Exponent is taking a break, for now anyways. We couldn’t be more grateful for everyone that has given us so much of their time.


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00:00:00I James then how are you I'm doing okay how are you I'm I'm doing pretty good it is the end of summer we take our hiatus every summer away every day has passed and the people demand a podcast associate they're getting a podcast I'm not sure if they
00:00:14will be happy that the demands of its as this might not be the podcast that they were looking for but it's the podcast they getting it is indeed add the hiatus I think is going to go on a bit longer and I think we're not sure how long
00:00:27it will go on it is it may be permitted it may not be but we are going to take a bit of a break from export it for the next little bit I I think one of the things that we talked about over the course of the summer
00:00:39was four years is a long time I think we're up to this is what a hundred and fifty five episodes and one of the things that I think that we decided would be wise was to take a step back and consider the format make sure that we are
00:00:53bringing out all to every episode and make sure we're not just getting you to the right of like you know this is the thing we do when we don't consider anything any more than it would be the case for one of the businesses that we have analysed of
00:01:05the posse is I I mean I I that's a that's a great way to put it and I think it's it really is genuine like we've made a commitment when we started this podcast that we wanted it to be great and you know it's funny going back was
00:01:17in the early ones they were actually it many ways not great I was the one of a few weeks ago in the editing was so bad was it on constantly but I I would like to think we've gotten better I think we hit our stride definitely a couple
00:01:27years in and it's been an amazing experience but anything that's amazing you'd rather sort of step back and consider it before it becomes painfully obvious to everyone that he should step back and consider it right and and that's the plan %HESITATION that the %HESITATION one other thing all
00:01:42those arms in oz eight someone gave us advice that we should go to Toastmasters and I think we discovered on a cheesy way of dealing with that is posted it right well we we I think we both got better at it we did feel much more at ease
00:01:55with that with that I mean I do what I think I mean I want to thank everyone that evolved in that that that tweeted does that what I do reviews and things of that there were not very nice end and not just happened struck give constructive but with
00:02:07the tens of thousands of people that never contact us at all but I know downloaded and listened not it it's it's a tremendous privilege no that's only bill paying attention and in first and foremost after thank you James it's been it's been incredible not just to record this
00:02:21with you but you know people presume we came as as friends actually came to this as like kind of Twitter coal followers and bickering about the Christians in and and I think we do exit as as amazing friends and that's by far the most rewarding thing of this
00:02:35entire of the run to date Jack I I mean absolutely I've I've come across to visit you a couple of times in Taiwan and at seeing you here in SF a few times it's always it's it's it's fun to have developed a relationship like this across the Pacific
00:02:51Ocean doing this and more of a just like one of life's real privileges is to go on an intellectual journey with someone and I feel like that's what we've done and who knows maybe maybe we'll find another outlet for that to continue will say absolutely end you so
00:03:07we're we're not saying that this is forever bite were saying it might be what we are saying is you know we want to do great work I think that's something that really motivates both of us and we're going to take that time and make sure we're doing that
00:03:20in our other jobs and also how we will how exponent fits into that going forward and no matter what happens the the archives going to be there I I feel very proud of them I think they stand the test of time I think we've discussed a lot over
00:03:33the last year in particular house to help protect me from the sort of regulatory perspective in social perspective a lot of the stuff that we were like talking on the first ten fifteen episodes are really top of mind right now and and that's that's tremendously gratifying yeah it
00:03:49is and I mean should we should we talk about Facebook can we go through an episode without talking about Facebook when I was trying to do that by the year broke the ice out sorry yes but I I record is after I spent the morning watching %HESITATION Jack
00:04:05Dorsey and Sheryl Sandberg testified for nine and then at the I. doesn't it doesn't go much more full circle than that right yeah I know it we were like this four years ago and not that many people talking about it but it's it's been a fun ride it
00:04:17has so again I want to reiterate my thanks to you and our thanks to all of our listeners and my printer thing service go tweet email saying you know you should record next week %HESITATION it's it's not going to happen it it may in the future it may
00:04:30be different format it may it may be something else entirely we will we will we're gonna take time and and figure it out and we appreciate all of you taking the hundreds of hours over the last four years to listen to what we have to say a hundred
00:04:43and fifty five hours of listening to an Australian accent I never thought that that would be that would be it even a remote possibility research Australian high who knows what I've been all over the place we don't have a sponsor read for you the books are unfortunately but
00:04:58I you gotta quiz me maybe out James it has been a privilege thank you for the time and perhaps we still talk again are real well recording soon I'm sure I I know for a fact we'll talk off line quite soon sounds good night SPT sent thank everyone
00:05:16thank Jesus bye bye bye

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