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We take stock of the seasons for the young prospects of the chock-full Atlantic Division, looking at (in order), Boston, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Toronto, and New York.
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00:00:00this is one of the best times a year for many sports fans NCAA March Madness so many games that you never know what's going to happen you could see an 11 seed in the final four like with my hometown Loyola Ramblers you have to be ready for whatever the next Ron brings and make sure your fridge is an empty by halftime swing by Walmart before every round stocking up on Coca Cola Coke Zero sugar make sure you're ready refresh every rhombus heading to Walmart to pick up Coca-Cola Coke Zero sugar and Powerade on to a Tuesday night going to continue our young players series with the Atlantic division a lot of interesting young prospects but of course in this Division and while we start with the 51 and 23 Boston Celtics or catch you up and where they are fundamentally they are five and two despite the fact that Kyrie Irving I believe is missed every single one of those games there 4.6 not reading / clean the glass of did non garbage time is fourth in the NBA they support the 16th ranked offense and still
00:00:59the first overall defense amazingly considering that Utah's been so good late but they certainly were not with Rudy gobert was out and their projected to finish second in the East with 56 wins and would you like to start with j i mean you can go with brown or Tatum neither order that start with Jaylen Brown he has a little bit more NBA experience by virtue of this being his second year this is his age 21 season for basketball reference for a year because that stays the same I don't think that you know a day ahead of the other point and brown I would say this year has been a positive one for him to wear elements that looked better you know earlier but overall better shooting you know 38% from 3 right now as opposed to 35 last year that's a nice Improvement looking more comfortable defensively more comfortable with the ball in his hands and I think it's clear to see his place on a good team because
00:01:59he has a place on a good team and you always wonder how different is develop it might have been I'd imagine that the spot-up shooting the defense wouldn't be as good if you're on another team that he would have more facility working in pick-and-roll off the dribble and if you were on another team and fishing to see as we go forward here really mature is into being the second option off the dribble you think it's probably more likely to be Jayson Tatum he's a little more polished than brown is certainly the 3-point shooting it has been encouraging for Braun yours Wonder especially with his free-throw shooting which is not really gotten a ton better how realistic that actually is but certainly it he's more aggressive shooting the 3 and shooting at a higher percentage getting his shot off more quickly so if that's all really encouraging it his development into being a guy now with are pretty high floor due to his role playing potential is good three things really to me stick out as needing Improvement if he's really going to get to be a star player number one is defensively at
00:02:59he's very solid against smaller players he's got quick feet but he just has no idea how to use his body whatsoever in the post when guys try to go Adam who who has died this white the fact that fraud obviously is very strong physically at least it in turns out his body looks he just didn't know provides no resistance the postal file Hill reach-in he'll just get spun off of get lean the wrong way that's one thing number passing the ball just not really something that he has been asked to do a ton of but it hasn't shown really any kind of vision at all unless I actually surprisingly for a guy of his at what it gets is his fishing around the room has been surprisingly poor and I think that's something that he can really improve on pretty easily you know you miss is a lot of shots where it's like surprising to see that he missed it you don't get good separation will get to the rim Hill jump out of the gym and then just got a kink the Lapin and I'm hopeful that you're the quality those looks easy able to get it through America are pretty good I'm hopeful that he can improve on that
00:03:59and the defense the passing you know that might be a little more something that it could be hard for him he is somewhat encouraging last year's wanted things that concern me was his dumb crate was incredibly low he had less than 1 less than half of 1 per game yet 30 dunks and send me a games that's closer to 1 per game now 50 and 63 games as we're recording this but considering Browns athleticism I think I could be over over won a game even though he doesn't take a ton of shots and he's up at right now at 400 possession let's do 36 minutes that's probably better 13 shots for 36 minutes which is right that he has on the Celtics this year is fine I think that's kind of about what is going on with the idea that maybe Brian will be a star but I like him in that role and said to you you alluded to earlier but I think it's even in a different ways I think he benefits in terms of his overall perception a lot from being on the Celtics because when I watch Brown I don't see a player who if you gave him like Devin Booker's responsibilities with the ball in his hands taking off her shots are not saying
00:04:59Captain Cal Bears I think that scaling Brown up wouldn't necessarily be pretty I think it would be more like what happened to Trevor Ariza the first time he was on I think I was the Rockets before I went to New Orleans yes it was the Rockets no I do not agree with you on that big brown people to eat turns it over a bear bow ties Google text but he is a lot of creativity with his handle it and I think if that could be harnessed voltage in the pick-and-roll that and then it in transitional or in isolations that you're he does have that potential that's what I like for my I don't think that he's going to get there I think it's more likely at best that maybe tops out as more of kind of like a Harrison Barnes s scores not really creating that much for others of the attic Barnes of the better jump shot but I do think that brown with his physical abilities especially if he gets the switch there's going to be a lot of times where he's going to be guarded by smaller players he can get into the post it he can I saw he's got the ability to rise up with the jump shot they run a lot of quick hitting post cut typo
00:05:59please forward me that he's able to be effective on fighting he does have the ability to be a more personal score it's just a question of you know he's going to be able to create for others as well and I think we just don't really know where I'd be if he was asked to be kind of an every-down guy putting the ball in his hands running a lot of pick-and-rolls or a lot of ice owes you know what my inclination is he probably wouldn't be that efficient right now but he's got more ball skills then I think a lot of people give him credit for it just does the whole package and the field come together for him know that's where I really question it but I do think he has the potential if that part comes around ball skills are better but I don't think they are so good that they really create that much more it's it's a benefit in terms of the team concept especially if he can shoot well enough to the phone and have to close out hard on him one other small piece I want to praise you and brown for this year and last year he just doesn't take me long to see it's a brad Stevens thing to a point depending on certain players do you know I keep dealing Brown's distribution of shots is almost there
00:06:59exactly where I would want it and ideally the percentages would go up by me we talked about the rim if he could be you know this level or a little bit better on Three's would be would be great but getting that part right at age 22 * 21 is a very positive things to Tatum now is 19 as of February 1st I think he just turned 20 I want to say and 14 of the 3-point shooting it has been the biggest are still at 43% on the season despite a a recent death not a huge huge volume guy at this point he is so new I think has shown more passing feels me if you go back to free sample that drive and kick he had to Marcus Morris Day hit that three the beat OKC last week he is a little bit more comfortable being close to number one option still alive that is creating open or I should say open but us some pretty good separation and if you said hey all we're allowed to shoot as one-twos he would be one of the more
00:07:59where is it in the legs are you able to create pretty decent looks there the other the iso numbers are not incredible amazing right about League average in terms of his ISO percentage would have you thought of him defensively solid but unspectacular the Celtics need him to be at that level or better and Tatum is delivered I don't see that many wow plays from him but generally doesn't get blown by that much I need a Whitney helps its. Oh my God he's going to get that huge recovery bought the Wii has a couple times this season the Celtics have been able to make that work for them and it's it's surprising an impressive that Boston's defense Isabel we talked about in the number one in the league when they don't have that true you know like the lock Town Center type guy or was that perimeter shutdown player and they've really relied on a team concept and doing so with a 19 year old is Miles Ahead of where most guys his age are and I think that's an important part of it but I don't look at Tatum and see
00:08:59player who will be a you know I can walk down Defender I see him as a useful positive Defender team has it been hurt at one point or another this season other than maybe easier but Rosie Rose has been mostly in a backup role each thing we actually a difference is between brown and Tatum that I think could could bode well for Tatum moving forward is that he Nails his free throws and he did in college as well as 85% is busy or Duke 82% this year 3 operators is it solid I'm happy with that number where it is now if his usage ramps up then you would want him to to get to the line a little bit more but that provides a greater comfort that the jumper is maybe not this legit but that it is you know he's expected value on threes has really reason for me even if I don't think you will be a 40 to 43% three-point shooter moving forward but even if it's 38 to 40
00:09:59that would be massive massive for him and for the way because so much runs through Al Horford at the elbows he's he's a Alice one of the highest rates that you'll ever see him I'm a big guy at 24.5% this season for Tatum I think is he going to be the question is the ceiling now right it is he going to be really your absolute number one outside I think he projected someone who can be I've talked about it for a while it's kind of an evolutionary Joe Johnson offensively guy who created after number along choose but his little bit more athletic a little bit longer can get to the room a little bit more than someone like Joe will see whether he can become the shooter that Joe was in his career oven is off to a good start there especially considering his age so I think of another guy very high floor player do I expect him to shoot 40% on Three's every year maybe not but I think like you I've
00:10:59commodity idea that you can be in the high 30s it for his career he look more comfortable above the brake where is it in the summer he was really more comfortable just from the corners is so he's made some really nice improvements and I got another guy who I wonder how would be talking about him if you were on another team yo-yo in the Devin Booker role as opposed to being a support player you know he's only got 19% usage Brown only 21% at this point but he visited Earth ecosystem 260 even with there too because he plays with Warfarin he does start for this team so that's that helps him to give you much less efficient obviously 59% true shooting this year it were not for the fact that he's in on this Boston team members we want one thing just briefly I think it is fascinating considering the Celtics split is that on basketball reference which doesn't sell tricarbon chime Tatum's field goal percentage around the rim is 62% and on cleaning the glass it's 58% and that difference is pretty significant for a player who is Noah 3/4
