Tristan H. Cockcroft and AJ Mass discuss the fantasy fallout from this weekenda€™s Yankees vs Red Sox series and the red-hot Athletics (4:00), injury concerns about George Springer and Mike Trout (14:00), Combo Meals (21:40) a Closer Carousel (24:30), a look at this weeka€™s schedule (25:00) and the guys answer your #06010MLB questions.
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00:01:44at the white Sox exception this is no fantasy focus baseball podcast hosts Kristin Cockroft and Eric Karabell welcome hello it's the fantasy focus baseball podcast it is Monday it is August sixth and he has signed Tristan H. Cockcroft %HESITATION here joining you to talks a baseball boy that
00:02:16was a real fun weekend so yeah I'll try I'll do my best not to be down in the dumps after a really ugly Yankee performance here but what can you do you know there's this fans that all of us anyway all Eric Karabell is off this week so
00:02:28he we've got HMS twenty minutes place we got into the cloudy you behind the glass pushing all the buttons making things happen and of course our editorial watched ugly all hell is here joining us our agent wanna start since you know we we really get the the pleasure
00:02:42of getting to talk points leagues with you and it's been a very exciting week for baseball okay I'm kidding it was terrible I couldn't stand watching these four Yankees red Sox game but let's go back before the trade deadline took some happy things age I want to get
00:02:56just a quick reaction from you about dot points leagues wise what's your big takeaway of this past week specifically the trade deadline what's the one big takeaway for point six I was in a one big takeaway is that %HESITATION none of these players which we had a situation
00:03:14quite frankly where I I'm going to change my impression although I think %HESITATION you know all the big names that will work guys were they had playing time %HESITATION and they're going to continue to get playing time that I don't really feel you know I was in the
00:03:27clothes are different came in you know when you lose your safety net suddenly in a set of all that the complete different animal yet we've discussed that you know no wind but in terms of of of you know point league in terms of just straight World League I
00:03:42would say that one a player gets traded it back the performance to go down a little bit simply because of the new environment %HESITATION but generally speaking they are after the trade who they were before the trade so I don't really think there was a lot of situations
00:03:58or this year in particular that the I I'm changing my opinion on any of that aged a wise comment there to to temper some of those yeah some of the trade players you know I I mean I think we in fantasy tend to get over excited about any
00:04:12sort of major breaking news changes of team situations in the like so it it does it it makes us take a step back a little bit and really appreciate that true projections these players and try to be realistic about it anyway I will talk about some of those
00:04:24traded players the closures there's lots of news to get to all the injuries to let's dive right into the buzz I guess are buried only long enough HA %HESITATION the Yankee stunk extend that that before the %HESITATION the red Sox series there five games just bad fundamental baseball
00:04:44what can you say I don't know that there was an awful lot there that struck me from a fantasy perspective more of it was on the other side and a couple of %HESITATION news points to bring up to you age I want to try to get your purse
00:04:55yours perspectives on two things that come from the red Sox %HESITATION Chris sale at the shoulder injury now we're a little bit of talk that that he will not be back after the ten days so we talked about him on the Thursday show I want to see what
00:05:06your reaction is to sales injury if you're changing of perspective in the rankings and the other is his rotation made Nathan eat of all the who yeah the red Sox had some very good pitching overall Rick Porcello the complete game with a very low pitch count native all
00:05:19the through a great game here and he's off to a tremendous start for the red Sox fifteen shutout innings to start his career for them %HESITATION and the deception this year he's got a thirty six percent chase rate is getting a lot of people chasing against them your
00:05:30thoughts on sale and involved well I think and I was the one will never know but in the alternate universe where the Yankees sweep the theory I think spell it back %HESITATION I I think you know that was big that such a question %HESITATION over the weekend of
00:05:46the red Sox there that they don't need to do anything that's going to rest his potential were pitching in in in October so he's just get in a few extra days I'm not more concerned today than I was when he went on the DL obviously when I went
00:06:00on the DL I dropped a few places in my ranking but %HESITATION that with more just because you know you start disappointed that the Senate can have a much greater impact because there's less time lapse so that's my take on sale I'm not concerned %HESITATION in terms of
00:06:14your body I mean you can't argue with the you know the last two housing since he's been traded I mean they've been fantastic you don't give partner Ron hold box but the you know I still think you the match ups why I don't think I would have started
00:06:27him against the Yankees %HESITATION it so matchups like certainly he's doing far better than I expected do when he moved %HESITATION I'd like to see in pitch away from family and see what happens %HESITATION in the in the in the new uniform because his performance %HESITATION of previous
00:06:47the trade not not nearly as spectacular as the the Fenway performances so far very often the home bomb for a pitcher I mean we do know that there's a bit of it a home field advantage that the reason they fight for that one if all the the big
00:06:59guy thing that stands out to me is the low walk radius this year three point three percent overall that's counting his race starts as well so we've got great control he looked at him and held a gay certainly looked the part that age I want to be part
00:07:11of this alternate universe where the Yankees swept I really hope there's chicken parm and twenty four marathons there that would be really awesome yet I I put the Manson mess with her so well my goodness up just just awful anyway om one thing about this though we we
00:07:28also teach this one on Thursday is for these reasons for the playoffs are kinda crystallizing a little bit and I raise this question Eric I want to read it to you to AJ Eric wasn't all that concerned about it but the ale is widening a little bit with
00:07:42one of the dis exception will get to in a second but with this Yankee red Sox a gap widening I mean the sale thing I mean could they take a little more conservative approach do you think there's anything here that people should be worried about from a planning
00:07:54perspective especially the points league the head to heads were people of the plane after September rotations well I mean it's almost a double digit lead right now for the red Sox and it's not like they're even in %HESITATION in October from Houston in terms of the number one
00:08:10overall record so they can hold me close for the next two weeks and just see where they are so yeah I would be concerned in that that you know that this outsourcing instead of his rotation though he wanted nothing to take many chances he might throw in a
