“Authenticity is, for me, not minding being myself anymore.” 

In our debut episode, actress, singer and global face of Coach Selena Gomez talks social media and self-
acceptance, her collaboration with Cardi B., and her approach to her upcoming album. “Every song is a story that I’ve experienced,” she says. “There’s nobody that’s going to tell my story better than myself.”

We also hear from 16-year-old Lesseya of Los Angeles, a singer, dancer and artist whose dreams go beyond her own.

The show is a collaboration between Coach and Pineapple Street Media.

Original theme music is by Hansdale Hsu. 

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00:00:04Welcome to the first ever episode of dream it real a podcast for those who dream brought to you by couch. I'm your host having a got to coach and I have been collaborating on this as a part of their dream it real initiative, which is all about supporting the Next Generation and their dreams for the future each week. We're going to be talking to inspiring gas about how they're making their dreams a reality dreams for themselves their communities and the world
00:00:40So yes here. I dream it real we are all about being real. So of course, we're taking off the season talking about authenticity and who better to talk about authenticity then Selena Gomez. Okay, I've always always wanted to be me. But when I was younger, I was very insecure. I started in this industry really young and I think that you kind of create this other persona of yourself, and then when I started going through real really difficult things that allowed me to just
00:01:15have worth
00:01:22So whether you grew up with her on TV, or had one of her song stuck in your head, I'm looking at you Taki Taki or you just can't stop liking all her posts on Instagram. There's no way you haven't come across Selena Gomez and some way. She's collaborated with coach for the last two years from campaigns to fashion shows and even her own capsule collection and they've been busy getting creative together. But Selena coach wanted to make sure the collaboration ran deeper than that. That's why I when coach launch the dream it real initiative. She was one of the first people to jump on board over the years. Selena has made it a priority to stay true to herself and her fans the selenators. Hey y'all how you doing 5, I love a hive she has been all about staying true to herself and she had a lot to say about authenticity.
00:02:09Hello. I'm so excited. You're here. I am very happy to be here. Thank you for joining us for the very first episode of Tremont real Dreamin. The theme of this week's episode is authenticity. I feel like that's the word. Sure. Everybody says, yeah, but it is actually it's hard to be your authentic self or at least to do it in front of millions of other people. And yeah, how do you navigate that? How you deal with that? I think there came a point in my life where I just started not to care. I think when was a point. Well, it's just because obviously my situation is different and very weird. But when I was younger and I was exposed to all of this it was it was like all these pictures and all the things and all I would do is look at the flaws and I think that's hard it is hard and I think that you kind of create this other persona of yourself and the
00:03:09When I started going through real really difficult things. It just allowed me to have worse, you know to know that I'm worthy and not I am who I am and who is that and do I like that person and I think that it's important for me. I don't I don't want to be anything. That's a show or a Persona. I just don't you think part of that was the people knowing you from Disney Channel just a little more like a Polish play, you know, you can't you have to be kind of perfect kind of yeah, I think that it was obviously the biggest and greatest thing one of the greatest things that's happened to me. But yeah, there is a tie loved it. I think I think for me it just taught me so much about
00:04:08Being the role model. That was the first thing that I started so they were very apparent on being perfect. I guess just making sure that you're being a good influence on people and I'm grateful that I had that opportunity because I understand what a plot for means. I don't I'm very honest with all the the things I've been through. But yeah, I don't know. I think that it just help me understand what role model means. I think especially the the way it is social media where XR just like seeing people on Instagram. I think it amplifies that like that like everybody looks perfect all the time feeling which is like, you know, everybody is not how they represent themselves on Instagram still in effect you and I really appreciate on your on your Instagram. You said to be a fact like women are expected to be resilient and just be strong and like there are no flaws. Can you say more
00:05:07What do you mean by that?
