What would it take to get better at using intuition in your business? That’s the topic with Michaela Light from Intuitive Leadership Mastery.

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00:00:00welcome the Empire podcast episode 173 what would it take for you to improve your business intuition when it comes to making important business decisions that's were talking about with today's gas Michaela life Leadership mastery.com we discuss the what would it take method to finding solutions to problems Roblox in your business so stick with us you find a shuttle to this episode at Empire flippers. Com WWII T alright let's do this I want to hear about the real successes and failures that come with building an online Empire You Are Not Alone from San Diego to Tokyo of entrepreneurs and investors of prioritizing the oppression of an office cubicle check out the Empire podcast and now your house Justin and Joe
00:00:59Edward inevitably talkin business I feel a little awkward when they start talking about you know how they make these data-driven decisions and you know they're looking at the numbers and they've made you know that this is a statistical analysis and we made a decision in and the truth isn't our Dirty Little Secret is a lot of the decisions we make are not based on that data for a bunch of reasons right yeah I mean obviously you're not going to have enough data a lot of times to make a decision you're not to be able to wait all the time in order to collect the data and probably you know if you've been an entrepreneur for a long time you might have enough experience to know normally with the right decision is and kind of go with that decision when it comes to a lot of this is not all but some of them are data driven we have data but sometimes you know you said you can't wait the requisite time to figure it out and you have to make decisions earlier so the question is in your we have this intuition that we use when we have these rules
00:01:59write like the don't work with assholes rules the question is can we get better at it we use our intuition more successfully can we come up with better rules and that's what today is podcast is about with McKayla like she used the you know what would it take process to new answer that question in like it helps you if I find Solutions instead of just reading about the problem which I think is pretty interesting question of like is your intuition right and I think a lot of early in their business you know kind of second-guess themselves or doubt themselves and then overtime and born through experience you come up with these rules that you use in your business that is effectively your intuition what would it take is similar to go but we use the what would it cost so what would it take to hire 8 new people and get them on board inside a 3 months right you start to go kit would it take you to choir this and I need this we don't ask you that we actually do that what would it cost question for head because like
00:02:59have other things going at that time it was like what are we willing to give up to do this in it it helps just answer the question of whether it's actually worth it or not I'll be worth giving up something to make this other thing happen and I think that's really kind of have to do that right especially when you have a busy business going on but you have to make some concessions in order to give things up to do what may further the business long-term as we talked about on this show you know one things to say imposter syndrome which you know I think you deal with all the way through your entrepreneurial Carrera so that was kind of interesting though like objective versus subjective measures of success you feel like you're comfortable in Chiang Mai making $2,000 a month with your business is not really success and doesn't matter whether its objective or just objective so that's kind of fun we also talked about you know whether you know we work for our business or whether the business works for you and she has some interesting thoughts about like how she uses her business too
00:03:59become fulfilled and so we get into until like how it supports her and her lights on her wants and needs in life which is pretty cool. Does it work for you thing you have to be a little flexible there sometimes you're going to just have to work for your business right so that later on your business can work for you and sometimes you going to have to work in your business instead of on your business and I think I have a small business and you're getting started up and you're getting to that medium sized 3DS kind of. We're yes it's not ideal you rather be working on the business working on bigger picture thing having a business work for you but for right now you need to solve the problem in an issue and get through a. Where eventually you know things will be better in the future or you don't enjoy it
00:04:59the Outsource set or delegated always do that right that's the answer and you know it just like that's kind of wish fulfillment crowd that instant gratification crab where they I don't want to do anything I don't like sometimes you got to do things in your business that are just boring now if you find yourself week after week month after month a year after year doing it okay well maybe maybe there's any change right you don't need to be doing that but there's no hours or days where I'm working on something I just don't like it's not fun and it's just you know it's something you have to do to get through it and you're willing to do it because you see the goldie and his were that friend who owns a business they went through a little bit of a downturn and they have these list of customers it's a couple hundred people where they cancelled their order right before hitting you know yes on the credit card screen and I have everything including the guy's phone number and I said you know I realize you're not my business and I really don't do this very often but