00:08:24couple of open days just because there's definitely %HESITATION it's the one team right now who has nothing to worry about for the next two weeks and I know you don't put up a gap but there's also that says that human element there where it you know of pictures
00:08:41buses trouble the first inning guess what yeah Pullman in then don't worry about it the Yankees after playing like this I mean you know they've got a great schedule going far we've talked about this a lot I they have actually I think an outrageously favorable schedule for fantasy
00:08:55I think it's a great opportunity I wrote a couple weeks back at red brick red bird are you buying uneasy sank as you could or are you concerned are you wearing holy concerned I mean yeah you have to wonder you watch them play over the weekend then you
00:09:08just go what is this team doing the you know the fundamentals aren't there you got the you know overall this just looking walk on the mound and I know it's not entirely his fault but still you get you can see it in his face like he's not taking
00:09:23them out with any confidence and that's that's that's the danger going forward I mean okay %HESITATION you know if they sweep the white box you gonna you know a little bit better about yourself but the I'm not I'm not convinced that the team suddenly goes on like a
00:09:39ten game winning streak here mom I'd like to see them do that because I'll tell you we can get some good match about pertinent that road Lancelyn up at the two start guide this week will say food at home if they if they don't know yeah at least
00:09:51two or three in Chicago I mean and that's not gonna be good for their attitude I mean Yahoo will probably take on the brunt of it but still I don't know Yankee fans booing players sentence statement opener you know now now now I never happens all openings go
00:10:08talk openly I mean we we've got now I can't explain this because we're gonna get into this a little bit the openness from playing some tremendous baseball when I look at the fantasy returns they're not exceptional here their pitching is somehow getting it done Trevor Cahill I got
00:10:24I got to sing this guy's praises twenty five point three percent K. rate it's a career best three twenty four fifty it's a career low therefore back at the Oscars for the for the Western Division title two and a half back in the Yankees for the first wildcard
00:10:35team but I'll tell you this and this is for all three of AJ Anthony Leo name the four currencies rotation member's name without Kael who are the other three well many of them there yeah it's a novel not really at it when Jackson right Edwin Jackson yes and
00:11:00that's one that I think it's important bring up here twenty seventy are for the season as cal most cults abi who does great research carried through in the note that he has a two eighty seventy ari the season but a four forty five except I don't throw Brett
00:11:11Anderson as well Brett Anderson is actually pitched to a degree that you have to discuss some at least of a match ups guy now in fairness Kael's the fortieth starting pitcher in the past thirty split on our player rater but all for the A. starters are in the
00:11:25top seventy so AJ what's what's the story here should we be taking this more seriously are they match ups guys what and here's here's the even more bizarre thing I mean with the exception of an eye and not a single one of them has a hundred inspectors it
00:11:42is quite a new development here and so you don't have to worry about them getting hired isn't as the season goes along here that that's usually what happens with the you know you're August and September is that a lot of the features you you were all you know
00:11:55they're young you go is there gonna be a cap on their their intention if they're all yours is there anything left in the tank I mean these guys have been spent so I mean they're getting hot and they're also flash so I in that sense I mean I'm
00:12:09not sold on K. nobody search the machinations I'm still imagines guy with them but at some point you have to say you guys are getting it done so maybe I have to look at them and just you know set it and forget it now I've written in this
00:12:24week's forecaster they they are the only team the place five games they have an extremely difficult schedule I actually don't like them for these upcoming seven days they do have two against the Dodgers they're gonna get a Clayton Kershaw game they're gonna are who's the other one in
00:12:37the week I have to call up my mind either way they have a a tough pitching schedule this week that this led by Kershaw what I think is this is going to be a seven day opportunity for people to buy low and some of those days players in
00:12:48the final fifty two games nineteen of them against tough opponents the rest of them are all very light matchups those nineteen include ten against the mariners six Astros three Yankees AJ if the one guy me is maybe an offense a player some like that who you are buying
00:13:02right now you know obviously you get the catcher position and it is it's a stream of opposition saw on mobile Corey then I had a look at there really is a lot better I mean I can't say that there's any one player that I'm going to go yeah
00:13:22I need this guy maybe Chris godi but well that's about it you know well no I mean I could see being a cannon I like your point to them going to match ups I just I think that this team deserves more of a discussion even in fantasy I
00:13:38mean a lot of excitement on the real field in fantasy you definitely confines of vice and I'm a metal some guy metal since not even in the top seventy of hitters in the past thirty split so I I think that right now it's value but a drop down
00:13:49he's a streaky type of player so that's thrown I gotta get out I'm not against any of these guys either it's just you're you're looking at a situation where well you know I'm I'm writing articles say about that it there's a lot of average guys on Oakland but
00:14:03average doesn't mean what you think it means I mean if I if I told you to tell me in the five major rental categories what the average that of a hitter are this year in major leagues what would you think would be the ballpark of the five to
00:14:18fifty for batting average I'd say more than that it's two forty three somehow not shot I mean about home runs is probably someone the low teens like thirteen nine forty eight forty okay was close and the others I probably would have a clue I guess like a high
00:14:34fifties number for I probably get tired for runs and then maybe like mid to low fifties around RBI fifty three release fifty five run six stolen bases so average player if if you would it be that no one has been exactly what we're talking like a Brady name
00:14:49attack your average player but the only the only a few players who are above average every category in fact yes no many players are all bald aboriginal but can't agree in all five that take some guy probably probably three or four one is seventeen but it's so wow
00:15:08when we're talking above average were talking seventeen players so that I could be a have a bunch of average players it's not such a %HESITATION a pejorative term there you know it might gather average what that's still valid in terms of deficit reduction going for it it's a
