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LeBron to LA from every angle. We discuss the Lakers' remaining cap space, their other signings of KCP, Lance, and JaVale, how the Lakers as constituted will look on the court next year, the math behind a Kawhi trade and which Lakers youngs would need to be included, what the plan should be with Julius Randle, and predict how many titles LeBron will win in LA and how many of the four Laker youngs will still be on the team after next summer.
Then we go through every other signing and transaction, recap how much space each team has left, and also discuss the best remaining free agents at each position.
With host Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) and Danny Leroux (@DannyLeroux).  And if you like this pod, please subscribe to Nate and Danny at Patreon.com/DuncanLeroux, where you can get the same salary sheets we use for these podcasts plus private mailbag podcasts.
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00:02:16that you came from it was looking like it was going to be a totally boring first full day of free agency is about five p m pacific Nothing had happened and then lebron james signed with the l a lakers a tweet released by his agency clutch sports an
00:02:33official announcement with more detail i'm sure will be coming in a few days but lebron james will be a los angeles laker next season Lebron signing on in perhaps the biggest surprise four years a three plus one for the max little under one hundred fifty four million dollars
00:02:53and then they had a flurry of moves after that as well So what are your initial thoughts here I mean it's absolutely massive for the landscape of the league It is very interesting that it sounds like lebron committed to the lakers without securing the commitment of another star
00:03:10player whether that be through free agency or through a trade you know that certainly could still happen to have the flexibility to do so but lebron james is a laker for a while now and i think this might be looking a little bit more towards the long term
00:03:24especially with some of the other moves they made which we'll talk about in due time But this is where we start but what i'm most interested in beyond all of the big you know basketball questions about how lebron fits with this team whoever's left and everything else is
00:03:37the idea of timing here because parts of this looked to me like they're playing a kind of a two year game in terms of securing talent because the lakers could clear out they they have about twenty seven million the last number i put out next season In space
00:03:53and they could clear a whole lot more quickly using wol dang either for trading or stretching purposes So that's one way of doing this and i could certainly see an argument i could see them going to let's say the san antonio spurs and saying we don't need to
00:04:05give you the world for quiet because we can just sign him next summer But lebron james is thirty three years old turning thirty four in december of this year and there is also a pressure to be the best team you khun b as long as he's here because
00:04:20even though he seems indestructible we know how this process works in totality and i'm interested to see how the lakers try to square that circle Lebron has spoiled us with his longevity to date the performance that he put on in the playoffs last year until injuring his hand
00:04:37a circumstance of his own making of course but was an argument at least for the greatest playoffs that anyone has ever had Certainly the greatest conference playoffs today want to sever head and so hee is there right now but we don't know how long it's going to continue
00:04:52I want to talk about this a little bit for a basketball perspective first here we will go through Some of the other moves that they made his walkers i really want to get to what this laker team is going to look like because it is as you're so
00:05:04find of saying an island of misfit toys of some degree at this point So after lebron agreed they had about twenty five million in space to work with including the cap hold for julius randle which is twelve point four million they could take that off whenever they want
00:05:20to basically unless he signs his qualifying offer which i'm sure they'd be totally ecstatic about that qualifying offer is i don't have the exact number offhand but it's you know like six million bucks or something and they immediately signed continuous caldwell pope who played for eighteen a million
00:05:34or so last year to a one year twelve million dollar deal he will have an implied no trade clause because the second year on the team if they traded me would lose his early bird rights and i think he was if not the best sheen guard left on
00:05:46the market close to it j d heretic and kcp both out there reddick likes being arm sorry and avery bradley will thought that reddick likes being the east coast kcp younger has been healthier than bradley has already been ella obviously a clutch sports client as well but one
00:06:02year twelve million for kcp that's a totally good number i think he a pretty good fit with the brian could play off the ball can get out in transition could shoot the ball very solid defensive player so that put them down to thirteen point eight million in space
00:06:15if they wanted to move on from randall but basically they're out of space almost they move on from middle at this point or he takes the qualifying offer which won't happen for quite some time if he does but then they went into use the room exception granted for
00:06:28only one year so you wonder how powerful that is but still you would think they could have done a little better to me especially in terms of fit then lance stephenson right This is a part of what was so intriguing to me about the idea of near term
00:06:41versus long term is i don't see lance's being particularly useful to cleveland in walsall and you know acres not a bad go lakers for our first slip you golden cleveland but i don't because it feels like a cleveland sighting to be of getting a guy who is not
00:07:00a bad player first i disagree i think it's it's a cleveland sighting the guy at least would have been able to shoot maybe maybe but i mean with lance this this is kind of the idea of defining success for me if what the lakers are trying to do
00:07:13is be a competitive team and you know when when a fair number of games next year and bring in comp you know talent that khun do something's sure lance could be a part of that i would play him less with lebron than with lebron for a couple of
00:07:26reasons but lance stephenson to me has some really big problems against the best of the best because you can exploit some of his proclivities offensively and defensively he's a good player but he's not really suited to guard the you know the dominant players which are overwhelmingly on the
00:07:41best teams so it's it's a strange move for me there especially when you think about the context that there is still the possibility certainly a possibility could even be stronger than that that the lakers acquire kawai leonard this year and what you need next to kawai and lebron
00:07:56is meaningful e different than what you did next to lebron well here's the other reason why it's so weird even if you don't acquire kwai leonard you're the players you have our julius randle essentially could be back can't shoot outside of three feet brennan ingram can't shoot lonzo
00:08:10ball maybe you'll be able to shoot but he's sure as hell couldn't shoot last year all those guys also need to have the ball in their hands as well lance needs to have the ball in his hands to have whatever limited amount of effectiveness he can have and
00:08:21so and then you know lebron james kind of needs to have the ball in his hands a cz Well even cal kuzma is a good good shooter off the ball but a guy who probably needs to have the ball to some degree me josh hart is really there
00:08:32only guy right now who really is a good ofall player He and kcp and also you know josh hart Is lance now going to take josh hearts minutes like josh hart I think judge hart might be better than lance stephenson next year He can at least shoot it
00:08:45probably more disciplined harder to play Defender lance khun read some good moments on defense but i don't think he's that great overall because he's too spacey So i mean you have to good shooting guards already and so you bring in land To me is he could play the
00:08:59three Well brandon who plays the three and lebron place is going to play some three and yeah this really just seems like you know they have plenty of guys who can defend already on this team and that's to me is the only reason you would bring lanson is
00:09:11because already he khun switch and he's kind of rugged defensively i mean that i could name probably ten guys right now off the free agent list that i would rather have tried to get even when you consider that it's on ly one year on the room exception i
00:09:24think could have done a lot better and then they also signed javale mcgee for the minimum that's fine now both of these don't impact their cat space right now because they're just going to sign them using exceptions after they use up the rest or cap space But i
00:09:37don't really understand mcgee i understand me if you want to have in place in the world with the warriors maybe even started center not finished the game randall probably finished the game you can play lebron that center toe to finish the game and they should have a very
00:09:50switch e line up you know i mean that's that's part of where maybe stevenson comes in the theory and luke walton of course very adept at using switching lights both last year with the lakers and then going back to his time with the warriors so i think they
00:10:02seem to be pretty good on defense when jill stop playing sojo you know you could play someone rolled with words that's fine for the veterans of the moment no problems there maybe we'll see who else might have been available you know that me it might have province him
00:10:14a little bit bigger of a role than if there are other players available but remember lebron's quote in the finals like oh yeah you know to compute with golden state you really need just like the absolute smartest players and yeah lanson javal would not be a top of
00:10:29my list there or norwood casey penis early even though i do like him kcp can certainly be a gunner at moments in time and yeah i wonder a little bit about what this team is going to be and it's also worth noting that caldwell pope has that implicit
00:10:43no trade clause and theoretically if randall picked up his you know signed his qualifying offer he would as well i don't expect randall do that I think they'll get something done but that makes it harder to do salary filler and lance theoretically could be a part of that
00:10:56I mean you could make an argument that that he didn't sign for that purpose that would have to be december fifteenth so it would be really painful for the lakers teo get kawai in the immediate unless wall deng was included deal and the problem there is that wolfgang
00:11:10is a massive negative asset so either you're sending him to a third party and giving them stuff or you're sending him to the spurs and sending them even more and both of those there are challenging and maybe the lakers are playing this long game of we can we
00:11:22can get him next year that's totally fine and then the spurs khun do what they will you know they could end up getting a decent rental offer whatever happens but it is just a strange thing like you were thinking about okay what is this Like you have to
00:11:35kind of treat this lakers team now as a possible finished entity it's not what i expected to be but it's somewhat close and to me this is a team that has some potential and i think lebron khun bring a lot out of them and defensively as you mentioned
00:11:48they could do some things but i don't see them as being better or even really particularly you know like close in terms of regular let's call it regular season net rating you know that idea to the rockets or the warriors and the rockets have some foibles we've talked
00:12:02about this before in the playoffs due to their specific talent and the isolation reliance but this i mean this lakers team has similar has problems to is that we're going to have to be reconciled they can be but they have to be yeah i a group that a
00:12:18lot and you know we've got season previews to talk about this team we'll have a little bit idea let's return to the kwai pursuit however whoa jj reiterating shortly after lebron signed that quiets focus is still on being a laker you mentioned twenty nineteen if they don't sign
