Jimmy and Tysto from Tysto Commentaries talk about the doomed pilot sequel to the classic 1989 comedy.
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00:00:00the way they pick TV shows they make one show that shows called pilot then they show that one show to the people who picks you up and on the strength of that one show they decided they want to make more show some get chosen and become television program don't come knocking
00:00:33I would welcome to drop the pilot the forecast in the TV pilot so I never picked up Jesse's Testo from Testo commentaries at esto.com sequel? To the phone with the same name of the CBS summer Playhouse in July meeting at 9 at the tennis player that so
00:01:24Superstore what is your relationship with the original how do you like it do you need it by some of the things and the paper money that was for sale on the eBay and I have that on my wall in my basement to outside my home theater
00:01:46I actually have several other money from The Goonies money from from dollar bills from Total Recall all right okay okay we're going to just talk about the shore I like to just go through it but I bet since it's actually hard way and there's no go by scene by scene support just talked about the whole thing but we invited who is the prince of Zamunda
00:02:32extra credits and I'm really annoyed that don't use the distinction to the movie us tank sensors and I did not feed production cuz she actually just know that she was like they were just coming to America by the system I think it was right yeah I don't know why not exactly the lion sleeps tonight but yeah yeah maybe because it was a pilot and it was just one time maybe they just doesn't bother with the rights to that song are you know
00:03:18I never get crappy genetics really bad jokes
00:03:32it's not like you like the hockey stick of it's basically it's just a showcase for Tommy Davidson just to do Impressions and stop entire Prince Charming and likeable know exactly exactly exactly it's not specifically said don't put in operation states that that's his brother who is the king makes me think that he's the brother
00:04:32call Oma
00:04:43the Ohio
00:04:50someone someone
00:04:52a name for a beach for the name
00:04:58so yeah but she's probably the best thing in this whole pilot you just stand up. That's the problem I have with that that's open the scene is the joke says Apostle Paul bet she's got a couple good ways
00:05:17we should say by the way they haven't seen the pilot that is the character in the movie or something big in the opening scene where he gets ready for the day and he's also the one who does that silly song Thank you so much you spent all this money and she says sometimes I wish you were someone else took it says well you know I will be leaving One Direction and not starts a problem I have with this pilot lights but
00:06:11set up just to say right wet told me to his thing or we could do an impression Stevie Wonder If that's really a plane crashing of Stevie Wonder and that is when they're not laughing at it if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. So nice to hear something funny
00:06:52I'm so
00:06:55so you're good to go to sleep but there's other funny pets in this seem to be falling apart from that the whole kill it. Luckily no way that one but I don't know I were very much trying to lay some pipe and make the audience understand what's going on you can't it's too short to try to actually show to reach spending all the money and all that stuff you have to be out on the location seen him do that stuff so really is very much in 1987, in front of us and
00:07:37and just so we're very much confined feels very much like the perfect strangers I'm spending all the money that don't really show everything that you spend on rent on your apartment. Yes but there's no Hill jokes really missing being skinny because she looks like a Pez dispenser and then he says
00:08:34yeah but yeah it's not very good but yeah is the one that stands out because of the way people based at 1%
00:08:50you know at 6 that's funny right around saying it must be a privilege to rub elbows with the jerks but I mean obviously they they want to set the character up that way so that he has a choice but to hang your hat on in order to like him as that to me and I'm trying to keep as close as possible
00:09:50difference from the movie where Prince was actually a really nice guy there's a moment when he when he's fighting with the he says no wife should be equal she should be apart and this and that and she was always the voice basically wanting someone and that's how that Dynamic work so well with lower himself and have that experience and I get the idea they didn't succeed with the character no I mean at the end of the season they would be nicer but but then
00:10:47shelves all that box and faces like he's really believe that he's a prince
00:11:10so he doesn't actually touch the money apparently so they have to know that he's not care at all it's like the also Mr Mackey must be the worst landlord because he is supposed to give the money and he's supposed to keep an eye on and stop spending all that money as my pocket from the first the first scene but then he's just kind of blames all my Oro High for spending all the money
00:12:01there's some some Africans funny because he eat good things take jokes yep and let's laugh at the older overweight guy who can't eat food because he loves you he's not like to eat it cuz you got doctors appointment really lazy lazy sitcom writing I wish that going to play out of the whole season
00:12:32available by the end you don't like to eat things because it goes to the doctor and the doctor said he's okay you're up.