00:06:00suck it up buttercup time to call these people and see if they'll just buy you know and sure enough he did that and you know he might end up making some good sales and selling an extra 10% for the month so sometimes you need to do those things to turn things around your right long-term you have to delegate that find a way to set up a process and get that done but short-term sometimes it just makes sense to just do it yourself absolutely it's more the other things you talk about is just kind of the value of being honest both with yourself but also with your team with their customers and is being honest about who you are being honest about what you believe in and you know what you and I talked about that a lot in terms of honesty return my like transparency right where leg was okay here is kind of where we're good here is kind of bad here's what we've been up to and that kind of honesty or transparency attracts the right crowd but I think it does it in other areas of your life as well we dig into that event in the show anyway I had a really fun time doing this interview either was fantastic conversation one of the best in a while
00:07:00so I'm really excited to share this with the listeners before you that nobody we got to pay the bills so we can talk about our future listing of the week which is listing for 4131 Joe A2 sight package uses AdSense and some other advertising platforms holy sites were created back in 2015 and they're in the political news Niche so if your political junkie this is for you all the articles are written by freelance writers so it's not like you have to write your own content that's already done for you the site is making little more than $44,000 a month net profit that's after paying all the bills including the content writers and we have it listed for just over 1.4 million dollars yeah I know this one pair of it it's really interesting it's a little bit of what you think or maybe a little bit of what you don't think so it in someone's interested in how the political Nat stand on a site that's been quite a bit of money and
00:08:00looks like it will continue and then not to disappear I think this is an interesting fact about 2 hours a week from the actual owner so it's definitely very passive based business and also with the midterm elections coming up in 2018 at the end of the year definitely think that this is poised to make a good term all right man let's dig into the heart of this week's episode
00:08:31hey McKayla walking to the shower really nice to have you on that are thrilled community and one example is on fascinating is your advice to other especially like kind of early stage entrepreneurs and I've always found it to be just an almost always spot-on I mean they're not in my head and kind of smiling on yep that sounds about right or I'm you know looking at it going wow there's some good advice that I can pull out of that as well so I just been really impressed with some of the comments you've had and some of the response you had in the DC confuses me is I haven't been able to square that would kind of the spiritual side like you're into the kind of know how to put it but you can probably better than me but like yoga spiritual side of life and I don't really I'm not on board of that it doesn't really Square in my head and so one of the reason one has long as I want to talk about how that relates to kind of the
00:09:31just solid logical business advice you gave in like what's the connection there if there is and why I keep them separate I guess you know I'd say about a third of the people in the DC you know open to it you don't have to go into that spiritual stuff in order to use your intuition when you're doing a business deal or running a business maybe we can talk about that later in the show how you might use that without getting stuck in the woo-woo stuff when things are really well known for is the what would it take kind of strategy or approach the w w i t and I see it mentioned Often by you but also by other people in the DC I think it's kind of picked up picked it up and run with that can you explain to me just briefly that you know what would it take kind of approach to problem-solving so what would it take
00:10:31if you aren't sure if mine to get ounces to a problem so if you have a problem maybe you are trying to hire someone to do graphic design you might ask what would it take to high up my ideal graphic designer this week so in there I put some time element because I don't want to get an idea why you know 2 months now I want him now and I also talked to someone any graphic designer I want my ideal graphic designer which you know you detail what that meant communication do they have interesting designs to they meet deadlines I don't want no idea graphic designer is for you but you know he was probably have our own definition of a lot when you lost the what would it take it kind of opens up your Judith mind to come back with Solutions you might notice from your logical mind so you might get you know to contact an old friend to maybe he knows someone you didn't know who had a graphic designer maybe you got the insulation to go to a particular job board and post the job there so you can get all kinds
00:11:31things coming back I think we will have the experience of getting creative for intuitive messages know like when you take a shower you go for a drive when you still pounding away on the problem with your logical mind you can get the splashes of inspiration on the what would it take is a way to get those a lot quicker because like if you're kind of stock and feel like you aren't able to make a decision or world is conspiring against you they going to bring that power back to like I could do this what would it take for me to actually do this right now what would it take to have this and it's very different from asking how can I solve this problem because that's traditionally you know what people do when they have a electrical approach problem-solving they looking at what are the detailed steps to solve the problem when I ask how do I hire a ideal graphic designer this week immediately my mind kind of like go to do this and that on you know I got to have all the steps in place in order to get
00:12:31overwhelming to me what would it take you know maybe there's a really easy way maybe I don't have to do the hiring myself maybe I can ask my assistant to deal with it maybe I lost my business college deal with it cuz they're better a hiring and I am so you know maybe I go to lunch and I have to be a private designer the next table known as the synchronicity that produces what I need attention all Creative Solutions to the problem than you had before absolutely have a problem when you go to Google and you type it in and it comes back you know where the least possible on says the same thing with your intuitive mind if you ask what would it take it is kind of like doing a search through your intuitive mind to give you the potential on Civ 6 on your intuition to help you make a decision I thought about it this way before and then definitely before we get this call but to me I often ask myself is like what would I give up or what would we give up to do this
