The guys dig in on Braves' pitcher Sean Newcomb getting caught by the twitter police for inappropriate tweets from his past. Also, LeBron James has finally broken his silence about joining the Lakers during this summer. Plus, Steve Wyche of the NFL Network stops by to discuss the latest with Aaron Donald.
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00:00:00whereas in the delivery room with the end of each run in the fall occurs you got it you kill me with the means are done in for the role ride the unknown it's so knowing so the Dodgers had their own little mini controversy thanks to Joe Sims and
00:00:26Dave Roberts going at it because a batting practice but John Dugan who pitched a one hitter against the Dodgers had his own issues show as he was pitching this no hitter or almost no hitter a Washington nationals centric Twitter account then decided to dig up old tweets of
00:00:51Sean Newcomb very much in the same vein as hater from Milwaukee where it was homophobic there was racist tweets misogynistic he blamed it on the rack usually use %HESITATION yeah so so those tweets came up and then what happened go interview we will see what happened was after
00:01:16that a brave centric Twitter account like one of those fan Twitter accounts then dug out pictures tweets entree Taylor %HESITATION of the Washington nationals in retaliation and we've got all this stuff out there but here's Neukom %HESITATION in regards to all actually none of this stuff is about
00:01:34the stuff on Twitter is it is just about the game now to forget that I don't care simple look he was eighteen years old but that's being thrown around as just an excuse that we had this conversation already and here's what I'd like to advance this conversation because
00:01:52clearly the onus goes on the person right there's no question %HESITATION but let me ask you guys this after multiple incidents like this have happened is some of this I'm not saying all of it but is there a small percentage of this on the teams for not doing
00:02:15a good job of vetting it there players Twitter's and just being like Hey man look you said this when you were eighteen let's talk about this why did you say that okay cool let's get rid of this out of you on baseball to be proactive yes we just
00:02:31had to do it on talking about you anywhere in your uniform in batting practice do you really think they have that kind of foresight I don't think it takes them a day a mensa member to think that this is probably something that every team in every sport should
00:02:46do to be honest with you I think now you're going to start to see a little bit more because this continues to keep coming up I mean this is something that comes up you saw with Josh Allen doing enough L. draft Dante DiVincenzo from Philadelphia Dante DVD chin
00:02:59so from Villanova you saw it with the other guy hater whatever's my trade Turner writes a tree Taylor you just see in these sort of things come up so I'm sure they'll be some social media sort of I don't know some sort of a being put in place
00:03:18to the vet the social media in trying to figure out what guys are saying doing or what not along the way I don't really care to be honest with you what they do to do it affected is there that's problematic to me I don't like it okay did
00:03:34you go back you try to scrap it make it all go Rosie we know you are no doubt all well I'm glad that you know I can look at you when I see you is somehow better now because I know who you are don't give me that I
00:03:50did when I was eighteen I did when I was nineteen I didn't know any better are all I've learned snow house according rat no you didn't you know exactly what she was doing because you did it at seventeen eighteen years old nineteen years old you'll absolutely know what
00:04:04you don't you know how to spend money you don't drive a car homework you know chase girls you not do all of those things but you don't know the difference between gay slurs a homophobic behavior in using the N. word because you heard it from the rap music
00:04:21or you saw another black do say some to another black news you felt it was cool no I don't Pat you on the back for that at all in in that guy can't wait to see the amount of brave stand up in a way to go you guys
00:04:34started to you know I can't wait so I'm I'm not saying the team should I mean scrubbing it now it it is what it is but I'm saying I'm glad they scrubbed and they're going to know who he is said to you to the point that you were
00:04:45try it you were going down L. the LZ which is the being proactive and which is just grab with these kids come up from the minors more if you're in the NBA and you get drafted more in the NFL you get drafted these teams have social media bush's
00:05:04star first what it is first wash a star with reputation for ready aged three Iraqis yeah but I don't know first of all is to start with the player no I know you shouldn't do whatever I got I got all with that because it week we I think
00:05:18we keep skipping over a point in the apologies the skipper of the point of this is what I mean Q. George in the apologies is always I make stupid remarks insensitive remarks offensive remarks sure that is one way to describe it but what you did was actually post
00:05:37anti gay homophobic remarks and racist remarks but they don't want to say that part able to skip over that because that's messy if we say insensitive all of a sudden now it's like yeah I said some things that were that were hot item objects or high item buttons
00:05:53to push but it's also the onus is on you because you're sensitive to it I think insensitive things that offended you I don't I don't want you to get a scapegoat in that way admit that you posted homophobic and racist tweets and then we can take it from