00:12:34any contracts that go into twenty nineteen which it seems unlikely that they will they will have a draft pick there that will reduce this slightly but as of now they're looking at twenty six million in space If they don't stretch dang this year they could do so next
00:12:47year that would get them up over where they need to be which ca wise max right now you might have mentioned thirty two point seven million is where projects on that hundred nine million dollars cap thirty percent of that so they could get him out right as a
00:13:00free agent You mentioned though the idea that maybe you could go to philly and there was a little reporting that maybe cause i would be open to philly there's some reporting back a few months ago that like that might be one of his preferred destinations boston not been
00:13:12really on that list and so philly you know we'll see they supposed to have been unwilling to include marco fault so far which means you know if it's shar itch and covington and a first at that point if you're san antonio like that's not enough that you would
00:13:25rather just hold onto him for a year and be good this year and just let him go after years and then see if you can rehabilitate him and and he makes on ba and you khun sinema at the end of the year to the supermax so there is
00:13:37the option of just getting him in free agency next year although if you do that and then you're really you just better hope that lonzo ball on brandon ingram and kozma and heart either develop or you can then try to trade those guys maybe including dang as well
00:13:52for some salary filler if you haven't had to stretch him already now let's say they get quiet now and we'll talk about what the math behind getting that and how much they should offer party but let's say they do get him you're basically in almost the exact same
00:14:05situation cap wise next year because to use his bird rights his cap hold will be a little bit less in third two million maybe a little bit over thirty minutes making twenty this year so one point five times that for them having full bird rights on him so
00:14:19you're basically not gonna have any more space even if you acquire him now yeah he's only making twenty million now what it really would have been great is if they could have acquired lebron gotten why now will you only counted for twenty million by sending out salary and
00:14:33then still having a bunch of cap space left but that that now once kwai it goes up to his max hold next year pretty close to it you're not gonna have that flexibility so and now they brought back kcp already as well and paul george of course is
00:14:49signed so really the path to getting a third max guy is difficult maybe you trade the entire kitchen sink of ball in england there's someone who's available that you could get you know maybe it's like anthony davis or maybe a sign and trade could be possible for one
00:15:07of the guys is a twenty nineteen free gin but you're not gonna have the space if you get quiet this year and re sign him to just go right out in the marketplace and get a max free agent a cz well unless you just completely cleared the decks
00:15:21and even then you're it would be difficult so that's where they are now what do you think they should I guess one more thing i can say to about this is if they want to trade for kawai now they gotta put together sixteen thousand are sixteen million seventy
00:15:36nine thousand worth the salary if you don't include deng that means ingram and ball had to be in the deal These as of now you know some of these guys that they signed could be treated as of december fifteenth It could change this so in german ball and
00:15:49then two of each zoo boche kala cosma and josh heart just barely gets you there toe have enough salary to trade for kwai leonard Another option would be that they work in dang somehow but that such a bad country that goes another year you could maybe do the
00:16:03like keith bogans sign and trade of like well actually no you couldn't do that anymore because unless they moved on from randall because they as a and there to do that very early then they could sign and trade isiah thomas or channing friar brook lopez there be able
00:16:19to maintain the bird rights to one of those parties They can't do that though if they hold on to randall To maybe would be a sign and trade of randall but the spurs had after what randall doesn't really seem like a spurs kind of player and randall would
00:16:31want have to go there and this words would have to be willing to pay up So it's Probably either As of now if the trade is gonna happen this summer either gotta work in the building which you now you have to include even more assets because the spurs
00:16:42were taking on dengue or you've got to give up essentially everyone except for either coups more or heart So that's that's tough that's the kitchen thinking and i'll turn you down Deanna have gone on for a long time with this financial stuff but would you just do it
00:16:56We've talked about this before but now they do have lebron james We just do it Would you trade basically all those guys To get quite leonard right now knowing then though that going into next somewhere you're probably not gonna have space for a max guy Even then i
00:17:10would not I would not do that trade at this point it's too much to give up the uncertainty With quiet they might have more certainty than we do with access to medical information Maybe they they could see him work out or something like that But knowing what we
00:17:22know right now i would not especially because they have a good chance of signing him as a free agent you know that there is certainly a much greater than zero chance that he signs somewhere else What either through a traitor just falling out of love But i think
00:17:34that's way too much risk to take on and it also whoa where's the ceiling of the team and i'm sure some people are going to dig in this well of oklahoma city signed paul george therefore all these teams didn't have so much confidence that they can make these
00:17:48moves and and you know the guy's going to go back there certainly are circumstances but you need to remember that every player is different how they reacted the circumstance you and i both talked about on last night's show about how we disagreed with paul george's decision from a
00:17:59basketball perspective obviously he's a human being can make whatever mr jean wants but even if it's not ca y i feel like they could get somebody else good that year maybe not as good as clients of giving up everything for a bill of goods that you're not completely
00:18:13sure of and foreclosing on all these other possibilities and he wouldn't have to make any sort of commitment right now I just don't think that makes any sense or doesn't make much sense it makes some sense it just doesn't make enough yeah and the timing here is not
00:18:24is difficult because again you're now at the point where the fact that the kawai is only making twenty million that cyril i can't really be utilized in your favor anymore to get more players now we mentioned a course you know he's locked in for at least three years
00:18:37he studies even stephen a smith reported that it even you know the commitment in theory is for even beyond that and you could say hey you know there's so much urgency here he's thirty three how much longer is going to be playing at this level but also there's
00:18:50a chance that houston and golden state the two teams where you're like okay we just can't beat these guys right now those teams are in theory going to be getting worse clay thompson a free agent kevin durant a free agent next summer and just you know steph curry
00:19:02kevin durant dream on green clay thompson all probably not going to use good next year's they were this year chris paul james harden you know those guys are on the wrong side of the aging curve the rockets just lost trevor reza so maybe you are even if lebron
00:19:14is a little worse in twenty nineteen twenty you're in a better position just because the competition isn't as bad now in the east boston philly are on the come but you know they're not his immediate of a problem for them so you know i think unless i could
00:19:27get the spurs to take dengue or work some kind of a sign and trade i'm probably not going to make that deal as of now and the real urgency of course to do it was when not on ly the thought was that you needed quite a get lebron
00:19:42but then also that you could then bring in another guy or at least you know filling around them with more space And now that option is really gone So the leaders don't have much urgency here and maybe the spurs will see who knows what exactly was offered but
00:19:57it may be for the spurs that the lakers offer never gets any better There's also the chance of course i mean quiet goes to another good team like fill your boston You know i would say it's fifty fifty you're better that he stays there because they could They're
00:20:09going to be awesome assuming that he sees healthy so and they'd be able to offer The fifty year you know what his health situation is going to either that fit your connect up really meaning something to him as of that point So that's definitely concerned the lakers In
00:20:21theory you're still gonna have to outbid philly and outbid boston You know i would be pretty scared if he goes there but you mentioned also they'll probably be you think the number one destination they'll have Lebron i'm not sure that guys want to play with lebron maybe as
00:20:34much as lebron thinks they do because it can be difficult to play with him We've seen no kyrie left him obviously although that's what you like a great decision now you know he would've been left holding the bag in cleveland so ah lot of moving parts but i
00:20:46think i would be pretty judicious as of this point you're also another concern though you have is the lakers It is Well how good orlando ball on brandon ingram gonna look next to lebron I think they're going to look worse Frankly especially with ball coming off of this
00:21:00knee surgery Now ed you know there's talk that the spurs on one ball okay you could probably write him to a third team Potentially ingram just has to be in the deal there's just no way that you'll get some of that ingram they can also throw in future
00:21:10first rounders is well maybe they could find a way there's talk they might take on a bad contract and those first rounders air less valuable now for sure like we we already we already would've price that in competent teams would have because that's why you're doing this deal
00:21:24but still it's worth noting that's out of my way i don't want to be too down on this for the lakers i mean every lakers fan has got to be pretty static they're adding lebron to a thirty five win team some of the guys who got under those
00:21:36thirty five wins we'll be there anymore but you could hope for growth from the young guys Yeah i think the fit is going to be bad offense i think they're going to be pretty good defensively and offensively i would expect lebron to have the least efficient season we've
00:21:48seen room sometime just to the like of spacing and we'll see maybe they still got twelve million they might do some with it How would you approach randall's situation now That's that's a good question one other know what i want to make quickly another way that they could
00:22:01get a little bit of caterpillar that did here you mentioned i might have just missed it is in a month they could trade mill wagner and that's another way to get some of that small money so maybe they could i haven't done the exact numbers on it but
00:22:11that would get a lot of them to get pretty close to maybe not having you excuse me or heart but still fallen ingram whole hell of a lot to give up But so with newest rando actually just before we started recording was writing a piece for the athletic
00:22:22los angeles and spent a paragraph talking about this and i think what you're trying to do is tow the line between hardball and trying not to get him to take the qualifying offer though you're not it's not the worst thing in the world to be clear but we
00:22:36would be willing t to go more than one year i would if it was a deal that i was completely confident was tradable will you ever be that i don't know what that is you're you could like really let's say if it was seven or eight mil we're
00:22:50more likely than not you know not as a guarantee but more likely than not that another team would be one taking on Or maybe maybe low enough that if you absolutely had to you could stretch it Or you know if you had to give up trying to get
00:23:03out yet But i mean but you're talking about something that's like below It figures a year which is never going to sign Yes right And so so but that's what i would do is that would make it as a term and say this is what we're happy with
