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Ryan is a serial entrepreneur, having founded DropSend, Amigo, Carsonified Events, and now Treehouse (of which Kevin’s an investor).


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00:00:06hey everybody Welcome to the first episode of the Kevin and Ryan Show I'm Kevin Rose and I'm Ryan Carson nice to see you all Alpha show I'm excited for this me too and we're trying to mix up a video too so that will always be fun yeah we had a little bit of a mishap before we get started here trying to find a share URL on Facebook apparently they don't exist no so what we kind of focusing on and in the show I thought it would be good to First probably give a little background you know there's going to be some people that are subscribe me from iTunes or checking this out for the first time and they have no idea who you are with what we've kind of been involved in over the years Ryan do you want to start off by just kind of bringing people up to speed yes do it I am a pumpkin or I start off with a computer science degree and ended up building a couple companies and I now live in Portland Oregon and really have
00:01:06learned a lot of things by trying and failing and trying and and I love technology I love health and fitness so the computers there if I'm dating profile for you too so yeah the future and and chat about that live in and hopefully I will find interesting sets me an a in a box how about you you know the reason why you and I get along so well is because when we know each other for a very long time I used to speak at your conference is back in the day if people listen to a previous podcast that I did on the journal that we did together a few weeks ago they would have learned all about that but you use a hose to some of the biggest Tech conferences back in the Web 2.0 days so we became friends over that and then obviously you're an attack or both of the fitness or both of the kind of all types of crazy wild little
00:02:06you know ideas and when I get together and chat about them so exactly background right on the investor over true Ventures I spend a little over half my time doing that the other part of my day is spent doing some different types of apps and I'm building a meditation app right now I feel the fasting app in the last few months with my co-founder Caleb and you know just getting a little bit of trouble on all things bodyhacking do a newsletter called the journal back in the day I started website called dig you're going to be a dad now and be a dad now which is crazy and November yep that's a whole nother yeah
00:02:48so yeah why not start another podcast any more stuff to do so let's see how it goes so I think today we are focusing on Focus that's right we figured we pick kind of a atopic and in granted we could change his format out from episode episode so we'd love to get your feedback on it but you and I sat down ahead of time said hey let's pick like a general topic and talk about you know that go in depth in that topic and just see where it takes us of it so you pick Focus what why did you want to pick Focus well I just it's it's weird cuz you know we're both super digital being an outright I mean you know I use technology as often as I can and I was using a Chinese Tech in everything I would do and I basically found that I was becoming less and less focused and basically ineffective and I think this is a real problem now it's I think as humans weave and we've evolved is what I believe and I don't think we've evolved it to be you know
00:03:48top parallel processing is essentially so now we're able to that phone computer you know entertainment I mean I mean I was at a conference yesterday and everyone's running into each other in the hallway cuz we're inside. Focus let's talk about Focus because if you figure that out you can get so much more done you know you're doing less so ya thought I'd talk about that so I've learned a couple things I just wanted to share him and hear what you thought about him and then you can you know riff off at or tell me if you have if you have certificates hacks but what I was doing for a long time as I was using you know what to do list and I was using a sauna which is a pretty good web app it's so good at that allow you to add so much to it are you one of these guys that would just add everything like you know got to do my laundry. Really yeah I had this fear that if I don't you know put something in there somehow it's going to fall
00:04:48now and in this goes back to the whole getting things done methodology which was was it Covey that came up with GTD yeah I know that it was Merlin man was the one that popularized it back in the day with 53 folders write a while yes someone's going to kill us for not creative getting things done but you basically dumped everything whether it's in your mind or on your desk or wherever into an inbox and ideas that way you're not afraid that you're going to lose it you busy filtered inbox into like you no do it now or do it later yes so this was for people that don't know getting things done was it was a book initially right yeah yeah and then it became insanely popular back of my 2004 become a movement and so it was more than man it was more than that, I think that really kick things off and so how did this you dump all of your thoughts into what just like one sheet of paper or how you been sir actually a lot of to do
