On the May 11, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film weekend editor Bradford Oman and writer Hoai-Tran Bui to talk about the latest film and TV news, including early reactions from Solo: A Star Wars Story and Deadpool 2, Snake Eyes GI Joe spin-off announced, Universal Studios is replacing their Jurassic Park ride with a Jurassic World ride, and a bunch of Star Wars stories including more rumors as to why Colin Trevorrow was fired from Star Wars Episode 9, Brad Bird’s possible Star Wars future, an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, and our first real info about Jon Favreau’s Star Wars tv series.


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Opening Banter: Peter went to the world premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, met Jeff Bezos, watched George Lucas from afar and oh yeah, saw a new Star Wars movie.


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00:00:00hello everyone welcome to slash from daily for may eleventh two thousand eighteen onto the show we're to talk about the latest film and TV news mostly revolving around Star Wars and give you some reactions from dead pool too and Han solo a Star Wars story this is slash
00:00:16some editor in chief Peter cerrada getting into this podcast this weekend editor bright omen Hey let me in and writer why Trimboli everyone it's been a long times that had you on the podcast Brad day I I almost forgot we sounds like I know it's I also had
00:00:35weird vocal surgery but then I got it repaired then everything's good okay well guys I I %HESITATION at last night I attended the world premiere of solo a Star Wars story which by the way could just like stop saying that the Star Wars story like I feel like
00:00:51in the future which just refer to it as the title before the colon you could be in agreement there or like is Disney like forcing us to have this subtitle I mean it just rolled off the tongue and I've been and there is another movie called solo so
00:01:10is there what is a bet it's a foreign film okay dammit I went to the world premiere of solo Star Wars story that forget to reactions I you know I posted a photo on Instagram %HESITATION with me in Jeff Bezos the I think the richest man in the
00:01:31world and %HESITATION you the you know the the person who runs Amazon and a bunch of people come within the photo like you know how did that happen %HESITATION tell us the story honestly there is an interesting story here I was at the world premiere and after they
00:01:47have an after party and %HESITATION you know there's a lot of celebrities there I usually don't ask you know actors for photos it's a rare occasion but like %HESITATION I sighed Jeff in the corner I hang out with maybe it looked like maybe is kids so much or
00:02:04if you have kids and I was like I have to meet him so I went over there and you know just had its short conversation about the movie he seemed to like it and I was like you know Jeff I hate to bother you but can get a
00:02:15photo and I I feel like if you approach someone like that in a respectful manner in you know ask honestly used usually they don't turn you down which usually you know the big stars get like %HESITATION every which way you know they look asking for photos that they're
00:02:32the ones that actually turned you down because a you know they're sick and tired of it but I'm not sure if I had to someone like Jeff is is a is like that that it is funny that so someone on the Instagram comments did comment that %HESITATION that
00:02:47it's %HESITATION both of deve Chand's bosses hanging out together but yeah I thought that was funny what yeah yeah yeah what else that happened in the movie I I thought George Lucas from afar which is cool %HESITATION I've I've talked with him only a few times I did
00:03:08get to talk to them here %HESITATION but %HESITATION it's great to see that he's you know it seems to be like coming to more these things and kind of accepting that he's you know part of the legacy that has moved on without him let's get into what people
00:03:22want to hear and that is the reaction to solo Star Wars story before we hear what other people thought of give you my quick thoughts on this %HESITATION you know going into this ID was very hesitant you know that we've heard about the production problems in this film
00:03:39with warden Miller being replaced Ron Howard he and %HESITATION it that you know them it's just he it would it also didn't seem like a movie the anybody wanted and I I was very hesitant that like I thought this movie was going to be a series of expected
00:03:59events like you know here's how Han meets two here's how Han gets the money and talk and here's you know like those kind of things and I'm not gonna say the movie isn't that because the movie is that series of like you know check marks on a checklist
00:04:12of you know here's the things you how Han solo became Han solo and got you know the things we know he as wide the thing that surprised me with this movie the most is that every one of those things happening unexpected fun ways that I do I do
