Sad to say, but this will be the last episode of Engage. This episode we reminisce a bit about our time recording and we talk about one of the most infamous episodes in Star Trek's history, "Spock's Brain".   It's been a great almost 2 year run and we hope you've enjoyed listening as much as we've had making the show.  Live Long & Prosper!

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00:00:09it's continuing and hello everybody go back to a very special episode of engage the official Star Trek podcast I am your host Jordan Hoffman with me again is engineer Brian say hello Brian pager number it I'm doing good you know prime we never told the listeners what your
00:00:59last name is and I don't think we ever should okay that's fun lets you want out yourself sure I mean I I've actually commented on the page before maybe people notice when they haven't people have noticed ladies gentlemen please welcome to the stage V. greatest engineer anyone could
00:01:16ever hope for Mister Brian Corson yeah a of New Jersey USA you know it's funny but let's get this thing is that for the because I actually I'm on Twitter as well but you always only say I'm not to snap I had no idea as I am on
00:01:31Twitter at corsairs C. O. R. E. S. H. A. I. are you you're a lurker I am a lurker yes but not use out your coarse hair like somebody or other horse hair yes it was it was like a bucket a childhood nickname they kinda like spiders I
00:01:46had really big awful hair so it was cords hair %HESITATION and it's just it's a great name for me to use because it is never taken anywhere right corsair whoever runs the horse here yeah so you're a lurker Miller have you been following me that for the year
00:02:03and a half we've known each other yes you well it's easy to fall back and now I didn't know I did when I when some random dude named corsairs following me I never put it together but are you kidding me airlines well I'm gonna soon as we're done
00:02:21alright so listen I guess we should let people know is it's a little bit of a bitter sweet episode this is in fact listeners the last episode of Star Trek of engage the official Star Trek yes so don't say is less observer Star Trek that's now known if
00:02:39the last episode of this podcast it's been a long road getting from there to here arm and it's bittersweet because it's been a lot of fun we started in June of twenty six team and it is now April of twenty eight scenes that's very close to two years
00:02:56in for a podcast I feel like that's a pretty good run when you say I would say so yes some podcast people get together they were gonna do a podcast that the three of them and then they drop it so we lasted awhile and I do feel that
00:03:09%HESITATION because although we do not have millions of listeners we have many listeners and some of them are in contact with me and I will be upset and I appreciate that so I want to be I I've always eat a life in general Brian I think honesty is
00:03:25the best policy wouldn't you say I would agree yes I think captain Picard would agree also so I wanna I wanna lay the cards on the table and explain why this show is ending and also explain why you the listener who maybe love the show so much sometimes
00:03:41on the internet you may feel the need to rally and start a letter writing campaign and tweet and what not there's there's no %HESITATION I would not recommend doing that in this case because you're going to have better luck talking to a wall and trying to get the
00:03:54show back going so what happened is this on when this show started in June of twenty six team are the ball got rolling much earlier in the year I would say February took from February to June to get everything going because that's the way things work sometimes and
00:04:11you know we start tricks fiftieth anniversary year and CBS which is the property rights owner to all of the Star Trek brand with the exception of the motion pictures although our if you read the news right now looks like Viacom and CBS again I have seen that yes
00:04:27so that'll be interesting but I anyway at the time CBS was like look we really we do so much we do everything else with our brand the one thing that we don't do with this brand is podcasts so often CBS decided to make a starter podcast because they
00:04:40had in their arsenal of companies %HESITATION CBS radio and a division of CBS radio called CBS local digital which is a man I'm now full of weird words but that was the name of the company were Brian at the time worked I'm I'm leading to something now I'm
00:04:57so I you know what the deal was easy to do because it was all in the house of my friends at CBS because I have been writing for Star Trek icon for some time and I off for those of you who go to the conventions sometimes see my
00:05:10face in Las Vegas where I'll be again this summer are actually be in Germany in a couple weeks alright I don't even know I don't even know if I told you that I'm gonna be this happened very last minute I'm gonna be in Dortmund Germany and in just
