Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockroft discuss Sean Newcomb's near no-no, Nathan Eovaldi with the Red Sox and Cole Hamels with the Cubs, the Astros infield, Aaron Judge's injury as well as what to do with Luis Severino. Plus, combo meals, a closer carousel and your hashbrowns!
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00:01:19that love to see him again that he's our fries pitching pretty well That's that's jason i mean show dramas populating all these american league bullpen Look This is no fantasy focused baseball podcast here Your hosts tristen cockcroft and eric arabella Hi there and welcome to fancy focused baseball
00:01:47is a beautiful monday morning july thirtieth two thousand eighteen I am eric he is tristen Today we have our old friend gave the scene bacchus the producer plus editorial watchdog leo how was here kyle soppy in absentia trade that linus tuesday do you know we're closer is headed
00:02:03Sounds like that's where everything's been happening for basically all the teams that are out of it like all the american league clubs or just trading their closers away which i find very interesting we're going to talk about the potential trades and what you can do is a fantasy
00:02:14Manage to get ahead of that Also we had a near no hitter On sunday we'll discuss that gentleman and mohr injuries including two top ten fantasy options Let's get right to the buzz Let's start with uh well i would say the good but it was oliver is a
00:02:32good day for sean knew come on sunday let's talk about only what matters into fantasy managers sean newcomb went eight and two thirds innings without giving up a hit to the dodgers then he gave up a hit through tana pitches i'm watching this performance and waiting for him
00:02:46to walk people but in truth he's having a good season tristan he's the number twenty six starting pitcher on our player raider when i look closer riding like what i saw the bab if the walk rate do you feel any differently today about sean newcomb then you did
00:02:59entering the weekend mmm not really entering the weekend no ah i'm not impressed by what he's done the past two months i mean the bottom line is he hasn't been the same pitcher since the beginning of june that he was in the first two months since june first
00:03:15ten starts eleven point seven percent walkway twenty percent k rate that's not an impressive track record and he's faced a lot of light offenses during that time it's too many walks eric you know i mean we talked about him earlier in the year that i thought he he
00:03:28had polish some of that control a little bit early in the year and he's given about giving back a lot of those gains A lot of this is just babbitt driven i think yeah number four and most generous battle for the season now shaman i is one of
00:03:39the guys for the even more generous babbitt when i did throw a no hitter this season and why look close sermonize numbers i'm not all that impressed either no strikeouts has cut down the walks but why do you look at fifth ex vip area what's most important to
00:03:53you i look in while i look at each of them the first one if i have to only picking one is i'm going to go to fip i think that's a little bit more telling than any of the basic chika rodeo numbers and that's a little bit better
00:04:03for projecting forward so when the picture has a fit that's a little bit worse than the r a i'm going to trust that so if you've got new criminal league i mean today is an obvious and for the next couple days an obvious sell high opportunity say to
00:04:17somebody in your league hey look guide nearly threw a no hitter but he's really not any different than he was before and we know that floridian with a no hitter is not indicative of skill really is a lot of luck threw a tana pitches he really wasn't all
00:04:30that efficient despite how do you have only one walk and through one hundred thirty four pitches like i just feel like everything was kind of matching up he probably should have had the no hit or two pitches before chris taylor singled in the left field there was a
00:04:42really close pitch i was watching live and like all man really could have given it to him there and he didn't i just think like i'm not giving them away but you know if somebody is asking you for this guy i don't i was surprised that i had
00:04:56new come as like my number fifty starting pitcher you haven't like seventy two so you really don't believe in the guy it's a great opportunity itself high right now yeah and usually you know i like to challenge you on those and that i feel like some of these
00:05:10players end up being obvious and i think that your trade counterpart at least in the league's that air a little bit more challenging they're not going to take the bait and new comes case he's pitched well enough this year that the seasonal stats i think they are going
00:05:21to fetch something and i think you should catch him catch him in wherever the opportunity especially after that pitch count i mean this is a guy who i wasn't sure it was gonna be able to hold up all year anyway we know the track record of guys who
00:05:32out of nowhere through one hundred thirty four pitches are in that range in the past yeah it's not a positive one and and some of those were older pitchers too who Well you want santana's different i mean this is a guy with a young arm but yeah i
00:05:46just i nothing's really changed for me i i can't tell you why i have him ranked like twenty five spots ahead of you i probably shouldn't well what do you like about him i i can't answer this i i don't know i mean i'm not saying i don't
00:06:00put a time into my rankings but like his ear and whips the work his babbitt doesn't work for those numbers his fifth is over four his strikeout rate i thought would be better it's still ok i mean it's not terrible i mean a strikeout rate of eight and
00:06:13a half is fine national league i don't like the braves as much as i did a month ago i just although they're adding to their bullpen which we'll get to a little bit later just like if you say to me is that shawn newcomer zack wheeler gonna think
