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Tobi is the owner of two 7-figure businesses, an award-winning interior design firm and a coaching business for creative entrepreneurs to help them design their lives for maximum performance. Top 3 Value Bombs: 1. To follow through on habits, have visual cues. See things out in plain view. 2. Think about how you like to feel and where you like to be when you believe you are getting productive in your life and how can you can bring that to one or to all of your spaces. 3. Have awareness of your space. Be aware of what is not working and look for real solutions to make work better for you. Realize and believe that you have control. Check out to get Tobi’s Guide to Your Most Productive Home - Tobi Fairley Guide Sponsor: ClickFunnels: With ClickFunnels’ new One Funnel Away Challenge you can have your funnel up, running, and optimized in just 30 days! Join the next One Funnel Away Challenge for just $100 at EOFire.com/funnel! Klaviyo: Customers want more from brands, and delivering more means owning the customer experience. Klaviyo calls this “owned marketing” and believes it’s the best path to growth. For more, visit Klaviyo.com/fire!
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