00:05:22a few weeks and then later this year there is the possibility of me being in being in Birmingham Birmingham England so I'm I'll still be around at the conventions so anyway it seems like an easy fit why don't we get Jordan Hoffman to host the show because he's
00:05:38knowledgeable and and we now I'm and he's willing to do it so so that's what happened I and then Brian was tasked to view the engineer and it was a big love fest and it was great and you know you look back on the show you know you
00:05:51go to the iTunes pager or wherever and you look at the guest we got it was tremendous I'm really proud of the people we have on the show from the new show from the old show from the films you know with Simon Pegg Doug young I you know
00:06:04from from that everybody from that John Billingsley on enterprise to George the K. to our gosh who also we had on we've had %HESITATION Ethan Phillips and and and Robert Picardo and not visitor and then also people that are not necessarily attach the Star Trek like %HESITATION dean
00:06:22Paris so who directed a galaxy quest and you know these are all people in the archives and then other scientists and writers that we've had on friends of mine and %HESITATION it out guy cultural critics and what not so I feel like I we have a really nice
00:06:37fun and diverse roster now I'm not answering the question though why is this wonderful train coming into the station things are going well I'm and things are going well you know we have a good listenership we have sponsors and we have a you know the numbers like I
00:06:52said it's not millions of people who listen but it's it's a nice amount but %HESITATION CBS big corporation they do a lot of things and they sold CBS radio to another company I wanna say CBS radio that's a lot of things if you live in the New York
00:07:07area that's ten ten wins radio guest news radio service in the world ten ten wins they say more Americans get their news from intended wins than any other source I and WCBS FM which is you know the golden oldies station and a lot of other radio stations and
00:07:25that was sold to a company called enter com which I you know this was this not a secret this was in the if you follow the trades are you follow the Wall Street journal or whatever you would have read about this so %HESITATION you know it was a
00:07:39deal and part of that roll up was this group of other companies it within CBS radio including the the small subset subset **** subset of the people that made the original podcasts and this Star Trek pockets was one of a number of original podcast so fast forward a
00:08:00couple of months after the acquisition an intercom made a business decision which I do not take personally it's just one of those things where they decided that by and large they do not want to be in the business of of producing original podcasts %HESITATION bright my getting my
00:08:17fax basically straight here yeah the no you're you're on the nose I'm on the notes okay so it wasn't like they said Star Trek sucks let's dump it they said we our company that focuses on a lot of things and what we focus on his radio and we
00:08:32aren't and even though podcast may be the wave of the future we're not interested in having in the house original podcasts they might syndicate from other places or blah blah blah so basically we were given X. Amanda days notice and with with the and that's just it is
00:08:51nothing I can do about it I'm I do want to say in faculty that CBS and Star Trek the brand have been nothing but fantastic to me and the show are they flew me out to LA to be on the red carpet for discovery when we brought that
00:09:09audio back they've flown me out to Vegas they've you know they brought us audio back from San Diego comic con with that Bryan fuller should I tell a secret about that vat and do I even know that episode I don't I may not have told you because at
00:09:24the time we had just started this one of the earliest things now we didn't know what to that what it would seem like a braggart but what happened was Bryan fuller who now is nothing to do with Star Trek discovered at the time in twenty sixteen was still
00:09:38the that the show runner and he was giving a presentation in hall H. at San Diego comic con and in we have that audio that audio is somewhere in the archives of this show you know probably episode six or something and to make a long story short the
00:09:54very last minute somebody I don't know who asked me to do it somebody in Bryan fuller's camp sent out a red flag of like we need somebody to to like pepper up the intro is and put him in Star Trek keys basically which is writing that I do
00:10:16a lot of because %HESITATION okay I do remember you did tell me this so like out for another thing that I do and again thanks to my very good relationship with the people at CBS and Star Trek were wonderful to me I'm I did some stuff on the