00:11:59colleges are amazing you know that they're solid but not spectacular numbers of the pick-and-roll ball-handler are pretty good you I'd like to see more of that for him as well he's got 108 points on 92 possessions that's a small sample don't go crazy with it but he has had some success there a lot of that is when he takes it a jumper off that you're a lot of pick-and-roll is at 1.5 points per possession so that's obviously an unsustainable number they're almost in an empty gym Bay City of me as you you're almost hitting 75% of your shots there if since most of those are two is actually at 66% of the shots I'm sorry so let's move on to Marcus Smart out currently with the thumb injury has played more as a backup point guard that you're his playmaking has been good I've liked what he be able to do on post Ops against more guards it as well and then passing out of the post that I think he's been solid I DK he is really regressed in his shot selection from downtown and the jumper has not come around
00:12:59and I think we don't need to spend that much time on his defense because I need just he's already one of the absolute best in the league especially I mean unless he get someone you're basically anyone below LeBron size in terms of size and strength he's really a plus option even against most threes but certainly choose and then even ones I think you know he's might even be better than his the party comrade at Avery Bradley at all those positions at this point I'm not going to argue with that and smarts competitiveness also make some switches and as we've talked about him being the narrative with this shift into degree with Draymond Green a player's height is a lot less relevant than their functional height and strength in terms of those switch matchups and then smart question with him his can smart create enough offense value to stay on the floor when does best players are there and once. That I always liked him clean the glasses at points per shot attempt to basically trying to measure yourself including when when guys go to the line how productive are they on that and Marcus Smart is in the 13%
00:13:59out for wings at basically less than 0.4 shot attempt and he is capable as a password I liked when he you know some of the stuff they ran off on so we with him early in the season but if opponents can basically just stay miles away from him it totally changes the viability of smart as a playoff player which we've seen a little bit in the last couple runs for the Celtics and we probably will see this year shooting enough that you're one out of every four games maybe you'll make five 3-pointers because that shot it is available then but even if he takes a lot of shots that aren't even late o'clock or aren't uncontested yeah I think it's usually higher than it should be granted he's had to be the centerpiece of some very limited triple creation units but turning it over 22% of the time out of the pick-and-roll that Julia ugly he I was totally wrong about his athleticism I thought that he would be a guy who could really get to the foul line and finish at The Rim when I saw me college that is not translated in the slide at these the really shoots poorly around
00:14:59maybe he has come in in better shape this year but the other that hasn't translated a ton and then you know shooting anything off the dribble you know I want to me when he's running pick-and-roll he's running it to pass that's basically it and what he has is forced to take the shot he's not really able to be that effective certainly a rare type of player one who I think is diable particularly in the regular season I am of the police now that is offensive limitations are high enough that he really just can't mature into being a starting point guard because just the shot the finishing around the rim the explosion I just don't think it's going to be there any seems like you know someone who'd because his offense of limitations destined to be a bench player if a very good one for his career yeah he's better with the bonus answer because he is in a good shooter and takes too many shots when he's off Ball but I don't think he's good enough with the ball in his hands to justify doing so that's a really hard challenge I've been talking
00:15:59a little bit with Brandon Ingram work for question with Marcus Smart I think we have a clear answer on it but he's so good defensively make that work and maybe if you can if you are fortunate enough and certain teams Boston might even be this way where she can be in your number 5 offense of option know if you can play a center especially Center who can space the floor maybe it can be terrible if he can really shut down but one of the big problems is around the league in this isn't a surprise is that the best wings are on the real big side and the dope of the few players to Marcus Smart can have some trouble with our exactly is the players who have that leverage like the sure he could be very useful in the series against DeMar DeRozan or something like that but the absolute best teams are there and it's a shame that we're probably not going to get to see maybe maybe in like next year theoretically a hard and smart series because that would be the most interesting one cuz he's got * 2 but that would be a challenge for smart and we saw how crazy that game was with those guys earlier in the year zero 23 is played well in the absence of Kyrie Irving
00:16:59averaging about 19 points a game in this most recent stint without him a guy that we talked about it in the point guard rankings I think you are generally Celtic fans will hire on him then we are the biggest thing that's been encouraging about him is the development of his jump shot which was not a strength coming out of school I think defensively he is above average to be sure they're not really quite big enough to be a switch guy but certainly is a guy you can pressure up these at Lotus ISM has good length of one of the better rebounding point guards as well on both ends will even get some offensive rebounds it at times I think the biggest limitations for him right now I think he's gotten to the point where you probably don't want to go under on him on the pick-and-roll which it is solid but when he gets to the rim we noted that his finishing is Lonzo ball in it I forgot who was said about that about a couple days ago I think he's a door under 50% finishing at the room we did a long piece on him as well and then the distribution really is not been there again you know the way they use their bigs you
00:17:59not quite as much but to be as a starting point guard know maybe he can become more of kind of a George Hill type ultimately but not a guy who has quite that level of length that were size to check some of the bigger too so another guy who I think is and these are some of the hardest guys to Pagan restricted free agency is all day much like smart and grows ear as looking like he's going to have a career as a very solid backup but has some limitations that are difficult to improve I think his limitations are not as hard to improve its part no finishing at The Rim passing know those are things you can get better at more because there's at least athletic Denny the room where is smart isn't really doesn't really had the explosion against the tools to get better that and the passing but for right now I picking him as more it's kind of a high-end back up a Cory Joseph kind of level of point guard do start in a pinch for you maybe close some games with another point guard but probably not your every down starter and players who are not
00:18:59what kind of real love our major problems in restricted free agency because especially now that it's an area where I think 19 will be more flush than 18 but still nothing close to 2016 right thing like that and so you basically need to be a priority and that team needs to strike out another pieces because the way we should your fridge and see where you're going to have to have the money on July 6th in order to really make it work and so that will be a challenge for Rosier I'm sure Boston would love to have him back at a reasonable price especially considering the Perils of not having quality point guard play but assuming Kyrie Irving resigns which is still it's still unsure because he hasn't actually resigned that'll be a consideration there I think we should move on just briefly to talk about some of the other Celtic guys I really enjoyed Daniel theis this year this is age 25 season I think of times as a part of a team set a rotation probably not the key piece but in that 10 to 15 minutes ago and I'm guaranteed until I think some point in July
00:19:59an unrestricted after that which will be after the age 26 Season the Celtics have really good position with him and then even though Boston you know they probably want another you know somebody in the air in veins weather in Spain's or somebody else having ties is a big Advantage for them because it's those minutes they can be counted for and that don't cost a lot of money from this meniscus surgery I feel okay with him as a backup they're not shooting it has fluctuating he was he got up pretty high there but then down to 31% now total on the year 18 out of 58 so it was able to hit the 3 okay in your up with the shorter line is finishing around the room has been solid hire offensive rebound rate maybe that then you might expect a 11% and decent Mobility so he's a perfect the Grapevine to just get him for the minimum out of your up but yeah I see him as hell maybe is that your only backup center or maybe they still have yo the kind of that more Bruiser type
00:20:59protect Al Horford from those matchups at the starter games that entices it quite that guy but yeah as a bench Center you know it's kind of a Mavs bench Center if you think about it you know he's been able to run the offense for the elbows the Celtics like you as well really nice fine there at 25 I don't think he ever going to be starting level player semi ojeleye I've referred to him as the brick shithouse when he is just guys just bounce off him I mean he's wanted to just the biggest strongest players in the NBA for this position loses feet pretty well but that's really kind of where the positives of ended for him this season has been an intensely negative score this year of being shooting 30% on Three's 36% in the in the restricted area is appalling and that 36% a restricted area is the best anywhere cuz he's in the you know in the thirties and 25% on the long to so not providing a lot of value they're certainly not a great passer at this point and turning the ball over way too much of turnover
00:21:59synergist 10% of what do you think about it so his assistant turnover rate is just appalling and ojeleye at age 23 certainly time for skill development can the Celtics and that's where you throw up all of your development georgiano's relay is to the office then cuz it's defense is getting there but it's going to take a lot for him to move out of that kind of you know break glass in case of emergency Defender type roll me over sale a who it really is has done little is not the few times I tried in a rotation spot it hasn't worked just haven't really seen much from him at all another one of these guys defensible you stuck between the four in the 5 and maybe there's some hope that he could become a bench big but hasn't shown much she had and then Abdel Nader who they brought up for Maine this year a guy who at the G League level is capable of getting to the basket off the dribble the three pointers has looked a little wonky from him only A 5.6 PR and then defensively where he only has the size in some of the
00:22:59what I've seen he's really just looked totally lost me a lot of weird mistakes so probably not a guy you're you're counting on developing into a rotation player kind of kind of a for a type of player in terms of like his ball skills that aren't really going to translate as much the NBA from the G league and then doesn't do the role player stuff well enough at this point I will get to Philly next is going to be another lesson 81 the first this from your mechanic at someone with a predilection for old sports cars in my life I wish that your mechanic it had been around at various times because sitting around in the waiting room repair shop is awful how are you supposed to get there when the whores are there is cuz your car is in the repair shop and it probably wasn't even running your mechanic.com it takes that away they actually come to your house or your office and do work on your car for you if they can replace it your brake pads do basic maintenance and they give you a quote up front at the actual price that you paid your car's not starting give them a call I haven't come out and see if they can
