Camille and Monica tackle the ultimate elephant in fashion’s closet, sustainability, asking activists, experts, and authors how the world’s second most polluting industry can improve.
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00:00:01hi I'm coming Sharia and I Monica Emily and you're listening to Fashion no filter but we sit down with some of the G2 creative strategic sinkers an emerging Talent around us since up at the ins-and-outs of the fashion industry today
00:00:21the last installment of fashion no filter before we have a little break until 2018 we decided to tackle the elephant in the room sustainability in fashion
00:00:34we can biting all time for this one even though we started getting requests for it since we Fest won't fashion to filter which I think is a great sign by the way as it means it all this this really care about this super important topic but just to set the record straight before we get into this difficult topic obviously because we're talking about the end of the world as we know it we just want to say we are not experts on the contrary we on our own lives are very far from perfect on the subject we are not here to point fingers or take down any brands or capitalism itself for that matter but just start a fire and get a bit of a conversation really flowing him yeah it's so important that we take this seriously even though on an individual level it can be a little bit daunting sometimes
00:01:21so coming up on the show be interviewed inspiring environmental activists Lucy Siegel and see roguish plus we sit down with Kathleen Talbots the woman who is head of sustainability at one of our favorite Brands Reformation a problem that works so hard at maintaining an eco-friendly approach to design and all your regular segments of course social media break and a very special installment of dress for radio station
00:01:53so unless you've been living under a rock for the last 10 years it's impossible to ignore the environmental issues that we face today climate change unfortunately is one of the biggest threats that we face is a species and will it be honest it's not like we're making changes very Falls despite all the warnings we've been getting from the scientific Community unfortunately the issue is so big it's one of those above our heads we always can compute something so terrible happening to us and our planet because if it were true then what is the meaning of existence okay that seems like a super existential debate but is it really basically everything we as humans love to do is somehow bad for the planet I mean everything that really separates us from animals after all we wouldn't be human if we didn't create our express ourselves by our clothes travel to expand our minds Etc so the root of the problem is also went to find that
00:02:49which is what makes this such a tricky issue to Taco and we know that the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world II don't need to oil it relies on constant turnover with friends producing more and more collections every year and new brands constantly popping up and yeah we part of this industry and Industry whose name it is to cultivate constant consumerism exactly it's not that you can't enjoy fashion and make purchases that's not worth saying it's about educating yourself so that you can know which purchases are the responsible ones to make being an environmentalist at all individual amateurish level means getting informed in choosing your priorities and even though fashion is of course a big part of the problem it can also be a vehicle for change so bad with us Dallas news this is Food For Thought would make you more sustainable and environmentally friendly decisions going forward will touch on the fashion supply chain the true cost of fashion sister
00:03:49fabric sourcing and my favorite topic the wall plastic
00:04:01dress up on this episode I'm sitting at home with Lucy Siegle who is a jaundiced orphaned broadcaster who focuses on environmental human and social issues in fashion she's a spokesperson for ethical consumption and her book to die for is fashion wearing out the world is a real wake-up call as is the 2015 documentary that she can produced and contributed to the true cost it's on Netflix so you can watch it over Christmas Lucy thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today what Bush and then get into it immediately troll the Fashion on Joy it brings two people fashion has a huge social and environmental impact on the world could we stop apps using your expertise by setting the scene could you explain tallest knows the extent of the damage that is caused by fashion yes I mean you look at any can see maggots I will drinking tea at the moment
00:05:01stop tea bag although it's the most woke tea bags that anyone has ever found I'm convinced about that it has God Footprints and environmental footprint if you think you see has a rucksack of all the stuff that went into making the product so that's what we call the environmental Bhajan if you like when it comes to Fashion you can times that by a factor of 10 or 20 because they distance become enormous so it takes thousands and thousands of leeches to produce the cotton that needs to be spun into a average tee shirt or pair of jeans and then you have all the oil at all the wolves and all the other chemicals and additives that are used with in that process for example if you told me about synthetic fiber oil we know the oil has a huge impact of geopolitical impact you know let's face it. Because of oil and the need for oil then you have to go together and get the chain it doesn't biodegradable be with us forever
00:06:01it is one of these different impacts which we have stocks to get quite good actually quantifying those impact so we know particulate the items that tend to have the biggest impact and where they are and what we both sisters to understand is how we as consumers can lessen are impact for example that was a huge campaign if he is about washing your clothes and not 30 and no higher because for some reason in this country in the UK we have to boil wash everything which is insane because it ruins your clothes and is completely unnecessary anyway I digress so you see all of his impact comes together in one garment and then we have the human impact as well and we know that this is critical and we know that it is far too high so if we looked at Rana Plaza disaster 2013 man 1133 people died making clothes for Western Brands just normal garments you know that was the biggest industrial accident ever its own I watch in a industry why did it happen they weren't making landmines this is not an answer