00:10:29starter cruise and so if you go to the Star Trek cruise you get a newsletter and guess who is involved in writing that newsletter it's me my name is on it but somebody's got to take the information of like you know how to book your cabin and make
00:10:41it sound fun like you know red alert a you know this is a this is a you know on screen and then the video plays you know somebody's got to do that so %HESITATION anyway somebody like all my god somebody has to make Bryan fuller's intro before the
00:10:57queue in a funny in Star Trek and I'm thinking prime fuller's written nine thousand episodes of Star Trek how is in my inbox and I don't remember who asked me to do it anyway I did it turned around very quickly as a favor to the brain because I
00:11:13love Star Trek and I said here are some jokes if you're gonna introduce because he was gonna introduce of you was like one member of the cast from every series so I think it was Jerry Ryan from from Voyager I you know I I don't remember Odo I
00:11:30don't go to war if I don't know who else was on the the panel but with somebody from each series so I wrote like an intro with jokes and let's say I sent in twenty five jokes twenty four them were dismissed but one of them made it happen
00:11:47and I was very proud and I have a lot of friends that were at hall H. Lino kinda like doing a live blog of that I'm like that joke that's mine that when they're so anyway I bring this all up because I'm in yet so again Star Trek
00:12:03and CBS are are great to me and this decision has nothing to do with them they don't they simply don't own that they don't you know when when Entercom bought CBS radio CBS this is like you might as well talk to any other company talk to General Motors
00:12:20has nothing nothing to do with CBS they don't own the property for this podcast anymore arm and enter com %HESITATION decided to cancel it I don't and that that is not a call to arms to get on intercoms case either because they just don't want to this is
00:12:37this is that's all there is to it so again don't angrily tweet at the official at Star Trek handle in fact if anything if you want to tweet at the official at Star Trek handle tell them thank you for letting the show exist as long as it has
00:12:49because it was their idea at the at Star Trek official Star Trek handle is one of two or three people and they're all wonderful people that I work very closely with so that is the deal with that and what if you by the way if you follow Star
00:13:02Trek on Facebook and you leave obnoxious comments don't do that anymore very nice people have to delete those so stop %HESITATION so that's kind of a deal but it's been a long it's been a long road and Brian has come a long way you were always a Star
00:13:17Trek fan but now you are a new one new man you've been reborn macula I've actually been yes I I was a fan and as well as I was younger but I remember the the we did like a test audio are very early on and I was just
00:13:28not prepared at all and I was very like I could like all got I don't know enough I'm going to be horrible and I probably wasn't a test audio thankfully that's gone forever %HESITATION but I I don't want when do we do test audio we we we did
00:13:40a test episode before we did the %HESITATION the EW %HESITATION %HESITATION premiere episode we did it was so bad that you remember doing it I have no recollection of the was it in the old studio was in the old studio yes I remember because I was mortified how
00:13:58was it is like five minutes for some twenty minutes or so good god I don't remember that at all that there was really no we had literally met five minutes before we started rolling in okay all right I'll I'll I'll believe that I do remember our first episode
00:14:15zero was %HESITATION with %HESITATION %HESITATION art Darren Franich it at at the W. over the phone when we started talking and said Hey what would make this episode because we've been yapping for a long time and then since we're telling secrets the first official episode we had was
00:14:30when I'm weird al Yankovic came and yes and I said I said something really embarrassing to him I don't even have that I cringed even remember it so we cut it out to remember us cutting something out are yes I do remember cutting a few things that so
00:14:44yeah I can't say I can't eat so it's something that if I'd said it to anybody else and it's always yes I do remember all my god yes yeah I was almost going to just let me go find and put at the end of this episode but no
00:15:01no no no I mean it was something that I inadvertently even Virton Lee said something that could have been misinterpreted as a very offensive remark and I don't I'll never know whether weird al no just the man is a Saint I yeah I like that he yeah we
00:15:22understood it was a mistake and yeah it's fifty fifty that he didn't even catch it and if he didn't catch it I think he knew that I didn't mean anything by it yeah but it was something that I was very embarrassed by %HESITATION because something something very tragic
