Ep. 200 - It's only fitting that our 200th episode is at Outside Lands, one of the best music and food tests in the country. We caught up with Chef Stuart Brioza, who runs the acclaimed SF restaurant State Bird Provisions along with his wife Nicole Krasinksi, to chat about music behind the Gastro Magic stage.
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00:00:01this is a head gun podcast
00:00:10thanks for downloading episode number 200 the food is the new rock podcast on your hozak Brooks every week we talked to his ship just about music or musician just about food and it's only fitting that episode number 200 be at Outside Lands it's you know one of the first major festivals in the past 10 years that split like a ton of focus on their food they brought in bring in every year all these great restaurants from San Francisco and even though I feel like Coachella and fyf Fest here in Southern California as well as like life is beautiful in Vegas and Governors Ball to Outside Lands in the food category Outside Lands I feel like really did it first I mean aside from aside from Jazz Fest which is clear
00:01:08play the greatest combination of food and music that has ever existed and will ever exist but of all the newer festivals yeah I mean Outside Lands was like the first Festival that we really went to and talk to people about food and music and course went back this year and we just did one episode this year cuz I was too busy stuffing my face and rocking out to Lionel Richie's so but I was lucky enough to run into Chef Stuart brioza in the chefs feed thing that they do behind the the gastro magic stage where musicians in chaps do all sorts of fun stuff who is the chef of State Bird Provisions along with Nicole Krasinski their restaurant state bird is not just my favorite restaurant in San Francisco but one of my favorite restaurants in the country it is so so good they became famous when they opened it up a few years ago for serving most of the food dim sum
00:02:08even though it's not Asian food at all it is you know San Francisco like NorCal
00:02:17just good good food but it's like sort of small plates and they they push him around on carts and it's super fun and the food is incredible and they're awesome they also have the progress which is their newer restaurant you can get more info about them it's state bird SF, but yeah had a great conversation about music and little bit about food too and it was awesome and I appreciate it and now you get to enjoy it here it is it's me and Chef Stuart brioza live at Outside Lands 2016 episode 200 roll the theme song
00:03:03it's time for the food is the new rock podcast Zac Brooks
00:03:20what is a what is a kickoff that was not here yesterday hope for you my face with
00:03:33with lamp barbecued lamb so good so I was a very good customer we usually had a couple of chickens near page at all times what does that mean I was like I thought at first I thought you said it was really interested at first I thought you said they had a couple of chickens in our fridge at all times and I was like I don't know what that means that's where like I was like the department of managed to figure it out
00:04:33you were here yesterday either I wasn't an annual event that gets kind of done around the around North America called the northern chefs Alliance something that is the brainchild of Matt Matt Jennings to Chef out in Boston the townsman and so I've got the great pleasure of I really wanted to host and we were asked we were asked to host this year and so I've got the great pleasure of Hosting of about 10 foot around North North America Canada Toronto Austin Puerto Rico are you sure can your responsibilities today like Chef chefs feed got involved
00:05:33something like that and you know it coming out to San Francisco having having chefs feet apart of it you know really made a lot of sense cuz that's kind of odd that there is there from here would you a lot of work together in the various they're very very pro pro shops and they do like a lot of really cool cool things with chefs and thought it be cool if they were parked and weekly managed to kind of host the event around around Outside Lands End of everyone made it in on Thursday we had a wonderful dinner at the restaurant and then I took him around too kind of show off some of the special things that are happening around the Bay Area Artisan Santino fish fisherman you know who went to go visit my Aunt Rhody guy who is
00:06:33I have an anchovy guy his name is Eric and Eric important to us and you know where does Kenny a little bit to kind of talk about his process and what he does he know kind of rethinking being a fishmonger and what it means to be sustainable and truthful in and pee. Then we went over to cultured pickle my very good friend to use probably about the most Artisan bury a producer to exist in my opinion the most what's a producer. Is there something out of Portlandia like some
00:07:33you know till first of all he loses money that's the first thing they losing money on every single thing he sells for about 20 years and that's what I really think his what's amazing about him you know I mean he does what you mean like he's like he's like BC you know and and in the The Artisan food food movement that mean he's really really fermentation genius and he said he's he said not only I took a great friend but somebody that you know is really changing kind of but not changing evolving it's kind of a major forests in the evolution of fermented foods send and end with with no he's not pushing it he's just doing what he's doing and you know that
00:08:33they they they they live they live this environment of
00:08:41yeah they live in this environment of fermentation and and lacto-fermentation and Goji fermentations and it's pretty spectacular you need to get out there doing up of course the Hog Island entomologist shirt again people who really make this this area quite special so I missed I missed fantastic negrito getting here a little too late I don't know this I listen to like sound opinions on NPR and sweating it like you know try to get my Intel you know whenever I got an airplane I I download those podcast so I have them when I scroll through listen to me
