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00:00:09how long it's good to go
00:00:13Mommy is fine
00:00:17that wasn't the song I thought it was but it still seems to work
00:00:23I guess if I knew it
00:00:27well I'm glad what kind of song are you expecting I was expecting another watch Plex early even everyday for a year before we went live so technically he was here before us I mean technically yes but not right so either you're just like super loyal or weird like always just a little late from six I mean I don't think we've been on time ever accept like maybe the first maybe 2-3 weeks
00:01:08baby were on time void how did just cuz I mean we we need to figure this out regardless but how we doing it next week when it's Christmas all over shoot this Christmas this Christmas Eve this Thursday
00:01:27maybe like I don't know if you're doing anything Saturday I don't know yet I'll know tomorrow what you're doing next week
00:01:38hold on cuz my schedule
00:01:48yeah I guess so
00:01:51should be interesting be I still need to get festive hopefully I'll hopefully
00:02:03elevator we should make something while we're doing the podcast like something festive like maybe Frost cookies and eat them
00:02:19wait what I just make PCS
00:02:23instead of making PCS you make cookies where we just smoke weed for 2 hours
00:02:43I mean no no no okay unless we're like Colorado or Washington like they don't know where we are it's not hard to find
00:03:03I mean it's a really yeah we don't know you're two hours ahead of us are we to know that's impossible where in Texas and the east coast is one hour ahead of us how are you two hours ahead of us
00:03:23that it's it currently 6:30 yes it is
00:03:34all right I don't know if it's standard per se but like it very swamp people use it a lot of people don't know but you're one of the only people I know that do what's where do you really give me your address
00:03:57I got you said that OK Google what time is it in Toronto
00:04:057:31 p.m.
00:04:07I think you I don't think out to Pikesville back
00:04:12ohnoava Scotia
00:04:14and yeah I mean ok Google
00:04:17what time is it in Nova Scotia
00:04:24she just asked for, it's fucking 831
00:04:28what the password on the computer and said something I would have heard it I mean it's near
00:04:38Delphox EX that is that's like super East Coast I guess
00:04:48where is my hairbrush
00:04:52you mean error CPU
00:04:56play not using anymore but my CPU
00:05:02in your bathroom so I can come up here to mirror
00:05:07it's a strategy
00:05:10a very legitimate strategy thank you
00:05:17do you want to just jump right into the shopping list
00:05:26even playing a lot of elite dangerous and I've recently actually been getting into it I guess we can only start with Star Citizen Mike McCarthy lead into stopping to start with the Star Citizen toklat In Crowd
00:05:47that's ridiculous that is the most expensive game ever crowdfunded ever the most expensive thing crowdfunded ever yeah they just released Alpha 2.0 and one of the things that is coming up in the game is going to be planetary Landings a lot of people are kind of like wait a second that's an interesting thing for them to go ahead and push now
00:06:17because Lee dangerous just release their 2.0 with planetary Landings which is
00:06:23women delete instruments
00:06:31but I put the banner and it's really a lot of fun I love it that's RP you get to see the inside of your ship to go bases you could collect things could shoot things. Awesome I love it it's even though it's not like atmosphere planets and Star Citizen like they showed off their seamless transition into an atmosphere field Planet which was pretty cool
00:07:02but I do think want one side of a hotas I might start looking at that Star Citizen just to kind of get a double but from what I understand a lot of people like if you play Elite dangerous can you play Star Citizen you hate elite dangerous
00:07:20I understand brand loyalty and I gain loyalty and everything like all Battlefield Battlefield players take Cod Players Cup players they both feel better but why yeah but just love the genre like the space like we love the face jonra reasons to hate but the reason I don't want to play Star Citizen is because I feel like an ordered yeah I mean to get like something good it's right off the bat for the game to pay for a $15,000 shift like I've been granted there are less are costing ships but you also have to pay for insurance which is I mean
00:08:13and I don't even know if these chips are purchasable and game with in-game currency cost to buy into the alpha and then how much you would legitimately have to spend to have an enjoyable experience for 2.0
00:08:38cuz like if it's cuz of that all that's been in Star Citizen until now I just been walking around a hanger and having a little flight simulation they said they did say that they going to release the single-player soon ish ships and a new planet to explore