00:23:14And then if he gets something higher than that which the answer is almost definitely at this point you can't I mean unless another team just is trolling or something which is kind of stupid on their part unless they have a clear vision for what randall would be So
00:23:26i would play pretty hardball with him because randall a very good player or a guy that i like that that really impressed me with his growth this past year but not a great fit with lebron james Because of the lack of space and defensively and offensively use a
00:23:41good fit actually because they're probably going to switch and he could do that offensively i agreed to it it's terrible but like as a recovery like just pierce Which guy Yeah but i think with lebron especially the ages you're going to want somebody who can recover a little
00:23:53bit better because you're going to need to need a little bit more of a president's the rim and i don't trust that randall is going to be able to do that so i don't think that you're looking at him is a foundational piece any more I don't think
00:24:04he's a foundational piece which lebron james grant i felt that way before and lakers fans didn't like it but whatever okay and so you you play it like that and you say if you can get a better deal but if these are the terms that that were kind
00:24:16of thinking about and our offer's only basically going to drop with time you could try to play that game if you want but of course there's the threshold and then if he takes the qualifying offer so be it you know like that that's not the worst thing in
00:24:27the world the worst thing would be matching or signing a really big contract and the lakers Khun just take that out of play by saying that's the worst case scenario Everything else is better than that I think this would be my approach I would actively look for something
00:24:40better to do this year with that troll million like you said very unlikely that they can reach a long term agreement even next year He's still essentially a fall but at a contract that he's going to want which is probably have to start it You know maybe if
00:24:53you're lucky fourteen million year thirteen million years something like that because remember happy days going to be here again for free agents in these coming years And randall had a very nice here i think he's a guy who's a very unique match up who has a lot of
00:25:07applications potentially so let's say even if you get him on a one year deal this year right I mean i think the fallback would be hey we've got your full bird rights it's not going to impact our cap space at all as long as we don't go into
00:25:19the tack say we'll just pay you all the way up to the max even you know you maybe don't want to do that just because it's money but we'll give you a one year deal just to get you to sign and be happy and play ball this year
00:25:31and not drag out this qualifying offer thing forever But even then if you keep amiran you're happy is happy and a one year deal he's like you know probably plan g in the summer of twenty nineteen and again you you he's not gonna have ah low enough cap
00:25:46hold anymore that you can kind of keep him around and still have room to do some of the significant things that you want to do so i would say and as i said already i mean they got ingrown they got ball they just got lance stevenson lebron is
00:25:59not amazing shooter he's got the ball in his hands you just need better shooting and so randall to me my first approach would be alright will keep his qualifying offer on the books for now you might have a decision to make it the deadline but presumably you'll know
00:26:11at that point the deadline was dropped which is in in mid july but presumably you'll know at that point whether you could do better than him here's who i might be looking at that i think you know and we're talking about a one year thirteen million dollar deal
00:26:24essentially now that if you pull the qualifying offer from randall you certainly would call j j reddick pride wants to stay on the east coast avery bradley could be anything when they have a lot of shooting guards but that's okay you know he at least can play at
00:26:38center you know it it's tough there's not that many guys they're brook lopez maybe he could return just to his shooting although defensively it's an issue derrick favors you could certainly look at but he's supposed to decide tomorrow i'm going back to the jazz or not but i
00:26:53think favors would be a better fit than randall this could be more of a pick and roll senator protect the room a little bit more certainly you would asked if demarcus cousins would be interested in coming to play for that much we'll see what the powells offers they'll
00:27:04probably beat that though or i might even just tryto break it up into some other guys who can shoot a little bit Wayne ellington you might want to see what the prices on south korea although that wouldn't cost much but they've got to get some shooting on this
00:27:17roster may bring back chaining fry though he might be another moon guy anthony tolliver be someone that they could look at and randall is definitely better than all those guys i'm talking about here for sure other than maybe demarcus and favors but itjust the fit is just so
00:27:31bad i mean and with him very unlikely to be a part of the long term but now if you could get maybe you could sign and trade up and get someone back who can play in the side trade again I don't know where that's going to be that's
00:27:41exactly where i was going to Do you have an idea for that word that that really that close I don't have one yet but what i do have is the concept of what a deal would be you brought up bringing back a guy who can play the other
00:27:53way to do that would be to bring back some sort of other asset that you can flip into something else so that could be maybe you get a late first round pick or a good second or something like that You would also have to have it as a
00:28:03deal in the requirement and deal that we're not taking back any salary from beyond this season And they could do that pretty easily just as a demand whether or not another seem khun meet it is an open question But it gets into something that is very important to
00:28:15understand around the league which is this lack of demand for centers I mean there just aren't that Many teams that are beating the doors down as good as julius randle is for a guy like julius randle And especially if you're narrowing the field of matching salary to only
00:28:30guys that are expiring this coming season I mean Maybe you could you could find something I mean maybe even talk to a team like sacramento and if they're for whatever reason they like him better than all of their guys Maybe you could do something about that but there
00:28:41just aren't that Many teams that are champing at the bit to get to get randall is good as yes yeah so so maybe avery bradley would probably be my number one target Just because he can shoot he could defend the other team's point guard if lonzo just a
00:28:53shooting too poorly or he's going to be injured for parties and you can start at point guard basically But they have enough guys with ingram and and lebron and lance who can handle the ball already so brother wouldn't have to handle the ball too much i might look
00:29:06to to see if shabaz napier were available and with him being non tendered by the blazers he's unrestricted he can play out the ball and shoot I mentioned seth curry as a potential option They'll need a backup point guard in theory but yeah they still they just need
00:29:21shooting in the worst way on this team Well and then there's if they need shooting there's a perfect fed who might end up being on the buyout market Carmelo anthony home and yeah this is i feel i feel like that's happening I it's not I don't know anything
00:29:36It just intuitively to me feels like that's gonna happen David west might be an intriguing option for this team to if he doesn't go out teen state and i definitely think for the regular season they should really you know wanna pay much more than the minimum but to
00:29:49bring back chaining fry i think you know especially you since he's got a chemistry with lebron and just again they got to just get somebody on this team who can shoot the ball Even with his defense of limitations yeah i think the other part of this which is
00:30:01a mix of lakers perspective and the other thing we need to talk about with the lebron decision The other big big thing to talk about is the path that it took to get to this point And so really that starts with magic and pull inca taking over from
00:30:16busing cup check and a lot of the early stuff was cleaning up their messes that was using d'angelo russell as the primary asset to unload timofei moscow's contract mas god would still be on the books for an additional two seasons would have made that a big constraint to
00:30:33deal with Right now it would have to give some assets and they also in that trade got the pick which eventually became koosman Now they could have drafted koosman with the other pick that became just hard They could have done a couple of things but they got those
00:30:44in that deal and then the other massive trade which i feel like our analysis of this is looking better than other peoples which doesn't always happen But in this case it does which was the monumentally shortsighted you could say justifiably so trade that The cavs made with the
00:31:00lakers which had two big impacts in terms of this signing One jordan clarkson's contract going off the books you know the lakers got back expiring salary That money was is important but you could call that casey peace money if you want you call whatever and also getting a
00:31:14first round pick they drafted mo wagner with it but they they got a first round pick out of that deal and so the lakers needed to get more breathing room to get flexibility in order to make this palatable to make this possible and they did so The other
00:31:28thing too that was huge was that d'angelo russell trade and there's Certainly plenty of lakers fans and lakers analysts Who were like oh my god d'angelo russell like he's going to be so good he run such a good pick and roll I used the number two pig use
00:31:42the future We just trade him just to get get off of money Well number one they got calico asthma or the pick that eventually became kuzma in that deal Although obviously no one knew what he was going to be You have to evaluate it as if it was
00:31:54just a random you know twenty eight twenty seven pick whichever it was i forget the exact syriza transactions that led them to twenty seven but that was a great deal I mean that's the one we're really mean The clarkson one Yeah they got off of i think his
00:32:06twelve and a half million for this year but they still would have actually had the room for lebron I think with ma's got on the books out of steven and russell is well i don't think they even would have had space for lebron Maybe they could have made
00:32:18that trip But you know russell had a pretty rough year His value is a lot lower now than it was back then I don't know if you could get off of a moscow for a dang just by including russell now the way you could back then so that
00:32:29i think was a really great proactive trade And i think even going back further trade deadline twenty seventeen You remember that It looked like mitch kupchak was going to try and and make a trade with jim buss continuing to try and save their jobs after the terrible mas
00:32:44gab and dang signings and clark's and signing and g bus five about that and stepped in and said no you know what we're not giving you to the end of this season I'm taking this from you right now Magic johnson is coming in He is going to be
00:32:56running our trade deadline They were able to trade away lou williams for a pick that that end up being josh hart Good job there and i admit very early on to being openly skeptical of magic johnson pelinka kobe's former agent certainly seemed like kind of a nepotism type
00:33:12of higher magic Johnson never seemed to be that amazing on tv Will certainly appears that magic played a key role in closing the deal with lebron yesterday though that's always kind of overblow while you really convince him in the meeting It's Like now i think he probably pretty
00:33:27much had his mind made up before then and just you got to just not below it if your magic johnson at that point But he didn't and i was skeptical and really outside of drafting lonzo ball number two which i think pretty much everyone was on board with