00:06:09there if you don't acknowledge that point then I'm interpret this as very similar to when when Chris Brown was on his apology to have to be on the incident any never actually said what he did he just kept dancing around it instead he apologized if someone's offended or
00:06:26what I did was wrong well if you don't it not if you don't acknowledge the actual wrong a call it what it is I don't believe you actually regret it I think you regret getting caught right it will look in New York call in Major League Baseball we've
00:06:38had that a million times when guys back in the mom what it was more prevalent it was guys we get caught and they'd have these I remember Jason Giambi having a press conference yes I never never actually said what he was apologizing for it but he just saying
00:06:53sorry sorry constant over and over and over again I'm really sorry for what I did right and it's not like he ever said Hey what did you do and no one asked him well what is it that you did exactly right but still no would you run a
00:07:05for sure but if you wanna knowledge and yeah that's the whole point is I get what you're saying arm but I do think that two keys point %HESITATION the eight it should start with the agent once your you once you've been surrounded by your own personal team yeah
00:07:22yeah I I think that the agency has has some responsibility of making sure that that stuff is it out there and that their client is protected from themselves in some cases in in these particular cases and then the team needs to do their own vetting as well once
00:07:37these young men or women routed a really and I'm not a site can I I really would like to try and be one to just sit down with those guys and just ask them I would why they hate like why what what like white white white white hate
00:07:54what did it come from why you don't like me because I'm a dork and why you don't like him because he choose something different to what you think you should choose why I really would I really honestly is silly as I am at times I really would like
00:08:07to sit out in just doing one no camp just sit and talk about what I've I've actually had the great pleasure of asking people who have done things that that that very question you know and oftentimes personally come to sex orientation is about religion and they don't think
00:08:22that the word is as hateful as the ads is as as our front to what they've been taught in school church right so they may use the word in the Sierras offensive but the act of what you're doing is worse because it goes against gods work that's what
00:08:37they've been taught so a lot of people give me that sort of perspective intentional but you know so crazy about that is those same people but doing things %HESITATION that's against trust you know what I'm saying is that high you know it this is R. easy to me
00:08:53you the Bible at the U. sweaters when I should be afforded all warm so is so weird man I idea the kid like this I just you know I'm glad you got I'm glad he got calls in the cookie jar as well as the other three to at
00:09:07eighteen we can send you overseas out to kill people and defend this country we trust that you are intelligent and smart enough to be able to go overseas and do what's necessary to protect the freedom of this nation but if you get busted tweeting some races stuff is
00:09:28like going all you don't know what you're doing you're too young or too this or too that you can get married at eighteen key married at eighteen well I will do that but you can you can legally get married about one invites by queue to get buried in
00:09:41a teacher but some reason we're supposed to believe you're not smart enough not to shoot not to treat the inward what the locker room with the Atlanta Braves you tell me what if I was talking like that to be problematic would be proud I'm not one to play
00:09:56with me I'm just that's just me but you know I'm just not allow care about sorry at a meeting I was a joke I don't know no better houses in the NWA out at I don't want to hear that I'm not going to want to play with you
00:10:09I don't have friends that are like that I got a lot of white friends tons of them in not one is that way in a moment that I find that one of the way we've done what if he's not enough communicating what if you stood up in the
00:10:19in the clubhouse was remorseful tearfully vendetta that apology you only kill for more so because you might get cut lose the money that's the only reason why you don't believe a person can change no not like that no I mean I don't I don't give I don't give
00:10:31you the benefit of the doubt it I don't I just don't when you become a certain age that I can't if you'll tell me was seven years old then I'll be like okay it makes me maybe thirteen thirteen forty I'm a miniature adult once answer here just now
00:10:52we know what city is originally from C. because there I have to do background research on the city's role in what city is from school to be a whole lot you know how he grew up you know how you what what what everybody you know what is it
00:11:06at the end of the day it is it is shocking tend to think that in twenty eighteen or whatever it is or twenty eleven or twenty twelve whenever these tweets came out that as you're looking at the first African American president in the White House you still feel
00:11:25comfortable enough to tweet that as a as a white person at eighteen years old and now we're supposed to believe that you were just quoting rap lyrics to which I say what can you tell me which song that was so that the standard excuse now yeah the rap
00:11:39lyrics yet took the wraps maybe do remain although they don't blame everything on the rap music that's just part of it the reps made me do it you know they they're the you know when I got Eminem they they can hide behind a little bit you know how
