We are hard at work on season 3 and are following another story that is unfolding as we speak. In the meantime, if you like First Day Back, check out Dear Franklin Jones by my friend Jonathan Hirsch. Growing up, Jonathan’s family was a little different. They followed a controversial spiritual leader named Franklin Jones. Join Jonathan on a journey to find out what really happened. Subscribe to Dear Franklin Jones, a new documentary podcast from Stitcher.  

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00:00:00hey everyone it's tally I just wanted to update you on first day back we are hard at work on season 3 and are following another story that is unfolding as we speak look for it later this year I am super excited about it it's really different from season 2 and I hope you love it in the meantime I wanted to give you a taste of an all new series here at Stitcher by my friend Jonathan her if you like first day back you should listen to this it's called dear Franklin Jones and you can subscribe right now and your favorite podcast app
00:00:33Jonathan's family growing up was a little different his parents followed a controversial spiritual leader named Franklin Jones to Jonathan's parents Franklin Jones was a God but two people outside the group he was a cult leader
00:00:50now Jonathan is going back trying to find out what happened and whether the group really did become a cult here's a preview of the show you can find the first episode right now in apps like Stitcher and apple podcast my childhood was probably like yours in a lot of ways I went to school had friends play basketball except my family had like the secret attention at any moment and you will receive my parents were followers of a controversial spiritual leader and I was born in this group his name was Franklin Jones there's nobody here
00:01:37totally absent my parents truly believed Jones was Our Benevolent Master a God we were on a path and and it's hard to explain how that would be so but it was the first time I saw him I was in his physical company but for many others Franklin Jones was a cult leader some of his followers what he promised they claim their lives were nearly destroyed by Jones through psychological physical and sexual abuse I think your mind I food I am your person
00:02:16I left when I was 16 tried to put it all behind me but now I'm talking to Jones as confidants and followers the only thing I could think positive God ever had a voice that is what it would be as well as other people who laughed I thought this is not spiritual he was drunk and everybody around she was drunk and those who investigated the claims against him so I had seen how something that started out to make the world a better place made lives so horrible you can't imagine for the people involved because my whole adult life I've wondered who was Franklin Jones and what really happened did the spiritual experiment that I grew up in
00:03:07become a Colt I never got up the courage to actually go back and figure it out
00:03:14until now
00:03:17I'm Jonathan Hirsch and this is Deere Franklin Jones Franklin Jones starts February 28th subscribe now on Stitcher Apple podcast or wherever you listen

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