It wasn't the most exciting weekend in terms of "must-add" players, but we'll give you a hitter (1:50) and a few pitchers (4:22) to add and react to Sean Newcomb's amazing performance (10:00) ... Let's talk trades (19:00)! What happens to the Fantasy values of Mike Moustakas and Travis Shaw? Who is closing for BAL? Is Francisco Arcia worth adding? We also take a look at the Most Added list (22:26) before discussing some SPs who just haven't been themselves (26:50) headlined by Luis Severino and also including Madison Bumgarner and Lance McCullers among others ... Deep league hitters (35:00) and a lot of SP talk (41:25) as we recap the weekend performances and preview today's matchups (58:20) ... Your emails at [email protected]
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00:00:01these cold to the touch yes the question well it's never a good the most added CBSSports dot com leaves has that why medical things next Tuesday what a bummer lord as well been awesome lately would obviously get talked about him welcome to the show it is Monday July
00:00:40thirtieth wrapping up the month of July two Bucks left got white crunch time yeah two months left in their the ones what he cares about except for a select few who care more than ever what do you mean people care all people who are really in the thick
00:00:58of it yeah that's what percentage of league but what percentage of the participants in a week forty percent yeah it's in a yeah that's a good thing it's a good thing that people are kind of fading not paying attention that means you can get guys for for a
00:01:13lower fat dollar amount that means that you know it's easier to pick up players off waivers that's why you should spend your fab dollars early that is the glass half full way of looking at it and go well that's what I I don't think it's ever a good
00:01:27you have a case of the Mondays I let's get into here let's talk about the haters and pictures that we need to add Shaun Neukom coming one out away from a no hitter Johnny Cueto is it time to consider dropping Johnny Cueto and of course we had trades
00:01:42over the weekend and what to ask for that trade really caught me by surprise but Scott give me one hitter to add for fantasy owners one hitter to Adam if he's still available and I don't know what is ownership percentages up to after a big weekend but if
00:01:59he's still available Rigoletto door I would say is definitely a header to add obviously manage game Saturday five hits two homers double and since the start of June so almost a half of the season to this point is betting like three twenty with eight homers eight stolen bases
00:02:19good matchups this week yes definitely somebody and look at at route at our door yeah he has been he has made up for lost time for sure so as Scott mentioned two home runs and she did you give this flashlight I had a flashlight in his last thirty
00:02:35two games betting three thought I did not get that specific slash line you can give it yeah that is thirty two games not necessarily started your eyes like mid June three thirty nine four oh seven on base which is really good for him we with the three thirty
00:02:47nine batting average six tenths logging eight homers eight steals OPS over a thousand doors hot right now try to look at his ownership percentage I what about Al Gore disagree all thirty two percent owned he is the most added player in our league see has a Levin straight
00:03:05multi hit games going into Sunday he was batting for eighty nine in his last ten games with three home runs a five forty three BABIP certainly helps but you know they need proof to the ankle sprain he could go on the DL do we know anything about it
00:03:20this is the hardest hitter a baseball arguably I think between the two a DL stint as looking likely yeah he has been really hot lately and so that's a shame but you know he's not like I I would rather have a door for instance it will yell out
00:03:39orders seventy seven percent owned by the way just getting up there yeah there been eleven multi hit games in a row I think it was for lower to scurry out which is obviously unsustainable got that Babbitt but to three sixty four now he does not walk at all
00:03:52like we talk about %HESITATION door being about walk guy lord is Gary L. has three walks all season so he really depends on having a high BABIP to be our regular consistent contributor and fantasy yes hi good line drive guy but it still seems like lately it's been
00:04:11a little too good to be true all right so it's a shame I mean this conversation would be different if we weren't expecting it the else that maybe we'll get some good news tomorrow or today rather odd one pitcher to add Scott you got a picture dad how
00:04:26about we talk about adding %HESITATION my favorite to start sleeper for this week which is ten a Roark so obviously didn't pitch over the weekend but big outing will last time out Levin strikeouts in eight innings and I like the match ups forum this week so he would
00:04:48probably be the top it's right added ahead of anybody who pitch this weekend's but if we want to talk about we can stand out we do I I think I think Max freed made a case to get another look I think he's going to stick the Braves rotation
00:05:06actually have another rookie coming up Kobe Allard to start this week so there's some room in their rotation for free dhistech Brandon McCarthy just got moved to the sixty day DL freed is in is in a start this week in two hits allowed seven strikeouts and he was
00:05:26in not quite in six innings like five in the room I am in five innings to hits one run three walk seven strikeouts for Backstreet he's twenty six percent no he's at the Mets this week now the what was interesting about the star twelve sewing strikes which is
00:05:40decent for the number of innings only one on the curb on remember that other great start he had against the cardinals it was all look the curve ball came through form that's supposed to be his best pitch so it was interesting to me that he had this good
00:05:52of a start even without that pitch really working for Colby allergy as you mention is coming up for the Braves to start this week do we need to add him I don't think so he's been he was a first round picks always been a big prospects and the
00:06:09day was drafted but no strike outs in the minors and gotten worse moved up the latter I'm hopeful because because despite that are a lot of the prospect of value waiters have been high on him I'm I'm hopeful the case like Aaron nola or Jamison Tyrone where this
00:06:28stuff really plays up at the highest level but I I think that's a big mistake especially when you talk about first major league start it could be a one and done situation form anyway all right and they're gonna be some relief pitchers that certainly Anthony's wires that got
00:06:43to save yesterday he's like four percent owned it we're talking low end guys here for sure Michael givens was picked up in one of my leagues fourteen to your point sleek as a brat Brock was traded away so I don't I was given is the guy you go
00:06:57for the Orioles rotation or bullpen sh well he pitched I think the seventh inning yesterday so I don't think anyone knows his closing for the or is I don't think even Buck Showalter notice I I guess it would be givens but that wasn't that wasn't a good sign