00:05:48follow GTD methodology so they did does an inbox so you would take her to use in their emails all different right and is another problem and sorry I try to put everything in there and basically there's just too much stuff I mean you know you start to capture everything and then and then it's too easy to set due dates right so yeah I follow up on X you know on this day or call person why in the state or in so every day you know this tool wood would put all these two dudes back in my in my to do list and I would have like 30 things to do you know because I I had said all these recurring tasks or or this end and I thought I can be efficient I can say Focus cuz I'll never forget did that feel overwhelming to deal yeah and it just be like oh my God I'm not going to get 30 things done today right and so I've gone totally the other direction now so what I do now is
00:06:48block my calendar first of all so Google Calendar and what I did is I decided how I need to be spending my time at a high level right so as a CEO you know the tree house is big enough now that I'm able to focus mostly on raising awareness for Treehouse and being at work focused so what I did is I created you know a block in the morning it's like A2 hour block that's like Business Development and then there's a block for external business develop meetings and that's like an hour and then there's internal meetings which is a block and then there is the other thing I'm trying to do is communicate our message at treehouse a lot so not just Biz Dev but also creating content so I've created a block for you no interviews and content creation how do you create tasks inside of that block I don't so this is what I do to really cool products right if you did I didn't ask since I have a block of time you should know that I should you have time right
00:07:48myself from smoking a bunch of meetings that don't actually live with my goals right and then and I'll get back to The To Do List in a second and then this is the best hack I think ever discovered is and this is not an add fina's not paying you say this but I use service called film. Com and basically it's supposed to be kind of AI human most humans but what I do is is if I want to schedule a meeting I decide okay which of these blocks does it fit into and if it's you know AB is Dad meeting what I'll do is I'll send fin an email with the person then I'll say haven can you find us a Time use one of the and I use that I use an acronym so I don't want to make it obvious this is a business that meeting I'm so share my secret serious is a blocked you know one of the SPD slots
00:08:37and then that way that's awesome yeah I protect me because otherwise you just say book me a meeting right and you can your counter melee fills up and we're saying they were having coffees in the issue I mean to sound so silly but like I don't like to do afternoon copies because it just like I just can't drink that much caffeine should have already you know I can only take like enough so many pictures per day right if I use an assistant like a virtual assistant or any other assistant they just drop a meeting at like 5 p.m. in your in your calendar and I already had like four of their meetings that day I'm already burned out tired I'm tired I don't want another coffee cuz I've done enough coffees and having these dedicated blocks that things can fall within those blocks is just is brilliant it's cool and it totally works because I asked for all that way we were busy to get burnt out and if you know that you're bad at this time of day
00:09:32. you shouldn't schedule meetings on that it's hard to do on a free busy calendar that right cuz like it would you would show that time as blocked then it does how does the a I know and I think it's humans basically what it does is is it schedules a meeting that overlaps at slot and then it deletes that recurring calendar spot so these blocks are all recurring you know every day that they're there and then it just schedules I'm eating right now. Then it deletes that one instance of it are those like 60-minute chunks of time or they one big solid block some of them are bigger so I'm Biz Dev is going to do that first cuz I believe or not I'm kind of introverted and and Biz Dev is hard for me I feel it's like takes a lot of energy for me that I'd like to go k how to create a dino thing I can do to be no help this relationship or and so I block 2 hours for that and then we'll talk about this at the ends how are yous Pomodoro during that block
00:10:32I did I was doing it as Pomodoro blocks and it's just too much stuff like to me to me appointments so this is working in in it is so itself regulates you know my meetings are getting scheduled without wifey on my calendar and the reality is like if if I'm saying that being a business development external meetings should only be an hour per day then the reality is if I booked a bunch of them and I'll go get filled out a couple weeks from now but that's the reality of it and that's where the focus comes in I think we should be clear about how we want to be spending our time yesterday of letting you know these meetings all son wrecker calendar I feel like calendars need to be redesigned all together because if you think about like the way a lot of the stuff works like if you set an all-day meeting to use like for me sometimes I'll be like I'll set something as is all day just as a reminder for that day to do that I got notification likes people be scared like book things over cuz I'll show you was busy
