Filmmaker Jon M. Chu returns to the podcast to discuss his latest film, Crazy Rich Asians. Full show notes available at http://ktla.com/frankbuckleyinterviews.

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00:00:11Hey there it's frank buckley Hope you're enjoying the summer and going to the movies I have one to recommend crazy rich asians is opening august fifteenth from director john m too I've seen it and if you like romantic comedies you will have a blast And john m chiu
00:00:27is my guest on this week's show John has been working steadily as a director since graduating from the film school usc and doing different kinds of films from justin bieber's believe to step up to and now you see me two g i joe retaliation and many more and
00:00:43now it's crazy rich asians based on the book by kevin kwan what's amazing about this film is that it's the first major studio film and more than two decades with an all asian cast john feel any added pressure Because of that you're about to find out here's my
00:01:00conversation with john m chu Stop John it's great to have you back on frank buckley interviews so it's great to be here i mean it's upgraded everything eyes beautiful we're onto you moved in you've moved in so that's awesome congratulations i'm crazy rich asians a cz you know
00:01:23i had a chance to go to a screening ahead of the opening and hey i had a smile on my face on dh it's a romantic comedy in a classic way and it just you i don't want to give away the ending but it's a it's a feel
00:01:37good film how do you feel as your you know at this point the film is just getting too audiences how do you feel right it's ah it's a relief to be honest it's been a long journey the choice to one tap on my ethnicity which i have never
00:01:56told in my stories before not that i'm ashamed of it but i was scared do touch on it so personal to me on dh to actually fight that fight get into ah hollywood studio warner brothers the first hollywood studio film within all asian cast in twenty five years
00:02:13twenty five years to push that through to get that maid to have them spending money on marketing and actually make a movie that eyes joyful and beautiful on beginning great reactions means a lot and that my family is proud of it just it's been a rule wind and
00:02:29i'm just excited for people to experience because i think whether you're asian or not you're going toe everyone has a crazy family and you're going to really love i think the journey that they way we take you on and that's the one thing that that that part of
00:02:42why i was smiling as i watched the film because because it's an all asian cashed and because that hasn't happened in a generation yeah right twenty five years is a generation yeah and i think that people who watch this film you don't have to be asian to appreciate
00:02:59it yes there are a few asian sort of inside jokes yes but it's it's it's a film that i think after the first minute you forget that it's an all asian cass and i suspect that's by design yeah i mean that's something honestly that came a surprise to
00:03:16me really i mean this is not even those called crazy rich asians not about being crazy about being rich and time about asians itt's about human beings and making the movie of course we know the challenges of going into it and casting and getting a studio to agree
00:03:30but when we're actually making the movie we knew that we this is about storytelling about a woman's journey going through this sort of got lit of her dual cultural identity of following the man that she loves and sacrificed learning out of sacrifice on dh so yeah it's been
00:03:46it's been cool to sort of go go go through that s o take me into the executive suites when you're trying to push this movie through and your you know it is all asian it's based on this successful book crazy rich asians and and they obviously are interested
00:04:04in the in the subject matter and up until now when you try i'm not saying you but when one would try to sell the film that star's asians is about an asian story studios say what to you wantto other filmmakers before that conversation even start you're not getting
00:04:25in that room there's so many things things that they say that you know this stuff won't travel oh this isn't domestic audiences won't be interested in this but you know the difference is is the people out there social media has really changed the landscape when it's changed my
00:04:44brain actually several years ago i was finishing up a movie and reading all this stuff about ghosts in the shell and white washed out and all these things were people actually had a voice and could speak it usually sort of keep it to yourself for the first time
00:04:58people were fighting back and i was reading this from constance wu from daniel dae kim so all these people alan yang and realizing yeah this is actually really true i had not i've kept it inside but to hear people say it it changes you and then i would
00:05:13say well what does hollywood doing about this is so crazy and then looking at myself in the mirror being like oh i am hollywood like i've been in this business i've only done studio movies do i actually have the power to help this in any way on dh
00:05:27then realising yeah i earned this position i don't know if i actually put all my energy until i probably get one movie that i could just like pushed through through their relationships and so i went on a search for what that movie would be and i read crazy