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00:24:59over under is because Ben Simmons and Joel embiid have both been better and played more than anyone really thought was possible seven and one since the last 15 and 65th and net rating which is incredible 14th and offense and defense and projected to win 50 games after their win over the nuggets on Monday which would put them in the East one game out of Cleveland and I want to start with Ben Simmons partially because Joel embiid is easier to talk about and what makes Simmons a challenge is that he is distinct among the league of amazing athletes that are strong and different things because nobody has the combination of strengths and weaknesses of Ben Simmons Whose passing his transition plan he just killed even even the way you bring the ball up fast after makes made free throws even out of the car and I was the Nuggets but he just changes the entire ethos of a team from a transition standpoint grab-and-go guy he is
00:25:59pure point guard in transition now in a like to be listed as a guard of course the shooting which is still just been horrible even when he's on 15-footer it doesn't look good and when you run a pick-and-roll with him yeah you know what like maybe you go under and he beat you to the spot but generally he can't be your main picture old guide back Philly it runs it. The few is there at the very bottom of number of pick-and-roll in the league because picking roads are really work that well with benzos maybe you can get him the ball clothes with a live dribble you could do a slug pick-and-roll but I think he has been working though I'm finding more versatile ways to score a photo smaller Defenders on me I think last night against the Nuggets just in the first quarter I counted him trying to just hard duck in with that big body 5 or 6 times and I like the fact that he is starting to embrace contact a little bit more that he really wants to use his body and all that's something we're just physically dominating teams it is where he's going to have a lot of his advantage
00:26:59what is the biggest thing I like what is surprised you the most out of him and ask if that way back when he was in before he went to LSU and offense of Lionel Messi when he was engaged you could see the recognition but the motor was just disastrous at LSU and it combined in a pretty spectacular way now as a member of the Sixers their defensive schemes and how they kind of divvy up their assignments is different so like Simmons ability to defend kind of whoever they put him on often times they put Covington on the best guy and then they put symbols on the second test guy they can bounce around a little bit but that's a massive and that has allowed their system to work with very different surrounding talent and also made it life easier to a point on Ben Simmons offensively because the other team doesn't really kind of know where to put all their guys I think I was part of the reason the Nuggets there cuz they're kind of figuring out there matchups in trans
00:27:59she was so weird it's because how do you really do that when a team is playing JJ Redick as their shortest guy but you don't really want to play card on him for a couple different reasons to lots of different challenges that are rebounding well good instincts steel rate lock both higher than it would have expected and then the other thing is his limitations as a jump shooter he's 0 410 from 3 on the season both parts that are in the fall of the office at 10:30 is he takes it has been able to basically do the pivot that it took Yiannis and Brandon Ingram in a few other guys longer to figure out which is so if they're going to give me that space I attack and turn that space into my own advantage and he started doing that immediately and so now we're sitting there this is age 21 season cuz he missed a year saying okay well he can just build from this point as opposed to having to learn how to work with his weaknesses one big
00:28:59reason to think that he'll get better from here is the massive turnover rate 19% of his possessions become turnovers and that doing that young players are typically improve on quite a bit and the Sixers as a team in me think of how much better they could be offensively this year if they simply were able to cut down to a League average turnover ratio that would had a couple points per possession to their offense it right there you wonder though for Simmons just how much better can you get if the jump shot never improves it and right now just seeing the free-throw limitation the vet that he may not even be shooting with the correct and the fact that if anything it looks worse than it did when he was at LSU and when he saw him at the hoop Summit years ago in 2015 if he hasn't made any progress by now you wonder really if it if it can never happen and so that's why you you wonder whether the ability to get that much or Thursday because he's taking away a lot of the low-hanging fruit to get that are already on the defense event and also that we should talk about just unbelievable anticipation he has his
00:29:59Steele's guy to his ability to break on the ball hit with his great speed and his anticipation I mean he has some of the best anticipation in the NBA me especially when the other team is coming at them in transition to get so many steals out of those plays or Port leaking back to take away an outlet pass we don't have to but I do question is stealing a month just the jump shot make strides that really I think appeared to be less likely at this point he does benefit from playing with a center and largely when he went with Covington that can shoot from the perimeter and it's kind of the same point that I made with Marcus Smart that if Ben Simmons as your worksheet if I pretty much has to be pretty sure where shooter and everybody else is solid than this he doesn't sabotage the Space special cuz he's such a good passer and other areas for improvement in him I think the post up your week we talked about the fact that it was up to. Been very efficient they actually have gotten better since we talked about that I think it part because they have been emphasizing him go
00:30:59great position ducking in in the post and then the floaters are pretty ugly as well and Runners as noted by Synergy only basically .67 points per possession which is really ugly there to talk I have more confidence in his ability to improve his touch from floater range then I do on the jump shot and then he's finishing around the rib which we thought would be a little problem is actually did better than anticipated as well. Let us know transition to embiid who was the best rookie by a mile and a half I said that if you play Just even a few more games he would have been in serious consideration for an all defensive team this year he's already played in 62 games I'll probably be around 74 the whole season and he has a very good try to be there finishing first receive will finish first or second and defensive player of the year he has completely delivered on that ended well that comical block rate of 7
00:31:59.7% is not old because that was basically impossible to me still strong there and he's really improved as a defensive rebounder and if that can hold solid I think it's a meaningful especially because I'm be does a wonderful job of affecting shots and black rate is always a little bit overstated with the best Rim protectors it's more about the shots they determine the shots that they change than the shots that they actually block and so he has become a more complete defensive player I've been impressed the way that he can you know still do do solidly on switches Adidas till they kick you out a little bit better and maybe even significantly better in those areas but as a defensive player could be and we'll find out more about this in April one of the few centers that can hold his own even when other teams go small a pick-and-roll defense staying on the axis between the ball handler in the roller preventing that passed retreating towards the rim in a way where you can't get taken advantage of I want to see what happens if you get stuck on switches on the perimeter against
00:32:59the best guys one disappointment for him this season has been that he has made with hit the 3-pointer is Walled that he only took 98 of them last year but he looks con from 37 to 31% he's had some bad mrs. to an Eddie much more enjoy pump faking and trying to drive to the room which is still a part of his game that's how I don't really like it that much meat is very susceptible to turnovers when you pump fakes drives that gerbil is not a very strong durable and in terms of its speed hitting the floor so that allows players to kind of swipe in get it still I think it he is development in terms of passing he's had two more games like that 40 I gave me at the Lake Erie really carve them up with with the path as well they'll be other you know he'll hit Cutters he's still kind of one mode or the other though when he goes into his move a lot of times especially if he's dribbling it he'll get a little bit of tunnel vision you missed a couple of cars early and I came last night including one Ben Simmons was kind of standing under the basket with his arms up at but certainly is made good strides passing the ball the turn
00:33:58further down a little bit in part because they obviously it's much better Talent around him as well one thing I would like to see a little more of from him is hitting the offense of glass that he could be a really dominant Force they're at and in part because he's standing out on the perimeter boring part because I think he's not still in the most amazing shape we haven't seen that and that's only a prepper and it talks about is like you know he's kind of because of this injury management he's not really practicing you know he's not really in the greatest shape he's not really able to work on his game to do a lot of like you don't even just during the season some of the workouts that guys are able to do and so that maybe if he can get to that point where they're not as worried about it then it'll be different but obviously a very successful season for him already having played more games than I think any of us thought element I would love to see from empty just because his ceiling there is so crazy how life is becoming a post guy attacking on switches just moving quickly getting something and he's fail rate is already great but if he could move to another level that he in town could be the guys that break up this
00:34:58concept of o u v w can you can beat centers by going small because if they if you have to switch especially if they have good pick-and-roll players next them and then they just immediately annihilate that's which will then you're gaining a lot on the offensive end and it could be worth kind of the next not competitive Advantage but those guys that can stay on the floor and actually create a positive just change the way that opponents have to think about how they use the rotation Worcester now to Dario's Sawridge who we actually said we don't talk about an outfit on this show. We did our picture I mail bag for sure which I think his tried this year I have been impressive to the point where I questioned if he could be a starter on a good team before this year due to the fact that he really had operated more as a guy who created shots as his back to the basket as a rookie won so everybody went down last year didn't seem to be that compatible with the team system but he's a solid secondary password you always knew you would be the shooting though at that he's exhibited really
00:35:58creasing the versatility of a shot adding a little bit more are Kalisto shoot that flat and becoming a big threat from outside it has been at the big Improvement for him this season he is taking more threes it's up to 45% of his field goal attempts which is massive and there now going anywhere from 31% to 40% and kind of like we talked about earlier with Jason Tate the 40% might be too Rosy but if it's closer to that than the 31 then then he's fine and it's also connected with a an increase in his free throw percentage up from 7 from 78 to 86 and if you know the adjustment in his shot everything I got it so charge brings more spacing the Sixers need that more than ever with the emergence of Ben Simmons with his limitations at least current limitations and then I think the other massively important element for shark has been that he has stood up defensively and the way that the Sixers are running some of these line it's on its you know Reddick
00:36:58call Rich Simmonds Covington that puts a lot on various guy shoulders but I think is an impressive part of that because I didn't think he was going to be this versatile defensively and I could fit that well well obviously that starting lineup Wednesday that went to that pretty early in the season has been one of the best units in basketball me the best high minute group out there is statistically internet-ready the season and your shorts are still never going to be that exposed to run to Remy's we got 16 dunks on the season and that aside he's managed to hit 68% of shots because he's shot judiciously there he's been a smart car has been set up by others he's been able to play off of others and then when he gets the ball and he doesn't have the shot he's able to move it quickly and make the right path even if he's not necessarily guy who you know you're going to put them in pick-and-roll and let him be the primary playmaker you can attack smaller players as well when he often is a pretty decent matchup so pleased with it his development I think he's been I would give them