00:07:14yesterday was the eighth inning they patched they have another guy who's pitched well there Paul fry so maybe we will get a couple fries may be closing you want fries with that yeah we have a right I don't like the good thing is that if you want to
00:07:33look at it this way I'm gonna look at it I'm gonna take a glass half full approach here the Orioles are getting saves the rest away like they may I get five states or the final two months because they look like the worst team in baseball now they're
00:07:47pretty bad absolutely I got another picture for you to add Scott I I added him he let me down I drop them he's %HESITATION mon Marquez who had a great start at home yesterday and I'm still I'm nowhere close to trusting him at home but I'm hoping that
00:08:02that bad start on the road where he just really couldn't command anything was perhaps due to a long layoff he was pitching on eight days rest it was after the all star break our market has had a bad start at Arizona he is at Milwaukee this week the
00:08:15prior to the start at Arizona Marquez was like automatic on the road and I think he just has really good stuff again I I don't trust them at home but is forty percent owned he's on the road that really tough match even tougher now that they have the
00:08:27stock is at the walkie this week but do you would you trust your mom mark as an a one star week he's forty percent out I I don't think he's a bad play anytime he's on the road it is interesting that as last two concerts in great as
00:08:43last for star was it but gonna trust the longer trend there right right in the even though it's a difficult match at not saying it must start but I don't think it's a bad choice and Ryan Baraki is pitching pretty well he's twelve percent out any thoughts on
00:08:57him many interesting ride rocky he has this really well five of his six starts have been quality starts and I think not only quality starts but to learn runs or fewer despite not a lot of strikeouts and you didn't have a lot of strikeouts in the minors either
00:09:14so that's that keeps me skeptical but it's been he's been surprisingly consistent so far that gets ownership should probably be higher than twelve percent right directly at Seattle this week I would look obviously go through the most out of this tell you who we added dropped after I
00:09:30thought about it on Friday got a guy who just is lined up to have a great schedule against some really bad teams rest of season I picked up Sonny gray who's actually still like eighty percent out he's got one starting as the Orioles this week so I will
00:09:43I will be using him let's talk about John Newcombe and any other weekend stand outs and and also on the show today we have to talk about Louise Severino we have to talk about Madison Bumgarner and Corey Kluber who you know had good starts but you look at
00:09:59the strike out numbers for Bumgardner he's got fifty one in sixty one and two thirds will talk about how you don't look nothing is it Severino level right now with these guys but Kluber has been kind of rough lately Jose cantata was terrible Chris archer strikeouts continue to
00:10:12be down his philosophy isn't where it used to be of let's see Brian does restore three bases in his last seven games straight Turner finally stole some bases John of the scope is unbelievably hot Marcell Ozuna maybe he showed some science is going to kind of tease other
00:10:27stuff o'neill Walker which talk about him Mason Williams anyone who has been or was in the Yankees organization apparently let's get to Sean Newcomb who somebody's in the Braves organization near no hater aid now is there is one hit one run eight strikeouts best start in a long
00:10:42time his previous twelve starts four oh six ERA for new come with thirty four walks to forty eight strikeouts in sixty four and a third a low swinging strike rate so this it away came out of nowhere what do you make of the star for new come who
00:10:57has the Mets on the road this week and it is not obviously encouraging after long stretch where the walks were up to strike out down and it just seemed like things were coming unraveled for him but only one walk that that might be the most encouraging thing about
00:11:16the start because we knew that the stuff was good in his ability Lemonheads that was that's what what had been keeping its head above water throughout the stretch so I I'd start against the Mets I mean that's terrible and hope that he it continues this the same Trent
00:11:34I I don't think now would be a terrible time to %HESITATION to consider shopping I'm since obviously but we it was more it was more a case of of warning signs then the actual production dropping so that the the the the main stats everybody looks after newcomer still
00:11:54pretty good so now it's pretty good time to shop them but if you don't get a look return you like then yes stardom I knew it there a lot of pitches and we're always little concert all yeah hundred thirty minutes or hundred thirty four which is %HESITATION in
00:12:09the star that actually is pretty concerning high I overlook that a little bit I'd be a little nervous I had me a little let me play devil's advocate I this is one good start these things happen some pitchers throw no hitters and they're no good they're not even
00:12:21fantasy relevant you know so so why should I start in the east he's been bad for thirteen starts even with the start he still has has been very good walk to strikeout ratio terrible you know why should I get back on board with Sean Newcomb for this started
00:12:36the Mets is coming off a hundred thirty four pitches so like I was saying it's it's a eleven twelve start stretch where we're saying that the strike outs of what's really started to to go wrong for him it is the IRA during that stretch is just a little
00:12:58over four so any had yeah I know but I mean I just I don't think he's cured I know I understand we don't know these gear yeah I is how I'd put it yeah but the the bad trends we were seeing were more I I took the more
00:13:19as a warning that something worse is coming then can that that he has been bad he hadn't been as good as he had over the first month and a half but he hadn't been like unusable either so I I think it's fine to use all right with with
00:13:35some encouraging signs in a favorable matchup already fair enough %HESITATION any anyone else any other standouts will get to a lot of guys I am sure there's a lot I'm sure you did a great job with the note I'm sure I hope so I I hope I did
00:13:50%HESITATION hose out to these on the DL with knee soreness got do we know the expected duration of the DL stint for hose out to be his first stint on the DL ever I don't I don't think it's going to be a long one so this isn't panic
00:14:09time right knee discomfort is how they're calling it is what they're calling it doesn't think it's gonna be a long term issue yeah so I am kind of kind of review in the news as I give my take on it I know yeah yeah I hope he runs
00:14:23when he comes back that's that's my concern you know that I mean that's the that's a reasonable concern anytime you're dealing with a leg injury somebody who's make speed a big part of this game it'll be interesting because lord not lotus but you got to start at second