00:06:25about it if you say native aldi i think it's a quality if you say jay happ er sean newcomb half on the yankees i think it's happy like i feel like new comms should be ranked in like the fifties for starting pitcher yeah and here's the other part
00:06:39of that is that to me the rankings tears between fifty and seventy five and a mix of contact are very close anyway so i could see him balancing quite a bit of the big positive about him is as you said national league that's the thing that struck me
00:06:51national league and not only that national league east he's going to face a good number of weaker offenses going forward it's a crutch argument to me this alias stuff i mean what happened of all he got traded they stayed in the american league east and i was thinking
00:07:03what's so special about the alley east obviously got two of the best offenses but if you're on one of those offenses you get the face regularly tampa bay terrible baltimore i mean toronto is nothing special without their best hitter i mean what's so special about the i mean
00:07:17haley says two great teams and then three bad teams so if you're jay happ and you're thinking all right i gotta face boston by the way japs numbers against boston his career terrific and if then we parked a terrific part of the reason they traded form anyway we're
00:07:30wasting time yeah but i mean in that case i'm going to go more for your in the the lighter hit is lie vision than the tougher hitting there is i think the tougher hitting division argument is used maura's a crutch and i think that's the incorrect one i
00:07:44agree with you on happening baldy i'll agree with that number one pitcher over the past week is your least has seen by the way yeah pretty quite the goodyear yeah it doesn't get a lot of strikeouts but you know you're in whipper there he probably doesn't deserve these
00:07:58numbers but he's getting these numbers you know what he said he's kind of put up the numbers i would have thought that julio tehran would have over the past i think it's you know about a year and four months now he's put up numbers like i would have
00:08:09expected to ron wood and you just need the number one pitcher for bab this season i know i'm right i mean isn't that weird like how that works out i mean it's iran haven't even not good i know he hasn't i said the other day there but i'll
00:08:24read you the top guys for bab again it doesn't have to regress to the norm either theory qualifiers this is right zero qualifiers kiran minaya to chase anderson three new comm for blake snell five that was part of the concern cory clubber six jon lester's max jurors or
00:08:39trevor williams and berliner and she's seen is eleven so i mean some of these guys were having really good years and then there's tehran with a fifth of five twenty seven chase anderson with a fifth of five so babbitt doesn't tell you everything no not at all it's
00:08:53just we use it as an indicator here that i think new common man i have been a little bit fortunate to have the numbers that they do so i would sell i think what it does is it forces you to dive deeper and figure out why the picture's
00:09:04done that because thie example we've said about one one who not now but previously his career had a low babbitt and had the skills to support it to a degree was johnny cueto who by the way is probably headed to the disabled list today so i've got johnny
00:09:18cueto in a week a league just caught him i would tell you to put him in your you know your deal slot but you might have somebody better but i just can't see him being relevant the rest of the season right i mean that's that arm has been
00:09:32through a lot yeah well the other thing too is i ve said that i'm not a big fan of keeping the pitchers who pitched to contact more and i mean i know he's not deliberately trying teo to pitch to contact every single batter it's that his k rate
00:09:44is low and in today's environment that's just that doesn't have a lot of value and when the picture starts to deal with injuries i worry about what happened with matt cain that he loses too much off of this stuff and then he can't get it back jose altuve
00:09:56they should get it back soon is the knee injuries on the disabled list not a huge surprise since he had missing games and he wasn't getting any better but now houston has both their middle infielders on the d l and only a four game leading the division and
00:10:08two other teams playing well so it's kind of interesting what's happening here to houston can you talk about the astros who plays second base will continue to be gabrielle and are you worried about al to v and or carlos correct i'm curious to see whether they experiment more
00:10:22with curiel there i think that from a long term perspective depending on getting one of those back sooner than the other marwin could probably you know plug in a little bit there i think we're going to see him on occasion as well i don't think ariel could be
00:10:35the everyday kind of guy but it's a real benefit there because you could get the first second or third base eligibility for him and we've mentioned his good contact raid he's pretty stable and batting average he's much more valuable to me i mean i hate making this case
00:10:47about the position thing but he is much more valuable for what he provides if he gave you a second base eligibility rather than first yeah not a lot of power right So if he put him in second at three hundred hitter at second base is more valuable than
00:10:59one of first base not just because of the numbers but because of the opportunity to get a big power guy first base where is its second base you're probably not doing your maybe messing with ian kinsler types the other two is i i mean i first base has
00:11:13declined in terms of this but the replacement level there i think it is still just a tad bit scarier to me its second day for power you can get more first base right that second base you might have to deal with just the batting average guy or stolen
00:11:25base guy or you know pick up the kid on kansas city who runs mondesi but a first base like you still have yonder alonso out there you still have somebody from washington out there you can find a first base and i mean that somebody from washington like you're