00:04:28not see coming %HESITATION so it's it's very %HESITATION it's a fun movie I think they nailed after Han solo there's just so many great lines here the Kasten's Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan as they nailed the character of Han solo %HESITATION the aid the actor all their error rate
00:04:49he is is fine he's no %HESITATION Harrison Ford but he's charming and it's it's good it's it's it's fun and I wait a I was also surprised that this movie looks like no Star Wars movie ever before like it has like a really grounded %HESITATION greedy you feel
00:05:08to it there's like moments in like a from a war movie that looks unlike any other Star Wars movie I end the I would say that stay away from spoilers because there is that you know this the movie I going into it I I said to my friend
00:05:23that I was seeing with rather it was like a you know I'm I'm expecting that does this movie I'll be entertained by this movie but this movie is not gonna do anything to further the star was the stores myth those Sir have us talking in the arising in
00:05:40Boyle is around so %HESITATION you know try to see this without any spoilers there's a I would say like a marble level kind of like reveal in the movie that you know teases something more what what what is gonna happen with the future of of Star Wars movies
00:05:56a maybe how tall movies maybe other movies we don't know side it's it's it's it's very very exciting and like everybody else I also fell in love with the Landau if Disney does not give Landau his own film then I don't know what is wrong with the universe
00:06:14Brad what would it other other people think of this now yes there are some other early social media buys since the embargo lifted after the premiere last night our old buddy germane this year said the solo star war stories that god damn the light it's a nonstop adventure
00:06:30packed with way more emotion than you're expecting you have a smile on your face the whole time and leave eager for more careful and from any wire was a little less enthusiastic but still had good things to say she said to take the bet for it to find
00:06:43its feet and for all the on right to turn on and off trying to make you forget that he's not Harrison Ford but once it kicks into Hey let's make a crew and yes also do a high stuff it totally flies %HESITATION Mike Ryan also felt kind of
00:06:58the same way I from up rocks he said the the perspective so little Star Wars story can be hit and miss conky but one style Glover letter shows up would legit fantastic and the Kessel run high politics in it's a whole lot of fun and those always want
00:07:11to hunt and to block a shower scene are in luck %HESITATION so yeah there's a lot of the responses I have been you know mostly pleasantly surprised by how good the movie is which is awesome and I'm definitely encouraged about I'm I'm seeing it next week on Monday
00:07:27afternoon at a press screening in Chicago so I'm definitely excited to see some of the things that you've teens that they kept secret but we don't know about and all the things that I've seen so far indicate that this should be a better than I think than we
00:07:41all expected yeah and I think that's probably the the best way to frame this is like no no going in there expecting empire strikes back you know don't go in there expecting the best Star Wars movie ever but this is much better than I think anybody was expecting
00:07:55it to be %HESITATION the a I think that you know if you if you think kind of like coming out of rogue one I think a it is a good comparison but solo Esther were story was not the only film to screen yesterday they also screamed dead pool
00:08:10to in the first reactions have hit the web each see what do people think of the dead pool sequel the dead pool too early reactions are actually pretty overwhelmingly positive a couple of people who weren't really fond of the first one came around to the second one and
00:08:27settles a fast improvement over the original film and that it highly earns our ratings so offers there is John o'connell from cinema blend he says so that puts you is the perfect sequel doubles on everything that fans love that the original and because some of the film's issues
00:08:42huge his laugh laughs that played the audience like a fiddle right models destroys as late great action fantastic because but not a killer ride so a few people from Brad's early buzz for social for solo also and up watching dead pool to earlier as well keep %HESITATION bland
00:08:59from indie wire also spoke positively about dead pool to saying it earns al the hell out of there are meeting and the cameras and the post credit scene and Mike Ryan from up rocks also says I didn't like the first that pool that puts you beat me to
00:09:15sit submission until I was actually enjoying myself also if you just mind you might now favorite post credit scene %HESITATION and these people weren't the only ones to see dead pool to yesterday our own Chris Evangelista also got the chance to see the dead pool sequel you know
