It may sound strange but identity is one of the most important things about you.

Identity is who you believe yourself to be. It’s not what you think you are, or hope you are, but who you believe you are…really.

Identity can be tough to nail down because it is a process of self-discovery. Ancient thinkers used to say the most important journey is a journey within. The problem with self discovery is that it relies on the self. And guess what, how can you rely on yourself when you don’t know yourself? Seems like a logical conundrum to me.

Another reason it is tough is because we are experts at self-deception. This is easy to understand about yourself, just ask a simple question: Have I ever done anything I really regretted? At the time it seemed like a good idea, but in the end it was a bad idea.

One more consideration: Sometimes what I want right now contradicts what I really want in the long run. Wants come from desires, and not all of my desires are good. This is where it gets confusing. Sometimes what I think I want is not what I really want. So when I chase after what I think I want, I get something totally different than what I really want. This is where disappointment, regret, guilt, and shame comes from.

Starting to see why identity, what you really think about yourself, can be a confusing process of discovery?

So are we just adrift on an endless sea without a compass trying to figure out all of this on our own? Or is there a path that you can follow, a path that is proven to be more effective than just a journey inward?

There is and it begins with following principles that don’t belong to you. It’s called the code. A set of principles that guide you in discovering your identity.

The code is built on non-negotiables. These are the hills in life that you’re willing to die on. Someone once said, if you’re not willing to die for anything you have nothing to live for.

Jesus took it one step further, “If you don’t die to yourself, then you will never find yourself.”

We find ourselves when we follow the principles of Jesus. When we live for His values, not our own. This is one of the paradoxes of faith. We find wealth in being generous, we find fame in being the servant of all, we find out who we really are following Jesus and not ourselves.

A code. It will lead you to where you are meant to be.

As a sailors’ proverb says, “A man constrained to his compass has the freedom of the high seas.”

Pastor Doug

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