00:07:01shell but it has become an unsafe job so what I'm saying and show is that the environmental and human impact affection is insane so tell us about your experience writing it was searching to die for is fashion wearing out the Wild what made you want to write it in fact I didn't want to write it I think I taken a long time so I was already writing about consumerism ethical living and I come through every little bit of my life so I told about food I even talked about and I won't stop break my bedding was made of and then I realize I had to confront my wardrobe crisis and it was a crisis believe me I was like no clothes stuffed everywhere changing outfits several times day you know what a real fast fashion habit that I built up over my twenties really late so I reluctantly came to write it took me long time it took me three and a half years possibly cuz I had to confront my own demons I don't say because I had to do a lot of research from base now we have a lot more reports and a lot more understanding
00:08:01spell of that haven't been done so not if it was primary interviews of people in the field people in the bar trees he looks or microscope and tell you how much cash me that she and your cashmere cardigan often not by much and always having to do all this information and try and turn into something so so they're looking at the bigger picture do you think that's sustainable fashion is actually achievable I think we could have a radically different fashion industry and I find that very exciting statement as is coming out my mouth and he and I think that it wouldn't look very much like the industry that we have now so I suppose that's a slightly different framing if your question is to stable fashion possible within the system that we have today absolutely not and we are starting to get to the point when we know that it'll tweet stabbing Mage I'm a little crumbs of comfort that have been thrown out to a people like me on not enough we need a radical shift in performance yeah
00:09:01times of how much fat should we get for all the resources we used we need a shift in responsibility and we need a lot more investment in a different type of supply chain are we going to have clothes with always have to say this but if it's able Future Would we got those close to have an aesthetic value yes I'd say the culturally does pretty significant an important to us so there will be some fashion but he needs to get a massive move on I want to ask about these crumbs because the fashion industry seems like it's making progress you see Optical labels conscious collections sustainable Deco bronze popping up around us the whole time including derivative lines from all favorite fast fashion brands how do we separate the real movers and shakers from from the PO fats basically is what I'm asking
00:10:01excited about for sure so I think one of the things that if you look I unformat an ecology backgrounds not fashion backgrounds and if I don't get any care system how do I know it's healthy well then we'll be diverse state has the most flora and funa species the healthier is going to be because it'd be more resilient the same is true in fashion so it's not actually a bad thing that we seeing more and more labels being born today did labels that being born today when is sustainable beef else in value system and some of them a pretty in trench which is really really admirable cuz it's hard it's really really tough and it's still not easy enough for them is still not clear advantage or any advantage is a disadvantage still which we have got to work on so we seeing people come with his values and his ideas whether it be zero waste Patton cutting or using something that people have previously seen as a waste product or paying living wage and forming proper solid relationships
00:11:01Nail Supply base bezel very good ideas because that very very resilient for the future but we like in the moment is the infrastructure to support incubation of these type of businesses you know I personally would love to see a v a t break or something like that saying some really kind of what you might time futuristic players and to the field so Meadows for example bio fabricating leather without Livestock in elaborate reopening that fast premises in New Jersey weather in 2,200 people that seem pretty late so I'm saying I mean what a game change out you know bolt Fabrics Brewing Fabrics in the bar at tree so we taking a lot of environmental impact I'll probably say we don't know for sure by the way but that's a very interesting measure and that was it tells us something about the designers of the future they going to have to get ready to work alongside technicians and scientists in the Border trees
00:12:01so you're not interested in science is fashion the right place to eat in the future there's a whole shift in fashion education and then by comparison when I look at some of the crumbs as I put it on special special problems I don't know does not seem as exciting I mean I think one of the things I've had an issue with in the past which is kind of well-known but it came up those Browns is I don't like over claiming so I see you know they the thick is the owner of the top full of recycling week and I think we can see but very definitely gets the impression that if they take their old clothes back to the store that we recycled into new ones without she we know technically wear if I weigh down the road from that at the moment so I can get into the deep as I do in to die for which many students have to read that chapter I'm sure they roll their eyes but we getting to the real problem about the system as it is at the moment and the dysfunction
00:13:01change the bias and the factory owners and when the order was placed so my problem is that we did in that context everyone is being set up to fail because we know from the money that's being paid we know from the system in the way it wasn't him out of pieces that they expect to be could you see the facial time for the Garment worker trying to land a decent wage in the right conditions so until we fix that we have a broken system and you, just add green bits on toe broken system if it you could you go to work on the call I'm sure it's light Pilates whatever you have to work on the couch. Very bad at Pilates but I am working on my cold cereal need to work on cool but I think one of the most boring issues that we faced stems from our own behavioral patterns the ones we've acquired with the most consumption of sauce fashion products are cheap enough to be thrown away without thinking twice about it but at the end of the day what is a way you know ways not Lisa
