Kim Brundage started Kim Brundage photography back in 2013, after spending 20 years in the health care sector. She’s worked at some major names in healthcare including the Cleveland Clinic, Henry Ford Healthy System, and more. She pioneered the 30-minute emergency care process and program to the Richmond Virginia area. But her love was photography, so she sat down and said “I’m going to go for it”.

During this episode, Kim will speak on leaving the corporate world, following her passion and starting her own business. She talks about choosing to create a premium service with a premium product at a premium price!






“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Time Stamps:

2:35 – Escaping the corporate world – It’s not just a dream

3:38 – Listen to your calling, and gear up for it

5:00 – Money – the greatest problem?

7:09 – Strategizing - Crafting your story

10:02 – Becoming a premium service with a premium product

13:13 – Spouses’ support

15:00 – Kim’s craziest entrepreneurship moment

17:11 – Rapid fire questions!

19:12 – Entrepreneurship trivia!


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