00:13:31right and so like because you know there's like a limited bandwidth or whatever and so it's like what is this more important in and I was think of it in terms like a totem pole like what's the higher priority yes we want to do this morning you everything but if we're going to do this we're going to have to give something up what do we give up to do it I watch worth giving up and that's probably a worse way of thinking about it because it assumes that you know there is limited resources whereas what would it take goes outside of just you know limited bandwidth I guess it doesn't have to be a zero-sum game I know that's how I used to approach business that you know if I'm going to have one thing I've got to give up another and it sort of relates to the whole idea that you have to hustle and struggle in order to grow a business which is what I used to do when I was younger now I cool my intuition using what would it take and all the techniques in order to get easy on us to do things you know maybe I can have someone else do the work for me or I can do a partnership with another company and we help each other out
00:14:31maybe I can do a crowdsourcing approach me I find you know a car and drive all maybe I find some points in my account and get a points ticket for nearly free to go to New York City so yeah well maybe one of my friends has a private jet and I go that way you know so this is so many more ways if we open ourselves up to creativity than having to do it the hard way what would it take and I was looking for you no problems with that kind of approach and one of these that I did think I was like you know if you're doing the what would it take aren't you kind of like presupposing that thing you're looking to do this beneficial it's like what would it take to know higher this graphic designer but that's like supposing that you need a graphic designer where is maybe you don't so like you don't think through isn't the actually the best solution doesn't dislike get you moving forward on something that may not be the best move well you know that's the risk of using any tools in your business you know if you just buy a sports car
00:15:31you can certainly go a lot faster in the wrong direction you know where is when you working you know you couldn't go 30 miles away and in a few so minutes even if it's just so absolutely you do need to know is this thing going to be a beneficial for you and I threw it down even more is going to be profitable is it going to be joyful so I separate out those two considerations because sometimes you know you might hire someone and they going to make you money but they're going to be such a pain in the ass to deal with that you know there's a negative thing energetic be speaking so I can look at what would it take to know how much profit this person's going to bring me what would it take to know how long they're going to stay with me cuz that's something else I want to know what I'm hiring someone are they going to flip out another job in 6 months or they going to stay for a few years you know what would it take to know how well I'm going to get on with the rest of the team yeah we just went through hiring 8 new people and that was one of the questions we were asking
00:16:31jobs it's like you know what's the likelihood of this person's going to stick around and that was part of the criteria in hiring them was trying to let me know if you can do it it's open to trying to get a sense for the person that's going to stick around a little longer because it's Vibe of the business you know something like being joyful in business and and I've known people that you know end up hiring and really kind of scaling and growing your team I definitely didn't make him more happy in fact you made any more money but we're not in the position where they enjoyed their business anymore and that I've met other people wear and I'm in the position of a them to scale and they're like now you know I don't want to hire people I don't want it run a team I'm making good money I'm happy with my business I'm happy where it's at and I just don't want to head in that direction and you know it's hard to argue with that I've tried at the spot you can really grow up now nobody not doing it
00:17:31oh yeah you got to grow you going to make it bigger last the mark of success right how big your office is how big your team is these days and I don't feel like that's the only criteria you know doing something meaningful in the world having a joyful experience at work being part of something bigger than yourself those are all things I think both I look for and I think you know what cuz look forward to selling point for us is that you know look I mean cuz everyone has especially if you're kind of in or around our community of some kind of entrepreneurial bogging so I give it to them and it works for the right people you know you can be a part of a bigger team a bigger something then you can on your own and you're going to have a team to support you and that's a selling point I think for the right people come to mind right my mind all the up to answer that so I Spectrum but both seem to be pretty happy in that business Ross Perry design pickle and he's got like a hundred people on his team at you she's grown
00:18:31the lost 40 months I think and he wants to grow it to 2,500 people on his team I think that's his goalie set up TC DKK in the next two years by call the numbers right apologies but I get is goals right but it was a pretty aggressive growth go but he's got a deeper meaning that they want to serve people better and then on the other side of the spectrum John Maya's as far as I know he's maybe he has some assistance or whatever be basically books on his own and yeah we have plenty of opportunities to start up companies will have you he likes doing his own self they are my buddy Mark burn laws in the summer position like Sky running a business in Indiana without people that use a virtual assistant but like that's about it and he doesn't want a full team and the number for that you know what would it take for a personal intuitions you can use in business what other kind of like into whatever and on intuitive approaches to use or comes to like doing business doing deals so I listen to my body