00:33:39as essentially a no brainer And i admit that ball was number two on my board of those kind of still felt lower on him even at the time was drafted than others and i remain skeptical of him But other than that draft pick pretty much every move they've
00:33:51made has worked out incredibly well and so G bus deserves a lot of credit for bringing them in and they of course deserve credit for the way they've totally remade the franchise here And you know it is really like is lebron james I mean he had a chance
00:34:06to come to l a once you went back to cleveland in twenty fourteen but is he here with like bumbling mitch kupchak who like you know refuses to even play the game of kind of the prix july first tampering and jim boss And you know who just like
00:34:20at a socially awkward and stuff or is he here with magic johnson I mean we know he's here with magic johnson probably would have been here with you jim buss still iran So jeannie did the right thing and getting rid of those guys agreed wholeheartedly They've done a
00:34:33wonderful job so far very very very few missteps and a lot of home runs which is incredible and i give them full credit for it There is one other thing that we should talk about with Respect to this and it's a question you asked on twitter which is
00:34:46how many championships will lebron james when is the los angeles laker Yes so the pole actually let me check it now had to scroll past all my tweets of our patriotic poster done another probably fifteen or so of those updating in real time all of these signs with
00:35:00our salary sheets we've got the list of all the remaining free agents including who signed ranked separated by retreated unrestricted We've also got our summary of all the kappa room left in the n b a For all the teams i actually updated that to include my projection of
00:35:15what exceptions teams that are over the cap might use but here's that poll seventy two hundred votes forty nine percent say that lebron will win zero championships with the lakers Thirty percent say that he will win one Thirteen percent say to an eight percent say three plus And
00:35:30i think actually that wisdom of crowds that pretty neatly and calculate it's in caps Elise for me forty nine percent zero thirty percent one and then two and above twenty percent i might put the two and above even lower than twenty percent overall but that's pretty close to
00:35:45i think what the distribution of the outcomes might be yeah i mean what you talked about earlier with the difficulty of getting a third star there unless one develops on their roster which is the other possibility here is that you know baller ingram or somebody that they could
00:35:59acquire four ball in ingram if it's not one So if it's not cool i leonard becomes that guy but there are strong teams even if the raging and lebron at some point is going to be become at least somewhat of immortal and so that that will be a
00:36:13challenge for them you know they'll have to deal with that and we already saw him take a big step back in terms of regular season defense and then the playoffs I thought d'oh he was spectacular offensively and he picked his spots defensively but he didn't have his fastball
00:36:25for most of it maybe the hand relate to that who knows But yeah i would say zeros the most likely outcome but there is a significant chance of one or maura's well and i'm excited to see where this goes and actually gets the last thing before we move
00:36:37on to leave I've got this's just feel okay it's just it's just where i mean the disparity between the conference is now not only in terms of star town but in terms of top teams is pretty remark well yeah for fortunately boston and philly and i mean the
00:36:52big winners here boston is the biggest one to get lebron the conference the raptor i mean the raptors one fifty nine games last year right I mean there's they have a new coach but they should be able to be iran and maybe they could just break the curse
00:37:05against a team like boston affiliate they just match up a little bit better against so you all those teams in the east if the bucks weren't so intent on just making terrible signings they might even be rejoicing right now but yeah that conference disparity mean there's going to
00:37:19be is probably some more momentum for the receding now of either Okay eighteenth reach conference get in but then you recede or maybe receding once you get to the conference finals and the travel could be less of an issue there just space it out a little bit more
00:37:33of the same way they too during the n ba finals Another question along the lines of the championship question the lakers have these four young's right now ball ingram cosma and heart how many of those guys not counting randall well he's not even under contract No i'm not
00:37:49counting how many of those guys are on the team after next summer's moves and who is the most likely to not be on the team this is pretty much off the cuff but i'm gonna say most likely is that to stay to leave i don't know if that's
00:38:04in the quite trade or if that's in just get changing things around and i would say most likely to stay I don't know why I feel like it might end up being josh heart just because he just fits well if it's a core it's also khun b is
00:38:21and i don't think they're going to demand him like you know i don't think you're going you know let's say let's say they're trading for kawai I think this bird's going like we want kuzma even though josh hart would be valuable to them and to almost anybody else
00:38:33i just don't That that same fashion also i don't see josh are conflicting with lebron and that's the other way that this could happen is it's not it's not just oh you're jumping them to trade it could just be this is lebron's team now player x doesn't work
00:38:44and i think that's significantly more likely for all of the other three then for josh hart and i would say brendan ingram i would have ingram over lonzo in terms of the most likely for that specific conflict because we saw ingram looks best with the ball in his
00:38:59hands and that's not gonna happen a lot with lebron there yeah certainly defensively if he can grow into what they hope he khun b increments a nice fit and remove the lakers they made their big strides defensively already last year yeah i would say heart to me is
00:39:12the most likely to still be there i would agree with you i would say either two or three of them won't be around anymore and i would say that ingram is the most likely to not be there because a he'll be the most coveted he also has one
00:39:22of the bigger salaries and surprise to be included for that as well i would say that koosman is number two to not be there a zagat i kind needs the ball in his hands isn't that good defensively the fit there is a little questionable and then ball just
00:39:35because it seems like you'd almost have to be trading with an eight year of his value and he's still i think there probably bigger believers and and then everyone else would be third and then heart would be fourth but obviously you know a long way to go in
00:39:48this saga Is this what you would have done if you were in lebron james's shoes Yeah i think it is he's looking at the long game and i never liked the fit of lebron in philly I never wrote the piece that i wanted to write about how i
00:40:00thought the sixer should prioritize paul george over lebron just because the idea of complimentary talent versus transformative talent but i feel that way i still dio and there wasn't really another fit for james that made a ton of sense in what the lakers can offer that these other
00:40:14teams cannot is the prospect of getting somebody else because of the gravity of the franchise they were good enough to you know they drew lebron in they will have cap space they have young assets they can bring in somebody else now i'm not sure they khun bring in
00:40:29enough to be the championship favorite forgiven season that's going to need a lot of improvement some good fortune Which could happen but is far from definite and you know lebron i think he's probably looking at kind of the end stage of his career here i mean three plus
00:40:42one we don't know where he'll be at that point we don't know you know everything but i understand why he wanted to look for ah more long term solution didn't wantto be a rain hunter and he's now he's invested in this and he's a part of this process
00:40:56that might not work out but i do i do really like this i think there's a kind of there's a poetry to it that i appreciate yeah and i said this on twitter i'm really happy that he picked the lakers i would probably mostly from two pick houston
00:41:08just because that match up with warriors would have been epic but that seemed like it was never really in the cards and at least he's at least is interesting Now you know i was just so sick of seeing them especially last year on that cab's team that you
00:41:21just knew didn't have a chance and it was the same old conversations are they going to hit their threes Is kevin love going to be good enough defensively and just it wanted to be there anymore and he had no chance of winning the championship there all the saga
00:41:35is with dan gilbert and the drama and i was just like ready for it to be over in cleveland As a neutral fan As a pacific time zone fan i'm happy to be able to see more lebron games out here It also means that like all those laker
00:41:49games that are on national tv that sucked because the lakers weren't any good The last year there were interesting but now are incredibly interesting again the rivalry with the warriors and that's just going to make like giants dodgers look like child's play at this point now with and
00:42:05just tow have is really the first time just about ever that the warriors and lakers will both be good They had had some playoff matchups but not really one where they're both really good teams in the those games are going to be awesome and then going back to
00:42:18the question of you know what i would have done in his shoes I mean a lot of it too is There's the entertainment aspect i think you know it could be that owning a team someday is a more important goal for him Even then winning more championships I
00:42:29would totally understand if that were the case and l a both for entertainment the connection's much easier to get involved with the investments and silicon valley on the west coast A cz well so yeah and also just being in l a that he's got a home there It
00:42:45just kind of it's much easier to be a celebrity in los angeles there's so many of them there's a degree of sanity Teo actually like seeing celebrities iran which you know most places just go crazy So i'm glad that he's in l a I'm really looking forward to
00:42:58seeing how it's going to mess with this team And we just you know the possibilities are fascinating as faras trying to get more talent around him whereas cleveland really just didn't have the asset To do that any longer all right let's do a quick read here and we'll
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00:44:49from us let's turn to the cleveland cavaliers We need to spend a ton of time on them right now The initial reporting it will probably be a while until we spent a lot of time on the cleveland cavaliers Now danny we do fifteen sixty with two season previews
00:45:02I said a lot of time i didn't say no time that i think will be spending more time with them than just about any other podcast But that way yeah So it's been reported that with their arena renovation being complete this year that they want to hold onto
00:45:17kevin love see if they can compete Ah ah ah i don't know about that Surprisingly enough after the best small ford in history just left the team they have a giant hole at the three They are six point two million dollars over the cap now in james's absence
00:45:32and that's not including the nine guarantees they had They have collin sucks and of course a cz the eighth pick though we'll surely get plenty of run this year and being six point two million over the cap that gives them fifteen point six million work with before they
00:45:47get to the tax and there's no way in hell they're going to pay more than the repeated attacks The repeater tax for this team What can they do with that money Well you give rodney hood a new contract they still to fill out the roster with minutes so
00:45:58you could probably give hood about thirteen million or so to still avoid the tax Of course they could make cap clearing trades later in the year A cz well although they're pretty much out all of their second rounders and then they also have a top ten protected first
00:46:11that they owe to atlanta in twenty nineteen twenty twenty atlanta big loser with james leaving because you could see that pick being in the top ten both those years and then just reverting into two second that's fromthe kyle korver Great years ago Or they could use the full