00:09:41make note so that the next time I'm you know I'm I'm I'm in a record store I can so I can pick up some new records sorry tell me about this it will record store what is that the records don't know what is this what is this thing you're speaking of Wendy's do you remember the 76ers play 70s 80s and the 90s you get a record store are you talking about the one record store you're not old enough for that play music that you listen to Growing Up
00:10:27well you know when I was you know really starting out I think like a lot and you know I mean I grew up listening to a lot of Primus sure they were very Berkeley I used to go see Primus and Fungo Mungo play at Berkeley Square to get together every Friday night at the Berkeley square and they play and they play Frank Zappa tunes and that was it and so that was real fun because it was like 50 people showed up pins and butt buddies with Les Claypool now because he's like in the food he's got his own
00:11:17recently and he was there and I was just super excited. The world is that's really messed up I mean but you know it's interesting time is definitely Metallica shirt you know I like you know it was happening fact back in the day the funeral was a great little Club Punk Rock Club like rancid and you know Operation Ivy
00:12:17you know and he San Jose so I grew up in Cupertino and you know we used to see all those guys skateboard and and I definitely grew up listening to it actually funny just cruising around now all the digital digital latest to find music and I found faction albums and got him now in my life as action and I'm really stoked on that but you know I would say like yeah that does Les Claypool the Metallica think Kirk hammett's been in like to the restaurant a couple of times and he keeps brought me a big basket of plums cuz he's like my tree is like it's Plumbing out you know me then you brought me you brought me from it was like wow I'm done I'm stoked is that a take home for yourself and enjoy in the in the recesses of your of your of your own place or did you did you ditch those up we we we Adam for family meal
00:13:17Santa Rosa plums and we're like you know let's just split City Thiessen relish the fact that
00:13:27that is very upsetting and jacket is you know he's handsome he's like you know it doesn't look like he's aged since like kill them all and and and and you know I guess it's like some some rocker dude just like dropped it was it was hilarious he still got it he's the one he cut the hair too so he said he's like the what's his name is Lars is super into food too
00:14:14hi I can remember send me looks like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings Martin played in Wimbledon right he was a tennis star who was his father and his father is like fairy and Gandalf is all I can think of a mess you know how do you say artist you mean like a visual artist he's a visual media but he's got like you look them up and it's website is is mixed media are there is music this a lot of in Scandinavia and
00:15:14Keith and tennis tennis it's amazing who else has walked into the restaurant where you just been like oh my God it's really turning into and we don't we don't blow it up but kind of relish in it you know and what I really like is since we get a lot but then they come in often right like you know I mean not non-musicians you know guys like Conan O'Brien spending a couple of times and one of my favorites is Genji Genji who is a producer and creator for 6 weeks no she did weeds and then Orange is the New Black and and hurt her son is going to school up here in fake come up and they find their weekend with a finishing meal at state bird and awesome very creative
00:16:14I think you're doing me now just wonderful things and we ain't getting we don't we don't blow it up but it's really you know it's always fun when they come in the first time but when they come back you like something to you that I need you to feel like you see any similarities between what you do and what you know musicians not at all not at all you don't see what you do is not find any way we don't have that kind of broad reach and it's it's pretty it's pretty amazing right I suppose if you look at the trickle-down effect maybe week we can all his shots but I'm sure there's plenty of musicians who feel like their toiling away in their local
00:17:02Pino's in in in whatever City there from that don't feel like I mean you don't think that you don't think you could at you could have that reach if you wanted any people couldn't eat your food but make that choice for you really like you feel like you noticed that the side does that mean you know I mean I think what we do in our restaurants is such a bout what we do you know and how do you how do you how do you how do you
00:17:40translate that you know
00:17:45you know to to a wider audience that I'm I'm not sure I mean I suppose in publication writing you know book book God you know what's going on you know I suppose that there is like you know television and and what not you passed the test because when we talked to him he was like if you want to call me an artist or Sam creative that's fine but anybody who calls themselves creative is a douchebag that way and I'm not above it by any means you know it's not but I love doing that but what I can control within the four walls that I exist in right
00:18:44and the fact that people are really enjoying what they do when they come in and if there's a that their third driven to come to San Francisco and pay us a visit you know I think it's a win-win for the city and I think it's I think it's a win-win for the culture of restaurants here it's certainly a win-win for us I mean we get to do something special every day which is I don't think a lot of people get to do that and everyday wear on stage in our own stage and so it doesn't spiral out of control when you're in that next release the music is that you did not invent what you're doing completely out of what you did take something that already existed not just like the kind of food that's going on here in San Francisco what led up to you being a chef but then also the way you serve your food at state bird
