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00:00:00coming up on this episode of geeksters guy Fox and the Gunpowder Plot in your pocket and a graphing calculator to go and knowing your elevator pitch inside and out front to back upside down I guys come up and get you right now
00:00:25Play Welcome to get yours episode of one that 9200 Smyrna Pando geekery if you will the life of an IT guy what does it look like how do we spend our days and we talked about everything from Max to Windows to iPhones to Android phones to even guy fox in order to get to that a minute but first I want to thank all of our sponsors who come and spray promote geeksters and art and the community I mean if you go to pod knots.com you will see that there are two sponsors right on the front page one can we do in one PC or sorry instant house call if you guys have any questions about those to check those out look at those their sponsors and they have been for a long time of the pain meds Network I also want to thank everybody who supporting you financially monthly one time every other third Sunday when there's a full moon thank you so much for supporting the finance networking give me financially
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00:03:25to stay with us in their pocket so yeah well I'm recording this on the 5th of November until you say wait that sounds that sounds like that then the date since March and I know most of you would say oh well that's that's November 5th that's that's 5 days away from Martin's wedding anniversary and so you're thinking right about now that that 5 days to go ahead and mail me some gifts that's not it that's not it at all but that would be awesome so I'll take us if you want to send me guess my wife and I were married 21 years 21 years on Friday but but no that's not the FAFSA what it makes me think of it it makes me think of that poem from V for Vendetta remember remember the 5th of November gunpowder treason and plot I see no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot as I start doing some research into this because I want to know more about Guy Fawkes and I'm on the I'm on the I'm in the United States I'm in the just outside of Portland
00:04:25and so I don't we don't celebrate Guy Fawkes day or what they actually call it the college bonfire night and so little bit of history about how what that is is that in it's the anniversary of boiling the Gunpowder Plot on November 5th 1605 so thus the plot was centered around a group of Roman Catholic revolutionaries furious at the persecution of their faith in England so after 45 years of hounding under the reign of Elizabeth the First The Platters had hoped to their shows with end but they failed after the Protestant King James the first ascended to the throne so then they and this is a multiple of they there's a whole bunch of people get together with her going to do is going to blow up Parliament and they're going to take it over and they they were able to get quite a bit of stuff in there the one of the calculations to this report says that the physicist calculated that the blast wood of obliterated and an area of 13
00:05:25120 ft wide but of course what happens is Guy Fawkes gets captive that I accepted taken captive notice cost under under in the Parliament and he is then he's been tried and he is the king actually becomes fascinated with him because he's able to withstand torture for 2 days and then when they go and they're going to draw and quarter him that he actually jumps and he has a breaking his next jumping from The Gallows I'm so that's how he dies and there's actually a three-part BBC drama coming up here starting tonight actually November 5th starting Kit Harington and that's a Jon Snow from Game of Thrones tell me about checking it and and look at that but that's what's going on with that fox and white little history about the 5th of November
00:06:17so here's what's been going on with me it's been a couple weeks since I've had a show and life's been busy the last yesterday was kind of our last band camp her band competition if you up we are I I support our local band both my kids marching it and I am the gentleman who is responsible for it was called the compound and if you've ever been to a marching camper marching band competition who are all of these bands that come in and they have to eat and have to get there and have some place to stay it's a place to change and that's my job my job is set up tents and I think we have almost 80 feet of 10th and there about 30 ft wide so it's three separate tents that need to get setup and lights need to get home and we have chairs and we have all of the cooking gear that comes with us and so I drive a 26 foot U-Haul fully packed we rent one with pack it up I drive over needs to go we unpack it we set everything up we wait around for the competition to be done and then I break everything all back down it all goes back in the U-Haul and we drive it back home to where we store
00:07:17I think we put it away so yesterday was the final at the comp the championship finals and they were held in the University of Oregon Autzen Stadium where the Ducks play and we came in 3rd and then we did not make it to the final competition so it didn't rain on us that's good we actually had four competitions this year and all the way from Eugene which is about 2 hours away to into Southern Oregon which is about four and a half hours away so all of them we scored very very well we had a great group of kids this year we placed first and then first and then second and third and that's her four seasons are for competitions right but it didn't rain in us and that's always really nice for me because then I can just put the tents and stuff away and for next year and not have to worry about drying them out which is a huge huge process that's what's been going on with me Bittersweet just relaxing and recording geeksters today and yesterday I was all day I'm in the cold cuz it was so so cold at Austin Stadium