00:05:39rich asians as a recommendation from my family and it said everything i wanted to say without being my own personal story of an asian american going to asia for the first time this khun again you don't have to be asian to understand that ifyou're going doing your birthright
00:05:55in israel and you go through that experience and coming back home and this dual identity that's the beauty of america they're not just one of these things s o going into those rooms with this in hand one we got great producers nina jacobson on brad simpson john kennedy
00:06:13going into those rooms social media has done a lot of work for us that the studio they're feeling the pressure and they need an answer when we walk in the room say hey we have an answer for you you want to know one thing you can do is
00:06:26get behind this movie market This movie not just letting it out it's just to put a press release out but you push it i promise you the message is well worth your time were worth you spending fifteen dollars at the ticket counter the twenty dollars at the food
00:06:44thing finding parking sitting in a dark room and say tell me a great story well worth your time and for twenty five years the message has been your we're not worth that time at least for the asian american side and of course there's been chinese stories chinese things
00:06:58but it doesn't relate to us says americans as sort of these this dual identity so that's what i think it's so important to speak up on was that a yes in the room or did they think about it or kick it back or how did it go from
00:07:13there ah oh yeah the other lucky thing is we have this great book kevin kwon roh an amazing book and it has a huge following so that didn't hurt us in any sort of way other studios also wanted an answer and we were put here there to provide
00:07:26the answer so there was other street is that we're we're excited about it so i would say an hour after we left that room we started getting all the phone calls and so while to debate out which place would be best attn one point we had to choose
00:07:39within fifteen minutes The final offers were made in and the studio said you have fifteen minutes to decide all we pull our offers and so we all had to get on a phone there's like twenty five of us had a phone call to debate which place would be
00:07:51best wow yeah and and so then the process starts you go with warner brothers and you you film the entire film in both singapore and malaysia i believe that's a choice you you make you could have filmed some of it here but you shoot it all there what
00:08:12part of it is singapore is such a unique place you can't fake that that is like a city from the future on dh the the people there speak a very specific way if you're gonna cast people and they're going to imitate that it's very difficult for a lot
00:08:27of people don't know the sort of singlish style wanted to cast actors from there i had never really been there so my trips there were it was very clear that the spirit of singapore you had to be in there every place you point your camera you're going to
00:08:41feel a piece of singapore that i couldn't recreate somewhere else and i was learning as well throughout that time so on malaysia gave us a lot of freedom to do other things there for instance like the big the big mansion in singapore that size of a house doesn't
00:08:57really exist because it's a small island and there's one area that does but that sort of closed off and you can't get in there so malaysia sort of provided us with that but i think having your crew and cast come from these areas help us tell the story
00:09:12better its representation behind the camera in front of the camera having a conversation about cultural specificity that i'm learning on the move which again is a reason why it's so important to have producers that understand that takes more time writers that understand at that culture and that takes
00:09:30more time and actors that khun bring this discussion to the forefront and as a director you have so many decisions to make and and so many pressures that you're carrying through this period of time from pre production to production and post production and now selling the film and
00:09:48added to the usual pressures of storytelling and all of those other things is this layer of hey john you're doing something that's very important to the asian american community do you feel that weight as you're making the film Yes for sure but i guess i feel more from
00:10:07my parents and my brothers and sisters being like don't mess of sun up dude more than the rest of the world maybe maybe when you have personal connections is a lot stronger than that Of course you feel the weight of social media i've i've been on the side
00:10:22where social media attacks you have been on the side where they support you so i know the dangers of that i've also had experience working with fanbases like the justin bieber fan base and we never say never and they have certain things they hold on to that you
00:10:35need to stay true to and other things that they don't know that is so amazing about this person that you want to bring to the surface so so i think i was built for this movie actually in all my experience is leading up to this i grew thick