00:14:01chicken place where things go and disappear away is landfill basically so how do we address the waist caused by High Street Browns and help people Trudy associate that consumption patterns with the growing environmental and social issues that go down with them where is away I like that it's it's ethereal esoteric but I get that has a really important question increasingly it's not even landfill because we are meeting away from a system of land film developed countries because we can't afford to keep buying stuff in the ground now saying that away means strange places like the Deep by the OSHA amazing microfibers got you know that go into the food chain and into animals found in trouble I mean away in Bangladesh for example we know that some of the brick factories around Becca a powered by waste clothing
00:15:01they might say well you know shoveling waste into a furnace burning it to make something else that's just smaltz but wouldn't it be better to just use another product another biomass product in the first place without having to die produce people wish that lives to mine is closed in order for them to be shoveled into a furnace so away where is away has never been more important than ask and see what we need to really really start thinking about that I completely forgot what the question was I think part of the problem is actually understand the true Johnny of a common things disappear and install in front of us we buy them cheaply we use them a few times and then we throw them away not realizing that we give them to Charities and can we doing a good deed to actually not hold passing from the beginning to the end just call soon in a huge amount to the environment and property to the people making loose all those comments and we've actually not even kept that
00:16:01item of clothing or whatever it was in my life for more than a few months so how do we connect get people to reconnect with the true cost of all these things what would what is the tree cost because we forgot mine is hidden from muscle or any one of the things that we need to do is we need to stop thinking about ourselves and Tyler's consumers but for us that is a big part of our Lives what we can see him and when but that's not what we are and we need to and I love that they activism Movement Like activism this year okay for activism in an in a sentence that has been legitimize we have our first Nobel Prize winners who are activists and people starting to realize all over the world but they can be more than just consumers or passive receivers of information which is often incorrect his way of finding out more and more and more and that's very very powerful I think that some of this is on a psychological level 2
00:17:01so you can see merism what does it add up to and what a Wii U no innocence we are throwing themselves out that front of stuff to the Lions because we are not built for that so of consumerism you know you lost a lot of people who studied and you are biologists for example if you are starting to study to take it away we can seem fast fashion what happens to a brain when we go into a store or shop online and we programmed to appreciate small interventions gifts from the goats if you like pencils of nuts I got it. Many people who get excited by acorns anymore, because maybe I do see that until things that we can deal with it would hogwired to do with we have the facility they give us the little kids that we need spyware on this so boom or bust psychological roller coaster so it would like oh my God I need this I need this I need this time spans in between consumption and the next hip injection
00:18:01upcoming control it it's one of the things that you can do is make me why don't why don't why. Which is why the idea of saving up for something that you love is that she know about I did was when do you think the system sped up this much yeah well we've always being especially in the UK we are sitting ducks for the soul consumerism it's been canceled in the Victorian era so even before that when the spinning jenny was introduced in sped up the whole cycle of producing cotton we find that their articles from that. Talking about how House made to submit buying more Bonnets and people and not sleeping like the Terra vissy profligacy she's always been with us but Zara inditex owned by mr. Ortega they really broke the mold because they got me Logistics absolutely spot-on and you can I mean I've lost count of the amount of business PhD feces we should use into taxes that model you can remind people that he is I think the second
00:19:01I always say if you don't come in because the speed so we now have like 50 to collections yeah well other than the spring summer autumn winter which terapeak Wayne time and who does that anymore but you have my email where in the tunnels like who's your fault who needs y'all at Andrews Tyga show late cuz he said he posted his for his call. He's got the rest of us are just buying it like idiots so if we're going to look at all behavioral patterns in the way we can see him can you give us maybe some tips to make all around wardrobes more sustainable by nine months you will reduce it's called the button by like 30 to 40% I'm not so I'm at Cambridge University rap study from the beginning of this year and I think that's just a really good thing today
00:20:01the same time is it it takes to just stage is she okay so it's a it's a this jump a time right now I'm going to have to pack that way like I'm going to throw this in the bed at the end of it of the winter I'm going to have to pack it away with multiples and in a vacuum-sealed package store it so much I don't get to make that commitment because I'm going to need to use it next year I'm also going to write you on the list so I don't forget that I haven't the iron it because that's the stage where I'm at you know we have to write this stuff down because we have a lot of stuff so that's one of the things I don't really quick show hand thing to do is when you are shopping online or in a bricks-and-mortar store you cannot take anything that you can't commit to wearing sexy times but you don't have to do it like every single day every consecutive day but you know I don't want you to do it long I want you to wear it for three hundred times but I'm just saying for that