00:12:52Oh it's really badly badly rotten Mr Mackey is the copy older black good he's wife as nice and sweet to the boys you know standard sitcom mother and a grown-up Dora who is kinda sassy but not really enough to be so kind to be quite so there's nothing major that really is what one Wayne when he says I want you to come with me to this concert and then the Indian language we will get my goodness I'm so
00:13:31I just seen his brother just don't want things that two weeks I so I'm assuming it supposed to be funny but there's just no real
00:13:46you don't mean really really cool with me at this point I'm so sorry forgetting you watch it too seriously
00:13:58you know you have to meet the characters we go to the front and find a set of the toilet and that's mr. Mackey's Dana just reset to name a plane in the shop for study and then the prince and Michael Jackson impression because that's how it is on a restaurant in addition to being a landlord for some reason for this restaurant is being an a-hole again. Funny with Noah Michael Jackson impression that goes on to talk too long
00:14:54and then there's a really weird Donald Trump reference but unique says a man freaking out of a dealer
00:15:02yeah this is how you do you buy property on the banister the brisket made but like I'm in the back of the foot
00:15:29what does The Joke is on You know someone on the street gave me this book well he threw it at that I like and that's like sort of okay but you're right I am very well and at least win the least I'm so as you mentioned he needs to he can ask Mr Mackey goes to doctor's appointment
00:16:20and trick times place an ad on Zillow
00:16:23for some reason this just threw hell trying to actually walk until it just gets everyone.
00:16:33That's an odd thing because I thought they were going to say something like that she actually brought in a bunch of more business because when was the market it's on and says watson as well
00:17:02so we saw us always getting women up to dance then they
00:17:09because I already know the way it goes to the next person and disgusted face after discussing what's the next and then awful
00:17:24women are very very happy start dancing with stranger
00:17:41so Mike is really expire some 3DS friend but he'll probably messed up again the next episode. Space of the club but basically the next 15 minutes of the pilot is basically just a conversation conversation but jokes to make lenses last
00:18:05what does other reference you stay as reference each other Eddie Murphy
00:18:12is well when he says you could be a Beverly Hills call places which is not funny at all
00:18:36and the guy says you're walking with California reason and that is fine but then he takes it too far
00:19:25by how many I had for the Grapevine and then say no shit year was it with your white glove kind of something don't talk too long but I just waved at you walking with California Raisins
00:19:50riojas walking as you know if you got the time if you don't get Joe don't care you so he said you're working with California reason but the problem is
00:20:19I don't know how the California Raisins walked like that's that's something that when I think of the California Raisins I don't think you know the California Raisins walking like
00:20:37the world walk in the air campaign for the crew
00:20:55cartel or whatever was
00:21:02California Raisins or laws dictated how many
00:21:15three crowns that his friend as well as the same as you said you know you're my best friend I need Hotel o'hagan of the entire time so that makes it pointless really those I mean feel enough we watch that just does the one pilot of the one shoe and maybe the season went in a different direction.
00:22:14so the last seen as you can because he's really tired and Mr Mackey Spain
00:22:38and then the final guy
00:22:43shows that stole about wrestling oh yeah that was at Ellis who's the door to take part of a list of them you show me Skype Houston things for other people so he can see if I let us take part in a gorgeous ladies of wrestling extreme Mr Mackey relationship cuz it makes me wish I could see it is still a thing today later and there's a Netflix
00:23:42pilot even really need to get made I'm going to look at shoes that are based on other properties like iPhones or remakes of British TV shows and stuff is also ones that
00:24:10TV show Pilots that red based on medicine else just you know what does pilots on face Madison something like coming to America or the first one which was that both of them were trying to want to see the movie but the page of the net worth of the phone and it's really cool
00:24:55yeah that's that's the other way to do it if you're going to turn a movie into a TV show TV show needs to kind of rehash most of what the movie
00:25:05yeah like this is a terrible idea and if you want to make money and you want to
00:25:21no thanks again that's the thing it's like it it's fine if you want to come to America if you want to make you know maybe 8 p.m.