00:10:49skin i've learned how to work with studios to fight the fights when to fight the fights when to put my foot down andi also that all that stuff actually doesn't matter in the end of the day we are storytellers we're we're making a movie and people go to
00:11:06movies to be entertained to escape their life and to also know that they're not alone in their struggle like everyone feels lonely everyone feels out of place everyone's trying to find how they fit into this crazy world on movies say we're all in that struggle together and that's
00:11:23what makes it a beautiful world so that's what we really focused on in making this movie and that relieved a lot of the stress i'm more stressed now than i was making the movie because i think that the importance of people showing up that weekend is beyond just
00:11:37our little movie it's about if financially it does well in that opening weekend it green lights for other movies that are on the line maybe more than that that every studio has But they haven't greenlit yet because they want to see if the proof is in the pudding
00:11:52and that financially it makes sense Then we will get more stories than just this one to rely everything on to rely every story on dry all whole experience and on there's a lot of better filmmakers of me they're a lot better Ah stories than this one and we
00:12:08that's What we bigger picture is people show up that weekend it's a The door cracks open for better greater stories to come down that line you mentioned your parents you're the son of chinese immigrants from taiwan Yes your parents have the best chinese restaurant in las altas chef
00:12:26choose When you were growing up and in that family environment and you've told me in the past that you were the chronicler of vacations with your your home video camera and all of that to find yourself here now this many years later film school i think you've directed
00:12:47twenty films or something in that room's ok is maybe if you between the producing and the things that yes a lot but you've you've you've accomplished so much and and here you are with this film that means so much not just to you but to the asian american
00:13:06community and to your family do they ever take time to say john we're proud of you this is this is this is a good job you know my family shows their love by by making fun of you by feeding you by all the things that they dio and
00:13:29so but they yes i they they say that all the time whether they say it or they show it they've always been the best supporters i remember being and you know when you're in growing up being scared of oh my family has a chinese restaurant my car smells
00:13:46like chinese food i bring food that smells to lunch and everybody makes fun of me on chinese new year i think i was in like second grade chinese here my parents came and did a whole presentation for the whole class and they brought food they brought like the
00:14:03lion dancers they brought chocolates they bought red envelopes and they showed our whole class and explain why chinese news was so important and from then on i was the coolest kid they're like can we go to your dad's restaurant Can we go get food Can we go do
00:14:16this after every soccer game after every basketball game and it just reminded me that like that's what my family my parents lesson to all of us kids was was like just show them don't be dragged down by what people say or our treat you just show them that
00:14:33you that you love them and that and and share with them your experience and they will see that too so when i think about this movie on dave always said that which i always sort of rejected two of hey do movies about china do movies about your experience
00:14:48on leg yeah one day but i need i need to make movies first before i can choose what i want to do but they were right all along and it's it's a again listen to your parents maybe not everything they say with a certain things they get really
00:15:03really right and so i feel very proud to be their son actually wow one thing that i loved in watching crazy rich asians is you know you have faces like yours faces like mine you know i'm half asian your your lead character your lead male henry golding and
00:15:25in fact as i watched henry thought why didn't john called me I could have at least auditioned she never calls back i don't understand but it's but it's it's nice to see faces reflected on the screen that a three dimensional because as you know forever asians have been
00:15:44portrayed as the villains and the punch line the nerd it never in any sort of lead or heroic sort of place more three dimensional and i think that your film has all of them all of the above it's you know you have the smart the not so smart
00:16:01the funny they're not so funny just like life just like life and you had to be conscious of that as you were creating these characters and yet that was the main thing for me was asian american go to asia for the first time We're not just one bunch
00:16:16of people there are complicated dynamics that deal with class culture gender on dh when you have a cast full of asians you're not dependent on one cliche version of an asian to represent us all you get a whole menagerie of people you get the new money asshole you
00:16:38get thie sensitive best friend you get the mom that is that that actually isn't a villain in the end of the day like when we asked michelle yeoh who is a legend and so excited to work with we're pitching it to her and she's like if you want