00:37:589 out of 10 10 out of 10 it in terms of his development it this year to again be another one of these guys is exceeded expectations on the Sixers team and anything else you want to move on to TJ what's up cuz I was inspired end of the line up Swiss that are heavy minutes over would say 300. Sixers starting lineup is the best in terms of net rating + 21.1 the only line up in the 25 most use that has a better net rating is actually that Pacers better start at Pacers the Raptors been there at a + 22.2 in the playoffs but certainly TJ McConnell on the third year of his hanky special they have a team option in on him for next year using to see whether they making me restricted free agent or not this offseason we'll talk about that decision it at a later time but it for TJ this year has continued to play winning basketball in spite of the fact that he has so many limitations offensively
00:38:58noted on previous occasions that he turned the ball over so much very limited as a three-point shooter though he has hit the wide-open attempts they don't make it perfectly from the corners really just extremely gun-shy above the break it at this point I wasn't really much of a shooter in college he's 25 already don't expect that to become a major part of him but he has improved it in the flute Arrangement as well coming across the lane with those short jump shots not really able to finish the rim but he can Nash it all on the Baseline try and find people and I think when enough shooting his place to run him especially because he's very solid defensively he can be inadequate backup point guard it's just been a struggle with both he and Ben Simmons on the floor with some of their depth issues they've had little choice but to play those guys together for much of the season for whatever reason or on McConnell's negatives than his positive positive
00:39:58are you really gets into people defensively which provides real value on a second unit in particular his minutes can stagger a little bit from that but a lot of teams still even though the Carlisle proach of two point guards is growing and steam in the league if you can really get into another team's primary ball-handler on a second unit can short-circuit their offense and McConnell is one of the better backup point guards in the league at that approach he knows where to be defensively he does strike using his players of big weaknesses maybe wouldn't be as effective in the playoffs yo you can run pick and roll but not really as much for his own offense but he does not limited because he does a good job of at least forcing the defensive pay attention to him on those place I think that during the regular year he could be a solid backup you're not some of that you want to pay a lot of money too but especially now to with markelle fultz if he's going to be back for this team and if he's not going to be the player with the jump shot that he had at Washington which it doesn't seem eminent the old becomes very difficult with
00:40:58his wallet so then you say really where does he play your he might be an interesting guy for a drinking it not the kind of guy though who's going to get you a first-round pick but maybe you know a decent second or something like that could make sense if they are convinced that bolts it is really back it in terms of the plans and it becomes clear that folds and Simmons going to need to be split up as they were in that first game back but much remains to be seen there but certainly McConnell another guy who is 2 to the extent that you realistically could have predicted it has developed about as well as as would have been hope this season did you some minor guys as well we shot we thought richaun Holmes actually wouldn't be as minor as he has been up he's really been out of the rotation and the biggest issue for him has been at his defensive awareness which now that he's on a real team you know he was a guy who has no K jumpshot really nice finish around the rim to block some shots struggle on the defensive class he's one of those young guys who look better on a team that really wasn't trying to win you saw the good things in them but then on a team that really your hair
00:41:58solid vets around him where his breakdowns really stood out more and he became kind of unplayable position with having that starting lineup we just talked about that was so successful a lot of that coming on the defense to see the disparity between him and him and the overall defense of those pictures of benefited a lot to buy having just another guy that they trust and Amir Johnson one of my thoughts is that they have in all likelihood to first round picks their own and one from the Lakers if they don't use those too they don't combine those to move up or something like that using one of the two on a center should one be available in that range would be worthwhile for them even if it's the detective the Lakers that could be around 10 because it's injury insurance for embiid but having a player who like on a on a four-year rookie scale contract could be a resolution to the backup point guard issue which could actually be more cost-effective for them then going the Erin Bain Zaza pachulia route to Johnson as a 0.7 net rating and richaun Holmes
00:42:58does a negative 5.3 Network names are Andrew Johnson's -0.7 so they have been able to score with you those guys in the floor but the D is held up under a mirror who is the guy who owns the polar opposite not a great finish or around the rim not really much of a shooter but at least you and knows where to be and play solid to ditional defense but just does nothing spectacular all you can look very frustrating whereas if you really pay attention homes is to go somewhere where is really the first guy that slip that it was not about the the way they would have one I think the people were calling for homes to play over Johnson early in the season and that really seen him in person for example I get the Warriors how many times was out of position defensively it was very frustrating and so he's someone I thought could meet the leap into being you a 20-25 minute of game going to Modern Center blocks shot shoot the ball finish around the rim but no that is not occurred for him at it this season and if anything's progressed since the start of the year yeah
00:43:58I was going to move on to TLC to cover Road To Go full French with the pronunciation there I've been disappointed in him this year I love kind of versatile Wings just because they're so few in the league this is TLC's age 22 season is played 807 minutes biscuit bunch of time due to tendonitis recently think he's been out for TLC he's sitting 34% on from the from 3 now but he basically hasn't really done much to move the needle for me defensively I thought we would see a little bit more from him and then there were some moments when TLC created a little bit with the bonus answering the time when he actually started a couple of games but outside of that I haven't even seen too much for him that would inspire you to say this guy is definitely a rotation player in the feet In fairness for him his task has not been easy as an offensive player this season he was the backup to JJ Redick who is there one and then really what he play with Covington either you're the
00:44:58so the amount of speeding available on their second unit was just so limited they have McConnell out there Amir Johnson maybe they should bring back charitra and Simmons if they're lucky so they're just was not the type of spacing that he would have really needed to thrive it is finishing at The Rim reflect that he's not a great finish up only 54% at the basket the three-point shooting you know I think if I had to guess what is 3-point percentage of the next year probably right around where was 33 34% Cinema. He's not taking difficult at times that by any means you'd like to see and be better in transition is always a guy who had some athleticism but a long way away and I think that rotation spot was one that desperately needed an upgrade and when Marco Belinelli is a big upgrade you know that it wasn't really producing right now so I still have some hope for him but this wasn't I wouldn't view this year's in major step forward other the contacts that should be noted and especially for him offensively is Justin Anderson originally ad
00:45:58weather team has one of the underappreciated pieces in the Nerlens Noel trade it was that first they came seconds or was it a single second I think was too and Justin Anderson 24 years old I have been intrigued by him at various points typically due to his strengths we talked about with Stanley Johnson a little bit in the last time the last one of these that we did about wings that have strength connection be very intriguing players I like that with him and Anderson to said I think about 30 years at 33% of his threes again not a huge sample with I need anything like that especially his way pure than 500 minutes but I think you have enough to just rolling out there again and training camp next year and his price you know maybe if if you end up somehow getting better Wings just Deathwing stand him then you can either trade him or cut him but I like still I like the potential as more of like a low and guy just because there aren't enough Wings in the Lake of the big number for him 29.8% career from downtown and and that's not on a ton of attempts either I mean he's still living off that stretch late in 20
00:46:58scene for the Mavericks at where they actually were able to make the playoffs with with him playing a big role looked okay in that first round Series against Kevin Garnett are I'm sorry yeah thank you I'm kind of Kevin Durant Kevin Garnett retire and but since it is not really be able to carve out a roll and he's been hindered by injuries especially this year shin splints at a number of lower body injuries it have felt him to the point I think they would have liked to have played in a little bit more he was it in the rotation until recently with Foltz is returned by the way if you want it for more of our thoughts on both I think we basically gave all of them after yesterday is his first real game of the season in some ways so does that we pretty much said everything that there is to say about what we believe for his future as of this point I was so disappointed he hasn't played as much so for Anderson I mean 20 for the clock is ticking this is finishing his third year is not be able to carve out our role yet but that 40% three-point shooting his senior year or maybe this is Junior actually after which he came out at Virginia themes up many moons ago
00:47:58but at this point so he's going to have to turn that around but and also I'd like to see I feel that we haven't seen quite as many of the crazy energy plays the blocks that we saw through the late in that rookie season 2 and part of that again could be just that he's struggled with the serious injuries may have lost a little bit of that the athleticism I will get to the Brooklyn Nets momentarily here but first this for a new sponsor Dollar Shave Club you were that Seinfeld the butter shave while Dollar Shave Club now is actually brought that to real life with dr. Carver's shave butter truly different feel then a lot of jobs that it helps the razor gently Glide across your skin and it recommend just giving it a shot that to see what it's like Dollar Shave Club of course to lose everything to you no more trips to the store wandering around the aisles get the scan bag your own support if your good bag your own self if you're lucky a lot of these razors at the drugstore. Like this case that you need the nuclear security codes to open certainly when you say Dollar Shave Club
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00:49:58then when Russell was in the initial logic was well you know D'Angelo Russell starting in the second unit for a lot of these kind of bad teams the second unit is comparatively better than the first Denton with the Nets starting offense looks better that is notable for Dinwiddie he has a a 16.2 p e r on the season I mean 35 assist rate which is pretty remarkable and we chat we talked before about the extension negotiations I can run a PS4 on this for real GM but it's it's a fascinating question because we don't know exactly what time Woody's role is going to be but he has shown that he can be a reliable positive part of a rotation with his size you can even be a little bit more flexible with how do you use it the two things that are stuck out for him the most to me and if we started with this at the end of last season but his ability to just get the room he's got the explosion just got an unbelievable finish her but it's a solid it enough it shut off the dribble was something that had been lacking in the