00:08:17better when we're done they said my son's that he's a senior and that's his last time Marching for the for the season he has now you know we were out of the Bands we participate in in the school jazz band symphonic band so there's lots of things coming up stupid but marching has always been kind of the big the big thing now my daughter does not attend the same high school she sent a different high school and so marching season for her has also ended and she would back next year but she doesn't attend that school so she's not in the jazz band and symphonic band so she's gone but I think it two weeks basketball starts for her so basketball for her and More band for my son and that will keep us definitely busy so today I have a couple of things that I want to talk about as far as what kind of has been happening for work on this one of the first things was is an issue with a with a client and we this is for The Change-Up from CrashPlan home to Pro
00:09:17Orbitz Cushman is dropping their home subscription and making everybody go to a pro subscription so no more no longer available this $69 are $15 a year for for back and then they have they had the home like bundle you can get for $149 for up to 10 computers that's no longer available so everybody's going to the pro version of their small business version and what that looks like it that is actually $10 per month per computer unlimited still but it's more expensive me about double and so we we were doing that we were saying it up at my clients and I had one computer that wasn't backing up very well it just it it was having a hard time connecting to the service on the back of service so I thought nope no problem at all what will do is I will go in and I will take care of that after hours so this is the this is this laptop is the principal's laptop and it's locked up and it's on your laptop is used as a desktop I minutes on in her office I've got a key to the whole school
00:10:17except for her office so I thought that's not a problem her office is I can get into the the the room right outside of her office and I can use my phone and I will attach your computer to my phone for then use my hotspot on my phone to then get her back up started and went to started running then it did there's no problem with it and we fix that we fix that issue since then but I thought okay so no problem so my plan was this I will go in she's both hardwired and she messaged his hardwired we turn off the wireless so I can get in her computer remotely we just found the other side of the door so my plan was to this go in get her computer onto my phone set up the CrashPlan and then bring your computer back to the network and she's good golden everything's fine so what I did was I went in and I disconnected the I disabled the wired now what I should have done and I'll tell you why in a moment but so I love you
00:11:17so I disconnected I disabled the wired Network on her laptop so now she's just Wireless so I take her Wireless and I kick it over to my cell phone well this is where it goes wrong and I forgot about this in it and as I was just a good reminder of things that are so simple you kind of forget about that when you move to a new wireless access point it disconnect you from the old one first so soon as I told her Wireless 2 Disc 2 to connect to my phone as a hotspot I lost connection and I thought oh no it's their box it's sitting there and it's asking for the password for my phone and I can see her computer and I actually kind of peek into the door of up against the glass and I'm looking at her computer and sure enough I can see that the wireless is asking for my my Hotspot SSID or the password
00:12:10the old what do I do well if you don't do anything eventually cancels out which is like okay good so in the future if you need to swap you networks and you have don't are not able to get to the actual device what you should do is this now I was lucky enough that from her computer the ethernet cable runs out and then through the wall to a switch where I have physical access to the switch so what I should have done was this I should have joined her computer to my wireless first then she would have actually been on two different networks wired to the school and wireless to my phone and then I would have physically just unplugged the cable on my side instead of instead of disabling the network adapter once I did that everything was fine I got a computer connected and everything was good to go but it was just take one of those Refreshers of the steps to go through when you need to when you need to change Wireless
00:13:10yeah I'm a lot of learning experiences this weekend for some reason these last couple weeks we've had a couple reloads more than normal and I think would have tended just walking out for some reason my employees currently working on another project right now where he's had some updates that have not been very well received in their kind of messing things up we've had some bios problem and it's been an interesting week but just all around a lot of little things and I'm trying to think of things that would stick out that would stick out for me to tell you about and I had some ideas in and it end up I end up losing them and so I apologize for for that but I thought I'm going along I'll tell you some more stuff that I have come in to end this one actually came in just today this is one where where a client of mine emailed me and her email says her email says his is this and she said well and I'm sorry if I didn't get ahead of myself