00:05:11I just feel like there is so much to Instagram. I am I love having a platform to communicate with people. However, I just don't think that it's healthy to spend too much time on it. Yes. I got one more time. I got kind of depressed looking at these people who look beautiful and amazing and it would just it would get me down a lot. So I just think taking breaks is is really important, but just know that most of it isn't real and I hate to say that I don't mean to be rude but it's very it's it's unrealistic in a lot of ways and I think that for me I want to protect the youngest generation because they're exposed to so much information and I feel like that causes a lot of anxiety at the youngest age a guy.
00:06:11Grow up with that. I had I had dial-up internet. Like I didn't set out to dial, you know, but it just I just I think that sometimes people are exposed to too much and you should really protect what you're saying and you should be mindful be really mindful of how it makes you feel. Absolutely it does it does feel like we're a little bit like afraid of talking about our own failures and that shouldn't be a negative femoral every single person in the entire world has felt that you know, we are very lucky. There are a lot of people that don't get to experience the things that we get to experience.
00:07:02What's something people might not know about you?
00:07:06I get this question a lot. There are a lot of things. I don't I don't know. I don't know if people think that like what they see isn't really real or something which is Fairground off but it's it's also just like this. This is me. I just have Sunday dinners y'all had a great moments Bad Romance whatever but it's just I think we're people I always say this and maybe I repeated it too much but I don't really think that people know my heart cuz I think that sometimes people may think that I politically say the right thing or I'm safe or I've been trying to speak this way. I don't know how to be trained like how on Earth would somebody be training me to speak things. Like I don't even know how to explain it. I think that a lot of people don't understand my heart, you know, and I also don't have so don't like that.
00:08:07It can be sometimes about appearance to know like I don't I don't really appreciate people judging me on my looks or anything like that. I can be about a parent's I just think that the world today with, you know so much exposure to everything it it's great to dress up into feel beautiful and to do those things, but I'm flattered when maybe guys are like you're pretty
00:08:41It's just like I I I would love so I would just love someone to love me for the person that I am that's just what's important to me. You know, when you're when you're scared or overwhelmed or anxious who's in your head. That's wise or who do you talk to how do you overcome it?
00:09:03I tend to talk to people that are older first and not have
00:09:11Have a life that I respect. Its it seeing how someone lives their life is very important. And I have some amazing older women in my life that I can talk to that. I feel are very wise and have really like a sustained such a healthy life. So you work on a lot of projects you're peeing. You're you're doing it all I'm curious where you find inspiration what keeps you going creatively last year. I took a lot of time off. I think that I needed a moment to myself because I do feel like I was growing and I'm changing. So I think my creativity creativity comes from everything from the people around me to music to film to
00:10:05Are you know, I think that I pull a lot of inspiration from that and stories that I hear men. Also, I just find inspiration and daydreaming like I love being able to think of all the think of all the possibilities in the world and just think about what I would love to represent or cultivate, you know, I I I I think that that's yeah that's where I get my inspiration from. I love that. Are you vision board type of person? I am not actually I which is surprising actually I do I do the Pinterest that you have for a snack when it's like the easier for a physical Ridgemoor. You've had a bunch of incredible collaborations including the most ridiculously catchy song ever Taki Taki.
00:11:05And I'll thank you. I was at like I was fun. That was really fun. I had not danced in years when I got there. There were these dancers in there. Like you think you could do you some of the moves are journals. I can wait what I was like, I don't know. I haven't danced but it was so liberating cuz I just I didn't care. I was almost like okay. I'm ready, Let's just do this was fun. It was really really fun. And everyone was great on set and everyone that I worked with on the song there. They were wonderful. So is actually just a big party. It was so fun to call them by mostly care about cardi B party is amazing. She is very very very strong. I think.
00:11:54She's just who she is and she was so nice. She was nice to everyone and that make the you know, obviously when you look up someone or you love someone that's the best thing that you have the most authentic self around Earth aloe vera. I love you in the future sure. I think so. There's always possibility for that but actually working on this new record. I just wanted it to be me so out all me every yeah and every song is a story that I've experienced. So, you know to that point I just think that there's no one that's going to tell my story better than myself. So I just really wanted.