00:19:31say the different people get there and see what your messages Safeway some people hear words and they had some people see things some people feel something in there buddy I just screwed up in my chair I I feel the what do you mean by thinking about doing a deal with pain in your back you gets you know you got $0.10 and you feeling contracted you know maybe you have an Old Wounds from a skiing accident and it starts playing up when you meeting with them you know it could be anything that happens in your body that you notice the changes when you have you think about that particular deal and you knows a famous billionaire I'm spacing out of his name I'll get it to you later but George Soros yeah he does you know what currency trading you know she famously bet against the bank of England with a billion dollars and warm when he's in the position if his back so he can he unwinds the position
00:20:31that's how he decides when to get out of a trade so you know the same thing with a business deal different parts of your body to make if you information so you probably don't really make sense to you but if you listen to those signs there may be some value their eggs you I encourage you to just keep her position Journal you know when you're hiring someone to making a business deal okay I decided to hire you know Joe was the graphic designer and you know I had this ache in my tummy at the time but you know his resume looks great on paper or whatever and then you check back a month or two later and it's like okay so it worked out or maybe join it up and steam some of my clients leaving you know I was like oh maybe I got feeling was telling me something interesting I'm going to pay attention that I'm going to have to look for that I'm skeptical but it does kind of make sense to me I'll take a look at the general advice is right though that entrepreneurs need to be
00:21:31better at trusting their gut right Lawns & Order special early on but even later staged you know try to look at the numbers may try to make it just an analytical decision when especially if they've got some experience or they've got intuition that's kind of leading them down the right path they should trust that intuition a bit more so I totally understand that advice around that like trust your gut trust your intuition and business. Business is just speeded up so much you know I mean is 28 years and when I started out we can have FedEx we didn't have faxes we didn't have smartphones didn't have any mail now look at all the things that make business deals goes so much faster you know you can do everything in days if you want to what are you nice. Are Instinct right and more than most people have met and I see a lot of vodka case studies in like you know if people documenting their journey and they talk about how they really you know
00:22:31Outlook way this forces dad and they they took 6 months of testing before they made a decision in a lot of time especially like conversion rate optimization and things like that psych you know if I waited around till I can get the data thing I really would have moved on like I've got it gotten anywhere where is it might have made that God decision 6 months before at least it would have been a decision and then I can decide and you know after that kind of weather are successful or failure exactly the speed of business is just got so much boss or another so much more chaos out that I mean you can definitely see that in hiring you know if you wanted to do a totally illogical hiring decision and you investigated everything about the person you take months or years to figure out by that time it could have been hired by someone else if they're any good so I'm the same thing as you know with business deals you know how sometimes you just got to make a quick decision if it's a really good deal I remember reading someone who they have some small website business and the person wanted five grand for it
00:23:31makes it was going to be something wrong with this that's what that large, and said that they got said do it and I bought it and it turned out to be a good deal but if they waited to investigate someone else would have snapped it up I've been really curious about him being a lot about the last few months and I know a couple of guys and you just examples but there are others you know like I was like Greg Mercer Travis Jameson and you know I respect them and they're great entrepreneurs but one of them I do that fascinates me and freaks me out quite honestly about the way that you businesses they make super quick decisions right they will make on the hiring on doing deals on partnering and they just almost seems like a snap decision to me and you know all things a little bit so I'll take a little longer is that tends to just work for me right like maybe it takes me longer to come to that decision because my intuition but the way mine works it takes a little longer and so I'm just amazed at how quickly they able to make decisions I know other people to do that
00:24:31aren't successful but those are guys that are particularly really successful doing that and I wonder this ties in like if they have just tuned into their intuition a bit better like rabies or intuition is faster response to them fast as they can make this quicker decisions it's really interesting maybe you can work it out of the gym you know you don't chew ation the more you use it the more you trust it the faster and better a cat so you know if you are new to it maybe try your intuition somewhere small business where it's not tens of thousands of some small a decision and see it how it works out and if you like doing things look directly at making decisions that way keep doing that listen to the intuitive messages and write them down in this decision and then you know you can look back and see okay I could instead of spending a week making a decision like I happy also straight away from a situation you know I can see that you know 9 times out of 10 that's worked out good
