After 32 years, you are still an enigma, says Lucy Kellaway
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00:00:42they don't hang around afterwards but make a clean break and they didn't gas embarrassingly emotional each of these rules make sense but now the time finally leaving the F. T. after thirty two years I find myself in flagrant breach of all three I spent much of the lost
00:01:01yet coaxing older colleagues and aging professionals of all sorts to quit and join me as teachers in in a London schools as for a clean break when the F. T. suggested I go on writing a dozen articles a yeah I grabbed it I like writing the extra cash
00:01:19will come in handy and I want to write about teaching but the third rule I'm breaking unexpectedly and unwillingly as I sit down to write this last column I feel so you will play I can hardly put one word in front of another this is taken me quite
00:01:37by surprise I announced I was leaving so long ago I've had ages to get used to the idea and it's not as if I'm requesting it although I still love my work I knew it was time to go once I realized I'd stop being frightened of writing useless
00:01:52columns fair is life's biggest motivator I'm without it you have to move on when we started to clear out my desk last week I felt fine I simply scooped up thirty two years of what place to try to us and dumped it in the bin I badly clones
00:02:10that the letters I've been preserving and desk drawers for decades I meri come died the loss into paper recycling I paused briefly over the collection of dusty trophies awarded by organizations such a now defunct but my dilemma was whether to put them into the mixed recycling bin or
00:02:30the general rubbish but that's clear I went downstairs to get a diet coke from the vending machine I'm bumped into a man who works in the library and is being at the F. T. almost as long as I have I'll miss you he said we go way back
00:02:47out of no where I was hit by the momentous ness of a soul the Financial Times has been a constant for virtually my entire adult life it's been part of my existence longer than any of my children who will now grown up I just told an old friends
00:03:04on the sex with an old source of grief and she pointed out in a slightly back handed way that my relationship with the F. T. has been one of the longest and most successful of my life and now I'm ending it if she is right to say it
00:03:19is a relationship the question is who will watch that relationship has been with it's more than with a group of colleagues as they have come and gone of all the people I joined with a nineteen ninety five only the editor is still assets it's more than a relationship
00:03:37with the building although a particular commute my view of a flat roof my often repeated jokes with the dorm on have been the scaffolding of my working days instead I feel I have a relationship with an idea of the Financial Times that's how I Despenser judgement and knowledge
00:03:58and decency that is so pee to say so it's an idea I cling to one that fills me with pride most of all the relationship is the slightly lopsided one I have with readers you know me or the side I choose to write about but I didn't know
00:04:16use even after twenty three years of writing this column I still count what you out sometimes I write things that vastly amused me like how Jeff Basil's keeps his vitamin pills in his socks would you judge steep it but then I write something I think a bit lame
00:04:35like how it's good to say no and you like it's a loss it doesn't matter if readers can be an enigma to me you do read the stuff then you write to me intelligently about it you have one one another that paid my salary for which I am
00:04:51eternally grateful I'm not frightened of losing the status of F. T. club membership it's the thought of being without the safety blanket of your response both approval and disapproval that sun nothing me yes even this doesn't scare me as much as the thought of teaching ratios the bottom
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