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We look at 4 Game 6s:  UTA/OKC, WAS/TOR, IND/CLE, MIL/BOS, plus news.
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00:00:00another special Friday night edition of the pot I'm very glad that we waited to record until tonight another just classic rootle price fight of a game between OKC and Utah Utah ends up winning at 9691 and taking the series staving off a frantic and I do mean frantic OKC come back lots of places to start it with this one I think we do want to start about that call on Paul George where he got Rudy gobert in the air appeared to draw contact on a three-point file or three point shot for three chopt valve with OKC down by three and no call was made I was absolutely shocked by that did you feel similarly consider where the thresholds usually are on those plays this was well within the bounds that are we normally called but almost always called the explanation after the game from Rod Garretson meeting with
00:00:59friend of the show Fred Katz of the Norman transcript he said and this is the quote Rudy gobert jump to the right of Paul George our determination was Rudy would not have made contact with Paul had he meeting Paul George not jump sideways into go Bears legal space we determined it to be an on-call and if in fact that were awarded happened I completely support that right we were railing against Kevin Love haven't gotten a couple of those calls in the last month or so where he takes a big giant step to his right and I will admit the camera angles that I've seen so far you can't really see that but I didn't receive a big step to the right Garretson's response acknowledge that there was contact I think that that was very very clear you know the ones that we see with love he's been in the right corner it's lined up you can see him take that big step to the right we didn't have a perfect angle for that on George but it looked like a pretty normal shot to me that he wasn't that far outside of the cone of his normal body in live action again we didn't have the angle necessary to see a step to the
00:01:59right but I was shocked at The Napping we have the sound off which is what we always do for the children BHO and I called it as a file on the screen I thought it was just so obvious and then no they didn't call it and then okay had a bunch of place where it looks like they had filed the Jazz they didn't actually end up following until 6 seconds remain I think they were just also so disengage because they were shocked that it wasn't a foul but I mean I thought that I generally hate calls like that that one looks like it was really obvious to me and it of all the calls that are called I'm at the gate guy in the air in the air and pump fake I thought that that was like in the 90th percentile of ones that deserve to be a Quin Snyder especially on the more distant replay Snyder just go put his head in his hands and just walk as the balls in the air not realize they didn't go because it looked at
00:02:59what's up what's what's talk about what would have happened just briefly if that fell have been called so Paul George shot that was about 18 seconds to go so if all three fouls free throws then Utah has the ball with timeouts if they regular you want to drop a play and they would have a tie game and so any you know any shot as long as they didn't properly any shot that went in would win the game and a miss would go to overtime George could have also missed one or more of those free throws that was one of the Thruway lines of this game was missed free throws George only got to the line for 2 and with split those so that's not really necessary productive one way or the other he did have tired legs he played 45 minutes in the game so it's not like this was a win to loss but it certainly took it from a much higher into an almost guaranteed loss after that Miss there when he goes down to like you under 5% and I'm looking at the overhead view of
00:03:59now and George take a little bit of a step to his right this is actually on that Fox Sports Oklahoma broadcast I didn't get a look at this one but no I thought I think it looking even at that there is George took a step that was about 4 in to his right and he attempted to lean his shoulder in a little bit but I think there's no way go bear doesn't make contact with him even if he goes straight up on that played George's momentum also is already going to his right as well when he pulls up which is another part of it with the pump fake so yeah I think it was definitely a missed call to me it was a surprising one but you know this probably took the Thunder win percentage when you consider if the chance of him missing one of those free throws which you know he's and he 5% free throw shooter there's still a pretty substantial chance that he misses one of those and then even then you only got a 50% at 1% so I mean that follow probably cost him about your 15% chance of winning the game ultimately maybe 20% chance if you really go through
00:04:59game it out so it's not as big of a deal and I certainly would have made the Jazz favorites in overtime except for Mitchell's 5 files that's why the one thing that but obviously the Jazz were the fresher team by this morning and had more depth than the Thunder were just living on Russell Westbrook host it and prayers but that's enough of that call let's talk about it than me to the game itself and I said this during the show I got a lot of shift from Philly fan haha it was just so obvious that Ben Simmons had a better season I just a moron for even thinking of that Donovan Mitchell could be the rookie I said it was extremely close I ended up going with Mitchell I believe that Mitchell is the slightly better Prospect than Simmon and obviously it's a regular season awards but to watch what he is done in this series and say that it's not a closed case like that Ben Simmons could not be doing the things that Donovan Mitchell is doing there's some things that Simon says that Mitchell couldn't be doing either but Donovan Mitchell guarded Russell Westbrook for a great many of his 43 shot attempts in
00:05:59regulation in this series tied with Russell Westbrook for the most Shots by an active player in a playoff game but for basketball reference it was the third tide for the third most ever in their database for a playoff game the two higher being Michael Jordan attempted 45 in a game against Cleveland in 1988 and then Rick Barry has the record attempted 48 shots against the Philadelphia 76ers in the 67 V nickel Asia and I assume yeah I believe both of those games did not going over Jordan had 44 shots in game 3 of the 93 finals against the Suns to but that was a triple overtime Affair but Mitchell guarded Russell Westbrook on those shots will talk about Westbrook Performing in a second here and then to play 40 minutes of his own 1426 from the field 38 points 5/8 from 3
00:06:59made his first five 3-pointers 505 from the foul line did I five turnovers but with that level users that's not awful and just the shots that he made in that third quarter when I think he scored 20 points he would just was killing the Thunder switching defense it was so interesting Danny I will we talked about this to you said the Jazz were in big trouble when they were down 3526 because it looked like they had zero traction against OKC switching defense Dory coming close to getting good shots and then all the sudden everything changed for that changed originally in transition including a Big Joe Ingles Corner 3 got to the free-throw line a couple times including in over the backbreaker I believe Derrick Favors drew the Fallon to remember who was Derrick Favors who also shot 147 from the free throw line in this game but Donovan Mitchell in that third quarter I mean 22 points 4 of 5 in the restricted area 3 of 3 from 3 in the news on the other two he split his two other shots I was mostly done in those areas but also got the free throw line for three free throws
00:07:59she actually made which was a rarity in this game and he was creating a lot of the other looks for for his fellow Jasmine and it was incredible to see that happening on a lot of these possessions you know they were starting with Paul George on Mitchell and that wasn't necessarily word finish because the switches and everything else but Utah had gotten so little early in that game especially ones Carmella left the game and Mitchell was Central I mean he's the reason really that this turn around for the Jazz and they almost scored as many points in the 3rd quarter 37 as they scored in the entire first half which was 41 and to me Donovan did not start of course with the switching scheme right and I think maybe a little that was just a kind of dummy it out thinking that the Jazz would be ready for and they got beat up a little bit early Rubio had another great pass to go barefoot easy left to lay up and then Rubio supper to recurrence with his hamstring which is been giving him trouble for quite some time here you remember he missed the game went back and played