00:09:31what we we should bring Chris on to speak about this Chris you know you were you were often I think I'm ready fully stereo typed as the guy that hates everything on on the site you do not like that pool one what did you like that pull to
00:09:51yes I did so yeah I eat I will flat out say I hate dead pool one I think it's a bad movie I don't think it's funny I think it's poorly directed I really didn't like it so I wasn't exactly %HESITATION excited to see this although I thought
00:10:06the trailers made did pull to look better than the first one but you know what it it it it got me I am I will say the script is very threadbare I mean there's almost no character development for any of the new characters which is you know kind
00:10:21of a problem but the film is so consistently funny that it doesn't really matter of the jokes all not all but ninety percent of the jokes work here and best of all is it is the direction I'm I know who you know I know again I know people
00:10:37love the first at pool but I feel like that film is very poorly shot it's just has a very point and shoot look to it but this film %HESITATION directed by David leeches that I say is named one of the director John wick he'd he directs the hell
00:10:53out of this movie is that it's got a lot of style the action looks great %HESITATION so I thought I think that when a long way to making you like it or is it was better directed and I know it's it's a good movie for when you need
00:11:07it like a pick me up like I don't get too personal I was having kind of a shitty week and watching this in a theater with people eating it up and laughing all the jokes just made me feel somewhat better after a after kind of a crappy week
00:11:21so I don't know if it's a good %HESITATION I don't like to use the word the phrase turn off your mind because I think it's stupid but it is it is that kind of movie work you're just looking to you know kill a few hours laughed at a
00:11:33few jokes you're you're gonna enjoy this and I you know I want to spoil too much but there are some there's one or two killer cameos in this that I had no idea about that really caught me by surprise so %HESITATION I like I really liked it overall
00:11:47I was not expecting to like it but I did very cool Chris thanks for a job beginning giving us your reaction sure okay let's move on from early reactions to our proper news and let's start off with the announcement that they're making a GI Joe spin off movie
00:12:06based on the character snake eyes Brad would we now yes I did yeah Joe franchise has been dead for quite some time I even though I mean Johnson who was once called franchise **** hell to make you had your retaliation a significant improvement over GI Joe the rise
00:12:25of cobra there wasn't really much excitement to continue the franchise after that second psalm and it's kind of laid dormant ever since that sequel came along but it looks like a new Jetta Joe movies in the works and it will focus on the ninja character known as snake
00:12:42eyes this is a character that appeared in the jet Joe movies before and was played by ray park you might know better as playing Darth maul in Star Wars the phantom menace I'd also towed in the first X. men movie and it looks like this is going to
00:12:59be not necessarily a sequel to the judge ever read a more of a spin off that will focus on this ninja commando %HESITATION he's he dresses all in all black very skillful sort obviously quite acrobatic %HESITATION he has a pet wolf which is pretty cool names timber and
00:13:17he also has an arch enemy there's also a ninja but who dresses in white name storm shadow and that ninja just happens to be his brother yeah it's interesting that there are enough did taking this long to make a state guys movie because I feel like he was
00:13:33like one of the most popular parts of both the the films that you know that John Q. film was largely marketed around that that sequence on the side of a cliff with snake eyes I think it's probably it has to do with that I think I've doesn't talk
00:13:49radio even talking ever see his face so it's a little bit of a hard sell yet the movie but apparently they figured out how to do it I don't know if that means build move away from his character is a bit and you will talk albeit sparingly so
00:14:04it will have to have to wait and see how that pans out to do we know if ray park is reprising the role it doesn't say anything about him a prize there I can't imagine that he he would the if it's going to be a movie that focuses
00:14:15so and snake eyes I'm sure they would get somebody else to take that role but again I kind of all depends on you know what they intend to do with that with that character if they're gonna surrounded with people who are characters that actually talk %HESITATION you know