00:46:25emily and the b a which they should have room for still under the tax barely and move on from hood And of course as we mentioned they desperately needed three anything you'd say about their strategy We did a whole podcast obviously are not a whole podcast middle section
00:46:41on their off season and what they should do if james left But you know assuming they're trying to compete this year which i don't think they should be but that seems to be the rumbling so far Anybody you think they might target with their mid level exception Or
00:46:52would you just try toe resign hood and call today Here Maybe you could look at you know somebody i would be looking maura tsum buddy who you could get on a multiyear contract at a reasonable price Those might be available Somebody like ennis or trivia on graham Especially
00:47:07gram Because he's young enough you could end up getting him on a multiyear contract The clint robinson contract we'll talk about later you know at least the pistons got a second year out of it Maybe even try to get me More than that bee looking in that direction
00:47:18and one other thing i want to notice that the calves have a trade exception from the kyrie deal for five point eight million that could be used in a couple different ways It could be to get somebody who a team just doesn't really want it that price or
00:47:29maybe it's even debtor money and they get an asset in return which they can use in the future It could be a nice piece another way to use some of that big margin between their current salary and electric but that would probably preclude them from using either the
00:47:42full emily or taking on hood unless unless other move it's occurred It's possible Yeah and i think other moves will happen at some point whatever those are real and if they want to strip mine here and korver maybe he would have some values Seven point five million three
00:47:56million guaranteed next year and love are really probably only guys Maybe george hill could help someone as a nineteen million dollar expiring contract essentially Tristen thompson they might try to move you know maybe they could move him for you know yang mimi someone who's even worse you know
00:48:12i think they definitely should be strip mining especially to ensure that they keep their pick this year But you know i think more likely is they're going to start off the year pretending to compete suck and then try to move these guys at the trade deadline and not
00:48:23get this good of a draft pick and be right on the border line of losing that but we've seen them so fall off so badly without lebron before or that maybe it'll just happen regardless of what they wanted to or not yeah i could see gilbert trying to
00:48:35push a little bit and seeing what they could do is just finding out they can't I mentioned this before that it's kind of the i would enjoy the garfield minus garfield idea of this team of just trying to run it back and not have lebron james and see
00:48:46what happens I think they would lose just offensive amy would be a validating requirement for me to just try to get an idea of what the worth of lebron wass yeah and so for that purpose and yet i mean the new dna test for cleveland is not a
00:49:00good thing right now because you know love i think has value to certain teams but that that pointer option some teams might feel queasy with that especially with his injury history he has twenty four million this year twenty six million next year sentence in that player twenty twenty
00:49:15five seconds closer damn enough and yeah and then george hill nineteen with apartness small partial for the year after j r has a small partial guarantee korver so it will be challenging if they're if they try to unload them i mean it's probably going to take assets or
00:49:29as you said taking on bad money that is the other way to make this work we'll tell you what if i'm kevin love i sure as hell want to get traded this year so i could go somewhere that little sign me because i don't know that there's mean
00:49:40it's going to be a robust market next year but i don't know that there's anybody who's going to pay him justin straight cap space you know twenty six million dollars next year i mean you're much better off probably getting somewhere that wants you you opt out but then
00:49:52you know you re sign for a longer term deal that maybe a little bit less on a per dollar basis will be thirty one next offseason yeah and he's also technically i think if you convey try to make a move early He's extension eligible Sure So depending on
00:50:05whether whether it fit within the terms of an extended in trade or if they just had to wait six months if they did it early enough they could make that happen And even jr like he's three point nine million guaranteed in twenty nineteen He actually you know it
00:50:18could be another option of like all right i can help the team a little bit And if you want to send me you know hey portland If you want to send me it's and evan turner here will send you j r smith You probably help you More of
00:50:27the portland might not agree with that but i think i would And you know there's still two in cars and at a twelve point five and thirteen point Four million The neck Two years I don't know I think you need to keep jordan jordan clarkson to preserve the
00:50:40tank because he's going to be a center a centerpiece to them keeping this pick you and zach lo wrote the piece so you can check out itjust alright How did they get Here on by the way feldman has this actually if they feel out with minimum contracts they
00:50:53could give hood only up to eleven point three million so the margins a little bit tighter stable of attacks again unless they made other moves i mean obviously the kyrie trade was miserable but we you know we thought that that was a good as they could do at
00:51:07the time but not having right like that not even the organization don't get him back into the fold when he went off the reservation last so it was difficult right it's always important with a lot of these deals t keep in mind where things were at the time
00:51:20i mean there's been a lot of revisionist history that's happened with the paul george trade in kind of now in both circumstances you know it's that trade is looking originally looked great for indiana and shaky for oklahoma city now looks great for both teams it's always healthy teo
00:51:35remember what it was and so i mean at that point i say and we didn't know how broken isiah thomas was that nets pick you know They didn't have the incentive it sank so i i i didn't think it was going to be eight i thought it was
00:51:45going to be more in the five range if memory serves but yeah that looks like the best return if they felt that they had to trade kyrie irving and we'll never know probably for sure whether they really did have to but it certainly is leaning in that direction
00:51:57but yeah i mean well and then give your going to be at your first two yeah okay they like kind of saved their season and they got to the finals and barely but basically no one that they acquired in that trade contributed at all in the playoffs and
00:52:11that was really a disastrous trade to give up jae crowder and expiring contracts take on clarkson and give up a first a swell to get nancy i mean just the opportunity costs they're i mean they're just there had to be better deals out there than that and that
00:52:24and maybe you know i didn't think the warriors were like invulnerable especially with iguodala not playing those first two games maybe they could have actually had a good performance against the words that lebron wasn't just like all right it's totally hopeless here had they done a better job
00:52:37with those trades and yeah that everyone who is saying what a great job they do with those trades yeah would you care to revisit that opinion please Sure yvonne from cleveland will have unfortunately plenty of time to discuss them later You know let's go to the orlando magic
00:52:51The magic signed aaron gordon restricted for agent who was seeing potential suitors drop off the board over the course of july first signed him to a four year eighty four million dollar deal No options on it and a note that you and i both independently made on twitter
00:53:05about forty five seconds apart The magic should absolutely front load this deal because they have enough wiggle room under the luxury tax this season to make it happen And then it just makes it a more palatable deal moving forward Whether he stays with orlando are were theoretically if
00:53:20they were going to trade him Yeah and the difference that we're looking at here I mean i'm i put in my protection that i did for patri on that they'd just give him the standard eight percent raises but your range here over four years with the eight percent
00:53:31rages is raises is between eighteen point eight million and twenty three point three million and so you could start him a twenty three point three billion this year and not only does that give you more cap space in future years should you want to use it Yes in
00:53:46fact there will be a time even it may be a soon as next year where they could use cap space and more importantly especially because you already have john isaac he really believe in as who plays the same position as him If you want to trade gordon he
00:53:57becomes more valuable if his salary declines and generally the player won't be opposed doing it that way because they'd rather get their money first The one downside is that now that the extension rules are a little bit lester cockney than they used to be you might wanna have
00:54:11a bigger number at the end of your contract so you can build off of that on your extension but that seems like a little bit to attenuate as faras just getting more money upfront and i think for gordon for for eighty four and that's about what victrola people
00:54:26got a couple of years ago although it was a different market at that time that and that was in an extension for all the people rather than a free agent contract but it was difficult to see at this point where his market was going to come from The
00:54:37kings don't really need a four the bulls have lottery market and already hit you would have been an interesting fit with the hawks but the hawks to probably weren't really interested And so with no real suitors out there i think that this was this was a number that
00:54:51the magic can feel pretty decent about basically twenty million a year over that twenty one million a year and that gordon it's still is getting life changing money even if it's not an enormous payday you know maybe there could have been a player option on the end or
00:55:04something They they had the ability to go five years like gordon wanted to so it's interesting that it only ended up being four or maybe the magic didn't want to go the five years you do have to think that their teams out there indiana dallas That maybe could
00:55:17have made better use of their caps face but the question is would you have had to go to the max for gordon And that would have only been you know another twenty million maybe the magic end of matching it anyway and then you know you're waiting until july
00:55:30like twelfth with all the physical shenanigans that team should do that should really be outlawed because you've had the player for four years don't need to give him a physical again to delay things even mohr but and then you're waiting until then to get your money and maybe
00:55:43everyone else is gone so i think those teams ride felt like hey we just can't risk that you know we got to get doug mcdermott under contract for the pacers we'll see what else they end up getting you know I mean maybe but you know if they get
00:55:54terry kevin's than makes a little more sense and so it is a fair deal all the way around for the magic and then their space now they're essentially right at the cap so they could have their full emily they'll have their b a to use as well should
00:56:09they so desire they also it turned out stretched shelvin max One million dollars guaranteed for this year and they waved him back in june and i think that's about all i have on them for right now i think the magic actually we'll see what ends up happening with
00:56:23their center position they may have other moves to be made i still maintain that they saw to be trying to trade some guys for bad contracts to maybe help teams clear out space for twenty nineteen they've got vucevic they've got ross who are expiring contracts that they could
00:56:37use to take out some of that bad money that doesn't expire until twenty twenty i think that would be my approach they're really they're no closer to contention they still desperately need a point guard dj augustine is their starting point card but there aren't really many on the