00:08:59Walled Lake in Minnesota then he missed games again came back hamstrings Kabob used to be very tricky and his availability for game one it has got to be pink question now in the Houston series with a quick turnaround their butt and it supposed to because you just got ruled out of the game immediately essentially and so Donovan when he took Carmel out of the game broading Grant and they went right back to the switching skiing all of a sudden the Jazz just could not score to save their life there was a nice little run end of the first start of the second and then when the Thunder brought their guys back in Westbrook at him to tell her it was back up to 3526 like I mentioned and they just I thought I was really disappointed cider because I thought they're going to like have some stuff ready to write they're going to slip screens they're going to have some more action some more plays that are designed to take advantage of a switching to AT&T any of that it was all just trying to go one-on-one Mitchell was struggling everybody else is doing even worse and then all of a sudden and part of this was because Carmelo came back in the game it just clicked for them one of the things they were doing was Derrick Favors was being guarded of course by
00:09:59Carmelo coming up pretending to set a screen and then just rolling right to the basket and Carmelo you're not really supposed to switch until there's an actual screen set and there's contact and so favors was just running up and then running away and Carmelo was basic TT in the ball they could do it right two papers and then they had the four on three and favors was right at the river on a lot of those plays so they started getting going that way they started bringing guys off the screen to the weeks I think it was Alec Burks who hit a huge 3 on Westbrook I think that might have been in the second half but there's some of the stuff that they were doing where you just sprinted to the opposite side of the Forum Westbrook turned his head Brooks gave them just enough minutes here because of course Rubio was out and give him some nice penetration at times that they desperately needed he was able to go at Carmelo as well and I mean every action it seem like as Mitchell got going at the end of the second quarter and then he scored in the first 12 points for the Jazz in the third as they got up to a 10 point lead immediately after half-time essentially I was all not all but a lot of it in
00:10:59Bobby, just on the switch him just kind of double teaming not really switching the way you was supposed to and as it turned out Carmelo finished the game -19 in 26 minutes 7.3 of 7 from the field as is so often the case when it comes down to it and a team and this is different what team is coming from behind or when the when they're behind because then you need to go differently you see what a coach actually thinks is best in mellow was not on the floor Corey Brewer was not on the floor jerami Grant not as far as I thought Jeremy Grant was very impactful defense we also had a couple of surprising scores in this game including a quarter three that I thought I'd personally. Jae Crowder should have closed out better on but these more surprising of those two subs was that it wasn't Alex abrines been so Central in game 5 it was Raymond Felton and Y Raymond Felton bothered me in that spot was you do not need his Recreation Russell Westbrook is creating and taking almost every shot
00:11:59the ones are created in taken by Paul George Felton not as versatile defensively and it's not like he's a better shooter so I didn't think Felton made a ton of sense and I do not think that's why I OKC lost this game and I do think that having mellow out was more important than the Felton to bring a difference I just found it interesting we getting here late in the second as the Jazz got back into it Addams got his third file on I thought a really bad call Derrick Favors at Inside Edition on them Scott Foster called it from behind Adams and called atoms with the push but he could he would have had to have an x-ray vision to see through Adams body to see if he had shove Derrick Favors and then favors had reached around behind him and grabbed Adams Jersey on the way of anything I should have been a foul on favors that ended up being a big promise Adams had to go out of the game and then Jeremy Grant had a massive Lefty block of favors that just was somehow called a file and so he had to go out with
00:12:59because well so they had to go back to Carmelo and Patrick Patterson and that was a big part in the Jazz getting back into it right at the end of the half-time in the game at at 41 and I want to talk a little bit just about how Mitchell was doing what he was doing like he's finishing it's just been an absolute Revelation like he sucked as a finisher in college they and some of the Articles of been written about him how he's able to just internalized stuff that they show him a meal I mean that's clearly true even if this season right like finishing off of 1 foot you came down for a big dunk in game 5 off of one foot in this game he's able to just accelerate so quickly and not necessarily jump that high off work for but he can get extension is extension is unbelievable he had a move that I never see NBA players to detect Seymour, in women's basketball were you doing up and under and then you step through and lift your back foot off the ground so you can get way more extension almost into a lab and that's a lot of trouble he wouldn't you lift that foot off the ground and take a step forward but you're not actually traveling because that right foot never comes down
00:13:59it's basically you're jumping but you're jumping one foot at a time and it had that's what happens all the time nobody in the NBA uses that which is a shame because you could cover so much ground on that movie the other day when he did that you know we never seen NBA player do that move I'm shocked you didn't mention this year ago and going left going right mr. shawty got an unbelievable Lefty Tippin as well as his own Miss like he was just Relentless and he was all that you taught had in the fourth as OKC pushed it to even more of just a ridiculous fever pitch in the level of physicality of this games we went into the fourth quarter you know it looks like the Jazz were going to walk away with this evening's Russell Westbrook had his own unbelievable 3rd quarter to keep Pace with Mitchell the sun degreef Jazz let it by 13 with 7 minutes left in the game and then OKC somehow made a final push on the back of Westbrook
00:14:59couple of stops from Westbrook so in the third quarter alone 20.7 to 15 from the field a huge for Vape from three he was just so confident with his with his shot at that point he knew that he need to do it then in the fourth quarter played the whole time another 11 points on for 14th and the field missed it had a little bit of trouble late which I mean at the game got closer I could have really sweating it not that I'm blaming him at all it's just you know that's the couple more shots of all different and it's it's just incredible how he is willing and able to take on these massive workloads in terms of shock creation cuz he's creating all of the shots other than a couple of box covers there was one where Jae Crowder and Derrick Favors both lost him or never had him going to go in his reply but other than that they were pretty much all created by Russell Westbrook and he's making shots for other people including the couple baskets Steven Adams go Westbrook when they went down 86-73 made a 16-footer jerami grant off an offense reason for the Steven Adams it's his own 3.2 right off after his own Mystery
