The Edge show gives the latest weekly news from Microsoft relevant for IT Professionals and a technical dive into various products and scenarios like Windows Server, Windows Azure, Private Cloud, and Consumerization of IT.
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In Edge Show 148, Taylor Brown, Microsoft Senior Program Manager, tells about Windows Containers on Ch9 Live at Ignite 2015. Taylor clarifies and demystifies different technical aspects of Windows Containers and answers many of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that are not found anywhere else.  More specifically we cover:[00:33] What are containers?[01:32] Can you forget about containers and just keep using virtualization?[03:00] Does containerization help with hardware density and utilization?[03:50] What is the difference between Windows Server containers and Hyper-V containers?[05:17] Where is Microsoft using Windows Containers?[05:58] Can you run Windows Containers on Nano Server?[07:08] Is there a reason why you would ever want to run Windows Containers on a full GUI version of Windows Server?[07:40] Where can you deploy Windows containers?[08:53] Will Hyper-V in vNext Windows Server support nested virtualization?[09:47] Where are some areas where Dev and Ops might work together with Windows Containers?[11:10] How are deployments easier or different with containers? (and a story of Mark Russinovich's keynote)[12:51] Do you have to run Docker to create and use Windows Containers?[15:00] Are Linux containers interchangeable with Windows Containers (i.e. via Docker)?[17:03] When might someone use Docker Machine or Docker Swarm with Windows Containers?[18:35] Are containers secure? More or less secure than virtual machines?[20:47] How is patching different now with containers?[23:00] How do containers relate to Infrastructure as Code?[24:55] What is a micro service and how does this relate to containers?[26:25] Why or when might you want to utilize containers, micro services, or the Azure Service Fabric?[29:00] What are some recommended next steps to get started with Windows Containers?Windows Containers Homepage - http://aka.ms/windowscontainersSign up for a free trial of Windows Azure - http://aka.ms/aztrialNews:Check out the Microsoft DevOps news highlights at: http://aka.ms/DevOpsNewsConnect with the Edge Team:Follow @tnedgeFollow @MattMcSpiritFollow @dtzarFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDNFacebook 
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