00:19:44you did something Innovative said people resonated is needed with people Stepping Stone Temple Pilots
00:19:59following Pearl Jam restaurants that are trying to do what you do and it just doesn't feel right it doesn't I don't know this is authenticity I don't mean that in like a I don't mean that in my car oh you're cooking authentic Chinese food or something about it just happens when you're there I think that that's a really nice way to look at it I really do and I often I think about that that word authenticity and I don't I don't think about it from being the first person to do something I don't think of it like that I think there's a lot of people out there trying to create create authenticity you know and then of course they're trying to Brand authenticity and to me that's
00:20:58dial text that says you know what intensity is 10 something that you can create it's something that involves in happens and it takes a lot of mines and a lot of people a lot of personalities to do it and you know I think that when you make the comparison to musicians and chefs and you know musicians are inspired by the music that they listen to throwing up the music that they visualize visually see the people that they may even study under in many cases right is there are a lot of musicians to do study under other musicians right you know it's not like insta genius you know it's not like that I mean Enzo chefs we do the same thing right it's the food we grew up eating its its the travel around that influences our pallet and it's the it's the experience under the mentorship of shapes that have helped influence our choice making and when you go out on your own
00:21:58you're taking all of those experiences and give got kind of a gold it's not an angle by any means it's a goal to get through the week that's how I look at it right and through that you're developing and you're taking all those experiences that have made you who you are
00:22:19and you're now putting your own spin on it and you're you're you're you're finding your own past and it doesn't happen immediately it happens to a year 2 years down the road I can tell you state bird is a way more interesting restaurant now that it's four and a half years old then it was in the first year and a half years old and a half years old almost every feels like I've been around forever I guess you know that's a really good feeling because he know we spent the first year explaining who we were what we are trying to do and people were like why can't I just order off the menu like anywhere else looks like what you could do that there's 3500 other restaurants in this
00:23:04if you can do it but this is what we're doing and and it's not to be cool it's not too it's because we've actually have a way that really sort of models are ideals and packaged into one and we have a damn good time doing it everyday and you know it snows things that started create the place that it and you know it was him anyways one of my goals that I described out years ago was cuz I wanted a place that I could look good people in the eye and
00:23:39talk to him as human beings not as a shaft to a customer or you know gaining phrases or you know all that is great but nothing more satisfying interacting with people on a human level versus a chef to a human level
00:24:02not so cool with that thing is that's not that's not even what are thesis is you know what I mean very well but there are musicians who just want to go out and play live and connect there a musician to do and just make music and never want to look a person in the eye level and that's where the real similarity is a good man this is what I miss is the music that I want to make this is what I want to put out in the end of the world if you like it great if you don't like pop music better there for Mass consumption in the culture
00:25:02really hard to make money everyone thinks you're rich no I mean I'm happy that the restaurants are busy because it allows us to be the restaurant that we want to be that's very important and nobody should ever fault the restaurant for being busy you know Everyone's entitled to Sid
00:25:22to be busy in to make money and I tell you what a restaurant that makes money is a better restaurant you because of it you know it's a restaurant they can afford to do the things are you saying that that people who work at restaurants will do better work when they actually can make a living wage is that what you made I think I think that's a good point about to just saw to look Beyond see you know the week you know it's a nice place between music is that I feel like once musicians make money the quality of their music goes down if they no longer they no longer have that anger that fire that when they're eating out of fucking there is a young man's game
00:26:21and it really out there thinks maybe it is the same like you you get to a certain age and you're ready to sort of like you can't you can't be on the line for the environment that are conducive to others what you end up being the mentor their voice matters and that's an important thing I mean it's sort of like looking at all that like you know it it's it's arguable right to say that the a chef's best work you know was when they were really On The Rise right I mean cuz you can say when they made it but they're still Rising II don't know if there's a chef anywhere that would say like you know yeah I like I've made it I'm satisfied you know I guarantee you that guys like Grant Achatz I know this for a fact that he's never satisfied you know and that's part of the drive right I never being satisfied but it but also part of the drive is continue