00:15:59this is right after they went to Raymond Felton by the way this is 7 Minutes up Felton enters the game for Brewer they never go back to Mellow of course after that there's a timeout Westbrook off of rebound Sprint's down gets a dunk Jae Crowder Felton and all of a sudden a 13-point game goes to five in basically a minute and a half that's what Mitchell had that huge tip shot after that to put the Jazz back up 7 and Rudy gobert had a layup to make it 9 and then the Thunder were able to get back again but just they even got back within one on another ridiculous Westbrook three-pointer but then it listens to keyshot the game to me Mitchell is trapped on the side gobert is like trying to post up and off of a switch their swarming Mitchell and Derrick Favors who is shot worked so hard and is mid Ranger but one of the worst mid-range shooters in the NBA this year you've been better at it in previous years Sprint's to the foul line and gets the jump shot because it has been Grant was a little bit worried about the drive that from the pick-and-roll on the side and
00:16:59is that Jada put them up three and that's then after that was just so it needed quite to possession Obsession here but let me just read to you the play-by-play Russell Westbrook misses driving layup Steven Adams offense of the salt with Thunder Down 3 Paul George Miss is 29 foot 3 point jumper Russell Westbrook offensive rebound Russell Westbrook misses 30 foot 3 point jumper Raymond Felton and then got a timeout with 37.9 left I was actually there last time out but it felt like it was just so frantic that I totally understand why was that he called it and then they got George that oh no I'm sorry sorry night begins to shine on on that play to George when I was on the ground but had his arms for I thought there was contacting the Army George you miss the lap gobert again was just massive around the rim in this game Steven Adams get the off at the Revere on Westbrook misses a 30-footer and then they get another offensive rebound on wood
00:17:59is initially called a jump ball but Grant ended up it was real knocked it out of Mitchell's hands and it went off of Mitchell barely and they give the ball to the Thunder again I'd forgotten that that and then they put at the end and that it was 18 seconds left when George miss that three point I think I said it was like a little earlier than that absolutely made they made so many chances State basketball Waco's an absolutely incredible game that had so many different facets to it because we're looks like you know early on I thought you tell was was humming then go then Rudy sorry Ricky Rubio goes out with the entry and I don't know how are they going to figure this out the Thunder lengthen the switching and then all of a sudden they just like start killing them they put up 37 in the third I was just so unexpected and it also tied in with another theme from the series where what was so weird about it why I
00:18:59got the Jazz. Didn't have a chance was because I thought anything they had on the sort of switching defense would have been generated based on Game 5 that was key in the collapse and then when they didn't have an answer you're like oh well they just don't have one and then going to Favors flipping the screen going to a couple of the other approaches in the second half really did open things up and they looked the Jazz offense look different at which more coherent there are so credit to Quin Snyder and the coaching staff I mean that's a full coaching staff ever take tickets. But that's why I felt the way that I did second time I made a big pronouncement this series both of which were wrong what was saying that Casey was done when they were down 25 and came 5 and then saying you thought was a big trouble when things are coming back but the process was these teams had face that same problem before and how did appear does it have fixed it and then for whatever reason after that happens they actually go to the thing that worked
00:19:59has been pretty good in this series they did go to Donovan Mitchell a point guard and they were really helped by the fact that favors and gobert was their best frontcourt cuz now that pushed up we're done you can play Crowder at the three you had Ingles who played 42 minutes in this 1/3 of 6 from 3 including a beautiful step back they went to Royce O'Neal they had birth but they did because they wanted to play favors and go there together that give the More Wings to put into the rotation and we saw it for those who kind of doubt that Donovan Mitchell's best position might be point where I'm not sure if there are that many of those doubters I've been saying it should be that for a long time especially cuz what you can do defensively to get more size on the floor and he did all of what he was doing at point guard and they had a little more shooting on the floor than they would normally have with Rubio and just putting in the Mitchells hands every time I thought it was fantastic and you basically was the guy one than this game along with gobert again what did the Thunder shoot at the rim of this game a can of baked goods
00:20:59headed up 13 of 22 in the restricted area and then another 6 of 16 in Florida Ridge Shooting balls on plays at the room as well and and the bigger thing than the percentage which is not an amazing one is the 22 shots at The Ronettes basically for a Thunder team that has Russell Westbrook Steven Adams and the offense of glass Grant a good finisher to only get 22 shots at the room and that's just to go barefoot and the papers affect your favorite sets of massive blocks in this game when you play those two guys together if you can't space those guys out you're going to just have massive problems scoring and really what ended up happening with Paul George having a miserable game he had was two of 16 one of them was a massive dump that he on court at the rim and I can't even remember what is other make was maybe a mid-range or something but with him going so poorly and Westbrook had no choice but to take all those shots right even though those 43 each other who else was going to do it he had it going reasonably well and if the Thunder D could have just held up a little bit more the way
00:21:59it had in the first two games or I'm sorry that the way it had down the end of game 5 then all of a sudden this Westbrook strategy would have been enough to bring them home but they just couldn't quite be efficient enough defensively and you're only while in a Bill Simmons at this point of go teams can't win playing this with as many shots in and you're right I mean unless you just have an unbelievable defense there's just no way one person can shoot 43 shots especially with so many of them jumpers so many of them with the favors and gobert on the floor and have you be a really efficient off at 3 it's like even when he got hot from three it was like you know he's going to shoot so many shots that it has to rest of the me and there's no way that you can be that hot over that many shots and make you know well over 50% of your threes or over 50% of your twos and that's it what what ended up happening and the Jazz offense just gave them enough points especially in that third quarter I think that's really what OKC will look back on something else alluded to it but I think we should be more out right of it Paul George was massive in gay
00:22:59one I think was a big part of why they won that game and see if it's late I thought he had to get a very good series overall but he just couldn't find the stroke in this game 2 of 16 from the field missed all six of his threes got to the line for Just Two Shots and split those but also at 6 turnovers in a couple of his turnovers were of the head scratched glasses or out of the perimeter is a totally normal tap just it got taken from him and George not the greatest in the world I don't think that has to be a spring for a player who's not your primary volume of it certainly useful we seen that from all of the all of the all of the court today and another surprising kind of part of this game I talk about Raven felt a little bit you know that he played but also going to Josh huestis and Patrick Patterson not playing at all I understand it on the switch system Patterson has Simone tations but having another player especially with the way that
00:23:59Patterson freaked out Cabrera couple times earlier in the series I just think I could have opened things up a little bit for the other guys on the team I think that's right I thought the Patterson is jump right she looked okay to me it's serious but yeah the drama now in OKC will start right Carmelo Anthony cannot be happy about having played this few minutes in this close out game in the end after obviously. And listen to him and they came came through I think in spite him and Game 5 with a come back and this time he finally finally just didn't play it but maybe even play them too much but I don't think it was ever realistic that he was going to play fewer than 26 minutes at Stony Point in this one but I'm in the negative 9th getting killed every time on defense and at some point you have to say to a player if you're a you're not giving me enough offensively for what you're doing on defense I know Carmelo Anthony is a really respect the guy around the league very connected not the kind of guy that you want to piss off he waived his no-trade Clause to come to OKC this is not what he envisioned but I mean some say you got to win the fight