00:21:01Michelle citing and the other thing that you really really is a good idea is to use quantity I do you know this okay from being friends you know this you don't buy fruit and veg without seeing it also considering it you smell like to talk shit you know you want to know where the melons ripe the same with clothing I think I think you need to feel the quality of the fiber and you have to make sure its at 5 but it's going to work for you and I think it's okay to expect to spend a little bit more not like the extortion at prices that high fashion is making us pay but that's because they're making us pay for the marketing and I'm the yacht waggle the other connections that I producing so it's it's it's a combination I think you don't want to pay for them up do we need to be like if you compare the prices of the Gap is getting bigger and bigger man how's it how can you explain to me that a t-shirt in Zara is being sold for 10 lb or as one in a heist in high fashion label is being sold for
00:22:01300lb that it doesn't make sense to me in the Gap is so why even if you got like an enormous amount of crazies walk him on it I think everything will be come down and fall fashion should probably come up a bit everybody needs to take a step in in each other direction I think it's been a couple of interesting small Brands which I know the name of intent on showing the true cost of production is one we were talking about them in the episode they yeah we're showing on that website you know where everything is come from and how much it is costing why the government is price the way it is so you actually understand as a consumer the marginal that make any sense how do you say we can do something about it and I think it's in fashion was really interesting I've been involved in law in trying to secure a living wage because I'm at work cuz he's still by and large millions of of young whip
00:23:01around the world do not enough money to cover the cost of the calories that they need to work in the factories I mean that's the reality of it never mind anything else what we trying to do is look at these Capital fly which is all going to the fast fashion logos and say where can we intervened why can't we have some discouragement of that money cuz that's the next thing there so that we know it's going to the Garment workers and that's why you need transparency overpricing cuz we need to know about that money and to end this on a wall on a more positive note do you think that we could also argue that fraud it's negative effects fashion could also be part of the solution know the people the creative people at the very top that was so the trend setters they're the ones that decide what school and what's not and do you think that they could be the one taking us to a more exciting future while we can see me things in a different way
00:24:01just let me know the queen coffee challenge my friend Olivia fast and I set up and then she's not taking it to new heights I think if you look at some of the design and you know some of the way that they worked with disruptive design forces and material people who make materials and register up to what are real energy about it I think more Meadows is I say by fabricating leather in the birch trees I can has a game changer world of that stuff and that's very exciting and that he's coming from cool people who are I'm sorry to use the wet again disruptive but we have at the moment isn't this kind of Silence over we know that a lot of it if people are just jumping through sustainability hoops and pretending to the better the mail and you know what those really kind of creative disruptive amazing people of which there are many many in all different parts of this industry need to call it out and they need to say we want to go deep up more radical even if it's scary and even if it
00:25:01sets the stage of slow because that's what we need to do we need we need since it was cool but you know this at this a whole massive shift that is going on I miss being quite a lot of examination within the fashion industry and I think link to stuff like you know when young design is a catapulted into these massive job is Messi friends with people feel sorry for them because they know within 2 or 3 years that going to be you know stressed out the people at the very top you know deciding what was being produced no longer the design of themselves so I think within not Community as a real impetus for change anyway I know I didn't think that sustainable change and some of the stuff that was talking about the environmental economics is that far removed from the psychological steps of change that we need to make I think everything is very very into connect it so what we are
00:26:01trying to do is to create a much more reasonable holistic system but looks off to everybody in supply chain I don't know what I don't care whether you are talk name designer or a garment Wacker I will fight equally for all of you because you should have your human emotional and environmental rights respected this needs to become a respectful industry and it can happen and then that's exciting that I can have Dan from RN does Consumers also to just think about what we buy wine and how absolutely mindful consumerism is a real game-changer level consumer is the goal yeah that's a not so much more appealing word the moment I think it's unreasonable looks like in the form of a sudden orange face later to talk about
00:27:01that is on reasonable reasonable just suddenly seems really sexy doesn't it's true thank you so much for chatting to us we really appreciate all your advice and and let's hope that fashion can be part of the change thank you thank you
00:27:16it's all the more clear that the collateral fast fashion is that a hundred thousand t-shirts in the workers get nothing the business model is cheap turnover and constant Nunez Mass consumption costing conception with things that are bad quality poorly made and take advantage of outdated labor laws that abused populations in developing countries you're basically making things practically for free because you're abusing everybody along the way it's kind of a human and the reason we do that is because we're uninformed we're so far removed from the production chain that we don't understand the harm we're actually doing but I'll ask for more money because in the end you don't need 50 t-shirts you only need 5 t-shirts why should things have to become so much cheaper in the first place
