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Our guests, all YouTube creators, included:
Estée Lalonde:
Charly Cox:
Bertie Gilbert:
Enjoy the live episode! Can't wait to do more of these in the future. We'll see you in Season Three. x
- Harry & Matt
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00:00:00Hey guys it's not and if this audio doesn't sound super great it's because it's not a recording this on my phone any help before we kick off this special episode of filler we just want to let you know that there's a beautiful version of this episode in video
00:00:14form that we recorded on location at ozone coffee a huge amount of work went into producing that video and we love for as many of you guys to see it as possible it's currently two ninety nine on vimeo and you'd be huge support in the series by streaming
00:00:27it you find that the meal dot com slash on demand slash filler live or by clicking the link in description of this episode also guys this is the final episode of season two Harry I can't believe how passes gone by but we're so excited to start releasing episodes
00:00:42from season three trust us is going to be incredible until then you guys can stay in touch with us by treating us at filler podcast or by emailing us at hello at filler podcast dot com and that's it enjoy the episode hi I'm Harry and that's not Hey
00:01:04Mrs fella the creative industries put cost hello everyone welcome to Filipo because this is the first ever episode of felt alive yeah okay you can in the gun is is all studio audience you could say Australia today as I was on coffee isn't coffee have been incredibly welcoming
00:01:42to us then and Wilson company in an east London and and they do all sorts of things as well as helping small businesses and they restaurant means well ever said the other day in a row Serbians and house wholesalers to and click hunter in twenty different %HESITATION stores
00:01:58around Europe is pretty cool yet and they're also just like they help local businesses and local restaurants cafes of getting started with the cafes supplying them with beans and there's a great people for the coffee community I mean I don't know if we like them as much of
00:02:12in house stuff yeah but we definitely does that for us we do that thank you so much for hosting us here we this is a very very special episode out we have estate on bus to go but and Charlie **** for those of you who don't know who
00:02:30they are only the brief intro that okay because the estate is a beauty and lifestyle blog or %HESITATION because many of you to business yeah yeah ends but now an author not yet not yet this is the first order on Amazon %HESITATION Bernie is a filmmaker also primarily
00:02:49on you too %HESITATION and Charlie Charlie is a writer or blogger producer %HESITATION just human extraordinaire and we we basically we were sitting down to trying to organize how this would look and and we we put down designer photographer and you cheat on me so I think actually
00:03:09we decided just to go for something a little bit more specific a little bit more targets as we made the whole panel of people who have a part in creating things on you too so as a representative looking community in this instance but see the filmmaking one and
00:03:22Charlie everything that goes into making those things happen I'm so hopefully we can give you guys and quite an insight into the UT community needs you to culture and and just anything from kind of creativity inspiration to the actual hands on production tips so thank you very much
00:03:39for being with us and let me take up guy that's go on with the main question brilliant at where is that there it is I'm we thought would be kickoff I wanted to ask the question what I'm what do you see that I'm not how would you explain
00:03:59that to anyone and I suppose the question is we can see because all three and tidy different people and I think the question for all of you and you can take intends on string it and is how do you guys compatible you do on you cheap with with
00:04:12a more traditional creates a video I don't want to go first that's gone mate %HESITATION well the question is how would you how would how do you think that we do and you cheap shots to other kind of so in your case it would be you make some
00:04:28some new jeep that's that's vastly different from yeah films and in the kind of real Big Boy film industry but the fact is is that your father industry is becoming pretty large and we I think I don't know I think the biggest I died I've had a taste
00:04:43of of more that of of the kind of big of industry out that %HESITATION I've been working on a feature film for awhile and be talking to produces and stuff %HESITATION but I think the main difference is I just think more freedom yeah I think %HESITATION I think
00:04:59I mean it depends if you get even if you're you too production if you get you know funding and stuff there's a degree to which you need to obey %HESITATION the people we've given you money but yeah I think I think generally and I think the whole feedback
00:05:14thing that kind of instant gratification in the instant like %HESITATION criticism in the gym comments is something that is vastly different from mine and it's just foster I think pasta will free the I don't know I I don't wanna do it forever I I don't think right I
00:05:32think some restrictions may be healthy yeah the Big Boy film world yeah I mean I suppose as was climbing up the ladder is quite important coupled Michael right people then again I kinda now on a one is who is twenty seven and and I know you Howdy eighteen
00:05:47you making a feisty to found is it some thought that it might he said as funny as it sounds made from the biggest as well well yeah good yeah I this is not is not really and now that is not likely anyone else doing what you do because
00:06:05you are loca yeah what else is there what is the more professional version of what I do is no professional what is it I guess it's just different isn't it yeah it's traditional as more traditional and I I think if you use is you folks on lifestyle yeah
00:06:20itself I say yeah that's a good I mean a medical or now that is a life filled with people yeah I can if you see that I'm sorry I interrupted you well I mean there are lifestyle shows there's like lifestyle networks on TV and that sort of thing
00:06:41but it is the freedom thing like there's there's so much more structure to it always have to have a theme it all has to go into the next thing that's the next thing YouTube is kind of like all I feel like making this video today I feel like
