Chris speaks of only TRULY VITAL news, tools and articles for website owners. Topics covered include SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), content creation, CMS systems, WordPress, HTML, Google, Microsoft Bing, Pinterest, Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, eBay auctions, YouTube, Podcasting, eBooks, niche and authority sites, AdSense, Marketing tips and tricks, Online Business ideas, Internet and Lifestyle hacks and many more. Chris Trynkiewicz has over 15 years of background in website development and 8 years in blogging, with dozens of IT press publications. He cuts the typical BS of "marketing and SEO gurus" and delivers what is really neccesary to succeed online and stay in the loop. He also writes articles, tutorials and creates tools for website owners and people who are looking to start a web page. This podcast will help you succeed with your online business.
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since Sep, 2012


In the 2nd episode of the Essential Of The Online Business Podcast I will cover: Twitter launching interest-based targeting, authorship as a ranking signal to Google, how the newly released Twitter timeline widget rivals the Facebook Like box, likely and unlikely Google ranking factors, and many more! Subscribe to get new episodes: iTunes, RSS Feed. Google Search Engine Ranking Factors Likely signals: backlinks from .gov and .edu sites (although this might just be a strong correlation) depth of visits and returning visits Unlikely signals: bounce rate time spent on a page traffic domain suffix, like .com for worldwide, not country-specific sites number of Likes, Fans, Tweets and Followers News, sites and tools mentioned News segment: News: Authorship is not a ranking signal (yet) and what's to come (source: interview - Search Engine Journal, CTR Boost - SEOMOZ). Also read how to claim authorship in Google. Tool: Authorship Markup Testing Tool News: Twitter launches interest targeting for Promoted Tweets and Accounts News: Twitter releases a timeline widget to rival Facebook Like Box (source and examples: Marketing Land) Tools: Facebook Like box, Twitter Widget, 3rd party Google+ widget, Social Media User Detection for any site and for WordPress Recommended content: Case studies of 150 Facebook Pages Campaigns, segregated by industries Sections and content that you need to have on your site Awesome tip: Promoting an e-commerce site Task list and things to consider Add and verify authorship markup in Google. If you’re into Twitter advertising, review the new interest-based targeting. If you’re using the Facebook Like box for displaying posts from your Facebook Page on your website, consider switching it to the corresponding Twitter widget. Install Social Media User Detection for any site or for WordPress which will tell you how many visitors to your site are logged in to Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Check out the recommended content: 150 Facebook Pages campaigns, segregated by industries. Check out the other recommended content: Which sections and what content should you have on your website? Consider implementing the awesome tip of the episode, which is a discount on your e-commerce site in exchange for sharing it on social media. Follow me on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter @eotob to get the latest news and great content which some of I talk about on this podcast and some I don’t due to time constraints. Join my newsletter (fill out the form below) to receive not only the latest updates, sales info and content, but also insane tips that I’m not revealing anywhere else. The first tip you’ll get after singing up is how to instantly find other websites run by your competitors and after that the tips get even better. If you like this podcast, please review it on iTunes. I don’t have any reviews yet and would very much like to know what you think. If you found this article useful, please share it with your business partners and friends!This article was posted on EssentialsOfTheOnlineBusiness.com by Chris Trynkiewicz. Read more on this and similar topicsCheck out other articles for website owners or on how to start an online business! More on this and similar topics: Proven Google Ranking Signals – Podcast EOTOB #1 Content & Sections for a Company Website That You Need to Have How to be Productive with Twitter – Tools & Tips


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