00:28:08Monica yes it's time for mistake as I think so instead of being negative and shooting down the bad guys we have decided to play good cop here and share the brand and platforms doing a great job in the eco-innovation game which we hope I get some ideas too young and let's Dare To Dream also two more established Brands as to how to improve their sustainability game so the first brand that I wanted to give the gold star to is cooled Evelyn and it's quite a simple brand lots of really nice Basics Kashmir jumpers all that sort of thing and the reason why it's doing so well is because it has decided to be transparent at every level so when you going to the website to buy say a jacket you'll be able to know exactly why that jacket is price the way it is so for instance it will tell you how much the materials cost to Hardware the labor itself the duties the transport an orderve I will add up to make the true cost of the garments and then you will see the mall cop so you'll understand what margin
00:29:08everything is making on your purchase which I think is already fed way to shop I'm into that yeah I'm into it too and I think more bronze could be getting to this the other platform that I really wanted to suggest because it really allows you to sit and think about where you're going to shop is a new app called not my style that you can get on the app store and they stopped by I think you might only be able to use it in England we need to check about the basically it allows you to evaluate how bad a brand is in terms of the planets in terms of Life environmental costs and it will give you a color code red orange and green which is very obvious read a bronze that you really should try not to shop from and green of the ones that you can serve going to & Shop without ready thinking too much about it on the way that it separates one from the others is all the brands that refused to give any information about that sustainability policies all the brands that don't give you that information on their website
00:30:08added as doing a bad job bad so I was with everything I think everybody knows that no one is perfect it's about holding your hands up and being transparent and this is what we're trying to do as well as making informed decisions when we shop with you quite surprised to see which shops ended up in the right category I actually I was because you think that the big fall fashion brands of the west but actually it doesn't seem that that's the case of the ones I love the time that are trying to make a lot of conscious efforts and on the country it's most more LeBrons episode of I do not like going to the app and play around with it I don't want to be calling you any names so go and have a play around and you'll see it it's actually quite surprising
00:30:52being naked is the most sustainable option for estimation is number 2 that's the cheeky promise that you can find in store on on reformation.com a trendy but eco-friendly label that's known for its vintage-inspired it'll summer dresses and perfect party wear on the line with caffeine Talbots Reformation VP of operations in sustainability to learn more about how you can expand into a mega bronze Waltz maintaining responsible environmental practices hi Kathleen it's Monica I don't no problem at all I'm just going to jump in we're so excited to learn more about reformation which is known for its approach to sustainability of course and we were wondering if you could describe how the brand was born so of course so yeah I love follow is our CEO and founder and she started the brand in 2009 yeah I'll have worked in
00:31:52Dentistry for a decade running her first brand Yaya and I think a combination of the recession and a sourcing trip to China so she saw the position at the Peril manufacturing first hands and was really overwhelmed by it so she knew that she didn't want to be a part of the practices and widely polluted air in rivers and she started Reformation as a response to business as usual on the checks was a free tailoring and they selling one of a kind of vintage pieces of the ultimate recycling clean up and do things differently and really was still the driving force behind Artesian for sure and so how do you explain the rip roaring success of reformation is it the direct kid
00:32:52marketing strategy or the appeal of an accessible on-trend yet sustainable brand or a combination I think it is a combination of a multiparty told her not to Market and see her Eco if I think 10 years ago and still today that has been excluded being fashionable or cool Generation 6 fast is doing it anyways and helping ran that sustainable fashion and expanding the boundaries so I'm driving it's authentic it's honest it's fine if there's ever had a really try to just be a friend so I can do my VP of operations and sustainability what is your role on a daily basis what is your work look like
00:33:52all the business operation functions to help the company do what it does day today but I'm also a head of sustainability and that has been one of the main focus is just every year based on what opportunities on the right side I'm really what we want to tackle next but right now I really focused on getting a hundred percent disability and doing a lot of our energies on on on fabric Innovation and and better alternative so it's been a lot of fun then it does kind of thing that the business touches so when it brand scales up as much as Reformation has how exactly do you remain sustainable gardening balls anyways we've gone from Sun Stanley a vintage shop to having a full-fledged Factory and cook some bricks brand so I think the core strategy is to
00:34:51younique Yoga challenges with the with the same sounding ethos and really focus on how we manage to Brandon so after a few years that we started first thing that stock or excessive / order Fabrics as we can make her own Styles and then you just telling vintage action environmental impact compared to buy stuff but as you scale we have to grow Partners to help stay sickly and in process to make sure that they need is reading your mission statement on your website and I was wondering if you could help dissect some of the lingo for our listeners So when you say for example responsible Factory Partners sustainable fabric