00:09:04secret explored planet
00:09:10should be
00:09:11but you get to land on the planet I believe so and you you can actually get out of your shifts and walk around
00:09:19I mean it it looks nice is it just one planet
00:09:24for now I think so as far as like the alpha apparently there is 8, Ray missions involving dog fighting and Evie A8 research missions involving protecting civilians and recovering lost data with one exploration mission of an abandoned station 20 + Random Encounters then there's the first person shooter which is recharging energy weapons in game pickups Blair healing blah blah and their space flight center space flight Planet 3 moons three distinct stations one cryo Astro repair and restock station and 9 comes erase Toms River is that's how it says it on the Thing released
00:10:11Tom's race from
00:10:14I mean yeah I mean if I had like you know if I was going to abandon the project they definitely be Star Citizen move to try and change my name
00:10:24it's not hard to do it's really not I mean especially if you have a hundred million dollars
00:10:28so let's see
00:10:32the planet is made of gas I'm going to die
00:10:40what to get into the game Thursday the starter pack which is $30 basic starter pack
00:10:54let's take a look at chips
00:10:58give a link
00:11:01yes I'll send you a link real quick actually I'll put it in chat so that way everybody can do it but I'm going to wait 5 second ago it doesn't come out of thing from what I said is going to put it in chat
00:11:15I don't think it's necessary
00:11:22OK Google turn the news just sitting quietly for a moment
00:11:26but the first one that I see you can buy
00:11:34Etsy a great timing
00:11:37or he said I have great timing
00:11:46there's the sabre which is 170 US dollars
00:11:50wait wait wait wait where you see me
00:11:53no price range you go over to the shipping and hover over it it'll show you the price
00:12:00it's not showing me the price
00:12:04I don't think I've been this right all shapes
00:12:08I'm sitting in Denver
00:12:12I want to see the ships only $20
00:12:16game packages
00:12:18Star Citizen starter
00:12:21Star Citizen starter
00:12:24$30 adore mcac starter $45 Mustang $45 Squadron $45 Mustang gamma $70
00:12:37325 a $80
00:12:39Battle Pack digital $1,100
00:12:44we packed Indo 2700 dollars War pack digital $5,000 Wing Commander digital $10,000 the completionist
00:12:58teen thousand dollars
00:13:04Mustang beta $55
00:13:07Aurora CO $60 Gladius $105
00:13:13Cutlass red hundred $35
00:13:22Cutlass 115
00:13:25Aurora R5 300 l65 315 p75 Avenger
00:13:32it's going on
00:13:36it seems like all these Mega ships like hundreds of dollars
00:13:43how do they expect people to like cuz it seems like you know you have these really small chips and they're really small prices of these really big ships with really big prices like how are you going to just can't expect people to buy like a bunch of little ships like you can't expect someone to pay $75 for a ship and then just buy that one shit
00:14:04but it's completely unreasonable I think a lot of it has to do with like they're giant ships that you can buy that are over like $400 obviously that can hold like 700 people I mean I think the idea is that it's Man by crew Mooring in the ideas of like an animal and in existence people
00:14:29and then you can have all your people actually on your ship and you can be like a cruise vessel you can make money that way
00:14:38it's like hey you need to pay $30 to get on the show I mean I would assume you probably do it with in-game currency I don't know if you could legitimately charge somebody
00:14:51what is going to pay for my $15,000 yet back
00:14:55I don't know me
00:15:00where to find out
00:15:06it's absolutely ridiculously I don't I don't understand like everything but like the best ship dies so you know there's no
00:15:19so what are you back unless you have insurance 15K is a little steep like $200 is a bit
00:15:33like 30 bucks is a good intro to the game show that $30 one actually just what data upgrade is $45
00:15:55how does a digital item go out of stock but doesn't make any sense to me
00:16:05oh my gosh
00:16:07and if you buy that $45 entrance to the game starter pack cell phone hanger starting money of 1008 UEC digital Star Citizen manual Squadron 42 digital download Star Citizen digital download and 3 months of insurance
00:16:28three months of insurance
00:16:32also how much is insurance cost I wonder I wonder if that's an in-game thing
00:16:37might be
00:16:51Insurance what is Insurance about to start citizens can purchase insurance policies for the ships modifications of cargo this ensures that you shipped will be replaced and North modifications and cargo will be subsidized should you be destroyed in flight or an accident as in real life insurance policies must be maintained you must pay regular fee in Galactic credit credits tie the in-game currency or policy will lapse and you'll receive a payout or a ship replacement when his ship is destroyed
