Today's episode has 3 big announcements! 🎉
In today's episode Gwen and J give us a rundown of their FI journeys and everything they've learnt through this podcast. Gwen loves DC and will soon be changing to a better job, J announces that she's pregnant and due in August! Sadly, Gwen announces that she will be leaving the FIRE Drill podcast.
You'll love today's episode.
We also chat about...
How Gwen and J have changed after 155 podcast episodes
Mental health and saving the right amount of money
J's pregnant!
Gwen's life in DC
Gwen's decision to leave the podcast
FIRE Drill's accomplishments
J and Cody are launching a course together
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Course: Gold City Ventures
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Gwen's blog: Fiery Millennials
Gwen on Instagram and Twitter
Key takeaways from our updaten9y
1 - Gwen and J's view on financial independence have changed
When Gwen discovered financial independence she started saving aggressively and now has over $200,000 saved up. But now she is less focused on the retire early side of FIRE, and is now focusing on building a life and career that will fit her best. She's taking her time to enjoy life, keep a pretty high savings rate of 30-40% and not taking it too hard. J's attitude has also changed. When she first started on her path to FI she was aggressively paying off her student loan debt. Now she realises she doesn't need 25 times her annual expenses to enjoy life, and so is focusing on funding businesses and her current job.
2 - J is pregnant!
J's child is due in August, and she's very excited. She did not want to announce earlier because she wanted to tell her parents first in person, and was waiting for her job to give her a higher position so she could secure the raise. Her and her husband have decided now is a good time to have a child since they are planning on staying put for some time now, and they felt ready. Huge congrats! 🎉
She will also be launching a course along with Cody from Fly to FI to help others manage side hustles that actually make money.
3 - Gwen is leaving the show
After 2 years of hosting the FIRE Drill podcast, Gwen has decided she needs space to grow in life. The podcast takes a lot of time to manage and grow, and she's decided she now wants to spend the time doing something else. She will still be posting on the blog, but will be cutting back considerably and focus instead more on her career, on enjoying what she does and being who she is.
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