Tysto joins me again to discuss the show Nathan Fillion would have starred in right after the cancellation of Firefly. If this had been picked up of course. We talk about the cast, the "jokes?" and will-they-won't-they plots in TV shows. You can find Alligator Point on Youtube.
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00:00:00the way they fit TV shows they make one show that shows call the pilot and it showed that one show to the people of Big Show and on the strength of that one show they decided they want to make more show so I can get chosen and become television program don't come knocking
00:00:27black hole in welcome to drop the pilot the podcast episode 52 TV pilot at the day I am joined by Test 2 Test 2 commentary thank you for having me no problem always a pleasure today we're talking about Alligator Point 2003 sitcom from executive producer Kelsey Grammer pistol you practice may I ask why well it's got Nathan Fillion and Jaime Pressly and it's through the whole cast well mostly it's a subset of the cast some of the cast is great Jim Rash is great he's not great in this will talk about that yeah that's one reason why this wasn't picked up you know that's not a good
00:01:27I feel like I kind of enjoyed it but it's not the kind of thing I would watch anyway I'm not good apparently cuz I've seen other pilots and that I've liked I am not interested in that either and yet it becomes a baguette so yeah that conversation and because I hit you right so
00:01:49we open up before I make Chef Burial at Sea. Capital Eagle Shirley I said I think two of his family members were buried at Sea and there's basically a charter they were Navy people so it was done by the Navy so I guess but every single way to do it okay okay that's just stop one of my complaints off the bat that I said they're burying Mays husband me is played by potcovarul there's not much I would have seen her in it was she familiar to you
00:02:42yes she was but I think I used to watch empty nest fighting today okay there's nothing to make me psycho I know heart really it was kind of like thinking maybe I could name Addison so I have to look up online she was in a bunch of stuff that she had her own failed show for a while called monkey Joplin she was a voice on the critic that's probably what I'm voice from but yeah I don't really watch empty nester or some of the other stuff that she was in so I don't know yeah I wish I was a bike sitcom fine by me they sell watch them up to mastic gold and ghettos in a lot when I was stuck at so then I'm willing and I didn't find anything funny and as soon as she heard of the preacher play by Jim Rash and says he doesn't like Waylon would want them to be sad
00:03:42kind of woman I've been wanting to see the see him drinking and he says sorry no I have to ask where's the job here at funerals by drinking beer but everyone else is drinking beer everyday and you know I would have been better I think maybe after the fall of a funny of laying the time to say that I'm sorry
00:04:27you know just quite human Community do terrific work the dialogue he has is awful here with Jamie Presley singing Amazing Grace
00:05:13but she's good singer. That's something I've never known about her before she wasn't saying her but I knew she was a model I've seen those pictures everything she's done yeah
00:05:29yes everybody sees a good Buys in the Shelf the cops Gina played by Jimmy Presley that's made in weylen's daughter she starts to sing Amazing Grace when she said she's interrupted by a fasching lane on the boat being rude to credits fisherman and if he was a freshman and the boys so I thought I'd like to song I don't know why I don't know who sang it but I think it's called you.
