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00:00:00Love talk radio
00:00:06how to say zombie in Lucan cream last podcast again this week and I need beer box over looking for some reason Microsoft counseling the advert which I personally find Tulare also it's launching Windows 7 without Internet Explorer 8 in Europe Money video games on my phone from. North Carolina to it
00:00:58so I guess I might as well start you off isn't here right now about thank you very much
00:01:35what information is not great you know it's by itself without no problem it's apparently trying to work between temperatures for range range from 0 to 85 degrees outside I haven't had any issues with my iPod touch or anything but I don't know if you out the iPhone so far this year so I'm leaving iPhones into a hot car cuz you know
00:02:35two weeks of use on iPhone I mean missing you and walk tell us about it email on the ice cream was. Call emails because I'm going to work on my operating temperatures come to my friend but I have a feeling
00:03:29so like I said that I'm the quality of his part of his fault I should be at my previous ones because and then I just looked up a conversation and he's at home using his Ma so we're broke up might like we both use the same Mike so I would like to hear feedback on not if it sounds much better
00:04:28and yeah so I know some people have fallen out of head but apparently will become like although these options are company fat like very impressive me he's coming back should probably be there more I'll do stress of employees and then that's that's so it's looking good. Oh yeah I'm kind of things you know I'm so how did she get to the
00:05:28oh no it's okay man we'll take the smaller this is how a lot of stuff
00:06:28going to record it with an I don't know code for Sky Copa America and call recorder and I'll build a well I don't know whatever horrible MP3 player you have instead of an iPod be careful people and this is something that's Reba stories crazy Microsoft to launch Windows 7 without an Explorer 8 in Europe because of the European laws in like
00:07:28don't mind if I mean it's a bad without you you're going to have to get like a copy of Firefox onto a disc and install it and just future and that's not going to work some people
00:08:28and then install it on my own computer and I don't complain and also I mean we're going to be put on like floss sticks and stuff on your way this way to spread the virus most of these people don't even know
00:09:04average computer because it's the only way has internet go on the internet gone system but it's going to be hard to get your brows what can I give you a book you know but if you want to what put on a CD or something you called they don't have any Optical drives like that so you know it's just basically making things a bit harder just for the sake of these antitrust lawsuit
00:09:59you know I don't I just don't see the problem with it then and now it's just me. Computer and he wouldn't let his install Mozilla Firefox for is bad diet Internet Explorer I was laughing so much at a time and so what's next
00:10:51Nissan Murano game infection when walking out as well as we know that and it started to fall Now video games and video games
00:11:52wood translation rates in the world retail and his steam fish a zipping going down 22. Which which is the wind going to be like Monday to be the biggest game ever you know and just because of the fish the great game
00:12:52until recently they've been one of the best
00:12:57you know they seem one of the best kind of things there
00:13:01Economy Inn Selma is not ask him if he is going to make up for the PS3 story indeed like real world conference is genius okay
00:14:01Eve online hyperintensities a VA online and awake left mine on EVE Online where I'm players like my name game resources to Blake Coney spaceships and stuff like that I am SpaceTime online game
00:15:01stop playing the game and stuff in like numerous box of even throw no still like cares of crate and box and then the game has 27 year old Australian guy and play around Bank like rain poncho deposit answer like this like billions of you credits inside here in Sullivan the real life money for 5800 Canadian dollars
00:16:01I mean $5,800 to email from the black market website but I never actually knew about I never knew people would actually pay an hour and by the way I'm Canadian dollars is 5800 Canadian dollars is 3065 pounds
00:17:01I mean I'm sure like a month or so would be enough to get you in the fox say
00:17:36I still can't believe crazy Transformers Revenge of the Fallen which looks like it's going to be a decent game operation Flashpoint it's like I really like Cory and Eddie and plus and it's available on PC I'm not sure about the compatibility and with like cross-platform Xbox and PS4 and I'm a cougar and like the executive producer of operation slots
00:18:36Eurogamer Island realistic Modern Combat so the Americans are helping the Russians to be best buddies or not to go to war with another person
00:19:36onandi it's going to be released on the PS3 and the Xbox 360 which is going to be nice quote GoPro stuff that hundred find graphics card in question is phone actually stationed in Okinawa should respond to fix situation so, leave already have a team set-up I launch ever in the right place
00:20:29it's Tommy Lee really know what I think the stuff I got the video game industry and I'm Skylander pieces and very rapidly laying we can get PC players on the quick come on system and in love with console players use a complex man system in the face when someone trying to put a bullet in your face
00:21:29complex in the faces I don't make decisions you make but it still looks like they're taking and I'm like a kind of different kind of elements and stuff. Time to move on and I'll review and I'm just going to go through this line see Transformers powerful weapons and abilities and the two sizable campaign unlockables info and subjective to enhance each Mission and like online multiplayer gameplay
00:22:296.00 credit score 6.19 years ago was 7.2 this is a PC by the way and visual book so I can like it like anti-environment the classical performances options for the prevalence railing
00:23:09moving on from a gaming section then going on to it slightly more disgusting one let's talk about the North Carolina Town North Carolina and impossible to describe a busy look like human feces except I couldn't move and there was absolutely disgusting is like seriously
00:24:09hshmc what creature if you want to talk it's absolutely disgusting it looks seriously it looks like you, but when you see the footage it's disgusting. Like weird skin on it and stuff
00:24:35call me raisin pie fanfic huge and likes women in Polson and stuff being pulled from an iPhone to a lighter subject larious
00:25:26exam this is a woman Loredo been everywhere all over them and then like it's crazy it's so funny
00:26:24how to save yourself like really get it but yeah I thought it was hilarious
00:26:48making money Carlo if I like about this you always did go on sinus like yeah you have to say I'm yet to see what it's like and we're available on iTunes
00:27:47Extreme Ways and freeway so cool that you care for a m w a r k phone number so anytime will give a call in number is the switchboard on BlogTalkRadio is the FedEx usually it stops working all the time videos
00:28:57thanks for listening I'm not calling to Mexico baby Milestone of 10 podcast. very much. Current UK just click on the block from there so I could buy

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