00:14:38base yesterday which allowed Tyler white into line of remember him yeah either white had a huge game he's had a monster season at triple a guy who really knows how to take a walk and has the power you'd want from a corner infielder I say remember him because
00:14:58the twenty sixteen he got off the he was the starting first baseman out of spring training got off to ridiculous star and just crashed and burned but maybe it maybe there's still something here three thirty three average ten thirteen OPS a triple lay and the I guess it's
00:15:16just a question of how willing they are to keep using yell at second base a position where he's you got to think is something of a liability so you need a second base Phil and first of all it is time to pick up Robinson you know you won't
00:15:29have this week you sixty two percent all but get can now he's back in two weeks I see could tell Marseilles fifty five percent owned he's he's been pretty good it happened is supposed to play every day with Kris Bryant out but he didn't play yesterday a he
00:15:46is sixty one percent owned I don't know if there's anybody else from your your hearing planner that could help out if we need a second baseman well nine Marty's on it so that we would definitely be high on the list you has no PS over nine hundred since
00:16:02the start of June so almost been as hot as %HESITATION door who is on it and I think those are the only two middle infielders so if you're looking for short term replacements those would be the best ones are already more news Johnny Cueto he's just not healthy
00:16:18he's going to see a doctor we're going to get a report no need to drop him yet I think we should hopefully have an answer for you tomorrow about that but I'd rather that a meeting the Johnny Cueto Hey now I agent McCutchen has a bruise foot and
00:16:30Pablo Sandoval could go on the DL yesterday was not a very good day for the San Francisco Giants the twins called out Miguel said no who went over seven with five strikeouts in two games at Boston what do you think about so now he's fifty six percent on
00:16:43Scott should we pick him up I aid not crazy about that idea I think if you need power to roto league there's a chance he could deliver a lot but we've seen the downside out ready to games two games into it I think it's job safe now that
00:17:00Eduardo Escobar's gone I think the twins have no reason not to play and see where it takes them but there's a there's a reason he got sent to the minors and there's a reason it took this long for him to come back and I don't know if he
00:17:15says I don't know who is it who they were mere as any teams that fortunately but JMS on Twitter sent a screenshot Jose Ramirez scored nineteen point five fantasy points without getting a hit last week he was like over fifteen he had two RBIs he scored for us
00:17:31the only struck out once he had eight walks and three steals Jose Ramirez well I like those plate discipline guys up actually in pointless a little humid out it's a little sting of it it's a little stupid little stupid it was all done I don't I don't think
00:17:45walks account for as much as it's it appoints Lee as much as a single yeah no I don't think they should and so well then we might need to rethink the on base formula because they they count the same for in that well you're just specifically measuring a
00:18:02guy getting on base but singles are more valuable than that walks to a very small degree has the ability to advance runners who aren't directly on the base ahead of you particularly in a game where there you know the any game that's three true outcomes like the one
00:18:21we're seeing today that's they are they are just that they're not a full point and more valuable no they're not a full point more valuable but they might not even half of what they might be there might be a tenth of a point two five a walk two
00:18:37point seven five million as he puts a single should be what you ever see the guy go first to third on a walk no and I I I understand but you didn't say that but I said you said all but I've been a and I had a friend
00:18:49doesn't happen often enough to make a big difference in what does about you does and then if you change the well so you think walk should be point worth point seven five and single should be at one point and I disagree either let's talk trade let's talk trade
00:19:06Eduardo Escobar to the Diamondbacks Jake lands on the DL Escobar's going to place him third base for them is Druha compared to the Phillies he has a ten fifty three OPS in his lifetime in citizens bank ballpark that is the highest OPS in any park for is to
00:19:24book a prayer and a lonely leagues Jeff McNeil has been starting at second base for the Mets Mike was stock as to the brewers that was pretty interesting Travis Shaw's gonna play second base some bullpen stuff Brian Presley going from the twins to the Astros Francisco RC a
00:19:45no no that's a different traits are that was %HESITATION Marty Maldonado also going to the Astros Frances Garcia for the angels is eight percent no he's gone five for eight with two home runs and two doubles in two games is this a sleeper catcher Francisco Arsia because they
00:20:03not excited about him yet rotoworld was very excited about it they were like his my numbers terrible yeah so I would not I would not call in the sleeper catcher but it is this that you went to the most talking straight go down as the first time we
00:20:17got a chance to talk about yeah it was on Friday as I think that's the most significant we seen apart from the Machado trade for fantasy purposes one you get me stock is moving out apart there really is no good for him you mean he's he is such
00:20:32a big fly ball in such a big pole header like his swing is totally geared for power at the big parties playing and now he goes to the very hitter friendly park and one that's been especially good for left handed hitters it's not quite as excited as they
00:20:45be if you went to Yankee Stadium which I think is just perfectly tailored pursuing but it could be a big upgrade for him without even getting into the the supporting cast change I mean he really had gotten hurt in runs and RBI over the last couple months with
00:21:00the Royals and that should be helped but then the other angle Travis Schultz second base going to pick up eligibility there I'm not company he's going to be an everyday player there because obviously defensive liability are nonpareil has got the start yesterday it's a little scary and it's
00:21:22I think I think Shaw is a better hitter than Moustakas so I'm not sure why the brewers would make this deal and then %HESITATION de emphasize shawl but the guy who made the trade is the guy who sets the lineup so it's it's can't really tell how it's
00:21:39going to play out I'm a little worried about shado pretty interested did you move my stock is up in your rankings I will well I haven't yet okay let me see where he is and where I could move him to I looked at it you can keep going
00:22:01all right let's keep going here of who we added and dropped out of the many interesting ones like I said I dropped I added a Sonny gray I dropped interests your day in the twelve team points league is no longer leading off that's disappointing I added rhyme rocky
00:22:15in a fairly deeply guided Steve Scotty because it's not as even his guardian is on Scott sleeper hitters list this week the one on the sleeper hit our test gonna get in that line up I can tell you the most added players if you'd like lower discovery I