00:06:27it's one of those things that hack TV Writers Do all the time where they go what is this episode about dying okay what is a common phrase or or Shakespearean title that that has that word in it and then they just make it that and it's like that has nothing to do with it though pilot that's that's what every Pilots called some of them have names but you know how to see who do Atlanta few things about the characters in Wayland Valentina recently divorced that comes usually crime Nest on your floor on buffing the show and it won't do that in the next scene but here is done in the form of a eulogy and I think that as slightly different that's that's more
00:07:27more than just you know to do that as you know seem right because it is a situation in which you expect people to talk about their relationships yeah it was a good idea so we go to that that waster bar which is Wind by me and it's called Maze and he said Play by James McDaniel he's superstitious and intimidating and Dad the picture is gay you know I did not like that I do not know what he is doing at this waster bar because he does as Orthopedic to eat and be intimidated
00:08:26something's bad luck I even jamrosz says the Victor is strong in this one which is a terrible the picture as that he's gay that says personality is a preacher and his gay happy hookah to something Mesa know that she wouldn't stop. She then enter am I bipolar Marshall Kasich home at but back to the other characters being terrible race
00:09:18and they're terrible because instead of just quoting you know when they're over and their family boxes and fancies Gina can be named the bowl but you know that's the first thing Iowa it's an annoying way to do at adoptions I think the show for the whole thing with the eulogy and that was a good way they're not but no
00:09:56the black guy told he says Garfield and I don't know if that's his name or there is awake Garfield in Florida and it sent in Florida so I don't know if he's talking about that maybe you don't mean so it's not I wasn't trying to clean us to walk
00:10:15I guess he says I'm in the stand by Garfield or form from Lake Garfield Mall up at the castle like father like the characters I don't think anyone's Garfield I thought his name was too intimidating man talks about what's bad looking good luck at it said yeah it's a one-note character exactly the guy with the beard IMDb as well
00:11:15I got they took a second shot at this apparently Kelsey Grammer was he like the idea well enough that he recast it was Cybill Shepherd and some other folks that Leslie Jordan to replace the cuz I've got something to talk about that I wish I could have seen it but he has emphysema but he still smokes because he's making men money smoking he's got a big settlement from a tobacco company it is very odd carries a an actual an oxygen tank around with it everything it's kind of a one-note character
00:12:10yeah he has emphysema but it really does look at introductions and have good strong character straight off the bat you can do it is possible but that's just and the fact that there's this is the same right or who does that is also dead in that helps that the two face in the main Bastion I think it just kept the script script I have someone else if they like the idea so much and it doesn't
00:12:54yeah yeah he actually grew up an Alligator Point
00:13:01and Florida so that's why I ain't mad about you and blue color image of Jeff Foxworthy Blue Collar TV stuff and The Haunted Hathaways I guess that's what he's been doing recently or Nickelodeon show one-nighters I catch you anyway it says 9 to be Haunted Hathaways last thing you did that's over know that you could you certain that so that's good for him but that's okay
00:13:58wieland's body dress back till on is strange I'm so that you don't seem sad but change the background of the book flat for me it should have had hilarious comic impact that's that's the heart of farce right you hide the body is is the heart of farce and it did not work the way they did the British guy delivers it when it comes on and he's holding his arm as oxygen tank and expected them to act
00:14:50edited as well where he look there's a conversation and we cut to him and then we come back and then we come back to him and it's yeah it's kind of awkward oxygen tank
00:15:12I was expecting my black a small exploding or something to happen even quite funny anime
00:15:27because I'm not with a pit something off as well maybe then he would stop smoking you think would last for a whole series then you can't just have the character smoking and curing of oxygen tank around Pilots as well to tie it too real and it doesn't come back up my questions at bless you as Waylan love to sink
00:16:15there's not a joke there I guess not since I get back to the bar phone Gina argue over the book again and whether or not post 06 you have to leave in his Nascar career behind with the pig dancing used to be a baseball player Kevin thing I have to get away from a cheating husband tells me that she's going to go back to him a second chance but she wouldn't have that she shouldn't have to say and she will stay in Florida anime jealous seeing about talk to Emma because she wanted to she wanted to move on first
00:17:11yeah that's an awkward if you want to get back with him that you wanted to move on first that let's just be honest and ask out jacket because she's going to the same place he is so he's going to see that that's going to be off work
00:17:42I didn't catch that I guess okay
00:17:45you know what I mean know it's like she still cares about you both but she's going to the pool and Emma so
00:17:57bolsita I think maybe she does will still like me but we don't get to see that and that's kind of what we were supposed to carry on for later episodes
00:18:21yeah I know and Bo says that they do that all the time
00:18:34maybe you should call someone from somewhere don't get me wrong but it's so early writer says you know I need something here for this and I know it's an old couple dancing for no reason it doesn't make any sense it doesn't matter no music who cares. I need them to dance