00:11:32what day it is right it's stupid it's stupid and then those other blocks of time will show up as meeting and pushes to your desktop and your mobile phone and everything else you're like I'm just trying to block out time I don't need an application for all this stuff it's just crazy nightmare right I'm at and I think you know Google tried recently to redesign calendar and and you know so on my iPhone I tried in it it's it it's an improvement I was kinda nice like you could say is this the Google Calendar app it's pretty cool like you can literally say things like I want to learn how to code find me time and then it like cuz that's your calendar and start scheduling these recurring enough 15-minute meetings or whatever so yeah but count count as I'm done I'll just the other feel like they're still exactly what they were before but I think this being purposeful about about your time and then not letting your time being crushed is working for me and then how do you do your to-do list these days yeah so then I did a ha
00:12:32switch to paper so I can pay sigelei you know someone someone mentioned the bullet journal to me I'm actually having dinner with the founder of this snow is Friday yeah I was right here in New York say hi in at first I totally made fun of them are like this total bullshit you know this whole bullet Journal system doesn't work it's it's whether or not you put in the work to make it work so I kind of made fun of them on Twitter so you have to tell him sorry but then it was hilarious as I basically do bullet journaling now but I do my own form of it and it's very simple each day I wake up at 4:30 a.m. every weekday and the first thing I do actually pop in my my headphones and I listen to something that encourages me because usually it's like your morning ritual lot of people are doing these new morning ritual the new hotness right now
00:13:32Warhammer somebody bit but they see you know you wake up in all the darkness comes in right like oh you know I don't feel like my strongest when I wake up later I miss as in light or did they in sadness of dark even though I'm not as I'm not as far as I want to be with Treehouse I'm not you know I didn't let you know the bad feelings basically and until I maybe I'm alone in that so it's the sound cheesy but I'm going to need it like I listen to videos that are are motivational Indie nights it's I listen like 3 minutes of in that gets me like Jack I like a round-robin list of like your favorite store. Do I do if there's a guy can you pronounce his name it's like Matt Tia's you quote me on that and
00:14:32when is I listen to something incurs me I'm kind of gives me jacked it's like half music half speech and then I'll get downstairs in the kitchen all open up my journal and the first thing I do is I look at the page where I wrote down my Y and we talked a lot about this in in the episode on the journal I'm so if y'all are listen you want to know more about that please listen to that so I have books on my wife first because it kind of clarifies everything right you know and it helps you sort of filter out all the crap that you think you have to do do you have to refocus on your why every single day like wouldn't it like once a year but yeah I find it helpful I mean obviously I know what it is but there's something it's like it's almost like meditating and you know you can probably talk more about that cuz I don't meditate it sounds like a centering you know do that and then I and then I go to Neptune other page and I just write the date and then I try to pick five things five or six things that I I I want to get done and I don't even
00:15:31look at my email I don't I did basically comes from like okay what's the Y all right what do I know I need to get done at super important so do those kind of five things and you know and then keeping on paper instead of the crazy digital you know tsunami that we live in allows me to like you know I feel crazy today I'm just going to stop looking in my computer and I'm going to open my journal was interesting because if you think about it it's kind of well computers II open my laptop I noticed that I'm 10 tabs deep and I might have a half a cup of coffee and I'm like why you no like what it would have happened that was supposed to focus on and then you can't you can't do that with you with a notebook so you're you're forcing yourself to stay in the analog world which I kind of like yeah and I it said that it's this is really you know the steps I take to go deep on Focus that's awesome so let's dive into your next topic
00:16:31sambucus is well I kind of want to give you my take on that you know one of the things for me that has been kind of a new way of thinking for me over the last few months has been this book essentialism and you are like the 5th person to say that did you read it it's on my list dude you going to freak out this is so you'd love this telling you know it's the things that you probably heard before but just distilled down in a way that's really easy to wrap your head around and essentially what it's trying to tell you to do and I'm really think about are the trade-offs that you make every single day when you say yes to something it's not just that you're saying yes in the green to do some it's like if I agree to go have a dinner tonight with just to say a colleague or someone at some random person that just wants to grab dinner I'm actually saying no to something else right because they would be doing something else otherwise yeah so it's really about evaluating every