00:22:32was number one route at our doors number two in kids learn there's another second base option for Ian Kinsler is number three any had a pretty good week he's walking a lot lately he's trying to walk in four straight games I don't know it's guy got to see
00:22:46more from me and kids there I guess but what do you think right right I need to see more to yeah all right in kids are sixty eight percent are lucky it's not a bad fill an option right now John of the scope it was eighty six percent
00:23:04are now is ninety three percent out he's home right everyday eyes tighter full alpha is catcher eligible Scott for the Texas Rangers he is fifteen percent owned would rather have our CEO or kind of Alaska I would rather have I mean he kind of left that we we
00:23:27we got it is their playing time their form yeah he doesn't play everyday but he plays yeah like super duper utility with that catcher eligibility he's basically been their catcher out their backup catcher since the since for lasts well since mid June so I don't know yeah look
00:23:49at me there's a very it the thing I noticed about the weekend nobody really I did make that many add drops there were that many to star pitchers on the waiver wire that we like to be like Shane beeper with like ten a row argue those guys are
00:24:04on a lot of leaks I thought Baraki set out at that or mom or cast it out there to scurry I would obviously be more of a stand that if you weren't hurt but the bottom line is I think that the most interesting players seem to be deeply
00:24:15targets and a lot of these guys just maybe had good weeks Alberto modesty for example is on the most out of this is twenty three percent on David Brody and Neil Walker and yeah I removed those like Joey Wendell these are some of the most added players now
00:24:35they're not all the boys that players are cool Calhoun is on there is forty nine percent of that's a lot more interesting yeah he's been really hot since coming up the deal I think in mid June yes even getting a lot better yeah change the stance of the
00:24:48results of a great Calhoun is forty nine percent on we talked about him on Friday art Ervin Santana seventy one percent of what we think about that or should percentage sh you thinking to start this week he did not quite look like himself in his first are back
00:25:05to DO lastly was down results were terrible but he's not somebody I'm trusting it to start we get that's Ervin Santana so you know what usually Mondays about who we added who we dropped all that stuff I think money should be more about what happened over the weekend
00:25:22with the stab wish players and Severino is where we we certainly have to kick it off about before we get into we Severino people are you hiring and you know what may be the answer right now is no maybe you're not hiring but eventually you're gonna have to
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00:26:35said America try it for free at ziprecruiter dot com slash strike that is it precluded dot com slash S. T. R. I. K. easy produk OP slash strike ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire Scott what the hell's going on with the we separate now she I wish I
00:26:55knew I don't think he's I I don't think it's anything too bad right I think just saying it's baseball would probably apply in this situation three bad starts a row of course but in the last two though Las these been normal he's been getting swinging strikes like normal
00:27:18just the results have been no I don't think that's true well I don't know how many pitches he threw out Saturday but he only got eleven swinging strikes in that start yeah that's I mean it's not among his best totals of the season but it's not anything that
00:27:33would raise an eyebrow at me it is it is off speed pitches his breaking pitches just not working right now like so I don't know his I suppose there's the possibility there's an underlying injury that we just haven't heard about that's possible velocity gives me hope that it's
00:27:48nothing too bad but you know maybe it's it's a a growing issue affecting his mechanics or whatever I could just be in a mechanical issue independent of injury it could be a release point I should set up pitch tipping issue I mean it could be it could be
00:28:05a number of things and the the most of which are very correctable so I'm not really worried could be hand foot and mouth disease yeah well I I don't know where it is god I know you know where it's got but at Boston this week for the Severino
00:28:24I think especially given the match up in the third dimension like crazy I don't think I'd be crazy to start in but I I wouldn't I wouldn't have a problem that you can I tell you what my concern is with Severino is the concern I had going into
00:28:36the year which I looked you know stupid for having but I just I thought that was a pretty big innings job last year I was concerned how he would respond this year and I don't know if there's any fatigue I just think that his slider has just not
00:28:48been sharp it changes the it's just he just basically fastballs can't seem to put hitters away that well it seems correctable I don't think we worry too much Madison Bumgarner Corey Kluber you concerned about these guys well yeah I mean Bumgarner I think is the most concerning because
00:29:07he's been on a steady velocity decline for the last several years coming back from the shoulder injury last year he he finished the season pretty well but the strikeout rate wasn't what we're used to seeing it may be maybe it's just the velocities rooster point where it gets
00:29:26its reach kind of a breaking point where he can't the liver aids numbers at the level at that so he's he's outside the top twenty starting pitchers for me whoa but that's not an intruder that happens when a sickly since his first or second start top twenty yeah
00:29:45I did not realize that I thought it was more like you know twelve fish yeah that's where I moved that's the highest he got when he first came off the DL but then I saw the results and was like and my want to play this one a little
00:29:57more cautiously yet so I haven't twenty first of just outside of the top twenty %HESITATION the three ahead of him or more colors three Austin Carrasco so that's that's where I place an but directly behind him or Clevenger archer and Carlos Martinez so I could see him dropping
00:30:13out of the top twenty five here potentially yeah well I archers got his own issues like all those guys I mean barille says issues lance McCullers as issues at least by the water our water archers issues well he's got the he's got the hundred to strike out to
00:30:31ninety six innings which is good for most pitchers but it's not what you got what you wanted for archer it doesn't make up for the high alright he's got a four thirty one ERA his velocities down what do you mean is the losses down because I'm not really
00:30:45seen that I've been reading that well I wonder what that I know I wonder where they're see he's not realize it is not really having that good of a year let's just be be fair okay that's fine I need to start to go we had thirteen strikeouts but
00:31:00this last are the strike it's were down again and yeah I mean he can't right okay he has issues that's fair but you know if next time out you get double digit strikeouts again a I might be to the point where I do take a mobile Bumgarner god