00:15:26weird thing that we think of average is being like a replacement level and it's really because that is where that I I'm I'm way under shooting the number just because I I blank in my mind out batting average I think I always go to that whole who spending
00:15:38two seventy five or better not who spent two forty three or better in credit exactly what's going to stick there I want to go to the Astros %HESITATION here I mean we gotta talk injuries %HESITATION you know they they what we'll talk the other part of theirs which
00:15:51is the the closer situation we get a closer carousel but let's start with the injuries a winter colors junior there's this creates that out there that the Astros had a shot at being one of the very few teams to get through a season with the same five guys
00:16:04the member of the rotation and then lance McCullers leaves a start while warming up in the fifth inning with right elbow discomfort and subsequently was placed on the DL now to questions about this one agent with the injury history are concerns from a colors does this change your
00:16:17ranking do you believe there's anything left in him here what's your prognosis and our prospects for replacement yeah well it I mean obviously we're talking about a guy who I had my top twenty five %HESITATION before the injury I I'm still waiting to hear what that official word
00:16:33is which you know you always take with a grain of salt when you hear it %HESITATION you know if you can come back messenger but then there is a legal worry is if there's any sign that you're going to need more time than that then you know at
00:16:47this point in the season something like this you have to you know precipitously dropped people because there's not much time left though he's gonna miss more than ten days even if it's just seventeen days that that's like a thirty place drop because there's not a lot starts left
00:17:02in the tank if you're looking at you know starting your playoff since September profanity purposes %HESITATION in terms of replacing them not much not much in Houston itself I mean they're gonna have to stretch out one of their %HESITATION long on these guys you know did you put
00:17:18any stock in a guy like you know press maybe maybe I I the way I look at it is this the Astors do the opportunity just skip the spot for the next ten days and after that point they could bring a guy and so to your point about
00:17:32ramping up workload spread peacock comes to mind for me I think they'll probably either go with that whole opener thing for a turn or they might try to get bad bread he could pick up back up there I I don't know we'll see how that goes it's I
00:17:45certainly would be adding him I take a look at Colin Q. as well he's got past history a in the rotation as well that could be a long term option yeah it's not not good it's not all not good news either for George spring with a thumb injury
00:17:58now granted the X. rays were negative here but we'll see as we head into a week you're making the decision before lineup locks in weekly leagues whether he used George Springer he could make some time and it kind of catch the question AJ were going to bring this
00:18:09to just the Astors offense as a whole since the all star break their seventeenth and runs per game averaging four point six soul your outlook for the Astros on the offense of side I'm in the lineup Startin to %HESITATION drop like flies it it it a new organization
00:18:26that has been very blessed the terms of just everything that they're working for them %HESITATION and all the time when all the partly that the rotation no injuries the lineup no injuries and also on %HESITATION and how they got them %HESITATION %HESITATION circuit you know when it rains
00:18:44it pours and I don't think that you know it exacerbated became like this which was so injury free for the most part %HESITATION prior to this that a lot of the bench options really don't have as much experience this season under a little rusty a you know do
00:19:02they make a drastic step or have them it's like a huge amount of time did they bring Tucker back because you know who knows what his confidence was when he was sent down you know I play in it there's not a lot to replace you got I would
00:19:14look to replace these guys with people from other organizations rather than looking within the organization terms of fantasy because I just don't know that there's you know there's a lot of optimism here house kind of wonder whether they will look outside the organization for some of those waiver
00:19:29option so maybe maybe the people hoarded their fab in the AL and NL only leagues will still of somebody yet to %HESITATION to get Matt could be with the rotation or it could be the offense of side the Astors a creative but right now yeah offense is not
00:19:40looking so good yeah top three guys on the DL Alex Bregman haven't got a silly gharial Mormon consolidates are the next for most rostered players there and beyond that there's not an awful lot I'll just read it as well as the fifth guy yeah some questions beyond that
00:19:55are also in the AL west of Sir shift to the angels now up my trout Yemeni worries here now my child I mean I have to think everybody has been ranked one or two in a fantasy ranking set for the rest of the year but right wrist soreness
00:20:09and he's had issues with this and he hasn't quite been the top shelf might try out over the past month plus AJ any concerns well it's a rest so I'm a little concerned absolutely um bom longer she goes out so you think there are a he's out he's
00:20:28or they get on the weekend okay %HESITATION now we're into the next week if he doesn't play again you might as well key element here the angels at that point I would think just yet given the week the only article ten days at that point but yeah I
00:20:46mean today's the day where I get work and the problem is the courses when lineup block for the week yell at that Monday thing it's gonna be difficult to not have the line up if you're concerned about him but I think this might be a week where I
00:21:01do take them out of the lineup just because I think it's all or nothing weaker to fifty two batting average for seventy eights lugging this past thirty five games now in fairness he's been a little bit better since the all star break around this injury granted to ninety
00:21:15seven average seven eighty four slugging that's a twelve game sample so it's very limited but I I I wonder a little bit here and AJ the reason I raise it is you're still getting number one number two overall player here value on the trade market do you take
00:21:29it we are approaching the trade deadline but you know it it's an interesting gamble certainly I was you don't do it if you're in a dying at the lake %HESITATION but if this is a one and done and you've got a shot at it hidden at first place
00:21:45when the post season in general and a zero week is going to really hurt you maybe they'll it crazy to think that you're considering it but you're you know it's not like anyone's going to give you will last and then a starting tier player for a bike out
00:22:04even if it's just a sore wrist enough like a broken bone or something at least far as we know right I hope not how I hope not their twelve games back in that while car race so yeah I think if somebody is blindly offering you that top player