00:11:37excited well the point is like i'm giving up on ryan zimmerman i think it's some point they will too and mark reynolds would be everyday at first base and he'll start to hit again or matt adams but the point is like you confined for ice cream if you
00:11:51don't have a great first baseman going to stream there other injuries here so you're not worried about al tuvia i assume were you worried about aaron judge not really i think that there could be a little bit of a slow start as he tries to get back into
00:12:05rhythm once he's healthy but i think we caught a month off the projection and then put him right back to where he was for the remainder of the year i yeah i mean that's the guy you definitely use up your deal spot for me but that's a risk
00:12:17that the chip fracture in his right wrist and we no like with wrist injuries or shoulder injuries i mean kris bryant has not had to his season because of shoulder inflammation and i don't think he's in it for power when he comes off the d l well aaron
00:12:30judge you or do you just never know its plates to fund a bell now and do we know we don't know about the power because so so often whether it's a ham bone or whatever power gets sapped yeah and i'd made it's a very fair question i can't
00:12:45say that on one hundred percent convinced that he's gonna be a okay fine when he comes back but i lean towards it i feel like there was nothing really going on beforehand and the main issue i would have for him is just that he does tend to run
00:12:57hot and cold and to great extremes at times so i do wonder whether initially that's gonna happen i actually think he could go cold for the first week after he came back and i would probably still buy low just thinking that he's the kind of guy that's just
00:13:10a streaky player and maybe that's the right time to buy in so happened of all they both won for their new ailey's teams on sunday of all the looks really good and then you need to throw a ton of pitches another guy was dealt will debut i think
00:13:23on wednesday cole hamels on the cubs who i wrote about in a block entry last week six forty one era in texas this year and two ninety three year a in road games a major difference in batting average against and babbitt to be fair but i kind of
00:13:39like a levels in the national league and he's going to move into aa i'm gonna have that i haven't had a new come on my next rankings i'm just waiting for the trade their line do you like cole hamels now ideo i think it's a good move for
00:13:52him as you mentioned with those stats there i think that i'm not going to take those just for bait him just because we always know the the follies of the home road splits and lefty righties and like but getting into the national league i think that's a very
00:14:03big plus for him i think that it's going to give him better odds performing based on not having those elite strike out numbers he'll face some weaker offenses he's got the picture instead of the d h the other thing too is when i looked at the cubs schedule
00:14:16at least over the next couple of months they actually do face some weaker offenses i think there's a a nice opportunity here especially in the august range What do you do Louise Severina lit up by the royals on saturday last four starts nineteen and a third innings thirty
00:14:32three hits nineteen earned run seven home runs wow he had a one ninety eighty array which is six home runs allowed for the season prior to this and he's not exactly getting lit up by the best offense is either i assume you've watched ceferino here you're not going
00:14:47to drop him but if you're in a redraft lead you consider trading him are you concerned this last are you concerned he's hurt um i'm concerned whether this is that whether this lasts unless concerned that he's hurt it's always a possibility with any pitcher like this especially going
00:15:04through a slump but the high end velocity still remains there so to me i'm figuring that the location is off and the first thing that comes to mind is tipping pitches which is a correctable situation when i look at most of the metrics they suggest that there's not
00:15:18a lot here going on other than he's just getting hit hard fastball velocity still near ninety eight on average with that slider he's still throwing a good a good amount of them he's getting a decent amount of break same kind of velocity i think it's something like tipping
00:15:33pitches i and this is the other thing too we get critical of high end pictures when they hit slum periods they're all going to hit a slump period at some point i know this has gone on for a fair man I know who he's doing it against I'm
00:15:45going to be faithful here all right let's be faithful to the closer here's the carousel but baltimore's a new clothes or only because they traded the guy with the puck showalter continued to throw in with role even though his numbers were terrible brad brock is now a member
00:16:02of the braves where i guess in theory he could end up with some saves right boyd because i don't think it rodas visconti and was coming back anytime soon perhaps you disagree but a j mentor i think is their closer i think that continues do you think that
00:16:19brad brock is somebody in and only lead you should go get i don't i certainly think he's worth throwing ah low in bid at and if you end up getting him you might get a couple of speculum sales but i think if he figures into that mix it's
00:16:33going to be more situational than him being a full time option thing about brock is here's a pitched all that well for what's effectively been a calendar year has been very inconsistent hasn't even pitched all that great lately i'd rather see mentor get the majority of save chances
00:16:49here he's got electric stuff if he could just rein in some of the the command there i think that mentor could be a really good and really underrated closer for the final two months michael givens is now baltimore's closer we presume he could get trade in the next