00:12:44To kind of just live with my my story a bit and created into something not.
00:12:52Means a lot to me. I love I love that. You said you like to drink Daydream a lot. I think a lot also about just like where I got my visions of what possible I definitely came to America with the American dream on my back and kind of thing, you know, but I've been thinking a lot about what what the American dream is like for young people now or how they think about it how they Define it. I'm curious if you think about that too and I'd like to find the American dream. I do I think that a lot of people don't feel like they can achieve their dreams and what are the most the most important thing that I've learned is I've been insecure and so many situations. I've had people actually tell me when I was younger that I would never be strong enough to carry my own show and I think how you feel how you spell
00:13:46So, I'm sorry if I buy.
00:13:51De la vie I think that it's important to have dreams, you know, and I think that other people look at other dreams and they wouldn't compare themselves to other people and I don't know I think that everybody has a purpose and everyone has their own identity and I just want people to believe in their dreams more. I don't want it to seem like a Cheesy thing like believe in your dreams around anymore believe in yourself and believe in the ability that you can do things that you set your mind to do you kind of already touched on that's what I want explicitly asked. What's the man Vice you tell your younger self or what? Did you need to hear at that time?
00:14:39I knew what I know now girl. I know you know, I think it's alright by believer of therapy. I just have to go to therapy younger me go to therapy sooner. So I think that I have had opportunities where I kind of reflect on the younger me and I think that a lot of the times I wish that I could hug my other self full of but I think that yeah, I I wish I couldn't have done a lot of things and experience things may be a little differently, but I I I
00:15:27I go to therapy. How was your therapy is hard now, it's it is but it's just me and you know, I want to start going to therapy and I said, it's good. Like just just tell me how you're like first experience goes and she's like, I don't really know and I just didn't really like it nice and her you have to just give it a month cuz you can't go in from the first time. No, you can't go in and do that and it's hard for people to open up. But if I think that it's just one of the most important things to get to know yourself not saying everyone in the world has to do it. I'm just saying that so I think you need 20/20 but I do I do think that it's helped me understand myself and my childhood a lot better.
00:16:26A man shout-out to therapy you work with a bunch of amazing organizations that support young people all around the world. Why is that so important for you?
00:16:37I've been given this opportunity and I worked really hard for my job in for my dream.
00:16:46But I come from nothing like we didn't even have money to feel fill up the gas tank and we would get to know we'd stop and we would have to figure it out. And and so it's to me it.
00:17:04It just it's important for me. There are so many people in life that I mean I get overwhelmed. I'll cry cuz there's so many different parts of the world that people have no idea what they're going through We complain about things here about you know, our phones not working or I don't want to go to school when they're people in the world that are dying for an education that are wanting to have a life of their choice of different just different people all over the world that have so much I have so much to offer and they don't feel like they have enough or they don't have enough. So I think it's incredibly important to acknowledge what's happening around the world and do as much as you can and I want to do more I want to spend my whole life doing not even when I've maybe stop doing what I'm doing out and I also would love love love the generation. I'm in
00:18:04Younger to see that to not just see what's on the Highlight on the gram but to maybe see what people are walking through into maybe just understand maybe their situation is hard. But the one of the biggest things my mom taught me was there people who are less fortunate and you need to acknowledge them and you should always always do anything that you can from close to food to any anyting so that's just been important to me. I don't do anything unless it has
00:18:39Something that I can do to help people that's amazing for all your fans listening. What message did you want to tell them? I love people so much. It hurts. It really does love people and I believe in people I just the message. I would say so many things I guess but that you're enough they're absolutely enough and if you deal with things that are really difficult my family issues or anxiety depression or
00:19:17Substance issues. I just think that you're never far. I never too far gone. I really believe that I think that every person is valuable and important and we are all equal and not too. I always just feel like I get cheesy, but it's genuinely from my heart I care about the world and I'm the only message I would say is that you're enough that you are valued that even if you feel absolutely alone that there are millions of people that feel that way, I want to encourage them to