00:14:10email says was could you look at what this person wrote below he's one of my people that she works with and he's trying to get CS eoir she's trying to get Espeon or new website and it could be a potential problem that he's noticing what's happening this is my client had a domain on my and I was hosting it and I was in the main register she then moved that to a new domain registry Newton it moved a new site new domain registrar new hosting provider I just did a URL redirect from the domain my registrar to her when you do that it is a it gets what's called a 302 redirect in the 302 redirect is a temporary directions when you go and you and you do some SEO book intentionally happen is that 302 redirect will hinder that because it's set for temporary what you need to do is set up what's called a 301 redirect and I had to do some research because this isn't something that I know a lot about
00:15:10but it turned out to be fairly fairly simple and so here's some information that I have about this in in re this to you so silly you are one is not a native record native DNS record type specifying the URL redirect for a hostname create an underline a record that redirects the name of your EuroRail to the forwarding server the service number for Matt HTTP 301 redirect to the URL you specify in the address field so that's what that means is if I have a site called my blog site and I want to redirect it to geeksters I will then do a redirect with with from usually go into your a record and you can maybe you're not you're a record are you going to host names you could do it you were redirecting you can say anything hit my blog site go to geek sears.com and what would happen is you would type in my blog site they would hit the domain register the domain register I would just do a blind forward of go to get your
00:16:10come in his head that way here's one of the things you could run into is that what would happen if you go to my blog site.com Emma Bando then when it does a redirect it goes to kickstarter.com Mo Bando and that may not exist so there's a couple ways to fix that so how do we originally fix the the reader by default it's a 302 well what you can do is at the very end of my blog site.com you do a / reader so read it Reader so re dir underscore mode equals 300 that's it you put that in there it now then tells the redirect this is a or since back to you the redirect that this is a 301 redirect this is a permanent redirect what would happen I'm just one of the thoughts would be okay well what if we just maybe keep the temporary direct until more clients know about the fact that she has purchased a new domain and we go from there but the problem is is that
00:17:10she purchases domain all the way through July 9th of 2025 so it's going to be awhile on that but back to your original issue of what happens if you go from my blog site.com emo band O2 and it goes to keep sears.com it'll go to dish.com / Mo Bando what what you can do is that's where you do some wearing and I have some notes on that as well but you can put in some ampersands instead of question marks thumb but that's only knew that just came up today and I want to talk to you about that is if you had your your redirect you know what and how to fix how to fix that my kids my son likes Emerson to senior my daughter is a sophomore this year and she's been working on some math problems in and a lot of it comes down to a graphing she's in algebra and sometimes she they can do a little more advanced stuck my son's like others his website and I've never heard of this website until just the other day and it's called Desmos d e or desmosis Desmos
00:18:10and the tag is graphing on the go there's an app for that you can get it both in the Apple Store the Google Store for the Android store and you can do it online this is a great way to put in your calculations and you can the graph stuff and it shows you pimp lots of pointers and all of this kind of cool stuff so if you have a student it's in school or you do some graphing check out Desmos. Com
00:18:36all right there was something else oh yes so I had I had a project going on and I was a little bit early to it so I stopped by a coffee shop that don't visit very often and it's a place called Longbottom stopping by my friend work there so I thought well what I'll do is I'll stop in I'll get some coffee and I will talk with her and just say hi so I stopped in order my coffee sit down text her and she said oh she's upstairs working she'll come down in the moment so she comes down and she sees my laptop is on and she says our wireless is terrible here I said yes I have noticed that it is terrible and he said not only that but I can see everybody else so I'm dealing with this is not the best wireless in is pretty darn slow and she's as well or manager is upstairs in and I've talked to him about you a couple times and you're here would you do want to meet him NyQuil sure let's let's talk it so she goes upstairs
00:19:36and she comes back down in about 10 minutes or so with him and she said I thought he was going to give his business card but. So he sat down with me he we start talking about his business and what he has and what he wants and what he wants to go with it he does have I to support and is it support is they had a lot of his applications but not necessarily his Network so I'm right there quick to give him my little elevator pitch and we start talking about things and what I can do for him and who I work with which he works with them and so I have great references and come to find out what happens is everybody on the public network she may not even on the public network is running through a DSL okay so then everybody on the private Network they have a fiber line and a coax like XO your cable company line