00:35:51better practices read the supply chain what does that mean exactly maybe starting with responsible Factory Partners or so so they have to meet our material standards which is like Justin really simplified cycle diapers they also have what they do and then we have to pass our chemical standards so I think we kind of have created this guidebook who said that these are the do's and don'ts we work really closely with his Partners to make sure that we have the confidence that again with our label is made the standards and I think
00:36:51so I think those definitely include vintage inside stock that's the smaller part of our business but it also includes things like 10 cell or lending just goes against that are that are renewable things that are biodegradable and have a much smaller footprint the most diverse do to me and just straight and I was wondering if you could just talk me generally through the life cycle of a Reformation dress so it's like a simplified life cycle and any dying or finishing required so about 80% of the environmental impact of clothes happens in the fabric stage
00:37:51Destiny by Design and product development team helps release about 20 Styles a week so they can turn it into a product to customers Minnesota last two weeks I think right now the average is about 42 days so they're the ones just busy all the time in Los Angeles trading samples and final patterns and right now about 60% of our sales are cut and sewn in finished and the Reformation Factory excited as well
00:38:51in the life cycle that you think is really important to call out is that you know it really does extends beyond our director each and it and it matters how are customers clean and care for a night when you're done wearing yet because I was just pretty pretty incredible if we really encourage our customers. I just wanted to ask you I read an interview with your founder and refinery29 where she was quite upset he said the future of fashion is a fast so how do you guys reconcile quote on quote fast fashion with sustainability and responsible fashion
00:39:51cheap disposable fashion it is a big problem but speed can actually be at all towards sustainability and I think that something that you know we embrace them and I think hopefully can be an example of of the right way to do fast fashion so speed was he respond style so we basically get to run a show on demand model and and have little to no finished good waist and when you sell for your that's not only just good business but it also helps break and sort of persistent promotion and discount cycle which is really good friends trying to offload mistakes I always think about this tail Cycles is being actually pretty dangerous right because they are Road the normal consumer think it actually cost
00:40:51I think instead of trying out the fast fashion model we can really look for what we can learn from it successes and create an industry that is much faster more responsive more efficient and ultimately more relevant and we found space Augusta great and just taking a step back I would like to ask you for some tips because you're an expert so what would you say is the single biggest mistake that Brands make Visa V the Planet of the Apes good I think I think the biggest mistake Brands make is in basically that they have been resources of or that change or add another really pressing issues that affect the planet right now so if you look at the industry as a whole or operating the way that is literally unsustainable it is that we can't support what we're doing
00:41:51info I think we need to make some fundamental shift stand and how we may close is the biggest mistake it's actually in Howie mm into this conversation yeah I mean so if you were giving young designers France starting out a few quick temps is there anything else you'd want to add yeah she's for sure and I think this is something that I think it's surprising just some brand new designers cuz they think of sustainable fashion is being hair so expensive I'm so inaccessible but it's basically if it stops the cheating something you do or by now with something better so that's more stable Fabrics if it's a hundred percent recycled paper for purchasing renewable energy
00:42:51read these are not that much more expensive and if they are they actually help motivate you can use bus so I know in and start getting some of these even incremental adjustments are substitutions will start to see that these things also scale up or treat and economies of scale expensive more accessible and again so I'm going to be discouraged and waves tattoo make a difference thank you so much for speaking to us that gives us so much to think about
00:43:44hey, guess what time it is what time is it it's time for social media finally guys actually instead of redirecting you back into the end this universe of Instagram this time we want to suggest some further watching and listening if the topic is one you would like to learn more about absolutely so as an introduction to the topic that is obviously An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore which has been followed with an inconvenience sequel which will keep you informed on the topic plus how could we missed out leave your first wonderful documentary called the true cost of fashion and while we were doing a research about this episode we stumbled across the Great podcast called wardrobe crisis in which every episode goes into various topics like the one plastic supply chain and digs really deep it's fantastic as a film called the age of stupid which despite being 10 years old is still
00:44:43super elephant and a great watch
00:44:50we have a producer in the room because we've been working on a secret project that he doesn't know anything about him we going to unveil it today we unveil to you answer everybody else the fashion no filter and add music collaboration so our friends going to Boucher who owns this lovely little label Collide nice body which makes suits let us take on the challenge to have a Little Green carpet for ourselves and we have designed a velvet suit that will be absolutely perfect for you to wear during the party she's in a Heads This is what it comes down but wait before you ask Monica County how could you possibly promote a product when you're talking about sustainability this episode let us a mention that part of the pro