00:17:00twenty four hours is well who really knows that's a thing are used absolutely certain it's going to be givens i mean i'd love to see him get what he deserves it Who else Paul fries pitching pretty well Well isn't he all like oh you think i think that's
00:17:12that's jason Yes i mean no one showed rama's populating all these american league ball pens i don't think jason or i got to save up for the white sox over the weekend did not go well we're still gomez is going to end up with saves genmar goma is
00:17:28going to end up the way socks closer not believe unbelievable let's talk about more relevant closers i had to decide on a weekly lead this week whether to keep active both or neither or one of of the ohio closers cody allen and raise our iglesias i decided to
00:17:44go with cody allen should i should i leave him active don't have any saving the past two weeks brad hand is they're they're not playing well now in han's case the save that he got what was one of those ones where what we defy us out of the
00:18:03inning and the lead expanded and that didn't need cody on which is that i was managing to the save rohit's for cody alan that was the lowest the foiled fuentes for for cody allen where it ended up going comes in right well it still works out the same
00:18:17way It's the one where the closer we assume is going to come in with a save situation you're on the team takes a lead and you know they kept in the same guy whatever i mean who gets the next one who gets the next save Alan my butt
00:18:31look well let me see who hold on let me see where they're playing if they have enough left he's in that light i mean minnesota okay so eddie rosario's up i could see hand being the guy so you think it might be a combination by the cancer miller
00:18:45that's don't you no i think andrew miller will be the new andrew miller when he comes back in a month but i still think hand is clearly the setup guy for cody allen but i'm concerned enough that i might sit him you might say why just leave the
00:19:01laziest active i could i mean to say you got on sunday he didn't start the ninth men how to get on base first it's ridiculous that managers won't bring a closer in until it's an actual save up but for nothing oh no he can't come in chiana kale
00:19:16is probably gonna get traded by texas at some point i would add i think it's leclerc but it could be ours claudio i'm right but norris could get traded any second i'm with you on the record but just to be clear on that i think you've got the
00:19:30guy i don't think it's going to be pretty obvious the cardinals are selling so i think jordan hicks will be next in line for saves when bud norris gets moved the pottery is really oughta move kirby yates and craig stamen i don't know who would be next matt
00:19:42strong i guess um i can't see anybody taking robert to selman from the lowly mets kyle bear cause should be on the way out through second rider could be the closer or you just stuck it right it could be traded to just pay attention to the news the
00:19:54next twenty four hours it's going to close was traded and you might say i don't really care where the white sox closer is well you know that we're here let's have a look in here there's a good number of son here who could end up getting you romo
00:20:06is another one that that kind of stands out where they keep like i just don't i don't know i mean why wouldn't you trade a guy who is a veteran player who you know why do you need him you're going to go you're gonna win your eighty five
00:20:18games with her without sort of romo you've already proven that you can start anybody literally anybody tampa bay and i think you can close with literally anybody think jose alvarado could do just as well as rome oh if you want a right hander they got static he could
00:20:30start one day close the next i progressive enough to do that so sort of roma really ought to be a dies or tomorrow i don't know why that hasn't happened yet he already was one right yeah all right they're hitting homers they're stealing bases here of the kama
00:20:44meals all right one today called calhoun on thursday mookie betts on friday i think he might be the mvp of the league actually inhale either here j d martinez saturday jacoby jones sunday scooter jeanette man i mean that's obviously having a fantastic season the quarrels their scourge and
00:21:14as having another fantastic season two he's legit he's not going anywhere cole calhoun just forget about the numbers for the first two months just forget they even happened don't even look at his batting average look at what he's done since coming off the d l we have like
00:21:28ten homers in the past month or something crazy like that yeah something thea nothing too that's really weird about cole calhoun's numbers is he did something somewhat similar last year he was not this awful and the first too much but he was pretty bad and then after june
00:21:42first it was like a whole different player that he's obviously healthy now it came off a deal and now he's he's leading off on occasion he looks fantastic let's see what we got for him go ad kole calhoun i mean i know it sounds silly but go at
00:21:55him he's got thirty four games since june eighteenth two eighty three three forty one six thirty three slugging eleven homers twenty six r b i figured it out yeah you figured it out um who else here Jacoby jones and i mean we can't any time one that right
00:22:09I mean he's just not getting it done no i mean jones is the kind of guy who's going to be back here a roster a lonely fodder i mean i don't think he deserves to get completely discarded but you know there could be something there like i thought
00:22:21before the season if they just played him every day that might be something there but they're not even doing that right i mean the guy has really developed for them who's put up okay numbers in the back and it's nico good room jones was a guy who i
00:22:32could have seen falling into that been in terms of value but it's double header monday on espn how about that you just just turn on espn at seven p m eastern or before that and just that that's what you're watching the rest of night aaron nola and david