00:15:38happen in weird al's real life that is not really well known but if you you know readers wikipedia page you can find out and I had sort of made a joke about something that could have been after the fact misinterpreted as a reference to that event which I
00:15:55can never meant to do yes he hit me hours later I'm like oh my god I wonder if when I said ex he thought I was talking about this it was like a straight up Larry David thing yes absolutely and this was the first thing that we recorded
00:16:09and I'm like Jesus I can't be around celebrities that well warehouses celebrity I don't know but you know whatever you want to call it but he was a nice man I mean he was terrific and if he was offended he sure as **** didn't show because he hung
00:16:22around later took pictures with us so I think it was fine but it was as need be like I gotta be more careful around people and %HESITATION that was it I think I'm in that I don't think I offended anybody %HESITATION while they were in the studio no
00:16:35it was a pretty good other than that yeah yeah I mean I'm I'm sure it happens more more regularly than I then then I would realize but now other than that I think it was alright so that's what's going on with the show up but again I want
00:16:49to stress that you know the links are still out there so if you just discovered the show you're working backwards because I do hear that from some people I just you know I'm I because this episode eighty nine or so I think on the were at ninety I
00:17:03think this will be ninety yet if the if you're working backwards those links are not going to die a venture if they're mean we have to do a little moving around but those links should not die if they do diets temporarily the fifth if you happen to click
00:17:16one day that's not there wait twelve hours in the come back but they're there those links will be fine and %HESITATION you know it's been a wild ride and I'm still around and I'm certainly doing Star Trek stuff and all the other question again just to preemptively answer
00:17:31questions so that I don't have to answer them later to people maybe approach is a you know this is the official Star Trek pockets why don't I go and do a bootleg podcast right which I guess I feel radical you could do because there are a lot of
00:17:46other Star Trek podcasts out there that are blue like podcasts you know wanted to them are actually even listenable armed and the answer is I I don't want to do that because %HESITATION well for a few reasons number one is when you %HESITATION when you're when you're at
00:18:04the top you don't want to you know you know when you have this good when you had you know the official CBS publicist coming to you and saying oh Mary Wiseman's in town or old cynical Martin green is in town you know that's nice and then to go
00:18:19and be an unofficial and have to you know poke around for gas is something that I'm not interested in doing armed but also %HESITATION like I said I I do maintain a sort of although unofficial and is just me being a hundred percent honest and probably nobody needs
00:18:37to know this but I just you know get all out there %HESITATION I maintain a an unofficial good relationship with the Star Trek brand you know I appear at fest at that the up and conventions because I love doing it and you know they they sent me out
00:18:52there and I do the cruise and I do not think that officials the CBS would tell me to not to do a bootleg podcast but I have a hunch that they would prefer that I not because you know it's one thing to be official and then to the
00:19:09kind of use that to kind of promote myself or to even try to make money off of it by selling ads at another podcast it would be something that is %HESITATION frowned upon well it just it would be like a come on you know I would I I
00:19:27don't even wanna call a slap in the face I wanna cualidades almost like biting the hand that feeds you a little bit I don't nibbling leveling the doubling of cap biting its nibbling I I bet you if I did it tomorrow if I announce that I'm doing an
00:19:38unofficial starter pockets nobody at CBS about at night they would never tell me no but they might save them because I wish he wasn't doing so instead of engage the official Star Trek park as we can be go the unofficial start by textile capital markets go but not
00:19:53so the answer is no one at CBS has told me not to do it but I'm not gonna do it anyway so %HESITATION it's a conversation that never happened so this truly is the last episode of the official Star Trek pockets there are I guess and other bootleg
00:20:10starter podcasts and if they want to have me as a guest and happy to join you know I'll be honored I indeed what's transport one three my buddies Scott Calero who's been a guest on the show and a filled Carrillo if you want to have you back on
00:20:24transporter room three you know my number %HESITATION and certainly any of the others my friends that priority one but it's mostly they cover a Star Trek online which I don't know anything about but you know we discussed that you can go back let's let those episodes they were