00:25:31the recently just not business but personal I was emptying a trip to the you ask my wife for the first time you know her visiting us and was planning on a trip and looking for places to visit I remember looking at a couple of the hotels were going to stay in like weeks before I didn't pull the trigger like I'll figure it out later I ultimately in a booking the same hotels weeks later like the time so maybe you're right about that is a good place to stop cuz that's pretty low expense you know I mean if you make it wrong and maybe lose or gain a few hundred bucks right about entrepreneurial roadblocks we talked about that couple of weeks ago the things like imposter syndrome can you kind of like describe that for a listener's explain what that is that's where it doesn't matter how successful your business is you always feel like running posterior fake that someone's got to find out that you really know a real or not I already know successful on the any success you had
00:26:31was just luck you know so you don't acknowledge any people congratulate you on how well you been doing you kind of brush it off and don't really take it in their appreciation so I didn't least a little worried an over working and you know I get a case study with someone in the DCU has the syndrome and they found they didn't make as many sales cuz they just didn't go off the people as much what are you and follow up as much and they also worked a lot longer ass because they have to make everything perfect cuz they were afraid if you know would fail almost every entrepreneur I know I was gone through some degree or some level of this like everyone has this great and I think maybe for some people it's worse than others remember specific times and kind of my entrepreneurial path where that came on strong was the time we close and office that we had in the Philippines we had it open and it was costing us money or making much money the time like just enough kind of pay our bills and pay our people and we were like it's pointless at this office opens just additional cost me on you can have them work
00:27:30there's something about closing that office that made me feel like not a real life nor like if everyone's working from home what the hell are we doing we're not a real company said that was me that was like a point for me where I talked to her job was when we had less people so he viewed having more people on the team as being entrepreneurial success and having less as being less successful and we both realize both of those are crazy now like look less people in more profit is fantastic but like you when you go through if you don't really see it is clearly 70% bunch of bananas have this pasta feelings at some point or another in that creosote and you know if you look where it comes from it typically comes from childhood to know being at school and being criticized by your teachers or your parents criticizing you you know you never good enough you know how some kids that you even if they can't and I ate at parents are deciding him for not getting an A+ and it just may
00:28:30how to be okay with yourself so it can be pretty deep stuff to move can it be motivating it's like look hard isn't good enough yet right and so you're like okay I know where we need to go next right I can like drive you bananas different I think an imposter syndrome that's different yeah I think I can want to improve my business without feeling I'm a fake and I'm about to be found out I mean just cuz I have the joy of wanting to grow and improve it that's very different from being worried that I'm going to be you know I'm Cabo does a fake or the business will fail if there were either going to get found out or Cod is not being a true I'm going to air quotes thing the true entrepreneur how can I work on that what are some tools they can use to kind of feel better about better have that negatively affect their business last sure I mean this is a bunch of different things you can do basically you're going to be Shifting the bleach you happy you're not good enough or that you you know not a real Oxford and replacing them with the lease that yeah yeah
00:29:30pocket enough and you know you were doing good so I mean you can use the what would it take question as part of that you know what would it take for me to feel confident in my job or would it take to fill a reluctant to see what your intuition says you can also see if you can identify what exactly what believes you have you know that your business might fail if you don't work you know 60 hours every week or whatever the particular belief is the what would it take my point out some biases you have and then once you write them down they may look a lot less realistic like mine what would it take for me to feel like a real Launchpad or I'll walk to have an office I'm a look at that day or two later and be like what that's crazy what what am I thinking I'm not rubbing her unless I have all these are not really fine. I have a big office or I'm not real unless I have the comfy chair in the 30 ft no size corner office on a high skyscraper in the downtown of a fancy City
00:30:30Leaf it's no but you may not be conscious about what your actual belief is it is running your behavior so I just running how happy you feel so I'm covering those subconscious believe it's already packed. So I would suggest for yeah whatever message you use for clearing the beliefs and we mention what would it take and there's a bunch of other ones you can use but the four steps I use for this is on cover those leaves then measure how much should I believe you have so I want to stay with City hours at and how much do you believe I believe you always have like one or two it's kind of a maybe or is that 10 like yeah that's definitely true you know what are you and then do some clearing that would be the what would it take or some of the other things and then repeat that back you know go back through the loop and see if there any new beliefs of now pops up because now you see it but haven't got the office thing to be successful maybe something else comes up maybe you need your father to be proud of you you know I mean who knows all kinds of things
00:31:30icon for Roadblocks if you seen if you work with people that they've kind of come across and struggles going to work through success mean to them song you know how big the revenue is of the business you know a 7 pick up business or an 8-figure business and is that really what you're striving forecast for me while I'm out of money where I'm comfortable he has a lot less motivation you know I'd much rather be focused on that might enjoying having this business I mean half the people I've talked to who are entrepreneurs and most of them are in the DC so that you know that pretty abundant supposed to people but about half of them I thinking of selling the business cuz it's like they start doing it for them for me and let's keep up the side of the care about happy they could sell the business with a dog on Tuesday