00:16:54me to play a villain i'm not going to be in this movie it's like this is my culture these are my people i wouldn't be able to go home if i was just arch and just try and destroy this woman but i can tell you from my perspective
00:17:06of if a gn american were to come into my family what i would be most worried about is you know americans air taught to follow their dreams and go after their passions and it's all about yourself just a cz long as you're happy then the world is good
00:17:20just like where we is like sacrifice your happiness for the good of the family and i know i understand the dynamic actually it's not even an asian thing i think it's an all ah family thing of people who've come from other places to america i understand that dynamic
00:17:35that now we are tasked our responsibility as a new generation is too and even beyond the younger generation is to pass on what our cultural priorities are and so some things from the chinese asian culture are worth keeping some things maybe a little bit questionable and something's in
00:17:55the american culture are worth saving and some things are a little bit question and we're creating this world humanity and and and so i love painting the picture that that this next generation will have to make those choices it's almost to late for me to make those choices
00:18:11but we can lay those things out and how we teach our children I just had a my first baby so that was very much on my thank you on my own my brain about what do i want to pass on to her as you were making the film
00:18:23and knowing how special it is I know you're incredibly busy throughout the making of a film like this but are there moments where you just sit with each other and go wow we're really doing this all the time Every it happens in different departments you know as a
00:18:39director i'm very lucky I get from sort of conception to hiring writers to the script form to then getting actors and shooting and then editing it So every step You know with adele our writer of this movie she she's from malaysia came to america she's thirteen i remember
00:18:57us writing it or she was sort of getting into the details and i knew that she could push it further than someone of another ethnicity because we knew the nuance we could right in just that little twist that wouldn't make it lazy writing or just a joke it
00:19:14can still be funny but there is a layer of reality that we need to see you so we have those moments all the time like i can't believe we're putting we're putting that language into our movie i can't believe that we don't have to explain why someone speaking
00:19:26cantonese and why someone speaking mandarin and someone speaking malaya like all these things combined was such a nice thing when i'm showing aqua fina who plays an amazing pick lynn and i was the best friend and she is hillary she was in oceans eight and i'm showing her
00:19:41the dailies of what we just shot we're on the rooftop of the hotel after we shot into her in singapore and she started to europe she's like john i've never seen myself in a movie before like it's so crazy that i get to be who i am and
00:19:56do what i do in a movie and every day even ronnie chang who's on the daily show jimmy o yang who's on silicon valley they get to come together and play these roles that they don't get to play in other other ways and then henry golding who didn't
00:20:10even act before he is so he's like this it's classic old hollywood movie star that because it is the most amazing like british accent just so glamorous and i think that those things and he will make a difference he was a bbc presenter right travel show some great
00:20:27travel shows we make fun of him all the time all the different reports used to do who knows if he could even do lines but he came in here hey is such a natural charm to himself and it makes me want it makes me proud to be asian
00:20:39makes me want teo do more like this and to show off even even more well let me ask you about him because as you know there have been some people have said wait a minute you're making this film about asians and your male lead is not quote one
00:20:55hundred percent asian he's don't have for what whatever he is that i know it bothered him did it bother you Yes for sure i mean the way of even just choosing him of course i'm thinking these things what are people going to say but also this is singapore
00:21:14This is not a movie about china so people have to understand that in singapore it's a mix of all different ethnicities and cultures so maybe on some other movie that maybe that may be true but this is a book based on the thing he was your educated in
00:21:30in london the character was you had to have this perfect english accent a lot of the actors that we that we read from china or from here were great actors can they do a british accent no maybe they're like close on maybe somewhere good but maybe not as
00:21:46good actress so there's always a compromise on either side with him it was like i mean when you see him in the movie you're like it couldn't be anyone else it's such a unique role i didn't think it would be in but there when you see it you
00:21:59know that it's nick young and so we're talking about a very specific character with rachel chew which constance wu plays i was like i need to have a chinese american because that's that's who the movie really is about anyway that's my path in as an asian american and
