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00:00:00He is infant simmons i am freddie coleman freddy fitzsimmons coming at you on the espn app serious extra channel eighty as well i hard radio rule quick i got to bring this up because try farkas when i produce is behind the scenes we always play the song magnolia
00:00:14sold by also motley the top of the hour troy farkas gets his groove on time and time again it is entertaining watching him that was very impressive actually i would have pulled both hamstrings and talking pop in a c l try to do a couple of moves a
00:00:30trois we pulled off right there that's why i want to show simulcast on tv specifically for that not for us just with the top of the hour for the nation to see that each and every hour that's why with show simulcast had to be tweeting video tweet oh
00:00:46started showing eighteen people in there that was pretty fancy and a girl top rope as my relatives for a while let me down no dancer from you she just sat there put a beautiful head in her hands and called it a day that's because some of us have
00:00:59to work back here Well alrighty then we're pulling the cart all in that car I sound like an excuse to me why you want to get up and dance period somebody has to hold it down for crying out against joins us here friend here fitzsimmons whether the dancing
00:01:16and not the here thanks to shell pennzoil performance line i'm just going to read this simply and then we'll have fun with it it is a foul of a player lois has had to initiate and make contact with his home against an opponent quote unquote that is the
00:01:28new helmet rule that is in the national football league also the contact does not have to be helmet to helmet and it applies to offensive and defensive players just the same this is the reason right roque want smith rookie linebacker for the chicago bears is not in camp
00:01:47he wants to make sure there's going to be provision in his kant contract that says if he gets penalized for this that they're not going to take money away from him meaning the bears organization and the bears saying wait a minute now hold on you mentioned to me
00:02:01we didn't do the damage of eighth and he got fined by the nfl and and you know way didn't take money out of his contract so we're doing our due diligence even way roque want smith is getting punished because this rules out there and nobody knows exactly how
00:02:14to or how it's going to be enforced when football really begins there's fans this is not on roque juan smith he is one hundred percent in the right to not want to sign that contract and his and his agents are correct and advising him not to sign that
00:02:28contract with that clause in there because you have actual nfl referees who were at eagle's camp over the weekend and for those of you don't know every every nfl training camp you will have actual nfl refs officials come to camp to go over with the players the new
00:02:48rules and what you can and cannot do with the new rules that are being implemented for the two thousand eighteen nineteen campaign They do it every single year What eagle's camp one of the hits they showed to trying to find what a is or is not an illegal
00:03:03hit was a hit Malcolm jenkins late on brandin cooks in the super bowl and malcolm malcolm jenkins hard hitting safety The philadelphia eagles lights up brandon cooks who's coming over the middle and his helmet does not hit cooks his helmet it goes to the left to the right
00:03:22of cooks his helmet his his shoulder pad hits cooks right in the chest plate then rides up It was a violent collision that put cooks out of the game It was not flagged in the game the referees trying to explain to players with the eagles why this is
00:03:45now going to be an illegal or legal hit could not agree whether it was an illegal or legal hit actual nfl refs We're like keystone cops going on it's illegal no no actually has legal no wait no no the players are going are you guys kidding me You
00:04:06can't decide so having said that you were road kwan smith would you sign that contract that has a clause in there saying that they can take some of your guaranteed money if you are suspended for an illegal hit when refs actual refs can't agree whether a hit is
00:04:26legal or illegal i wouldn't speaking the linebackers nigel brad and plays line back with the philadelphia eagles and he talked about that work confusion when it comes to this when you watched the presentation you have their understanding of what's allowed and what's not don't way also action questions
00:04:42about you know linebacker fullback old school down your football how we supposed to prevent that and they really have no ask that was so basically when they asked the referee's well is this legal or not legal the refugee like that i mean that was that hey guess go
00:05:04go let's go let's go go line d okay line them up jumbo on jumbo winner when let'sjust go detroit lions look garret blunt right now you're short yard is guy unity are he's gonna get you a yard He comes in all your battering ram head down and he
00:05:21will is that a flag by letter of the rules it is is he going to flag him every time What about when a quarterback with a quarterback tom brady on a quarterback sneak which by the way he does very well go watch any quarterback sneak what does the