00:24:59gay men like and Donovan just did not quite have the balls to do it and I'm sure that this was Prior discussion that even had with management after at various times this year is specially now and that really killed them but it and if they could have gotten back at home game 7 they probably would have been big favorites but I thought they were just there massively outplayed by Utada the series and if Westbrook and George at the same time just couldn't give them these unbelievable efforts and worth noting Westbrook had to Gate 3 games in the series George had two games in the series and their won two games in the series good what other good one was tonight. Massively flood team they weren't that good Utah was it was fantastic they won without their starting point guard in this game and will be moving on to play against the Houston Rockets would you like to a prediction for that Siri story this game another piece I thought Steve was played really well nice touch on his talked about all season and I thought he can test
00:25:59advantage of gobert being very afraid of committing vows gobert ended this game with just one personal foul and so he was attacking got a couple of finishes including an alley-oop one-handed alley-oop I wanted to just make sure we get to shout it out soon because I thought he did a really nice job in this again for doing that I've been too and I forgot about it so the series against Houston jazz on a very quick turnaround what is your prediction out you can go first on this one will do the pedals exit to Eden to Powell's Warriors like right after this cuz we don't really have a natural lead in for that other than this because this idea of styles makes fights and I thought that the way okay see you plays tide in too much with what Utah strikes were I feel that same thing in this series accepted its Utah into Houston's hands and what I mean by that is we saw in the series that Utah other than Donovan Mitchell and we don't know we don't know Ricky Rubio's availability in the in this upcoming series we have faced with the same information anybody else
00:26:59I think he's going to miss at least the first game I was playing a couldn't continue in this game you know we would have if it were even remotely possible when it's not even remotely possible so they don't hear is an analog for you write Chris Paul game 7 2015 against the Spurs you remember that he hit that heroic shot but he messed up his hamstring and then he actually missed the next two games but he was even able to play on now Chris Paul on that team on one leg vs Ricky Rubio on this team on one leg and what do you're hurting the team know it difficult to say Rubio is clearly unable to move and if if a hamstring injury is that bad it's rare that it's going to be less than a week before you come back to my prediction is going to miss at least game one especially with the quick turnaround special with the flight which definitely doesn't help you heal and I think he could well Miss game to also said that's my prediction I Diggy comes back in game free most likely I think that's a reasonable time line with this and so I do think that Utah's defense is for real I think they can you know taking make life hard on Houston
00:27:59but I think Utah's offense is going to be the big story. Mitchell will have some nice games so I was vacillating between I think I'm kind of fun town if it now that I would be going towards Utah Houston in 6 but because of the uncertainty of the Rubio injury also the idea that Houston I think we'll just have some hot offense of games there though get into that cycle I'm going to go Houston in 5 in this is another one of those I'm not tactically thinking about this if I were going at like our competition even though we haven't ironed out the scoring it I'd probably go Houston and 6th but I'm going to go with what I think is the most likely outcome and so he's in there but I will go there as well but I want to talk a little bit more about the matchup we saw what OKC's switching when they weren't just like screwing it up or when they didn't have Carmelo Anthony involved was able to do to the Utah Jazz now is the team that may even have surpassed Golden State because Golden State doesn't play this way all the time has the best switching team in the NBA and they can switch 1 through 5
00:28:59they love to switch 1 through 5 especially they also played against a team in the world that plays to Biggs we'll see whether you talk can get away with that but without Rubio it becomes a lot harder with one fewer player in your wing rotation I think that you tie is really going to struggle to score in this series going to take more Herculean effort from Donovan Mitchell one-on-one and maybe they'll try and get hard and out in the perimeter on Mitchell I hope that they do because I think hard and can really be beaten much more easily one on one of the perimeter but Houston is expert at shrinking the floor especially when two bigs are out there just ask the Minnesota Timberwolves who really only had one good offense of game and they're serious and that's a much better offensive team 10 Utah now of course Utah is a completely different animal on the defensive end and I think that even Minnesota we saw the Spurs last year have a decent amount of success against Houston trying to play the pick-and-roll two-on-two leaving their big back at the rent there is no better big in the NBA to execute that system then Rudy gobert and especially the try me
00:29:59you take away those Clint capela alley-oop to onto as well he's in a master at that the other advantage that the Jazz have is they don't really play anyone who is just that easy of a mark for Hardin to get switched Sandra Mitchell Rubio I think it's fine if he's going to be out there Royce o'neale Jae Crowder Ingles even he is a little slow for Hardin but he's not just like someone that oh you go one on one of them he's just going to get tore everything apart and it certainly capable of beating those guys plenty but the Jazz are not really a switching team and so I think it's going to be more conventional pick her up we saw that Chris Paul as a mid-range artist he may have to get back into that game a little bit in this series and it'll be interesting to see where Houston is going to go in terms of their personality going to go with Joe Greene more Joe Johnson looks like he's probably not going to play much for them going forward here didn't play much in the Minnesota series PJ Tucker Ariza those two guys going to hit shots or not can they go with Tucker at the five to Drago bear out of the paint I don't think he's that much of a threat that they're so
00:30:59worried about it so I think it's got to be compelling propellers to totally good switch guy to I do predict that you sent is going to struggle to score a little bit you know that really golden state is the team that I think of set up a little bit better to beat Utah and you wouldn't think so because they have this great all through a shooting ability from Hardin but we see him struggle against these more conservative schemes in the playoffs for whatever reason and so this series to me is going to answer a lot of questions about what Rudy gobert is impact is against one of these great modern offenses and then we're James Harden is that now as a player too we had some stinkers against Minnesota he had obviously some passive games a lot of course we'll come down to the three pointers for Houston but I also think it'll be a hard-fought five-game series as well I think Houston is going to be just too good but it wouldn't shock me if we see it go a little bit longer than that 7 would be up here pretty big surprise me though but we'll see maybe go bear it's just that good I can't wait to find out
00:31:59questions with Ricky Rubio it sounds like Luke Rashard and Bob Mathias can be evaluated next week we're recording us on Friday night of course so he could be back for a portion the series but we don't have a real timeline there if he's on the floor that gives that Houston even more defense to put against Utah little bit about Steph Curry in a little bit of an upset and perhaps subterfuge went through a couple of full practices just recently he played five on five full contact I believe Bull in both of those practices he is considered questionable for tomorrow game 1 against the pillows at at 7:30 p.m. it does not seem like the Warriors to rush him back at all and but certainly Curry there's no person in the NBA who changes defensive schemes more than he does so just having that be in the mix certainly is useful for a preparation standpoint and if he doesn't play I give the pills a reasonable chance to win games in the series The Warriors may also struggled to reintegrate him know he probably will