00:22:17in the game value and that's talking about two very useful pieces were talking clear top hundred pieces there there are effectively over paying you the worry that you know if he he has lingering issues there's always the issue being shut down ordeal stand idle lease be feeling out
00:22:32that his teammate are yes I like to talk about his teammate Shaun hill Tani guess what he did AJ I think you know it is first career to home run game it was a combo meal gotta love it a combo meal for show a a tiny and he's
00:23:00been very good there's a header for when he's been in there and if you're in league three of the daily flexibility I think he's provided you very good value there's also talk that he's resume just throwing program soul aged the question resumes here what is so tiny value
00:23:15the rest of the year I can't see that there's much that it's just because I'm on certain about the pitching quite frankly any his value is always been the fact that you can use listen well and certainly %HESITATION whatever doubts I had about his ability to adjust to
00:23:32the majors as a pitcher gone but you know I because of their placement in the standings because of the value of long term for him I don't see him get more than a cop will start that they can be very careful with them it could be the Sunday
00:23:50only think it could be every other Sunday at this point %HESITATION so all his value for me at the White is tied into the bat and yeah I got a great game o'connell mail the two home runs you know and then our yeah with Corey Kluber still open
00:24:04for the open source so you know it it's the it's hit or miss for him next year he certainly gonna be %HESITATION hop draft option especially the ones we see that he's good to go again on the mound but for the rest of this year I think there
00:24:18are unless you're a very deeply I'd look elsewhere with the exception the fact that I wouldn't apply the batting average here Thani's rest of the year impact to me feels a lot like Jose Martinez is twenty seventeen second half I think he's the kind of player I think
00:24:33he's part time as you can have the modern line ups it's gonna be a lot of homework but if you do it it's gonna be worth it I just don't think that's gonna help a lot of people in the weekly exits it's good to see him putting up
00:24:44some good numbers at least the age I wanna throw a couple of quick hits here before we get to the closers Tommy them the rays fractured his right foot within the first couple of days that he plays for them thoughts on family raise outfield the offense anything that
00:24:58strikes what strikes me %HESITATION as hard as the ball the struggle in the foot I mean it was so disappointed to watch us watching what happened and he instantly was just like you could tell he knew that this is not just a bruise that you can try to
00:25:13get to first base and if you just watch them and you know I always like all this is not good this is not good and I was not surprised that the a gate you know is pointing because I do think there was a chance there for him to
00:25:25like really get hot and and sparked off into the hole but I think as much as I and Leo I apologize for that as much as I was high on the raid early I you know I think %HESITATION any sport that he could provide a discount out the
00:25:38window I think it's just a lot of Bucks they're being led on the balloon there I'm not look at the campus for a lot going forward I I'll tell you that I really enjoyed the raise production for the wild card thing I think that was one of the
00:25:51most fun bold statements out there and they played very well in fairness they played very well above their heads absolutely but I think yeah I think %HESITATION that there's not much left in to take their especially you know given that the one or two movies that they did
00:26:04make just don't seem to be working right now are you going to watch hours you know are being back is great to watch I I think he's such a complainer watch well then can you name about working for them anymore can you name the three whoa by leaders
00:26:19currently on the Tampa Bay rays three wall believe it active active yes so it was a promise does not count no I mean active as an actor on the active roster no just not traded away so basically not Wilson rob %HESITATION joy when mole when dole is up
00:26:37there but he's not quite there yet also the qualifications going there but I think the hours crone and your qualifications it through it with a tuner played because of its twenty two then it's my hope for us but I can't ask the question that because of Daniel Robertson
00:26:52right yes he's one of them who is now injured and I right right right right unfortunately yes powers would be up there if you have the qualifications the third would probably be that's a tough one maybe Malick's that it meant Malick's Smith wow all men yeah quality trivia
00:27:11question nine percent walk rate and a three seventy eight BABIP to keep a two ninety nine batting average up there cut ness death all I can send this one fan might take what I want to see Austin meadows up sooner than later I think that he would be
00:27:26a very good addition of a much and think you should be playing every day just get him ready for next season I'll say HM I mean I'm probably just boarding the bandwagon late I actually think the razr can have a pretty strong finish I think there's gonna be
00:27:37some sneaky good value guys like real or search your role model tele glass now keep an online that Jake Perea coming back healthy I think there could be some value here it's in the deeper leagues is all you know it yeah it just goes to show how a
00:27:50lot of our impressions are warm so early I mean you take away that the first week of the season when they just got trashed by the red Sox in in the tooth fairy this is a team that is you know a games over five hundred and and pretty
00:28:06darn good and looking good and they don't read books anymore more than you know just a talking theory so they got all those games out of the way and that was part of my reason for being so high on Bob %HESITATION but I do think you know what
00:28:20certainly count I I guess I just wonder what might have been had they at least what those two secrets yeah animals minutes has a hit in each of his minor league appearances for the temporary I'd like it if I you're out of him I I would yeah I
00:28:34I think that would you rather see him across government will really right right I mean at some point and even it even kind of both of a mind of fitting in the line up for the race at this point because there's just so many spots to fill but
00:28:48yeah I really think that like they can't really manipulate his clock in his sort of contract situation that much more like I know that you can like limited stats to arbitration in a few years level blah whatever to pull those like is caca started that they should just
00:29:02play them like it's not like a a situation where he's never been called up and they are risking giving up an extra year or whatever like the rays are prone to do that but that's not the case with meadows so the you'd figure that you would you would
00:29:13see him sooner rather than later I think they were hoping yeah that that famine care Meyer could what kind of hold down two spots in the outfield and that maybe meadows was surplus to requirements but now I don't think he is I guess appeared all the character not