00:25:43what's a good one of those stands this pilot is just going to see if Kim has become that means James Earl Jones character must have died but his brother results
00:26:18you would think that it makes more sense because probates he has no plan I see the person of character because I seen the hole in the film
00:26:38it's about money hold towards the end of May
00:26:45Returns on defense
00:26:51MPC film he's kind of burn something
00:27:19yeah I'm here at the same time for some reason and I forgot about the whole goddamn for some reason and it makes no sense whatsoever no part of this feels like a pro about the time
00:27:46and not even good everybody station at just seems like him with the performer gets Hawaii so he drags joke or tomorrow but if she saying enough Stevie Wonder impression where she gets hella so you just keeps going and I just feel so bad that you just said told me they play this is the basics but what are you Russia my baby you don't make her make a joke app a reference or whatever and just keep going because you know how late is Tommy Davidson he's going to be at just doesn't work
00:28:32has she been there other things like missing a lot of stuff like man
00:28:41well I haven't really up to you let him smoke smoke head in Scotland I haven't really don't know man dancing else we can get my TV over here but he was a grown-up know
00:28:59no I just know I don't think you really funny you know it's not it's not well direct he's not he's just seems like I said there was just been told right just do your thing to me is not being rained and I don't think that's what the problem is cuz she's not funny but other people think he's funny
00:29:32I think that when you're casting a show like this you got to go okay we don't have any more young and Tommy Davidson was the right guy at the right time in the right place and he just isn't enough
00:29:56that is very true nobody that anymore
00:30:01Tower Eddie Murphy death
00:30:05what's the thing is, Diaz I mean we don't really have a really big stuff cuz he was a really funny guy and he was awake guy you and I have a good he was so good he almost makes Shrek
00:30:37yes yes because Mike Myers can't do that
00:30:47he's not white wires just and Shrek he's just doing this um he's got a shot said anything about the Scottish so everybody is actually Kevin funny stuff to see and he's given us a character like about 8 and you know he's clearly enjoying himself recording the Wayans for Shrek and that is really important but I saw a lot of time you seems like the easiest enjoy themselves in the main easy was kind of
00:31:35enjoy yourself but then later on to just give up so at least in the shrike from the sides is always having fun and that's important
00:31:47when they're young and hungry they will take risks and they don't mind looking silly and there's a point where Eddie Murphy started to feel like it has he had kids
00:32:06I think that you start doing kids movies because he started feeling like it was okay for Dad to look silly now you know I still love and respect I'd like to see a song together in the 80s
00:32:38the music video was about a beer and some fresh music video for will stand together
00:32:55I did not want the frogs singing the song I'm not as well that that is what we all stand together and catch it tee times at sat Paul McCartney and the Frog. Together for Paul McCartney in the 1980s
00:33:17that is how to work on cutting in the Benjamins
00:33:24I mean
00:33:28you were calling you out Paul McCartney on this coming to America and Let Die by Paul McCartney
00:33:57Pike Electric
00:34:01the point the point I was making a point as that tend to sort of all together but the temp to change change track when they're about the same thing happened there's nothing to sing about because you don't you don't have conflict anymore what people say that it's great stuff but yeah
00:34:40yeah but people I want to see music play, stuff and Barbara fires Maiden song I like to know what that Tommy Davidson still working
00:35:13search too I think yes funny enough yeah it's an old black cast of black people and I I say desk fabulous make more stuff like that. I enjoyed Tommy Davidson that has been released was last year and he was on Sharknado 4
00:35:56hey you know I would be in Sharknado 4
00:36:00Piedmont she's a Sci-Fi original you should avoid the TV series white Dynamite
00:36:12what you paste in the movie bite the enemy so you know we're still working for an honorary Williamsburg
00:36:30yeah, Living Color was a Wayans brothers Productions I always think of him what I think about
00:36:37looks like we got a man alright okay but maybe maybe that's for the best
00:36:59but the most important thing is that the poll which is the working that's that's very gratifying and TV shows was on an episode of the week for weapon TV series which I watch the first season of and I don't recognize him at all so you know that's good working but the other stuff
00:37:33I told me she was at some Queens Queensboro stuff I had to put this episode I'm sorry come on one Wayne in the car scene
00:38:04and the main characters terrible
00:38:10Mr Mackey was played by John Hancock and had the recurring roles on stuff like a smaller TV shows and and then
00:38:43hey FSU went on the female reproduction in which is crates at the same spot season 4 season by then maybe the doctor horrible side effects on available if you want to watch this Dailymotion on the course of the special presentation script packs would be on so I'm sure people will devastated that repeat of a show from seven years ago
00:39:43it's not going to be showing no I don't know if you guys got a big show on mirror switch
00:40:06I'm at my next stop which is another playing with another pilot that never get picked up on that one as well so at least there's something that has tobacco that has the Coming to America unsold pilot I do want to just try and watch these and then just see if any of them would have been any good maybe after
00:41:06because it's coming to America
00:41:10back then I was an idiot. That's the whole point of us Pilots
00:41:33but that's one

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