00:06:53this video next week yeah there's no real yeah yeah Charlie you've had it you've had some experience in both mediums you had to do and I don't know and I think it's a pretty so the main thing that you notice it budget you don't have quite as much
00:07:08money as you'd like to if I am but at the same time it's a really exciting space perfectly when I started producing because you would leading with friends there instead of stopping for the runner being terrified if like people that are a lot more accomplished any if you
00:07:21can make a mistake and probably no one will notice because no one really knew what you were supposed to be doing anyway yeah so it's quite a friendly atmosphere to throw yourself and decide if you like something and if you die and delete the videos like it's so
00:07:34instantaneous but then also despise but the same time thing I like it and and how would how would that compare to I mean we've had chats about your time working with Russell brand on the troops and you talked about how when you walked in your first day and
00:07:47you have to look around and you're like me what why am I here yeah those must differ quite quite sometimes it's %HESITATION yeah sometimes it's quite overwhelming because you've got quite a lot of old media and faces I looking at you like you're a twenty year old go
00:08:04what do you and before you know it you'll speaking a language that they've never heard of before which is great because it means you got such a wonderful opportunity to prove yourself I haven't I need growing so much confidence so quickly because you really have to be very
00:08:18vocal and passionate about why your ideas of right and the idea is that you have about you shave and how you permit video or how you walk towards an algorithm or whatever it's so different from all of media that it's nice to teach the adult something I think
00:08:35so just by a show of hands in a row and I had to come is unnecessary to see all of this and who has either wants to make a film are going to be G. saying old ones the channel as a considering out people %HESITATION sound you've got
00:08:49one say a lack I'm not we have a question from one of the audience members I think we've basically to the questions and and and have one yeah yeah definitely so so we had we set up a few tweets and instagrams and all that we ask people to
00:09:03send questions and to be asked to to you guys some really good ones actually came and %HESITATION substantial questions %HESITATION I think that is what general but I think it applies to anyone looking to start again to across the field %HESITATION this comes from hell but I pronouncing
00:09:19this right but Arabella Arabella are you here by chance Arabella maybe not %HESITATION how do you deal with creative blocks because I mean like last month for me has been in a whole crowd of block that has ever happened to everyone %HESITATION Este well that's my life yeah
00:09:38and I think the only thing with you too because you can't just stop making videos every week I or every four five days I have to have any video and so I don't actually have time for a creative block I think I have those videos that I always
00:09:51go back to the safe sort of things I make and it kind of gives me time to get my head space and think of something maybe a little bit more creative or that takes a little bit more work but I think you know the best way to do
00:10:01is just keep doing stuff if I just took two months off work I don't think I'd actually be better off creatively you know the area %HESITATION I think I I because I'll see I'm still very young and stuff and I'm not saying I've never had a creative block
00:10:20bought my having had creative not I think in recent memory I don't thing I have because I think I've just been so like a kind of area I've been very like excited the whole time about making things often and as often as I can so I can't say
00:10:37that I felt it recently but I I imagine if I I know personally if I were to get ready back crave blog I think I'd be forced to like delve into my like doc a possible I tried to read something out of this horrible it's happened to me
00:10:52in the past maybe a nine but I think in our name okay the thing I think we first came to my apartment and I had no it wasn't free few times off that and you saw my sweet sad I have ever seen anyone get so excited by their
00:11:07right I can't imagine having as much grace because who yeah I'm just I I'm just very like my heart rate is like men so like it's like a really small dog sorry you on your own blog and and did about today and go yeah stuff and is producing
00:11:28a ride how would you do if you look back to prop up I've recently discovered a really great methods pull bad it makes me look absolutely insane %HESITATION I read poetry to my dog and my system room every morning I'm performance doesn't everyone I hate guys I'm very
00:11:51seriously I I picked up a okay temples but when I was away just recently and realize that they what was that was supposed to be spoken and not read I'm so I did a sauce doing that and I found sorry much excitement maybe I just really not voice
00:12:08I think there %HESITATION but it just really awakened something in me okay time is amazing writes yes she's incredible life she's amazing if anyone hasn't heard of Kate Tempest can check around just love stuff I'm living at first off I'm I saw Alex's amazing incredible and it's just
00:12:24such an exciting way to I think usually when you have a creative block it's down to in security that your ideas that have the potential to be great so you just shot off it's like procrastination at the fair of not being able to perform well yeah just I
00:12:38do it I'm whereas when your doing something as ridiculous as walking around your house shouting poetry at your Burmese lot all I wanted was to kind of like to use all of the innovation is a dog the original intent did you go to the dog or the dull
00:12:52kind of a what the **** is still came to me Harry because my was right because I can imagine it now so I just looking in the kitchen with me and I to listen you're talking about in security I get that all the time and if I could
00:13:08come from heather %HESITATION on that note so if you have an idea for a project how do you find the courage I suppose to to just like just kick start that project or start scratching and ideas and building towards that final goal rather than just sticking on the