00:50:58couple seasons of his career I8 would imagine as he recovered from that torn ACL eat supper to in his last year in Colorado and he was a guy who's like way up there in terms of RPM throughout most of your now as they started to play a lot more poorly with him on the floor towards the end of the season at the Nets aren't taking but you would never know if they really have been struggling it as badly as most of these teams are down the end and part of it to that he was jacked up so highly is because his opposite number D'Angelo Russell Dionne office was so bad for him so usually if you have some he's really good or really bad that'll still hurt you a little bit in those RPM metrics but when we did our point guard rankings at Dinwiddie is a guy that I mean ranked higher than some others you might have to knock him down a peg with how he's played a little bit recently but he's a guy who very clearly is rotation player in the NBA he's got that positional versatility that you said it and is Emergen-C into some of that you could think of has a decent starter at the very least you can say he wasn't the problem for the Nets this year
00:51:58only fair and at this point no getting to the line a reasonable amount and making his free throws is always as important 82% free throw shooter so you can kind of see how that can bode well for the different areas last year they had that ridiculous 37% from 333 this year that's that's fine I would need as always you would love for it to be a little bit higher but I don't have much of a problem with that my concern is that were you talk about how he's getting to the basket lot more I do I do like that but partially maybe due to some uncalled fouls I know that the NBA ref says you should not appreciate that in the last 2 minute report that they have there a lot of calls against him but I would love to see a little bit more success there from Dinwiddie especially because that would diversify his repertoire as a score you know we can still distribute a love them in that and that element but getting 57% in the rooster in the refrigerator that I can get up to 60 with the frequency I think could be very useful for his competition for the Nets starting point guard job at D'Angelo Russell
00:52:58I have played some together Russell and missing much of the season with the eye surgery on that knee which I think is the same one that a troubled him as a Laker coming into the season the book on Russell was he could heat up from outside of but wasn't that explosive getting the rim wasn't that explosive finishing at the rim and that is defensive effort and quickness was pretty atrocious and that he had the capability to throw some really nice passes at times but overall in the aggregate the assist numbers were not there that much how do you think he's improved on some of those weaknesses this season I don't think he's improved a ton on on really any of them the jump shot is hit or miss you at that crazy game was that it was against the Raptors where he just couldn't miss from 3 in the first quarter score in the first quarter I think I was seven of seven from three the first quarter so I thought for sure
00:53:58season Russell is at 33% from 3 that is actually the lowest of his career because the other two years ago as a Laker 35% this Nets team highest usage highest rate of his career still doesn't get to the basket that much doesn't get to the line that much it's not going to be 21% free throw attempt it isn't terrible but I would like to like it to be a little bit higher specially cuz you make 75% the line so I have been super impressed with Russell this year and then the other part where he has not improved is defensively I still think of him as either a positive or Steve esque although a soup does it least like get in the way of whatever the substance is while until it doesn't stop it I don't know that Russell even does that and certainly in pick-and-roll defense getting around screens that he remains pretty slow poor communication poor health defender or the loser shooters that as well one on one really to slow other does have the length that doesn't really have many other physical tools and just not an intense
00:54:58player he's a guy who feel part of that was it's poison and you thought decision making and that he would had the ability to change speeds he wasn't going a thousand miles an hour but he doesn't really seem to have I need to run the ability to really increase the intensity you mentioned the finishing has improved up to 63% around there and I think part of that is due to the fact that he played on Lakers teams with very limited space in the last couple years that that is not the case with the Nets at least they will stand out of the way you even if they don't necessarily hit a ton of Threes so they're not clogging the space but who's percentage of shots at The Rim really no better than it had been only about 15% of his shots at The Rim he has had the mid Ranger working at a career-high 45% for mid-range but these are all pretty small samples in particular with given the amount of time that he's missed it and as you mention the on-off number is a really rough he has started to approve a little bit lately but overall I would say especially due to the injury cancer
00:55:58to do the fact that this is a team to be at continuingly Chronic problem for him with his knees to put 63 games last year and parked it in Easy is probably only get 250 this year you have to stay the gamble that the Nets took taking him on with mozgov trading away Brook Lopez who had some trade value inn and trading way to pick that became Kyle kuzma eventually after another transaction is not really worked out very why I still think he could get a lot better potentially but he's got to just be so good with that jump shot to make up for all the other weaknesses that he has a 33% from 3 is not been good enough you know he's got to be almost 40% from 3 I think really to be a quality player unless he takes very very significant steps for it in all the areas we talked about your none of which seem to be on the customer happening is the Bizarro of Fred Van Fleet in the other guys wear with those players you wonder or Terry Rozier
00:56:58before this couple weeks with Boston where it's a guy who has a smaller role in his done well and you say oh well you know if he was playing against backups all the time some of his weaknesses would become a smaller thing printed considering where he was drafted 2nd overall just a couple years ago that would be a disappointment in many ways but you know that would be something that I would be interested in seeing and I have no idea of the nuts have the guts to pull the trigger on that especially with their weird and send it next year they do not have their own first-round pick this year but they're finally going to be out from that disastrous kg Paul Pierce trade after this draft and so yeah that would encourage them to take a little bit but if they're interested in seeing what they have I would start enough D'Angelo Russell come off the bench knowing what we know right now or or that Russell has been more effective than Dinwiddie Jared Allen I liked him
00:57:58draft number 22 pic with the the pic that was Boston's initially oh no I'm sorry that's wrong that was Washington pick wasn't it yeah I think anyway which Andrew Nicholson tried and I've liked everything I seen from Allen that he is an exciting player he goes up hard around the room for ducks that was a criticism of his that he wasn't a strong enough to ensure I think he is he's not a great sleeper but he has so much length that you can just extend over guys and Dunphy challenges shot two very liberally we haven't seen quite as much of him as getting down in a stance as a switch to Fender although I think for his archetype he's probably better at that than some of the hope is that he could turn into a Clint capela type of put out to keep quite has the facility for finishing that a cappella has doesn't quite have is quicker feet but probably a better room protector and Shop Locker then capella and he's even experimenting with some Corner threes already as well that's something that could be useful for him later on the defensive
00:58:58rebounding is a concern for me and then you brought up the pill I think that's one of the differences at this point between those two guys Jared Allen plays straight Center that mean they can run some different lineups where they have to place next to him but 18% defensive rebound rate not where I would want it to be and he does block some shots. I think maybe depending on how he balances those two could could help himself a little bit there and just striking the right balance young guys off and have this over exuberance problem but there's so much to like about Jared Allen and if he gets stronger and just gets something that I remember going back to I believe that was the 2017 hoop Summit was that I thought his jumper mechanic 80% from the line and not taking that many threes. Taking that many mid-range was either but age 19 season that could be a part of his game into three years I could certainly see that and when you look when you look
00:59:58the way he shoots I think it's entirely possible so that would certainly out an element that that capella doesn't so I really liked her talent I am not formally in one camp in terms of whether he's a long-term starter or a long-term reserved but at the center position that line of Separation unless you're like a top 10 to 15 guy is so bored that it does matter but it's not super important unless the team really has to make a decision with what to do with their money or draft picks his ability to arrange that gets great extension on his hook shots can finish it was either had not unbelievable singer around the room quite yet but I think he's taking strides in that as the season is guys he's gone to try and junk more balls it and I mention the jump shot he's only taken 20 one shot... All season any taken 10 3 from the corner and one above the brakes or not talking about anything I'm easy but it's enough to where you think it could it something that could develop it and other than the defense of reply I think you have to be very pleased with
01:00:58is development this season rondae hollis-jefferson another guy's a bit of an enigma someone who I did experience some disappointment with last year I hope that you would be more of a game-changer defensively the on-off numbers are always pretty good for him but you know he hasn't really had the level of athleticism that I thought he might have coming out of Arizona's struggle with a few injuries but mostly I think I just had it wrong about him know he doesn't go up and dunk on people he is very left-handed but it a solid finisher on there we had that Great Lengths it 7-1 wingspan and the 3-pointer has not developed I think you're he's got kind that Shaun Livingston s form where other Sean still looks a lot better but we're like it just you know he jumps really high on his jumper and doesn't really seem to work out 2/3 as well I kind of shoots his three is on the way down but he actually has been pretty effective for mid-range he started mostly as a small ball for somebody play's it with the Demari Carroll so you can decide who you think of the four they're probably him cuz he doesn't shoot it
01:01:58East but I think it's been recently affected this year it's just a question of if you really want to get him onto a good team I just don't think he is able to start because he can't hit the 3-pointer benefits in this area from the position of scarcity because I don't think he necessarily has a hook as a starter of like oh this is what he does that you can't keep him off the floor but by virtue of what you can get to get to his place is on either end of the four I think he really can contribute and for a lot of teams especially one like the Nets that they're still looking for players at his position that can be enough and so like so many players around the league the next would probably love to upgrade from him but they might not have that opportunity especially with their with their pic situation so that leads to a complicated extension negotiation Casitas extension eligible like D'Angelo Russell is because those guys are both drafted in the same class and that's going to be tough I think you take a hard line and say hey number that we're happy with probably pays and more like a
