Karen Bradley, certified girl boss, is the owner of multiple companies ranging from video production to real estate to international training and consultant. She trained directly under Dr. Stephen Covey and developed her own system, the KB Method, and established herself as a time management and efficiency expert. Nominated in 2015 top 100 leading women in North America in the automotive industry by Automotive News. She decided to follow her life long love and passion to health and fitness.

During this episode, learn how to turn your passion and your passion project into a business. Karen discusses balancing a family, nine-to-five job and a passion.



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Quote: “Planning consistently on a weekly basis pockets of times to move yourself forward is key“ - Karen Bradley

Time Stamps:

3:15– Karen’s Epiphany moment – When she decided to run with her passion

4:38 – Why Karen got certifications instead of only moving forward with her experience

7:13 – Taking in education and putting your spin on things

8:55 – Karen’s social media strategy, getting out there

10:56 – Why fit body moms instead of fit body “anyone”?

13:54 – The mistake of being too broad

14:57 – Balancing a family, 9 to 5 and a passion – tips for productivity

18:11 - Advice for creative’s to get into a groove to get something done

19:25 – Karen’s craziest entrepreneurship moment

20:52 – Rapid fire questions!

24:00 – Entrepreneurship trivia!


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