00:20:40great guys at I saw main guy Helio I think is his name right I forget his name is a very very nice guy Solomon in Jersey city at a Star Trek events and he's wonderful I took pictures of him and I love that guy and %HESITATION McKenna I
00:20:56believe is one of his counterparts I saw her in Las Vegas these are all wonderful people so you the listener there are other starters million Star Trek pockets either find the one for you and you can continue to be happy but you know since it's the last one
00:21:11I'll shoot you know it's the last one so I have one more opportunity tell listeners about eagle moss Brian do you know about it almost Saddam let's say I don't even though I do but I don't let's let's say you love Star Trek I do and I'd say
00:21:31you love Star Trek and your sad now that this was an you can take a little part of Star Trek home with you by joining eagle moss which is a mail service collection of small but not too small replicas of all of the federation and other planets ships
00:21:56you view the first one you get is the enterprise D. and then after that every two weeks to get a new one with a full glossy dossier and they go from you know the mainstream ones topline once again a prize the all the way down a really weird
00:22:11he got the shuttle craft you got Cardassian ships Vulcan ships to Laxey in ships Breen ships humane it it goes really deep and these are not crappy %HESITATION pieces of junk these are very nicely made and %HESITATION die cast models hand painted and the use of course the
00:22:34original images from the show and the movies they scanned them high red scans or they actually got the photos from all the way back in the sixties and that's how they make it so even if you can check it out go to S. T. hyphen starships dot com
00:22:48slash engage S. T. hyphen starships dot com slash engage in the first one is very inexpensive and then after that it's free shipping and you can cancel anytime return them if you want to but you're not going to want to return them because you're gonna love these ships
00:23:03so that's the deal with that now speaking of Star Trek television program that we're all very fond of trying to give you assignments for the last episode I'll complete this assignment you did okay because I I actually didn't have time to rewatch it but I feel like I
00:23:19have it branded in my so called brain I said to Brian we we're gonna close out the show and then my first instinct was that we got to get a bunch of really great cast for the last one have a big party and we can't screw that nobody
00:23:32was that it's time and they canceled out so screw home when I can not gonna go out with the blast we're gonna literally phone is that I'm I said Brian have you ever watch Spock's brain and you said no Spock's brain for those of you who are listening
00:23:52who only like TNG or not that familiar with US is often times cited as the worst episode of Star Trek but ice where DO it is not the worst it's not good but it's not the worst because it's really really funny it's funny it's just so unbelievably stupid
00:24:14and you know Spock's brain is armed you know there's even on a fish song name Spock's brain we're doing like some kind of jam and then they had a thing with like what should we name the song and they gave them like a bunch of different options on
00:24:30the one that got voted most was called Spock's brain so I'm so Brian what do you think it's boxspring when I gave you this lesson of this assignment where half when did you watch it just yesterday I watched this morning actually Mike took finals does leave last night
00:24:47was with watch last night falls evenly of **** I forgot to watch it so I downloaded on at flicks blossom a bus right and %HESITATION so I pride got some weird looks from the weird people on the bus but whatever I don't really care did you want with
00:25:00headphones list all yes of course would have on jobs okay within Brett better if you heard if they heard loom of the I'm more shouting brain I'm brain what is bringing you know Spock's brain it starts off ridiculous vemich gets look like a regular Star Trek episode and
00:25:22then it gets ridiculous again and then it ends just complete stupidity yell absolutely but the costumes are really great you are not more you are not I'm more what are you what was your favorite part of Spock's brain %HESITATION my favorite part is boxspring got I I have
00:25:42no idea %HESITATION I somehow really enjoyed the %HESITATION the the the robot Spock it but McCoy and Scotty we're controlling writer by remote control and they've been in the weird clicking noise and %HESITATION and also still I love how there was %HESITATION brain surgery but Spock as old
00:26:01hair the yeah you know I never thought of that and I believe Spock makes bones super smart for just as long as it takes Walton not nurturing its teacher teacher does that what I don't understand how the hell that worked I mean I get it right work but