00:22:47price a battle of first place teams you know we'll have it waiting to say that like six years i don't want you say just tell you now they could be out of first you know they're too but phillies didn't score any runs over the week and after the
00:23:00seven homer game very strange team were weekend for you guys now they have a strip of cabrera so all is well by the way travis shaw playing second base how could that possibly work out I understand there is a pro athlete like he played it once in a
00:23:15while or like you scott king we could always we learn it this is the guy who has never played second base and milwaukee trades for a really a sub optimal my stock is not having a good season he can hit a home run but he's not getting on
00:23:26base right i just find it really strange that track like travis shows going platooning with daisies at heart second at first base and at all for a second base there was a weekend trades asdrubal cabrera who pride probably plays almost every day for the phillies we got it
00:23:40we got it if she can get this done though we got to credit him for being pretty versatile here i think he's capable i just don't know anyway it was aaron mulligan's david price and in the nightcap after that is freddy peralta the brewers who was very intriguing
00:23:55i think at the dodgers against kinta maya who was actually it's very well made has been very very good peralta to start guy obviously the strike of potential is there the potential for a bad outing is awfully close with their i think peralta you can compare a little
00:24:11bit the shame bieber you can watch on espn plots against me miguel's to know in the twins shame beaver's been terrible of late let me see if i can get you some exact numbers here because it's very disappointing to me it was hammered in this last start Yeah
00:24:22i mean june two earned runs in eighteen two thirds its no ninety six year a in july eighteen earned runs in twenty and two thirds he's hittable shame bieber's definitely hittable i think it could miss them bats i thinking in pilot's meanings but he's going to give up
00:24:36some hits um i'm shaking off the the week off rust i think on this one so my memory's not so great but he reminds me of that three or four years ago there was a pitcher who's offerings were just too fine he was sitting too much of the
00:24:49strike zone that seems like shane bieber he throws a lot of strikes you can't be this fine with pitches with him is control is very good i think he's capable of attempting to fool hitters here try and get them chasing a little bit more it's gonna have to
00:25:00do that these air important outings for beaver and freddie peralta i would say yeah people theoretical to start picture this week if they don't get bitches well enough and peralta too you know it could be back in the minors probably know but their strike out potential for both
00:25:14of these guys so i think it's an important night for them and by the way it's an important firm in santana who makes this second outing for the twins and his velocity fastball velocity was way down on his rehab assignment and in his first adding it was it
00:25:26wasn't even ninety miles per hour i don't see how herrmann's satanic can have success throwing like that so i'm avoiding ervin santana People are going to say i want julio tehran because they're at home against miami He scares me too the big night Tyler anderson is really underrated
00:25:42as saying this is a really big night is starting pitching tonight so i would add frauds and bieber in advance Gotta love anderson on the road Rocky's pitching fine at home too I mean charlie anderson's becoming the ace of the rocky staff You know if they get a
00:25:55one game playoff he starts it You know in theory if they can you know match it up they get with the division to tuesday on espn j carry eta at taru pomerantz it's another phillies red sox game I was going to watch anyway Jakarta france and eat on
00:26:12the hammock it's seven o'clock at night Come on that's The best time of day i did yesterday at all the mosquitoes come out for a run I laid on the hammock for four hours The phillies in square to prominence Any interest Not really no no i mean not
00:26:29for this game now and on espn plus bartolo cologne and zack godley about that that a game you never know this might be the last time you get to see marco cologne pitch so turn on espn plus and you can watch john grayson he's pitching a fifty maybe
00:26:47maybe what john grey here the road game you trust him now well see he's the one guy who doesn't fit the home road discussion he's just so inconsistent regardless of where he's pitching i think based on the recent returns he'd be a go for me just because that
00:27:05is ah pitching leaning ballpark on offense that doesn't completely terrify me i'd start him what matt carpenter's slow down i don't have john grey shares anywhere but if you have the opportunity here let urine i mean in an event like this is an obvious bad out incoming because
00:27:24his last outing was so good of course shielding that's what he is he's unpredictable and and who is it against What if one of the best offenses with exactly it just it doesn't make any sense that's why i'm saying you so maddening i mean i guess i'd throw
00:27:38mother i don't feel great about it i mean look it's correlation causation you know i mean like i sat luis castillo and we're not new league on sunday not because he was facing the phillies who want a great offense but because well because you have hasn't had a
00:27:48good year in terrible why would i plan and then he comes up with sixty points or something like that it doesn't mean it was the wrong decision it just means you know now you have to take a look at this guy john great pitches well for the next
00:27:59couple weeks and yeah i mean probably too away from you know out of many leagues but i just don't trust them alright i'll ask you this this gets more complicated in a weekly lock league he's a two star pitcher he's at st louis he's at milwaukee does that
00:28:11change it doesn't make you less like the years and were more likely to use less i feel the same way i know and we're going to be too good outings in a row i've gotta league where you desperately need to start to start pictures it's points it's all