00:11:50that goes we got a guy in the industry does rolling with bill we can use it I wanna use word but I don't wanna get in trouble but if I use it like rap then also got a shield and is like going well if you people didn't want
00:12:03to hear the word you should put in your songs that's rational I I've heard a lot the out of context of course you know I got it my wife is white you know the first drive along what hurts you get the rapid there I had to turn the
00:12:20music down say we are married we cool and everything but that is what we do not what we do so slowdown when we do it you know but they got on the air as as as you as you may recall my my husband's is also white yet does
00:12:40the are you going to write one to it's right at the camp and I'm I say hold on no you listen to it but do they better come up with a compromise seems shifted in the chair with the words on TV just gets uncomfortable with certain themes here
00:13:06but you know when she get the bop in and you know who's gonna monitor the whole thing far new commit a no hitter and sweets and I are not anybody here man's body black anybody coming up now lebron James we deserve does anybody anybody imagine Barbara well lower
00:13:31numbers in a dream come true for lebron James we'll tell you next Happy Birthday Phil Collins I'm assuming so why else would be key Plano almost like Phil Collins seem like he's on the show a lot that's what I'm saying yeah yep leverages we live in a high
00:13:51school years wait wait till we play Stu Stu studio it's Susan studio not stoops to studio or was is Phil Collins like that though me like if you just like that like you just it's yeah yeah I know he is he's been around what is he like that
00:14:12they on the serious side arms got iconic you know it's a very serious shows he don't you have something to say I do I do not you know before the break %HESITATION the three of us were discussing in our spouses who we love very much and happened to
00:14:25notice that all of them are of a of of white descent if you will is out there to know that we didn't dance you know and I raised to the to the altar in fact my ex wife is a system what do you really need to apologize if
00:14:46you feel the heat already he O. J. site these are not my my first wife in my was black in the video not stand to always dark skin was really I've dated multiple black women in my life LZ in key you know that that look when you're walking
00:15:09down the street with your significant other one that's why did you go somewhere might be some sisters and you're holding hands with my goal I got a problem but you know the look I'm but I don't give a man a truce with the matter to me do you
00:15:22know the story things to do with that whole and he had a drop in that's a very good or not to go see Mary J. Blige and Maxwell at the forum there was only I it was your turn to me how do you interpret it right as I
00:15:40was walking there will be you know we like are we starting to be known as a sort of give me like this he right now you're looking at a bar what I wanted I don't look like or how and they don't even have to call them in any
00:15:56room with that is it even matter yeah I I had the nerve to walk into marriage a blotch of the fall right what this blonde chick tomorrow you have a C. argued before we move on I get it on both sides though you do chic chic I mean
00:16:12do we really go down yeah I did not when I'm around others like it's going to stop being this is from both sides looking at me kind of crazy right but when I'm in their community who is this man I commute now it's just me and her which
00:16:36is the community you live in they still look at you like all that like you know how to go when you're at the Country Club Country Club is cool because because you're like Hey can you shed how you doing all that I love you back they all Jim
00:16:49five number three and all that but I'm just saying when I'm like this is moving around well yeah we get that no we get that online the bodyguard yeah I got were about to actually have someone come with me at a bookstore words and so ask me brother
00:17:03so were you with a white board I was like hot dog even in this recipe very aggressive so lebron James %HESITATION spoke on his platform the on interrupted and talked about a number of things including a couple of lifelong dreams he opened up a school that does started
00:17:22today in Akron and %HESITATION he's been funding that for a long time but also talked about his dreams on the basketball floor and how they've been realized now that he's with the Lakers is kind of like a dream come true for me you know growing up you know
00:17:36I was a cowboys fan I was a bulls fan I was a Yankees fan and I've always felt like that was like the one of the historic franchises and you look at the Lakers being able to play for historic franchise you know with so much history you know
00:17:50and and and now being able to partner with Magic Johnson someone I kinda like you know looked up to when I was younger and you know the one to make no look passes like magic one to get on a break and be show time like magic and therefore
00:18:02to all come to fruition at this point I think timing is everything for me to be in this position now the excitement that I have to be a Laker I'm happy to be a part of it because I believe the Lakers as a historical franchise we on but
00:18:15as the champion of franchise we're trying to get back to and I'm happy to be a part of the the culture and be a part of us get back to that point so this is where it is today ma'am this is where you know I one one I
00:18:30got my school which I'm blown away by and that next chapter my personal I've been a part of the lake station and continue to do it do enough to play the game as well so there and by the way Rachel Nichols will have the first sit down with