00:17:25what happens if I don't have insurance your character will have to buy a new ship with any credits he has if he does not have enough credits fly the mission for a third-party both and PC
00:17:35and player toys aren't enough to buy some ship again
00:17:39so seems like you can purchase some ships with in-game currency
00:17:53this is a pay-to-win game
00:18:00maybe we can just write it off as a business expense for taxes. Mister mister of government man we need to pay $15,000 for this game so we can review it and post it on our channel is Netflix so fast
00:18:20so enough about depressing pay the ones that I do what I want
00:18:25cuz I don't know if there's anything
00:18:28did you see the video of them flying down to a planet you can go ahead and that's the last or second-to-last Lincoln the documents if you want to go we can watch together forever
00:18:46always always and forever
00:18:50video automatically started
00:19:10from people to planets
00:19:14that smirk
00:21:03I said videos thinking but you know that was all done that was all done in engine as well so
00:21:12yeah it is I think it's
00:21:16kind of has their own way of doing seamless stuff like when you're going down to a planet you kind of go from your regular into orbital Cruise which is see no it's seamless and then you go from orbital to surface speed took lighting which is like going in and out of supercruise
00:21:37it has that same effect like that just like the white stuff around it's not white but not blue
00:21:49yes that's open late dentist they have that for their
00:21:59seamless transition transition transfer
00:22:03what's your problem it's mine I like it I love it I want some more of it
00:22:12it'll be interesting to see you see where
00:22:16Star Citizen goes if it ever you know actually produced yeah right and it'll be interesting to see just how far Elite dangerous is going to go cuz apparently New Horizons is a multi-part like expansion update and if we getting another one like it next year so horizons is going to include the pine tar Landing which we see and this also include multi-crew it's going to include more ships it's going to include
00:22:44something else
00:22:48more state so you can customize your commander
00:22:55and which I think is going to lead up to getting out of your ship I think that might be the last update of Horizons I don't know
00:23:05season's almost like season passes were you just buy one big expansion and then you get like a multitude of updates yeah I understand why they're doing it but
00:23:16I understand that Elite dangerous didn't need it from the get-go but it does feel kind of like you were shorted to spend $45 on a game one month and then like less than 2 months later an update comes out for the game that requires really double your money I mean you can say that same thing for like wow subscriptions but I don't pay for my subscriptions but if you pay it but if you paid for a while and then you get cataclysm like the next month since I got will have to Fork out more money
00:23:47daddy's bad timing
00:23:51see I don't know if you get you get Elite dangerous with Horizons or do you need to own Elite dangerous first I think you can actually just by Horizons and you get it by itself and you get Elite dangerous essentially with it so you just basically
00:24:15cuz like there was no nobody really had an idea as to when it would be coming out on Steam and that's how I bought the game and then it just came out on Steam
00:24:27so I mean had I known I would have waited and just bought Horizons but kind of like that yeah just a little bit
00:24:38oh well which is
00:24:50December 22nd for leaking that yet again yes that's the last year the Autumn cell and they did it again for the winter so I have flash sales again cuz I think they're going to keep that out so it's just going to be like one big sale throughout the entire thing like you did was see you what was I hoping so
00:25:27so I mean we'll see
00:25:30yeah I like it seems like there's like less of a discount when they do that with a big sale throughout the whole thing then it's a high flash has I hate it
00:25:47we will see I mean we've got like 5 days to wait then we'll know it's going to be a lot of
00:25:55I mean is it going to
00:26:01is it going to what update with new sounds like every 8 hours or something
00:26:08that would be the flash sales
00:26:11but you're not going to like so if you're going to be one big sale throughout the whole thing