00:22:14so i knew i didn't want i wanted that to be true so she could talk about chinese culture specifically if it's a historical character maybe you have to go but but i think that that one wouldn't honor to actually have a discussion about who we can hire because
00:22:31there's actually jobs to hire but to also like we have to embrace our hopper brothers and sisters like they are as asia they go through the asian experience much is we do or anybody does there's nothing on dh he lives in singapore like what what far closer to
00:22:50the truth could you so anyway to people who would say oh that was a calculated decision you know based on a compromise with studio or that sort of thinking that oh this was not a full whitewash but a half wash u s you would say what i was
00:23:07i was very angry and i was like that is such bull and but you know what the more introspective i don't blame them i'm blamed the system that cause the kneejerk reaction to that i caused the intentions that were before me maybe some accurate maybe some inaccurate that
00:23:29we've been burned so many times that this of course is a natural reaction so i love those people i think they're fighting for the right fight but i think maybe they're picking the wrong fight for this thing and again it was a discussion so we go back and
00:23:43forth on this and we are here to set those rules up and to have that discussion is a pleasure and actually that discussion is very healthy for us to have i just think saying that if your half asian you can't play asian character i think is bull and
00:24:01i think if meryl streep complain any ethnicity and other actors can play any ethnicity and they and they can do it well then then we have tio why we boxing ourselves in as well So opening up china has become an important thing in the theatrical business Now you
00:24:20want a movie to be able to play not only in the united states he wanted to be able to play in china and of course japan and other markets abroad But china has become a huge market your film crazy rich asians Strangely i don't know if it will
00:24:35play in china will it Is that part of the equation of how a film like this gets made The book was banned in china so it's not even in china although it's like the most pirated book there the people wanted there but i guess it's not didn't get
00:24:53didn't get in there so warner brothers knew full well that the china possibility was slim and yet they still went with it our argument also was this is a movie for everyone there's not there's not a cynical china play and it wasn't so if we get into china
00:25:15great i think a lot of people would love this movie there and we're still working on that actually but but it's not about that in any food away and i think every artist especially now these days especially at those studios how do you service china or not Is
00:25:32each artist sort of the way of how they make movies I don't make movies in that way i'm lucky i grew up around a lot of chinese people with a lot of chinese instincts so i feel like when my movies do well in china and a lot of
00:25:44them have done that they bit maybe based off of instinct of because i know how my my family would react to friends but but i can't make a movie for everybody everywhere around the world you can only make stories that that maybe connect with with yourself so that
00:26:03you can tell some truth We talked about whitewashing earlier and i want to talk about the tie cave rescue it's such a wonderful story the's twelve kids and their coach saved after so many days in this cave international effort to get these kids out you heard that a
00:26:24producer of was developing a film and you tweeted about it and i wantto share the tweet with with our viewers and listeners you said i refused to let hollywood white wash out the tie cave rescue story no way not on our watch that won't happen or we'll give
00:26:42them hell there's a beautiful story about human beings saving other human being so anyone thinking aboutthe story better approach it right and respectfully why did you feel it was important to tweet that one i am a part of hollywood so in a way it's also speaking up for
00:27:02ourselves or sort of watchdog ing ourselves i also feel i felt really defensive for the people there i mean this was super early the kid's just got saved they made this announced that they're making this movie i was sure that they were going to make a movie at
00:27:19some point but they have this company go in there and i'm sure they are nice people i'm sure they have good intentions i just wanted to send a message that we're watching not just for them for any studio any network that's thinking about making this movie they better
00:27:34represent it correctly and we're not going to sit by and just let whatever history want to write down be told we're going to examine every piece of that so you better be ready to explain some things it was a also in empowering thing after having gone through crazy
00:27:53rich asians i know the importance of representation having people behind the camera to protect or to at least not even protect just to like carve out space to have the discussion of why are we telling it this way who are we telling this through what perspective are we