00:31:18that's the level of concern with on guard maybe if he doesn't get the angels that says match up this week it is the double digit strikeout start last week was against the Marlins are two weeks ago I was early last week %HESITATION against the Marlins nine point six
00:31:30strikeouts per nine for archer that's its lowest in four seasons %HESITATION he still might get traded and he gets rid of the Padres that be that be really good I guess does well I go through the division of hitter's parks to division of did your parks it's up
00:31:46to Colorado course yeah I'll be good the colors as issues you know he's he strikes out a lot of batters but got a four oh six ERA he's been a little inconsistent because ours is given a fourteener runs and thirteen and two thirds I'm really not I this
00:32:01isn't so much an argument just you look at that group of pictures around twenty overall there's a there's a difference I mean like I thought I thought Rios was passed this this phase of his career of being bad like really bad too frequently yeah but it's three of
00:32:17his last six starts I think he's given up like five or six runs and they've been a Jekyll and Hyde starts you know yeah actually only given three runs yesterday but it was a terrible start knighted right right it's foreign to slot had snow home runs though which
00:32:31I thought was urging you want you want to take a glass half full yeah I mean and Fenway Park is the course feel that the east it's a it's just a very tough match up and that's where a Prius was yesterday but it you know I'm saying at
00:32:44least **** gardeners got to three OO six ERA's pitches in a great park he's been pretty good but out with whatever I want to get Cooper Scott yeah only five strikeouts seven in the third one run at Detroit and he's now under strike operating his previous seven starts
00:33:02a five twenty one ERA with thirty one case at thirty eight innings did this start well your fears or do you just say Hey was the tires of courses that will get the Tigers all little of both I guess where I myself with with Kluber is that I
00:33:21don't think he's who he was last year I think he's gotten I think the approach he took down the stretch last year that made him unbelievable and took him to a second site young award which is emphasizing his breaking ball more than ever before he's kind of got
00:33:35away from that this year and that explains the drop in strike outs but in terms of strikeouts who last year I think was more the aberration in this year mean this year is a little low for him but last year was way I for and you know so
00:33:53I I feel like he's kind of got back to the Kluber we saw twenty fifty twenty sixteen which is still a fantasy ace but it was a fantasy as with a three forty nine E. R. A. three fourteen ERA as opposed to last year's to twenty five the
00:34:05IRA this year to two seventy nine but the fifty three forty five so the FIP is more in line with what we saw a couple years ago but yeah with all the endings he's going to throw with all the winds that the Indians are going to give him
00:34:19that still an ace even if even if the ERA creeps up to the big three's all right we'll get back to pictures in a bit let's talk about some more hitters from over the weekend is nice to see trade Turner steal a couple of bags his first two
00:34:33steals in twenty four games he was over five in his previous twenty three games Jonathan scopus homered in six of his last seven games and seven of his last nine games seventeen home runs this year for John and scope and seven of those seventeen I've come in his
00:34:47last nine games he is making up for lost time Scott he is hands I feel like I feel like it's not terribly surprising I also feel like it's not terribly surprising his season he was so useless at the start of the season it's just it's just this profile
00:35:08of player the guy this is why I don't like guys who never walk getting back to the Jose Ramirez conversation from earlier because when they are not it in their best they are doing nothing for you they're they're never going to have that eighteen and a half point
00:35:22week or whatever it was they're going to barely get five points so you know Babbitt regression they're still it still looks like scope is owed more of that you know the strikeout rate isn't bad the that a ball profile is %HESITATION blood drives are a little down but
00:35:44not really to a fearful level so I I think he's fine I think he's usable again obviously when he's hot like this and I I think there's a decent chance is in season numbers don't look too two one like last year's but it's just something to think about
00:36:03heading into next year is this is this somebody how how much of an investment do you want to make it this guy is out of scope Marcell Ozuna Homer to two straight games hit a grand slam oppose they can Tana I don't know if I'm gonna start in
00:36:15this week I see like I don't wanna be tricked well Ozuna yeah I mean three outfielder legs at the tough to do I agree yonder Alonso is hot he's got he had a to F. thousand OPS entering Sunday so Alonso sitting well right now whatever CJ crows CJ
00:36:39crone it's not having a better a terrible June bed at one thirty in June with the two ninety nine slugging percentage reset a great July over twice on Sunday CJ krone sixty one percent own Jack Bowers is fifty eight percent own who do you like better I think
00:36:55ours better I think crone is mostly limited to row to use he's he's on pace for more than thirty hours so as not having a bad year like you said it's kind of %HESITATION Trumbo in his prime good that makes sense of your member that yeah alike I
00:37:13worked right sure I'm ends it's mostly he's mostly helping your home runs and not much else take our still fifty eight percent owned and that lot to like there all right so many of you but you guys were kind of deep leaves less than thirty percent own tell
00:37:28me if you think any of them are underground Manuel Mar go as a ten game hitting streak Kevin Kerr Meyer or he I think he is thinking history going to send out a member but Margo's been hitting well care Meyer twenty three percent out C. Rece Davis thirteen
00:37:43percent out Mason Williams Reds outfielder one percent out Neil Walker eight percent out anyone jump out of just got what Margot Meyer does right he should be twenty three percent of yeah I mean the ability to hit for speed and a not power that is not really hurting
00:38:03you in that area it's it's been it's been slow going since he came back from the DL so I I can understand why he hasn't really jumped out at people but I mean just look at the track record the last couple years that's the guy who deserves to
00:38:17be starting a fight about the elderly if I thought the other five by five league certainly what about Margo any excitement for him twenty six percent on she not not really I just I don't I think he's in that no man's land between the standard three outfielder lined
00:38:36up Xander five outfielder lineup he's just not good enough for three of the other line up and then a five outfielder line if he's not like in the things he does Bester underlying skills that are better rewarded and points that rodeo is not gonna be a category stand
