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How good is Kristaps Porzinzgis?
Well, they say the sky is the limit with him. Seriously though, there is no real limit with this guy. There is a reason why he is called a unicorn. At 7’3, he can block shots, defend the paint, run, score in the post, knock down jumpers, AND he has 3 point range. It’s really incredible in terms of his full body of work. His only weakness may be that he can still be pushed around a bit. Also, the presence of Carmelo Anthony may actually slightly slow down Kris’ offensive growth.
Full Highlights of Kristaps Porzingis: Blocks, Dunks, and 3 Pointers:
When people ask how good can this kid be, no one is quite sure what to say. Most NBA pundits are afraid to say he will be a hall of famer, as they don’t know if he can stay healthy (there aren’t too many 7 foot 3 guys who are bastions of health), and wonder if he can become a more fluid player within an offense. HOWEVER, if you were to stop his career right now, you would see a guy averaging 20 and 8 with a continuous highlight reel of blocks, dunks, 3 pointers, and impressive post moves.
I do get the feeling that most NBA players are not afraid of him (there is a stereotype against thin Europeans), but that will change. This is because Porzy will undoubtedly posterize a number of these players, and eventually will become a full on All Star. Check out some of his awesome highlights below:

How old is Kristaps Porzingis?
When he was drafted, he was just 19 years old! And what’s crazy is that even at that age he was already putting in decent numbers, with 14 and 7 in his rookie year. His sophomore year is better, and he is putting in 16 and 7.5. He was born on August 2, 1995, making him 21 years old. In comparison, fellow rookie Karl-Anthony Towns was born November 15, 1995.
How tall is Kristaps Porzingis?
He is listed as 7’3, though some in the NBA have said he looks even taller, though this is likely due to his thin frame. To be fair, he has gained significant muscle in the last 6 months, and may even be a factor for his recent Achilles injury. He is 221 centimeters.
Where is Kristaps Porzingis from?
He was born in LiepājaLatvia. He played in the younger age bracket with BK Liepājas Lauvas team, which was the most popular team in Liepāja. He played with them until he was 15 years old. He then moved to Sevilla, Spain, which is where he rose to prominence. He eventually moved to New York after the Knicks drafted him in the 2014 NBA Draft. His Latvian origin provoked the nickname “The Lativian Gangbanger”, popularized by crazy actor Michael Rapaport on more than one Bill Simmons’ podcast.
Projected Career Statistics for Kristaps Porzingis:
We have yet to see the best stats yet from Porzy, but here are his rookie season numbers, followed by his career projections:














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