00:05:39quarterback do the football on his helmet lead head down ball covered and he's leading with his head that's a penalty now okay then if i'm road kwan smith again barris fans he's not at fault the bears cannot put that clause in that contract and the bears to your
00:06:00point to start people just tuning in their defenses is hey danny tripathi and got suspended linebacker for us last year we did not take any of his money the f l did but we did not take any of his money because we we've said on good faith we
00:06:16won't do it man that is if it's written in paper they can not saying they would because that's their defenses danny from etienne but i'm not signing that piece of paper no way man he's in fitzsimmons and freddie coleman on freddy and fitz simmons on espn radio my
00:06:32question is when the nfl become so afraid of anything when did they become so afraid that any kind of bad press is going to take away from their league or we put a rule in place and it's not going to be properly received We don't put rules in
00:06:47place and then not probably received when it the nfl become afraid i don't know of its himself seriously i mean you want your lead to be popular there's no doubt that the nfl is still the most popular football's most popular sport in the country yes you want things
00:07:02to be safer but it's kind of hard to have total one hundred percent safety at a game that is played and unsafe speed because it's played in a violent manner that's why they call it a violent at its core is at its essence that's what it is that
00:07:17has been a prime reason why the nfl has been where they are and continue to be where they are but when the nfl owners or people in charge of the competition committee at times roger goodell the nfl commissioner when did they become so afraid of having football being
00:07:31a good thing i hav ng football at its nature being what with the core being of the national football the football so i just want to know when that meat cleaver moment happened when they went for a stat ct concussions and we are small for player safety for
00:07:47the year off a player safety but that that's just when you brought that question up my initial reaction is i have no idea and then you think about it and it's when with with ct and concussions and hearing the horror stories of a lot of former players but
00:08:03they weren't afraid about that before but i didn't care because you also didn't have millions of fans with a voice twitter instagram that's when violent a violent collision right on illegal and with with a legal hit and violent does not mean illegal again it's a violent game will
00:08:26always be a violent game unless you've put flags on these guys and play flag football and the difference is that that's the reason the difference is not trying to dis not trying i'm not disagree with you on that sample but the difference is back then there was total
00:08:40lack of regard for player safety from even the players in the national football league and the nfl we're selling the dvds the collision in medicine and all that stuff but they're not doing it anymore but yet they still don't have enough to say look this is what our
00:08:53game is if you don't like it that's fine we're not making we're not trying to make you do anything or watch anything you want to watch but we're not going to take away the year there will be light will be like boxing all of a sudden they got
00:09:04then its okay just just lightly tapping you can't you can't hit a guy in the head right there be the same thing and look in the nfl you know we were always taught growing up hit what you see see what you hit that wasn't taught anymore than now
00:09:20All of a sudden it was those goes violent shots where players were launching themselves the crown of the helmet that wasn't a proper tackle always hated that part of the nfl i'm with you but that's you know in order to try and make players more safe which they
00:09:36should now it has become trying to make a violent game again at its core non violent well that's not going to be able to have and so with the referee's not even knowing what a legal or illegal hit is with what you will see this year his games
00:09:55will be decided on a subjective cole that will be a violent hit that to me will be illegal at times and ruled illegal because it was violent and this new illegal hit rules this is a new catch rule when we didn't know what it catcher catch was by
00:10:12letter of the law even though we did by watching it this is the new version of that watch i'm not disagreeing with you but i just love would have an answer when in the nfl be become afraid of being the nfl it can't just be about concussions and
00:10:28settlements or potential settlements involving past players in their league made that's just me these dudes need to get busy living when it comes to the north Those players are next on espn radio aly's mom knew she had a strong kick even back in the womb and from then
00:10:44on allie was always kicking a ball and saying she was going to play pro soccer and one day while she was kicking a ball against a wall her skills drew even more attention her boss said could you please stop that and give me those quarterly numbers i asked
