Happy Birthday!
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00:00:10NHK world
00:00:34Thailand is has come from seasonal cup restaurant together with other friends
00:00:51let's listen to this
00:01:26okay let's go
00:01:32happy birthday to Emma and the honorific
00:01:54otanjoubi Stewart together
00:02:27congratulations on passing an entrance exam
00:02:42this is a little something for you is this just a little bit not too much is a blank expression at the end of a sentence
00:03:21I never received the person I would like to thank you very much I would like to see more literally what have you been given a form of the verb to be given to receive
00:04:04indicate that the action receipt to seek an explanation for confirmation
00:04:33I'm off the reminder 11:14 maybe we'll find out soon
00:05:28now it's time for today's lesson 33 what are the differences
00:05:57first of all please note to get it the subject yourself
00:06:36I want to say
00:06:59is a person when the receiver is the subject you use on a scooter
00:07:43something from yourself a lot more comfortable in Japanese
00:08:02that was today's teacher teacher
00:08:08have introduced sound
00:08:23describe and feeling better
00:08:40describe two Tears In Spite of yourself
00:08:57before closing
00:09:34Virginia wrestling 45
00:09:39otanjoubi you made it to the birthday party

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