00:17:31single decision in every single yes that you make an end and asking yourself that basic question like is this essential to me right and there's so many times I don't know if you're like this but I just say I tend to say yes to everything and all the sudden you realize like 3 weeks later you're like why am I going to that kickoff party for X Y and Z who I barely know brand I'm going to be in a room of a bunch of people I'm probably going to have a couple glasses of wine when I come back home I'm not going to be as productive I'll probably eat some of the little Cheesy Pops that go around that are deep fried I don't know if there's a whole snowball of things that that go wrong not to say that it has to be everything but it forces you and teaches you how to evaluate so many different things that we automatically agree to all throughout life and and there's a lot of great insights there I mean how do you decide
00:18:31this is a hard saying like there's so many things were like well maybe that is valuable you know like maybe you'll meet someone at that kickoff party and that will change that should actually are created this this is the hard part I find about that how do you how do you supposedly deal with that yeah I mean there's there's a bunch of tools in here I had to pull up my notes to like I actually honestly the thing I have a difficult time with exercise difficult time with the highly recommend this is I consume books first and foremost like the audio book so I start with audio format and I'm often times doing it in a state where other things are going on so it'll be like catching an Uber it'll be running on the treadmill be using freaking Peloton bike you know something where I am I'm not fully 100% dial into it it but then you know I give it like an hour or two hours to get into the book and if I don't like it and I'm out I just bail I deleted that move on that's such a good idea cuz I try to read books and I bailed Africa
00:19:31so if you start to get into it I'd like the with essentialism I'm like wow this is amazing inside inside inside I'm I'm all in and then now I purchase the actual physical copy of the book it shows up at the house you reread it you remember the parts that you want to go back to in a highlight that is cheap phones around there so yeah it's it's kind of an awesome way to to get through a lot of information and without having to commit the time cuz it does take longer do you know I can jam the cool thing about the audible app is you can set it to 1.5 speed or 1.75 speed O'Reilly and you can just like really get into it and know if it's for you and then honestly I've been many times I've been like oh my gosh this is a great book I'm the slow it down to standard speed so I can really take it in and enjoy it but I hack you know wow oh my God I need to do that cuz you know I buy bought Warren Buffett's or the book about him couple snowball I mean it's like this thick yeah you know I'm and I'm finding it hard to get into it
00:20:31yeah I did I should have listened to it and then I loved it get the book I want to do that there's a biography about to Walt Disney that I heard is quite good, I know it's another one that's like that pic and I have the same problem I started it and it was it's good but I didn't get into the meat of it I love it man that's a great hack yes but but for me I think that the last I would say honestly cash it it's weird to admit this stuff publicly because it when you when you're sure I was in my late 20s that the biggest change for me has been really my focus and I know you're like this to actually cuz we talked about this before it's it's kind of our focus and timeline for things I used to think that I had to do everything as quickly as possible I felt like the game was to be one in the next 6 months the next 12 months you know all the further out I would look with
00:21:313 months and now for me I'm realizing that to really build a kind of lifelong durable like business is going around the next decade and Beyond it's it's sure it's about a lot of small wins over time but it's about taking the right pace and kind and kind of cadence that is just is really not about burning yourself out and not about taking on too much so you know I used to want to come to boil the ocean and do 15 different things at once in like you now what I'd do I actually use Basecamp and I just can't that so Basecamp is awesome so probably a lot of the tech related books to listen this of her to Basecamp it said it was one of the very early kind of project management software you know the first SAS product out the Jason free was a Pioneer in the space so many years ago young copy them
00:22:31are you slack for that kind of day today communication with colleagues and like if you know talking to Caleb or at some other developers are designers in like a what do you think about this pooping back and forth back and forth right but when I want a document things and I want to really lay out my two dues I use Basecamp for that this Basecamp is kind of like our single point of Truth to point back to when you're working on a project so one of the the really clever things at Basecamp does is you can set up these Auto reminders to prompt you to fill in information at whatever interval you want so I have the same that set up reminder that every Monday morning it says since the entire group of people working on a project what are you working on this week in to say okay here are the three to five things that I'm going to complish this week so I will list them all out and the cool thing about it is it shows in a brings everyone together on the same page so I can now