00:28:23volume and i'm just wracking my brain over this decision i had a derek rodriguez in a two story needed to store picture not great was probably not available but i yeah i hear what you're saying saturday espn plus at noon noah syndergaard about that against the nationals and
00:28:40tommy malone that's strasbourg slot i don't know when strasburg's coming back but maybe you do coming on i had a great take on stephen strasburg two weeks ago yep that was top notch no didn't pan out so well this time you never know when he's going to start
00:28:57again He's Very scary and summon scary hash browns is your home in a t t home get aditi and help protect against break ins fire and carbon monoxide for a limited time Get the lowest rate starting at just twenty eight ninety nine a month from the most trusted
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00:29:29applies to traditional services Only certain markets excluded License is available at dot com No i hope you enjoy your vacation did you have music like this i sure did i don't think you did i listen to music it wasn't this but it was like this i always listen
00:29:51to music that was the rain too it was a weird week for weather i still don't get this how can you be like i look at my app and it says it's going to rain from like twelve to three yeah and i kind of planned my afternoon around
00:30:07that based on your work and things i have to do errands and you know i just want to relax and then it doesn't rain at all yeah and you think well i kind of planned around the fact that it was going to rain but now it's sonny how
00:30:20can they not know it's like us not knowing what john grey is going to do next we don't we can not tell you were like whether people on john greg we have no idea of his next outing is going to be sunshine in seventy five degrees or rain
00:30:33in sixty five my forecast says there's a john grey on the way towards the new york metropolitan area today this means that you will have fifteen minutes of torrential downpours and the rest today will be a lovely but man that downpour who summed it up perfectly that that
00:30:47is a lot what it's been like here lately can you imagine if like in two years of the show and were going and he's like gerrit cole like number twelve starting pitcher like that was a surprise you wouldn't like a john grey in two years as word saying
00:31:01oh my he's a borderline top ten guy and it also wouldn't surprise me if he's in like middle relief for you know name of bad for kansas city right he's the next brandon mauer i have no idea what john grey's going to dio next two years that's what
00:31:16we'll be closer to a top twenty starting bitter assures me that now there's the real realistic possibility as you said with colgate gets traded to houston and they fix him i just want to put this in the time capsule that is this podcast five or six years from
00:31:31now i'm just going to say john grey signs a minor league deal with tampa bay rays tom gorzelanny looks back to his former self some guy said that somewhere in the shape of a raise or montreal expos formerly babe i don't know how that's gonna turn out gordon
00:31:45writes in has zach wheeler turned a corner he has won three consecutive starts three two one e r a since when on june since the end of june yeah he's actually been pretty decent are you moving him into your top i assume he wasn't your top fifty are
00:32:02you moving him into the top fifty No Why he's pitching Well he always had good stuff he could get traded which would help him I assume i guess Is that what conversation on thursday I hate this You know i think it's traded it gets better stuff but i
00:32:18think in his case he's one of the more likely players to get traded i here's a guy who's phipps shows that he's pitching better than has been the true numbers so far And yet i look at the guy and i look at the complete package and i think
00:32:34he's just not quite there elite he's Good come like julio tehran Good not great Watch wheeler end up on the rockies tomorrow D j can i get your thoughts on these three the rest of the way and how would you rank them Jamison tie own zach eflin rich
00:32:50hill who would have guessed ritual would be in this group Yeah look of ritual pitches well and avoid blisters Top twenty thirty venture That catherine last that was yesterday right yeah i'm gonna admit that i faded watching zach eflin since the whole injury thing came up around the
00:33:12all star break so you'd have a better read on him than me he was just a blister i didn't read into it it seemed like he was overachieving before thee also to some degree i mean he had knee surgery in both knees and he said he had never
00:33:24been healthier and pitched like they all of a sudden we had a strikeout pitcher yep last year we didn't now crowd the guy for very good control that's something that did well you and i had a discussion about him about a month ago where i took a lucky
00:33:40done some good stuff but lately i would say tie on first you don't go in the order that it was mentioned tai o nfl until i don't trust what shelter stay healthy and even when he's been healthy this year it's been up and down computer's going to tell
00:33:52me i better put ritual high on this list but i'm with you i think that's the right order for three i love computers owner always right you know i sometimes you have to use your eyes i know what the old time writers tell us you know yeah yeah
00:34:03well i mean the computer spits out great grades for rich hill all the time and i'm constantly going backto instead like nope i don't think so you could only have so many guys like ritual on your teeth i liked i own a lot i really dio the only
00:34:16thing that's gonna have me wearier as we go further in this year is the workload that's it i think the stuff's great speaking of workload eric writes in yu darvish was dropped by a team that needs every category every category wind they can get down the stretch i'm
00:34:32in a good spot for the next three weeks to position myself for playoff run do you think darwish is pitching a top fifty leveled by the fantasy post season if you had to guess how many leagues he's rostered in what would you say like this number could be