00:32:59how to be any minutes limit to start to make sure that that knee is not going to swell up too much after games do I think he's probably be playing 20-25 minutes to game at the start of the series but if he's back at all I don't see the Warriors losing home games in the series he could pry compromise their defense a little bit which is been pretty good with the other than playing the Spurs lose really very little you can take from that so I think my prediction since it is my turn I will go with the Golden State Warriors in 5 games but certainly a lot of variability there depending on what Curry's level a health is it but he is looking like he's on track to come back earlier and then the schedule for the series Daniel Gibson cuz there's that big break in the series between Tuesday and then over the weekend when they're in New Orleans you everyone thought I was either going to give it another week and just come back then but it doesn't seem to be trending that way something else that's super important to note a curry came off the bench his first game back last time against Portland that was actually the game reset the overtime scoring record as
00:33:58Warriors won I wouldn't be surprised if it's something similar that he comes off the bench plays about 20 minutes and he'll be below 100% whatever he plays in the series that's not as bridesmaids what is a question is going to be what is he at after the series should the Warriors Advance Emulator why was it important for them to win this series quickly and get him some more rest to get up to 100% route for Utah to make that a longer series to kind of give them an extended been extended break and that sort of away and what I think is the central point in this series and this is a big big change from last time for New Orleans to deserve praise for how thoroughly they eviscerated Portland New Orleans have to figure out a way to defend come to ramp and the Warriors have to figure out a way to defend Anthony Davis and I think the Warriors have more options and Superior options that specific challenge than the Pelicans do with the rent
00:34:58shooting but if they still have more Talent than this Pelicans team they got it together to some degree against San Antonio that they also had some ugly stretches in that series to Pell's finished the season really well their offense look great with me or did you out there I don't think that they have any answers for Kevin Durant with 41 against them in that game that the pals one as part of their playoff push it in April worth noting that the Warriors win their game after that loss by 48 Utah so they weren't exactly engaged so we say at that point in the process but I think that we are because the pals had such a good matchup against Portland I think it's really weird kind of overeating them in our minds right now you know I mean if they win a 7 game series against Portland are people feeling like I can really give the word problems I'm not really sure about that so I think I will go with the five games that's what I said so and we'll talk about the rest of the games that happened since we were last on and that read will be from audible I have been an audible subscriber since 2005
00:35:58download the books onto my iPod once you get on your phone it's much much easier now that they use it you can even listed at a faster speed as well if you're that kind of person to listen to are podcasts on a faster speed I've really been enjoying it for sports books lately I read loose balls at the great book about the ABA which is that's the only book The any basketball fan should read by Terry Pluto just finished up Jonathan Abrams two books by him the book about I think it's called Boyz II Men about the props to Pro zero which may be returning soon enough to the NBA I also read his oral history of the wire which was fantastic but those kind of books are just great that you get a little bit of an escape from the day-to-day of the NBA podcast so I know you guys are listening to the way it works is that as an audible Amber you get a credit every month for any audio book and doesn't matter what the price of that book as you get any book once a month and if you don't use your credit that month or not going to take away from me to roll over to the next month and if you didn't like your audiobook just exchange it for another one no questions asked and your books are yours to keep or
00:36:58I'm sure the account actually my fiance and I do that through Amazon they also you can set it up with Whispersync or if you own a book on Kindle you can seamlessly switch back and forth from your last point on Audible to your last point in Kendall is really fantastic if you're in the car you just instead of just sitting there in the car in your garage almost getting carbon monoxide poisoning because you're just so into the book you can go inside and just keep reading it on your Kindle do when you get served with them you can get a 3-day trial your first audiobook is free go to audible.com cap space where you can text or code cat face to the number 500 - 500 that's audible audible / cap space or Tex cap space to 500 - 500 let him know what that cap space code that you came from a run through the rest of the day's games not as much Intrigue you're probably the way to go is with Toronto finally closing out a first-round Series in less than 7 Games The Wiz got a huge blow finding out the Otto Porter who have been Limited in the series with volt an ankle injury a calf injury that he suffered
00:37:58the end of the regular season had to have a small procedure to reduce swelling in a contusion that that he had suffered and really once again this is about transition the Wizards search. Had a 10-point lead in the first quarter cuz they had 12 first quarter fast break point and then they finish the game with 18 that's only gave up six more and in the half-court the Wizards just a little bit too limited especially without the spacing the porter provided Kelly oubre his replacement three points 1 of 7 he struggled and Toronto got a big boost to their bench Danny with the return of one bread one of the biggest runs that throttle went on in the one that really kind of help establish where this game was going was at the beginning of the 4th quarter when Not only was DeMar DeRozan out he was out to it so is an all bench lineup for the Raptors that went on a big run Bentley was a part of that fighting on defense helping create shots for his teammates I thought he made a big difference couple of big baskets from Pascal siakam who was active defense
00:38:58gas prices in the fourth quarter shots in their in the half-court offense but they were actually took the air out of the ball I think was about it you know I can men and a half or something like that where they were just kept on getting offensive rebounds but just to put a brighter line on your Point Washington 78 offensive rating in the half-court 186 offensive rating in transition but 10% more of their players came in the half court in Toronto at Cerrado actually ran a lot in this game parsley cuz they were ever getting opportunities van Fleet being in there right helped out a lot more steals really help that too so you get you get a lot that way and so it is hard for the Wizards to stand it just don't add that's not the kind that allowed to have I thought Bill had a pretty good game overall you did too nice things are really in particular and it was 32 points 10 to 22 from the field 6 at 6 from the line Egypt 6 turnovers this worth mentioning
00:39:58have enough creation they don't have enough conversion and disappointed in this game if he hits a couple more of those shots just looks different but basically that feel the whole way through the Wiz rail to run that day one otherwise they weren't and it was a 29 to 14 4th quarter for Toronto that did it I mentioned the fact that they're able to retrieve all those loose balls at in the fourth year with some refresh your bench players but Kyle Lowry who played 32 minutes I thought it he looks so much fresher especially when he came in the fourth he just got a couple of massive loose balls lady just shot out of a cannon just took it away from Washington players that had no business getting to he also LED Toronto with 24 points and only 17 shooting possession great efficiency flowery also six assists offsetting a rough night from DeRozan they were actually minus X when he was in the game you only had 16 points on 20 shooting position so it wasn't his best game the three-pointer which ad so for him in the series he went back to her than that a little bit with over for butt