00:32:30profit and loss of balance sheets we hire someone else who is good at that till I see okay which department is good where we leaking money in our business you know that's pretty, but what if you get the same for the joy you got is there a part of your business to give you love joy and another part that really sucks the joy out of you and that's pretty, you know whatever it is maybe the sales really turns you on but the accounting turns you off all the legal stuff is a real drag you know the operations you just close your eyes when you don't have to deal with that stuff on that on kind of like you know the profit and loss of joy in your business I think I'd be something I'd be really interesting to take a look at if you you don't have any or have cookies came up with it but it would be interesting if you put a number from 0 to 10 that's how you measure the joy you say okay it really sucks 0 or 10 it's really joyful at least send you a conscious of what areas in your business could you expect
00:33:30other bleeding's choice so what would it take to get it to a 4 out of 10 and I said that Robin will it take to get to 10 out of 10 cats often as easy as like jump a little bit rather than trying to make a big jumbled once yeah so you might get inspiration there and then once you get it to afford it take to get to 5 what would it take to get to sex you going to jump it up a bit of time or maybe I can change the way I'm doing my accounting maybe I can get a quart of the reports that made me feel Lamar's confidence you or whatever it is yeah that makes sense he was talking about Slaughter something in someone's talking about you have the coconut Cowboys and like you know those guys are struggling in and they need to start doing some real business and that kind of
00:34:30I'm playing but the same time I mean there are some people I think that could use to level up right especially the ones that are in like this HMI or Vietnam or whatever for example that are not happy with where they're at right that do you want to level up there's probably some value in may be making better connections getting outside of the places that are super cheap to live it can help them show me people that are happy doing that right I got to come back to my buddy Mark renoir's doing well Legend Chiang Mai travels a lot but lives in Chiang mine is happy there no one else was place to tell them all you're not good enough for you need to build a bigger business or you shouldn't live there but you do see some of that in the DC and it's like this push that we have here outside of kind of what we're doing like the keeping up with the Joneses what does keeping up with the Joneses in like expat entrepreneurship to yeah I think I've seen that pressure on but really you know just as business making you happy doesn't make you money does he help you be live a healthy life
00:35:30which is another threat to a dinner because if you were like really stressed out and working on her ass and it's that you got paid today for business the drain your joy and energy that's where your health my supper and I know this model to DC is who had health crises know had cancer or had a heart problem or whatever and then they suddenly refocus on what that priority is the yeah I want to be healthy goes to me if I'm not healthy it's really hard to enjoy the money to provide this is a subtext of like why we don't put us to start with and I don't think we look at that too closely I'm from me personally I never got my business is as a vehicle for me to get personal growth mean truly make me money I get to enjoy them but the leveling up thing I do that mess I mean I like making more money but I also do it often when I'm leveling up I am studly challenge to do
00:36:30things I have done before loan you soften address personal patterns of blocks I have a police have been getting in my own way for years or decades so you know that's really exciting like right now I'm doing a small business thing which is a 90-day video challenge where I publish a video every day and I was scared to do that to start with because I was afraid what people would think of it or make it criticize me or maybe no one would watch it so that's ballsy because video I'm just such not a fan of and then in addition to that you just recently liked came out publicly identifying as a woman right and so like that they transition is to do that publicly and it talk about it publicly and answer questions for people that are curious or you know concerned or whatever that I think is scary I was pretty scared I mean I am I suddenly done female things for a long time I mean I kind of I felt female inside for
00:37:30what time I'm still working on getting my voice to sound more female doesn't take me female right now but coming out more publicly so what I did is I found out my clients on that was scary as shit like what if they decide to cancel our contracts now you know any old worked out fine you got myself ahead of time what would it take to have an easy and graceful conversation with each my clients with them and they were very supportive and then they said some stuff in their life so I didn't know you know so yeah one of them had a daughter who is get gay and someone else had some other stuff going on in my life you know you share something with people that's very personal or Private Ryan you going to come up with that then people are much more willing are they almost feel like where did you buy your life like why did you bother telling your clients I mean it's not really relevant to the job you can do for them is it because you felt like
00:38:30or not being honest and truthful with them like was your reasoning that it was combination I wanted to be my authentic self in every area of my life and if I was being female in my private my friends and family but I wasn't being an in business and it just didn't feel you know it's effectively lying and I don't know about you but for me lying takes quite a lot of energy but not easier to be honest right it's easier it's less headache less stress and then the other fact it was I figured this would give me a shitload of personal growth which she said I kind of been playing with it for a while but it was when I was at tcbk my day and I just had this inspiration I need to do this now so I got off on off Catalina to change my name in the DC system and she was like they'll find you I have to do that took two