00:14:29good remarks not exactly known for his acting skills even in Star Wars episode one his voice was dubbed by Peter Serafinowicz yes yes indeed yeah in he he also played %HESITATION Darth maul in the inn inns in episode one but in the in the animated series I believe
00:14:47someone else voice that that role so yeah I let's move on it to you Jurassic world %HESITATION this is a story that broke yesterday you guys been talking podcast I wanted to bring it up because the they are replacing the Jurassic Park the ride at Universal Studios Hollywood
00:15:04with Jurassic world lead something called Jurassic world ride I hope that's not the name the name of it but in the press release is calling it Jurassic world ride but a lot of people are angry about this drastic parks ride which is kind of like this that you're
00:15:20on a boat adventure through drastic parking you you steer off in the wrong direction and you end up %HESITATION %HESITATION coming face to face with the giant T. rex and %HESITATION it the water or would you call that like a water drop ride where you gotta get soaked
00:15:36%HESITATION universal is basically announced that next year this gonna be shutting down this year in by next year sometime the Jurassic world ride will open a lot of fans are upset because you know there's the a big attachments Jurassic Park %HESITATION but to anybody who's been on this
00:15:55ride in the in the last four five years knows that the animatronics have been kind of %HESITATION in disrepair and it's been kind of a sad state of affairs I'll be you know I I understand the attack detachment to the old franchise name but if it means that
00:16:14we're gonna get updated technology updated updated animatronic dinosaurs I'm all for it %HESITATION indict our own Jacob Paul theorized that it could be maybe they are gonna re theme this into you as an expedition into the warm clothes drastic world where like the in nature is reclaiming the
00:16:34park and you know dinosaurs roam wild have either of you gone on any of the Jurassic Park ride either in our Orlando or in Hollywood I have never unfortunately I haven't I haven't been to universal in Orlando but I have been on the one in %HESITATION less and
00:16:52less %HESITATION and I love that right actually and your your it's totally true the animatronic have not aged well because it's it's older technology and then the lead up to the big water park drop part of the ride is kind of hokey but I I really did love
00:17:08that ride going on I I went on it several times the the two or three times I went to Universal Studios when I was out in Los Angeles and it's a very fun ride but I I I update couldn't hurt I just hope that it's not you know
00:17:21something that isn't nearly as good or you know is a I and it's got it's got a semi final will be kind of cool and it's it's seems like it's a repayment seems like there because only yeah here so they can't rebuild an entire riding a year maybe
00:17:35it'll at having to do with like the gyro spheres could like there's that scene in the trailer where they drop off the cliff and splashed on the water so maybe it'll be something tied to that not sure if you could re theme the boats as diverse as yours
00:17:48with that that would be interesting it's just based on like the idea of maybe like you're you're in something that's like on the like it's yours putting our yeah maybe the volcano is about to erupt and it's like oh **** minutes let me not been dropped down the
00:18:02water I think your ambitions with this writer error way higher than I think even universals and **** I thought I'd like to announce that I'm building my own Jurassic world right and I just hope out of anything that they don't replace the T. rex at the end of
00:18:17the ride with the indominus rex because a Rexy is some that's so much better dinosaur than indominus rex I would like if they replaced it with a giant version of Jeff Goldblum I mean I before that I'd be down for we can eat it economy of ATA and
00:18:38I also hope they don't put screens and and this ride because you have universal expert screens and like projections and three D. everywhere and I don't think we need that but I let's move on to you Star Wars episode nine %HESITATION we we're talking about Jurassic world and
00:18:53the director of Jurassic world there were some desk world Colin Trevorrow was supposed to direct Star Wars episode nine he was famously famously left the project or or was fired depending on who you speak to we we now have some a little bit of info on why that
00:19:10may have happened each T. why did they part ways so a new report from the Wall Street journal sort of clarifies the behind the scenes drama happening at Lucasfilm particularly with at that Star Wars episode nine with Colin Trevorrow so we know that the initial reports said that
00:19:32Trevorrow and a captain candies visions for the film clashing and they that he parted over creative differences which is kind of the banner word thrown around whenever something goes wrong %HESITATION but here the last two journal says quote Colin Trevorrow directed Jurassic world initially top to help the