00:19:57Get to know who they are and it's really hard. It's really really hard. I don't I don't want people to think it's just wave a wand and it's gone. I've spent years of my life trying to navigate who I am and overcome so many obstacles. I don't think it's easier. I just I believe in people and I've seen amazing people go through the hardest things and it inspires me and I think that's when you should take opportunities to hear other people's stories, you know, like I'll go online and I'll listen to some of the greatest people speak about their struggles and some of my favorite actors like experience their troubles and how far they've come in. So, I don't know I love you guys are feeling anxious or a little depressed or low. What's something you can't live without or cheers you up. They friends. I think it's so important, especially
00:20:54And this generation I have for when I'm sorry. I'm I'm the fourth three amazing amazing friends and they are there are supportive they are encouraging when we when one of us maybe slips or Falls or not afraid to be honest with each other. I love a group roast a healthy roast to roast funny one. But a little gathering a girl what you doing? I'm around other people or I bring my friends with me to some places. It's just people talk about our friendship and I want girls to have that I really do cuz it's just so competitive and it's very catty. I've seen a lot of of cattiness and I just
00:21:45I think it's so important to have healthy friendships. I really do. I mean my friends at without a doubt have saved my life in multiple situations. I mean that because they're honest they're loving that unconditionally loved they never judge and a give me sound advice and and all my friends are different one's a real estate one work in social media one works and Foundations. Like it's it's it's just great. We're all so different but we love each other. So I think if I feel any of those emotions there their and they coming to sit in the bed with me and I will talk to me to smuggle. What was the last healthy roast they gave you
00:22:32Let's see, I think okay. This happened. I think I got a little caught up because it happens but I'm working and I start second-guessing some of the opportunities that I've had and maybe I'm like, I don't think this is good and all I wish I could have done that. I wish I wish I wish and they had they would kind of stopped me and they'd say you have been given so much.
00:23:06And that in that moment, you know, it was just like oh my gosh, you're absolutely right. Like I am extremely extremely blessed. I have been given so much and it changes the dialogue that I have with myself. So just been sitting back there and it's in that you know that moment that I was rubbing myself up somewhere where I was going to cry because I feel like I wasn't doing enough for a missed chances on things in that moment. Just them saying you have been given so much and you
00:23:39Take care of that but you can't compare. You know, it just I think that they do that often and it's amazing. That is a very healthy roast. So what's next for you or he might get that question a lot, but I'm curious if there's anything you haven't done yet that you're at your skin to try or explore a little I want to explore the world cuz I've been everywhere but I've seen absolutely nothing. Just Justin just to be able to see all different parts of the world. What's next personally for me is to continue to work on myself and I album I'm excited. Hopefully, you know, what is your word for 2019? I would say.
00:24:27Intentional I want to be intentional with every moment of my life. I want to be clear-headed. I want to from every word. I write to intentional with people that I care about making sure that I'm living my life with purpose. I'm not just
00:24:53Wasting my time, you know, I'll say no to things that I just don't feel are worth it. I I want everything in my life to have meaning cuz I've spent so much of my life doing so many things and now it's at the point where I want to be intentional with my friends with people with even just like I'm getting so close to my grandparents like spending time talking to them intentionally the listening to the stories and just appreciating them like appreciating the conversations that I'm in and appreciating people around me. So that would be my word for final form of intentional. We have a few audience questions from social media have what are you looking forward to this year?
00:25:44I'm looking forward to my album and looking forward to spending time alone being loud. I feel that I will be by yourself restaurant by I don't know if you can do that. But I love that private security sweep. I would be alone on Monday tomorrow away and I would just be alone, but I have done that before you have a long time from La Bella figura, I'm in the midst of doing something really challenging and I'm nervous suggestions. No contacts. I want the thing is something challenging in your nervous. I would say.