00:20:25but they don't touch Nets great there's no physical connectivity there but he has three separate connections that has to deal with this at all this is what we could do anyone sees look Saturday at expanding and he's wants to get his customers you know any of the people lot of people come in there for the coffee but if they would stay for the wireless then maybe he can get them drink more coffee or more sandwiches or more Foods or bagels or snacks or whatever else we get talking and his he's going to keep things are going to come through a little bit and we're going to start working with them and I said that's the plan right now we'll see what happens I know is I T guys currently out of out of town on vacation and so I will be able to hopefully maybe step in a little bit here and take a look at the stuff but we talked about do you know isolating is network using some kind of wireless access points like Ubiquiti or even the ones that I use open mesh and we could we could do is you could bring it all under one one internet connection but yet isolate public from private and keep everything safe so
00:21:25that's exciting and we're looking forward to working with that everything that had happened was and I don't get back to why I'm talking about these two specific to specific stories in in a moment at the very end there's a there's a lunch Place away from me it's called the meeting place and that's meating place and they it's a butcher I'm so you go in there and of course bacon bacon and all the bacon you can possibly want beef sticks and regular cuts of meat in pork and chicken and some of that pipe right next to it is the restaurant in the restaurant serves delicious food fresh food so so good and I was there in and there's a hey when a free lunch in 3 business card in so I didn't think anything of it was just last week I'm driving along in my phone rings answer it it's it's a gentleman whose a financial advisor and I thought
00:22:21he's going to try to send me something so we can talk a little bit more niece is so here's what happened he says you put your card in at the meeting place if you want a free lunch I provide the street lunches so I can take you and up to three people you can have a lunch all on me he says the only catches you got to listen to what I have to say it says you sit down give me 5-10 minutes of your time I'll talk to you about my financial planning what I can do for you how we can help you as a business grow and I will pick up your lunch alright but then I going to tell him I say well here's the problem I run into is that I don't always have time to eat lunch mod lot of times and I told him it's just as after he called me right about lunch time and I just stopped off at like a local convenience or like a 7-Eleven and I picked up some hotdogs beginner two hot dogs cuz I was hungry I've been on the road all day and I said the problem is I don't always make it to that place for lunch because it is a bit out of the way it's delicious when I can but it's out of the way of where I go and I said so I don't always I don't always make it he said yeah that's that's kind of what happened she says there's
00:23:21people that when they call they say no thanks in there they pass it on I sent this I I want to hear what you have to say and of course I want the free food but I don't always make it and he goes well you know that's okay I can make an exception for you you say you said you sound like a busy guy and I'll I'll just let me know when you want to eat and it will make it happen I said okay great then you go to but I do have a couple questions for you and financial planning is well I'm not doing any financial planning it's something that I need to do now having this business now for almost 6 years I need to start start having some more financial planning since I'd really like to sit down and meet with you and see what you have to offer and what you have to say me some sounds great he says what are you do to me and I said well I came my little elevator patient and I said here's here's what I what I do and it goes well I'm not so happy with my it guy and said okay he says so what I would want to do since I want to go ahead and meet with you at some point and have you talked to me about Mighty and we can get together and we can see we can have them there and so this
00:24:21call cuz I didn't set any time up with him he sounds like he's at more time up with me so this call for me for winning a lunch at a meeting place to sit down and listen to him talk about financial planning turned into a potential customer care where it now this week I'm going to follow up with him I'm going to see how I get when I can meet with him and I told him I said you know what I'll take you to the meeting place for lunch then and you can be one of my three he got a chuckle out of that but I like how they were these two stories really wrap up to is do you know your elevator pitch do you have that down I do you practice it do you just say you know Amanda Computing you know what we do is we provide small-to-medium it support we are the IT people that when you come when your company's don't have the need or the financials the financial need to have anybody on site that's where we come in we partner with you we protect your computer's we work with you proactively not just reactively to keep your computer safe secure and virus-free from the network and we will work with you on any new Integrations you have
00:25:21the future