00:18:46lebron I believe it'll be on SportsCenter either tonight or tomorrow I'll double check for you %HESITATION when you have a second but %HESITATION join this is news conference he's not having one until the beginning of the season untitled are trying to camp artist who's comes here today no
00:19:00he just says some original he's sitting down Rachel's was one that's what I heard I was gonna ask you it sounds like to me as I'm listening to him sounds like to me always want to be a Laker that's what it sounds like what he couldn't figure out
00:19:14how to get here and I was going to ask you George because I know you were in Miami at the time that he became the you know the whole big three blah blah blah were the Lakers at that time good could could they have on what did they
00:19:26put the Lakers into free agency at that time I don't yeah I don't even remember I know of was is something that we could have got another delivers met with lebron in twenty ten day we have to remember he held all those things in Cleveland I remember but
00:19:40was the Lakers anywhere was that a conversation at all I I don't believe so know why not you don't say like Colby was here right now Pollock why would the conversation I don't believe they had space for him they had the cap space it was the issue was
00:19:57it wasn't money I just don't believe they had the cap space for one or is it that he didn't want to sit down with me it's cut check because he did grow up watching beach club in show yeah well I mean it's obviously that Lamar that Bynum that
00:20:09how that Kobe didn't have much I don't have any space for him but you can probably do what I want to be a Laker but I wonder how did you like that yeah teams he met with at the time were the nets the Knicks the heat the clippers
00:20:22the cavs the bulls so he certainly had an interest in LA if he met with the clippers but I'm just trying to figure out how come the Lakers you know if a guy like that is on up it doesn't matter if you got cafes and I could you
00:20:33could certainly created right we try but I do believe that about minutes right because they screwed up the meeting with lamarcus Aldridge Sigourney imagine right well but now back then Mitch was at the top of the mountain yeah he just trade for pau Gasol is generally good using
00:20:52us talking about strict in twenty ten used White House about the number one player in the world at twenty thousand there what's that you still talking about in twenty ten and a more clear the world right here in America why wouldn't you me was debatable at that time
00:21:06okay whatever debatable yeah right but I'm not sure yeah I'm like why would you do we try I guess is not known is another interesting because certainly seems right listen to him there like he has had a fascination with wanting to become a Los Angeles Laker armed will
00:21:22bad fascination my understanding it is that it came kinda later %HESITATION particularly while he was in Cleveland right I think once he lost if what they try to defend their championship in twenty sixteen or seventeen actually %HESITATION and he realized who yeah we're in trouble here he needed
00:21:44to kind of go a different direction I think that that kind of started to dawn on him because there's actually report today on ESPN dot com from an anonymous player that set player at least in this case that says that lebron wanted to go to LA the Lakers
00:21:58just had to not screw it up is what we said in the free agency yeah of course I'm a twenty four twenty ten and the belief was that the conversations between Wade and bosh and lebron began in Beijing in two thousand and eight when they were playing on
00:22:14the Olympics I gather it on and that they wanted to play together that that are honestly argued that that stuff was kind of already according to a lot of people in the works for a long time and and the branch had to commit to it so you don't
00:22:28want to so at that time no you said the roster was pile Colby the mall are an Andrew Bynum eighteen yeah and they didn't want to and he did want to come here with couples well I mean that have been raised her him is there are there are
00:22:44just trying to figure it out that's sounds maybe working because many wasn't ready to the Laker fan one in Soviet times were were come were manufactured rivals the arm if you recall correctly is a shop it stuff could you imagine if he sided with Colby back then the
00:23:00way people would kill to you know to me even though it wasn't someone he had to get a pass but if you partner with Colby I think you would get a lot of backlash Weiss out we'll get to that on the other side just to clarify lebron is
00:23:11having a news conference today on because the school although no but not here not about the Lakers notices first news conference as a Laker at the conference with after press conference with openness and all you know but is about the novel is not about the Lakers Roger yeah
00:23:26yeah yeah yeah Chris I need a water alright we'll get to the next you guys go to Luke Bryan concert on Saturday didn't give me an island in Dodger recently with the Dodgers or something is that the stadium since our sins are baseball team has been on hiatus
00:23:45role for the last three years I guess because we've been concerts yeah I'm getting a chance to go seeing bro why'd you write say like that countrymen you all bro we're brother I would have gone to that concert but I was tired this feels like beer off tap
00:24:04peanuts jeans cowboy boots have your bitter cartoons have you ever gone to a country concert like on your own site no no no I've never even when I was in college I never empties cool but I just can't I'm not going to let it just doesn't feel right
00:24:18you know I couldn't sit through this for like three hours two and a half in love in the end right so do you ask the question we were talking about lebron wanted to be a Laker and why they didn't get the latest in get involved and traps and