00:26:15what the hell was teach I have no idea it was it's teacher is out he goes to the hair salon right he goes under a hair dryer yeah yes exactly and he goes and then he becomes really smart just long enough to figure out how to plop the
00:26:29brain no no no because the best part of it is that it's not long enough and and a whole load starts freaking out like we what we gotta do I can't do this I'm and then then they they connect Spock's vocal chords and it's like I can talk
00:26:44you through the rest of this your only my vocal cords are tax my brain but I can talk you through a yeah there's some real duties on that and I believe the opening what went like right after the opening credits and he's got the bones got the great
00:27:04line his brain is gone I think it's one of the few episodes that really is like Gilligan's island level dom yes I I feel like that that a lot of this episode was was just dramatic pauses and me more so than any other episode they probably going to
00:27:21cut this down to about half the run time yeah know what's amazing is Spock's brain was the first episode of the third season yes and as you know we've had Beecher when John Trimble on this show go back in the archives and they were the ones that started
00:27:39the fire to get the letter writing campaign to save Star Trek and get a season three and they are rightly held up as very important people in the world of American culture because it was because of the third season that Star Trek was able to get into syndication
00:27:57and because it was into syndication if it got into our collective unconscious in a way that so many other television shows did not and that's when they brought it back for the motion picture and then for TNG and and that's why we have discovery today however as B.
00:28:14Joe John will tell you we are responsible for getting whatever spot with a responsible for kick starting the letter writing campaign but they are not responsible for the quality of the content in season three so I can just imagine what they would do what it was like for
00:28:30them I should ask them at some point you'll probably have a big party the night of season three's premiere in a whatever year whatever night it was in September nineteen sixty nine sit around the old zenith and Star Trek comes on and it's Spock's brain that's the thing
00:28:55that they'd say yes moon season three is not all about there's a lot of very good episodes of season three the day of the dove %HESITATION Lou this let that be your last battle field I mean because there's a lot of really great up close but Spock's brain
00:29:09is is he is rough the morgue and I'm more Morgan I'm more the morgue up on on top side of the planet can't do anything and the I. morgue no man I feel good that it's it's a it's a bit almost establishing a troll that many other %HESITATION
00:29:28series have have used it in you know since you know with the the the the dumb wild you know males and they cut well I guess the theme was a really aren't smarter but that's one thing they're all dom I mean that the men are out there like
00:29:43you know a fire that did the ladies they look divine in there wearing cute little skirts and everything but they are complete airheads you now it's just the it's just hilarious you know I know but and then of course you know Spock will save them all by putting
00:29:59his floating brain and a half and it's like those shots I think it's a learning with that he was able to do that without cracking a smile the only completely stone face as they move around by remote control and then I guess they did the voice over later
00:30:15he'd like all what a curious sensation to be floating in a non corporeal state I mean some of the some of the best the best things it see visually to is is that when they're using the %HESITATION the little %HESITATION the I. Morse reason the bracelet to cause
00:30:28them pain I and there you see Scotty and bones encourages rolling around in agony and then I know pocket is sitting there hunched over motionless yeah that's got to be it because when that yet listen COS there's a lot of riding around in agony there's a lot of
00:30:44like yeah I absolutely put put put to see how to have him sitting there completely motionless yes that may saying is that usually he be arriving with that there's a lot of wind saying and grabbing your temples and I mean you know I will what Walter Koenig that's
00:31:01all he did on the damn show was grabs temple well known around this if he had a very important role in this episode where %HESITATION he heeded the rock so it he and the other route he in the red shirts could stay warm on the surface and then
00:31:14you don't see them again the rest of the episode now because they realize that %HESITATION sue had already done that season one man well you know he in the rock that's a good thing of I want to bring up again on this final episode of engage the official