00:38:52out and Neil Walker is a percent o'neill probably played just about every day for the Yankees what Erin judges on the DL for another three to four weeks you know what I'm going to talk about pictures but I would like to read an email if I could find
00:39:08it within my notes %HESITATION how do you feel about that Scott just kill sometime by the email I found it okay I feel about is from June Chicago I am the commissioner of a deep redraft the roto league was wondering what the podcast thoughts are on having a
00:39:24trade deadline in a roto league there are not any playoff so it doesn't necessarily make sense limit trading just because the end of the season is near everyone still jockeying for position so even the last place team still has something to play for even if it's just pride
00:39:37and I approaching this from the right perspective or is a trade deadline good to have a redraft roto league I think he I think it's a little dangerous what that line having a trade deadline yeah having no trade deadline not right that is dangerous you got out of
00:39:59that line yeah just because I mean I'm all about playing for pride when I'm not really into contention but when you're talking like the last week of the season and you make a trade that that helps determine who will actually win the league I mean it's it's one
00:40:19thing if you do that mid August and it you you know there's there's not really it's not really that clear the impact that it had but it's another thing would you do it at the very end of the season and and and it's it's you know it's always
00:40:36unclear what the motives are when you do that you could say I'm just playing for pride but there's always going to be people wonder so I'd I'd just rather like there's not enough upside to just buy the downside I think so I'm in favor of a trade deadline
00:40:49I'm also in favor of a rule in a head to head the work with playoffs once the team is eliminated from playoff contention that team is no longer about obey treats you can't really do that in rodeo but I do think that you need some type of hybrid
00:41:03if you're not if you're not gonna betray that like you have to make it like you've got to be in sixth place are higher something like that to make sure I I don't know I don't know what it is a fact since it's hard to say prize you
00:41:14just have a trade deadline and be done with it yeah you know what you don't you don't want the the league decided out some goofy trade involving a team that has no chance to win made the season make a trade deadline studs being studs rover the weekend Clayton
00:41:29Kershaw stud lead not not amazing but very good one run eight strikeouts in seventy two thirds miles Michaelis only struck out too but he's got a two eighty three alright how Hendrix nice bounce back start for him at St Louis on Sunday I don't know there's was there
00:41:47a curse are Michael is are you gonna start Hendrix you know he had been struggling lately San Diego this week at home so the thing about Hendrickson and obviously that's a good match up probably were starting and then but overall it's been pretty disappointing and a big reason
00:42:05for that is you know that it there's always been an issue of how unwilling Joe Maddon is to lead a pitch deep into games %HESITATION buddies take it to another level this year this is just the third time in twelve starts Hendrix's gone even six innings the minimum
00:42:27for a quality start just three times in twelve that's terrible that is that's a particularly for a guy who's not like you know he has a near a anni operator for is not an exceptional ratios guy was totally understandable how he has a seven and nine record with
00:42:41those kinds of when he keeps getting an early hook like that I think the guy we keep hoping Kyle Hendricks is going to be any keeps falling short of it is the first guy in the next category studs being stuck part two who will then biographer so I
00:42:58can start Hendrix though Padres yeah yeah it's fun to start with that match up all right somebody yes that's being so it's part to somebody who is a fixture in your line up right now like you've got a start up Marco Gonzales he is ninety three percent out
00:43:12he's he was seventy three percent started he's been great against the angels this year much of his bases that again but strike out to get a little bit better he's got the blue jays at home this week my all my Marco Gonzales the other players in this category
00:43:26studs being studs part two are native all the you had a great debut with the red Sox Kyle Freeland and Dylan Bundy still bodies last start seven innings three he runs seven strikeouts looks a lot better than like one inning five runs against the red Sox they got
00:43:41wiped away whatever it was yeah right is consolidate top of this group Gonzalez if all the Kyle Freeland Dylan Bundy sh well you know I love Bundy's upside but I think it's all this probably does need to be at the top in to further the Hendrix comparison the
00:43:57very similar profile obviously get itself lefty Hendrix's righty but similarly similar strikeout rate you know they're they're less than one per inning which is kinda low by today's standards when you're talking about somebody who we like in fantasy but made up for by really good walk rate and
00:44:15an above average ground already very similar those numbers between the two of them but well Hendricks has had trouble going six innings the last time Marco Gonzales did it go six innings with may seventeenth wow this is amazing yeah most aces can't say that he's been very reliable
00:44:33in terms of how deep these but you get the games and it now is it enters a given him runs it is also called like it it does he have big regression coming or should we should we start Marco Gonzalez I don't think he has a bigger question
00:44:48coming I mean they are a down and the three thirty is now that may be well you know what his steps three thirty five so right yeah I mean it hit the walks are just that low and the ability to prevent home runs is just that good that
00:45:06he might this might be legit yeah and in July is twenty four strikeouts and twenty five in the third so that's nice and he's got a two eighty eighty are at home Gonzalez is a three eighty already on the road I would actually say that Bundy I know
00:45:20apartment studs being studs he gave up only three runs in seven innings no walk seven strikeouts that's all great everybody doesn't hit very well and he gave up three home runs and then yell twenty six home runs and he gave up three home runs in one inning to
00:45:32the red Sox I forget it was one inning ending and third whatever I'm sorry but in that range you know shorten start so those numbers are even count twenty six home runs in a hundred fifteen in the third I don't know that this was such an encouraging start
00:45:44for body it was yeah I mean it was encouraging with an asterisk I would say I like that so hot right to the rest Gonzales is one rank the next three of all the Kyle Freeland deliberately Bundy and then I'll go faulty over Fremont studs bell without their
00:46:08their ownership's are all good yeah all over eighty percent studs being duds Jose burritos Ross struggling to stay bad starts in a row Jose can Tana too bad seasons in a row kind of that's not that's not accurate but you know he's been a little disappointed it's B.