00:24:33then %HESITATION well I did some digging on the internet and Kevin doing at the time who now writes review dot com for the Lakers long time Kevin but dont yeah he has actually been a long time and be a writer here in LA he he had a story
00:24:48back in twenty fourteen about some of the different are interesting things that happened during Kobe's career and one of them was in the twenty ten offseason when lebron was trying to figure out who he was going to meet with Kobe apparently said a set of tax to lebron
00:25:05and he said go ahead and get another MVP if you want and find the city you want to live in but we're gonna win the championship don't you worry about it okay and she goes buddy buddy I got you but what my point is that to L. sies
00:25:22point %HESITATION and what I was saying is they were manufactured rivals at that time the whole puppet staying on all that stuff so Rogers right like he wasn't going to team up with Kobe does is he was going to team up with his friends people he felt were
00:25:36his peers not someone that he would have gotten treated like Kevin Durant got treated it would've been worse I think then Kevin Durant got it worse than maybe even got in Miami on your for sure because really yes because we're talking about if in twenty ten the brown
00:25:54with the best plan lead by then the person he was competing for the mantle was all be correct and you know not not just to focus in on the age difference but just in terms of the fact that you know they're both arrest me for this title to
00:26:10have teamed up with him he probably would have gotten a lot worse probably would have gotten a lot worse especially considering armed like I'd won anything yet I think you got it bad because of the whole press conference with the press conference we will start with the with
00:26:27the decision production and it got worse when he said not one not two not three not four I think if they had if they had come together and say Hey you know we're all friends and will play together want to play together and hopefully we can win I
00:26:41think people would have interpreted that a little bit differently but because they were so cocky about what they were going to accomplish without playing a single game together I think I wrote a lot of things wrong when I was a lot of the guys in the league but
00:26:52certainly in Boston yeah Kevin Garnett was not having fun anyway V. D. interesting part would have been that look Kobe broke down a couple years after that right again was twenty thirteen fourteen season where he suffered the Achilles injury %HESITATION so look look runs decisions both of them
00:27:12were justified largest was because he was listen to many of you just sound like he was a member with the Lakers from day one again spoke glowingly about magic in history to team an organization it just makes you say to myself why wonder why wouldn't come here we
00:27:26have an opportunity at that point in time to maybe come but well you've answered yes to any yeah and that's what I was looking he wasn't really interested and they they don't have the cap space in theory to make it easy at least not with a trade some
00:27:38key pieces right but then you get a far right right and the cabs would have had to agree to that which the way Dan Gilbert reacted probably wasn't going to happen he's a he's a Laker now and you know as I said he has a news conference today
00:27:52and a is for school right which in Akron in Akron yes and this is just one of the multitude of reasons why I just love this guy I love this guy for the city because yeah he's got a great player and you know he may be able to
00:28:07deliver a championship to the Lakers but to the city he's going to join the long list of great celebrities and athletes in this area who are driven by philanthropic efforts and lebron fraud intensive purposes has been as much involved with America pre as anything since you got to
00:28:29leave soon so I'm I'm excited yeah though really it Trayvon Martin it was kind of the seminal moment I think for him being really comfortable in his skin %HESITATION I think that that was kind of the first time he was we were talking about it on the jump
00:28:42on Friday and that was kind of the moment where he really became more socially conscious I would say at that point I was it was socially conscious before I would say that's when the media noticed more because he was out doing campaigning for the American affordable Care Act
00:28:59before that what president Obama so he was already like engaged in a very high level it's just that different characters in right lebron James talking about him being in there was a risk he's external up with the brine %HESITATION so he's happy to be here says he's ready
00:29:17to bring the Lakers back yet to prominence yes I am ready for him to do that and %HESITATION the question is wind how long winter yet when is the honeymoon over like any you get the year writing twenty you get this year twenty is always right if we
00:29:33don't get to where we need to have to buy twenty twenty yen and it didn't work out we work out we got to get to a certain point in twenty twenty because we're going to you know they'll be two hundred free agents lecture fourteen all stars not fourteen
00:29:49also the like you know hundreds of gods and Julia in if we can get input that team together next year twenty nineteen what lebron in twenty twenty we probably going to be in the mix which would be a mix of twenty twenty twenty twenty one we win great
00:30:06but if we don't get in the mix of twenty twenty that people look at me like a moment because now has thirty seven years old right the mix is is is kicking down the door to the final I think I think that's the mix well look I don't
00:30:17think being in the Western Conference finals will be great and twenty twenty yeah but you got to take the next step in twenty twenty now you know how I feel about Kevin Durant I don't think he's going to be angled stay very long I I don't think he's
