5 keystones for right before, during and after your keynote.

Keynote Keystone 1 : Reconnaissance. Arrive early, ask about changes, know what’s happening before and after you, survey the room, make adjustments.

Keynote Keystone 2 : Relationships. Great major and minor players. Meet people. Don’t hide out.

Keynote Keystone 3 : Release! Give your best for the day and the venue. Do not hold back. Beat fear and put it in it’s place.

Keynote Keystone 4 : Responsibility. Coach Pearl said yesterday, “It’s not about pressure. I don’t feel pressure. it’s a responsibility.” The same is true for us.

Keynote Keystone 5 : Reachable. After the event be available for your audience. Answer questions. Build relationships. Get more business.


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