00:26:17so they're not going to it's like not going to be everyone's scramble to get these games from the day it starts and the sale price that starts will be the exact same all the way through until the end of the cell so I think the big idea is likes a cell starts on Tuesday and you don't have money until next Thursday the cell will still be going and you can buy it then but then I like what I'm saying is like so they have like the first wave of sales and then have like an x-ray of a sales like they do the daily thing like every 40 hours new cells like they're going to do that but everything that I already went on sale stays on so you think you might like it so by this
00:27:10but it's not daily deals
00:27:14because if the price doesn't change for this The Daily building so we have Borderlands 2 in Tomb Raider first day of the sale they go on sale 50% off right so usually those would only be on sale for 48 hours and then then go off. Right right okay so with this new model maybe it's going to be those two are on sale and then the next day the deal rolls around you get BioShock and Splinter Cell those are on sale and then the next day rolls around usually at that point Bioshock Borderlands the Tomb Raider we go off so they stay on cell
00:27:52So Gone
00:27:55So essentially like they just update the cell as it's going on yes with no games yes exactly what they plan to do if they fun to do anything differently
00:28:13yes we will see Friday's downtown hashtag and I'm ready for a miracle
00:28:22I wish we had music cute up to a soundboard for that
00:28:27I still need to make a soundboard
00:28:38I mean you're not wrong but what we put on it and call you ready for a miracle
00:28:50Morgan Freeman I can smell you
00:28:55which deductive sneaking around
00:29:09will find out
00:29:12don't think so
00:29:14I think it has like you for 10 seconds or more
00:29:27yeah that is fine cuz I mean the video that the podcast who put up with the intro song was I ready for a miracle that didn't get copper register so it's fine but I still have a little snippet for 5 minutes for this is like I can just skip this right
00:29:59PlayStation VR
00:30:03what about is that that's like the Morpheus thing right
00:30:09it's like the the competitor for consoles to be like at HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift and osvr and everything like that I don't know how consoles are able to handle the are but I actually that's that's the really interesting part about this the PlayStation VR will actually require a processing Box about the size of a we say yes because your PlayStation 4 will not be able to handle the hardware requirements by them self
00:30:46Daddy G
00:30:49the size of a Wii U going to be strapped to that thing entertainment centers
00:31:04even with the 7th core you still need the week or pretty quickly
00:31:12stupid but yeah it is it is the 7th chord for Developers
00:31:18what does conducted nothing
00:31:21stupid it is stupid so stupid laughably stupid not as bad as double plug in your monitor into your motherboard to give him more power but still I expect that from somebody doesn't know what they're doing I don't expect that from a company but then again there console company they know nothing you know costs no we don't actually have any prices for any of this I mean it's probably going to be more expensive than the Oculus more than likely cuz now it has to come with a dedicated processor and not to mention it's already
00:32:03I mean it's better than
00:32:07Oculus right now cuz I guess it has like hundred 20 Hertz refresh rate and it has 1080p if her
00:32:22remember my b960
00:32:30but I yeah they don't have a price for it it's no longer called Morpheus and it's just PlayStation VR stupid
00:32:37the alarm code is Morpheus we don't know what we're going to call it yet, PlayStation VR
00:32:48but it should be coming out in the first half of 2016 so between January and June
00:32:57January 1st half supposed to come on like March I believe so and I think the HTC Vive supposed to come out on the deck so I mean it should be interesting I definitely plan on getting up Oculus Rift I have to upgrade my hard work is my current configuration will not be able to handle it you don't know I'm rocking a 770 and I5 so 770 is not able to handle it like they were saying your minimum requirements I believe it's in 972 run Oculus Rift
00:33:36the Oculus Rift set 1080p up
00:33:42I don't let me know I don't think they don't think the development gets at 7:10 ET but
00:33:47I think they said that the next of dk3 would be
00:33:58no apparently the DJ to sports 1080p
00:34:09I mean you got a minute Project Morpheus does look pretty cool
00:34:15the DK2 is 2160 X 1200 which is 1080 X 1200 or I with a 90 Hertz refresh rate
00:34:27I mean it's not as good as on your 20 but that's better than 60 yes that is
00:34:35120 that we might see that in the actual commercial release
00:34:41spice 6 Titan C I will get right on that
00:34:47companies business expense
00:34:49just Callin video will call our our our buddies over in videos
00:34:58when I get back we might we might overclocking