00:13:24shelf and leaving it for later that's something that I struggle with a lot I got a lot of ideas and then they really know how to put them into compartment someone's realistic Comeau is and I think the best way is to see how far you can take yourself
00:13:36seriously with it sorry if I have an idea about something I'll try and do a pitch document and I'm ready ready pitching it to myself but then that way I can say this could happen this could be a real thing and then it's a question of why do
00:13:50you not want something you want to make it into a real thing rights to find out with with your scripts as a writing them to kind of like look them over and the more you read them yeah as long as you don't get sick of them yet then
00:14:00you know it's good yeah it's sort of I think it's a case in terms of like having the courage to kind of have an idea and then pursue it and yet in terms of like writing and then choosing and then whatever and I think I don't know personally
00:14:14I had ideas that I haven't been as good and I've had ideas I thought were better in those the ones I do say so I feel like there's this kind of inane like I don't I think in your mind you just know that something is kind of a
00:14:27bit more special than it's worth pushing and I think it's important to kind of have people that you can go to a willing to listen to you I'm not only believe in you but also like criticizing when necessary %HESITATION because like the last show film I did which
00:14:43came out like in a week ago and the first and it was like thirty five minutes long and my friend Jack Jack how woods was very honest and said that it's too long it's really boring and it is really slow tonight can you give it to me and
00:14:56he cut it down to like seventy minutes and minutes much back so I think I've gotten better at it but I think it's yeah it's a case of being able to be ready to take on criticism German owned by sea and say that if you know just much
00:15:07but to its really bloody brilliant and if you haven't seen it you should find this thing I listen to it right away like you they Eugene dot com for us I I will get not this early to touch on we wanted to do as they like maybe we
00:15:23can to lower collaboration now yes is that I know that is what you do I do that with my scripts you send it to a whole host of people I think are the same people I send mines is %HESITATION collaboration is a massive paw as of everything I
00:15:36suppose in in in your life less so you still have a small team of people that you work with on a regular basis is that I mean write code named like one night when I make a video I don't really show to many people before I put on
00:15:49the internet it's really just me and occasionally as when we look at it but he chooses not to sit through them but I I it's me yeah it's really stressful sometimes I think all it was this is like really terrible and you put it out there and sometimes
00:16:05it is and sometimes it's not about a foot in each of these is pretty small is pretty tightly knit I cast you down lean on a law by the U. teva's when when things got tough would you kind of internalize a little bit I internalize things I call
00:16:17my mom I I don't know I'm kind of weird about that kind of stuff I have a certain group of friends will say like all called mad like I don't believe what's happening but I I'm kind of an introverted person you know a bit of a loner so
00:16:29I like to just be a one woman show was a horrible tonight and I'd just like to read such a Reggie my greyhounds maybe you should read read you some and your life is all collaboration Johnny because your job is not she sat is too light rally them
00:16:49all together overcome the rubble and the rival has been the likes of him it I'm on bass you now it's %HESITATION it's been that the tax cuts and I know how hard that is to run with the goal for Boies still have great films to make %HESITATION and
00:17:03%HESITATION you've got to us to go in the Russell brand of the trees than going around you got that break in that put them into the mix that's quite a big one that %HESITATION how did how do you how to run their own together and is it really
00:17:15actually quite pleasant experience let's just sing a song instead of offering yeah there eight times out of ten it's a really positive experience %HESITATION and it's just really fun I mean people like bad and Jack and Finn what was so great what with because first and foremost in
00:17:35my friends but then that doesn't make it quite difficult when you know it's a pretty says there is a line of you needing to be authoritative and a little bit scary and it's hard to convey that when you're friends with someone that you're not having a go at
00:17:48them because they're horrible pass that you'll have a got in because it looks at possible three days for a space baby apple yes happened for so many times I'm but is more exciting that way I think if if you weren't cooperating with so many people it would be
00:18:03I don't know I don't know how you do it I find it really learn me and a bit though I kind of you know what I feel the same about you because I couldn't work with that many people when I walk into an office or a few know
00:18:18of a team like no I couldn't do it I want to be at home with Reggie with judge Judy on the back is that a company for me I think because I get a split the vote so you when you're doing pre production I'm very much sought in
00:18:31my pants eating cold take aways watching please women I say I so I got that as a like a lead up point where I'm on my own for so long and stressed out and then a student or with other people that a priest and I guess they appreciate
00:18:47your stress because they want it to be great as well yeah I'm not so lift you and makes you think all I could do this again or this is what my time I'm glad that I cried last week because this is great yeah usually know into the take
00:18:59until the end of the project when you're actually done to know whether it's a good fit working with the other person or do you how long after you start working together do you know if it's going to be a good fit I tend to do an initial meeting
00:19:10yeah and to see if that like ethics and morals align with mine in times of that why they want to make a film or why they want to talk about that particular thing and if it's just sort of a wavy I think it would be a good ideas
