guess and they think it will be made to travel a lot went that you know they make available on vinyl but do nothing but complain that robot on both of us have most visible but I'll Wendell you get one simple but the ID and
00:44:48my lack a the single minded that I know of that obviously high school battle at the though I know the quality system him for that that means but the thing to get there battlefleet then a medical study that a a that question when components of the handle yes
00:45:07I ever was a a and sat I'm going is at G. auto sales in purple like eleven PM market town visual representation part of K. mathematical journal and I could feel that there was a and I meet them being at Jorge five eight underscore as up to eat
00:45:26eagle haleem click follow coming it than you do at the the thumb bicycle if I'm gonna put you don't blow up when people do the P. EA a link at that and thought at the end of the tunnel upper class which on the new too medicine you to
00:45:43copy though is that this is great if I look at them and then left Sierra Sierra new to the list is great does so in the last day on the way if I the one that'll be the case think I would only okay yes I'll go Ben closed
00:45:56up when I'm gonna go see them when I thought that on the little at the end of the month and they are simple and compound I got from my family on the moon them you want them there are Seattle example you know but what a life of his
00:46:06own but I don't bother with sauna he can also much up at all for me the problems within the look in no time and then you took eve online but one of the personal complete though considerably than I had when I eat out but okay get him but
00:46:19most of us had a but also challenge the top and some of them okay bring hot wings and the yeah there's a number of them will be something SF plus it'll hold in hot wing challenge because it's a different thing a book that's the federal law monolithic Cape
00:46:34May out is what I meant that the negative we sweat so commenting yes yes number one a proximal episode I with the

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