01:02:58deserve that make a starter but it's possible considering how scared everybody's going to be by this restricted Market to see some extensions for guys like run day maybe D'Angelo Russell with his hike apples as well that is developed pretty well in everything except the one thing that really seems to matter the most for his future is high-level role player which is that 3-pointer only 12 out of 49 on the season Harris Levert started the year extremely slowly he was Miss casted as a backup point guard that got killed in those minutes once Russell went down pretty ugly looking lineups but has come on today and I think he's relatively on track I would say you're not a guy that you say is for sure going to be a starter but has some ball skills I think it's possible that he could get there after that horrible starts the series actually gotten his true shooting not quite League hours but pretty probably closer to average for a guard and is a sistering up to 25% that's pretty decent for a combo guard what have you seen for
01:03:58I still like Levert better as more of a secondary Creator somebody who can attack him if he can shoot it be 35.5% from 3 to 3 well recently so if Levert can hit enough to force a close out then Indo circumstances I like him a lot more is a Creator defensively I've never really been inspired by him wasn't even in Michigan when he was a prospect somebody who got some bud so I ended up watching some of them then and it's also I think of an absolute positive for that's because part of the reason Levert fell in the 2016 draft was concerns about both of the injuries he had at the time of the draft and durability long-term he's played over a thousand minutes both seasons does by predominantly coming off the bench he has started a few games each year and that is a positive because offensively capable guy who can defend wings and could get better is significant in the
01:04:58not as bad as some like Russell but he's still kind of more of a fluid Loper doesn't have those short choppy steps really get into guys get over screens it he'll get hung up he doesn't have a great recovery speed it's so you know I think he's looking more like Sonu could be passable on the defensive end as opposed to someone who can really be a positive and so you know it's a bench type of combo-guard I think he can have a career as a starter that might be asking a little bit too much for him although that 3-point shooting the way his shot at lately has been encouraging very little to say of about their three minor guys like Isaiah Whitehead it as had some of the worst seasons in NBA history pressed into service that they've gone away from in they just went with laverta Dad points are they I think they've given up on him I would imagine that he won't be on the team next year Nik Stauskas they can make a restricted free agent shocking though it would be Abby got a qualifying offer and then Jewel Okafor has at least be able to solidify his position is the second-best Okafor in the in
01:05:58ouch that's just when we spoke before one of the kind of measures that we were talking about when that trade happened was kind of is he going to have a spot in the NBA next year and I don't have it a real sense that amazes defense of limitations are still just frustrating and I'll get out but I certainly think that he will get a shot and Okafor has one of the bigger challenges of a player who is been established from his agents perspective about picking the right team for him next year because it should be what book the next door look like they had occurred in the rule for him like you would have thought that maybe you could get a more modern style plate is in -24.2 net rating in 311 minutes I mean it's just like it's just becoming nearly impossible now in this is 30 year and obviously had that 34th your option declined which was a great decision by Billy obviously not trading him when he had even the slightest amount of value was not a great decision by Philly but yeah me too just what is the path for him especially because you don't sound like
01:06:57is coming in there a dominating offense will you leave a 90 2.4 offensive rating it when he's on the floor at end so you know maybe I'll write you put them in with some better players but I mean there's certainly no good team that's going to ever play in with their good players that at this point so yeah yeah I'm not sure where he goes from here I don't know if this is what he was okay for wants somebody who considering I mean this is age 22 season certainly very talented was too picky immediately after D'Angelo Russell in that 25th draft could he go overseas figure some stuff out play against competition that's a little bit more balance for him and then maybe come back 25 26 like some people. Vesely could have but ended up not coming back that could be a path for him but he's going to have to want it he's going to have to get a lot better especially defense away but Okafor his physical ability his touch around the basket at moments when he when he's trying is rebounding at the sit at the same point there's enough there for me that I still believe in his possibility but I wouldn't gamble on him at the
01:07:57point because that's in the near-term you wanted to prove it was somebody else I do think that will never know what the extent of the stairs and want to see where is Greer girls from here but he got shut down at the end of his rookie year with a knee surgery that basically he was experiencing knee soreness for like the next year and who knows maybe it's just not the same anymore at that surgery now he did at least get it to better shape he's lost some weight but it didn't really seem to help in much on the floor where we going to go next year let's go to the Raptors the Raptors are just so what to do actually Brooklyn fundamentals 23 + 51 + 2 + 5 / 1560 24th and a trading 20 second offense 23rd and defense and their projected B-26 when's 13th tied with the magic I believe in the East and that would be great for Cleveland because a couple more wins would push the Nets a little bit further out in the draft in Cleveland of course has to pick unprotected 55 and 20 after their win over the Denver Nuggets 6 and 3/8 in
01:08:57last 15 and 63rd and net rating certain offense 6th and defense and they are projected they are almost definitely going to have the best record in the East but not the best record in the NBA and that is a massively successful season a big part of the reason why the season has been so successful for the emergence of basically every single player that they've drafted in the first or High second round in the last couple years they got as a undrafted free agent in Fred Van Vleet let's start with that down right at age 25 look like he was going to miss time with yet another shoulder injury was able to come back quickly from that game I really enjoyed just such a smart player his finishing around the rim is incredibly crafty he is a shark defensively get the lot of Steel's really likes to push the pace in transition that the jumper has come around to some extent there's this guy who keeps tweeting me I guess every time he hits a 3-pointer like shooter
01:09:57shooter but I did say that I didn't see him as a future starter because of that and he has shot a decent percentage of the body and the volume is up but it's still not quite there a 49 out of 130 for 37% of the season but when you just watch on film there's a lot of shots that are available to him from 3 that someone who's comfortable from that range would take when the defense goes under that he doesn't take quite yet and so I'd like to see more of that development certainly the fact that he's up the volume even until the level that he has it has been encouraging and the rest of his game is really so nice he's played mostly at the two as well obviously an alliance with Broadband blood that has been as you mentioned earlier at devastating combination that all bent unit that they have all those CJ Miles involved in that as well as a whole young guys as really dominated at the start of the second and fourth quarters this season showed an end just right is such a smart player like he finds ways to be effective even if his jump shot at is limited as a man
01:10:57some strides have been taking their other he still has quite a ways to go and I'm still not sure that he's going to get to be a guy who would just fire away with no hesitation when teams go under on the pick-and-roll but it is I didn't even expecting me when you get to this point is there's a lot of credit for that I really like rights defense and his competitiveness he can do to the combo with friends late often times he's on a player who is larger than he is and he can compete all soften times he also is good at helping and disrupting while not truly leaving his guy open which is a very hard double to do as the league is getting more spacing I've really enjoyed that with right and he's getting to the line less than before and he's getting to the rim less than before but that is offset 2.5 him making more jumpers that is a little bit of a concern long-term because both of those elements are are either that that's not really the foundation for it but I mean he's been affected this year true shooting percentage at at 58.1 is is certainly very strong and even though you would love for him to take a couple more shots he can be part of a successful team because he's a part of one
01:11:57Norman Powell as experienced a down year he got Wally pipped it although he suffered an injury and got taken out of the starting lineup for OG anunoby and that's really win their season took off but not that OG is been unbelievable that of late he's been getting the Keith bogans almost exclusively now anywhere you just starts the half and never comes back in but under 50% true shooting for Paul 8.5 PR for him has been 29.4% from downtown and where he had really encouraged in his first couple of Seasons before he murdered that big extension was it that he had made their shots he has at least slightly improved his playmaking off the Drew area if you go back to last year's playoffs he was just an absolute black hole what he would try and drive now who actually driving kick every once in awhile off of those clothes out then can I keep the train rolling but it does seem like Powell at this point of though I think you should play more for a lot of other team
01:12:57it is the 11th man in a 10-man rotation to the guy who essentially 150 m o g anunoby in adobe's biggest positive to me is the same one that was there when he was drafted too well which is his ability and capability to defend opposing forwards and it's just rare to have a player with the physical combination that he does still needs to get a lot smarter to music Defender but I thought he did a respectable job against the broad in that last game we did for the Twitter NBA show and big central part of his value as an NBA player is going to be his shot he still at 36% from 3 I'm not completely sold on that long term above to break free throw shooting in a special in college is just because of the volume issues cuz the three-point line also it changes 52% free throw shooter at Indiana he's only its 66% as a raptor so that is
01:13:57little bit concerning in terms of electric potential but I've always valued and no be more as a Defender that has an offensive player just have to make enough shots that you have to actually keep him on that you can keep on the 4th at least he started the year on fire and he still shooting 42% from the corners but those comprise 52% of his three-pointer so you can do the math that he's thank a little bit below 30% and above the Breakthrough that's really the shot that's going to make or break him he looks like he's kind of short Army of shots lately rushing up a little bit and is usage it is pretty low you know but you got to remember to with the starter is he's out there with the Rosen Valanciunas Lowry in a pocket he's going to be a distant V option and that's basically the only line up these played with for quite some time now so you might look better if you were playing at on a bench that we also have seen almost none of him playing the four since he ascended to the starting lineup it a couple of games that if I could miss it they would play them their ankles differently the four
01:14:57giving his limited offense is his best position for the most encouraging thing has been number one that he's been able to get on the court I mean we didn't think he was going to play until a year after he tore his ACL and all the sudden he plays in the preseason and he's in the rotation to start the year which is awesome and even though people of drawers that and he would probably say you know he's not totally back yet he won another offseason really to get there and then the other thing is just how he is looked guarding stars do we had a really nice game against James Harden when they beat them in Houston he is held his own reasonably well as much as any rookie could be expected to physically against LeBron he's got that 70's band and plenty of strength and wait wait to see him be able to do a little bit more off the dribble you know he's basically just a straight right hand driver right now not a ton of crap finishing head down not really going to make a pass at Old long long way to go offensively it is possible to me that he may never get there as an offensive player especially if he's going to have to be at 3 as a for maybe you would be a