00:19:24like they think stuff out but if it's just so excited and passionate about this and I think as long as someone's passion it doesn't matter how difficult they off to what quit if you you got to enjoy a someone's in a postion excitement and not say much more
00:19:38valuable than being picky about the content I think that that process is quite common thankfully in in in our in our industry is a lot of very very cool young people who are passionate about great things and want people to be involved the trouble only comes when they
00:19:52expect that passion to act as a currency as payment %HESITATION I love you guys right here I love you guys listening as well will be young creatives trying to get a fast giggle trying to get a first job in the industry and how do you choose what to
00:20:09accept money for these workers V. Charlie I did that and I as a custody but money's difficult things the people out there again loudly great exposure for you because for this free will how do you take because you have to take some of those jobs the beginning right
00:20:23or not I personally never did yeah and that might be just because I have a massive ego I have a ticket %HESITATION it no I think you really have to respect yourself was that if somebody thinks that you are simple and then your wife being compensated with with
00:20:39money for that you if your it's it's different if you'll being offered a will pay your expenses do it take it investor fast fast to get your first experience definitely do it because you're not losing out that way I expect you to get someone that and eat that
00:20:55and get home and then I just think it's it's not firing you yeah yeah that was a listener called lily who who asks something along the same the same wave length how you actually build up the confidence to say no when it's not the right fit though especially
00:21:10at a young age I imagine that can be quite difficult especially as sort of a line of where you want to be a few years I think what's really wonderful is email I mean I really have to look someone in the eye and be like night not you
00:21:23can just say thank you so much about she had another job come and I and I it's definitely but to stay on that side and the mom con take a job and then they'll come back to you and thank you maybe they're well worth paying I mean if
00:21:35they're doing that much work sets swings and the essays and yes in a sense I guess for the first two years that I was a content creator I didn't get paid anything I don't even have ad revenue on my channels okay I don't even know people got paid
00:21:51for stuff and I started realizing everyone around me was getting paid except me and then I I had that thing where how the my going to ask for money from these brands who are telling me you can get great exposure and all this and they're kind of selling
00:22:04it to you you just have to kind of do it and I am I literally enjoy it now I think you probably as well because I feel like I'm standing up for myself most people here get paid for their work and our work is fun but we should
00:22:17get paid definitely because it's time yeah it's time so I'm just a little yes but it isn't an issue even today like I got an email this huge project that most people would get paid for their like a force that we don't have a budget but we'll put
00:22:32you in our newsletter since he didn't have a budget they wouldn't have someone demanding you can now add getting paid to send the email gentle when you know and when it when you when you work for free you're just such a perpetuating the problem years yeah yeah put
00:22:49it right back into the cycle because the next person that that that brand approaches yeah facts for to be free work and it happens sometimes I'll say this is how much I want for this job and they'll say %HESITATION will this person only once this might not the
00:23:00west but when they spend trying like tore you apart yeah well I spoke to someone who had a very good friend yes I'm there any off at half of that so you'll know what that much in my car and say okay okay let me nice I have got
00:23:19is that yes I think that's really important I mean for me was very simple and is that anyone who is working for me in any in any respect gets paid properly %HESITATION and if I can't do that happened that it will be made up and and I I
00:23:30I think that's just about happening you know anything about on I'm gonna speak for their X. I do that and I was that I had a lot of a lot of criticism for speaking two months and not letting them speak enough and I'm tired of it when we
00:23:45speak so a film of the same well here's a pencil I know is on is is is %HESITATION is about the displays in general there's a lot of older people old people who are involved in traditional media anything it's fine to pay these guys less %HESITATION because that
00:24:05could I used to smaller budgets I'm but the in in the first place the guns online there's still people because they wanted it quicker say one that could have more efficiently and they want to pay people less and really I think a more efficient service is worth far
00:24:17more than a slow and sluggish one and so that's the message he traditional craze of media people who I can have fun with my projects %HESITATION and says give me a question from the audience so yeah I think she wants to production advice and sort of how how
00:24:35production works %HESITATION this one comes from Jesse at Jesse here Hey Jesse hope that is the same Jesse it says so how how do you guys spread your ideas and gain support your right %HESITATION get support for your ideas whether monetarily or just getting your audience sort of
00:24:55like %HESITATION keen on what you're about to create %HESITATION essentially how yeah you get support so you can turn what you have in your head into reality %HESITATION well I am I'm very fortunate to to know the people that I do in terms of making them like I
00:25:12know I know cinematographers I know I sound people that I've known for awhile so I can can I I've what with them enough that it's kind of it's very just easy to say you free on this day to hold a stick and record sound all at a %HESITATION
00:25:27demigods alike audience I mean I don't know with me because it's tricky because I I upload maybe once every I'm trying to get better but like five months gone by wrapping up loaded %HESITATION but then the thing I do upload is that by me as long as I'm
00:25:44with your life so in that in that regard I have to do like trailers and I have to do places so in a way when I try and like get people on board for like a project I kind of try and tackle it in a more traditional sense