00:23:31my designers working on I can see what my developers working on I can see what my customer service people are working on and it's like all laid out there and then I translate those into two dues and throughout the week There's activity tab throughout the week or 600 killed check off his box and he fixes bug or the customer service people will got all caught up on email and I see that check. So it's like this running log of accomplishments I have a question about that so that's kind of a weekly resolution I'm doing this week you can if you can send it to daily too if you want some people say what am I working on today and then made his list out at 8 a.m. every morning but my question is more rounds it will then one I agree with you that I'm shifting to this idea of long-term like yeah whatever whatever on the comms from now and it's going to be done in 10 years you know not a year or even 6 months but actually I'm having trouble with the medium term goals so it's like okay I know it made do today and even if I said I know what I need to do this week but how do you deal with this idea okay
00:24:31if I have a large project that you know whatever it is how are you working with that okay medium-term like say it's 3 months from now these are the kind of things I want to accomplish cuz I maybe I'm just too distracted but I can't figure that out yeah so what I do is I essentially have a laundry list of everything that I want to do that I know that I want to eventually build select LeSabre the meditation app it's a list of like you know 20 things that yes this will eventually see the light of day in some version of the software okay then what I do is I create these buckets you can do buckets of to Do's inside a base can I do them for every release it's also a beta 1 beta 2 Beta 3 so I typically do about 3 releases out okay I'm going to kick it to bait a 3-hour add what I try and do is I try and make sure that these buckets at least in my mind and in Caleb's mind who's doing all the engineering we can agree that hoe
00:25:31hopefully if everything goes to plan it's about a one week's worth of work to ship that so we're trying to ship a new-build every week now I think it's pushed out to a week in 2 days that's fine in that that thing that's the chips whenever we get done with it but we trying that we purposely try and in keep it is small in indents as possible so that we don't want too much time to go by because then there's a little bit of stagnation and just have this feeling of like to taking too long and I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything in these releases are two beefy and gosh you know sometimes you change your mind about the future and if you spent 4 weeks working on then you change your mind it's like 4 weeks of work wasted work I'd rather have a lot of really small wins every week that add up to something larger if that makes sense is awesome and so I know what is conversion to Basecamp is this the latest the latest on the Easter Seals Camp 3 it's the latest oil and folks were not being paid by Basecamp to sleep now I know Jason the founder quite well and he sits on the hood and keyboard
00:26:31with me but yeah there's no there's no monitor to the payment near me feel like I have it's like I have this long-term Vision super clear my mind I do need to do for Treehouse I came in 10 years right but and then I know absolutely I need to get done today but I feel like I'm just missing this you know and it's partly my eye my personalities I'm just I just super impatient and very distracted in like anything that takes longer than like a couple days I really have to like okay now I committed to doing this I got to do it every day so I'll try it that sounds that sounds like an amazing tool is funny is I wasn't using anybody skin for a long time until Jason actually sat me down and walk me through his team uses it he needs to expose that more and show people how is teams using cuz it's it's quite cool nice thing I do I got to tell you that's that's really fun especially when you have like a remote work Workforce is that that you can set up those reminders like I was saying earlier
00:27:31I like what are you working on today but we actually do them for other things like what what good books are you reading what is inspired you lately, and it's a it's a really cool way to just get people to chime in and have a conversation around that stuff, and just get to know people on a more personal level you know what you think is yeah cuz you end up just talking about work all the time otherwise exactly I mean you talked a lot about focusing when it comes to you know the meditation app or kind of you work but are you playing these principles to steal your personal life for your you know stuff is just about you you know I think the the one thing that I try and do and I know I know you're kind of a similar boat I'd pick your ski or take as well but I'm always trying to find that right likes work-life balance and it's still a challenge it's hard because you know you can you can block out all these different times for your kind of like 9 to 5 but how do you figure out especially as you go
00:28:31it kind of crazy busy like how do you figure out how to fit in those things that ensure that you have a clear mind that you have time for your mind to rest I think it's so important I think giving giving your brain a chance to subconsciously digest everything that's going on is I think I don't know about you and this is something that one of John one of the founders of true said in the heat yeah he believes it entrepreneurs do their best work when they're when they're not stressed out there was creative work and I totally believe that to be true I mean when I'm under a lot of stress and and have some anxiety I can't really be creative in the in terms of like thinking through how to build new features are new ideas and so you know I know one thing is that there's a couple things I know for certain one I need to find internet that are different for everybody but I need 3 days a week to work out that's the right