00:40:58yeah right and Van Fleet had two of the best 2 4 6 + 2 / 7 from the field game that you'll ever see they really hounded defensively and the wraps were able to go to more of those three guardline it's because Washington is so limited at the wing position and I thought that was huge as well just cuz I don't think we really talked about it in the series Valanciunas I'll play Gortat pretty soon if they provide values a screener but Valanciunas was able to eat more than I expected was also able to stay on the floor more than I expected so we ever 13.5 points and 9.3 rebounds not the greatest defender in a lot of circumstances but I thought I want you to set a good series it's a series where he could be okay there a few times where John Wall and Gortat really get the pick-and-roll chemistry going it and beat Valanciunas but largely the wraps were able to keep Washington off the 3-point line bill with 6 of 10 rest of Team 2 of 12 from downtown in this game and be lindwall took 15 of their 22 three-point time so you see that
00:41:58didn't have the spot of shooting out there and those guys were getting shot so that's where they really miss Porter it to a large degree and then Valanciunas with six offensive rebounds Turtle had three offensive rebounds at their overall team 34% offensive rebounds in this game that was pretty big and so Toronto finally is moving on they took care of business reasonably well in this series would have been nice if they could have won game 3 I think it was when they were looking pretty good looked on the road to a sweep that didn't end up happening but they ultimately especially getting Van Vleet back who knows he said he doesn't have a hundred percent range of motion in shoulder I think there's a chance of r e injury you know they're over the next four to six weeks so I could be subject to another tweak of that anytime but he was used the bench was huge and for Washington now this is what they do I guess they lose in the first round that lives in stock around their kind of competitive but not that competitive and never really make you think like they're about to win the series and so I mean I guess they bring back the sexy will have free to start getting it off season previews probably next week
00:42:58have a lot more to say about them with a lot more to say about OKC obviously at that point it so Toronto now weights the winner of the Cavaliers and Pacers Pacers just destroyed the Cleveland and this was the Cleveland defense that I was expecting to see a lot more of in the series in the reason why we saw that Cleveland defense is because Indiana actually force the issue day push the ball both in transition and then just attacked a little bit earlier in the clock Darren Collison played a much better game and Victor Oladipo shot was falling he has been very inconsistent on his three kids six of nine in game one is basically not hit many between now and between then and now 6 of 8 from 3 so it would Depot had 28 points did end up getting a triple-double partially because he stayed in in the fourth quarter which I do not agree with that game was very well settled and another big question with this is a couple of injuries that are at least Cavs players that got into stuff
00:43:58in this game and watch to see how that affects of potential health effects game 7 Kevin Love Got Myles Turner Zydeco's is Myles Turner is left elbow hit him right in the head and I was concerned about a concussion he ended up coming back in the game and then LeBron got popped by Thaddeus Young and he had to cut right above his eye that when I don't think of that significant but how that affects if it affects anything in the George Hill misses game yet again due to his back to warm up just really could not go and I mean his losses been pretty mess of had to play Jose Calderon Jose Calderon is a replacement-level NBA player right now in one good game in the series but it is reverted back at this point I don't think he even had a shot attempt it in this game and going back to your point on the transition you could even see but I think it was also just to be more aggressive from Carlson and position the Pacers we don't really know what the reason was were very fast pace early in the season and then slow down to one of the slowest Paces in the league as the Season War on and they were playing that way as well we Lament
00:44:58at the end of game 5 that they were not pushing the ball and you could tell there even a couple of times where they would get a rebound and kind of oil do it take a couple of steps to just kind of jog it up and all the sudden he be like oh yeah I'm supposed to push it and you would just shift into high gear and distance Cleveland transition D is so bad that you're they have no one to protect the rim and they're slow and so is specially if you can catch them when the defense isn't set and loaded towards you you can just get right to the basket or get wide open through their Communication in a scramble situation is very poor as one here's the Carnage for the numbers here for Indiana overall in transition they ran 21% of the time that's really good that's 91st percentile 21% of their possession when they ran they averaged a 1.9 points per possession that is just absolutely every single time they push the ball and off the live rebound 2.2 points per possession a lot of that was Oladipo pushing and then just walking into three pointers when the defense would just back off or Depot was humble
00:45:58had his best game since game one shot it extremely well it with six debate from downtown DC's been so feast-or-famine through the trees and then Collison was the other guy who I thought was so much better 15.34 from 3 for him as as a 40% three-point shooter in landscape them a lot of offense early before the Pacers started blowing it out he missed a bunch of shots late but it did Mary and six assists it was really an outstanding game for pretty much ever and sabonis was totally Unstoppable again around the rim is a romantic as + 28 + 20 they played some together that both those guys they got production from and then Cleveland really had a bunch of issues in this game but they didn't get the same LeBron James that they got it in game 5 in particular as far as trying to get to the room remember in game 5 9 of LeBrons 11 shots in the first half were in the restricted area and then 11 to 12 it was it was a ridiculous number he was just settling for jump shots a lot and it was off and against centers
00:46:58he was taking that kind of left left and elbow extended of the brakes 3 and 3/6 from long-range I think it was for something like that earlier in the game he had just shown this level of domination basically no one on the Pacers could guard him in game 5 and I don't think other than loading up and putting more guys on his side that Indiana changed anything tactically to take LeBron out of that. Many teams can he just for whatever reason wasn't in that frame of mind wasn't wasn't in that maybe it's fatigue something else I don't know they had 98 offensive rating Indiana to 136 offensive rating it in this game which is absolutely insane of course and James got even less help than usual L Rodney Hood ended up with 12 points in a few Min Rangers but he was ultimately -20 negative 27 the things have been surprised me is how a few threes hood is taken he took a lot of Threes off the dribble in Utah I thought he could add that he's not really
00:47:58not much at all JR Smith took some tough 3 3 of 8 and not enough to kill the Cleveland Kevin Love continues to struggle only 24 minutes you had was below 10 points against zero offensive rebounds Tristan Thompson got in one love got smacked in the face he was -16 and 14 minutes wasn't really able to provide lunch he only had two offensive rebounds and he don't know if he's falling off is a switch Defender probably has but we had one player Old Depot just totally burned m-43 at the end of the quarter there were some great dunks in this series are in this game is all Lebron and Savannah since phone is kind of got him back just broke JR Smith ankles went in for a dunk that was kind of the side of the broad he almost just completely ended LeBron like 2 minutes before that in the third quarter but a two-hander just hit the back room that would have been unbelievable but not much else to say here you know I think this game 7 now much like the other one which will get to we'll talk about Thursday night's game at shortly after this but why would never almost under any circumstances