00:26:37Step back from it and reflect on what you're doing it for and the purpose of it. I think it's important to make sure you evaluate what you're doing and that you love it and that it's something that gives you purpose so.
00:26:56I think for me it's just make sure that you believe in the fact that you can do that and
00:27:03and don't be too hard on yourself. I'm so hard on myself. It's so noisy, but I just think that it's important to
00:27:11Make sure that you're not being too critical of yourself question from Jackie. What makes you happy?
00:27:20Pay friend. She's so cute. I know. I don't know what makes me happy is is making other people happy, especially with my littles. I called in my little spend there. They come up to me, and they're just so happy and they're so excited. It will completely with my spirits up just to know that I made someone smile or two notice someone that maybe other people are noticing that makes me extremely happy and my friends think she who you're such a fun person to chat with your fine. Thank you for being here in speaking to the theme of authenticity because it is hard and I know we're all young people, and I'm sure there's a lot to take away from everyone here though. Thank you. I appreciate it. Thanks.
00:28:22Hey, like what you hear? Well discover more about the coach fam and what the brand is all about at now, let's get back to the show.
00:28:35So now we're at the point of the show where we're going to hear it from inspiring young people all across the country chasing their dreams this week. You'll hear from sixteen-year-old Alysia. She's a member of her school's dream team at ATC High School in Los Angeles working with her dream director Mateo to make school a place where every student can develop the skills and mindsets to bring their dreams to life. So when we supposed to say, I we actually had a little bit of a surprise for her and we introduced her to Selena Gomez and she was so high it was so beautiful as you can imagine. She was excited and we were too I was definitely inspired by what I say. I had to say and I hope you are too enough of me talking about her. Let's just hear from you say herself.
00:29:18My name is Hosea. I'm 16 and I'm from east LA. I think being authentic is being real and I think it's important to be real cuz if you're not your self kind of come off like you're kind of following everyone else.
00:29:34I've definitely been through a lot of things only being 16. It's crazy right now currently there's a divorce going on with my parents. So that's kind of like one of the main struggle so I'm like dealing with it's not so heartbreaking that it's like old my families being torn apart or oh like I'm not going to have discerned figure in my life anymore. It's more just like, okay, what's going to go on now, You going to rebuild like what's what is it that I'm going to look forward to and I definitely think the struggle for me and it's always been my struggle is what's your future it's important to you know, kind of realize what are you doing with your life right now, but it's also important to kind of see where your last going. Like. What are you really going to do? Like what it was something that you're passionate about cuz I don't think it's all about like getting a job or getting career. I think it's getting a job or something that's going to make you happy.
00:30:27I would say my biggest dream is to inspire others to go for their dreams to go for their aspirations to go out to the things they want to do. I don't want people to hold back. That's my main goal to kind of help people not hold back singing is one of the ways of life to express myself. It scares me because whenever I sing I feel like nervous but I love singing when I'm in the moment is a bit because it shows like my full-motion. I get my full-motion into projecting my voice out there and kind of giving my message by using my voice. One of my favorite songs to sing is impossible. I remember years ago. Someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love I did the song kind of shows represents what I mean by rebuilding from Brokenness, I think it's important to know that so I definitely love the song because it has a positive message in that way.
00:31:24I know when all this done there was nothing to say you have going to sell after this early.
00:31:32Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful voice if that's what they are.
00:31:45Thanks so much for tuning in this week. Y'all are first episode of babies growing up that don't make sense. Anyways, this show is brought to you by coach as part of their dream it real initiative all about supporting the Next Generation and their dreams for the future to learn more had to dream it real the show is a collaboration between coach pineapple Street Media and young people all across the country and me and me show it to me also, you can stay in touch follow coach on all the socials at coach and you can follow me on Twitter at having rants Heaven ramps.
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