00:29:27ours everybody hours at first I think is right here to the other right exactly I think if if ours is considered a first baseman and in the situation and yes that meadows would be the second best outfielder on the tip of a race now thrown out there Sergio
00:29:38Romo is one of the most underrated in fantasy it is positioned the rest of the year considering that situation there you know what soul because I just tease that one we dive right in for a ride on the clothes a carousel so it's a what do you think
00:29:54of that I mean the closest situations in baseball right now have become somewhat questionable I could dive into those or if you want to talk race first your choice no I mean the bistro one out there because the there's there's so many kind although many %HESITATION situations where
00:30:09it's just like %HESITATION %HESITATION we thought we knew it was going to happen and now we're not so sure there's a lot of these boy bands that are up for grabs so I want to start first with the Mets because that was cast in a little bit of
00:30:22doubt after terrorist familiars trade but now it is again because Anthony swore Zach is on the disabled list Robert Stillman picking up to save on his absence the other day there anything here I know that I I was only in the coming down %HESITATION even went so far
00:30:38as I could get all the bugs like I I just think he's the best pitcher last in the bullpen %HESITATION me next year you're looking down the road there's a chance they will come back to her station %HESITATION you know and pick up somebody took the clothes but
00:30:55up the rest of the season I never I never believed were attack was going to say and I will I said to them is going to come out and you know certainly move though doesn't impress me in terms of close out games either %HESITATION he's also one of
00:31:06the the other have somebody there to swing that they have the swing that they don't have anybody yet hopefully the local rectify that the off season you say you had your someone where would I I I I thought it would last less fun when you're done and then
00:31:21I went public realized that he was probably gonna get it but if you face the death penalty so I I I told him on board with him I think he's the best pitcher that they have %HESITATION in the bullpen and I people utilize them but they know that
00:31:33at some point might mean anything to get in the in the seventh inning %HESITATION I I think that's kind of a new bull pen philosophy that we're seeing in the league person like I like how it has proven that he's gonna be like that but push comes to
00:31:45shove I think you can get the most out of that and I'm a little more skeptical than you but I'd like the point here about the league's shift the league trend and that's why we have to talk about a player like this is why we have to talk
00:31:55about situations like Baltimore and the white Sox I mean Michael givens getting a save the other day but then they have that game against the Yankees where they were going full out committee Chicago I mean feat was at the other Vieira if I hope I got this right
00:32:08I should look it up AJ but the audio read the other reviews of we get to save the other day and he was only recently called up so it kind of shows how much they're going into a committee situation there's two others that have proven names that are
00:32:22going to committees which also cast some shadows here fall at these in free wagers well Milwaukee giving Josh hater save the other day giving generate Jefferson saves the other day court can able at times not looking great they could be somewhat of a committee and the Cleveland Indians
00:32:36who just distinctly went and threw Cody Allen in the set up spot and then closed with Brad hint so clearly there's some sort of committee going on an inter Miller is back your thoughts on any of the four all of them well I think in terms of Cleveland
00:32:50I think Andrew Miller is just you know he he's winning back like that that's kind of where he's been use over the last few seasons and I don't think that that's going to change unless both Allen hand suddenly go into into %HESITATION spiral at the same time I
00:33:06mean that's what I got him so that when Alan has is the is the downfall as and it looks like he's hit that point that they could put him in you know I always say that you know one of the reasons I look towards the %HESITATION batting average
00:33:19of the first batter that a picture his face after this season it as as much as the finest weather up again at the end of all the reason is because it is such a mental thing for a manager it does the manager how confident the guy doesn't matter
00:33:34what the fans think it doesn't matter what the what the facts really are it's all about how does the manager heal and it's really hard to predict that %HESITATION so that that is the ones that were you can kind of at least try to get an idea as
00:33:50to who is the manager always putting the pressure on and saying well I mean that was kind of with the Mets were like a familiar I mean I I collect left about the team I watch a lot it'll really would get paid after stating it was always here's
00:34:03the thing though here's the lock and now we get the day and and managers start to get not the situation which is why they're moving around with these guys and and it only takes is two or three starts in a row that where they may get the same
00:34:18but they put the guys on the managing looking for change and that's what I think it is no one on the thing is with years of capital %HESITATION where the manager you know they got you know I'm going with him will because of the out of course you
00:34:31manager but he will but it reappeared your year after year if you go with the guy who who's done it before and if no one's done it before you can play the victim that you work with a lot of the situations were known for do you still of
00:34:44Coney Island Corey can able in your top ten I know what you want you can able he he just looked all it is not so much just that the the user fees losing games that are not actually closing out games what the whole debate Chapman has looked awful
00:34:59or just this did bill looked to be on its face like you always looking at the album the vital going to go over the fence and look I can expect it %HESITATION Yahoo the closest confidant and I'd rather go with one of the two fry guy %HESITATION because
00:35:13they they're taking them out looking like well you have to look to that as that goes a long way it's ridiculous that for closer if there isn't a stat for me it really is a gut feel thank the Hamburg America the white Sox Nick save chairman Ronald the
00:35:31central role of I'm sorry your your big fat a hustler all those cool goodness alright Marlins Calcutta call bear claws at a couple shaky outings lately I got the managers and doors when of course that he still is closer but the comment about being on the top step
00:35:51for all of his outings here any worries with their call yeah you know I thought that perhaps some of the with a shaky performance was just because he did know what was going at the trade deadline and then trickling comes in high guess where we go and you're
00:36:04going back to the mountain Marlon so I am a big you know mentally that that that I was going to say alright you get the path but now it's like good he got the dreaded the vote of confidence between the different you just add bacon rector have a