00:10:57for turns out allie just wasn't that good a talker but she was a good accountant that's why she switched to geico she knew they could save for a bunch of money on car insurance and she sure was never gonna make that pro sucker money news are getting a
00:11:10lot of great treats when you're the one hundred flowers dot com twitter feed keep them coming a coleman espn and ian fits espn last time we did the nfc north the place they needed to get busy living for each team that division it is time to go to
00:11:23the other side of the north meaning the a f c north let's once again start with this team who were the champions of that division dealers the plane i need to get busy living is so for the steelers inside linebacker big red out of temple calor medicated like
00:11:39it that defense you lose ryan she's here and i know they were without him for most of last season and by the way on that note just mentioning his name it's awesome to see him on campus a training camp kind of helping out as a another set of
00:11:54eyes and a coach were remarkable remarkable recovery story it's in the process with ryan shay easier but i'm going to go the guy that has to try and help replace him in the middle and a temple he was just an absolute freak he's now in his third year
00:12:07with the steelers thing only twenty year twenty two tackles last season but while accounts he's going to be that next guy that inside linebacker i'm going with bigger it at a temple wearing number forty four for the pittsburgh steelers i'm going to a guy that plays on that
00:12:23same area in that same area that is but two pretty outside linebacker he had six sacks last year and he said i left some players on the field and i'm not going to do that again but the project can't wait to see it because he can be a
00:12:35freak of nature it's six for two hundred sixty nine pounds not too much he can't do on a football field but i want to see that consistent spectacular each and every week i know it's in but do pre six sacks that should be a month for a guy
00:12:46like him with this kind of ability that should not be a whole year he believed you get double digits sex if he does then he's going to get paid big time but do pretty get busy living the steel is needed and your bank account thank you interesting we
00:12:58both win defence lady on bell obviously give you will be in there there we find week one and right up where you left off last year but how can you find a quieter thirteen win team then the pittsburgh steelers no i cannot and you know why because they
00:13:16can't be the patriots and they had him jesse james that now would they catch it was a catch then yeah it will be now that's right and we move on to the baltimore ravens this way that needs to get busy living is joe flacco good for him capitalizing
00:13:34on one heck of a postseason run and just cashing in big time but when your net per completion was five point one yards good for dead ba leaping a last in the national football league if that doesn't improve you'll be playing golf in january and it's amazing that
00:13:59when the ravens draft a quarterback in the first round you hear all these reports now joe flacco having his best camp in years really well exactly i could go somewhere else but i cant im with you when it comes to joe flacco because boy they're getting a lot
00:14:15of love to lamar jackson really early tom what he's done in camp and what kind of package they may run on the field for him a boy this guy's ahead of the curve that's sending a message saying hey joe hey squeezing you kid you better step up or
00:14:27else especially when joe flacco knows that if he doesn't they'll move on from him in that big contract it was perfect timing for him to get that contract here that the baltimore ravens to a super bowl but now it seems that the no longer and narrower to joe
00:14:38flacco and that's going to be the case then lemar jackson may be on the field sooner than later when it comes to the baltimore ravens cincinnati bengals here on friday fitz simmons on espn radio the players on each team in the nfc north abc north excuse me that
00:14:52need to get busy living and step up who was that player for the cincinnati bengals i hate to go the obvious one again but it is to me and that's neither do wearing red andrew j dalton that's three years ago before he got hurt he was on the
00:15:08rise he really wass with hugh jackson as offensive coordinator and ken zampese he has his quarterbacks coach and after he got hurt with that thumb injury it just never came back again obviously huge action left and i think those two had a remarkable synergy going in chemistry and
00:15:29he hasn't been the same since that injury and i get really any any dalton was playing really good football when he got hurt he hasn't come back to that level yet he has to but the bagels to do anything thank you very much dough mixing the me has
00:15:45to step up in his second year because babel they know he has all the talent in the world I know it's only his second in the national football league but if andy dalton is going to feel better if a j green is going to be one on one