01:15:57little bit different another guy who is actually closed some games for them and it's taken some major strides for this year as an offensive player is Pascal siakam looks like a totally different player offensively job before he is more assertive and confident with the ball in his hands the jump shot still is not falling from Deep to and from 3 but he can pass key is aggressive and defensively siakam is look better so very impressive year for him ice as a rotation players in as a starter but he has clothes some games to success with them and it just 23 season siakam if he can improve anything like this again in basically whatever facet of offense whether it be shooting would be great but if it do you know gets more confident with vomit and then I don't want to put the shooting I mean it's really weird when you see him he looks much more confident shooting the ball and you remember you actually started much of last year until of vodka arrived and because they have so much
01:16:57Stardust was Valanciunas and poodle and we haven't seen him really as a small ball Center we haven't seen him playing the for next to Serge Ibaka only 22% from downtown and that's pretty ugly because he's 25% of the corners it takes half of more than half his threes from the corners but they've been able to be effective offensively because he's such a good transition player pushing the ball running the lanes and then as a driver what was out of them a little bit and he can drive you mentioned is increase passing and I think his confidence putting the ball in the floor off of closeouts getting to the short-range floaters hookshot even making a pivot going back over the opposite shoulder at times off of a drive all that is been absolutely outstanding for him I mentioned this before and when we did a 15 and sixty to talk about the outcome but it Bears repeating he has quadrupled his assist free and reduced his turnover rate that doesn't happen that's really impressive it and is there some trust with him to do the right thing with the bonus ends now where he basically was just told to
01:17:57turn the corner and maybe we'll hope that they think you could shoot it even though you can't last year when he was the starter and then defensively I mean he really unless it's the absolute best guys trying to go one-on-one against him if you're a small forward is a really difficult task a he is it an outstanding switch guy even had some pretty good success against LeBron at Point C in that last game of the day ended up losing in the front end up being great down the end he had a couple of pretty decent stops out of it in the third quarter Fred Van Fleet a guy who barely played last season is coming to his own at age 23 just in time for his sirenis restricted free agency this offseason and the biggest surprise to me that I really I thought that he just was not an NBA caliber athlete and he is proof that wrong on the defensive end with its strength already compete sit and his intelligence level guessing it's because even though those Wichita State's were Wichita State teams were good that I just never ended up watching that much of that
01:18:57but I never really saw enough to have a strong feelings and leave but you know those undrafted point guards that have good translations I think about you not like Monte Morris or going back to like Scott Machado and so I without any knowledge groups and cut in with that and Bentley has completely blown through every single one of those unfair characterizations now one of these massive elements for him and then again this is when they could tone down a little bit keep taking 47% of the shots through three and making 41% of his threes so if you combine that with the creation that he provides and the defense that has been a surprising Plus for you have one of the best backup point guards in the entire league a lot of games with three card lineup with Lowry and DeRozan how well that'll work again some of the bigger teams in the playoffs remains to be seen and how well he can hold up on teams really concentrate on going after I know he fights hard and won't let the the ball get entered into the post but he's only so much you can do and especially as a health Defender as well I really like the way
01:19:57that he adds their offensive Pace in the half-court he knows how to operate in pick-and-roll control The Bigs forcing them to guard him he can hit the jump shot he's a good Corner 3-point shooter as well playing off the wall and Hill Drive hill national on the Baseline Hill driving kick even when he doesn't necessarily have the shiny just keeps the ball hopping around and that's something that's a valuable skill and yeah I think he has been an outstanding backup point guard it and the shooting from the 40% for 3 Min that's what he's been doing his whole career so going back to college so I don't think that that is necessarily Mirage for him I kind of like to wear any missing this is a tribute to Toronto that on one of those guys that I'm highest on of all their young players in the long-term that's Jakob poeltl turtle was a high draft pick in 2016 has been in a backup rewards lie because of Valanciunas I mean they have an established Center and Valanciunas is having a much better year than I anticipated specially offensively so they haven't had the need for portal but he's been very very
01:20:57but this year I'm much more efficient offense of player fueled by being a substantially more effective finisher up from 61% to 72% in the restricted area that's very potent because he doesn't do a whole lot of shooting outside of that area at this point in his career and doesn't make his free throws that's a little bit of a concern just in terms of if he ever becomes a star line but maybe not too far and defensively there is just so much to like as well as a switch guy can come over with his quick feet he's not following quite as much this year maybe just getting more juice from the rosta as well but you guys definitely a factor around the rim and then offensive lead the way you runs the floor in transition is had some massive offensive rebounding games on surprised actually only has a 12.6 offensive rebound rate I would have expected it to be even higher than that but he just constantly he plays really really hard and he's able to do that in his bench roll
01:21:57Eddie causes problems brother teams with the definite to get his physical capabilities are solid only a 16.1% defensive rebound rate though which is not particularly at inspiring how did they Rebound with him on the floor. Particularly well they have a better rebound rate when Pirtle when they're with the starters it's only a so opponents have a 27.5 offensive rebound rate so that would be a defensive rebound braid run 72 and a half percent which is not right up there is still needs to get stronger on the offensive glass he can use his quickness in his effort level when he's got a really wall guys off he can get thrown out of a little bit and also because he's out in the floor maybe a little bit more than some other centers in and I think I don't know if you want to be. Which with him all the time but certainly if there's a light switch plate in the clock or or they just get caught he can be effective in that role against it a lot of players
01:22:57baby is still on this team you remember him he actually provided some carpeted backup center play in the past for this team but he's just been surpassed by all the other great options that they have at least some of that I think your provides really good fishing around the rim can block some shots but he's a limited as a horizontal athlete and also just pretty spacey but I think you know if you want just okay regular-season backup center play know you could be so new to be a cheaper option I don't think he could hold up in the playoffs though because he he just in that kind of a crucible we seen him really fail to provide the defensive intelligence it's needed at any is no chance of getting out of the perimeter and garden Shooters I would not be surprised if I end up being much happier with the contract he gets from the team perspective then with a lot of the other centers just picked and here's a reminder of just how many guys are out there so don't don't spend on somebody who is in great because you can get somebody like they've been Nogueira
01:23:575 minutes with the big Squad after being traded in that interesting move with Bruno caboclo going the other way and he is under contract as a fully guaranteed next year because the Kings picked up that option I haven't seen enough of him to really have a strong opinion either in Sacramento 9pr and 43% true shooting in 252 minutes in the G League 12 games overall shooting a 31.2% from the field and 26% from 3 to about our fifth and final team for the Atlantic division is the New York Knicks the Knicks are 27 and 48 three and five since the last time we did this negative for net rating puts them 23rd 20th and offense 22nd and defense and their projected to win 30 games would you put them 11th they probably should have won a few fewer but that was mostly earlier in the season when they had their best young player kristaps porzingis available
01:24:57service we talked about him a ton of trying to think we need to spend as much time on him I think the big question for him lunch or obviously as healthy teleties nagging injuries when is he going to come back is it going to be you know December January February of next year that's probably about when it's going to be and also extension eligible coming up that'll be an interesting one also and then just what position is he going to be easy going to be a center is it going to be a power forward long-term I think it's it's going to be tough room to play Power Board especially as immobility is reduced coming off this ACL injury but there's still a lot of holes in his game and he obviously drop extremely well as an isolation score fell off as he always seems to really after those first couple months of the Season you use a guy that we're ain't wet like 3-4 don't like that in our Top 10 Prospects listen and obviously after the ACL injury and just the fact that is purple instilled off little bit and it wouldn't be nearly as high now be interesting to see where we put him cuz umm when we usually do that in in December you probably will not even if it made it
01:25:57season debut at ATU on the ad on him at all just briefly that the transition to Center could end up producing dividends defensively because he has been such a great rim protector over all the next have defended better also with him at the five and that is despite having imperfect Personnel you know they're short on wings especially forward size swings you know they have gas like tomorrow too so I think that could be positive for the long-term I have been consistently impressed with porzingis his ability this season 2 score when he has the size of vintage I thought it was going to be more of a quick disadvantage guy and we'll have to see how that goes best with the injury and with the potential of playing a different position when he returns the real point guard I think that could change a lot for I mean just so much of his game had to be IDs got to miss batch is going to try and just shoot over the guy from Sixteen feed and now it's going to be contested and he's going to hit 41% from Frank ntilikina didn't spend long as the apple of the organization's I
01:26:57obviously Phil Jackson was removed from his position what was it like a week after dropping him something like that and he was only 18 when he was drafted and who is less than the two weeks because he feel was out by the time they started free agency right yeah it was like I think it was on the draft was like the 22nd and by like you know July 1st he was out if it's a pretty Rockwall but now the whispers are always going to play the two they brought in these other guys that you guys playing a lot of his minutes with menu mudiay or Trey Burke these days is not ready to be your main pic and roll ball handler point guard as we detailed on a previous 50 and 60 he is one of the absolute worst points per possession in the pick-and-roll .69 out of players with more than a hundred possessions in the pig noise in hiding bottom 5 in that since it's taking its 41% of his offense the spot UPS I've been and you know okay but he's not really able to take to jump shot