00:19:04yeah okay to break down and didn't see her back on the beach last time I nailed to say to go back. I'm leaving the old couple to dance to nothing. That's the end everyone leaves and couldn't Emma
00:19:28you should know part of the group
00:19:30Rodriguez yes
00:19:33the outsider has joined now if you don't again like there's a Wings element to that I forget what character it's been a long time since there was at the beginning of the characters on my way to so much attempted to make it again but he directed the same pilot this time
00:20:03Two-Face in the name and I really wish I could have seen that from reciting the Pet Shop on Wayne I showed you that picture just looks the same apart from the cast but the Satin Lips basically the same and so I think it was probably just the same script but Cybill Shepherd can't imagine her in that role but it makes me think that they're going to focus the focus in the second pile it was more than me yes the best pilot was sort of may seem to Academy because she has sort of like that the mother of the groom but you don't cast of humble
00:20:51so as well but yeah you would have to be on subway Shepherd by Brian Patrick Wade I don't know what it is not stuff that I've seen I've never had them but yet so that makes me think that going by the IMDb cast Westing not that means a sin but that was for the time so I think maybe Bo and Gina and Emma are going to be so secondary not familiar to me except for Leslie Jordan
00:21:44the director of this pilot was David Trina and he's directions I think the entire first two seasons of Boy Meets World before he moved on to that effect almost every single episode of That 70 show he died a hundred and Ninety Nine episodes of 200 episodes of That 70 show pilot
00:22:09and that is amazing quite frankly I was going to I was going to say that the directing didn't do anything for me here but clearly he's a good director and then he said I wasn't a big fan of that 70 show
00:22:29hey Ashton Kutcher I must have late from muscle aches watching my son because he's note that acted every single episode of The Ranch on Netflix. Sebastian Picture Show
00:22:43so obviously there for people to like what by what time the pilot episode capsule of the Wings in the series premiere Joe Hackett gets a message that his late father penned plan a scavenger hunt for a suitcase of his it requires Joe to get in touch with his estranged brother Brian who had run off several years ago with Joe's fiance Carol so you get you get in the outsider coming in a joke no came back they were in this case they were estranged brothers and there's a there's a broken marriage in there and there's a dead father in there so there's a lot of common sitcom mixed up with it with those doesn't work
00:23:40I mean I told NBC schedule to be rough ABC and part of my pictures television Sony and I don't know what to say when someone must have like this or someone must have laid Kelsey Grandma enough on the second fashion for years with the with the history of cheers and Frasier Solo TV shows yeah he was paid something like 32 million dollars a year to do
00:24:40to do stuff like that cuz it says production company
00:24:45drama I think it's called private Productions I just noticed he was born in St Thomas US Virgin Islands so maybe he has a little bit of this background himself I don't know if he grew up there but maybe that's part of what he wanted to do this kind of thing
00:25:05Sue tester you said you wouldn't have what you wouldn't watch this cuz I wasn't up in your thing anyway but do you think that there was a way of saving must have told you think it was maybe something that they could have done here
00:25:21they could have saved that or absolutely I think I would have based on this if I was the guy in charge I probably would have ordered maybe 13 episodes and said take another stab at the pilot and let you know what the first three episodes need to all work as if they were a pilot they all have to do the same job of introducing the characters and relationships and then we'll pick which one you think works best to get to go with it and then throw it out there because you just never know I think that the cast had enough chemistry and I think that the the Situation's had enough potential that it could have been to the problem was that means that dialogue
00:26:11I think I forgot someone again I don't know what that says Robert peacock guys like you might be right but that's just
00:26:27if we stayed away from the
00:26:29set Comey situations and what some strange but that's just too Frozen free and there was things in here that stole sentidas old they were from like 1993 to me like the whole strong with this one
00:26:49waiting on dad even the guy with the beard saying that he says about that picture to Grandma and says he's a homo
00:27:01yeah yeah that's that's kinda you know that I would have thought we were past that can joke and tell me the joke is that he is so obtuse that he would say such a thing in this day in age but it's just comes off as that's just that's yeah and that individual strong and that's one line comes from the picture which maybe that should have went to the guy with a beard
00:27:37because that sounds more like has so many things to see
00:27:42that's just a terrible line Star Wars thing in the TV but racist it might have been bad at the guy with the beard say that I just think
00:28:09season finale he says the n word
00:28:16oh that's just Gary
00:28:20tonight I'm a very special I will get the point
00:28:28yeah but the cat the cat comes off
00:28:32the Rogue one no and says she mentioned she said she goes in Gumbo Stew and has I'm going to kill you and no one can touch base is like he's going to pack her up and prefer the window and what is this character supposed to be I don't get what you're supposed to be and he supposed to be Mel from Alice right after the early 80s no Alice had that it was setting a diner in the the head of the guy who runs the place smell is the cook and he's a crotchety
