In the final episode of Fundraising Fundamentals, host Tony Martignetti extols smaller charities and they opportunities they afford for making lasting human connections.
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00:00:04welcome to fundraising fundamentals this is the chronicle of philanthropy final monthly podcast on Tony Martin Eddie this month small shops Rock I've got encouragement for small and mid-sized nonprofits and I'm saying goodbye it's all me this month small shops rock you can take the time to build real relationships with your volunteers donors beneficiaries and colleagues there have been a lot of guests on this show and also on Tony marchetti nonprofit radio talking about the advantages that small and midsize shops have the luxury you have is the ability to get to know the people in and around your organization you can make human connections and that is really priceless
00:00:57think about the warm that you can give someone with a smile a hug a handwritten note
00:01:04having empathy for others taking the time to really listen and understand on a on a deeper level than we typically do and then that I'd that I believe then pick nonprofits are able to just their scale real care for another human
00:01:26and you have the capacity basically what I'm saying is to show love on a professional level you can do this you can embrace it and I don't think you should fear showing professional love
00:01:43it's it's not at all a sign of weakness you exude confidence when you open yourself up to others when you share that vulnerability I deeply believe that that is a sign of confidence
00:01:57I know you may very well be stretched like not enough money and not enough people not enough time that's the Paradox of you know a small organization yeah you're dealing with fewer people but you are fewer people you're a small organization what I'm suggesting is
00:02:15that to the extent you can as you work with others try to do that in a loving way to open your heart and they will respond I've just seen so much evidence of this in my own work people do respond to this they can feel it certain extent you can it may not be every person and every contact and interaction but if you raise your Consciousness you can do more in showing what I'm calling this professional love
00:02:52like putting more thought into emails being conscious of the tone and the energy that goes out when you hit that send button what what are you really what are you sending between the lines
00:03:11do more phone calls instead of emails maybe do more in-person meetings instead of phone calls
00:03:18handwritten notes
00:03:21a heartfelt and and sincere and genuine note does not have to be long little note cards that they're they're perfect for that you don't have to be long to be sincere if it's a larger mailing maybe you can personalize it with notes in the margin or personalizing that they're the salutation to the two letter for people as many people as you can remembering birthdays and anniversaries remembering gift anniversaries your donors will never remember their gift anniversary but you can and you can you can remind them and recognize it sending e-cards instead of just a standard email and by the way there's a site that I love I use
00:04:18finding ways to treat people
00:04:23special to show that that Outreach to them and to show this professional love and when you do that when you show your love you're going to raise more money and you're going to have deeper more meaningful
00:04:40profound relationships with again. Only donors but volunteers and your coworkers
00:04:47put it out there that is the advantage that small and midsize shops have and that is how small shops Rock
00:04:58this is the last episode of fundraising fundamentals I started this for years ago with Peter panepento in 1912 to 1912 144th and 44 years ago in 2012 he was their web editor and he and Stacy Palmer who is she is still the Chronicles editor both like the concept and fundraising fundamental started in January 2012 very grateful to Peter and Stacy and Cody Switzer he is today's assistant managing editor and director of digital products at the chronicle
00:05:38very grateful to all of them they have given me the chance to produce a short form podcast I believe short form has a place for people who like their info quick and dirty but valuable and informative
00:05:55and that's why I'm also grateful to you the fundraising fundamental fundamentals listeners for providing the space and proving that there is a place for short form interviews in the nonprofit community
00:06:13I am talking with another media Outlet in the nonprofit space and it looks like I'll be producing short form they're starting early next year if you want to keep abreast of that you can follow me at Tony Mart Daddy to keep up with that
00:06:30this is the final fundraising fundamentals and I thank you very much for loving it thank you very much for listening and as I always have at the end I encourage you to check out 2130 non-profit radio it's my weekly longform podcast big non-profit ideas for the other 95% it goes Way Beyond fundraising to help you with all the issues that small and midsize shops struggle way that's that's the niche info is that Tony Martin
00:07:05thank you very much for being with me for fundraising fundamentals goodbye

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