00:25:22it's not always liked those it's not always working right it's it changes up it makes it up a little bit sometimes you change your for the type of environment he ran in the person you're talking to but you have to know at least the foundation of your elevator pitch you want to be able to give your pics you want to sell yourself in 10 seconds right know your elevator pitch know what you're going to say because I took I had two times were both these times I didn't know I knew he was going to have to say my elevator pitch but yet you know right out of the blue boom possibly land of the client because I was able to give him a elevator pitch how I received one of my doctors offices in the one of the big veterinary clinics that we're working with is that I sat down to him next to him I said down next to him on a plane and he says what are you do and I told him and he said I need an IT guy and I signed them up and I've been with him now for two and a half years and I'm his it guy for 35 computers and two servers and remote clients and VPN and we're putting in a watchguard you know I do a lot of stuff for this doctor and it's because I was able to say boom
00:26:22started out here's what I can do for you in here so I can support you and with confidence practice your elevator pitch so it doesn't sound like you're guessing or you know what you're going to say. You and I think you may be can do this practice practice practice it it's not you don't have to do no stand in the mirror and and stuff but definitely just think about your elevator pitch because you want to be able to recite those boom boom boom when that time comes up and you can possibly make a sell right there right beside yourself get out there. I was excited about that I'm going to follow up with him this week I've got another client that I'm going to follow up with this well he's got two computers and he's just same thing I met him at a band competition and we were just talking and he said what are you do here's my story he says let's talk and then his unfortunate his father passed away and so we needed to read me to postpone our meeting but we will be meeting coming up soon number to be able to help me support his his Network got a call from one of my clients
00:27:17I guess was last week when it was a week before the end of the week and the what happened was they got a new phone system and now this client is very reactive I don't do practice stuff for them they call me as needed that's just what they want and so I don't really have a full understanding of their Network because it's really the only thing I've done for them and set them up with some hoes exchange and it's all been virtualized and I remote to the server or their computers me get things set up and we're good to go so happened was and and that's going to change we got Rewritten up them up a proposal to come in and just say we really can't I can't be that hands off I need to have more information I need to be able to support you better so what happened was is CenturyLink up here came in and they put in a new phone system is shoretel phone system it so all my customer and the bank next door received new phones because the owner of the property had had they've all got together and said we're going to do short of phones for the whole complex
00:28:18but the shoretel phone system for the my client is actually in the bank that okay so I will try to figure this out and how this all came to me was hey Martin we need you to put the shoretel application on our computer so that we went to phone rings we kind of get call waiting and call information on on our computers I said okay we can we can do that and I said why I need some information from the company I need to know their phone information because you got to log on to some servers and they said know if I will get ahold of you but then I get ahold they get ahold of me and their talking almost a completely different language talking about interconnectivity and how they're going to set everything up and I said well this is odd so I finally get back and forth back and forth with the with the tech guy like you know what let's just let's just meet and go down there let's just this is visit so we go on site he comes up I go over there on site and he shows me the new shoretel phone system
00:29:18it's great it's all nicely needing patch management the cave on a racket beautiful he said so what we really need from you then after everything said that he says we need your up like so that way we can tap your computers into our phone system and I said you guys are Uplink you're the it right you didn't you just say you took over alright the phone and to go nowhere just providing phones like there's biscuits on the floor and phones computers are plugged into them and they said I don't think so he goes over there and he starts poking around a lil bit more and something we missed was that that I knew they had a wireless access point what I didn't realize it was that is the wireless access point that is the internet right there for them they have a DSL line coming into a Netgear wireless router and that is how they get internet for all the computers
00:30:09should I should I didn't know that missed it didn't catch it and it one way or another didn't wasn't on my staff so now we're in this issue of they have a wireless router providing internet for them and their phones are plugged into the phone system now we can't plug the computers in the phone system they don't want that they just want us to give them up link so I went back over and we talked about this in and went back over to the site and I said we would have a couple options one we leave it like it is you continue to work up your wireless you have your phones on a completely separate physical Network completely separate Network and the two will never talk to each other we bring it and do I see for your computers we bring them up to speed because this DSL is not working for you guys you guys are talking about slowness and then we on the back and we do like a wash card and now we can enter like all of the devices together and we can make sure that their IP address came in the what in the VIP just came for the phones can actually talk but and we go that route