00:27:21need to push hard and branching out and also you know being apart of
00:27:27point it's not about you anymore right it's about the team it's about the young talent and young ideas you know it's it's about so much more than that comes into play and you know that's why I feel like we're sort of just breaking the ice into that world cuz I've got people who are with us in our kitchen and I'm like God damn I don't know how I would do without you you're ideas are amazing wonderful things to say and contribute and so I look at that whole thing about this like you know contribution to to the restaurant world about that often and it's great to kind of stand back a little bit and push somebody else you know into that place it's a very special role that we get to hold you know and you know the young man's game it's a young man
00:28:19you know it's a young at the Young Cooks ideas but it's definitely a lifetime's worth the philosophy making right that never changes first album
00:28:33you remember you remember it my first album that ever bought it was I bought them at the same time you ready for this he already was Sony Walkman days right in water resistant walk when did Run DMC first and then the soundtrack to James Bond movie or was it like all the soundtrack to a human being at a soundtrack that was what it was on my skateboard with my child has found my yellow walk been kind of going dun dun dun dun dun dun dun
00:29:21alright let's go back to raising hell because I feel like we might be the same age Yeah It's Tricky came on right now would you like know every word to every word to that song like I would you know I just put it on my wreck my record player I played it for my son just two weeks ago I've got it on vinyl now it's like and I and having having that on vinyl and I played it and it brings back a lot of good memories and he like apprised like your your vinyl collection is there is there any specific pieces that are that holds like real real value the ones that you pull out to like you know yeah press people when they come over you know it's it's cool when you pull out I mean there's some third some great I've got
00:30:21like single printings of Miles Davis live albums has kind of right now is like kind of some of these old like I mean I mean they're like you know early 70s the Blackhawk here in San Francisco is a killer killer album I like to pull that one out just to just to show off the quality of my speakers I just love listening to it the other ones you know I got to tear some of them things Cowboy Junkies I just just something about putting on the Cowboy Junkies late at night
00:31:00and just you know give me the lights and just listening to music is pretty special way it'll like kind of set the temperament in the house Sido decompress totally decompressed yeah yeah nice yeah alright last question who was the person that if they walked in the door of the restaurant you would be like this is like this is like the music person that they walked in you'd be more excited then
00:31:31hi I'd be pretty stoked to cook for Sufjan Stevens yeah hey I know he's playing today and I'm really excited I've been I've been a very big fan of Sufjan since my days when I lived in the Midwest and you know Illinois he came out and welcome to Michigan I live in Michigan and I find him to be quite a musician and really quite special of a how he can
00:32:00reinvent his music and bounce into this like forward-thinking Electro and go right back into Faulk banjo and go back and forth and end to do it with such a presents and own it so well it's really impressive but his girl and I love his writing and I think you know I think it's a very beautiful musician if he walked in tonight I'd be real happy real nice making a resume if we can help in any way we will make that happen for you thank
00:32:53we did not go to connect him with Sufjan Stevens just so you know full disclosure we do not have that power although I who am I kidding there's no way we will ever I'm sure that he will meet us Sufjan Stevens without our help before we could possibly help him with that but but I enjoyed the telling him that we might be able to help even though it was a lie dude thank you so much to Stuart really appreciated his amazing restaurants are Rusty provisions and the progress in San Francisco that he runs along with his wife his wife and his knife but also his wife Chef Nicole Krasinski who I think we should probably have on the podcast herself at some point and find out what kind of music she's into but yeah
00:33:53state bird SF. Com download in the episode thank you to Clayton Ford at headgum for producing the episode thanks to Jon gabrus I don't know how many weeks gabrus getting us onto the head gun podcast Network which is the the podcast Network that is run by Jake and Amir the famous comedy duo one of them came to Smorgasburg this past weekend got to hang out with a mirror and Jared scharff the guitars from Saturday Night Live who was one of our hourly podcast guess if you haven't listened to that episode go check it out there's actually a photo of the two of them enjoying mozzarella sticks on our Instagram at Smorgasburg you should go check that out follow us on Instagram and please leave a comment it really helps other people to find the podcast yeah thank you so much next week I don't know who got next
00:34:53coming up in the next few weeks we've got singer-songwriter Brett Dennen who has his own wine now which he started since the last time you came on the podcast so he'll be returning for an episode as well as Morgan Kimmy from formerly from M83 now she has her own thing called White Sea music and her boyfriend is Chef Craig Thornton AKA wolvesmouth who is Ben on the podcast a couple times and stuff as well as you know she dishes a little bit on her on her on her man so I could have got to look forward to in the coming weeks until then see you next week
00:35:44that was a hit

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