00:45:50are going to plastic oceans. Org exactly so basically part of the reason this even came about is because we wanted to fully understand how the supply chain as she walks so we didn't actually also friend Zoe just hit us down and to run us through the production chain since it's quite a complicated process and that's when she suggested that we should work on our own design that would be the best way to sit have really come to grips with how a garment is made and see all the different stages so that's what we've done yeah and we went all the way down to the factories with Zoe and he's okay and carefully looked into what was on offer yeah because we wanted to use deadstock that's what they cool fabric that should have come but it's not it's not at all. It's just discontinued or for some reason I mean it would be thrown in Sun City that's what they call it in French
00:46:50mitosis such an important thing to be thinking about when you're designing collections because all the leftover fabric so just but it's the same thing with collections when they not sold any way we have decided to provide you guys Andrew Andrew sustainable option for the party season after all isn't velour suit the Sheik is possible thing you could wear to a party on New Year's Eve absolutely is exactly it's a Winter Classic and hopefully it will be something you just be wearing the season we really try design something super Timeless sustainable on something that's going to stand the test of time and of all your long nights now you're just going to have to hold tight and you until the 1st of December when the session no filter for edney's avalor smokings go on sale on the admins Paris website also once that happens make haste because we only have enough material to make a hundred suits
00:47:50to hurry hurry and order by the 10th of December to be sure to receive yours in time for New Year's Eve and once again just to be clear a part of the proceeds will be donated to plastic oceans. This is not as making extra pocket money before Christmas full movie
00:48:12as we mentioned earlier plastic is a big huge ugly smelly problem some scary figures more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year so why don't we just you know stop using it well modern Humanity in general is addicted to plastic plastic is cheap and Incredibly versatile which makes it ideal for many applications however the same qualities of all servers on it and it becoming a dramatic environmental issue we as humans have developed a quote-unquote disposable lifestyle and today around 50% of plastic is used once and then tossing and turning caught up with the founder of are there for the Ocean Sierra Gooch who explains the real dangers of single-use plastic on what does diners can do to wean themselves off the plastic drug
00:49:09I think we are in a phase where we finally after years and years of campaigning understand of plastic is a problem and that our planet is actually really in trouble and we woke up from this dream that everything is okay but the standards pretty much protect us and we are facing the need for redesign on all levels and it's a complex stop it's really a big big big big task and we can expect everyone right now to change your concert impossible and you can't put the burden on the shoulders of the consumer and of the little Brands and I think everybody has to decide themselves what are taking on and I feel going for perfect is not the right approach at this point perfectionism at this point it's the wrong approach because if he tried to be perfect if you try to solve it all at once leaving not make a single step
00:50:08is it possible to win exactly which I don't personally believe in I think I'm probusiness end of the day I believe that business is fast and once somebody succeeds and create a new standard others will follow that's the beauty of it and I feel that the small design as you mention it should take like very specific choices while the brands have a bigger toolbox and can of course Drive change a scale that everybody can come to abuse it probably not on all levels but everybody can pick one cause and one challenge beat a small one and just drive it that's what we talkin about just before we started this interview like that we had this discussion versation about designers who high end designers who Sub near using plastic on everything and I'm can plastic be a luxury item is that the solution you know make me an expensive making it something that you would save up for but unfortunately that's not going to work is it because plastic isn't isn't a luxury item it doesn't age well
00:51:08disappear on opossumtown it's going to tax going to go yet though it's not going to look nice off the six months of what and what will this going to happen is the High Street is going to copy them the design is and design design design you're going to have plastic everywhere again so maybe like small to design is as tastemakers that job is more to like steer away from that and trying to come up with new ideas so the plastic isn't at the center of wall design ideas every designer and every member of the Credit Community has a very strong influence Trends and creating blueprints father's so I think it's about being very careful what you communicate what you stand for and what you indoors and I think I understand now is that purpose any luxury thought you intention at this point and it in a time where we can replace everything it's more about your mind said it's about what you what you stand for what values are you representing and I think
00:52:08the hand of everybody who create something and it can be a small designer a big designer any Creator anybody who is is building something out there can actually send us very clear message how do we switch off of plastic addiction can you give us some tips for us to have to go home with in our everyday life sings it on an individual level are actually going to make a difference because you know not getting a plastic bag excetra at your local shopping is that going to make a change was that just some big kiosk in because at the end of the day that plastic bag is still being made I mean one of the solutions in everyday life to try and change this
00:52:47I think the beauty of our times is that every voice counts the individual has so much impact it can be this one action is one sentence just one moment that changed Apple industry and it starts with little items it starts with a plastic straw it starts with a graph using a plastic bag it starts with ap annoying annoying and demanding and nagging you hear from all sides and sometimes it only needs 3 voices coming from different directions to create a new reality to show somebody that he has to change One Last Thing Before I Let You Go School District antic Hotel hug to know what it is but now that I've never seen anything big and my life any new projects that you're walking on something exciting that you want to share with us oh yeah actually that is one we're about to launch a new project it's called Kleen waves we actually inviting top creators from different disciplines to Islands
