You probably have a dream about something that costs money. You promise yourself you'll save for it — but then, temptation calls. These episodes will help you be more intentional and smart about how you spend your money, so that you have more of it left for your dreams.
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00:00:01if you're like most people you probably have a dream about something that costs money like if you want to buy a house or pay off your student loans or take a month off go backpacking around the world or something and you promise yourself look I've had soon I'm
00:00:13going to start saving this money but temptation always seems to call you know my big one is candles from target I don't know why I love spending I just that's the amount of angels is so stupid coming soon to one another life could podcast up you find money
00:00:31that you didn't know you had by being more intentional and smart about what you really want to be spending your money on the you know more backpacking unless candles or black taser bacon cheddar sandwiches or whatever your thing is that's coming out January fourteenth subscribe now and make
00:00:49sure you don't miss an episode

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