00:31:28Star Trek pockets heating the rock why do we stand in awe in from neolithic culture to now we we as as does for people as families as friends we gather around a warm spot why is that because that's where we heat our meals right yes put into your
00:31:47you know we're going this yes I but in today's modern world we oftentimes don't have the time to cook a home cooked meal and we sometimes order route or just eat junk but I say to you Brian we do have enough time if we do it wisely and
00:32:07you know who's here to help us do this wisely yes I do hello friends that's right it's our friends at hello fresh and it hello fresh dot com you can get yourself you can get a good meal like a cat the YMCA in this is a another mail
00:32:24order service %HESITATION where you sign up in for X. amount of dollars per month you get all the ingredients shipped directly to your door in one wonderful cardboard packaging that can sit in your for your all day and not worry about getting spoiled because they have packed nicely
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00:32:59they're gonna talk you through it step by step but the key thing for me is the is the portions because a lot of times you want to cook a recipe right all of my friend made a great meal she gave me the recipe and I look at and
00:33:11it calls for a you know calls for garlic fresh garlic or I'm gonna go the storm gonna Pathmark gets a fresh garlic and you get a giant bowl but garlic and you use the two little slivers out of it and then you stick it back in the drawer
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00:33:54you're doing your own cooking but it's all kind of made for you and you know my wife to the actual cooking what did we have some kind of fish was a salmon and that's a good thing you got when you were a fish story and by the way
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00:34:23use promo code engage thirty so I'll Brian you know what it sounds weird to say it but I think I think we've kind of said everything we need to say I'm on bitter sweet you're still my plus one when I get a screening invites to fanboys film and
00:34:41I will happily accept everyone of us I don't yet know if I have a plus one for Avengers I asked would be great boys and get back to me yeah it's Thursday it's on it's a Tuesday it soon I'm I'll let you know I said plus one for
00:34:56this and she said I'll get back to you so but you know you join before ready player one you join me for others wonder why women yes yes all right you're my guy for all the movies that we should be embarrassed to go see I have no shame
00:35:15when Aquaman comes out in twenty twenty one or whatever the hell it is well we'll go to that I think it's next year isn't maybe it's film ready soon it's soon and you know I saw I would I'm in the end I really can't say I saw something
00:35:29way early I'll tell you when we're off the air short law and upcoming %HESITATION superhero movie super early like it's still have the green screen in it or whatever but they well wow it out and I'm happy Hey listen when you went you know these sort of things
00:35:44happen to me once in a while not just some schmo on but it's great it's so good and it's one that but it's one that people aren't even talking about right now so I'll tell you in a minute but I'm so you're still my guy for that and
00:35:57I appreciate all you've done and the structure pockets yet short I. I appreciate to this is been %HESITATION the public might this is absolutely the great experience I've had working at this job and I and I actually still do have a job is not what podcasts anymore but
00:36:10I'll yeah you know I should have said that up to I mentioned the show because she always been canceled and the company was bought by Brian still has a job they did Entercom may be have been with the company wise and pound foolish for canceling engage but they
00:36:27were very wise and recognizing the town not arrive until Brian they did not cancel Brian what they have done is given him a different position and they are going to exploit his skills in other fashions so yeah he is going to be working AB behind a desk he's
00:36:44gonna be in meetings hopefully riding the rising on the corporate food chain and becoming a wealthy man %HESITATION which would be wonderful thing and you know so he and his his future is secure and Entercom independently company I mean they just they just didn't want to be in
00:37:01the they want to be in the Hoffman business but that's okay %HESITATION but they're they're still in the brain business us so that's even better so that's what happened there but do keep in touch friends you know we do have that Facebook page if you know you're more
00:37:14than welcome to continue to to chat on there I'll pop in periodically %HESITATION its Facebook dot com slash engage the official Star Trek podcasts I see no reason and shutting that down are you can certainly tweet at me I'm at J. Hoffman H. O. F. F. M. A.