00:39:30I like I've been worrying about it yet for your likes your Lycra mulling it over going to all God what are they going to do did you get any backlash from customers have you had any backlash from you know anyone the dynamite circling the right. I've had full would lash that's the word did some other words I had a new business so yeah I mean my nephew is is a kind of the more I am my real self and my Atlantic Self with people it does polarize your audience you know it's going to be some people with that but the ones you do click with you were going to click even more and I want to be more connected that's my belief in experience so when I try to be everything for everyone I'm nothing for no one no Rossini like downsides from that like we're going to be like how I don't want to do business with you or any like overt racism and he was saying that it's actually a polarizing
00:40:30the way that it's like the people that aren't too busy with me don't even bother approaching me so I don't have to worry about it I know that's what you're saying yeah I just some old would it take cuz I emailed my whole email list I put a 5000 plus the email list my software business yeah I sent an email to them telling them I'm changing my name on my agenda and he is why I'm here is a blog post about it that gives you more details if you're curious you know and I'm probably doing it to set a role model for all the people they want to be authentic at work you know to help all the people in that we found to where you know if you are very open and honest about the way you do business about what type of thing is you're trying to do about kind of your philosophy on the what governs you and your decision-making then attracts people that are interested in that that wants to do that that are on board with that and it
00:41:30Powell's people that aren't right which is ideal for us like we were people that are on board with the way we do business and for everyone else and I love what your friend said about he doesn't even see the ones who don't want to try tonight I did the same thing when I send out a mass email and I so cool no posted about it on LinkedIn and Facebook and I called about I think about 400 comments through email and through comments on social media every single one was posted no hater comments attention I said before I sent it but that's what what happened but the people who didn't like this wouldn't even see the email or the social post I was thinking that the one that's crazy cuz it's not a political issues for a personal issue but it's become so plus size in the US that's like almost you can see people taking you know step into the ride
00:42:30stepping the left on the issue but that doesn't make any sense because you know yes there's a political issue there but we're dealing with someone that's much more personal right yeah I'm not doing this but there is some political connection I guess we will let you know what do you stuff that's coming out in the end I'm at women and and also the transgendered stuff you know this love pool open so I'm not greatly tied into I mean I do support those things like for example I have a pug cost so I started a year ago I'm one of them what type of cost I interviewed women about issues they have in Tech about you know how they don't get HUD how they don't get paid as much as the man who do the same welcome excetera so you don't get some I don't know if you want to go out to eat just amazing to be doing the right in front of our community
00:43:30drug be like everyone operates a little differently so there's like I'm in this by you in going off script write off a script that was kind of written for you and count designing your own path in life you will not spin the wheel. But that doesn't always work I mean you can't always go against the grain when business right there are some like ways of doing business that just makes sense and that you know like trying to go against that may not be the best move for you like how I wait till I kind of work through that if you understand my question I think I understand your question though maybe a specific example would help to understand it better when you say going against the grain business what would that look like let's say that everyone in your industry is doing it one particular way right everyone does all your competitors do it one when you go look I'm going to do it differently to be different right I think there's buy one that is sometimes that tends to work and that helps you stand out and is a new and Innovative way of doing it at other times you're just going against what makes sense right and so how do you
00:44:30measure the two how do you decide you know what is an interesting kind of going against the grain or what is not going to be so good for your business that make sense Against the Grain is a better way and that's how the Virgin Empire grown I mean like pretty much everything go like 500 Business and I think I'm too that an umbrella and I pretty much every one of them tries to go against the grain of Hell cheats with Don cuz that is right that they look at it with fresh eyes and say well everyone else does it this way but is that the best for us and our customers yeah maybe maybe not so but if you want to know ahead of time what would it take to know whether this is going to bring me profit what would it take to know if it is going to bring you Joy I mean one of the other tools I used was what would it take is like visualize a profit graph of a time in the future and see you know how much profit and I do it by joydrop as well see how much do I make that doesn't go off I'm downtown does it you know have gaps in it does it end mysteriously
00:45:30off to 2 years now so maybe that's a little further on the wee wee wee Spectrum it's always easy to back down from that but if you kind of go with what is common knowledge or is she typically the way that this is. It's really hard after the fact to go and change that to be different so maybe especially earlier if you're just heading into something testing Against the Grain to see if it still holds up or not is I think maybe maybe the better move it's worth trying at least it's easier to try before you got everything in motion and place them that makes it more difficult absolutely like that like in concrete that you must do this forever this way you just going to try it out and give it a fact chance and see how it goes and then eek wake up hitting or improving it you know so that's something I used to have a lot of trouble with you no letting