00:53:47together we explored Beauty we go diving surfing with them have Talks by Night by day but in Oswego and and control yourself that the horror is the fertility rate and collect all that plastic there be like fish line speed like bottle of speed like little debris that is in the sand between the bushes and the creators to be invite turn this trash into super high profit made in Italy I wear sunglasses so all prophets of the sunglasses will contribute to a project that we call a hundred silence and you do that together with Corona actually we want to protect the Hundred Islands like paradise really islands are such a strong symbol of change for us and they question does idea of a way because when we act like we do when we chose to live then we feel that you can toss things away and at the end somewhere I weigh exactly
00:54:47exploring Away by exploring Paradise we see what impact you have on these places that has knows nothing on Earth anymore that is protected from our doing its trash is everywhere I mean every remote island I visited plastic was their first desibel of trash around it but on the other hand Paradise reminds me that this planet is worth fighting for and devil clean Vibes the project is introducing the idea of rethinking plastic design fashion industry on a totally different level and fun fun I are like in the pharmacy to see you need to be taking students from the new generation that you go thank you so much I'll keep an eye out for my new waves invitation I'm coming to the island thank you sir oh and we will all try to use less plastic in our day-to-day lives
00:55:52this is the last episode of the Season we thought we would take the opportunity on this segment of the birds and the bees and partnership with Bumble to say thank you to a wonderful sponsors for having trusted us and supported us throughout this amazing first season thank you it's been wonderful to work with you and also watch you progressed from a dating app to a multi networking business platform Nest I want it I mean it is wonderful on every level by the way boys I mean because obviously it's never going to be acceptable for you to hit on a woman in an elevator ever again you should probably get home from ball everybody get on Bumble now no more fighting in real life everything is been stole that sit with cooked and by the way did you ever find out whether the guys of pod save America on Mumble crooked media I'm sorry to tell you I think they're all either married or not that way inclined oh well what would the birds and the bees be without a little bit of casual sizing anyway
00:56:52anyway thank you so much once again Bumble and we hope to work together again soon thank you
00:57:04by the way we just wanted to clarify something no friends whatsoever I have paid for placement in this episode it all comes straight from the heart episode in this whole season except for our trusty sponsors humble clearing that up is we've been having questions as to product placement in the series and yeah just to confirm Bumble is already sponsor that side of BMW are interested in any kind of product placement for next season don't hesitate or I guess we should say Tesla in this month
00:57:40in honor of this being the last episode of season one we wanted to take you one edition shiny back through our first Eight Episodes when we conceived the idea of over lunch one Sunday we could have saw them to be sitting on the couch with Susan Sarandon I want to go to the cast of The you've been amazing so now and highlights say yes thank you to Susan Sarandon at not only for inspiring us with your words are but it isn't but also for reminding me what to do with my wedding dress and to the Ender Medina AKA The Man repeller for reminding me what not to do with my wedding dress a huge thank you to Scott Schuman for lilli tree squeezing with us in the most impressively composed interview I've ever heard from a man squished in the back of the cab and I just want to have fun in Victorian rolls for allowing us to come and pester you and you are titties minutes before you'll control shows to Laura Bailey and Counting
00:58:40makes it for reminding us that there is so much more to a true Muse than what she wears and Margaret sang thank you for being off fast as a guest and trusting us with your valuable time when we were very new on the scene to Star as if it was Greer we so admire that are watching go from strength-to-strength having emerged as a true leader in the current climate of speaking up against Injustice and to Jade parfitt for giving us a taste of the Heyday of supermodels when Kate Moss was running around topless backstage with champagne you know how things used to be before it all got soaked or threat to the brilliant Lizzie Payson from The New York Times bringing some highbrow judders into our little Studio
00:59:24and to Toni Tone King of Street South for giving us a games into how we really decides who will be the next suite-style queen bee
00:59:34answers of why did I bought today president of Chloe thank you for allowing a true glimpse into the relationship between the corporate and creative side of fashion of course I was also Rush my tiny to sign of our favorite Gary jewelry thank you for your insights on how a successful young brand ready wax and two rocks under for loving us into your colorful Wells and letting us know in a few Secrets as to how you build your business thank you also to Angus Monroe for letting me steal you after a big show the moment you're meant to be celebrating and relaxing backstage after all your hard work and letting me pick your brains for hours on the realities of the modeling industry thank you for your honesty too and to all the boys in our lives too for keeping us down to earth and What Men really think of fashion real friends tell the truth as 11 MCG Wallace list thank you for downloading for indulging Us in Fox pups outside the shows and for your constant feed of ideas and support we love you
01:00:37Messi see you next year see you in season 2

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