00:29:32sort of cooking it it I mean it's a very common sitcom because I think the cook is short-tempered and it just does not work here because he's a big black guy
00:29:47because he's you know he's begging barley and he looks like he can tell you I don't think you should be Kevin
00:29:56Lane's late like to someone who looks like that if you don't mean it I'm trying hard part of the joke over of the of the crotchety cook is that he's actually harmless if it came from like a Leslie Jordan type c into f with pinky finger that's not funny that's skinny even though he's not great here but he's great in all things but I don't think he's wrapping up I'll I don't think he's got the grasp of the character yet about as well as he can do with the material he's giving I thought I was entertaining you but he does have some really good spot driving back to
00:30:53he's behind Emma and she's talking to I don't know what character but she's talked to one of the characters and he's working on something in the background it's like he's walking in about of electronic something-or-other from the internet and he kisses his start so any chance leave a check for the episode but this one is well that's way to being directly Best Buy pilot get picked up to series that's what they've been has follow-up to Firefly
00:31:412003 so that's okay so that's what they've been canceled and he went into this for pilot season
00:32:03so yeah he actually did not do much actually he did a few movies and TV released at the mall today so yeah he may have been able to do this in between probably yeah that came out in 2005 and I didn't want him back it probably wouldn't of got CastleVille out there nice so what were they thinking canceling after sex episodes of the titles has a good show anyway and I remember him from being and two guys got on the pizza place he played the fiance and later Seasons I remember oh yeah
00:33:03Nathan Fillion and Ryan Reynolds he was one of the
00:33:11anime Venice Nails you have to say about it that's the White full pilot in Florida it's very very obviously shut the doors but Jaime Pressly a lot and I'm really truly horrendous background acting really weird reactions to things especially when she is talking to the carb so far husband if you want Jamie Presley's really weird facial expressions and that seemed quite often but but yeah she's good
00:34:11we should talk with her a little bit before that she had not done all that much for miliar with episodes of that and put up the net what's the show called push she kind of got her start in a movie called Poison Ivy the new seduction that was the
00:34:45well the first one was Alyssa Milano
00:34:50oh my gosh you're right that was quite a serious wasn't I know my I know my erotic feller's Four Seasons baby
00:35:12and I gave up because it was just I was just the same thing over and over again it was it was just four seasons of will they won't they the originator in a lot of ways because we will be here all day and then finally in the end they do get married and then to the nanny and stuff like that and that's always the death of the show because the show becomes all about the relationship that could have happened at this show is well it's almost happened but in cheers but the smarter shows they play with that they get the characters together and then they tearing apart again and they do something really smart with it like news radio and macaws
00:36:07who is the show alone was the original
00:36:12so I had to start all over again
00:36:16Westside right so I think Lucky in that respect because it was probably wouldn't yes they are but no she's left so tonight they have to start over again with more probably wouldn't be smart writers can can get them together and tear them apart without destroying the show and so he like who's the boss once they get together that is the end of the show because that is what the show is all about three seasons or something his boss I think you what Castle was kind of that same way it did not show just became all about these characters going to admit their feelings for each other and I hear tell that eventually they did and then something else went wrong and that the two actors hated each other and that wasn't the characters get married
00:37:06that's the last episode plushies forwards in the dick heads
00:37:10stop at the point where I got fed up and make sure that she got fired they drained it as something breaks and take castles and ends with them crawling across the floor to get each other and after the show get picked up she would have died but since the show get cancelled at the same time the show an extra scene where at fast forward to them in half married with the kids
00:37:54so I know she was leaving but after she didn't get picked up then the next season would have been just cancelled because she would have been what is a bold move that you have got to really dislike your your cast maybe she hated him and maybe that's where the problem was Rachel dislike I mean look at men Layton again and yes I agree yes but the dead sort of screwed the pooch when they got together and she fell pregnant
00:38:38and they even to the mascot of Jefferson Woods play in the fetus an angel comes and shows the fiesta as parents and I can either send an end the end you making this up wrong so she has to go to heaven because she's helping them
00:39:21badman binladin Dies at the End very last episode they know that I'm getting cancelled so they try and get married to keep the show going ahead of its time really clever been waiting but yeah yeah. Episode podcast on Alligator Point and not been waiting or cheer I like to find my good friends Testo once again for joining me and help me out here because I couldn't talk about what to polish or at at Drop the Pilot part if you want to follow me at Chef t b s h i f f s h i f t y b a
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