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Hello BoomerCasters,   I hope you’ve enjoyed the free BoomerCast course to this point.    (Have you seen the free video version of this free BoomerCasting course?) If you got information that was worthwhile and better still, if you got inspiration to take action  then it’s been worth your time.   What’s your feelings on this? What about the technical side of things? Are you concerned about that?   The tech side of BoomerCasting will take care of itself for you. That will just happen over time. For some it’ll all be done by tomorrow morning. Other’s will take longer. Doesn’t matter.    It’s not important compared to the big picture.   What will you do with it? Whose lives will you impact?   You may think this is just hyperbole and I’m grandstanding unrealistic expectations your way.    Believe me, I’m one of you. Been there, experienced that myself too many times.   You’re over 50, you’ve seen enough hollow claims in your life already.    But here’s the truth: your actions will inspire others, some where, some how and  when you least expect it.   A couple of very quick stories …   I was at the beach one day, my phone rings, I look at the number and it’s an international call … I’ve got no idea what the country code is?  I answer and all I hear is honk, honk, beep, beep. Hello … is that Mr Julian? … you are my teacher Mr Julian   The honks and beeps I was hearing were the sounds of cars and motorcycles. The call was coming from the streets of Calcutta in India (now called Koltata). It was a 21 year old student named Annan Aman who was passionate about magic but he had little money to spend on any magic. The free videos I had put on Youtube had given him the direction he needed, enough to get his magic career kick started.   Remember I was just some 50 year old bloke, at home, at my kitchen table, in Australia, posting uncool videos on Youtube. I wasn’t anybody.   Then I get a Facebook message from a guy named Kancho Jim in the UK. I’ll read it verbatim - and I’ve got Jim’s permission to share this - Your tutorials helped save my life. I suffered depression and your magic was my cure.    To cut a long story short Jim hovered way too close to the edge of suicide. Jim is now leading a happy enough life and we are in contact every few weeks.   Remember I’m just an average bloke putting thoughts and knowledge onto the internet using simple technology that is available to everyone.  I don’t have any more qualifications than that.   I got an email from Alison Mass in the USA. She’s got a  daughter Annelise, who  suffers from a cognitive condition and after listening to my Kids Entertainer podcast and watching my videos, Annelise’s  school and social life began to improve.   and I’m thinking, have you got the right Julian??   I’ve built a relationship with this family now and continue to work with them  and now little 10 year old Annelise is in the Americas Got Talent auditions and having a ball.   I’ve got plenty more of these stories.   The point of these examples is that if I had succumbed to the stories in my own head  that I wasn’t good enough    or worthy enough to do this - and believe me those are very real things that existed in my head - then none of these wonderful connections would have been made.   And here’s the truth as well. There are people out there who can’t stand what I do. They say I am just delivering the same information packaged and said in a different way   and that is exactly the point.    Thank you to my small number of detractors for pointing that out.   No one can say something the way you can say something. Whatever it is that floats your boat, even if its been said hundreds of times before, the way you say it, the way you interpret it,  the way your life experience impacts it,  makes anything you say … original.   and it makes the way you say it resonate with certain people. You will attract certain people and not others. You don’t want the others. When your people find you they will thank you and say where have you been. I’ve been waiting for you.   I’m not saying all this happens immediately by magic, but it does happen. i’ve lived it.  This is a wonderful reality of our time. There are 7 billion on our planet and for the first time in history it’s pretty easy to find people and connect with people in real time.   Like I’ve said so many times in this free course, it’s still the online Wild West out there and the land grabs and the gold claims and oil strikes are still up for grabs.   What I’ve been able to share with you so far is real world guidance that will save you lots of wasted money and time.    So this is where I’m going to say goodbye to some of you. You’ll have got what you want, an education into BoomerCasting and that’s all you need. Thanks for hearing me out. That you’ve even got to this point makes me very happy indeed.   For those of you who are feeling excited about where you can take this …   I want to introduce you to the next step    let me tell you about this somewhat mythical place, BoomerCasterville I keep mentioning.   BoomerCasterville is the full blown training academy and online community for over 50s who want to learn how to podcast for pleasure and learning and self development  as opposed to the podcasting for business and profit enterprises that exist already.   It’s a private membership site where you get your own password and log in details. Once in there you are presented with a wealth of step by step videos  that take you by the hand to set up your own BoomerCast.   Everything we’ve discussed in this free course is in there but on steroids …the planning, the naming, the artwork, the media hosting, the microphones, the software, the community building …. everything is in clear easy to understand explanations. It’s like having me there looking over your shoulder saying click this, click that.   I have created these videos so they don’t leave out any steps. Unlike so many training courses that frustrate the heck out of me, I don’t assume you have a base level of knowledge already. I’ve got more than you probably need. If you don’t need a video, you can just skip it. If you don’t understand something, you just email me and I’ll create a video for you and add it to the course.   Boomercasterville has it’s own private faceBook group where you meet up with other passionate individuals like yourself. You share ideas, knowledge and talents. Members who are arty farty help out those who are challenged with the graphic artwork stuff  and members who are good with words help out with a bit of writing here and there.   It’s called BoomerCasterville because it is a community.  It’s a community of over 50s with some spark.  It’s a community of over 50s who want to make a mark.  It’s a community of over 50s who care and share.   If you’re a person with ideas always buzzing around your head Boomercasterville is for you.   If you are a person who has always wanted to write a book but has never gotten around to it BoomerCasterville is for you.   If you are a person with passion but no one to share it with then this is for you.   If you are a person who simply wants to leave a legacy of your knowledge and your thoughts and stories for your family then BoomerCasterville is definitely for you.   Boomercasterville is a paid membership site. You can find out everything in detail at freeboomercastcourse.com   My name is my reputation. Google julian mather and hunt around and see the value I give  and the respect I treat everyone with  but I know I will never be the perfect fit with everyone.   That’s why I have a 60 day no questions asked guarantee and let me spell this out for you   If you don’t like what you see,  if you think it doesn’t live up  to what I have said in these past 12 episodes,  if your situation happens to change if you go, nope I’m bored with this now  just email me and I will quietly,  no questions asked,  discreetly and respectfully  put the money back in your account. That’s how I roll   There are 2 things I must point out here   The price will be going up. Boomercasterville is currently the lowest it will ever be. With new members come new ideas. We grow and reshape according to your feedback.    Boomercasterville is thriving with the citizens making it better by the day. When the town limits start getting crowded though, just like in real estate, the prices will go up.   The good news for you is that  if you get in at the current price you will never pay more.  As BoomerCasterville grows and expands, you will be grandfathered to your original fee.  Your support in BoomerCasting and your willingness to invest in yourself are appreciated and acknowledged in this lifetime freeze on ay price rises.   Of course there is always the no questions asked 60 day guarantee that covers everything anyway so all the risk is mine, not yours.   So there you go. I’d love to be BoomerCasting alongside you. Every new member teaches me something. Every new member learns more than they bargained for.   This is a journey, and to start it, all you need to do is go to www.freeboomercastcourse.com and follow the instructions there. It’s all explained.   I’m looking forward to meeting you soon.


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