00:29:31Wednesday Friday I have to make that happen otherwise I'm not myself I can't have more than two glasses of wine and a night otherwise it's a it's a roll the dice at this point I wake up without even just a little bit of like I shouldn't have that their glasses because I would not good for performance the next day and I I like to try and do sauna a couple times a week if I can like a really good deep Long sauna and I also will meditate while I'm doing son as well which is great how many hours a week are you dedicating to this kind of activity you know keeping yourself healthy sexually would you say Wiggins of the one thing I haven't figured out yet to be honest cuz I still work on the weekends and I need to I need to figure out the balance there but I would say that it least one I try to sit hard cut off so like at the end of the day I try to be done by 7 I try to have dinner on the earlier side I also try to fast into do 16 hours of fasting per day I'm crazy I'm crazy
00:30:30why is it a lot it's a lot but I would say like truly hates those three gym sessions per week which tend to be an hour and a half per session the sauna sessions of 20 minutes in length and then a hard cut off at night so 7 p.m. and I also get myself time for activities that I would consider to be just like non-thinking but fun activities so that kind of sports for me can be to watch a basketball game my wife or playing Zelda or something along those eyes so why do you spent an hour-and-a-half working out cuz I only spent about 45 so is it to commute time or are you at like teasing it for now and I I'm counting hour and a half so can you to the gym working out of the gym which is about 45 like you and then I'll tack on a sauna session at the end of the gym. It's an additional 20 minutes in the shower afterwards in the back home got it you know I think we talked about this and drowns while but I just I realized I didn't need to spend an hour and a half to work out
00:31:30cuz I was I think I had thought I was going to you know achieve some sort of elite status with my body and my performance and I was like fun I doing I know I care about treehouse in my family you know and I want to I want to be comfortable in my skin so I'ma cut that back and it's like this morning it was like 40 minutes I basically ran around my block it I do a lap on my block and then pick up my 70 lb bucket full of rocks and I'll carry it in a back and forth on this I have a couple times and then I climb a rope and I did that 4 times and it mean to kick my ass basically I like how I'm figuring out how to reduce that exercise time I mean I do to my house cuz I want zero commute you know and I just things are encroaching like I spent any time commuting so I would say of those three sessions per week in the gym sometimes I just bail and just do cardio at home will you can see me if you're watching the video
00:32:30sit behind me there's a Peloton bike right here that that I jump on and if I if I'm really swamped for the day and just happen to be one of those days I'll do a 20 minute high intensity interval training workout on the Peloton ask you a question so we're both buddies with Gary Gary vaynerchuk and and he is like super intense and I do know you I think he works like as whenever he's awake he's working with what it seems like I don't know if that's true or not but sometimes I feel the pull on both ways like especially as an entrepreneur see out and I've gone way more in the direction recently of trying to work more actually because I used to work 32 hours a week and it's not it's not right but what's your view on that how do you balance the extreme hustle that we should be doing is entrepreneurs or or Studios or Founders versus you know keeping ourselves healthy and said stuff it's a tough one you know I ate my answer or 5 years ago would have probably been just doing the kind of really late night really long sprints
00:33:31cut a burning the candle from both ends but these days I just feel as though we I've seen so many entrepreneurs burn out that they're not really achieving what they said I to achieve it if any depends on what you want like I I know some obscene Founders that that really they believe there in a hot Market they want to get the product out as fast as possible they can see competitors coming up around them and they let you know really want to to just win over the course of the next couple years every I would say I would kind of approach a cat on a project-by-project basis you know if it's something where it's clear that your competitors are putting in double the effort you know you have to really consider that as well but it up for me like in building the meditation app I see this is a 10-year + project and so I'm not like hustling are going crazy to crank something out and just to release something I really want to take the time to get the product right right
00:34:31and so I've been doing a lot of collecting data and talking to users beta testers and just being very thoughtful about how I build these features so that's more of what I'm interested in doing these days but I don't think it's cuz we're older and we hung out and you know you turn 40 at about 10:40 this year like we can work hard I think it's almost like getting older helps you understand that it's much better to do one or two things that truly matter that are in a meaningful and successful and then they may take like 20 years each right it is then it is like you know a bunch of tiny things that you kind of thrash around and flipped and sold or failed on this right I mean you know when we built our little business that we sold the Google you know we worked really hard we don't want the name of that milk milk that's right
