Go behind the scenes with New Economy Entrepreneur and Strategist Bishop Stewart as he and his guest pull back the curtain every week for an intimate and transparent look into the inner workings of true business building from the inside out. The good, the bad and sometimes ugly road to success.
The purpose of this Podcast is to give you (Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives, Creatives and Innovators) an opportunity to learn real and proven techniques and strategies that provide proven plans of action for both business and personal growth towards success and freedom. We aim to inspire innovation, drive, creativity and impact that brings forth the FIGHT in the Entrepreneur Spirit empowering you to start and finish your God given mission. We motivate you while being real, raw and in your face with the TRUTH of Entrepreneurship with zero sugar coating so you can fight for your dreams and win!
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Make Profits Fun With Body Brains Bank Account Founder Tar'Lese Trainer

Tar’Lese Trainer teaches others how to live more and stress less. As a Certified Stress Management Coach, Holistic Life Coach and Brain Fitness Coach, Tar’Lese learned to incorporate gamification and FUN into both of her businesses. She now teaches others to do the same. Believing that business doesn’t need to be boring in order to be profitable. As the founder of The Trainer Method and Body Brains Bank Account, her genius lies in the ability to teach and inspire others to turn their bucket lists into lived lists. Tar’Lese has been featured in multiple online publications, blogs, media appearances and podcasts teaching others how to dream again. In this episode, Tar'Lese talks about loving what you're doing and having fun while you're making money and building your business and enjoying life all around. Key Points:  [00:03:15] How Tar'Lese started her brand Body Brains and Bank Account. [00:06:42] How the entrepreneurial side of Tar'Lese kicked in. [00:07:59] What is The Trainer Method? [00:07:59] You should be taking care of your body and you should be taking care of your mind. [00:10:47] Everyone has a story. Everyone has value. Everyone has a message. [00:11:10] Own what it is that you were meant to do. [00:11:10] When you're centered and when you're aligned and when you're happy things just work better. [00:13:25] You don't have to get to despair before you make changes. [00:13:25] It's scary sometimes the magic happens and just recalibrating them and taking action from that place not waiting until you know ignoring it and pushing it to the side and waiting until it goes away because it doesn't go away. [00:15:09] Tar'Lese on getting people break out with their mold, getting them whatever they want and getting their success story. [00:18:05] Tar'Lese takes us through the process of joining The Trainer Method. [00:19:31] Getting to know more about Tar'Lese and what she does. [00:19:31] How Tar'Lese helps people get out of their own way. [00:20:13] Who is The Trainer Method for? [00:21:47] Being very clear in what it is that you want from people. [00:21:47] Learn to say no to what you don't want. [00:24:53] People will take whatever you will give them. [00:25:51] The three steps that Tar'Lese suggests someone to start with. [00:25:51] Look at those things that are stressing you and bringing you down and see where you can add and subtract where you can take responsibility or delegate to other people. [00:25:51] A study of 37.000 teens and 45 percent of them said that they're stressed out all the time. [00:30:41] The truth about depression and how we can change it. [00:32:56] We are so disconnected. We are in a scroll hole just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, looking for something that we get that dopamine or you know that that little kick off of. [00:33:54] About work reps and batching. [00:34:57] Why multitasking is bad. [00:37:07] Your brain does take about 20 percent of your physical energy when you're using it a lot. [00:38:27] Why being present and focusing on one thing at a time is important. [00:40:58] We are a product of the product. [00:42:34] Commit to your self every day.   Mentioned in this Episode: Cookie cutter marketing Executive communication Binaural Beats Insight Timer Muse Focus at Will Antisocial Instagram   Connect with Tar'Lese Trainer Website: bodybrainsbankaccount.com thetrainermethod.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tarlese Twitter: @tarlese Instagram: @tarlese   Find more episodes about how unstoppable entrepreneurs create, dominate and leave a legacy at bishopstewart.com


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