In this episode, we talk about our experiences with the digital nomad lifestyle and how it has shifted our perspectives on the world over the past six years.

This modern-day nomadism also relates to the tribal nomadic lifestyle that humans led for thousand of years before agriculture was invented. We discuss the benefits and downsides of this kind of life, and how our relationship to time, location, finances, education, future, different cultures, politics, and society have changed with the experience of being digital nomads.


- How and why we became digital nomads - The journey of attaining time freedom, financial freedom and location freedom - Cultural differences between the East and West, and the relativity of global problems - Ancient roots and causes of nomadic lifestyle - Being adaptive as the crucial capacity of nomadic life - Fostering variation, novelty, and making your life a creative exercise - The future of states and services they provide for digital nomads - Pros and cons of a nomadic lifestyle - What is a radical self-responsibility mindset - Implications of a nomadic lifestyle for child-rearing and education - Long-term travel as a form of initiation - Learning to live with uncertainty as a key skill for the future

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