00:48:58beaver a rodent team in a game 7 unless they were just like some injury issue and the guy was back and he wasn't there earlier in the series was only night that I will give both of these routines a much higher chance than the typical 80% home winning rate in these games of probably something around so for Cleveland I'd say I probably have it about A6 65% chance for them and then for the game we're talking about later maybe like 60% for the Celtics I wanted to make this point we were talking about OKC Utah but I just want to make it so it's on the podcast something else that probably contributed to these teams being so gassed at the end we always talk about Denver's elevation Utah is the other team that gets a material advantage because their words if the second highest elevation leak and considering the high intensity of wind surprise me if they just got incredibly ghast with that helping feel that the team just wondered whether the road team between Games 3 and 4 or 1 and 2 errors when you spend more
00:49:58I'm there or play one game there if you get more acclimated or not it in the second entrance to the look at that performance nothing really that Cleveland did against Oladipo worked in this game a lot of it is just going to come down to how well does Oladipo play and does he hit his 3-pointers if he shoots like this and there's nothing that Cleveland can do to stop it and then what kind of LeBron are we going to see you know if LeBron and I think LeBron is LeBron doesn't score at least 35 points meme I even have to score 40 for them to win this game you think but quick turnaround nobody played that many minutes in this one though it's not very far of a flight to expect guys to be pretty well rested for this game so excited I can't wait to see that we're going to talk Milwaukee Boston butt first one to try something a little bit new here I consider myself very lucky I know that Danny does as well to be able to have this podcast it's independent and even looking at some ways to try to use this podcast to give back to our community our country our world really and I talked to Danny about it
00:50:58and he turned me on to team Rubicon with cheese been donating to for quite some time I have I started as a team Rubicon back in 2012 and for me charity is a very personal thing I try to find something that really does move me in and go in that direction team Rubicon with what we reached out to me was the combination of a great idea and really amazing execution of it and so what what team Rubicon does is they take the idea that military veterans have this amazing set of skills that they've developed during their time in the armed forces and they realized it's a really natural fit for Disaster Response cuz a lot of times this situations are similar and so what team does is it connects military veterans with First Responders medical professionals of people that are dealing with these catastrophes and makes the situation better I can be in a lot of different ways whether it's you know helping rebuild or deal with flood waters or emergency medical care and lots of different things that can happen
00:51:58another reason why I like a bee on the support for veterans that I think it's a great idea is that disasters can strike anywhere this is not a partisan thing this is not a political help everybody and they've done great work for Hurricane Harvey Maria in Puerto Rico a really impressive job I loved being you know being a donor for them is better for fillings. So goodnight and I talked about this that was my first suggestion and it will tell you more about them and future times but you know we love great stats on the show they provided / 7.2 million dollars and deployed 4450 volunteers 2017 alone since they began in 2010 they've done over 250 Disaster Response operation had 80% of your money goes directly to their operations of the grind are some Charities have gotten a little bit of bad press because they're not putting as much of your money towards actually helping people and there's board Ministry across that that's not the case for team Rubicon so if you want to learn more about them if you want to donate to them as we do go to Team
00:52:58Rubicon usa.org cap space easy rubber cap space of course you could text cap space to the five-digit number 8787 213 Rubicon usa.org cap space or Tex cap space to 87872 to learn more about them or to make a donation to catch up on yesterday's action now with the Box finishing off the Celtics it wasn't that close late I will mention finish them off and give sex not been added decently they held Boston to 15 points in the second quarter at and 21 in the 4th 9786 Milwaukee took it and I was impressed the box I mean really I think for the last four games I've made some mistakes but they've brought excellent defensive intensity they held Boston to 10 out of 36 3-point shooting but a lot of those were pretty contested late clocks
00:53:58stop and then Milwaukee was able to outscore them 19 to 11 in the final 759 is boss really it was unable to score was pretty close by that point Boston came back and then Milwaukee it was able to break out of contact again ioannis let all scores with 30 when he was 13 to 23 from the field and more some of the keys to this win for the Box you Danny I think that was really important he did get 5000 wasn't foul trouble for stretches of his but his his you talking about defensive intensity I think that was really important khris Middleton only took 8 shots he still looks great offensively in the series it was weird that he didn't get that many opportunities and Terry Rozier started out hot I mean a big part of the reason that Boston held at 2422 honestly pretty gross first quarter was Rosie are going for of six from the field three or four from 3 after that 3 or 4 in the first quarter he was one at 8 from 3 in the rest of the game was forced into
00:54:58taking 21% of their shots with under 4 on the shot clocks due to the Bucks intensity some of their switching but just their inability to really create separation of those I'm sorry 10 of those 16 shots were three's mean those are really were talking desperation threes at that point and then Boston had to take a further 14 shots from 7 to 4 on the shot clock so you're taking basically as Boston 40% of your field goal attempts with under 7 on the shot clock and it's just very very difficult to be efficient that way the pace of this game was glacial as a result Boston was not able to get out in transition much the Bucks were it to some degree those were some key points as what it seemed like in the first half be throughout most of this game it was just like it had been in game 5 just an absolute war between the teams any bucket felt like no just a massive body blow to the other team mistakes just were absolutely crushing because they were forcing the teams into such difficult shots most of the time
00:55:58and I liked that prunty basically went with only Giannis orthotic Center accept when he was forced in the second half into using Zeller just a little bit and this book seems really difficult describe what zone is gotten a lot of crap for some of his gambling so is falling asleep to eventually but I thought that overall his health events with more positive than a negative in this game he really just when he's locked in he covers so much ground and he can help off of guys just materialize in the lane with that link plays with a lot of horse when he goes after that got a couple of Steel's you just even forcing a guy to pick up his dribble on a drive just a little bit earlier then he wanted to find was flying around I mean he absolutely if there's one play the one where you actually ended up committing a three-shot hobbit was still emblematic of his level activity there was a driving kick they threw it to the corner and it was Jabari Parker was the guy on the Block closest to the corner and he just never move until dawn is like oh you're not going to move I'll rotate out there almost got there but then