00:35:31he works a lot of long hours and then you know we're really excited to go join Google and it was like you. There was this whole mentality around the bay area of these are equal higher as I put these people are flipping their business is no just like building up these great engineering teams that put them in for millions of dollars and right and it's like at the end of the day now you're at a big company do you feel like it actually built anyting what have you Chief Keef to like what did you really set out to do like how do I change in the world in in in in in making your own personal impact and if I feel like I missed out on all of that versus this really kind of slow slow growing things in and be a little more thoughtful about you know it was weird there was high I have regrets just like that you know and mine are more related at the moment to just being fresh a that I did work hard for the first six years of tree house cuz I feel like we'd be an even better spot now but then again it just it's we can
00:36:31go back and redo that stuff in and we wouldn't be who we are today without doing that stuff so I go back and forth between traffic how much should I be angry about the past and Versa just forget it yeah I know I should probably forget it but I'm trying to say we all got regrets no no doubt and you can have them the other way to you know it's like when I was a dig in and we spent I was there for close to 7 years and it was it was just from day one it was grow grow grow especially ones we took Venture funding it was you know add employees grow get into different Market it's getting too mainstream news forget the kind of odd odd stuff around the internet and you know we kind of let Luke of lost we really lost our core and what made us who we were you know it's sweet we lost our identity and and and really became this site that was trying to be something that the user's didn't want it to be and it was because of
00:37:30all that push and you have to be this unicorn multi-billion-dollar plus business and ride dominate all of news I think if we had slowed down and really stayed true to that core we definitely be kind of you. I don't know what we be anything larger than what right it is today but we we certainly would have lost in and on the way the way we did because we we had the lead for so many years you now I know I have a co-coach now which is a new thing I've never done that before and she said to me some it was interesting because she said you know do you trust your gut like has your as your gut been correct you know whenever you had a major decision to make and what's in Chandler's back and I was like yeah I do I do trust my gut and actually most of the time is my guy has been correct you know not all the time but I thought that was interesting because I know
00:38:30but you but like especially as a co-founder tapers and where you're trying to be just don't have anybody tell you if your right or wrong that's up here to you you know you off and when I ride around you know and and you know we both love our wives and we trust them and but they're not in our business day today you know it's anyway the point is so I thought I said yeah my my gut is interesting and so I'm going with my gut more often these days but not that I feel any more confident about that but I just had realized there's a reason why you know I've gotten to where I've gotten with the businesses in that must be cuz for some reason he's got instincts are paying out and we're kind of like going down on a hole here but how do you how do you deal with gut instinct and trying to figure out if you're correct about the direction you're going or what you're doing you have to have when you take an outside advice ask to be trusted advice you know like you is as the founder have to really trust the input that's coming in so
00:39:30that's been a big issue for me and something that I thought was so fascinating about Google is that you go through this really crazy hiring process as I'm sure you've heard about and date spent a ton of time getting people up front so that they can trust them once they're in the system you know they have these these crazy stories but one of them is at essentially there's this new hire that they brought in and they just hired this person and he was probably 2 weeks later that there was an issue of camera was India or China or something what was going to pack millions of users I think was about whether or not they would have search turned on in China something along those lines but they they sent this brand new fresh employee out there to make a decision that would impact millions of users and it was because from day one they just the trust the people that they hire the trust that process and so one of the things that I've gotten a lot better at over the years it's just really making sure that I hire people that I can trust
00:40:30send in the people that I can really count on their their input some shrimp that's been a big thing for me in that now I know when I go battling back and forth on a feature decision or something that we want to build with with like Say Caleb my co-founder like I really respect what he brings to the table and sometimes I went and sometimes he wins and you have to make that call it was nice to have him put that you know is it's just going to be kind of value add versus just someone that's random that that you might want just to discard you know absolutely cool should we move on to Pomodoro yes tell me about that back in the focus topic I often you know don't want to do something I need to do when I mentioned kind of Biz Dev is something that you know I just have to kind of focus time will out of me cuz it doesn't come naturally and so what I do is she not book I block that you know