00:25:57in the way that like a kind of studio would balls on a much smaller scales like teaser poster or like a hash tag go like a trailer I've I've never gone as far to duties a trailer and I tried that and then a second trailer and then like
00:26:09a bloody like night TV spot yet but yeah I think for the yeah I mean I've just I've been very lucky to be surrounded by the people I am not in terms of my audience and I know personally you can help me create stuff to make sense so
00:26:27this is one that's probably on the top of any young person's mind at the moment %HESITATION how do you guys think that careers will change specifically in the media industry %HESITATION for the generation that's in school right now that's about to come at the school because like things
00:26:42are changing so rapidly new jobs are popping up all the time like a social media manager here told someone ten years ago that that was going to be a job role they were the said they would social media have not yet but just didn't it didn't exist so
00:26:56how do you guys see the landscape changing over the next five years or so I'm only there a joke that I could never have gone to school full and I have no idea what it wasn't even now I didn't really know what it is that I do %HESITATION
00:27:10but that's so exciting and I think it's only going to grow in that direction why it will be self sufficient young people who it being self taught and teaching himself things and also were of this language and %HESITATION this digital spaces native to us so it's not as
00:27:27though you are having to learn about that because you've grown up with it you already know it which is exciting because you know it fifteen or twenty you're already a professional in the field that thirteen forty year old desperate to pay someone to teach him about so I
00:27:41think that that would expand so much well I hope so I hope the opportunity for young people to not necessarily have to sit through the traditional route of school but instead to be a bit more entrepreneurial and talking about how they go about getting a job I mean
00:27:56in this country it's it's insane %HESITATION that we've just increase the age limit on education so I don't even know this into a friend of a friend of mine and told me he sixteen is the eighteen yes eighteen the school in the U. K. and he's sixteen at
00:28:12him his business partner James try to as much that night at of course amazing business and and he can't run not business because he's sixteen %HESITATION any comic a conduit that's crazy isn't is it because I think that again that was passion you were looking for but yeah
00:28:30it's really backwards I left school at sixteen and if I don't then I definitely wouldn't be sucked up the stable I wouldn't say the things on and I think it would have been ready detrimental for me passing I'm not saying everyone should boycott school grades and but I
00:28:46think my personal growth and understanding what I could study in the future where I would like to be if this will catalyze removing something out session the other people that yeah I just wanna say I'm probably the oldest one here I'm twenty five I'm so old sexy guys
00:29:03I I went to university and it was awful I hated every second of it but you get a guy actually is is really I know it's going we both grew up in Canada okay I'm no I I didn't think there was any other option for me I finished
00:29:25in Canada you can't leave school at sixteen you can just can't do I have to be eighteen and %HESITATION I think I think so yeah I went to university for a few years I went to a different university that I went to college and then I thought I
00:29:38am destined to fail here it wasn't until I moved to England and I sort of became friends with all these great people and started doing different things that I realize that not everyone was doing that thing of going to school and I don't regret going to school but
00:29:51it didn't do anything to help me yeah I I did because in the UK we have second to school and and then there's like six six form %HESITATION and I did one year six form and then I did one day of the second yeah one lesson and I
00:30:05just know I'm actually I just I don't know I just knew I think it was just for me at least it was an environment that was an inspiring me and I knew that while I was in this kind of dental building doing stuff I don't really care about
00:30:21that what people out that the the I can very easily me and told to you it kind of the film the much more than this thing yeah on I mean it in hindsight I should decided before because I still paid for an entire time of college that your
00:30:36mom and dad and they wouldn't give me the money back yeah so if you want to leave college decide for if you need a content yeah I was I I think I was the lost the addict that can do that because I was seventeen anywhere do I still
00:30:54be there now price and anyways it was telling me anyways to is to hide yourself as an apprentice and they in in education and you're with us you can so that if you got the timing but I'm hi my question my question is the case so I %HESITATION
00:31:12%HESITATION someone who's not as fortunate as we are I'm someone who's kind of pain NSAC and not have some why I'm living that no one in my family is creative I'm I have no way into the industry but I see these guys knew chief and I've seen these
00:31:29guys sitting here in front of me I'm not how do I even stopped hi I make all that how how how do they how how do they get how they get stuff I mean it's kind of it's so become of a cliche to say I am but you
00:31:46know if we will go out cameras on our phones yeah and and and I think I think more more as time goes on we'll we'll have the tools like you know five years down the line someone could have all the essentials in the very small device to pretty
00:32:03much make a pretty impressive film yeah yeah and I think that you know that was a film I think it was at the counter vessel Sundance or something and it was shot entirely on iPhone in portrayed mode and it like one of the awards so I think that's
00:32:18not really inspirational and and encouraging to just like some stuff I don't know what is yeah I think because I mean I feel like the sentiment is reflected in pretty much every single episode we've done a kind of spans across any part of the creative industry is just