00:35:09face cooling yes face cooling Facebook face or phase phase
00:35:26what phase face Cooling
00:35:31oh okay okay
00:35:34yeah I'm I'm like super cool buddies with everybody and Nvidia and the CEO of Razer
00:35:43the way back from college
00:35:56FaZe Clan
00:35:59I was going to try cuz there's this this is VR video that I saw where is it who's that Facebook will say
00:36:14who take men like everyone's at Star Wars right now it's ridiculous
00:36:20bunch of selfies
00:36:32everything's going to be really really disappointing
00:36:37how do I send this to you where you at you are here
00:36:43I am yes I am
00:36:47yeah I'm like I don't go to YouTube comments anyway so that's going to start automatically so make sure it's like negative 41 at the end there sometime soon
00:36:56I think I saw this earlier
00:36:59or we can watch it again for the yes
00:37:03Passaic of Valley Stream
00:37:10ready ready 3 2 1 go
00:37:23I don't know man it's coming
00:37:29I think I've ever seen anybody screaming a ball
00:37:52phone number
00:37:59so down
00:38:09yeah I know but it's
00:38:25does seeing somebody give me that out of context would be a great experience on the Wii first came out and I got it like the original that go TV and you'll like the thought of like that out of context like what are you doing
00:38:55could like the bowling of the tennis you just like swinging stuff like Windows
00:39:11Australia Sports tennis
00:39:25actually you did tell me about that I'm kind of curious sister to see where the Nintendo NX is going to go I mean speaking of a Nintendo NX do you hear about what Nintendo patent
00:39:40new controller design the Titan you can scroll down a little bit just just I guess about 1/4 of the page now
00:40:00the idea for this controller unlike previous generations of controllers will essentially replace the entire front section try you on my handy-dandy Xbox controller all of this and then you have your two handles and the idea is that everything can morph and rearrange based upon contact with the dentist
00:40:39that's funny
00:40:41did you have a load I had a link in a box
00:40:48dildos not spelled with a 1 by the way I think he did that just saw it when censoring hey it's just
00:41:07no it's not okay I learned something new today
00:41:12I'll come up in the chat
00:41:22that's that's stupid they better not come out with that like if they patent it that's fine but if they come out with that that's going to be a disaster cuz touchscreen controls are absolutely terrible they are so it'll be it'll be interesting to see how they paying for minutes
00:41:39cuz I know there's there's like a system in place for like certain touch screen panels that use essentially like an electro magnetic screen system that essentially can raise parts of the screen to give you more of like a button or like a tactile actuation I mean if you can Implement that on my controller and then essentially Note 4 has it has that cuz when I went to go pick out my phone like I went up to the 4 and I was going to touch it and then it has this feature where it likes on the home screen that like fuzz is out like like you're about to push on the screen on the home screen and so I went up to touch it before I touched it it sounded like reacting to my finger I was like what is this witchery like what is this witchcraft I was like what I'm not even touching the phone and knows I'm there
00:42:35yeah kind of like that except like the screen would actually be able to rise and so like you would have really get like a squishy button button controller I think so
00:42:51now if you could Implement a technology with a full touch-screen morphable panda style keeper controller with certain games that you need more buttons you actually have everything you need and you have everything that you could program based upon your knee like playing csgo you need literally bikes for keys on the keyboard and a controller or Mouse and you're set then you play something like Elite dangerous and you need to memorize literally every key on your keyboard and yes I said Lisa askey work at least half but you know
00:43:32so I mean when you simple stuff Noel for landing gear you for deploy
00:43:41what do I have to go down
00:43:44QEW sat
00:43:51J for jump
00:43:53I don't think it's actually a glass touch screen I think it's like it's like this like most thing
00:44:03what you mean
00:44:15the first shot of the first time you should make slime
00:44:25yeah guteka not like either properly interesting stuff as far as consoles are Nintendo gaming is known for their
00:44:42out there designs for controllers like if you look at all their controller so just completely different
00:44:49then everything else
00:44:52I think the most similar controller to an actual controller would probably be the GameCube controller but even that one was different because of the button layout like a was Big B was small he had your ex in your why