00:36:19great game yesterday either all or was it said all I know but I did it it comes up to you know does a manager that situation disco heart that matters that's mostly what the what the what the new guy can there you know and I think we're very
00:36:31much in in that whole protector investment situation with the saves outlook in baseball I think it's more so now than it's been in any time in the past half decade that's just my opinion I do think because especially in the wake of this season's new philosophy of the
00:36:45opener %HESITATION which is open up the I you know if it hadn't worked for the rain if it had just been a complete unmitigated disaster maybe that have been a different thing but you know whenever anybody does something that even mildly successful managers are gonna look into what
00:37:00looked like you know like an old school manager who's been doing it for years years and years and never gonna change but we got so many new managers now so many managers who are just like what the heck we're out of it I'll try it kind of thing
00:37:12and I go for the openers situation and as a result it also goes for the back end of the pen and I think we're gonna see so many more of these closures by committee going forward next year when we get to draft day I mean you know you
00:37:25get past you know Kelly and gamble and you're gonna be like I don't know maybe I'm not even just don't pay for saying that like don't paper levers at all or you know just didn't go to clean all kinds or something because it it's just gonna be the
00:37:40years of forty plus they it's just there are going to be many more than eighteen quarterback yes we'll bring it to baseball I like it %HESITATION and I like it as a baseball fan I don't like a fantasy at all but I I like it for for baseball
00:37:53so you know we can just get rid of saves as a category both from fantasy and baseball how bout that people are gonna tell us that do the safe spot holds of course which no it's becoming looking my way in terms of fantasy baseball and to design my
00:38:08own league I would say you have to have three relievers at if you're nine which and and we get rid of the say is we just can't ratio so I agree with you like I I think you know form form on our roster that looks like a bullpen
00:38:20of today and do it that way and that would be one of my steps the above by you know working the league realigning it in the majors and %HESITATION moving from the DH to the designated pinch hitter I can discuss that at another time yeah they got you
00:38:36got your off season assignment now AJ well body he ate the wave of the future it'll probably problem it'll never happen all right so quick I could not in bearing the lead of course because we've become classic at doing this Colorado AJ I've gotta bring a Colorado weight
00:38:49Davis too awful games back to back in different cities on the road for both of those games blue saves %HESITATION in consecutive games and then he doesn't pitch the game on Sunday and Adam out of veto comes in who naturally we think of as the next in line
00:39:03and he blows the save in that game and go to extra innings for some fun some one oh gets to save it now and now that was just the situational case where that was who is available at the time but your thoughts on the Rockies bullpen I mean
00:39:17you know just look awful wondering how much that that he blew the game but like on wild pitches are like just not being able to find a place in all it was only to watch so I mean that's not gonna swear cop is going for you know it
00:39:31it is if the poison a is bad poison be isn't going to suddenly %HESITATION be any better for you I I think maybe all it is a guy who could get some say that down the line but I mean after that of course I have you know I
00:39:46think you go back to David at least for the next one I do too and I think the contract also and I've said this all year I think gives them a long leash but he's a step maybe two steps away from losing that job and if that happens
00:39:57because its courts field and AJ you're not to talk about this a lot Erica's been talking a lot too there's a ton ton of course field games left if he not feeling so good about that now I mean I'm feeling good about cargo but that's about it Monday's
00:40:13games begin at seven o'clock at your mindset here it's going to begin with the ESPN plus game which is the twins after the Indians it's called Gibson and Trevor Bauer the ESPN game on TV however is the Yankees at the white Sox as lance Lynn at Dylan cubby
00:40:27and AJ I've got a pose that question about the Yankees because I mention lance Lynn is it to start option here facing Texas in the second game would you start him here in the other question is because of the Yankee series here playing the late night last night
00:40:40name the emotional negative of that series are you when I'm Yankees this week the schedule says they look great %HESITATION strokes kettle says but may I think they do not and %HESITATION I'm I'm not touching him on Monday plant plan does not the real me at all it
00:40:58is a good match up you know in in a vacuum but I guess I would just let Monday be the day where you know that they're gonna suddenly rebalance know when twenty to two so be it I I I I think what's more likely is they they're in
00:41:12a tight one late and maybe if they can win it then Tuesday Wednesday is the time when I I go for them when they don't yet easy on the mountain we go from there lance until one guy will by and for the Yankees I'm I'm just I don't
00:41:27know I just I feel in my gut I just do a sizeable got so it I guess that if you have constraints the colored glasses on I might I might not look at this I'm a little worried about the bull pen being overtaxed we'll see exactly how that
00:41:38goes but I'm starting Lancelyn for this week I like him as a to start value Tuesday's games they begin at one other couple a day games but the night game begins our ESPN plus late it's the red Sox at the blue jays withdrew Pomerantz and Marcus Stroman not
00:41:51a great match up here for Stroman with drew Pomeranz he hasn't had exactly the greatest of seasons now thought from him here is gonna go to start week as a result I mean I I like Pomeranians %HESITATION depending on the match up but yet probably would probably start
00:42:09mine before I started on %HESITATION I don't like them against Toronto %HESITATION I I do think the red Sox yet it's almost the same thing when you have a theory that is so high as as the read like a few theories was both teams regardless of what happens
00:42:26you have to kind of avoid the first couple games of the next week because like I said the red Sox they can take the foot off the gas and even though they're not I don't I don't think thirteen that's going to like actively do it you just can't
00:42:39help but to do it and and so I'm a little if the goal of both their offense and incorporate leader with no one support I don't know Pomerantz femoris version better with you know if you've got any eight runs behind them if it's only close one I'm not
00:42:53sure I'm gonna buy are when you pick it up a bit better they run behind a but you know I I know I area all Wednesday schedule begins at twelve ten what's the read to the Mets are there are one two three four five day games and then
00:43:07we have the night's late in the night slate begins with the ESPN on TV game of the Braves at nationals it's my fault in a match against Tommy Milone the Orioles at the rabies ease the ESPN plus game wave enter Cashner verses the opener Leo how all be