00:32:33that obviously you might have to have I shouldn't even you'll have to have the best equipment in the world is just you have to have that the passion has to be there evident passion has to be there to fuel the idea and it has to be obvious that
00:32:44year actually if you like what you're doing yeah and that's you know that's just that's just me from my perspective to him about film and stuff but like if you want to write poetry if you want to start a blog there is you know generally there's not really
00:32:57anything stopping you I I I understand that a lot of being noticed and a lot of being of really getting out that %HESITATION with that stuff is is to do with luck %HESITATION but I think if the drives their annual kind of patient I think you know the
00:33:11world could potentially be your voice to understand I guess doing what you want to do is very important important factor in it like him doing what you think should be done is is the one is that the one of the biggest mistakes I mean I I get content
00:33:25is quite low and by people on the now allowed poverty now when there is much yet I contacted but since then fellow especially a hell of a lot of young people who are out is when how do I do this you know what do what do I do
00:33:36tell me what sticks out as if that passion and knocking us tell me what day and any comment you contact anyone what to do and I think the best and only happened recently for me was a realization that actually if I do the wax I love if I
00:33:51make things I really enjoy that and it's always the most successful always way works as a then rather than kind guy I realize that takes us on the make this one the same same is it what relied on video somebody my next video not style I think actually
00:34:06the times I've sat down and gone how do I want this to play out how do I want the person watching this or reading or seeing it to feel on this when they say a watch it and and that's been the most successful stuff as well have about
00:34:17those fast stacks man they said that I I haven't got much of it yet says we're still waiting things cost on the monthly as was I saw you tweeted a couple days ago I think when someone art I can't really remember but about how no one really has
00:34:33especially young people don't has patience anymore people just want to be as successful as humanly possible as fast as possible and I don't think it's a particularly healthy thing for people as well as the industry because you know no one knowing gets it right off the bat when
00:34:48very few people %HESITATION yeah I think taking time to massive my massive politics I think we even did it with Stella will me fast sat down and tried to think about that a we we wanted that we had to grind grind visions for ever with it then we
00:35:03aim was meant to be before filler wasn't as a comment the mint because I mean I mean guys we we sat down we were gonna make it lively so you could like live stream that every week I mean it's crazy to even think about right now and we're
00:35:22gonna have a video we can have every all the bells and whistles match I think we sat down with don Rubin who is his %HESITATION one of our previous gas on just an incredible incredible guy and good photographer needs to come and everything and he said I said
00:35:36whoa right stop trying to be the end goal right at the beginning because as soon as you accept that you're not going to be that for a while the back so you'll be that building up to it I think is the best piece of advice of golf at
00:35:50anything especially for for that because if we did I mean doing this right now is laughably data than what it would be yeah even unlawful to it back then I just answer the question the guy you guys fought for what we're getting deep we have this is a
00:36:08bit of a curve ball we a question from Georgia I really hope your here I door does not here did you ask the question about existentialism yes amazing Georgia us how do you deal with the crushing weight of existentialism right anyway %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION %HESITATION I have
00:36:34a joke not a show like no they we'll we'll get a bag sensual from time to time I'm I think for me at least because I filmed I filmed something about this but I know but anyway so for me kind of it's usually quite aside I think I
00:36:50may be spoke with this in mind Filipo cost yeah it's usually quite aside notion how ultimately insignificant we are and how like tiny we are in the grand scheme of the universe but I kind of have formed the opinion that there's something quite liberating about that %HESITATION and
00:37:08not like I don't know like what was my point if I remember talk with the cosmos and sort of like yeah any lining the walls which is a very clear my mind and I I thought about it when I was because he was on the bridge at a
00:37:23bar spike yeah I think that's what I said anytime you sad that when anything **** up goes wrong for it %HESITATION you just imagine the calls on us yeah you just imagine how small we yeah okay well that was it yeah it's I mean it's so it's and
00:37:39it's a it's light as old as time light although or about it so in skiff and grants and things but yeah it's like it's something trivial gets you down all you need it's kind of nice to being get back stand still and just picture how absolutely insignificant that
00:37:57kind of problem as we didn't say that kind of small issues don't have validity %HESITATION but I think sometimes if you want to get your priorities straight and you want to get your mind on track I think it's very healthy to just sometimes page said just the universe
00:38:12and stars in supernovas and then takes a like our someone really mean comment on one of my dad's light that puts the right because they think their existing those things a co existing in a not so much I think it's worth pointing out as well that if something
00:38:28even though no I just all not just for the sake we can cut out it's fine yet we don't do that you have really good government at this is life guys carry without me and %HESITATION good it even if even if something is insignificant it doesn't mean that
00:38:49it's worthless yeah and that's still definitely wait behind you know what you're doing even if it is completely point as the best weight in the pointlessness that it is not quite me on that was beautiful right next to him I I guess if you ask why something's important
00:39:09you never do it because the fact is nothing's very important really if you look at what I'm writing that an awful something and how we shall go one way why my writing this I there's some people in a way that no one's going to be affected by it