00:41:302 hour spot but I can't maintain the intensity and and the focus I need for 2 hours to do that cuz it's I don't like doing it so I use a Pomodoro Technique was very simple you basically set a timer for it anything it's usually 19 minutes or 25 minutes and then you just say I'm going to only do this thing and nothing else until the timer goes off and do you have a physical little hooked up may. I just use my Apple watch and it's doing that but it really helps because you know 25 minutes is enough as it is as much as I don't want to do this it's going to end you know and then I'll take a break and then get a coffee and then come back and then said it again and that's been that's definitely helped me a lot so is that for email or what are you using that for really anything anything that I I really need to focus on something they don't want to do
00:42:30you know why I don't like the feeling of doing sales and and kind of you know get yourself out there and trying to get people to care about what year what you're doing and and all the rejection and that and so the reason why it should have said in that timer in that incident at Circle K for this 25 minutes I need to accomplish as much as I can and and also you know some of these tasks or like black holes and I like a business development I mean really what is it you're even doing and that I've been and you don't know when you start while it's Holly I need to research that and contact this person and and follow up on the bottom and make this phone call but if you bothered to do all that to do for that or just be a ton of work or as if you set the time blocking to say I need to accomplish as much as I can in 25 minutes it gives you that feeling of achievement at the end even though you know you've done all sorts of various things that we may or may not have been on a specific to list how do you prevent outside distraction
00:43:30creeping in on that time cuz this is my biggest Broward it's like it's like I have you know the messages app open I have slack open at base camp open you know I have tab browsing pictures like 30 tabs you know there's like a little stock market widgets like this and I and I find myself like thinking I I do the same thing I don't use the Pomodoro Technique girls have a timer but I essentially you don't say okay well this first hour and a half my days schedule the email and then I jump in there and then all the sudden I'm no longer an email I'm checking out the stock price of Snapchat in this crashing today you know right I think that's just a decision you got to make and say you know close everything you know put down your phone sometimes I maximize my my script my screen on what I'm doing cuz if yeah I hate that about the other currency of things that it's just so easy to get distracted and I think it's maybe just practice
00:44:30but it's it's hard for everybody so you're not alone in that yeah it's it's brutal I think we covered everything one to cover I'm trying to look at our little spreadsheet here and see here I think so and some notebooks and Y on and you know hopefully everybody listening will get some tips out of our meanderings yeah should be fun if we could just come up with the topic that we kind of want to cover every every week and it could be all over the place that I don't know about you but like you know you know I love health and fitness stuff as well show you this ring at all wow what is that this is crazy so we can talk about this next time you superpowers side it does next episode of something but I don't know what you want to get out of this podcast but for me it's it's like just kind of covering lifestyle-related stuff and all the things that you and I find ourselves getting into and you know a lot
00:45:30Justin Bieber dated a business techniques and productivity stuff and yeah I think it's fun to talk about how to get the most out of life exactly no I think I feel really really privileged and lucky to have the life I have you know I'm not have all my limbs you know I can see I can talk I can breathe you know I fold mental faculty amazing wife have amazing kids it's like I'm running a company that is amazing and it's like okay I want to maximize life and M&I I'm hoping you know that the stuff we talked about will help people you know uses as triggers and get over some of those same hurdles that we have yeah and answer yet Health Fitness Tech you know all that kind of stuff but this is been fun yeah it's been awesome and if you have if you're watching this now listen to this please you know at reply us back and give
00:46:30your feedback if there's something that we you think we should cover were missing certainly we are I know that we're always open to new ideas and suggestions I can one improve as well I know I just yeah you guys but I figure this stuff out so let us know so where can I really find you online so I'm just at Kevin rose on Twitter and I am more frequently on Instagram these days just at Kevin rose on Instagram awesome I am at Ryan Carson on Twitter and also Ryan Carson on Facebook I'm so check this out but please subscribe to the to the podcast and give it up give it a like on your Instagram you didn't plug your Instagram brain is not working Instagram yes on Instagram and Carson but yeah Instagram Ryan Carson you know check us out and listen to episode 2 and it comes out so awesome thanks everybody will see you soon see you next time

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