00:28:11that space has to be defended because it's too easy to quick when you're in a production i know you're spending money every day every hour counts to just pass through and just do it the way it normally is and we're in a new age we're in a new
00:28:24examination of how we tell our stories and how we tell our story who we tell our stories through so is really of just setting the tone of there's not just one way to make this movie and so everybody better be on high alert to do it right because
00:28:40you're late because your fear is what the hero is the white guy who wasn't really a part of the rescue who is now leading the effort and you know he may be a diva and the asian kids or sort of just in the background or the asians in
00:28:57general or just sort of the wallpaper of the movie Yeah i mean i think that i don't know what their intentions were i don't know what other people were that's not my job to like but i do know in things in the past the person the outside force
00:29:17coming in to save these people is a way of telling that story and i think it's more nuanced than that i think the struggle of the kids in the inside the coach and the thai navy seal that passed away in the struggle bringing oxygen to them i think
00:29:32there's a lot of different perspectives in this story that have to be honored and the first quick way to just make that buck and tell that story because it's the easiest laziest way to tell the story is not necessarily it isn't the right way to do it and
00:29:47so yeah i just wanted to let that be known to the families to the kids to whoever that if they don't want to sign whatever things are being thrown at them they don't have to and to sort of set a bar that that they have they have people
00:30:02on this side that actually will help protecting whatever way maybe it's not me directing maybe it's having a thai director a thai writer which i'm but what i know is that i've grown this confidence being here now that i am here i'm going to be here and i
00:30:18can help in whatever way i can help maneuver being on the inside of hollywood so that that was just more of and we're still in the very beginning talks of figuring it all out so it's still uncomfortable to totally chat about but what you may or may not
00:30:32and a helming that kind of a film are producing it yourself who knows i'm very open unless i mean them listening phase even reading people online and talk about all the different issues i think that's that's an important phase tohave so as we talk to them and get
00:30:48to know all of the pieces that's something that's for sure under consideration and is there any moment where you're about to hit send or tweet and your fiance or your agent or a manager says dude you don't need to do this i didn't consult was i was on
00:31:07a plane andi i felt i don't know i felt a very personal reaction when i've seen the interviews of people they're like in the tents with the families i just felt it fell i felt very defensive andi i just wanted to say i knew that people would react
00:31:25and i just needed people to know that like it wasn't one way or the other there were other options you've told me this story before but i want to share it with the viewing audience here you are this accomplished director and producer today a few years ago you
00:31:43were just coming out of usc yep and your first pitch i think is with steven spielberg yes on dh tell us how that happened and then tell me how the pitch went so it was i think back and i cringe a little bit but i made a short
00:32:02film at usc call when the kids were away ah princess grace foundation gave me this grant to do this movie s o i did it and it's a big musical about mothers and so steven spiel worked somehow got visit before youtube before like internet video was really around
00:32:20it so it's only on dvd or vhs hey got a copy somehow and hey called me up on a friday this's the same week the dawson's creek finale happened where dawson gets a call from spielberg was all very surreal you can look back and watching so and he
00:32:38called you want to meet if he saw this short so we met on a month irritable when he calls do you think whose punking me or do you know this is steven spiel well my agent called me right before saying hey rumor has it that steven spielberg saw
00:32:50your short don't know if that means anything or if he you know if it's fake but just know that that happened so don't think about it all weekend so all weekend on mike what is that hate It doesn't and then you get the call on that saturday afternoon
00:33:06and then you're like oh it's really here he is and hey you wanted to meet right away so we met on that monday we had like a two hour maybe two and a half hour conversation about musicals cinema usc because he's a huge supporter at usc um and
00:33:22and at the end of it my goal was like i just wanted a second meeting with steven spielberg so going into their eyes like i get a second meeting so in that conversation i was like oh you know i have this other musical that i'm working on it
00:33:34he's like oh what's that i was like oh i can tell you on thursday if you want he's like that sounds great so i went back to my apartment where my best friend and his wife we're working on a musical that we had been talking about it was
00:33:46like hey how would you guys want to pitch this to steven spielberg on thursday They're like that's in four days teo way stayed up all night for those four days got a bunch of our friends to help write music and things like that and then when we went