00:39:23and and I see that point is the was the west point because really just right anyway get out your system and I think if I do at least one thing get one thing out how weak I this take I've I think that's good but this is our stop
00:39:36and ask myself is whether it's important not because not important people died as people dying in there yeah why we sing a day this is a problem in the light all humans you know we ultimately are just animals you know on a into biologic way we are ultimately
00:39:54up purposes to eat and survive and the crack to miles %HESITATION pray and so it's nice if it did not you'll eat your accomplishing what you essentially amends may come and everything else is is extra and is is is something you should be you know pretty tough about
00:40:12because you don't have to be doing that stuff you can phone are you just so might see that and %HESITATION put my my I think maybe she's well bodies yeah I still love and he said I'm values are important any any pass any great successes in Davis I
00:40:32think I think sticking to a core value is is a good thing is that right stay long yeah I think so it's kind of hard because it's kind of hard to remember the values necessary that you had when you started I think they can kind of change a
00:40:47little bit but it's important I always try to put myself back in check and think how did I start this why did I start this why am I doing this I'm answering the question yeah and and just kind of keep it all because it's a crazy life you
00:41:01know the stuff we're doing I think it's very easy to get carried away with a lot of the stuff but %HESITATION values are very important yes they are yeah yeah I try to make meaningful things yeah we believe that but I was and I thought I thought I
00:41:30would I would say that I think I've known you for six months or so I'd say that your core value and in my in my opinion would be balance more than anything you know how to keep things in check yeah I strike so yesterday I tried he backed
00:41:46that yeah I hear you I see my energies balanced I always have my crystals around you've crystals and I can't say I'm I'm all about you know because I'm a little like you know what I'm saying I need to keep everything on the same playing field and I
00:42:09think my work my content does reflect that a lot yeah you wouldn't be here if it didn't but I I and that is the there's got to be I I think this is the U. two preseason so saturated as actually having a very depressing look through it that
00:42:28yesterday and I'm looking at how how tunnels revolving and and and changing shape it is ice is a really lot talk business isn't it really yeah especially because the brand is you and I think you didn't have a job making that really just a very nice story to
00:42:42follow along and Jenny to follow and which I think is probably I think the the trait I like a nice the times I watch regularly and its people it genuinely guy on on a journey and and and just sharing a life with you I think that was really
00:42:56really cool and what was the point at which point was just saying marks and know what was it about these studies %HESITATION realistic but I see them right %HESITATION Vessey well my values were you about is when you write a script and you and you give you give
00:43:17it to five or so people right now you know what my feature film and it's a lot more cooks in the kitchen yeah how to deal with that is is is there any that's actually been the moments that someone's gone now it should be not a small yeah
00:43:31actually a celebrity said yeah light we started when I first met the we first I talking about making this film like November twenty fourteen yeah and we just bins of writing it nonstop sense with very nearly done %HESITATION but yeah like especially because at the time we started
00:43:49doing that I was I had never had any kind of investing in times of writing stuff I do is just kind of gone with it myself I was less open to collaboration but through writing this film and through working with different people on different shows I'm more open
00:44:02to it now and another was definitely like old opinions of Allen seven there's definitely like notes where I just saw promised us to head turn shut up you've got to be unplugged at it but I think I don't know I think if people are willing to be I
00:44:18think yeah if people are excited about you and have a degree of passion and cast about what you're doing even if you think some of the feedback is stupid and I think you you have to do them a disservice to not listen I mean most of these people
00:44:32in my bosses basically but it's been good and fun as a good script yeah this holiday I values tells about your values and yeah it's that's where I get together and get too opinionated son trying to psych myself down my yeah I'm I think they're really really important
00:44:56online picky because as audiences that we have all that growing up we're catching people in a very sensitive time of their lives %HESITATION and to be showing it addicts morals bodies with your wok but also how you hold yourself as a passing mean nobody signed up and said
00:45:13Hey I want to be a role model I sort of put things on videos but you have to sort of understand that by getting excited and hyping up views and follow it as your you are taking on the responsibility that you you have people to look off that
00:45:29%HESITATION I've always said to myself I would post a blog post and thus it would have helped me three or four years ago and I what what I've wanted my fifteen year old self to read and whether that something that's funny or stupid or on a stool deep
00:45:43dark and depressing and that's talk about my feelings again %HESITATION yeah it's just important to keep yourself in check is what you go making gonna help someone whether that since by that make them lawful teach them something and if it's not then yeah like all your buddies in
00:46:02check can I say something good for Harley is one of the girls I am most inspired by because she is so honest about everything and I think you know I've been doing this a really long time talking about lipstick and hair and coats and jeans but I think
00:46:18what you say is true I think there comes a point where there's a lot of people making that kind of content you know that is quite you know on the surface I think it's really important to kind of do things that are going to change someone there are