00:56:48market don't think they'll be knocking on shabbas napier's door after they traded him away for ah top fifty five protected first trumpet to the blazers are a second picked the blazers anything you want to add on them or shall we move on We could move on they do
00:57:00have a small trade exception than they can use but not a big deal let's go to a deal that feels like it was a lifetime ago the first deal i think that was after we recorded fred gently went back to the toronto raptors two years eighteen million that
00:57:14is about it seems like the numbers lined up with the highest they could have brought him back with early bird rights and it's going to be fascinating to see what the raptors do from here are they will Are they going to unload salary Are they going to give
00:57:27up assets to unload salary Are they going to just kind of bite bite this for one or two years I'm really interested to see where this goes but i'm happy front bentley got paid He was very very good to see Yeah this is basically the most they could
00:57:39have paid him over two years with their early bird rights for him Interesting that it's only a two year deal for a family that might be good to get back on the market in that twenty twenty when the cap will be one hundred sixteen million and so much
00:57:51money is coming off the books although never discount the capacity of nba teams to spend like drunken Sailors when they have even the slightest hint of cap flexibility Raptor now are twelve million dollars into the tax would be facing a twenty one million dollars tax payment They have
00:58:06been loved to pay the tax before They got out of it last year even if they're able to move on from norman powell on ra the god of it last year by wing being willing to trade tomorrow carol into the nets cap space and give a first round
00:58:18of that Probably turned out to be a pretty good deal because they only only ended up being the twenty ninth pick even though carol could still play a little bit So maybe they move on from jonas valanciunas Doubt they confined a taker Preserved baca mean that that would
00:58:29be a lot of money to just dump ibaka straight up into Either They would have to be the bulls or the hawks space they could take back a little bit of salary maybe if they wanted to be the kings and you know the kings could use another four
00:58:41point five on the roster but powell seems like the most likely you get moved as of this point but van fleet is such a good player they had to keep him around and maybe they'll just pay the tax or or maybe you know that kind of see how
00:58:52the season is going and then maybe they they could drop a little bit of money to reduce their tax man but it's looking like they're probably going to be in there I mean just get moving on from paolo wouldn't be enough and really i think the only way
00:59:02that they can get off of enough money would be by including a first rounder at this point but good to bring him back and especially with lebron in the other conference you know I mean they're probably looking like the second best team in the east going in the
00:59:14next year As of now we'll see what billions of another important part of giving vanvleet two years is that largely lines up toronto's books so if we assume that valanciunas picks up his player option and obviously we don't know who's not gonna be on the team lowry abacha
00:59:29valanciunas and vanvleet now all expire in twenty twenty and then derozan has player option for the following year Norman palace another couple years so they could really be looking to retool this team at that point without too much on their books and with the young players developing that
00:59:45could you know those guys were going to be paid right around that same time but it is interesting that they can't kind of do maintain that consistency of a timeline here and remembering that last year lowry and ibaka got fewer years than many words to spit in utah
00:59:59The jazz did not wave tableau sefolosha He was guaranteed five million for this year despite the fact that he had that m c l surgery and you know that's a bad m c l injury when you have to have surgery usually great wonder Great too You have to
01:00:11get surgery It was an avulsion injury which is where basically you tear part of the bone off that goes with the ligament use it more commonly seemed than the ankle from my recollection but so with sefolosha back this augur is even more so especially as free agents have
01:00:29come off the books here and we'll go through Of course who's left at the end of all this now that the jazz are going to try to stay over the cap they met with derrick favors today in atlanta The reporting is that the mean with the jazz productive
01:00:43but they had meetings with multiple teams and expected to make a decision on monday We don't know who those teams are I am would be surprised if there you know you talk an offer the most money I don't know how long it's going to because the utah's another
01:00:55team that could have a lot of flexibility in twenty nineteen with burkes and with rubio expiring But even if it's over one year you know i don't think favors had any kind of an offer for above the mid level exception anywhere else And so i think as long
01:01:08as utah beats that especially for one year Be surprised me if he doesn't return there and then when you consider now we said oh you know they have his bird rights thing and paying whatever they want for one year there's a little bit of an opportunity cost there
01:01:21because they have as of now with no ex um and no favours there thirty point five million below the tax and thirty six point five million below the apron and so you would want to bring back ex um and favors and use the full mid level if you
01:01:36could or at least close to it to fit into that thirty point five million and i think they could probably do that we'll see where xom ends up with your favorite sends up they still could get into the tax and then get out of it or they also
01:01:48have the option They have seven point five million in non guaranteed contracts between giraud co and epi udo hopefully for them axum and favors could be resolved by the july ninth guarantee dates They'll know what they need to wave those guys to avoid the tax or not Certainly
01:02:02epi udo you think is the most expendable there will sue they can get with the full mid level if anyone both those guys played roles but they're kind of end of the bench guys they might be able to do better than those guys so that's where you ties
01:02:15right now Interesting that sefolosha was guaranteed what to see what he looks like when he comes back next year but certainly someone who could make their defense even more formidable Where you want to go next i think it's timeto bring back everyone's Favorite segment What the hell is
01:02:27portland doing And this time it it's not about something that just happened It's Basically a resolution of a question that we had which is that jake layman got guaranteed for this coming season one point five million per jason quick and it doesn't seem like it was moved back
01:02:43we don't know i don't think we know for absolute certainty that that's what happened but holy crap mark bartelstein unbelievable if that's what ended up happening here considering they moved on from basically everybody else on their bench and lehman was probably the worst guy on their bench yeah
01:02:58lehman just a horrible three point shooter in his career some hopes that he could be a combo forward who could hit some shots and play some d but just not even close to developing and this is his third year already as i change my spreadsheet to sadly guarantee
01:03:13him for next year but the idea of impact contin his qualifying offer was under two million dollars napier's qualifying offer was three point five that you would hold on to a layman and let those guys go and you mentioned mark bartelstein who is the agent there's also borrow
01:03:28seen connection with stauskas who they signed for the minimum rather than con it's in with the qualifying over me they felt i don't know where this fella constant was going to take the qualifying offer he's going to get off for somewhere else i don't know but like i
01:03:39don't think the content would have cost them that much more than south guess considering he was restricted if they would just been willing to play the waiting game there and also worth noting that that collins is also another borrows seen client and zach collins is really gonna benefit
01:03:51with the departure of ed davis attention of course turns now to the use of nurkic situation in portland the blazers have seven point five million remaining below the tax now with twelve players under contract and that won't be enough to re sign nor kitsch unless he takes his
01:04:07qualifying offer doesn't look like any other signing there particularly imminent for portland if they did want to use the full mid level exception but we're okay paying the tax still remember they get out of the tax last year by moving on from bon les they have thirteen point
01:04:22six million above the apron so if they moved out from newark it's they could use the full been level unless they did something to move on from leonard or turner they couldn't both re sign ner kitsch and used the full midlevel pride under any circumstances So that's where
01:04:35they are right now i mean they just they law They're going to count on collins to step in and back up center and maybe some minutes for leonard they're going to count on await baldwin to step in it backup point guard rather than napier I mean i guess
01:04:46layman might have a spot in the rotation they could still technically bring back content Or napier They just don't have their research of rights so still doesn't really seem like we know what's going on with portlandia right And i've had people when i was talking about the napier
01:05:00thing say like oh well they could bring him back with regrets Well yeah but you lost an advantageous piece of marketing there like you could theoretically bring them back but you were just scared off other teams you get them at a better price and those qualifying offers were
01:05:14not at such a high salary that you would be worried about them taking it is being being bad for the team We should also just briefly and i think this works transition talk about the glorious like two and a half minutes When we thought thanks to ah a
01:05:29rare erroneous watch tweet that mario hezonja was signing with the portland trail blazers for six and a half million dollars you and i went completely insane because of what that would have meant for portland in terms of managing their cap and from of all these other things being
01:05:43hard but a last and i was like it was amazing those like it was like although like bad banishment stuff like you know like going all these directions and instead he is a new york knickerbocker they have fewer of these constraints just because they're not pushing up against
01:05:59the tax they had the full non tax payer mid level exception to use however as despite being the archbishop of the church of his own yah this is a great example of why bad team stay back because the knicks had a gargantuan advantage here by being one of
01:06:14the few teams that had the non tax para midlevel exception in a year when basically nobody's getting paid like that is a really good contract to be able to offer and they got a player who isn't particularly great who is provides no future value because he's only on
01:06:28a one year contract so walk out of it with non bird rights cities you know if you still have them at that point so you took something that could have been valuable and did about the least you could with it Yeah Now important to remember steve bill said
01:06:42this that their goal is to not take on any contracts passed somewhere twenty in this is yet another of these twenty nineteen cap space seems although when you still and they'll stretch out joking noah so that should get them to around thirty five million in cap space next
01:06:56year and courtney lee is going to be very available as well I don't know that they'll be able to just straight dump him That seems pretty unlikely his contract goes through next season as well So yeah i mean i like getting the young guy in second draft opportunity
01:07:12Maybe you could just hope his experience goes well You could keep him around there's a little bit of a you know you really blast him here Do you want to stick around They also have no threes on this team so he's got plenty of playing time opportunities and