00:15:57coverage than joel mix i believe he needs to get busy living because he has as much talent and ability as any running back at the position in the national football league We know about his troubles at the university of oklahoma We completely understand that but the reason they
00:16:10moved on from hill was because they believe in joe mixon The reader giovanni bernard is not running running with ones that because they believe in joe mixon If he can step up in year two this is night biggles offense will have to rely on andy dalton in a
00:16:24j green they carried afraid cleveland brown was the play needs to get busy living for this team The obvious ones here would be quarterback but i'm gonna go with denzel war just because of the pressure for the number four overall pick for the cleveland browns on the draft
00:16:40coverage at night and it's bradley chub here he is right best pass rusher on the board in the draft and they went corner over guy good lineup opposite myles garrett Whoa patna a lot of pressure on the young corner in cleveland and so i'm gonna go that side
00:17:03of the ball and away from the obvious one and kind off the radar just because of what they could have had it with bradley chub i'm going to go with your bro preppers at strong safety because we heard about the big play ability that he could do not
00:17:16just on defense but also in the special teams will i can't wait to see we're going to see that this year maybe getting used to the nfl speed of the game he only had one interception last only one past the fence so whatever that learning curve waas was
00:17:28pretty difficult for him and now he's opening up on the physically unable to perform list with a groin injury whenever peppers gets back on that football field they drafted that dude in the first round believing he could be a play making both sides of the football especially and
00:17:43special package on the off inside of football when he comes back from the injury i wanted we're going to see that from jibril peppers at the cleveland brown he's more linebacker smallish type play in the box but also let him free lance a bit like not not united
00:17:57comparison an example a choice why not he's got the kind of size and ability to do that let the pigeon loose a little bit get the wolf office if you are the cleveland browns so those are the dues and get need to get busy living in a f
00:18:11c northway with ian fitzsimmons i'm freddie coleman lebron james doing good once again but what about the team that he left behind that's next on espn radio he's in fitz simmons on freddie coleman together on freddy and fitz simmons presented by progressive insurance on espn radio the espn
00:18:29app in serious axl channel eighty so lebron james not just out here trying to make plays for himself on the basketball court making plays outside the basketball court by opening a school in his native akron ohio talk about a personal story will lead him to doing this and
00:18:44having it announced today and i was going to a school on the other side of time but i was living with a family on the complete opposite of side of town so there was no way that i could even get to the school even participate way didn't have
00:18:56a car city bus didn't come to where i was living but any time i will show up to school is where the teachers would always tell my mom that when he shows up he's one of the best students that we have we just hope that he can show
00:19:09mohr you know and we just couldn't do it at that point time so i know exactly what a lot of these kids are going to bring enough friend dave mcmenamin does a great job on espn mba reported he joins us here on freddy and fitz simmons dave a
00:19:22little birdie named shannon pin my producer told me that you had a chance to see the school that lebron james is starting what did it look like resplendent i mean i was fortunate enough to grow up in a philly suburbs community that that had schools that were considered
00:19:38cortical blue ribbon schools you know they were raided by u s news and world report all that stuff we had ah resource is there because there was high property taxes allowed us for those resources well guess what you don't have that in akron ohio and lebron james is
00:19:53delivering a first class experience for kids who need it most you know that his i promised school is targeting at risk youth and it's starting at the time in the kid's lives that he believes is the most critical when it comes to developing good educational habit it's in
00:20:13the third and fourth grade is when lebron was in fourth grade he missed eighty three days of class and i asked him about that today he told me was a lot of empty days a lot of empty nights no thoughts of having a future then when he moved
00:20:27in the fifth grade he had a family and a couple coaches take interest in him and prove to him that they cared about him and they wanted him to succeed and he wants his school to be the same kind of surrogate family for all these kids in the
00:20:43akron public school district who don't have people you know for them he wants to be that person looking out for them and i mean just a really impressive thing we don't see this every day we don't see this every decade i have a marquee athletes using his platform