00:19:50new next star wars movie between nineteen episode nine was dismissed after miss Kennedy grew and happy with his work on the script that a person with knowledge of his work on the movie so reported beat Trevorrow real his initial draft as we know with decked with Derek Connolly
00:20:05admin that Jeff was nixed by Kennedy and then the guys still went on to higher Jack Thorne to re write that script which also I was poorly received at report after the third draft several apparently wanted to have another go at the script and %HESITATION but after that
00:20:22Kennedy decided to just dismiss Triborough altogether and move on now I don't know I I don't know anything about the situation I'm I'm sure you know they'll be books being road written about the this whole %HESITATION Star Wars behind the scenes drama in in a few years time
00:20:40and I I think will eventually find out what you know call and when they do but I'm I'm assuming this is based on assumptions that it's not just like the script was bad I think I I'm assuming it was more of Colin wanted to take things in you
00:20:55know direction a and she wanted more direction be are and give you example that I think I I think I think we're all on the same page that %HESITATION general way I was going to be a big part of episode nine until you know the death Carrie Fisher
00:21:11and that kind of left he %HESITATION you know situation like a a very interesting story situation there and I could see like maybe Colin you know trying to argue that they need like Luke to be alive in episode nine now I don't know that's the case I have
00:21:30no evidence that the case but I'm betting it's it's it's kind of like a situation there where is the stalemate of like someone arguing over wanting to go in like one direction and the other not wanting to to budge what I could be told nationally rumors actually rumors
00:21:44flying around the internet that provides vision I his script initially brought skylark it back to life despite the ending of last yet I so that's where he and Kennedy sort of %HESITATION crops packed up crossed swords I guess you'd say yes but that was just the internet rumors
00:22:02so it's kind of one one you're saying go yeah I mean I I I do think we're gonna see Luke Skywalker and up the nine a even more cam on Twitter is leaving hints that I he's going to appear in episode nine that I mean obviously he says
00:22:15that now see around kid we've their eyes that he could be a force ghost %HESITATION but it will be interesting a a one day when we can get the whole story of what happened in this behind the scenes drama it will be very very very %HESITATION interesting let's
00:22:32move on to Brad bird he was the one that Kathleen Kennedy originally wanted to direct episode seven the force awakens %HESITATION when you know he wasn't available he suggested Colin Trevorrow which is how call and got the job of Jurassic world because %HESITATION %HESITATION Kathleen Kathleen Kennedy and
00:22:52her husband Frank Marshall ended up seeing %HESITATION his movie safety not guaranteed which I caught the eye of students over in that anyway it's it's all it's all circular is what I'm saying but Brad bird %HESITATION you know almost made a Star Wars movie if it wasn't for
00:23:10tomorrow and so the question is is there the possibility of Brad bird directing a Star Wars movie in the future there's certainly no solid guarantees that something that he hasn't ruled out though and I in a recent interview with fandango Brad bird essentially said that kind of has
00:23:29an open invitation to do something with Star Wars if he ever had an idea that you wanted to execute %HESITATION there's all mostly interview fandango talks about credible to but the discussion turned to his near involvement with Star Wars and this is what %HESITATION bird had to say
00:23:43that %HESITATION I've known Catholic in a long time I've known and George Lucas quite awhile too and certainly that's a very fine universe that I can think of something to be perfect for that I would give Cathy a call absolutely it's sort of sad if I have any
00:23:54notion that would fit in the universe the please contact them so it sounds like he has you know pretty much open seasons in where if you have an idea for a character you know story once you something himself and start where they can at least go to them
00:24:08and say Hey here's what I have %HESITATION and they'll determine whether or not they they want to make it so he's he's not ruling it out but he also says I have a lot of other ideas I'm very anxious to do and since you turned down star war
00:24:21are dumb Star Wars to do tomorrow and I would imagine that any potential offered that might come up in the future if it conflicted with him doing something that was original that it was his own idea that he might not be necessarily willing to to do it unless