01:27:57from to it and be much of a threat they're out of the pick-and-roll not to mention from 3 if the defense goes under or this the guy gets picked off so long long way to go but and I never thought I really had the highest ceiling eventually due to not having great explosion either vertically or acceleration and then the finishing of the room I think is always going to be something that's going to be below average if not just outright bad for him know Tina's defensive value is higher than a lot of other capable guys that came in his league is playing cards because I believe he can credibly defend both guard positions so if he ends up not becoming a player who can run offense through reliably can still pair him with a lot of other guys it doesn't have to be you know trying to find a a two or three that can better defense you know what James Harden and LeBron somebody of that nature it could just be a wife that's the easiest way to do it probably would know Keenan that's why they're calling him at 2 right now and his instincts his effort his length on that enderal
01:28:57really strong I've been very impressed with his tools on that and especially as a young player generally speaking young guys young guards in particular don't defend well but what are the exceptions to that rule skinny frame he's a lot further away from being a quality defender of the two then at the one and ended it's just he's not like a great athlete so I don't see him being as Elite at the two of the defensive player than it at the one I would like it if he could be the one and then you hopefully would have a 2-guard who's a little bit more Dynamic than say Tim Hardaway Jr who could run a lot of pizza rolls then Frank could be off the ball and and hit some shots but I think he's a lot less special defensively when he's your two and then you know if you want to switch everything and easier one maybe you can get away with that cuz 6465 you got the long arms if he's your two and then you have another one who's smarter than him now the whole Integrity of your defense and turn the switch ability is much different so if there's a way to get him to play the one I would like
01:29:57defensively but I'm not sure that that is in the offing and you just don't know what the investment is the team is going to happen to me I think it's passing we said this before especially finding guys were going to the basket of those are tough to find in this limited Nick spacing but he's had some moments there but just not a guy who draws enough attention from the defense to really open up the juicy is passing Ingles that was talking about we don't spend a ton of time on in tank commander Emmanuel mudiay this is Moody Ice Age 21 season third year in the NBA traded in that move with Denver that ended up giving Denver Devin Harris how much more stable option though certainly has more Talent long-term but there's just a lot of different precise creating for others he's okay. Not great and I still don't trust a jump shot either at least in Denver were encouraging from 3 and then I think
01:30:57went over his first 21 or something at as a neck and you mentioned how bad they have been with him on the floor -15.7 net rating for to Kaylee ugly defensively for him one 18.5 defensive rating God forbid he and Jahlil Okafor ever get on the same team like that they might have like a negative 100 that reading those two guys ever played together Damien Dotson by real quickly as Moody as shown you anything to believe that he's going to be a part of the future for the next at this point I'm never going back to his home early we thought it was some of the passes that he was able to make were pretty good at it when he was a rookie really enjoyed watching him and just too much inefficiency too much usage too much defensive in a test I think that's really where he is killed basically any defense that he's ever been on a long way to go for him and he's only 21 he does have some skills some sides but not
01:31:57type of athlete who really can get to the room and really kill you out of pick-and-roll not quite a good enough shooter just has not particularly developed you would have to say the only thing that's look better is the fact that he's finished a little bit better around the rim but I'm not sure how much the make of that it in the small time that he has been to a Nick Ron Baker pretty much the last season for rib Tina second part of it is when you consider also been limited options that the Knicks had in terms of building out their team drafted rookie point guard and then they end up trying to get you no minimum guys that mean Church a player option for that second year when he they had all the leverage in the world on empty Dotson you mention his name but we didn't really go through it 44th pick overall I haven't seen too much to get really worked up about with him played little bit over 300 minutes as a New York Knick
01:32:57how to guard shooting 31% from 3 little bit of defensive capability but I haven't seen anything goes oh man this guy you definitely need to think of him as a rotation player next year or two years from from now even though he could you know what's a good summer league or something establish a better I wish you would go a little bit more of a look in the G League the shot as got down from in 13 games 30th 78 from 3 so 39% it's not really gotten a ton of Steel but I just pops off the screen when he plays just with his effort level defensively and not a big enough guy really did guard threes on the other team is supposed to be some of the best 3 Split someone who is specially for a Knicks team that it has struggled with effort and a lot of the time maybe a guy you can hit some shots at I thought he has had some potential help Hill pop every once in awhile and maybe in this very last search the season he can get some more time and I think he's going to be awesome or anything but someone who I think it is the very least like to see it a little bit more of it and I would even Isaiah Hicks
01:33:57category as well. The 23 year old out of North Carolina also played a fair amount of time in Westchester I think a guy who has NBA athleticism maybe not quite big enough to be a starting center but someone who may be good work into that Dallas backup 5 type of role that we've seen so many guys that thrive in an excellent rebound replayed on one of the best offensive rebounding teams ever in college basketball North Carolina team last season it another guy who at least you know when he's out there you're not like all this guy has no chance of being an MP player looks like he belongs at least we enough I guess we forgot the Unicorn that on here I guess we talked about him a little bit more in the last 15 and 6 minutes but it's time to make with dots and it's frustrating that the Knicks have so many to choose that check arthritis because they don't really have the flexibility that as much as you know with Hardaway having the contract and they played Courtney Lee you know they had those guys but I think about them as more
01:34:57choose the three Sue Griffin oh yeah for sure if they're going to use him as a tooth and that exacerbates it even more do I just I really wonder about that you know that I got to Keegan kind of work is way into being able to hit spot of but he's not a guy is going to come off as screens to shoot at 3 or you'll really be a guy that the other team respexit on it and that's really what's needed you need a not just an adequate shooter that you would a plus shooter at the two and that's why I take to me this idea oh we're going to play with the two I just don't think he can be special there to be a starter at the one he could really be great in some areas than maybe is good enough that shooting the ball that that it's adequate but it's easier to I think he just kind of gets lost in the shuffle with all the of these other guys it's when having that positional size the one that is really his path to success to me and considering how young he is that I wouldn't want to foreclose really on too much with him but that's kind of how I see it
01:35:57when I get to gun full circle from the start of this Section 8 DLC want to stay or should we turn in here about hardship something that I become more familiar with due to the Warriors in the Deep the rules I also included the full text because why not and then for the athletic I did. It's been called in previous attractions the Space Race but my current projection for how much cap space there is collectively around the league I changed my calculation format a little bit I got more aggressive with teams that I don't think they're going to be willing to pay the electric and the current number is 280 which is different than billion it was in 2016 the pizza put out a picture and it's not really a piece but it's just a chart basically of my subjected evaluations of public spaces there's going to be I think your number what do you say yours was 280 280 app yet so mine and this does
01:36:57include any exceptions this is just basically anything that's over the cap I counted them is zero so I'm not including accepted but I was at 2:42 in just cap space that I projected to be available to do a lot of that can change with player option decisions and whether you keep cap holds on the books for restricted free agents are free agents or whether or not guarantees that are picked up or whatever but yours are estimates are probably going to end up being pretty similar you might even be a little bit more conservative about the amount of free cap space that that's available because I would guess you remember off the top of your head how many teams did you have as no cap space and unlikely to use even the full mid-level exception seven or eight something in that range I believe let me see who would I have in that list so I would have your Boston is probably pretty close to Penny maybe if they move on from smart they might use it Charlotte not going to
01:37:57Cleveland if LeBron comes back not going to Denver not going to probably Detroit Prine I can have the Space Golden State Houston knocking out of the space Memphis kind of right on the borderline they probably will Miami will be closed although maybe they do what I mean some of these teams might be willing to go into the tax but you're really if you're doing that they only got six million until your hard cap that's kind of dip gold also space OKC probably not going to have it Portland by not going to have it to run and I can have it Washington so that's one two three four five six that's 15 teams that not only one cap space but probably won't even have the ability to use the full mid-level that is a capped out lead man it's crazy that you can create more trade exceptions so there isn't that much fluidity yet I think some of that is going to come in future years when the balance gets closer to right but yeah it's going to be
01:38:57app for the athletic which I've I have already written but it's not out yet is going through the teams that have space and what's so striking there is just how little space those teams have it's like a lot of them are one-and-done you know I keep thinking side one guy if they want to end this is this offseason we're going to get into it for downtown will do previews for every game each everybody's going to have to calibrate their expectations cuz it's going to be so different from everything that's gone before peanuts come before it in the last movie 5 years you know I think this is more but even then you know what you didn't have quite the constraints under the old 2005 CBA you didn't have the constraints of this luxury tax that you're at least half the teams are but I just never going to go over it so there's also that aspect of it where before it was okay yeah well at least use every team basically had the full mid-level exception of ill-will there wasn't a hard cab there wasn't the mini mid-level the other wasn't all that stuff so yeah maybe you're right maybe this really will be the most restricted summer that that we've ever seen so but very interesting night that'll do it
01:39:57Vaca tomorrow hoping to maybe to catch up on the playoff race it if not a few other things as well not sure precisely what we're doing there yet but you know that we will be there for you in this most wonderful time of year as we get into the very end of the season.. Tomorrow support for Today Show comes from your mechanic.com they send the mechanic right to your home or office and give you a quote up front it's the actual price that you paid so your car won't start check engine light is bugging you you can visit your mechanic.com cat species are all that / cat space URL to schedule an appointment and let him know that you came from us for a limited time you can get $20 off your first service or you can call at 800-701-6230 or visit again yourmechanic.com cat's face but nobody came from us

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