00:45:17liquid glue
00:45:21but I guess Joe it's like in jail I don't know I could see more of a liquid gel
00:45:30while we're on the subject of Nintendo you can now play Mario Kart 8 on PC apparently there's already a Wii U emulator better graphics anti-aliasing
00:45:50yeah it does but I mean what other games would you want to play on a Wii U
00:45:55like I'm not I'm not a big Mario Kart fan like I wouldn't download this emulator just play Mario Kart
00:46:04I mean apparently looking for new Metro game comes out all play then I love my man to Hyrule Warriors
00:46:17I could be a lot of fun to work with an Xbox controller
00:46:22are the same way it does with a GameCube controller controller
00:46:34Blissey emulator out
00:46:44play Bayonetta 2
00:46:50to do Wii U games Splatoon boys want to play that I guess with multiplayer
00:47:03I don't want to find out maybe we can do a review
00:47:07of of an emulator that's a good idea
00:47:10Xenoblade Chronicles I think that's a PC game anyways
00:47:21Skylanders on Skylanders
00:47:30except it's a big money hug but you know what do I know
00:47:35okay so apparently so just Just Dance 2016
00:47:50Need For Speed Most Wanted U Need For Speed Most Wanted U so isn't really the Wii U Got It Before PC to yeah I guess that's exactly what that saying
00:48:10but it's going to be better on PC apparently begins broken so I don't know
00:48:20we are but it's because of the DRM
00:48:23so is it always on deer Emerson
00:48:27I feel like we should start a swear jar and come up with swear words like DRM and every time of developer says that they have to put money in a jar for develop a swear jar for developers that's great anytime they say band
00:48:47microtransactions postpone swear jar a big one
00:49:04anytime they refer to PC Gamers as pirates
00:49:09looking directly at Ubisoft
00:49:15it looks decent looks really good actually
00:49:19it's not like Forza Horizon at all well I mean besides open-world aspect but it's more like an underground like Need for Speed underground
00:49:28it looks really good really really good it looks
00:49:34really good really really good
00:49:38yeah but then again it's a card game so you know they always look good really really good
00:49:49watch dogs currently the only supported controllers the DRC gamepad
00:49:57I mean what that is Arc
00:50:01$0.03 controller
00:50:06$20 in certain websites doesn't look that bad a longer Xbox One controller Xbox 360 like the longer handles
00:50:25sweet white
00:50:27it runs essentially the same drivers as an Xbox 360 controller so it should work
00:50:38it's cool
00:50:42we all made her special
00:50:50oh my gosh of
00:51:01could you miss Studios anymore
00:51:04isn't that what Konami Code
00:51:09can I mix videos anymore and start his own Studio
00:51:14he's going to have any text you took a lot of people from Konami with him I think
00:51:27Metal Gear Solid 5
00:51:30is it for is it everyone from that
00:51:33I think it's mostly people from that deck team that went with him
00:51:37yeah I don't think Kona me realize just how big of a mistake they made ya like even Square Enix was like what kohnami did Tuco GMOs bad business and i-19 obviously today is going to be fine he's already got a big contract with PlayStation yeah. I don't think anyone would think that he wasn't be fine. He's behind one of the best-known
00:52:05stop action polarity games under the interwebs eventually eventually I mean what does Konami make now
00:52:25what's your stock worth is I'm sure it probably dropped after
00:52:33how to make Castlevania they make PES Pro Evolution Soccer
00:52:37leather Metal Gear series
00:52:40that's about it Silent Hill
00:52:45yeah that's that's it that's all they have
00:52:49that is all they have
00:52:52Tekken wow isn't technical Norman game is that a Capcom game
00:53:00as it stands
00:53:04there their stock is currently
00:53:08just over 3000
00:53:12but look at look at how far if I can go out
00:53:16go to 5 years if you're looking at the stock on a
00:53:25increase little bit
00:53:29the lowest point was 3 years ago
00:53:36before they die slowly let me know if they've been kind of all over the market but right now they're almost at their highest point I've ever been this true they are at their highest ever been
00:53:48I know what when they first came out there at 20810
00:53:56was their highest point Sheezus imagine being invested like if you would have bought stock like right when they opened up I like 3000 or 4000
00:54:09and then February sold at 20,000
00:54:16amazing 7 ridiculous
00:54:26if I guess one thing you can talk about which is the main reason we're doing a Skype well it is a queen size Tempur-Pedic mattress and a told you a few things
00:54:51and it is absolutely amazing I don't know how well it's going to work but I do want to show the viewers with your webcam