00:46:27let's be fair Mike Fulton average will fall apart a little bit Rick Porcello struggled against twins and Zack athlete has it really been very good since coming off the DL with that blister anything that really stand out those worrisome do you she I think the ones whose my
00:46:47opinion hasn't really changed about and yeah that would that would prop maybe that would be a better way to approach this because okay well I I am concerned about content opal division after okay I'm not so concerned about the real strip playing and poor cell do you think
00:47:06F. when it is okay to drop I'd be hesitant to drop on do you think it's the canton is okay to drop it would have to be really shallow lake do you think it's not it's okay to start this week against San Diego I think that match of
00:47:27his okay to start I mean what he's he's clearly less than must start I've got cantata me the guys who struggled cantatas got the Padres for the never chose the Marlins and I'd effort had having the Marlins as well so maybe this is it the week to drop
00:47:45these guys they have such good yet job done I I mean I I wasn't making the case to drop yeah yeah yeah I do I have concerns I think it's you know all of these guys you either you drafted then I'm in the case of cantante dropped it
00:48:00and others you for the most for most of the season you've been relying on them every time they pets regardless of matchups to start status whatever and I would say I would I would stick to that approach for Maria Stribling or sell out and I would might I
00:48:15might alter that approach for can Tana Fulton at the church an affluent Solomon tell you someone that I I want to say is a bi lo based on schedule but but I don't know about the performance I actually think the performance has been better than the numbers my
00:48:31Clevenger because the strike outs have been up lately and I mentioned that the Indians have such a great schedule down the home stretch was their division is is dreadful the team just can't hit if the twins trade does your I mean forget they've already traded I guess the
00:48:47best hitter in Escobar us so far this year so these twins Royals white Sox Tigers you just couldn't ask for more Clevenger though actually I don't know maybe I'm NIT picking he's yeah well I just wonder how you could buy low on imagine his owners thrilled with them
00:49:03his last six starts for sixty seventy alright only one started more than six innings in fact he went five innings at Detroit on Saturday he's such a he's kind of been like this boring guy but maybe there's upside from have a huge finish my Clevenger boring in a
00:49:21good way just like stardom no problems no issues whatever he's fine may maybe there's potential for a lot more I think the death I think we've already seen that potential playing out he started off really lacking in the strike outs but those of picked up recently I think
00:49:43there that that stretch you're referring to is the four seventy six ERA there was a couple of particularly bad starts during that stretch that and played it but you know he's still if he doesn't deliver a quality start he's very close just about every time and lately is
00:50:00with more than a strikeout per inning so I think he's I think is really good I mean like I said I have Bumgarner twenty first and I think lavender's right behind of the twenty second so I don't know I think it would take a lot to plot to
00:50:13pry Clevenger away from his owner even if you think chance he could be a little bit better but maybe you are right man Clevenger has a believe the angels this week yeah all right let's pick up some pictures frenzies part one sixty five to seventy nine percent owned
00:50:34so these guys are mostly owned but you might be able to get a shot of the Stroman rotan Velasquez she's seen Wheeler who they really good lately Veda Casteel Cascio sixty six percent loan may be turning around little bit and so therefore I mean two degree I want
00:50:57to own all of these guys Stroman road on Alaska's just seen Wheeler put that a Casio who's your favorite usually favorite my favorite I'm going to get on the road on that bandwagon his last three starts have been really good more than seven innings and each of them
00:51:16I think is the biggest surprise but you know the strike at them in good and obviously the run preventions been good for him to go that long deep into the game none of these guys are are available in any violates Ian's if I saw some but well maybe
00:51:34we really might be available in a couple you know I social scene on waivers and one of my leagues I didn't pick them up I don't know why I just I don't know I don't know that I am this is seen yeah that's fair I overlooked and that's
00:51:47true let's not let's not say like Louise Casteel is a must or anything like that well no but I know he's not available in the minor leagues because I know he's on your tape well I'm not sure that he is I think Louise Casteel was actually a guy
00:52:03who I really really wanted this spring and I I became known for how much I one of these kids DO but there was always somebody wanted more I don't think a draft while and that has got like put that has the Marlins this week but I'm sorry I
00:52:20can't like peripherals are one thing but actual productions been really bad for eighty five we are a one thirty three with so but like I said he would agree about all these guys but she's seen Casio Profeta probably the last three are picking up on this list Stroman
00:52:36road on Alaska's Wheeler well who in the last three said she's seen to that and who else Casio she my last three would be out working from the one I want leased to the one I want most my bottom three would be she's seen Wheeler Profeta okay so
00:52:56I I have cast the other you have Wheeler yeah and I it's just a gift to me it's I I feel like wheelers upside is a mid three the IRA and that's certainly good enough that the is that he's been that for what to say about two months
00:53:13now maybe even longer so he probably should be out thirteen starts out so I guess I would just frame it like this if we were having this discussion in may yeah probably agree with you but right now the winds are you know at I don't want to stash
00:53:27guys come in first place or whatever and I just wanna stash casiopea gets hot that's one thing but if I need to win right now I can't trust Casio the way I could trust Zack Wheeler who's supposed to have a land of this week but he could easily
00:53:39get traded we learned that we are Castilho did change his arm angle did he said yeah which contributed to the start you know there there's something for him that is just a little off like that because the change up has been dominant all season and the upside is
