Many people, on their deathbed, regret they didn’t pursue their ambitions more. In hindsight they did what they felt like they were supposed to do, and didn’t live in the freedom to create their own stories.
Jason Russell is not going to be one of those people, and you don’t have to be, either.
Jason Russell
As Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Invisible Children, Jason Russell led the company’s creative vision with an emphasis on the power of storytelling for over a decade. In 2016, he launched Broomstick Engine, a creative agency that is dedicated to using storytelling to inspire movements and real action. Jason is both a work and life partner to his childhood sweetheart Danica, and recently released their book “A Little Radical: The ABC's of Activism”. He believes the greatest stories he gets to co-direct are those of his two children, Gavin Danger and Everley Darling.
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On the episode:
Producer : Haley King
Engineer : Jackson Carpenter
Co-host : Scott Schimmel

United States


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