00:55:01no I don't maybe later because I realized something just now yeah what your bathroom doors open
00:55:24Optiplex want you bad
00:55:27but we doing he could be like a freelance an intern Traxxas 3 reviews for it so he can review stuff for us that we already need to review
00:55:43I need an intern so we don't pay him
00:55:45but why don't we just review it
00:55:48I don't need to be a part of this
00:55:53but then he's going to send it to us and that's costing money
00:55:59what's it mean to send it back so we're going to send you said you were going to 32 gigs of ddr4 memory and 4 terabyte SSD cuz that's going to be tested well we need to do right there right before we need it back by next week
00:56:37I'm going to send your TV over here from the Grinch
00:56:44that's the part where you like now 10 grand worth of stuff
00:56:56I know I'm not much of this website we can see how much your steam library is worth
00:57:02my Steam account worth
00:57:10Community ID
00:57:12profile URL
00:57:25so you can be disappointed in your life
00:57:31I will copy and I will also put this in chat but I'm going to wait 5 Seconds that way it's like right on time
00:57:43oh my God
00:57:50so my account was created seven years ago my last online 21 hours ago apparently my current account value is $3,326
00:58:05but my total cost with sale is $1,114
00:58:10I'm steam level 13 I have 1986 hours in record my average play time is 14.1 hours average price is 17.51 average price per hour is 14.02 I have a 190 games I have 49 games not played
00:58:28which is 26%
00:58:32alright so for me my current account value is $2,400 of 2399 but total cost would cells would be $722 that's my steam level is 19 what
00:58:48what's up I have 1038 hours on record with an average play time of 8.5 hours $12.49 is my average price with $9.34 the average price per hour of I own a hundred ninety two games 70 which I've not played my percentage at 36%
00:59:15products by time played
00:59:1712 more hours 28 less than 12 never played 54
00:59:23apparently I have one game that's price from $0.01 to $2
00:59:30what's my games are priced in the $10.01 to $30 range priced at 5 to $10 at a price for 32 of them I have no price for 43 of them I don't understand that one so I don't have to be to free to play games
00:59:53H2O should you the price per hour
00:59:58apparently with Counter-Strike it's $0.19 an hour for me
01:00:08some sort of pics of it's probably Terraria
01:00:11I want to see let's go with all the way down to the bottom show other 90 products
01:00:18Elite dangerous so ordered by anyting price per hour
01:00:26what free no price for Enterprise free free
01:00:31geez okay Terraria is at $0.10 an hour for me I have a 104 hours in the game and paid $10 for it
01:00:43Arma 3 is $0.20 an hour
01:00:45yeah my it seems like my lowest 4 hours in it
01:00:49they are rocket League at $0.27 an hour Garry's Mod a 27
01:00:55Grand Theft Auto V $0.20 an hour in Counter-Strike Grand Theft Autos of $0.16
01:01:03pretty sure I only have a 177 hours I feel like I can't legitimately say I only have 177 hours
01:01:15cuz I feel like once you pass like a 24-hour Mark you spent considerable amount of time in the game yeah
01:01:24what's your review wise what's your like the game that you have that's reviewed the worst mine is kinetic void at 34%
01:01:35my whole wow
01:01:38mine is Guardians of Middle-earth 1999 I believe it was one of the bundles it's currently review that 19% yeah
01:01:51yeah I don't I don't even know what I think I got this from a bundle
01:01:56which is where I get a majority of my games
01:01:59Metro last Light
01:02:01complete edition I don't do I
01:02:08this is Metro last Light but
01:02:13there's some games on here that like not
01:02:16the bat like they Vanishing of Ethan Carter apparently isn't in the store anymore
01:02:22what are your two higher I guess what are your highest rated games
01:02:34yeah I've got portal and Portal 2 and 98 and then I have keep talking and nobody explodes at 9890 797 Kerbal Space Program a 97 Left 4 Dead Half-Life Aston light in Dishonored
01:02:52good games
01:02:56it seems like 80% so I could drop off then stops being bold and badass is a really interesting side actually really cool
01:03:16seeing how much time you wasted in your life
01:03:23the reason I put Christmas on the left and there's one in particular that I want to show and it's just credit card companion one I got from Uncle and it is 9 Tools in one always at the other wallet ninja thing maybe
01:03:42I don't know
01:03:44But it includes two insulated stainless steel blades 1/8 x power lens and Compass a combination can bottle opener with a flat screwdriver has tweezers toothpicks and an inch centimeter ruler and it has an ultra-light at just 1.3 Oz and it fits in your wallet credit card
01:04:03so it's like a Swiss army knife but
01:04:08and Cricket phone