00:30:28gonna be there much longer and I think they just want a new house I think the more and more the more and more he shows his sensitivity to the stuff that he gets for joining Golden State I think the more and more he realizes if I went three
00:30:43championships I've done enough I'm out is so I can do my own thing because let me ask you this question key before you get to why you think so something's funny and I was the I IM Jersey your thoughts on this because I I know how I feel
00:30:55about this and again I hate getting in someone else's mind but if you had to guess do you think Kevin Durant is at peace with his decision to go to Golden State I don't think Kevin to read a set piece let's see I do I don't I'm not
00:31:08only does it I don't think he's at peace now I understand he just about Golden State but just in general correct arm and if he is a piece he has a very interesting way of ensuring that arm what everybody's personalities are different doesn't mind but when you look
00:31:26at the strain of ways in which we interact with fans indirectly the players direct messaging teenagers on social media doesn't to defend herself doesn't put down here is that he has piece but but just because these are wrecked messaging teenagers all social media that's maybe what brings in
00:31:43the piece that may be something he relishes he likes to do he likes to tongue in cheek and talk smack back I mean he certainly said the other day runner telephone number that multiple apparently we see what does it mean but that doesn't mean it is not a
00:31:59peace it just means that he wants to but the people that's all back because that peace does not replaceable neither my peaceful you have a fake burner cal I don't have an account yet but I mean you do but you don't need to do but I don't you
00:32:16know I was trying to go get a tweet every ten years like I was cool and I come for you Hey come over like dictated by you I was cool with that's it the shoes with all the words and stuff like I was cool with all of that
00:32:32but when I finally had the burner count yeah that change things not a word yeah yeah it is a lot of work to talk smack about doing an open he would only have to which we don't have to switch back and forth do let stuff are totally with
00:32:49which all my account normally I wouldn't have a Burger King yeah but he probably felt that that was the best way to handle the situation at the time I just saw him the other day talk about how everybody claims that he's so sensitive about this and that are
00:33:03you said the second time today sick and tired when you're putting that out there yeah Mister are you go tell me I'm set to deal with because you got a burner count yeah that's pretty much to me and I'm glad you brought this thing on the net and
00:33:15I talked about our time on on on sports is not as charming it is of which is basically this there's nothing wrong with being sensitive right no users to them again no no there's nothing wrong with being sense of my only issue is how you express a sensitive
00:33:32correct so talk to your girlfriend whom ever talk to your mom talk to your boys talk to a therapist don't get a burner account going to think you're saying I'm not since it is I'm not sensitive but to the but to the larger point because I think Kevin
00:33:48Durant will leave the warriors I do think key that the Lakers will be in that mix ready like among all it's because he's leaving the war under the but I'm just saying if you leave the warriors you bought a house you we yes what he's leaving the warriors
00:34:03he's even worried because he needs to define his own legacy right you couple it with lebron James just do not know what I'm not bringing him to the Lakers I'm saying just getting him out of the Western Conference potentially I think could help wanted DC no I never
00:34:16is never going to want to go to these everybody but there could be a million spots you can go to in the Eastern Conference if he wants to %HESITATION woman and mailing it obviously but the point is you can go other places and be out potentially even out
00:34:28of the Western Conference and that can clear the path for the Lakers potentially right right least help even up the field if someone or two people join the brine next year and then here you go you got a real battle on your hands like young writer hugs leap
00:34:44forward up you'll see right tightened in the Golden State from everything I'm here I don't think he's looking to leave but maybe change his mind I'm willing to say that I believe he's leaving soon within the next couple of years I think next two years he's out arm
00:34:57I coming up next what's the latest on endemic could not endemic in suing W. two things about Donald out what's the latest on Aaron Donald Steve YH NFL insider from the NFL network will stop by to discuss it next much nice usually from the calendar year actually on
00:35:13the show it's nice why do not have the blackout LA side did that on purpose I notice what you hate black people there why do you you turned it up a grimace you know I'm not so what's going on with Aaron Donald what's the latest why they're losing
00:35:35the sign we've been trying to ask these questions for me we ashan McVeigh we've asked less need as he's asking what's the problems of Steve why should the NFL network join us now makes you check out in a film that works inside training camp live which airs every
00:35:50day through August eighth starting at seven AM Pacific I Steve you know what we've asked everybody in the even the people involved but what do you know about Aaron Donald and why he has yet to sign this contract or why he's not in camp yeah I I don't