00:33:59into pitch i've never pitched in my life where i don't know how to pitch so we went in with a chest full of costumes and wigs all these cardboard cut out images so we're telling the story and it's steven spielberg it's adam goodman who eventually became the president
00:34:15of paramount mike deluca who's a huge producer now on dh walter and lloyd glory who are running dream work it's at the time so just them and us and we pull out wigs and things and we're literally acting out scenes from this musical on dh it's like an
00:34:34hour pitch like moulin rouge like that the and by the end of every images costumes are everywhere and their their their jaws are like wide open they're like wow i think they said you guys need to teach a class in pitching well i don't know they're being facetious
00:34:50coming back i'm like wait a minute but we felt very proud and then as we're walking teo thie walking to the parking lot he stops us stephen with his wife and he's like this is the guys who just who just pitched to us and they bought it a
00:35:05aa week later actually pretty insane on dh and my other friend my best friend jason who was there he was going to africa for this trip teo do research on a documentary that he wanted to do and i was like don't leave dude don't leave you've got this
00:35:24steven spielberg you spent all these years and film school please stay he's like i have cancelled this trip five times i need to go because there's a story that's calling i know whatever happens you take in iran i got to go tell this i don't know what story
00:35:36i got to go tell he went and started this company invisible children which went on for like fifteen years to help these kids in africa in uganda started that cockney twenty twelve movement is he's won we are roads sort of diverged at that moment and but we both
00:35:53used our storytelling skills in different ways and he helped change the world and i help make dance movies so i've always had that thing in my head like what can i do teo actually you know contribute to the world the way jason did that's wonderful on just one
00:36:13mohr sort of punctuation one more question to follow up on that i know bye bye birdie was supposed to be your first film yes out of s e yes it didn't get made now you're a big shot director and producer and make anything you want is that gonna
00:36:28happen Well see i don't know i think they're doing a live version with j lo my version was very different we're modernizing and doing the thing i loved it i still love i think in time that would be a great full circle thing to do but as of
00:36:46now i think the rights are sort of tied up and we'll see if i'm doing my first musical this summer my first you know i love musicals i left dan stuff and music stuff s so i've been waiting to find the perfect musical to do as my first
00:36:59musical movie and of course we do have work working with lin manuel miranda the government and the god for his musical in the heights on we're shooting that in in washington heights in new york city next summer so i'm very excited about that what's it like to work
00:37:15with such a force like him because you're both creative guys both had strong and you have your vision of what this should be that that's a recipe for either wonderful things happening or complete disasters true i think the wonderful thing about someone like lin who's confident in his
00:37:39abilities and his storytelling he doesn't need to force himself on you he's there for you he also understands that film is a different medium than within stage and that the show couldn't just be translated and when just straight up translated into a movie that you actually have to
00:37:59make big story changes and break it a little bit without losing the spirit of it to make a better movie onda reason why to make a movie instead of just filming the state show so he's been super collaborative and letting me do my thing but also stepping in
00:38:13when he thinks hey by the way this is really important to our audience hey this this moment always got the audience to laugh oh this moment when this song is very important so as we sift through all that he's been a great collaborator and and and of course
00:38:28he motivates you every day i mean look at his tweets every morning every night is like it's like it's like working with rock where like you just feel like you can do anything when you're around them Great Well john i'm so happy for you So proud of you
00:38:43Crazy rich asians is there's something that i hope everyone will see Congratulations If you'd like to see my conversation with john check us out on sunday night on five here in l a it's on its seven pm or eleven thirty pm We also air the following saturday morning
00:39:04at five thirty a m and we'll post the show on youtube after it airs on tv I appreciate the five star reviews on itunes and i love reading your feedback if you'd like to join the conversation I'm frank buckley tv on twitter and on instagram and there's A
00:39:19frank buckley facebook pages Well a new podcast drops every wednesday and we have more than one hundred podcasts and our archives for you to choose from and they're always free to listen Thanks for listening and until next time i'll see on tv

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