00:43:21starting for the rays throwing a couple of pitches and giving way to a long relief pitcher I am quite sure but I wanna focus AJ on the Chris archer start he gets the coarse field game and I've from the spotlight the forecaster about the course field theory some
00:43:33good pictures going there it's one of the tougher schedules for the Rockies Chris archer not so good news for starting either with Kevin Costner in Sapporo Goffman as well if you want to dress him AJ do you start archer at the Rockies golf men versus brewers this week
00:43:48I do not start Archerd because it's it's it's a course that I I missed and its course in the afternoon that that to me just it's it's just asking for trouble %HESITATION yet you know much as I was saying that you expect hitters do get traded to the
00:44:05other week the only %HESITATION about light by you hit I think it's a little different for pictures I think generally speaking going gold in America internationally should result in just a little bit better statistics but that that's just the game I'm just avoiding because the location there it's
00:44:21just too risky especially because it only takes one bad inning accords field and your ratios %HESITATION Mitchell really impacted the plate with the and we'll get back to their counsel on the other hand I'm a little bit more willing to take the shot there %HESITATION just do it
00:44:39in terms of %HESITATION again it's it's the Justin carries over one of one start which is all it really takes for for them to settle into a little bit more inclined to go there I'm in no one archers well if it's our standard game I'll use them otherwise
00:44:53and you're right it's a big concern because the match I will say I I I think this is one opportunity where you could trade from if is if the guy that got him in the NL only leagues are disappointed after this maybe you could die by low there
00:45:05will say I would start both of them in the the majority of late when it comes to tell getting your in a league of your own so you gotta pick a bun place at the same level ballpark buns otherwise known as America's favorite funds always deliver the goods
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00:46:26ziprecruiter dot com slash Carrabelle super critter the smartest way to hire oh yeah after my nerves of an off thinking about that Rockies bullpen it's nice to hear this music until I also here we have a designated hash browner today I mean I quite enjoy hashbrowns has front
00:46:49casserole home fries any sort of potato base breakfast they're all pretty good yeah I don't like the ones with the mushy onions and peppers though there has to be Chris Christie is required and in all potato practice applications now hungry I go to lunch right after this podcast
00:47:11every single time to talk about food at the end destroys do you get details sometimes sometimes usually chips or fries though not usually has from okay that's fair %HESITATION let's go to some hash brown if you want to have yours asked and answered on the podcast hash tag
00:47:31O. six O. one O. M. L. B. suite at Kyle soppy ESPN usually round them up %HESITATION before each show Mondays and Thursdays so do that if you'd like your question answered like we're going to answer Jodie's pick one for the playoff run he's got four pitchers here
00:47:47these are all of interest to me because I actually made a similar decision this week off of the waiver wire in the lead role in together Mike minor weight leblanc Trevor Williams and Anthony D. Sclafani guys pick one I don't feel so great about any of those guys
00:48:05I will point out this cow noted here about what about Mike minor and I've noticed this lately %HESITATION as of June first to five seventy six very for the season is a three twenty six cents that so he's been pitching quite a bit better and I'm tempted to
00:48:17say there's gonna be match of opportunities but I hate that ballpark I'm a disco funny guy I'm not I don't think any one of these gets locked in individually the whole rest of the year AJ who do you have you know I think it wasn't for that last
00:48:33outing I would have done with the long planned dunk I'm still going to go with them even though you don't use and just really touch them up in a big way and for the most part it is controls and really good all peace and I'm going to give
00:48:47him a Mulligan on that one he also had a you know accounting in Fenway but generally speaking he's been on the on that here of the age of quality starts almost every time out and in this group that that impressing me and not to go his way but
00:49:04certainly competent no fifty games left about ten starts for each of these guys a day do you think that they're even five hits which means five match up to see her you'd start these guys and they gave you a good outing to see five coming from any of
00:49:18them I think I mean I could yeah I can see all of them putting together fifty percent success rate there yeah I do is the question is is there anyone there may be able to get a seventy percent they think of that would be what one just because
00:49:35the three bad ones are gonna be awful %HESITATION if you can pick those that the band you know Austin Houston like are items that you might be afraid of then maybe you can squeeze a bit more juice out of that that lemon then perhaps if you just the
00:49:49had someone who was playing or not but if these are you know little little less predictable to go bad when it goes past the lab don't drink lemon juice that are in demand doll that the arch Jews and I don't see seventy percent or to say these guys
00:50:04no way you know over time of the month being short something Chicago White Sox check women it's all it's all connected somehow only the summertime yeah great well demolition night for dinner energies there we can also use that as an allergy here but let's move on to Matt
00:50:22who has a question about Chris with a K. Davis other one is the good cristatus as a second half OPS over one point one zero zero which for those of you who don't have contacts in OPS that's really good I can keep it going for the stretch run
00:50:37and where do you see him right next season it does seem like this is a guy that a lot of people are high on so we feel like he's taken the first step forward or Cecil just the pretty reliable early issue around guy that he's been to the
00:50:50past my quick reaction is these great I don't have a doubt about him I don't think he's keeping up that OPS spot I have no question I'll be in my line up each and every game the rest of the year and I think he's a top twenty after
00:51:04next year but I just think that's what he is yeah I Davis I mean he would be in that group of seventeen players of above average in all categories if the only basis enough that's not gonna happen but %HESITATION yeah I I mean top fifty rest of the
00:51:19way easily potential to be top twenty five interested away and you know as for next year %HESITATION that certainly looking it up on the outfield is absolutely if not higher this might be like a seventy five nine hundred the rest of the way to do it when you
00:51:34take the overly under on that %HESITATION under the dome still in the eight hundred absolutely still very good what's your prediction on the difference between Chris with the sea and Chris with the cays OPS over the last all my goodness what what's what's the one with the C.