00:34:46just about anything i'm gonna bend his racer than sixty four percent i would say hire based on name value i think he's a guy who would be drafted him high and you had to you know there was a dp i guess top number like fifty right he wasn't
00:35:00even in the top five rounds oh i believe he was top fifteen starting pitcher So yeah that would definitely put him so like like people are foolishly hang on the darvis because they think oh he can strike out two hundred guys on i drafted him around five he
00:35:13is roster and seventy three percent of leagues i just don't think anything's happening it kind of surprises me that during i mean he's been out a while that in that lengthy periods that none of those teams had mohr important players to use that deal spot on it's also
00:35:27possible that the teams have drafted darfur's we're doing so poorly that they're not even bothering to find another guy on the d l slide that sansa mean tomorrow you know not tomorrow but there was also the it's august there was also tea's maybe two or three weeks ago
00:35:40where his return was imminent they were talking about you know two days from now on saturday after this great bullpen session he'll be back but what what this guy writes a smart if you have bench room you know you're a playoff team why wouldn't you take a shot
00:35:52on darvish and see what happens right i mean it might be somebody better that might be your argument it might be somebody better to stash away as a pitcher right but this isn't a bad guy to stash just in case he definitely would be on that list a
00:36:09za matter of fact the more shallow the leak i think the more important it becomes because you can always find quality streaming to fill the gaps but the elite level talent is not going to be there once we get down a labor day and the fantasy playoffs are
00:36:21starting so i like that take in a broad context and eric you and i with our leads i think i know i have concerns about him for the remainder of the year i'm looking at guys with the big asterisk pictures based on live graph results strasbourg syndergaard darvish's
00:36:38three carlos martinez is for that i think he's starting today paxton yeah there was the on ly five aaron sanchez you don't care about so yeah there's only five starting pitchers among the top forty in a teepee with the asterisk and are all really good i mean like
00:36:57guys you should wait for wonder if there's any new guys i would rather have strasbourg darvish course you know what i pitching this week packs and of course we're also right of sending our pact i want to even mess with darvish but yeah if you have an opening
00:37:12why not john writes up a down season from marcel ozuna what's his value in a keeper league yeah a little frustrated on marcel ozuna probably all our did have the big grand slam over the weekend who's that awful set off chat with our members but why wait telling
00:37:28shot was out of the rotation don't oh cow can't even have couldn't they do that he was going to hit somebody in the head even you're mad and saw that anyway marcel ozuna twelve home runs all season long to sixty eight he had the big month and everything
00:37:42was fine now the two home runs have come in the last two days is he back on track I just don't see much here this is not a bad a bish you this is declining walk rate for sure yeah hard contact rate is still very good we wanted
00:37:56extract the few positives but is he a guy you're going to project next year for twenty five home runs yeah you know i think so i feel like the second year in st louis is going to go i actually fairly noticeably better i kind of think that too
00:38:13you know that awful run in miami where was like good and bad like you just never knew it this guy i do think what i did last year was way over what he gonna do again yes this is the thing he's always had borderline all star potential not
00:38:28elite fantasy numbers but pretty close to it i think that he's got that two eighty two ninety and twenty five maybe thirty homers look but i'm with you i don't think that that three twelve and thirty seven is coming back i didn't this year either he might have
00:38:41been like a top fifty pick and he really shouldn't pretty sure what pretty sure he waas yeah and that did not go well so next year he's going to go on a huge discount on monday and we'll talk to you he was the number eleven outfielder and he
00:38:53went in the top fifty next year is your top hundred off is your top hundred overall the year would have to play out somewhat encouraging in the finance up hitting two sixty eight is he is now and hit nineteen home runs i don't think he goes in the
00:39:08top i don't either but then i think he's going to come in a pretty good value i kind of agree with that and matt writes who henyo suarez has been great tristan has him at forty two and his dynasty ranks can you evaluate him long term and eric
00:39:23would you go higher lower than forty two in dynasty you know it's all contextual i have no idea who else is around that of forty two but there's no way i would say there's no reason to believe that this is a fluke suarez is legit he's really good
00:39:36i mean the power of the batting average i did not expect this he's gonna knock it over a hundred runs you might do it really soon to where's he overall wasn't leading the league he's got a pretty fortunate rate of running the e r b i already yeah
00:39:51and and he had he was third or fourth in the league and i think it was in the major's in r b i despite missing that chunk of time for the deal stand after two months of the year is rates a little high Is this because of cincinnati
00:40:04is this the next that cozaar No obviously right i mean cause art didn't hit when he left miss swire is a sign long term but i mean we didn't think he was going about three hundred and not fifteen run right we didn't think yeah we don't think you
00:40:19do any of that i did think the power was let yet that was the one thing that i would have banked on and i went and tried to get him in this many spots i possibly could i feel like he has made some some nice gains the season