00:56:58there was offense wasn't there the shots were falling for him but from 3 point range but just the edge of defensive player he just cleaned up so many Messes in this game with his activity and crew pretty difficult to score on as it's got another impactful defensive player for Milwaukee Tony Snell I thought he did a nice job in this game also had a couple shots to a six from three of those are all of his shots in the game we didn't take any tooth and the Bucks look more balanced more competitive defensively when he's out there instead of your favorite past for past first point guard Malcolm Brogdon gerbils before he can do anything at all even shoot sometimes though yet he did have a pretty big three-pointer against we joked that I think you'd made five 3-pointers in the series and we could remember at least three of them they're all in the last 5 minutes of game 2 of them in the last minute to either tired or take the lead for Boston really know what he can get it going Rosier and it for 12 from 3 wasn't really getting Great Looks only 18
00:57:58for Boston is not where they want to be they shot 37% from the field 28% from 3 didn't get to the following especially much I thought that Giannis was despite the fact that he sprained his left ankle in addition to that right ankle that he keeps printing was able to be much more effective offense we eat hit a couple of mid Rangers which I thought were big but maybe due to the extra spacing he was able to get to the room or I thought he was able to solve ojeleye an ultra-light only had one shot attempts in 22 minutes and so Stevens had some really good defensive lineup really was not able to find the offense why I said Marcus Smart -14 in this one gave a lot of effort but took some pretty bad threes which you don't want to do with some big ass rapper on your hand but Marcus Smart never that you dishes and it's getting to the point now where for Stevens they just can't score enough any longer that maybe he can't keep his best defensive ends on the 4th but then they don't really have any great offense of units either out they're going to Marcus Morris doesn't really solve all their problems on that end in Shane work and doesn't have much of a place to be at all in this series anymore either
00:58:58that he's another guy who provide some places to attack that for Milwaukee I also thought that Jabari Parker didn't have an unbelievable statistical game although you might have had like a per minute high in his career with 90 Vincent 26 minutes he still competed enough defensively missed a couple of rotations but he wasn't just a complete said they weren't just destroying him when he was out there he was holding up more he's + 11 in his 26 minutes still couldn't get much going off until we buy a guy thought he was pretty good on D to the Bucks I got just enough defensively in this one or two just drop off at somebody in their defense with it looks so hard for Boston to score in this game 7 is just going to be like absolutely back to the Stone Age In terms of the offense like the Bucs going to struggle to score a lot more and Boston Tea intensity is going to be off the charts the teams going to be ready to kill each other to me so much like in athleticism on the floor and I like I said I give Milwaukee a pretty damn good chance for your typical Road team in a game 7 the suicide say you know 40% chance they have of winning this one anything else you want
00:59:58on this game before you wrap up or we're going to do it for the six point lead for one of the two teams
01:00:07then maybe we'll head over to Hubbard Oracle and times it for the beginning of that game but it will it'll be a lot of fun the only other thing I want to mention. Nasser about this game 7 but promote I recorded and edited and released real Jam radio for this week on Friday it is with Derek Bodner of the athletic Philadelphia on the Sixers season on where it's going to talks about which team he thinks would be better for the Sixers in terms of winning game 7 which we disagreed on that which was always which is always fun and it's a good conversation very different from the kind of stuff we do here but I think people and for those who don't want the uplifting this of the Sixers you can read about the Hornets limited flexibility in trading have a wahoo Road it hasn't come out yet you're really just getting to like in terms of teams that I have
01:01:07I like the Knicks previews going to be much Sunny Army they're all these teams because they're you don't like nine teams I take is the estimate that I'm using right now that I would expect to use cap space it so you don't we have some news that the thing that still happens or it looks let's start here San Antonio Paul Gasol said he plans to be back next season my response to that is no shitties owed another 23 and a half million dollars over the next his first answer I was in the I was going to happen and he's like I'm under contract for a didn't say the exact number but he's like I'm under contract for next year so I'll be players do not retire when they have guaranteed money that that much I mean that we saw Tim Duncan leave 6 million day didn't leave six men on the table they actually just waved him and stretch them before he retired kg ends up getting all of his eight million dollars when he kind of the retired before the season more interesting news we had talked about Mike boutin Holzer and Atlanta green to part ways it turns out that
01:02:07Bud will get all of his money so it and it was reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he uses effectively fired he did not want to resign due to that money however he retains the offset clause in his contract to wherever he signs now that will be all set but now I think that opens up more destinations to him because if he doesn't make as much as it going to make in Atlanta then Atlanta just covers the difference but it seem like it made more sense for Atlanta just to move on from doubt it because then maybe they could lose out on their next election for a coach as well if they didn't do this now they couldn't start interviewing on their own it and some of the names that have been floated in Atlanta all kind of assistant types young guys coming in more inexpensive and we'll see where bud in fact end up bud we'll still have plenty of incentive to get as much money as he can because presumably he only two years left on his contract at his new contract will go beyond that in Denver Mason Plumlee will have surgery for a core muscle injury that sounds like maybe a sports hernia he's supposed to reach
01:03:07Best Buy 2DS in the summer sets usually sports hernia surgery was like 6 to 8 weeks so it sounds like play with this is a teammate Jamal Murray had a similar procedure last year and then Memphis in a total non surprise has brought in JB Bickerstaff on a permanent basis should say 3 year contract to be their head coach and I mean anytime you can you can bring back somebody who Stewart a Jew to like it just an absolutely thrilling season like the Memphis Grizzlies did and I'm not saying win loss record should be any part of this for JB Bickerstaff but I've been in you know because he he was the interim head coach for the Rockets back when they had that super weird series for the Warriors a couple years ago when the wheels totally went off the wagon I've never really seen too much from Bickerstaff it does seem like their players do like him but it's weird because he's not a retread cuz he's never had a head job before but I've just never really seen much in terms of what he runs or anything to be particularly inspired by a but I'm guessing he fit within parra's Finance
01:04:07yes and he's already been there I use at least a good soldier during the tank I guess para was just happy that they didn't lose by 65 to the Hornets instead of 61 in and decided it to bring them back in but yeah I mean I agree. The person I was certainly limited hear the veterans there seem to like him he's not going to be expensive but if you wanted to tell me like one thing other than in theory relating to some players that he does well as a coach or what he stands for other than just kind of your usual Smash Smash Smash Mouth cliches I would be hard-pressed it to come up with anything there so I think if we did do coach rankings he would be very much towards the bottom of the next year with a real team it he's been in some weird situations maybe he'll look better but I haven't seen anything to particularly and courage there okay that'll do it for today please don't forget about team Rubicon. By the way team Rubicon usa.org cap space is that URL to learn more about that charity which way
01:05:07we are supporting here and our schedule will be back on Sunday night with a pair of game sevens will be in the books by that time looking forward to discussing those Hill.

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