00:24:36you do it without it completely throwing everything in the upheavals and scheduling was the the main reason he decided he probably couldn't take on force awakens along with his responsibilities for getting tomorrow and off the ground so the prospect of Brad bird doing a Star Wars movie sound
00:24:51really excited me he's a he's a fantastic director I really like mission impossible ghost protocol %HESITATION and I'm a defender of tomorrow and I really enjoyed it quite a bit so I'd like to see what he could do was Star Wars but at the same time the prospect
00:25:03of Brad bird doing his own original stuff is just as enticing if not more so though you know I'd like to see it but not necessarily gonna hold my breath waiting for it to happen yeah I know I I think we would all like to see a Brad
00:25:16bird Star Wars movie but %HESITATION let's see if if if that is in the cards no the future I mentioned earlier the future of Lucasfilm in Star Wars it's kind of up in the air not in so much that we know that we don't know if they're gonna
00:25:28make more movies are obviously gonna make Star Wars movies at least twenty year for the foreseeable future but we really don't know what is in the cards for the Star Wars movies we know episode nine is coming from JJ Abrams we we we have Han solo the last
00:25:43announced similar movie coming out there if there was rumors about a ball with that movie there's rumors of it will be one %HESITATION Kanno be movie you know what are they gonna make next in this anthology series HT do we have any insights so the next anthology film
00:26:02from Lucasfilm I might be an obi wan Kenobi movie sell additional reports came out last year in August that Lucasfilm has started talking to directors for an obi wan spin off movie specifically checked director Stephen Daldry who is in early talks direct but ever since that initial report
00:26:22came out its biggest domestic in kind of silent about a potential the one movie and there's been no confirmation that this movie was in development at all but today some sort of reports and the I'd say something that's kind of verges on reports and rumors %HESITATION broke that
00:26:40Lucasfilm is starting to at get the obi wan movie into development as a well placed source within that this film according to fan the tracks has confirmed that development has begun on the oboe on could know the Star Wars story %HESITATION and that this may be taking place
00:26:58at Disney's Pinewood Studios cell parent meet the project is %HESITATION insufficiently along in the art department and is now full of people action mode high when studios in England which is where the majority of the Star Wars movies under Disney had been shot at and %HESITATION the parent
00:27:15me the Lucasfilm has plans to begin shooting in mid January twenty nineteen with the main issue to begin April twenty nineteen and that that the scheduled release date for this film would be December twenty twenty I mean that's certainly lines up with the past release dates of the
00:27:34of the Star Wars movies from Disney %HESITATION well to see if that happens if that is the next anthology movie the but another %HESITATION film or not film but in other project in the works from Lucasfilm is their Star Wars live action series coming to Disney's on titled
00:27:54announced streaming service I John Farrow is going to be producing it and we we we have the first information about this TV series Brad what we now yes we heard awhile back that John Fabbro is going to be the writer and executive producer of a new live action
00:28:14Star Wars series but that was pretty much all that was announced at the time we had no indication as to what it would be about %HESITATION what the theory of mind tale anything like that but John forever was walking the red carpet last night on the solo star
00:28:27war story premier and he was asked about his developing live action Star Wars series by Nerdist and while he didn't give away too many specific details he did give us the information that we didn't yet know before the biggest piece that he told us is that the show
00:28:45would take place seven years after the battle of indoor in return of the genocide which means that take place quite a long time before the events of the force awakens there's roughly thirty years or so in between for the jet on the force awakens so there's a good
00:28:58couple decades here %HESITATION that haven't happened leading up to the force awakens during the time of the series takes place in addition he said this year it'll feature all new characters so we're not looking at history that focuses on any canon characters that we've met elsewhere in the
00:29:11Star Wars saga so far but it also doesn't rule out the possibility of seeing any of those character actually pop up in small camp hill road cameo roles here and there kind of similar to the way that we would see familiar characters pop up on Star Wars rebel