00:36:05I don't know that much more than %HESITATION probably most of you have talked to people regarding this you know people who would know and you just can't no one's gonna say Hey it's this type of guarantee or this type of structure I just haven't been able you know
00:36:21to to get that information all I keep hearing is it's a difficult deal but one that can be done I mean the rams at once or they don't have caps the stairs way to create ways to create cap space we're not gonna go through all those %HESITATION mathematical
00:36:35theorems right now but that's really not the issue %HESITATION I it is must be you know when it comes down to it how much money he's asking for and how much the team is willing to give with the team knowing it has the ultimate %HESITATION trigger of next
00:36:51year franchising them or actually making him a restricted free agent because if he holds out of for about another ten days or so he loses another crude season of a liberal actually held out so long he lost in a crew chief which means even though he's played for
00:37:10it only counts for three which means you could be a restricted free agent if he doesn't report and then that number is sizeable a sizeable smaller then if you get the franchise tag next year so this is the which became a stared out that so how soon they
00:37:28need to get taken care of well you know as well as I know Sam that makes sense the that is what I though right I always worry about it I stayed too and it's the you'll know as well as I know if the rams try to back this
00:37:44into a corner to use this as a restricted free agent standpoint is going to affect the locker room in the way things are approach with the rest of the guys in the marketplace when time comes are going to say Hey I want to go to the ramp because
00:37:57they did air and dirty that is so am I right no no you're you're one hundred percent right and I think he is not just the guys outside of the locker room with the guys inside a locker I mean they have seen branded cook and Todd Gurley and
00:38:15all of these guys get paid but if you're Marcus Peters who's up after next season there's no watch them not take care bear and Donald and you go out and have a great year you're going to be like well I wonder if they're gonna do me like that
00:38:28so that I mean forget what goes out on outside a lot of it is inside a lock on this team that's got very high expectations and if you've got any semblance of that hanging over the players in that group that I could dismantle everything we've seen it happen
00:38:45before so I guess that's why is this light now I don't think anybody is is necessarily panicking but if it continues for another week or so another ten days event and that's gonna be the case it's the same thing going on with the raiders a Khalil Mack I've
00:38:59been up there and %HESITATION that's the same type of scenario Steve was the worst case scenario we looking at a possible he sits out the entire season are the ram to be forced to trade him because religion so it's been so far what they would be looking at
00:39:13in terms of like the absolute worst you can get for us how do you like integrated that that's not gonna happen %HESITATION it's become good because why because they're not gonna traded to another opponent knowing that they've you know they've got is right because he's such a good
00:39:32player %HESITATION it's just they're not gonna they're not going to part with that type of player I mean what they can get back it's gonna replace your dial I mean which is why many get to Toronto and we had the exact same argument he's such a good player
00:39:46you can get a value for the once relationship sours this hours right yeah book why one is going to be a free agent next year the rams have rights to keep your they got franchise tag they've got all those things to hold on to Eric don she would
00:39:57usually years so some of those are read those are reasons why they're not gonna trade %HESITATION you know the worst case scenario if you want to get back to his feet he sets out the year and then the Ramseys tanks and they want you to wonder Hey you
00:40:11guys can handle this one way or another and look what happened Steve why should the NFL network with this year on catia Georgian LZ again and about networks inside training camp live airs every weekday or everyday excuse me through August eighth beginning at seven AM Pacific source Steve
00:40:27let me ask you this because when I answer the first question why is not signed you talked about the dollar amount right so allegedly you want to get paid in the quarterback stratosphere they want to make him the highest paid defensive player they need to find a way
00:40:41to bridge that gap my understanding is that the rams are comfortable with getting to the quarterback number because it could cost them other key components down the road on disease is does that sound plausible to you well here's what you have to look at they can give him
00:40:59quarterback warning and then that's when you you have to come up with a certain structure because guess what happened in two years jerk off comes up he's gonna be making quarterback money and we see the market now were quarterbacks you getting twenty seven twenty eight million dollars a
00:41:13year it's going to be the thirty million plus by the time your golf gets there so even though the salary cap is expected to go up every year you can't have too many players that's why using teams alike the Seahawks like other teams really stacked their rosters get
00:41:30you contract when the quarterbacks on rookie deals because most quarterbacks get paid then you've gotta start lopping off some other players so in a market market peers is going to be the cool corners of the secular their high speed players behind quarterback so they've got to get Aaron
00:41:47Donald done in some way shape or form and structure it looking down the line knowing which players are going to be gone like a cue to leave or enter what worked in here too to clear cap space there's all kind of what you have to project it's not