00:20:58teo something so good day for people may have missed it this is a public school and some of the things that he's doing for the kids that are going there every student gets a bicycle on there's a food bank for families who need food i mean job assistance
00:21:18in his room reading this and i was my jaw dropped that was dumbfounded so when everyone talks about lebron james is a legacy which drives me nuts because he's still playing in that legacy isn't complete yet what does this moment do in your opinion for his legacy Well
00:21:37one i mean he deserves ah all sorts of credit for just really realizing the platform that he has the leverage that he has the relationship that he has and putting smart people together and people who want to help one another yeah he was able to kind of the
00:21:54same way you see him turn a basketball career into a you know production and movie career he was able to turn at basketball career an endorsement relationships into sponsorship relationships to try to help the next generation coming up in akron ohio and you met some of the stipulations
00:22:15here you know i think it's it's worth mentioning the rest of all i mean it's a nine to five ah school day and so parents khun go drop their kids off and they don't worry about the kids coming home at two p m b a latchkey kid and
00:22:31wearing what could happen to them in the streets it's a longer school year which means you know there's there's more chance to play catch up because there's more education ah kids were fed breakfast lunch and a snack every single day so they have the requisite fuel in their
00:22:48body to keep their brain active and actually pay attention to the classes and the lessons dean learned So i mean just you couldn't come away and be almost awestruck from the experience today and you know he plans to have this be a part of his life move forward
00:23:07he's a thirty three old man i mean we could be talking about decades and decades of students affected in a positive way so they can go on and pay a ford in their lives great stuff dave mcmenamin espn mba reporter on freddy and fitz simmons and espn radio
00:23:22before we talk about lebron in his future in los angeles howthe cavaliers doing post lebron part two well i mean some people around the league thought they were going to complete tear down and that's not been the case that all the cabs have decided to stay put rally
00:23:40around the veterans that they have on this roster they extended kevin love who they believe as the number one option can kind of return to some of the numbers that we saw him put up in minnesota before he joined lebron and kyrie back in twenty fourteen colin sexton
00:23:55turned a lot of guys in las vegas a standout guy who can get to the pain the paint at will who's a hardnosed defender with a little bit edge on that side of things and then they hope that guy's got the digits and geo simon and you know
00:24:11rodney hood should that deal get worked out jordan clarkson and larry nance jr will all grow with the franchise over the next several years and because they're in these they could become a playoff team and so you know they have a new arena or the same arena re
00:24:26opening with that a hundred forty million dollars renovation in the fall and they they want could not have this be a dark period in their history like it was in the four years when lebron left the first time they have a great deal optimism that they can be
00:24:43a competitive ball comes next year and give cleveland fans you know a reason to trudged through the snow in the winter time toe watch a basketball product that that's worth paying money for well whether the kobe bryant fans wanted or not lebron james not leaving the lakers anytime
00:24:59soon what has it been like with him being there this has been official for almost a month now and we're still miles away from the nba season getting started with his new team again after leaving cleveland a second time every day i spend some time out in l
00:25:14a just ah about three weeks you just got back to east coast this week and it's palpable now there were some kind of rotten eggs then made the lakers fans seem like that they're ungrateful that lebron's going there you know a couple of the murals were defaced with
00:25:33graffiti ah but you know i've been out you know in the restaurant and bar scene and in the south bay and you saw people already wherein the lebron t shirt jerseys ah you saw ah you know you saw just about every single day in the time that um
00:25:54you know on the radio station seventeen they have been out there it's summertime but they're talking about lebron the lakers and i think there's a real palpable blood there and when lebron told rachel nichols today that i don't look at this is rebuilding year and i love that
00:26:09people are counting us out it's only gonna motivate us for next season i mean if he can turn those words into fruition and actually have them be a contender next year yeah staple center is going to be one of the best arenas to play and not just for