00:46:30call experiments that didn't work out too long I've done that too like either I didn't set up a measurement of failure or success early on and so I was kind of stuck going I don't know if this is working which is really tough one or it was just a baby of mine that I didn't want to kill I can hike and save this way we can keep going but yeah I can listen to my intuition maybe a little earlier would be like now this is what I guess what I wanted to take away is that you are a listeners to walk with try out the what would it take? To use that and so just try that out the more you can practice at the bottom but if you find it helps you share it with your stuff as well share of your clients use in meetings and I'll get everyone coming out with intuitive creative ideas to earn your business can really take off
00:47:30the other thing is you know I'm on a mission here to have lunch with us use that intuition at work openly because I think it will make us more money it'll give us that stress it will give us a lot more joy and no business right now we could do with more three of those things for sure and also I also think if a Business Leaders use their intuition that make less the gas stations that are all the people on the planet and maybe that last applies the entrepreneurs who were listening and maybe some of the law to businesses where they can screw around people they screw up the planets what they just do things that I really think it's that got they wouldn't be doing it quite the same way I like that it was thank you so much we always been really interesting conversation and I bleeding on this was going to get something they can walk away with unused she won't even touch the final bit more worse they gone and I know you got intuitive leadership mastery.com where else can people get in touch yes and sure enough leadership mastri don't call them is where you can find my book on podcast
00:48:30YouTube channel basically if you Google for executive leadership Foster you going to find a while social media are things I go to look at a study videos on the YouTube and also the whole book cost is also on YouTube as well as being what do so and also have a what would it take cool that I created a few months ago so intrigued you to learn how to use that more deeply check that out awesome girl thank you so much thank you you've been listening to the Empire podcast now some news and updates million all-time downloads across all of our podcast and shows like this Empire flippers that includes what Equity show and that includes the digital podcast Journey so that's a lot a lot that's pretty amazing definitely take a couple years to get there and hopefully it will get 2 million quicker than we hit 1 million more podcast
00:49:30kids were slacky but we're on it right now see where all these lips and changed it like it was last November so you can't see the countries that came from previous November I don't know what's up with that but you got some crazy stuff second point is we are currently split testing are violation to land the cellular site page right now so you see any differences they are you been there before and it looks a little different that's probably why so bear with us while we do a little bit of testing check out the vibration two of us know what you think in terms of the changes and see if you think it's interesting at work we just testing the versions seeing what converts better and when we get some numbers on that I love to come back and talk about kind of where they were before where they are after what the reason for the change it's just I can I have no shared an appointment somewhere that's nice yeah I'm very excited to see what these changes due to the side and you know what kind of things we can increase
00:50:30I get the word out there let everyone know on the larger deals so here's how it works normally would take 15% across the board on a successful sale that's relating to where we make our money where you pay you pay on Phonics successful completion of the deal it's still 15% for businesses listen up to 1 million its 12% for businesses wanted to 10% for business is 225 at 8% for businesses listed at over 5 $9 for doing this as we do even more and more listings in seven figures and we're just saying look at me I think it makes more sense to cut down our commission at that level I think it needs to be competitive and I think he needs your reasonable I don't want to lose a deal from a friend or someone that I know that's like I just charging too much man I just feel $3000000 business and I can't lift it with you because it's too high that's just not good yeah I think it represents market rate at this point definitely towards the top end but I believe we provide equality full slide service so we deserve to get that right
00:51:30Golden Eagle boosting social proof segment first I forgot Ryan Brazil on Twitter so it is the concept position still available at strong interest we hosted you and Joanne are podcast beach house in Brazil a few years ago lots of happened I love to connect the answer Ryan is yes we are currently taking applications for our content position are consecration position it's on the Block if you want to take a look I'll link to that in the show notes as well if you're interested in applying we're getting some applications in and we will be hiring someone that will be joining us in the Philippines on Boracay Beach in April that's right another dimension our buddy Kevin Graham was interviewed over at Lyon's the old girlfriend Daryl Rob building and then selling off his website so they don't have some detail I'll put a link to that in the show notes. Lions you was a great show great podcast run by Daryl a really good SEO definitely worth checking out
00:52:30you can find the show notes for this episode of more Empire flippers. Com WWII tea and make sure it falls on Twitter at Empire flippers see you next time bye bye everybody you enjoyed this episode of the Empire podcast with Justin and Joe it up Empire flippers. Com for more that's Empire flippers. Com thanks for listening

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