00:31:09it's over writing on them up a proposal for that plus just a proposal in general of all around let's get you under are managed to manage antivirus patch management and that's one of the things that we've been did that I am I play have been really working on these last couple weeks is is looking at our pricing model looking at a pricing structure and trying to come up with a better way that it's more of the all-inclusive one no not all inclusive is in just all you can eat we're going to go ahead and and and the get a short change for it but our pricing will be based on certain things in your company and so we're working on that we're pricing that out in the work site about getting that rolling out cuz I think in the long run it's going to be a lot easier and Stephanie be a lot easier for my my bookkeeper nickeling and diming in that not me not to come in but every little thing is a cost-reduction say okay this is all this
00:32:05just working working on getting that that going in so I'm I'm excited about about that coming up here
00:32:12come on news stories I thought I would talk to you about was like I came across this one and it says how to fix stuck Windows 10 updates and this is kind of cool I haven't had this I haven't needed this yet cuz you had some other issues but this website goes through some checks about what you can do about checking your Windows updates and then if you don't if that doesn't work then there is a script that actually will go through and help you fix Windows 10 updates and I'm actually looking forward to that to try that out I may have to just throw it on the Windows 10 box just to try to chat Works Windows 10 control anti Ransom future is now live you may have heard of this we're now in the new fall creators update that would be 1709 controlled fire access is now available so that allows it has a feature that allows users to control who can access certain folders here's the thing for that you have to use their Windows Defender has
00:33:12Beyond enabled and running for this to work is its Baxley built into Windows Defender so if you go through the steps to talk to you about how to set up a folder access but it looks pretty cool you can be pretty specific on that sucks then if you don't have that what you can do is you can actually do it through looks like the group policy management inside of the computer itself so there's a couple things that I wanted to to throw out to you oh I completely forgot about this flight going back to the redirect we were talking about earlier there's a psycho to redirect Dash Checker. Org redirect Checker. Org what this will do as if you put your domain in there your original Demand right so I put my blog site.com in there and I would say analyze it and it's going to analyze whether it's a 301 or 302 redirect in so that will help with you when I'm in that help you fix any of those issues that you're looking at end in because I couldn't tell what it was 3:01 or 3 or 2 but I use the site and
00:34:12go to see through made some changes analyze redirect 301 good to go as CEO for that jump excited about getting all of those things. Well not a super long show today for you guys but I want to just least get something out there for you I hope you guys are having a great great weekend if you're working for in any kind of Educational Federal stuff looks like you got a holiday coming up later Computing is just growing and growing and growing on the 8th so this coming up this week is a couple big things for me on the 8th albana Computing celebrate 6 years and I'm super excited that it's been 6 years they were growing strong and we're just going now we are just growing and I'm actually looking more and more at another check and see how we're going to work that out which is allow me to be more business side and having another check on the field and then of course the tent and married to my beautiful bride for 21 years I'm excited about that some guys have a great great week coming up here listen to the Pod let's listen to the podcast
00:35:12and if you have any questions comments concerns shout-outs I we had some comments about last week's RTP stuff and it was excited to hear about that and it's great to be back on the radio and I'm excited to hear from you guys next week I don't talk about my local chamber and what I've joined them what we can do and how many work with them to actually get my name out at how it's a really inexpensive way to get your name out there as opposed to something like BNI I did look into them I almost signed up on my local Chambers got some stuff that I can work with them on and I'm super excited about that so you guys have a great week don't forget the Beast disgruntled know who almost messed up there I did mess up don't forget to be gruntled don't be disgruntled Beaker and told I'll talk to you guys next time
00:35:57this is Martin from podnutz pro thank you so much for choosing this podcast to be in your ears right now don't forget to support all the other planet shows on the podnutz network and we cannot do this without you so please if you have any questions comments concerns email us at podnutz pro at pod nuts.com

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