00:26:23who's on the sideline watching the game but who's on the court it should be special because it's been five years since the lakers have made the playoffs that's maturity for a franchise like the lakers on a day like today basketball so second fiddle to what he did off
00:26:41the court i mean it's remarkable you know by the way what does the i promise school say about a certain comment from a certain reporter that he should just shut up in dribble you know it reminded me of the michelle obama call when you go low we go
00:27:00high rachel nichols did ask lebron or kind of reference that that quote today and you know he said listen i realized that my changeable actions have an effect on people you know things like charity drives in opening up the school but also my words seven effect on people's
00:27:20people looked for me for guidance look for me to be a voice when they feel like they don't have a voice with what's going on in this country right now and you know without directly going at president donald trump is he has in the past when he called
00:27:32him a bum he basically said that i will continue to speak my voice when i deem it necessary when i deem inappropriate and i feel comfortable in that because listen once you attack the realm of sports i took a personal offense to that his message was you know
00:27:53sports have given me the chance still live out my dreams give me everything i could ever want in life and it's such a bastion of equality he said that race doesn't exist in sports everybody is just trying to win together no matter what your skin color is and
00:28:11so when sports were used of ah leverage play too to pry people apart he felt like it was necessary for him to speak up and if that continues to be a talking point for you know some of the leaders in this country to use sports ah ah away
00:28:31to pull this nation apart you'll certainly hearme or out of lebron to make sure that the more positive messages hurt he's a great follow on twitter emcee ten he is our brother dave mcmenamin does a great job at espn mba report always good to have a conversation with
00:28:47him and we did that right here on freddy and fitz simmons dave always the best my friend enjoy the rest of your summer as well miss what he had to say about lebron james a new school would have looked like and also lebron james using his voice is
00:28:59part of a platform to try to make things better described it a freddy fitzsimmons podcast you can do that and listen to have the espn app as well as apple podcast i'll tell you a group of people that are thrilled and blessed that lebron james didn't just shut
00:29:16up in dribble every student that's going to be going that i promised public school that he built an acronym it's amazing people say stuff like that but what are they doing to make things better Well that's by probably nothing using the majority of the time it's time to
00:29:28make things better when it counts in a frenzy always waiting for you fifteen seconds unless whatever's on your mind in the world of sports came with her you have to say triple eight say espn eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six fifteen seconds may not
00:29:41seem to be a lot but you try to go beyond that we'll move on to somebody really really quickly eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six be a part of the frenzy now on espn radio have you two get your soul shine on and make
00:29:55it the best fifteen seconds of your day maybe maybe even of your life it's time to be a part of the frenzy right now triple eight say espn eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six al got alice morale that will handle the tracks you bring
00:30:08the funk in the facts together is going to be a good frenzy thank you very much jerry it's syracuse get it going bud i'm doing pretty good friday how are you annie and i were good my friend question for both you guys major league baseball has american league
00:30:23mvp in the national league m v p how come the mba in the nfl can't go that route to by having you know a cnn cnbc instead of just the one that they d'oh right interesting question because they don't want to that's the answer number one but he
00:30:41is right there because you have separate conferences having one offensive player of the year but you have one league mvp in major league baseball national hockey league they have won every people holding there's no western conference eastern conversant that's the only answer i have is that's a fine
00:31:01because they said so maybe you don't want to change when you want to go to junior's house right down the street when you were a kid and you ask your mom or dad and they said no you ask why because i said so okay that's my only answer
00:31:16that i have for you that's a very good hands is a matter of fact blue in dallas what you got my friend i was your man is beautiful negro man number one you think jerry jones alienated from kabul man when he did at the time manager he is
00:31:29really any of that at the black patch now not only do they do side with no racist and papa john but now i heard he got trump twenty twenty bennett at the cowboys twenty twenty banners that'll be interested i have not heard that i've not heard that even