01:07:24supposedly a bunch of other teams were involved with him You'd imagine that portland Offer for him if there if it was even this high was for the taxpayer Emily which was five point three to the knicks beat that they'll keep some of their middle exception open to sign
01:07:39a longer than two year contract for mitchell robinson the big center that they drafted with a ton of potential in the second round and they're supposedly still looking at anthony tolliver and mike beasley per mark berman They'll also have their be a available to use no tax concerns
01:07:56here They got still sixteen million below the tax even after the his ony a signing so they're hard cap but they're not going to run in the tax this year Basically no matter what they do they also signed a luke cornett to a one year deal No word
01:08:09on the guarantees yet you remember he was a two way guy for them last year they were actually able to sign for upto one point six million non bird off of i guess the one year minimum one hundred percent of the one year minimum which because it was
01:08:22on a two way last year somehow that that's what the non bird amount is off of that that was a little confusing for me out to get a little bit better of a handle on that where would you like To go instead or none said but now let's
01:08:34go to detroit detroit sign glenn robinson the third to a two year eight point three million dollar deals about four per and the second year is a team option which is a nice piece of flexibility for them what i'm guessing they did which i fully support and something
01:08:49theoretically the knicks could have done with his own yah considering they gave him six and a half million dollars is they paid a little bit extra in the first year to get team control in a second for billy in support of that idea glenn robinson had a largely
01:09:00lost year for the pacers when they needed small forward help and especially with his defensive capabilities because of a really badly sprained ankle And so i'm hopeful that he could just be a potential fix you don't know if it's going to be for sure and the other significance
01:09:14of this for detroit is it looks like they're really close to done theoretically they could do a couple of different things but they have thirteen players including including reggie bullocks non guarantee which everybody and their mother expects them pick up because it's a great contract then they have
01:09:28moreland and bikes on non guarantees or they could just replace those guys with minimum contracts and so assuming they use some of their mid level exception tto give kyrie thomas and bruce brown their second round picks longer contracts they're basically done but i like what they did with
01:09:44the limited about they had Yeah i think this is just gives them another potential player much like reggie bullock a couple of years ago who might be able develop I'm booked in a nice season last year If you're the pacers you had glenn robinson at a minimum cap
01:09:57hold why wouldn't you have just beat this offer You know And maybe glenn just didn't want to go back there but it would have just you would have had to pay money for the pacers but they're using cap room right now and so they could have just paid
01:10:11robinson wherever they wanted to I mean why not just offer him five million with the second year Well it's been said it seem option Sometimes it gets miss reported ends up being a non guarantee we'll see which one it is here for robinson but the pacers had the
01:10:23flexibility because he would just give counted for the minimum until they signed and he's the guy that they especially if it was only for one year guarantee like why not just break the bank and that's kind of free money For you if you're the pacers so maybe they
01:10:34just really don't believe in him or he just really wanted to move on and felt like he had a better opportunity especially with the mcdermott signing but with lan thought it tanya they probably had a need for someone who could defend on the wing so we'll see of
01:10:45course who the pacers end up getting with the still they're fourteen million dollars in cap space that remains they guaranteed darren collison today as expected for ten million dollars this upcoming season in new orleans Elfrid payton will sign a one year deal with the pelicans we haven't gotten
01:11:01a number on that yet but almost invariably when you just say here guys going to sign and then you don't hear the amount for like a few hours that means it's the minimum and know where you see that eager to tweet it out especially for a guy who
01:11:12was actually triple doubles down the stretch this season a couple years ago in orlando But looking like that they still hoped to bring back rondo and but peyton provides a decent backstop kind of rondo ask play and maybe paying can rehabilitate his career New orleans always needs bodies
01:11:28there and also in new orleans obviously demarcus cousins really He doesn't have any out anymore you know So he's just negotiating whatever he can get from the pills and the politics have to do well enough here now to beat you know what might be a lakers offer of
01:11:41thirteen million and you know that's probably a superior situation obviously So really what it's getting down to now the paellas if they wanted to use the mid level exception they would have about that same amount to give cousins they could offer him you know maybe a one plus
01:11:55one for thirteen million and still barely stay below the tax whereas the lakers you know private would not want offer that to cousins with their twenty nineteen aspirations So yeah i mean cousin situation is really going to be going to monitor the pels really have this decision between
01:12:12rondo and the mid level or bringing back cousin at this point where you want to go next weaken do the weird little saga with brain in jennings today where it looked like his contract guaranteed but then it didn't get guaranteed it got pushed back from july first august
01:12:27first this not knowing there could be greater context in terms of negotiation between player and team Without that context this looks like a dangerous proposition for jennings just because the market for backup point guards or third stream point guards is going to thin out a lot over the
01:12:42next month Team's not only for through for agency but also by summer league being done team seeing a lot of guys that they maybe like if milwaukee cuts bait at that point there might not be as many jobs there Maybe this is kind of like well we're not
01:12:53trying we want to keep you but if the right opportunity presents itself especially now that they've used a lot of their emily so maybe it's that sort of a thing but it's still it's still interesting so housekeeping it elsewhere The hawkes waved as they had taylor a couple
01:13:06days ago to avoid paying his three hundred thousand guarantees someone who would like but the ball just didn't go in the basket for him Maybe you could even see him going back to the rockets organization where he got his start in his career He's still someone i would
01:13:18be taking a look at it on that aforementioned backo puncture mark could be interesting to see where he ends up in summer league brooklyn moved as a white heads guarantee date back from the end of june to the end of july he's recovering from surgery really couldn't even
01:13:31get on the court when they were desperate for a point guard with russell out so i would imagine they're eventually end up waving him in boston remember how robert williams missed the conference Call it to reporters the day after the draft and it was just a misunderstanding on
01:13:45now he overslept on his flight from miami back to boston and missed the start of summer league breakfast Well i guess you know we're like oh my god i can't believe this guy's point two twenty seven starting to become a little bit clearer now just a little bit
01:13:59and let's go to dallas So dallas we talked about a lot on yesterday's A show about bringing in deandre jordan They did a piece of housekeeping by bringing back solemn measuring at the minimum so they can they can wait on that And depending on how they structure this
01:14:15there are a couple of different options for dallas At this point they could probably still keep seth curry's hold if they waive kyle collinsworth that's how albert mott has the numbers there I have the numbers there too They could also theoretically paid dirk with if they wanted to
01:14:29they could pay dirt with cap space and then you know if they if they thought the room emily was enough for seth curry they could go that way and then they're a couple of things because they want to sign jalen bronson as well so we'll see we'll see
01:14:40what they end up doing but i think we have a pretty good idea of at least where this dallas team is going to be start next season Yeah they've also got yogi ferrell's two point nine million dollars qualifying offer on the books that could open up a little
01:14:53bit more space for them They could still get to as much as eight million in space here If they were to give dirk the room exception on that eight million maybe that could get them something will kind of go through who's left at this point but that would
01:15:06be competitive of that looks like their again there one year dears deals only but looks like they could be competitive with teams offering as much as the full emily The heat quickly signed for two way player derrick jones to a two year minimum contract worth two point nine
01:15:23Four million dollars The first year is fully guaranteed and the second year is nine guaranteed that's Jones remember started in the phoenix system and speaking of phoenix devin booker shop's through this time and this is usually like if shops or won't tweet something that's because like the agent
01:15:39like wants them to tweet it and so this was a little bit of a shot across the bow of the sun's devin booker is best friends with tyler ulis and was apparently upset with the front office over the release of us not necessarily even that he was released
01:15:52two was later clarified but just simply that he wasn't told about it nice job there phoenix and this to some degree i mentioned that this is an intentional leak why would you want this to get out there Well because he's negotiating potentially this max extension for five years
01:16:07and so if you make it seem like hey i don't want to be there just every little bit of leverage that you can get it's like oh well here you better assuage me by showing just how committed you are to me because you just wait my best friend
01:16:17right So booker and is agent leon rose are to meet with rob sarvar and ryan mcdonagh on tuesday to see if they can hammer out that max deal and maybe there'll be a small concession that stars like not a player option or you know if you were to
01:16:33make it all be a team this year which seems exceedingly unlikely but you know he could take a big step for i may be the sun's good That seems unlikely but certainly you know it's a matter of negotiation of whether you could get up to the thirty percent
01:16:45max we makes an alba and how they negotiate that What the criteria I remember Joel embiid didn't get thirty percent max for making second team on b a but would have if he made first team all mba so that those of how the negotiations can work out So
01:16:58this all just seems like it'll be water under the bridge eventually but just a little shot across the bow and the negotiations there Well that's really going to do now danny i dealt with this problem in the mark off season It was it was challenging because you're sitting
01:17:09there going well you don't really want to necessarily give up their space I'm much more intrigued on the idea of them acquiring kwai leonard just on the idea of a we're going to be really good maybe he'll want to stay but the problem is san antonio's asking price
01:17:22is going to stay really really high here and so are you willing to give up re alas sets you know not not as much like the charge and coming and coming and saying but with ingram i mean i don't see how this deal happens I mean obviously and
01:17:35bead and simmons are not going to be in the street but i don't see how it happens unless they include marco faults and so then i think that becomes the bridge too far And just what makes this fall apart is that there isn't really enough other stuff to
01:17:47throw in to make this work You wouldn't include a nickel I mean okay i know drew handling is this big miracle worker but man i mean the way is shot looked it's pretty tough for you to believe that that guy is going to be like stroking it from
01:17:59three anytime soon If i had s o it would it would depend entirely on you What i'm hearing from quiets camp you know if i thought there was a decent shot of if this year works out that he'd come back yeah absolutely I would do that because kawai