00:46:29have them look at that and think I get that or I feel comforted that someone else went through that so I think Charlie is really inspired me especially to do you know to make more content like that it's been going well so thanks keep it safe to say
00:46:44is that if if a male person that's me away really and I'm someone as cynical as mace if I can watch a town enjoy it then you'll very much different to are you just trying to apologize for earlier now I'm I'm nonsense he says and I will question
00:47:04from the audience definitely at a good time for a couple more yeah this is what I came in from multiple people actually %HESITATION what's your favorite color about the red this is not this is something that is something that I I recently I guess happened to me and
00:47:22and %HESITATION something I struggle with for a while and now that I'm actually on the other side of it I'm super happy but how would you or some is considering going from being full time employed and have a chance security to freelance which I think for a lot
00:47:36of people as indicated by the polling that we don %HESITATION and people want to be doing freelance work and working for themselves that's the angle for most people it's sounds like I'm how would you what kind of ice would you give someone is looking to make that move
00:47:50from freelanced are from a full time employment to a freelance I'm I understand that it's not glamorous because I mean some days I think when I'm walking it's the best thing in the world and then I'll get a couple of days of things says amazing but then when
00:48:04a job doesn't come in for a month you know it's no exciting do you do you wish that you were stopped at a desk somewhere doing anything because you're not getting the opportunity to show off your talent I'm advice if you want freedom to be really pro Pat
00:48:23full I having to a recital self worth the time and I'm not saying lie but if you've done something good tell them it was the best thing that ever got made I because I realize the freedom to you name this does lots of us so you really have
00:48:37to prove that I make really good existing I make really good friendships while still working so it will become an existing relationship there is nothing nicer than getting to work with people more than once particularly if it weren't for the first time and then you feel like you're
00:48:51both on a journey together and then if it's not so bad and and secondly I had another good one either I haven't have a good safe at to sleep on if you're freelancing you tend to be working really really liked long hours and you might miss your train
00:49:08Ole I've got a great one under the name of your blessed who offers me up a safer when ever I say need at hand and that is also great when you're not walking could you just go somewhere really nice to not be sad actually is very very quickly
00:49:24when I felt like velvet like yeah I was going to ask though actually yeah want to say that anyway I guess I guess about it we're saying is is that yes the freedom to freelance is wonderful it's very daunting as well yes but it is yeah it is
00:49:38daunting and is is a difficult it's not I think I think with that freedom comes a whole lot about responsibility and scary stuff causing you you find yourself in what feels south and for me actually having just come out of a large company I've really mess the people
00:49:55who are more experienced than me I really I call I call Mr actually and working with people going into a company feels is quite nice because he gets what with all the people who knows **** tons more needed a shot so much more stuff than you have and
00:50:08you learn a lot off them I think not slime that's why I really miss about in films and how it feels for about three weeks me too yeah %HESITATION yeah I think finally and with open it right up to all three of you guys we've had this child
00:50:23multiple times what's the one thing each of you would like to accomplish by the end of twenty sixteen well I'm more I've got to finish this book this book is a big thing for me the tireless blue flowers bloom navigating life in style %HESITATION but yeah my deadlines
00:50:42to weeks ago and you know it's not happening so that that's one thing I have to finish I think in general %HESITATION I want to do things off YouTube as well so I love you too but I'm trying to expand and do different things and working different atmospheres
00:50:58you know like doing this kind of stuff is really cool for me because I'm like Charlie is pointed out I'm alone all the time so yeah that's that's my goal and just do stuff you know because I feel like in the beginning I it was such a solitary
00:51:12thing me doing stuff alone you know I'm trying to get out there that's one thing but the book yes Amazon %HESITATION yeah it's one of hopefully finisher at least have shot this feature film like he went on about let's get verified on Twitter some point and by then
00:51:34and now sold out especially if you can get the full band cooked us yeah I mean I then me and then even though we've been scheming that you don't know the schemes that we've been playing in secret I mean I feel I decided not to but not skipper
00:51:49find on I I think a book in Lowell and and have been for the last six or seven months and in my head at the end of last year that I went down by the end of February and it's gonna be great and it will be finished I'm
00:52:05with now in March and that has not yet happened sorry yeah I'd I'd like to maybe getting some will complete some believing that something that could be real for me I'd like a book anyone listening pop Collins penguin run I'd really like okay let's all target for this
00:52:24year home high over mine was to get a cool new job what just happened so I'm stoked about that very collegial by then guess when I look at say too much about it but I'm I'm very very happy about you and more than this yeah that's about my
00:52:42answer more than %HESITATION yes there's the that this is a guy who has to come down now is a it's been an incredible conversation I think actually the whole this whole experience having you guys had was for real as daunting things stopping off %HESITATION but actually I even
00:52:58incredibly amazing thank you so much for coming down thank you for watching %HESITATION and I guess we'll see you next season seasons for a for a massive massive season %HESITATION thank you very much and goodbye around of course I guess

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