00:29:26and then finally he mentioned that they would be using the same kind of technology that he used on the jungle book and the lion king during the production of the show %HESITATION what that's kind of interesting in and of itself because that sounds like they'll be using a
00:29:38lot of visual effects to create the environment and characters in this movie while similar to the way that the jungle book and lion king are entirely shot on a sound stage and created with digital effects in post production %HESITATION that sounds like you would be really expensive so
00:29:58that I get I am assuming that this is going to be a pretty high budget productions at the Disney streaming service we don't really have a gauge of the how much money they're pushing into the kind of project it's hard to tell what kind of like %HESITATION quality
00:30:09we're gonna get if we're gonna get something that feels like it's %HESITATION cable level where where you have a production %HESITATION that on the scale of like a game of thrones or a west world are stranger things %HESITATION but like I said that Disney I imagining that there
00:30:22was much money at the start with your the can so that they can get as many people as possible subscribe to this new service that they'll be walking sometime in twenty nineteen it is interesting before it terse Lucas sold to Disney you know use developing that Star Wars
00:30:36TV show from a number of years which was going to see Satan under world and it was said to be taking advantage of technology maybe you know the technology that came before with ever used on a you know jungle book but he was guilty he was Lucas was
00:30:53waiting out after the technology to become cheaper and easier to use for the TV series that never ended up happening %HESITATION so it's interesting that %HESITATION you know the Star Wars TV show %HESITATION which is quote unquote live action but if it's anything like jungle book he'll be
00:31:09like what ninety percent animated in some way or created in computer I should say there's a couple things to unpack here I think %HESITATION this taking place you said right after return of the Jedi seven years after the battle of and or said that's interesting because you think
00:31:30at that point the gala at the the the empire is kind of gone rate like so who is going to be the bad guys in this upcoming series like I I feel like the first order has not shown themselves at that point bread you have any theories I
00:31:45fear that the what the show will be about you mean yeah we need to have some kind of antagonised here like in I'm I'm assuming you know there's no Seth villains to be around the empire is on the the the out a huge decline for starters in hiding
00:32:01true but I think that maybe one of the interesting things here might be is that I think there's two routes that it could be kind of entry one of them is maybe a this series give us some insight into what the first order was doing while they were
00:32:13in hiding media follows their exploits %HESITATION and maybe the early warning of the resistance or be the maybe there's some kind of ties here to the story that was part of the campaign in the video game Star Wars battlefront two guys that took place immediately after the destruction
00:32:30of the second death star in order to the guy and it followed we'll %HESITATION officer who led a secret you know a group of soldiers and were given orders dispatched by the emperor upon his his death to dispatch to keep the empire going %HESITATION and make sure they
00:32:47didn't just just give up so they can sit down seven years later though so it's kind of how it might be hard to tie that in together but maybe there's something there because that story is canon from the campaign from Star Wars battlefront too so maybe there's something
00:33:01there that will tie it together but yeah it's hard to say what's you know without knowing what kind of you're talking about whether it's gonna be focusing on bounty hunters will focus on you know the a continued struggle between the the remnants of the empire and the rebel
00:33:15alliance or you know any any of that it's hard to know for sure but they they definitely got a lot of possibilities sense that such an unexplored area in Star Wars cannon right now in you do make a good point here this could be a more ground level
00:33:29movie telling the story of like you know people on you know planet somewhere in this galaxy dealing with you know the crime world of bounty hunters in job of the ill I guess job that's not around but did you I mean like that kind of like those kind
00:33:45of Daddy's not like you know the big huge baddies that we see in in the films of like you know the quack to compare so I will be a I I am excited for the US I can't wait to find out more in when we do find out
00:33:58more we'll have it on here in on the site Brad were could you find more you work on mine you find me a flight from dot com all the live long day you can also find me on Twitter at you've been underscore entertained and check out my podcast
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