00:53:58really high so if he if he turns in another start like this when he had over the weekend seven shutout innings nine strikeouts to one walk if his next artist like that then suddenly he's somebody I want to start again like it it would it would happen that
00:54:11quickly so I definitely he would be high on my list of pitchers down even though he's the least down here Casteel as is at Washington this week you might look at that and say well it's a tough match I think they're twenty or twenty first in runs scored
00:54:24within the nationals sometimes they have a good line up sometimes they're really dangerous but their twentieth runs scored no it's just dumb you know they're they're back before dusty Baker they were underachieving with Matt Williams and now they're underachieving after dusty Baker with Dave Martine I know it
00:54:43does the big I just manager is to be the manager yeah I'm in but all I have just a he is a hall of fame manager he's he's his career has been interesting because for like everywhere he goes he seems to get the best out of his roster
00:54:58yeah yeah and like it and yet he does these things that drive people crazy you know sabermetrics types crazy and and you know I I think it's fairly criticized for that but that the results speak for themselves pretty starting pitchers part two fifty to sixty four percent out
00:55:19Luke weaver Lugo even Felix Hernandez show Musgrove to strike out strong muscular be kidding me Tyson Ross and Kevin gauze you want any of these guys weaver for net Hernandez Felix Hernandez Musgrove Tyson Ross Kevin Costner I'm not I'm the I'm a little worried about Musgrove I know
00:55:40the results of being good but it's this is to start in a row seven innings two strikeouts yep that just doesn't seem like a sustainable formula he's driving on sock contact but I'm skeptical anytime somebody thrives on sock contact unless it's the come you know it it it
00:56:01has to be more than like a year long Trent for me to start to buy into it so worried about him Tyson Ross hasn't had a double digit swinging strike game sense thanks since may since may twenty out of the office yeah I don't why I think the
00:56:19only guy really why I own must've been a deep really got started and yesterday I was nervous started but he's facing the bats without Conforto so I thought I'll give a go I I'm not sure miss started again to get Saint Louis Musgrove wheat weaver against Colorado this
00:56:32week is interesting I guess Homer gets Colorado well it turns out that the I just lost got white he lost his power and his internet so I'm gonna finish up the last few minutes here and just take you through the rest the starting pitchers from over the weekend
00:56:47that stood out in the fringes and maybe today's match ups as well yeah salute we were I probably not going to start embodies interesting maybe somewhere stashing CV can put together a few more good starts pretty starting pitchers part three of these guys are fifteen thirty to forty
00:57:03nine percent owned I think the I think her mom our kids kind of jumps out I don't know about Mike minor really had a great start at Houston eight strikeouts in six innings any faces Baltimore this week and that's a great match up for any pitcher lefty a
00:57:16righty but Mike minor face Baltimore on July fifteenth just two weeks ago and he gave up five earned runs into a two thirds Trevor Richards an interest as been pretty good Trevor Williams has been good lately Trevor what Richard's also has a pretty good for the Marlins whichever
00:57:34Williams for the pirates has been pretty good lately no word runs in seventeen innings for him is starting to use his change up more so keep an eye on several Williams is forty percent owned he didn't use as much against the Mets the change of but used a
00:57:46lot against Washington at Cleveland in his previous two starts gets the the cardinals this week lance Lynn Mike fires the I don't think I want to trust any of these guys maybe Marquez at Milwaukee but I am keeping an eye on Trevor Williams for the pirates of that
00:58:01change it's really gonna make a difference Scott didn't talk too much about Max freed but he did mention earlier these are deeply guys now free to twenty six percent owned he is at the Mets this week you might want to take a shot on him in a deeper
00:58:12league that's pretty much it not not a huge bull pen week by the way except Terry Francona did say that he will use Cody Alan and non save situations which we saw so don't get rid of Brad hand just yet I look at today's match ups gonna start
00:58:27Aaron nola and got a star David price against the Phillies way in Chad at the Braves win since been great at home that on the road so no thanks will you start will be able to run against the Marlins personally I will be starting with the %HESITATION to
00:58:39run against the Marlins sometimes matches don't really matter with Julio to Ron pull up his game log his last start was at the Marlins any give up seven runs in for a third and he also had a terrible start against Baltimore at home seven runs in four two
00:58:55thirds on June twenty third I'm gonna start earlier to ride I totally understand if you don't want to start him Tyler Anderson at Carlos Martinez is this one of the gifts are both of them this game is in Saint Louis Shane be bred Ervin Santana I'm not gonna
00:59:09sort of its antenna and I am going to be the minority not starting Shane beaver in a two star week I am sitting him for a one start Marco Gonzales so I don't really have as much faith in beaver as the other guys I think they'd start him
00:59:25but I am going to avoid beaver good batch up just not pitching all that well lately got Martine Perez at Robbie ray a really tough call no I'm per as I just I don't think so with Robbie ray first of all the Rangers are hitting well it just
00:59:41because he was good last time out doesn't mean it's going to be good this time out so I'm going to be pretty today I get if I have a question mark on a Monday I'm not willing to throw off my ratios for the rest of the week so
00:59:52I'm going with to Robert I'm not going with beaver and I'm not going to rob you read a few more games for your blue jays today's no I'm Marco Estrada no one and with Jackson giants the Padres not gonna start Derek Holland or Eric Lauer the brewers the
01:00:06Dodgers can't the by a yes I'm gonna say no to Freddie brought the too many walks lately too many bad results he's on the clock it is a big with big day for frosted beaver decide how roster of all they are and I'm gonna start both Gary Cole
01:00:21and James packs that packs of coming up with the offer to start we start about thanks for listening everybody for Scott white about is are we gonna talk to tomorrow well today

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