01:04:10New York listing for my brother it's a like a smoke thing
01:04:17that you shoot smoke rings with then for my other brother I got a lava lamp that's volcano
01:04:26but enjoy that as well
01:04:31can I see a 10-year investment
01:04:48as far as Christmas coz I don't know if anybody important Everybody is watching this is important obviously but anybody relative to the gifts is watching gifts or gifts gifts gifts as in moving images or gifts gifts gifts
01:05:18it's like desks we see we can just make noises like that and then remix it and have that as our trailer song
01:05:28I can't do that that's too much you can do that I can't I don't know how to do that might go to bed I'll figure something out I might not sound good but I'll figure it out it's all about the bass
01:05:44Sand Creek Apartments on City says in City skylines
01:05:48love it love it I haven't played it since weather in about speed in motion
01:05:55turbo kit Mopar City in motion
01:05:59put them on those Auto song app so I could work
01:06:14you looking good baby
01:06:32I wasn't I wasn't looking I was just letting the awkward silence and Sue and Sue okay well I mean
01:06:42apparently there is no correlation to lizard Squad and PlayStation Network you must have been calling you right now
01:06:58you messed up the link
01:07:03the link does not as stated in Mario Kart
01:07:08it doesn't matter the link was irrelevant another group of people that have to be there to save the day the Kim.com who's Kim.com Megaupload I he essentially bribed lizard Squad and he gave them all Premium Accounts to Mega to have them stop cuz he wanted to play Destiny with his friends and he couldn't because PlayStation 4 network was wow that's so technically he saved the day
01:07:50but there they have all Premium Accounts so was going to do I guess he's going to bribe me with money do you need to take a phone call I don't know I don't know
01:08:08like what what's what's their goal like what are they trying to do they just hate Xbox Live and PSN
01:08:24oh Christmas tree oh Christmas so thus Christmas is pretty shity Christmas cookies or not shady I mean we're going to do a Nexus bakes you can't go into it with such a negative attitude I've been positive
01:08:49stand stand stand stand understand I'm supposed to go to look for it I'm a stagnant Stan and have him come with that is right in the middle Avenue
01:09:06stalemate stand
01:09:11so why stew told me today that there was
01:09:18Merry Christmas God bless you still don't know where we going for that
01:09:24no I mean I think I still have those games to give away and I might have a few off to double-check so let me check while you continue on there is killer blood rain in the UK
01:09:39but your talk is this what you're doing about what you told me that a dust cloud from the Saudi Arabia
01:09:49or something can remember no the Sahara Desert
01:09:54anyways so it goes across the sea and now is like covering the entire bike Britain UK and is causing it to rain and when you go outside the sky is just completely red and it's raining red because of all the dust and sand
01:10:12it's like mineral and if you have like any breathing problems it's like toxic
01:10:18God damn yeah so everyone in Britain is dying
01:10:24pretty much yeah
01:10:27I think
01:10:32just a little bit you know
01:10:35I don't have any lettering
01:10:39reviews on this look like it's really foggy
01:10:43but there was one picture
01:10:47it still looks really bad I mean yeah
01:10:51oh that's cool picture
01:10:57mean people are bringing tea poison stuff
01:11:02Sahara dust
01:11:05that's just a weather map that doesn't do any good
01:11:15yeah I can't find any pictures but anyways
01:11:20yeah gas masks all day
01:11:27perfect find an image on it
01:11:39apparently that's
01:11:41that's a thing
01:11:43it's like
01:11:45I think I disgusting in the Stream
01:11:56what is a split brain
01:12:03it is very red
01:12:11I'll give you a huge slab of raw meat
01:12:16be prepared off the flex had two kids hide your wife
01:12:26toxic smog
01:12:28Smile Quotes
01:12:31what city is oh oh oh
01:12:39I think extremely.
01:13:03I bet it didn't show up for you
01:13:09I can hear it you can hear it what's it just a black screen now it's just Frozen on us on us
01:13:26how do you get to do now okay well
01:13:30I'm sorry to say and I was not a good thing to do
01:13:37I think I'm going to have to like force restart obs
01:13:46thank you for watching indoor listen to BBC weekly number 18 unfortunately during the recording of This podcast stream went down and I was not able to recover the rest and we just decided to end the stream cuz we're pretty much done with the stream we only had like maybe one or two more topics and just maybe some jibber-jabber that was probably not important to anything so we're just bored and we will see you in the next week

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