01:18:12is that good That gives you an unbelievable corps moving forward It also depends on quite self but we've said that for ever and i mean kwai simmons and bead You khun build a lot of things around that you can get you know lots of different type of players
01:18:25that could work there and yeah so i would I would consider it if you you know if the other the kind of the underlying factors looked good and because false is far from a certain commodity means not even into playing some really we've talked about that before so
01:18:38yeah i still am a believer that folds configure this out that he can break the yips but if if kwai seems amenable to coming back now even if he's noncommittal but he's just kind of open to it and his health is good enough where he's worth it then
01:18:51Sure let's talk a little bit about some of the players that still remain Now you mentioned kawai first mike wright did say on the radio in chicago that's the espn spurs reporter that he still believes it's possible for the spurs and quiet to reconcile That seemed interesting but
01:19:06there are also some indication that kawai might consider signing long term in philly if it goes well James ennis So unsurprisingly as someone with a little bit of three andy pettitte pedigree in bigley says that the pistons have made and it's a priority with their early bird rights
01:19:22I don't know about that since they just saying going robinson they probably don't have much room left under the tax they really have to pay the tax probably have a competitive offer there The sixers rockets and nets are apparently also interested i think you'd be a very nice
01:19:34fit in philly Or in houston for that matter but and the nets how much money they'll have to offer will depend on the dwight howard buy out the sixers howmuch money they'll have to offer depends on how much j j reddick takes to come back which we assume
01:19:47is going to happen on the rocket Well we'll probably have the minimum or they might have some of their taxpayer emily but then they also have luke obama today who we haven't heard much talk about at all there Speaking of the rockets clint capela was supposedly meeting with
01:20:02the lakers this afternoon that was before the lebron news came out that's done now there's no way they can offer him enough money unless they just moved on from lulu all tang nerlens noel has is apparently deciding between the wizard's where you think he might start to paying
01:20:16on what happens with dwight howard if he goes there the lakers where he also would have an excellent chance to start and of course is is a clutch client The question they're of course would be how much is it Would it be the minimum which is essentially all
01:20:28they can offer but they could offer him a starting position if they hold on to randall or what they give him some of that randall money and then the thunder who certainly have desperate need for a backup center but doesn't really make sense to go there to me
01:20:40if you know well because you're going to be playing behind steven adams and there's Also some interest from the powells Maybe you could started center for the palace if they move on from cousins But if they bring him back no reason for no Well to go there Should
01:20:53we just take a little survey of who's left in terms of free agents At this point i mean we could just go through by position here and restricted unrestricted or understood research It'd probably force So there are no in my opinion there are no starting caliber point guards
01:21:08left I think the new orleans pelicans would disagree with that But you have so on the unrestricted market maurine the backup realm rotation rome isaiah rondo seth curry ray felton tony parker napier devin harris shane larkin And then on the restricted side family's gone now So you have
01:21:25dante axum and yogi bear marcus smart as well Actually still Oh yeah i can count him as a tube that he's a little bit different Also hold natto You do you imagine Will probably back in utah's the third point guard among wings Really No Starting caliber three's maybe
01:21:42luca babu today might be the only one you could look at maybe james ennis maybe jeff greene among the unrestricted guys j j reddick and avery bradley at the two tyreke evans available is well wayne ellington who i think could be a pretty good fit for philly as
01:21:56he was in the mock off season to fill that marco belinelli roll dwayne wade is still out there trivia on graham is unrestricted jamal crawford in clark pat coddington what's probably about others there and then and then we'll have to say all the restricted free agent wings because
01:22:09the only one of those signs so far is aaron gordon and then what we got here a tte the big position we don't need to go through all these guys but some of the highlights maybe so on the kind of the starter line unrestricted boogie cousins derrick favors
01:22:21restricted click a paella yusef nurkic both of whom are going to have some real trouble getting a market now just for offer sheets because of all these teams that are losing the money and then highlights in terms of the rotation guys brook lopez dwight howard kyle o'quinn alex
01:22:35glen mike scott and then julius randle mantra zero and the money bill it's on the restricted side let's go through the teams now that we haven't talked about we discussed obviously as we've gone through here a lot of the space that remains around the league atlanta still sitting
01:22:52pretty with that twenty five million that's got up a little bit with the isaiah taylor waiver Boston and atlanta would still have their room exception remaining as well Boston a little bit into the tax with marcus smart's thirteen million dollar cap hold They'll have the taxpayer a midlevel
01:23:06available and maybe the full mid level If smart moves on brooklyn five point six million in space with more to come presumably from the dwight buyout that'll be a very interesting negotiation Charlotte is eleven million dollars over the cap They've got about ten million toe work with now
01:23:23below the tax Already twelve players under contract they could potentially use their full emily or if not that pretty close to it You wanna pick it up here Sure s o the bulls have about twenty four point six million toe work with cleveland We already talked about the
01:23:37wiggle room they have under the tax dallas we already talked about Denver still weigh over we they haven't made a cost cutting move that could take some time unlikely they'll use the taxpayer of mid level there same thing i think at this point or if they did i
01:23:52mean they're basically they probably used the taxpayer mid level on glenn robinson already they're probably pretty much done except for minimums right there they're probably pretty much they're the warriors still have their taxpayer mid level their way over the tax of course and the houston rockets still have
01:24:06their taxpayer mid level to use and there over the tax though not as much now that they're not bring back trevor a reason indiana fourteen point seven million in space remaining also have their room exception de clippers seven point six million in space but more likely to operate
01:24:21as an over the cap team utilized they're full emily and the bahi which is starting at three point four million this year can give out a two year contract there that's with a projected waiver and stretch of meals today dosage and that indiana one is with a projective
01:24:36waiver and stretch of out jefferson the lakers we've talked about memphis by the same situation show they could use close to their full emily maybe the full emily miami probably looking at the tax barium only they're right about a couple of million dollars short of the tax line
01:24:50here milwaukee have there be a remaining after the ilyasova signing Also of course of jabari parker out there They're about ten million dollars short of the tax right now minnesota they've got their taxpayer Emily also could potentially bring back pneumonia billy so they're almost right at the tax
01:25:09as well though and that's with the projecting that cole aldrich who is wage will also be stretched new orleans We talked about earlier with kind of the choice they have to make if they want to stay under the tax The knicks are clean in terms of attacks but
01:25:21they've already used most of their non taxpayer amid level on his own Eah they still have the bi annual if they want to use it Okay see mile over They do still technically have their taxpayer mid level I sincerely doubt they're going to use it Orlando to me
01:25:33they look like i full you know full mid level If they want to use the biannual bye anyone then they have that small alfred peyton trade exception Should they so choose philly I mean they could function as an over or under the cap team depending on a couple
01:25:46of different elements one of them being who they can get in j j reddick Money They could clear about twenty six million in space twenty seven if they if they really wanted to go that direction Yeah and if we talked about this yesterday could pay reddick And maybe
01:25:59amir johnson announced that they stay over the cap and then used thie m l e a and the b s o unlikely That would be for more than one year Portland we talked about sacramento nineteen point five million in space They'll have their room exception as well San
01:26:14antonio used most of their mid level six million of the eight point six on marco belinelli They'll still have their be available and plenty of room below the tax to use that even after resigning rudy gay toronto A lot of players under contract there fourteen million into the
01:26:29tax already so unlikely that they would use the taxpayer emily although they do have it Utah we talked about washington is six million into the tax already and still is to fill out the roster so it seems unlikely that they would use their taxpayer emily be as this
01:26:44time but possible One that got skipped in our transitions phoenix they have about two and a half million left under depending on what they do with some of their non guarantees and then the room mid level so they could add a couple guys there all right thanks for
01:26:56noting that and thank you all for listening there's been another marathon for us that we greatly enjoyed this lebron james is the laker can't wait to see how that works out we still got that quiet thing going on and we'll see tomorrow how many sightings there are you
01:27:11know we'll probably just wait for enough to accumulate so that we can do a full pod you know whatever that is leave maybe tomorrow or tuesday night probably might even go to sack around summerlee try and check out harry giles in person tomorrow right up the road here
01:27:25from the bay area anything you need to talk about before we go today i wrote a piece for the athletic hla about lebron and what the lakers khun do this year next year went into some of the details that we talked about and then i did a piece
01:27:38on kevin durant's one plus one for the athletic and i'm i don't know if it's it's going to be at a point where i can publish it but i'm working on a piece about larger july first takeaways winners and losers and all that actually had a draft of
01:27:49it written in the middle of the day when i looked at nothing's goingto happen then lebron did lebron things and so now i have to rewrite it so we'll see if i have time to do that tonight Yeah and also we could do a little plug for ourselves
01:27:59here Patri in dot com slash duncan larue i don't think there's been a single signing where it's taken us more than a half hour so far the post salary sheets up when patron went down for like thirty minutes today liam is helping out with that as well So
01:28:12you get access to the exact salary sheets that i'm looking at as we go through this program free agent ranking updated in real time writing little blurbs about each signing a cz well as they happen so we're getting a lot of new subscribers really appreciate that were upto
01:28:27over eight hundred subscribers Now it would be awesome to get to a thousand before free agency is over And of course you get those mailbag podcast we still relatively fresh mailbag podcast out there from the very end of june that we recommend you list into his well you
01:28:40could get danny's story time updates where he does audio versions of his pieces quite a bit So a lot of little goodies There is just a great way to support the pot especially if for some reason our sponsors don't work for you So thanks again for the support
01:28:54And we will be back tomorrow or whenever there enough signings for pod So we'll talk to you all that

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