00:51:51gonna have the rest I mean don't you know I know we have the two Homer game the other day yet another Homer in an hour and other than that he's really been a lot worse than people were making out to be over the past ten days I thought
00:52:01is I'm looking at credit Chris with the cays OPS of one point one want one and thinking that Chris Davis is batting average is probably close to that with the disappoint to the left I would I would give a Christmas day two hundred point of OPS above Chris
00:52:18with the state and the way I like that I like and number eighty all right in the I'm actually going off the board here because we got a question a late breaking to the show from Michael on Twitter and he's just curious if if you think that in
00:52:31a ten team mixed head to head if if George Springer someone to definitely hold on to a given his recent injury %HESITATION possible DL stint all that and also %HESITATION you know just sort of not being maybe everything he was cracked up to be if you've got options
00:52:46like Malick Smith and Carlos Gonzales on on waivers is is that actually a thing that you would consider doing yeah that's as far as that not everything he was supposed to be the first thing that sticks out to me when we do this to players is Giancarlo Stanton
00:53:01where his career didn't go the way we expected and then all of a sudden there it was it's it's not a very good comp I will admit that I'm not trying to make this competent to the ages are different the stage of their career what they bring to
00:53:12the table are a little bit different but George Springer is that bad a player I just don't think he's at I'm not sure I ever really felt except when he looked like a thirty thirty future player a top twenty overall type I I don't think that's who he
00:53:26is but I think he's a locked in top hundred player and that's keeper wordy no I totally agree with you on that I mean but being English Springer is that it from injury and that always concerns me anything with the respect and the bomb %HESITATION where somebody header
00:53:44that could impact from even when they come back and they say no one find the soreness there's swelling it when you get for this time of the year with the calendar get in a little short here I think if you can get a player like you know we
00:54:01all pretty much %HESITATION unanimously says the cargo is a type of guy to look for going forward and I think if you can get cargo I think you have to make that move now I and I don't think %HESITATION a %HESITATION I'm going to make a move if
00:54:16he doesn't get injured but I think an injury with that ball but hand you have half the plate they fear it and if you're the one in the league I think you have to make a move also more bearish on cargo by the I was with a big
00:54:33believer Leo we get some more than I can throw in the exact same place the fortress and squeeze them a more rapid fire yeah this is a this is one that that we also got %HESITATION tweeted in late I like this and HM glad that you're here to
00:54:45answer this do we need to talk about a distance record Lewis do we need to talk about Zack Wheeler some more we might need to talk about Zack Wheeler some more top twenty rest of the year so what you're saying if if I understand correctly that you think
00:54:59we should have and that we were some more I don't know where that started gal some guys spread this terrible terrible rumor but you know Miller is a pitcher who obviously I watch a lot of I'm very optimistic on him for next season but he's also met ouch
00:55:23look he's not going to win this category don't count on it that is not to be in about the Florida being hit the ground that's been the poster child of that %HESITATION and just in terms of I just don't necessarily think that the we're going to be seeing
00:55:40we were given enough inning I think at some point they're just gonna say you know what let's just if you know showcasing for trade that's one thing I just think it's like this you moved on its toes I wouldn't put all my eggs in his basket for this
00:55:55year I I really wouldn't I just think it's going to be a lot more of the yes whatever first comes around and the entire triple a staff to come up here and it's gonna start internet rotation because it's just something the matter need to do and just not
00:56:09have any of these guys get hurt the triple a team of I it has to happen it mean it would be stupid authority for them not to because they just had has had so many arm injury a couple years it will include it in a I I do
00:56:27kind of believe in will I mean trade but I I'm not there yet top top twenty certainly to throw that point that price point is getting way to nineteen look look twenty let's let's let's see how what the solicitation look like him who could someone get straight in
00:56:44the off season you know winter meetings they know about was I wouldn't be sure Baden it's it's a great so I I think I'm intrigued I the reason I put that question there I will I will do it for the hash Browns for today and %HESITATION for the
00:57:00most part for the show today but let's start to other notes that I just kind of think these are called Mike trout is twenty seven tomorrow Happy Birthday to my kraut how about that he's unbelievable yes expanding amateur thirty one homers a hundred and eighty six stolen bases
00:57:13already in his career before reaching his twenty seventh birthday and and since Coppola this is for real when phase national sneak some zucchini into your neighbor's porch day it's one of those things where people have infiltrated whatever the people who arbitrate what the national days are and have
00:57:34just been ridiculous about finding these silly things so yes that that is what it is we we don't advocate doing anything sneaky to your neighbors' porches please if you have a good friend and they have a portion of his a keen need like whatever but don't do that
00:57:50that's weird they do some sort of like cheerleading tradition here my town where they leave us signed I think it's like a penguin sign in the middle your front lawn sounds like that like I'm just gonna open my door there's as you can be sitting in front of
00:58:02it I'm not gonna know what's going on what what is a national offer up some squash to your substitute mailman day I'm sure there's a day for that and now they have said it's been created so somebody's gonna get on the we can make them up as we
00:58:16go alright we'll make up Thursday show as we go to wolf will come up with a good day for that AJ I eighty will be back with us again on Thursday I'm looking forward to that thank you for joining us today AJ thank you to Anthony as well
00:58:27thank you to wheel and thank you of course for listening will see you again here on Thursday I forget the darkness the dark teams on for the fantasy focus was created and performed by Eric cut more of these music it Eric Hutchinson dot the focus more great podcast
00:58:55log on the I tunes next door E. S. P. radio dot com

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