In This Episode You Will Learn About:

  • Taking action on an idea
  • Embracing your ideas without worrying what other people think
  • Building giving into your business model
  • Balancing being a father and a husband along with your business
  • Finding the right manufacturing partners
  • Growing past being a novelty brand




Show Notes:

I’m sitting down today with Adam Hendle, and there’s a lot to say about him. He started a 7-figure brand around a single product, “ball wash,” in just 7 months. And yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like. He has a great money mindset, and he bootstrapped his company without taking on any outside money. And he is generous, with building giving right into his business model. You’re going to learn a lot from Adam in this episode!


Question Highlights:


  • Where did this crazy idea come from?
  • Were you ever tempted to take on outside capital to grow faster?
  • How are you balancing being a father, husband, and entrepreneur?
  • What are your giving goals?
  • Do you have any guidelines around giving?
  • Is your branding a barrier to getting into retail stores?



Guest Bio:

Adam Hendle is the founder of Ballsy, a men's personal care brand that marries high-quality products with a bold brand. He was also the first hire at startup, FameBit which was sold to Google in 2017. A jack of all trades, Adam loves marketing, design, community building and of course entrepreneurship.


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