00:40:31this thing that strikes me trying to dig up the league leader thing on this he's got a greater than fifty percent hard contact rate this quality of contact has been exceptional this year it's got to be in the top five let's see it go majorly best fifty two
00:40:44point three percent he's going to go in next year's drafts where ozuna went in this year's drips going top fifty pick ben that could be aggressive generous now again i ran generous though i mean cincinnati finally figured out the billy hamilton leadoff scooter's legit vados obviously legit i
00:41:03would lead off jesse winker next year and left at three ninety on base ruminate that's a decent line up yeah i mean they need some maybe little depth but in the outfield you know give all give up on him shoveler you need a whole new outfield other than
00:41:15winker probably but you can not get hundreds every year right and that's the thing i mean cincinnati's offenses has spent a lot better for rump erection than i expected it would be this year i think that there are enough pieces that if they want to contend that they
00:41:28can put together another pretty decent offense next year and suarez is top fifty inclusion in the dynasty rank so it's not so much that i think he's going to get better and become a fantasy superstar it said i feel like he's locked in seventy fifth overall in the
00:41:41play a writer for the next five years on heck i'll take that every day in my top fifty yeah i think you haven't drank pretty pretty nicely on dh i don't argue with him he's only twenty seven so he's got a couple more years of this i would
00:41:54say forty two is fine he's actually the guy's stopping next sense l well i mean initially was stopping next and sell from breaking i don't know what they're going to do because scooter is really good you shouldn't play short i don't think that's a good spot for him
00:42:06although the fillies you know plug kingery insured and he's doing fine actually far better defensively and offensively i never expected that kingery brings a little bit better defense of the table and smarts to thinking he's going to go next yeah yeah a lot of people still do i
00:42:21don't think he's going to be a star i think he's going now he's going to finish this year showing some promise and signs in the underlying stats but i'm i'm optimistic but why does he have to show something next two months he's clearly out of his room in
00:42:34the majors right now offensively because i'm not big on the guys who show a cooling period at the conclusion of their first full year of the major's i'm not big on those guys it seems to me that picture's figure than that and forced them to doom or work
00:42:45during the off season and during spring training especially to earn back our trust i mean now granted he could come into spring training after a bad finish do well and be fine but when i look at him i think this little sound like a criticism i think he
00:42:57is addison russell like growth russell at a decent second here what do you do with addison russell while we're on that topic because i feel like if kris bryant comes back in two weeks and he's healthy they just played by is it short like they don't have to
00:43:12play addison russell every day it's just it's not it's not happening he had twenty one home runs in two thousand sixteen and i and the r b i was all because of we're hitting in line up but he has seventeen homeruns in more than two hundred games since
00:43:27two thousand seventeen began but but the thing was about that russell year is that he start remember you and i remember this really well from a certain summit where we had the debate about his spot in the lineup he was the eighth and that was going to kill
00:43:39his value and he earned a spot back up in the fifth spot because he did some underlying things that earned the trust of his manager and some injuries created opportunity that's kingery to me it's not it's not the superstar breakthrough what do i do with russell now though
00:43:51he's given it all back he had had one good month in june i thought maybe he was turning it around and he's looking like the guy we've seen for the past year and a half i wonder whether he's a hundred percent or has been this year lest i
00:44:03d'oh it's all for the hash browns priest send them in for thursday's show on thursday we probably will discuss mohr trades more closers you know maybe maybe bryce harper perhaps what you try yeah would you trade him off here the nationals no because i still think they can
00:44:18win the division i do i mean the two teams ahead of them just had terrible weekends didn't score any runs nationals considering this division six games is not a lot but you know me i don't know what's going on there so we'll talk about that all other things
00:44:33baseball thanks so much to give the same for a producing today's show an editorial watchdog leo how keeps switching his alliances on teams he likes in the premier league And i just don't understand you like a team and that they can twitch a name's Leo every year this
00:44:47is my team that's it no swansea city's is not in the premier league anymore so you're looking for a team Yeah so So i'm going with fulham because they just signed one of my favorite players from swan's He said he will not get to play in the premier
00:44:57league still but the city is still my okay i think you're kind of like full of movement i don't understand like alright if the eagles don't win the super bowl this year do i find another team now You can't do that I found that in the nfl wher
00:45:10i was previously considered myself a very strong bucks fan I've grown disillusioned with them and so i just don't like a team and i just watched have fun and play fantasy it's just that that one everyone okay Thank you so much for the inside Everybody listened to leo
00:45:24He knows what he's doing He's an expert I'm eric i'm okay Tristan He's Okay too have an awesome couple Dark the theme song for the fantasy focus was created and performed by eric hutchinson Check out more of his music at eric hutchinson Dot com thank you for listening
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