00:37:29N. and Brian is coarse hair we've just learned and %HESITATION I don't listen I'll see you at conventions if you're the type of person who comes to conventions I'll see you'll see me on stage and I'm always ready to chat about Star Trek and I'm really excited about
00:37:46discovery when another gonna start shooting soon and you know they don't know when they're gonna air you know probably January of next year but nobody really knows that's just a guess I don't have any Intel on that but when it airs again and Brian I think we're just
00:38:02gonna have to do is call each other on the phone and talk about it one on one but maybe will this call Wally watches all this talk during this talk over it yeah I think %HESITATION I think I might have to buy my CV a you know that's
00:38:16the one thing I'll tell this little yeah date VA they didn't they weren't they didn't get us early on leader said that to to screeners of of what you call discovery but because they were worried about piracy which I understand because piracy is a big problem in this
00:38:39industry the screeners were not quite the hundreds that dot like invade the audio was a little weird and they had a big fat stamp in the middle of the image with my name on it which is good because that means if I leak did it you know I
00:38:55would clearly what does that go you I'll be the one going to jail and that's totally fine but I'm you know I'm hosts the official Star Trek back as it would be cool if they also gave me CBS all access to watch but they never that never happened
00:39:09like they never got me a free so I had to pay for my own CBS all access this whole time so when I was telling you the listener in my days of stumping for the show being like come on just pay for it is not a big deal
00:39:21I was right there with you I know some of you that we had so much Brian and he worked full time for CBS I was a some some plots with the podcast and I pace or CBS losses for extra time because my wife was slacking off it should
00:39:33have been shown to a month after well yeah I cancelled the minute that still might might it might it might my account just ended %HESITATION boom on the first yeah I'll get it again when discoveries back and while its own I'm down parts while it's one of those
00:39:49yeah something else what else today announced recently that I don't know how no they announce something good whole shoot gosh it was something over thinking the stand Stephen king's all I had I had not heard that okay it's I think it's I think it's one of those unofficial
00:40:04official like it hasn't been officially announced but it's a it's a rumor so so it can matter is back in the Stephen King Bob and that I think I saw a rumor potentially I mean things are weird right now with Viacom and CBS but you know Twilight Zone
00:40:17I'm down with and you know when discovery comes back on the beach shell out again ten Bucks a month blah blah blah but I'm right there with your fans are right so all right so that's it listen we we had ninety episodes close to two years I call
00:40:31it a good run it's a little bitter sweet but Brian I do consider this a of fun experience and a good run and again we are not being canceled due to low listenership or angry fans it is a corporate decision that we are wise enough to know that
00:40:51is just it's like getting angry at that that the clouds you just can't you can't fight it and that's the way it is so we'll see you on the internet Brian I oftentimes in the show by saying live long and prosper I think maybe it's time to let
00:41:06you say it for the first time has allowed the first and last time so yeah this'll this'll be actually my last recordings for a podcast all my other shows are done at my last day this is really you've been in the podcast is for years this is your
00:41:20because they're changing it to a new position what off broader horizons and pull boulder brighter future you're done with podcasts also yes it for you so you Walt I'm not I'm done with the the the the recording and production of podcasts %HESITATION for the time being so this
00:41:35will be my actual last recording which is make me very sad right now all might buy one but it is the best way to go out to go out with a bang so %HESITATION thank you everybody for listening thank you for putting up with me in my not
00:41:49so great knowledge you know I give you an a minus all right I'll take it active so thank you for listening everyone out there and live long and prosper motivation with Amazon music is still in bed did you go running I over slept I'll go tomorrow I'd get
00:42:33in the shower Alexa Sentinel Lauren for five AM tomorrow to hard rock music the right song exactly when you need it Amazons if the simplest way to listen to the music you love new customers start your thirty day free trial of Amazon music dot com renews automatically cancel

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