00:31:44but yes steven jones did confirm that they still own about fifty papa john's restaurants in north texas and will continue to own those papa john's restaurants in north texas here's to deal with that the next time i hear an owner say let's keep politics out of sports i'm
00:32:03just gonna look at my feet walk away because they're not doing that and just to clarify the trump banner was cowboy fans who had it but obviously not the team themselves but they were cowboy fans at the training camp weekend at head trauma and action are boxing will
00:32:19take you to oxnard with dale hansen is its legendary sportscaster w fe abc in dallas old jerry jerry and his national anthem stance he may have ah skirt up over the weekend dale hansen has more on that coming out top of the hour when you believe you're infallible
00:32:41you believe that no one can touch you you think you can do and say anything you want i'm not saying i'm just saying james and memphis but you got my friend it was going on freddy my love you showed man every night if you know they're like careful
00:32:54manic said he's going to lead to succeed man because they're just black city man a lot of people switch over and you guys took me up on a blazing saddles man and move you're crazy what about kiwi strawberry sundae still with this you know just had to do
00:33:10to be like they were never seen blazing saddles way don't he knows thinking madge is mongo love candy going back to his point in terms of what the nfl the nfl is very very lucky and very very fortunate that they've been so far out there in terms of
00:33:26popularity concerns of money and attention that too big to fail they're going to be number one but i think that's part of problem they know that too big to fail and they believe that nothing or no one can get next in them to slow down that popularity have
00:33:39other leagues catch up to know i am still amazed and it's like putting cigarettes out of my eyeballs having to continue to talk about the national anthem issue because it wasn't an issue at the end of last season but because the nfl actually just coward to a man
00:34:04who has a vendetta against the good old boy club that are the owners of the nfl because he was not allowed into the good old boy club even though he had the opportunity to buy the dallas cowboys when jerry jones did the meaning donald trump and go look
00:34:20it up donald trump and i'm paraphrasing the quote babe but he basically said anybody who buys this team now is going to fail miserably and they're going to lose millions of dollars and so he passed on buying the dallas cowboys last time i checked jerry jones spent what
00:34:36one fifty three i think on the cowboys are now worth over four billion dollars most valuable franchise in the world but here we are still talking about this anthem issue when it wasn't an issue and they brought it back up but it's like putting bamboo shoots on your
00:34:53teeth and fingernails still having to talk about it do you have a finished with being a say this a massive massive kissed and i watched my balls in the bamboo shoots soriano the other night when they actually like polled in the fingernail of george clooney i've seen the
00:35:10kind of fed is going on there we don't know about pain no pleasure when it comes to you my friend you want to talk about personal stuff ready no that's not do that let's go to donald the national part of the frenzy at eight eight eight seven two
00:35:21nine three seven seven six donald safely away and comfortable doing welcome back good to be back my man good to hear your back too man hey you want a quick though about till simpson and the announcer gas would have been lost on dollars just imagine watching the players
00:35:38warm off pete come on down Thank you here's the story Joe simpson who had on ly twelve hits of the member of los angeles dodgers he's now broadcast for the atlanta braves We talked him on this program more than a couple of times He was basically offended I
00:35:57was offended He was offended by the attire of chase of the during batting practice I heard about this coming back from vacation They had to go look at the video chase always wearing a dirty t shirt he's got his pants pulled up above his knees no leggings on
00:36:15right mvp and joe simpson got very irritated and offended This wasn't the dodger way this isn't proper attire in any fan that's going to be p how can he identify who chase utley is This was it was very get off my lawn esque by joe simpson is because
00:36:34if you're a fan of bp you know what chase utley looks like and if you don't is batting practice there's no way we're talking about fact is not a game nine innings batting practice with chicks dig the long ball in batting practice but apparently joe simpson was mortally
00:36:58offended and mortally wounded that chase other had the audacity and he wasn't the only one i mean turner a bunch of that's just what a lot of guys wear now they're just comfortable batting practice and he got me betty crocker over it The more i know the less
00:37:15i understand he's in fitzsimmons and pretty coleman here on friday and fitz simmons And yet he called cowboys owner jerry jones a hypocrite about the anthem policy in the nfl final who said that next on espn radio and the espn app

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