00:42:01a matter of if you pay your Donald quarterback money now you are could be able to afford things later it just all depends on very creative cat management and these teams all project in the future years so they really don't get jammed up in those type situations Steve
00:42:15Weiss joined us from NFL network from their clout because I got the name right says it's the the little things and when you look at the around the NFL the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones talking about Dez Bryant along with Sharon Lee about where disease in
00:42:34his career about what he what he was on the team how he was in dak Prescott you're like most wide receivers aren't quarterback years as well as running backs and tight ends and all those sort of things but Dez Bryant clapping back at John Lee is showing the
00:42:50frustration of how he was treated leaving Dallas will this affect his next opportunity whether it's in Cleveland or visiting Baltimore game or whatever the case may be you know it's interesting I don't know if he isn't that that part necessarily will %HESITATION I think team just want to
00:43:07know if he's ready to play if if he's really hungry to play your by him tweeting thing he's three years are the hungry to get back and groups of people walk to some people can look at it that way %HESITATION I don't think this is necessarily there's going
00:43:22to be peace look doesn't assign already so the teams are interested in him are going to be interested in him the teams are art so I don't know this necessarily if a team is on the fence is going to say you know what the fact that he came
00:43:34came off on Kerry or strongly or somewhat like that let's not go there we don't eat at a lock and I don't think that's going to security and teams off I think he's just gonna judge there's all kind of what they know of in what they can find
00:43:47out about him I don't think there's necessarily is going to be a trip wire for them to say %HESITATION you know what let's let's not bother with that what do you make of the controversy happening with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their QB Jameis Winston armed yes in
00:44:01terms are you got you know James not he suspended for three games but the bigger question is has he shown you enough to make you want to give him a Max deal if you're the Buccaneers there's there's no way you can say there's no way you can say
00:44:18yes I mean he's a talented player he's done to think that he's I mean has he come in and you know what are people saying well he's the next guy like to talk about Carson Wentz I you don't you don't hear it %HESITATION he again he's talented but
00:44:32the the town hasn't translated into wins are he's a high turnover player the potential for him to be great is there but the stink of happen off the field %HESITATION I'm sure we're going to give the Buccaneers pause right now let's keep in mind if they don't win
00:44:46this year the guys making those decisions are gonna be out of the building so right now there's no way they're going to make a move and that's gonna put it let's say you can make the change coach and GM after the season that'll put the that group of
00:44:59people an incredibly precarious position because then they're going to be okay is there anybody out there that's better than James bug and they've got all the all the mechanism franchise tax things like that to keep him around %HESITATION until they want to decide whether or not they want
00:45:16to give him a long term deal but at this point I can't see that happening whatsoever Stevie talked up real quick only got up never mind I just ask the question go ahead which is going to result in a war I was going to ask you about Gruden
00:45:30Khalil Mack situation up in Oakland god what are your thoughts on that well first of John Rooney say that's not my that's not my business to take care of that that's up to the personnel department they have passed the bar you know I I was up there there
00:45:44like they they've got to get that done but people are spoken to say this is this one is is gonna get tricky I mean in terms of it might not get done it might not get done he may have to play on his on his fifth year option
00:45:57this year than the figure something out and that is going to cause a rift little mac sat there watched your car get paid last year gave Jackson get a big contract and at the time that yes we're gonna get Khalil done really Khalil done as it got done
00:46:11he wants the money but they have you know that he's been watching all these other guys to hear them say they're going to get it done and the fact now that they're there at that moment of truth and and from what I'm hearing it is I mean they're
00:46:23not even talking this is this might be even more intriguing to pay attention to them what's going on out there now if you had to guess and you only have two options success or disaster ten seconds how how's the grid an error note in Oakland or Las Vegas
00:46:39going to go short term I think you could be a rock star long term %HESITATION I I think they eventually get it together because our turned over the roster that's why ten seconds short term could be tough long term think they could be improved put it on the
00:46:54school Steve why should the NFL network says Gruden situation will be disasters to begin we are in a beach a brother thank you both take care that's ever brought you by mercury insurance let's face it it's hot cool down with big auto insurance savings from regular insurance get
00:47:10a fast record today and make your insurance dot com out coming up next men that is right she just call it a career the reasons why that might be the prudent decision we'll get to that just suck

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